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SHBStandard Hippie Bullshit

Its just pozzed elfen lied


>>138860037scanners came out before that though?

>>138859979based Ridley

>BABBIES GOODvile pronatalist trash

>>138860066Weebs don't know any better.

>>138860037t. never watched films that weren't from the 00's

In what ways have the theists been depicted as bad?

>>138860066sure but RBW takes all its visual cues from elven lied and not scanners. it's a rip-off of a rip-off, a copy of a copy.

>>138860346>all its visual cues from elven liedone 50 sec scene uses imagery

I do not know if people are that dumb or have been brainwashed. The only people who can watch "Raised by Wolves" and not vomit after 5 minutes are people whose brain is completely empty and devoid of any capacity to reason.This show is yet another one filled with leftist propaganda.... and nothing else. Too bad people cannot make/write a science fiction show or any show for that matter that is not loaded with this type of garbage.Lost in Space episodes from the 60's were more deep and fun to watch.

>>138859979I hate child actors so much. They over-act and over-dramatize

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>>138859979BASEDFUCK ATHEISTS -I was to be an atheist, now I'm christian

>>138859979this show has probably the best depiction of atheists

>>138860487The dumb accent doesn't help

Didn't Mother go against her protocol already? The Necromancers are created by The Mithraic yet she rejects Sol Invictus and religion overall.

>>138860037>>138860346yeah i'm sure ridley fucking scott is going through some pedo manga/anime looking for tips, you goddamn retard

>>138860524Thats a tranny and she is masturbating in that clip. I know that because I recently masturbated to it.

itt: seething atheists

>>138860437>Too bad people cannot make/write a science fiction show or any show for that matter that is not loaded with this type of garbage.Yeah, I stopped at I Am Mother. I'm not watching another modern sci fi movie unless things change hard.

>>138860487agreedalso they expect me to believe that the black kid is the smartest and not the asian girl.

I want to know about the mole people

>>138860437>Too bad people cannot make/write a science fiction show or any show for that matter that is not loaded with this type of garbage.I'd love to see Childhood's End written today. Just to see what a fucking trainwreck it would be.

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>>138860437sci fi has always been leftist, keep crying


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is this cute? I don't know if cuteness is what I'm experiencingshe's very veiny

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>>138859979theism is just someone else's half remembered spirituality, denied all grace and packaged to sell

>>138861167The fuck are you talking about? There WAS a Childhood's End tv miniseries made a long time ago

>>138861324>the obvious parody of nazis isn't parody>not leftistWhy are right wingers so retarded? Then again, all parody can be mistaken for sincerity if your IQ is low enough, so, understandable.

>>138860037>scannersyeah, weeb faggot

>>138861324and? you found the 1 in 10 that isn't. now mention honor harrington, john ringo, and a bevy of other right wing authors, which are still maybe 5% of the total.

>>138860066Scanners isn't even anything like Elfen Lied or the stupid rip-offThe magic girls in Elfen Lied do not have mental powers, they just have invisible arms. In Scanners you do not have scenes where naked people escape containment and slaughter everything. It's such a retarded stretch to compare either to Scanners because in Scanners a guy can kill people without touching them, as if that is what R*dley Scott and the jewish writer ripped off.

>>138860980He probably would.

>>138861764>here naked people escape containment and slaughter everythingthat doesnt happen in the show either

>>138861872Nice cope

>>138861936I hope one day your able to critique media in a way that goes beyond "this looks similar to that".

>>138861764Star Trek: prime directive is ultra conservative and right wingStar Wars: empire is right wing, jedi are fantatical right wing jihadists2001: right wing aliums stop human immigrants from invading europa for gibsCulture: Iain Banks creates a parody of degenerate drugged up liberals everyone hates, clearly right wingNeal Stephenson: literally made Hilary Clinton the main villain in Seveneves, science nigger Neil deGrasse Tyson gets radiation sickness and dies horribly

>>138862054meant for >>138860040sorry

>>138862054lmao you're genuinely retarded

>>138861496it wasn't even a long time ago, it came out in 2015

>>138859979is this good or what?I'm pressing play on either this or the new the boyos season 2

>>138862394>eitherWhy can't you watch both

>>138862054>we share a board with retards like thiswew

>>138860037God I hate weebs so damn much

>>138859979why are atheists triggered so easily?


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>>138860437Was on the fence on starting it, because Scott has been really miss or miss lately, but this triggered Holla Forums tourist convinced me to pick it up.

