Wait... what?

Wait... what?

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>>138860154This, all women are slaves to cum

lol lock her up on mental health grounds>your first agent is to be an actress on charmed for years!>decades later you will rise up against donald trump with some tweets




CIA did 9/11 in joint Mossad op. Look up Operation Neptune Hazard on Duckduckgo.

>>138860081>I've been living a double life, my real name is so similar to my fake name that someone skimming this tweet might not even notice the difference

>>138860265first resulten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Neptune_(game)

So she took israeli dick as part of an undercover operation?

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>>138860198I agree she's probably fucked in the head, but that's not how cia informants work. It isn't some 30 year long con they plan from the beginning>be normal actress>get into shady shit>cia has you red handed>"either work for us or go to jail"

>my name is not Rose McGowan>my name is Rósa McGowan


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She was hired by CIA for what exactly?

>>138860366To tweet at trump

>>138860081>there's a supersecret spy thing happening involving a spy agency I can only hint at because it's all so secret and dangerous>check out my Insta for more!!!

>>138860081>>138860124I'm wondering why she would shoot with Alyssa Milano for years before throwing her under the bus?

>>138860366Corruption of the psychosphere

jews spiked hrr with LSD for speaking out against mangina Harvey

>>138860366Entrap Harvey Weinstein

>>138860081She's a big girl.


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>>138860379Nothing! I said nothing!

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>>138860374So you're saying women were a mistake?

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>>138860124Uh, you don't get to bring friends

>>138860081Tell me about Rósa. Why does she shave the head?First one to talk gets to stay on my airplane

>>138860081The Wall conquers all

>>138860081How many are on her flight plan?

>>138860481Uh, you don't get to bring OnlyFans.

>>138860081how insane is she?it's sad, I was beginning to like her when she exposed alyssa and shit

>>138860081JEW starts with C now?

>>138860154Kek based

>>138860566>she exposed alyssaQuick rundown?

>>138860452Actually this is funny and there needs to be reaction posting from zoomers who dab on themWait maybe the real reason tiktok is going to be banned is because it lets zoomers have fun without censorship

>>138860369>>138860403IT ALL MAKES SENSE

>>138860452>jews>going to Heaven

>In a recent social media post, Rose McGowan wrote that filmmaker Alexander Payne engaged in a sexual act with her while she was 15 years old. Payne today responds with a firm denial in this guest column. He will have no further comment on the matter, he said.>Rose is mistaken in saying we met when she was fifteen, in the late 1980s. I was a full-time film student at UCLA from 1984 until 1990, and I know that our paths never crossed. She claims that I showed her a “soft-core porn movie” I had directed for Showtime “under a different name.” This would have been impossible, since I had never directed anything professionally, lurid or otherwise. I have also never worked for Showtime or directed under any name other than my own. Rose and I did meet years later, in 1991, during my first directing job, when she auditioned for a comic short I was making for a Playboy Channel series. Although she did not get the part, she left a note for me at the casting desk asking that I call her. I had no reason to question how old she was, since the role she read for required an actor who was of age. We later went out on a couple of dates and remained on friendly terms for years. While I cannot allow false statements about events twenty-nine years ago to go uncorrected, I will continue to wish only the best for Rose.

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>>138860366>>138860324Wouldn't be the first time the CIA did something like this

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>>138860619They were both the main figures/leader of #metooRose is a big fan of BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!Alyssa is a big fan of BELIEVE ALL WOMEN UNLESS THEY ACCUSE A MAN I SUPPORT!Rose called her an hypocrite/fraud and all kind of shit.

>>138860141this, and the worst part is all the disinfo shills itt will make it go unnoticed

>>138860661>We later went out on a couple of dates and remained on friendly terms for years. While I cannot allow false statements about events twenty-nine years ago to go uncorrected, I will continue to wish only the best for Rose.CringeThe rest was fine though

>>138860654Pretty sure Jesus is in heaven

>>138860668Based Rosa

>Holla Forums thinks Rósa is right wing now

>>138860668It was more that CAA, the agency that represents most of Hollywood, was a pipeline to Weinstein for girls, and that Alyssa's husband worked for them and set up women to get Weinstein'd. Rose said Milano and her spouse were coopting MeToo to subvert it because they were complicit

>>138860081is she a big guy?

shes talking about CAA, you fucking nitwits. she left her talent agency.

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>>138860081>libbie is a mentally ill schizoWho would have thought.

>>138860826It's both>Hollywood and DC

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>>138860864fuck off. I'm not reading that. it's not cia

>>138860891I'll spoonfed you, retard>Two agencies that rule your mind. They both being with C.>I had to break two iconic evils. Hollywood and DC.

>>138860864>DC Of course Detective Comics is involved, they own the Bane character.


There are either some serious newfags ITT, or half of you are unironically (((glowing)))This woman is batshit and fighting for the wrong side, but her MKULTRA'd brain is beginning to make sense of things as her split personality comes back together me thinks. We saw it with Terry and it's happening again. Hopefully Rose doesn't end up hung from a doorknob or something like bourdain.

>>138860864>DCWE WON MARVELBROS......

>>138860764>Milano and her spouse were coopting MeToo to subvert it because they were complicitCAA started a #TimesUp collective to take over the #metoo hashag. The TimesUp group filled with longtime industry people who will really act like a honeypot. Any victim who works with TimesUp will be then "taken care of".

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>>138860999reddit moment


>>138860826>>138860999>CAAthen why is she posting it with pics of armed conflict?

>>138860999TimesUp and MeToo are different things

Thread glowing so hard I need shades

>>138860725That's a jew, singular. Any completed jew is a Christian and jews don't believe in Heaven.

>>138861032CTF 2fort to be specific

>CWCHow strong is he, bros?

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>>138860725Jews prior to Christ go to heaven. Judaism was fulfilled with the coming of Christ and is now over. Thus anyone claiming to be a jew now is lying since Judaism is finished now.

>>138860725Pretty sure the Jesus is jew narative is pushed by jews

>>138860941you believe what this dumb cunt is saying? shes getting exactly what she wanted by being le vague. you're a faggot.

>>138861097how deep does this conspiracy go

>>138860310Rósa Sting Works Workshop

THIS IS NAM BABY youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XKhAHR5I&ab_channel=masterofacdcsuckaS

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>>138860452All Holocaust shit is trauma porn though.

>>138860198She actually likes Trump though, even if only for the fact he's honest about doing the bad shit all American presidents do.

>>138860864>me, me, me.>I, I, I.drop some evidence or fuck off slut

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>>13886029050 years old and still doing Chad's only lmfao


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>>138860520Don't worry, no charge for them

>>138861403I watched an interview where she literally says she loves Trump.

What's the problem with CAA?

>>138861499Women are literally insane and literally retarded

>>138861499>omg actors act?!?!1

>>138861499She's a literal schizo

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>>138860379At least you can talk!

The Civil Aviation Authority?

>>138861561ohhh she's a baneposter is all

>>138860366Maybe metoo is a psyop

>>138861545>52%>against DCso she's working for darkseid


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>>138861138Take the L since I had to airplane info into your dumb ass mouth. Go back to r/retards

>>138861801BRAVO NOLAN

>>138861337But during the stone age.

>>138860709>cringeWhat if it's literally the truth, a surprise. Why should he suddenly he lash out at someone he thinks positively of otherwise and has clearly been public distress for some years now? What would you consider a polite reasonable response among adults.

>>1388621751) don't go on dates with roasties2) don't wish them well if they're lying about youIt would be exactly the same if he had kept the last sentence off

MKULTRA has been proven to be real you fucking zoomers

>>138860288> WikipediaAnon......be careful for a while bro

>>138862322Doesn't mean this schizo is MKUltra'd, dumb boomer

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>>138860081Chuck, City-slicker, Car (made in Guatemala)

>>138860452ok this is fucking based>>jews go to heaven>>holocaustianity>>muh 6 gorillionsthere might be hope for gen z yet

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>>138860141>>138860124Holy shit. Is she just having a mental breakdown and assuming she was brainwshed after reading shit online or is she actually a victim of Hollywood-CIA brain programming?

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>>138862248You don't go on dates with anyone, incel

>>138860864>DCWe got caught snyderbros............