>>138861625>parodyYeah, maybe you should watch the movie again

>>138863220>implying Christcucks and Mudslimes are always assblasted

>>138863454the movie is satire, the book isn't

>>138861324>thinking starship troopers is right-wingPeak cringe

>>138859979i saw the male robot is black and the female robot is white and i'm already out

>>138861094>they expect me to believe that the black kid is the smartest and not the asian girlKek. This is when you now it is true Sci Fi. Real life can NEVER be like that

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>>138863607They do nothing sexual at all black android is basically Data

>>138861025And seething childless roasties.

>>138863484Its satire yes, but it dosent exactly attack fascism, it satirises it in a toungueincheek way that leaves the viever enough room to actualy enjoy and identify with the attitudes and mentality of it, it got a heap of flack for it back in the dayThe book on the other hand is tipical heinlein military scify protofascism, today he probably would get bannedThe silly part is that herbert is about to get ecranised, but he was worse in that aspect than henlein, its just softened and camouflaged by new wave scifi quirkines

>>138863484>>138863454You're both wrong. The Starship troopers movie was intended as a rather mean spirited satire of the book, but the simple reality is that Verhoeven is (politically) a brainlet and a bit of an idiot savant, and his satire was so inept it came out closer to being a love letter to schlocky action films, despite that not being his intention at all.

>>138861167Sci fi channel made childhoods end like 5 years ago.

>>138859979Hated the pilot, gave up on the show.

>>138861324You absolute waste of oxygen

>>138859979It means he's afraid of commitment to the spiritual.

>>138864273>The book on the other hand is tipical heinlein military scify protofascism, today he probably would get bannedWeird how it's mostly the right wing who ban booksPoliticalBooks have been suppressed for their political content by both local governments and the federal government. In particular books that some perceive to promote anarchism, communism or socialism have a history of being suppressed in the United States.[46] The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was frequently challenged and widely restricted in libraries because of its communism themes, especially during the Red Scare in the 1950s.[46] George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was challenged in Jackson County, Florida in 1981 because it was deemed "pro-communist and contained explicit sexual matter."[47] In 1980, Irwin Schiff published the Federal Mafia which was found to be fraudulent by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.[48]

>>138863724>keep an entire race down for generationsWhy aRE tHeY so unDerdEveLopeD BROS

>>138864273>The book on the other hand is tipical heinlein military scify protofascismTypical Heinlein is free love hippies living in space communes though.

>>138864426>Verhoeven is (politically) a brainletthe guy who made robocop can be a lot fo things, but a political brainlet isn't one of the

>>138864783He literally thought the novel was glorifying fascism. That's about as brainlet as you can get.

>>138864849heinlein is a retard with many facets and fashy leanings are one of them

>>138859979Dropped it not even halfway into the pilote

>>138864920You're just outing yourself as completely misinformed here. Heinlein was basically a hippy, he was vehemently anti-war after his experiences in Vietnam. He was in no way remotely fascist-leaning.

>>138864638>for generationsreally? all over the world? >countries get nuked or invaded >get back up in 2 generations after the conflict ends >dont bitch about how someone killing their grandpa had a shit impact on their life. even in cases where it did.>struggle on with life while retarded murcian blacks blame everyone else for their problems. its just your culture. you did not see UK blacks acting like this until victim Olympics went international. now even fucking russians are going on about Rusophobia

>>138865057>Heinlein was basically a hippy, he was vehemently anti-war after his experiences in Vietnam. He was in no way remotely fascist-leaning.this is a simplistic view, he was a complex person, like most peoplebeing "anti-war" doesn't mean shit to me, it's just a word and a label, how many "anti-war" vietnam protesters voted for the iraq war in congress back in the day? john kerry the anti-war protestor did.

It's just above meh/10. I'll watch it for the scifi and reasonable CGI but the acting and characters are straight to DVD quality so far.I'd prefer an all white or mostly white cast, but if they are going to use non-white people in tv shows at least use ones that aren't butt ugly.

>>138865156>its just your culture. you did not see UK blacks acting like this until victim Olympics went international.lmao it's kind of amusing how divorced from reality you people are

>>138860037Watch more films, nigga.

>>138865217Now you're just deflecting from the argument. You're literally claiming a guy is a fascist because of one book when the vast majority of his bibliography is the wet dream of modern leftists featuring interracial free love communes on the moon.