>>138862518>mcgowan>talking sense

>>138860583CIA are a nasty bunch of fuckers, I'm sure some secretly consider themselves independent of kikes.

>>138860661Eh, he fucked her.

>>138862322It is real, but people do not understand what it is and they don't realize that it's still going on. Literally all MKUltra was is some jewish guy working for CIA pulled out of his ass an idea that giving people drugs will accomplish anything from getting them to tell the truth, to making them easier to control to making them more too dumb to resist against anything the US government does. They gave prisoners and CIA members LSD and shrooms, and they had some success with the project.They never stopped. They have been shilling shrooms and LSD ever since. You have shills like Joe Rogan and Peterson actively shilling for psychedelics. You have paid shills constantly post on the internet about how everyone should take psychedelics because it will open your mind and ''the man'' doesn't want you to take them, even though CIA has been trying to get people to use psychedelics for like 60 years.

>>138861545Can't see anything schizo about those statements.

>>138862248If you could spot them so easily then they wouldn't be problem, but then there wouldn't be a need for the term either.>exactly the same.no it wouldn't. The alternative is dismissive and possibly construed as condescending. The way he did it is trying to be congenial.Have you never written an email?

>>138861075I prefer payload maps myself

Can anyone explain to me what makes the CAA evil here?

>>138862363no ody's real and they're wilking to let you know

>>138862731>Michael Steven Ovitz (born December 14, 1946) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He was a talent agent who co-founded Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in 1975>Ovitz was born to a Romanian Jewish family

CCP she's an agent for the chicoms

>>138862798That's it? Everyone in Hollywood is jewish this is no news lol

>>138862731>>138862798>Michael Stuart Rosenfeld (June 28, 1934 – March 25, 2010) was a talent agent, movie producer, and co-founder of Creative Artists Agency.[1] He was of Jewish descent.[2]>Ronald Meyer or Ron Meyer (born September 25, 1944) is an American entertainment executive and former talent agent. He co-founded Creative Artists Agency in 1975>Meyer was born to Jewish immigrant parents who escaped Nazi Germany.[1]

>>138862816Then don't ask stupid questions if you already know what makes them evil

>>138860296also nothing in your post is even remotely accuratethat's not how any of that stuff works

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>>138862832>>138862854Yeah but Arnie's agency is the CAA. Is Arnie a pedo?

>>138860661>film student for 6 yearsDo american really?

>>138862893Arnold is not jewish

>>138860667>confuses cia and dia>neither of then ever do anything like this anyway

>>138862599I think a lot of CIA projects were just let mad science projects from individuals or small groups in the agency, and that you’re right they don’t all add up to much, but also that CIA agents are individual agents with minimal liability who do have the power to create mad science on an unchecked whim and cause some problems due to it

>>138862945So not every celebrity in the CAA is envolved with jewish pedo satanic shit, right?

>>138862529I'm a Chadcel

>>138860864holy fucking shiti thought >>>Holla Forums had some fucking schizos

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>>138862966No, they are being exploited by a predatory jewish company that gets to dictate their life and their public image

>>138860081female terry when?

>>138862599I've taken shrooms and LSD and didn't develop schizo /x/ tier thought. The CIA gave a lot of people these huge dosages of drugs under extreme duress/torture to mindbreak them.

> capital C> capital IGshe quit smoking you fucking dummies

>>138863003That's just every public person. Thank God Arnie still OK in my book


>>138860290>Imagine the crazy fucking

>>138862949The thing about CIA is that it's filled with a lot of useless pencil pushers who don't know anything and just follow orders, and then you have a bunch of higher ups who have too much power and they can make information classified and give orders to people below them. It's not like in the movies where CIA is this shadowy unified organization that pulls all the strings, it's more like one guy in the organization is tasked with something and he does whatever he can to accomplish that task, and you have many different groups like that all trying to reach some weird goal with very little accountability. There have been hundreds of insane things the CIA has done like MKUltra and The Finders cult, and they are all pet projects of some retards in CIA who get to classify information. Most people working on these projects did not know what they were doing and it seems like the people in charge didn't have a clue what they were doing either.

>>138863071Arnold has cucked out and gone insane ages ago.

>>138860081The weinstein has won

>>138863158He just got old, happens to all of us

>>138863138Best thing is different departments dont know what the others are doing so they end up compeeting and fighting on site

>>138863138>>138863288So what you're saying is the CIA actually designed the Cube?

>>138863288What also happens is that when one branch of CIA gets caught doing something and the public thinks the CIA is doing it, another CIA branch that wasn't involved and knows nothing about it swoops in to spread disinformation to make people think CIA isn't involved because they actually do not think that CIA is involved.

its still 'Rose McGowan' though isn't itits like its a completely different name

>>138863356what is the cube?

>>138860081She obviously has a personality disorder and is likely a fucking schizo.Its been obvious for years. Every man she meets is a rapist and shes controlled by the C agencies....

>>138860366>Crashing into this wall... WITH NO SURVIVORS!

>>138863487In the movie the Cube it's basically insinuated it was a government project designed almost entirely on accident by different segments designing individual components of it all combining to make essentially an inescapable torture prison

Okay whenever a celebrity 'goes crazy, the first thing I ask is if this is a Dave Chapelle type "the environment is crazy" or not.What's Holla Forumss take?

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>Matt Damon & Russell Crowe Reportedly Helped Kill a 2004 New York Times Harvey Weinstein(Sexual Predator) Article That Exposed Decades of Sexual Harassment

>>138861134Literally every Christian calls Jesus "king of the Jews"

>>138860081mental illness is no joke

>>138864214Jews killed Jesus

>>138860290It looks like the two different chads fucking each other.

>>138860989Bourdain’s death was mundane as fuck. Dude didn’t exactly hide the fact that he was dealing with depression for a long time

>>138860290Isn't this from the last of us 2

>>138860661>she left a note for me at the casting desk asking that I call herSucked cock all the way to the top and now no one wants her wrinkled gaping holes anymore pretends she's a victim

>>138864214Yeah and now Judaism is over

>Has never grown out of Goth/alt phase>married Marylyn Manson>gets next to no roles as she ages out of Goth Girl highschool/college crushThis is why she is having a break down.Is she crying that she had to use a stage name that made her sound more white?Whoopi Goldberg never had a breakdown about making her name more jewish to get a head in hollywood.

>>138864115Heres a protip.Do they go off the radar for months/years at a time? If so, it's most likely shit had got to crazy that it was not worth it.If they scream on social media about random shit constantly. even if the shit they are screaming about is true. there is a higher chance of it being about upping their public profile so they can get offered better/more/any roles.

>>138860864Reading this gave me psychosis

This nutcase is living the good life and you're sitting in front of your computer and browsing 4chan.

>>138861499one of the biggest red pills is the first time you realize that women experience literally no disconnect between saying X when it feels good to say X, and completely betraying and contradicting X five seconds later when it feels good to do that. women like to "try on" male-centric morals and virtues like children playing dress-up, but they don't actually know what it means to set up a virtue as an objective principle for oneself and then resist the temptation to break it in future moments when it stops being convenient and pleasant.so if you ask a woman what kind of guy she values, she will blab on and on for hours about how noble she is and how she sees through superficiality and only wants sweet genuine men and etc., etc., etc. then five seconds later she'll completely contradict everything she said. the key thing to understand about women is that they don't perceive any difference here. from a man's perspective, you are thinking "but she said 'i only do X' and two seconds later she did 'non-X'?" this is because the fundamental modality of male consciousness is erecting principles and trying to follow them - even if you're a shitty man, it just means you're shitty and weak at erecting principles, not that the FUNDAMENTAL modality of principle-erection is absent. a woman's fundamental modality is "doing what i feel like." to a woman, that behavior is completely consistent: in the first instance, she did what she felt like. then she did what she felt like again. only a man perceives that the CONTENT of the actions was contradictory, i.e., would be contradictory if performed by a man. but for a woman whose primary stream of consciousness is "what do i want to do right now? :) perhaps i'll wear a ribbon in my hair tomorrow, tra lala!," no such contradiction occurred, or indeed is even possible.

>>138860081Wow, is this real?


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>>138862878Whatever you say, shlomo

>>138860999>Times upLets' do this LEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRROOOYYYY


>>138860667That story is 100 percent bullshit. What would military intelligence even need a pornstar for "cover" for?

>>138860290She has a better frame than Chloe Moretz and Rich Piana together


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>>138862878The CIA being full of nigresses and poojeets really explains the state of the country

>>138860081Man, that wall hits some like a fucking freight train.

so i checked her instagram>There are two agencies that rule your mind. They both being with C. Being a Radicaj Utopian, I consider myself a social Anarchist. It has been my life’s unwavering mission to get those in the greater cult of bordered nations, of bordered minds. I affect the System because I can. Because I was born into a world not like yours, not like almost anyone on Earth. Understand this, I am not like most of you. I was not raised to think, act or be like you. Your collective values, by and large, are not mine. Your System is not mine. But the way I got out of the Cs was by going public in 2014, at first with my work, Dawn. Best laid plans. I had to break my way out of two iconic evils. Hollywood. DC. I know them both all too well. They are united against all of us.its not you, it’s them. Trust me. I want nothing from anyone, I only wish to educate and make those unaware aware. I have lived in both evils, worked with both evils, I know cults well. What has the system you are in done for you mentally? How do you feel? Going well? No. I offer an alternative way of thinking and seeing traditional thought. I’ve lived behind the scenes in a life that would be unimaginable to most, but necessary and vital for me, and lifesaving for many. I thank you all for going through another bloody round in this exodus.

>>138860081This is gonna be like when Sasha Gray claimed the CIA made her do porn.

>>138860166YepAppears she's under military protectionThis could get interesting

>>138870746Probably true


>>138870804I feel like Paris Hilton is going to be dropping some bombs in that doc she has coming out next week as well.

>>138860324link the rest

>>138860081Just MKULTRA programming glitching a little, she'll be in for recalibration soon.

>>138864431Her career ended because she got into a car accident that mangled her face and she had to get it at least partially reconstructed, right? I'd imagine that would take a toll for a "hot girl" actress in hollywood.

>>138864431>>138871348Here comes the cointel

>>138860124Get her on board I’ll call it in.

>>138860081Why does anyone give this schizo attentionSomeone should show her this board, she'd love it

>>138871374Fuck off schizonigger, everybody knows her career went bad due to the car accident. The fact some hollywood B-list was a CIA asset doesn't mean her career didn't go to shit and she didn't re-invent her career as some grungy woke activitst.

>>138871374Yep>>138871518>>138871584They're going to lay it on VERY thick

>>138860667>Agent Cinnamon, DIA

>>138861134Well what was he there wasn’t Christianity before he was born so what?

>>138860081TFW the tip of the Me Too spear was a compulsive liar and schizo all along.

>>138872057PleaseRemember who called her out? (pic very much related)

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>>138860081Someone shop the Bane scene plane into that last pic and Bill Wilson holding a guy out of the plane in the second one

>>138872258you do it cuck

Jews are evil vermin

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>>138860081>Crazy bitch getting in to Jewlywood peddling her female warez>Becomes even crazier after letting herself be used as a cumbucket>Let's all the crazy out when hit the wallWow, haven't seen this one before...




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>>138860401>Corruption of the psychosphereThat explains the aluminum taste in the air recently

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>>138860081>>138860124>>138860141>>138860154>>138860161>>138860166>>138860176>>138860198>>138860275>>138860288>>138860290>>138860661"Yeah, I still don’t really understand the whole story or history there, and I’d rather not, because it’s not really my business. But he’s an incredibly sweet and gentleman, lovely to his crew, and a very hard worker."— Rose McGowan defending child rapist and pornographer Victor Salva in The Advocate

>>138873875You still believe things in the press?

>>138861545But... Hillary literally promised war with Iran? It's because she lost that Iran hasn't been bombed yet.Wtf

>>138874375>if you don't support Trump you have to like Hillary

>>138874667Isn't that literally what she's implying with that retarded post?

>>138874690Who says she even wrote it?See op"being controlled"


>>138862599As usual with conspiries, you start off with facts and then spin off into fantasy. There is no evidence that the CIA is pushing psychedelics. Humans have been using psychedelics for thousands of years. And if you had any experience with psychedelics you would know what you say is not true.