>>138864638By that logic, every group of people that have suffered strife, such as Britain being attacked by Romans and Vikings, should also result in stunted peoples. The Jews for example were kept down and almost genocided and they are smart.

>>138864955Just like your English classes.

>>138865314>Now you're just deflecting from the argument.you don't even know what the argument is>You're literally claiming a guy is a fascist because of one bookthis didn't happen, the original claim was that the novel was glorifying fascism, and I said that he had fashy leanings, and that they were one facet of his persona

>>138865342>By that logic, every group of people that have suffered strife, such as Britain being attacked by Romans and Vikings, should also result in stunted peoples.That's not logic, that's a strawman. Brits were kept down for for 400 years by the Romans and then they left. African Americans are still being kept down.

>>138865342>By that logic, every group of people that have suffered strife, such as Britain being attacked by Romans and Vikings, should also result in stunted peoples.are you using brits as an example of a people that aren't stunted lmaojokes aside, logictarding simple sentences that don't go into the nitty gritty (because they're simple) is useless and unproductive>The Jews for example were kept down and almost genocided and they are smartthe jews lucked into businesses (money, jewelry, entertainment) that turned out to be lucrative because of the limits that were set on them by the powers that be, and after the holocaust they've been protected by the n1 bully in the world

Only good show out right now

>>138859979>I was raped by the pope>Oh that sucks we are keeping the baby anywaysbased and redpilled

>prophecy is mentionedin to the trash it goes

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>>138865670>African Americans are still being kept down.

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>>138865680>lucked intoI see you are and advanced tier of retard


>>138865935what else would you call having to get into businesses that were either forbidden to christians or considered morally "dirty" which later gain immense importance

>>138860037Alita sprung to mind with the friendly robot is actually the super hunter killer model thing

>>138864619Yeah, I'm sure communist countries just let their citizens read whatever.

>atheism badActually I just watched episode 3 and while you're led to believe so initially, I think this is actually Centrist propaganda which I wouldn't expect from Scott with his God-boner that he's had for such a long time...I like it

>>138865670>African Americans are still being kept down.The hilarious irony of your logic is that blacks are at the mercy of the white man and incapable of sorting things out on their own in their towns/cities where they have African Americans at every level of office including mayor.The reason blacks are down is the same reason a cat never tries to drive a car.

i'm pretty sure television shows aren't supposed to be this painful to watch. i'm considering becoming an alcoholic AMA

>>138866046I would call that profiting on retardation of others. thats like saying merchant class lucked into importance because the nobles found working to be beneath them

>>138866151Who gives a fuck about communist countries? Heinlein was American and published his books first in America, no other country matters. There was a reference to being banned if they were written TODAY, where they would have (or not, who cares) been banned in the past in Communist countries also. Get a fucking grip, retard.

>>138866266its purposely made in a 60s convention, the first episode I was kind of laughing at how retarded it was but it genuinely grew on me. I think theres actually more to it than meets the eye and it is potentially triggering to both sidesalso Father is based

Anyone got the image of the father poking his head out of the crashed space craft door from the start?

>>138861329She's just androgynous enough to come across as uncanny.Your primitive reptile brain can't decide whether it wants to size her up or check her out.

>>138860037>anime analogyoppinion discarded, there is a reason you niggers have a whole entire board, so you stay the fuck in your ghetto

>>138866453they portray humans as retarded religious zealots and cyborgs as caring despite all the manipulation. i can't explain it better than that, it just doesn't make sense.

>>138866629>they portray humans as retarded religious zealots and cyborgs as caring despite all the manipulationnot at all, we know the Mithraics actually made androids and made the most use of them despite their beliefs (at first you are led to believe the exact opposite), there are clearly religious loyal cyborgs. Mother and Father were apparently hijacked by the atheists and reprogrammed Both sides are portrayed as bad, atheists are traning kids for war and the religious side has all their retarded bullshit despite being clearly the more technologically advanced side. So far its pretty interesting

Brilliant visual effects, pathologically violent and senseless story. This is the enduring problem with this director. He has zero ability to tell a great story, only stories so violent and pathological that one wonders what his real problem might be. This story of an ancient alien war and various survivors confronting a breeding experiment "mother supervisor and nanny" is like all of this director's work, filled with visual marvels in which actors are poorly fleshed out, destined to confront mind-numbing violence and at the end left without conclusion because, you know, he may or may not do a sequel. The cast is great. The visuals and effects are flawless. The story is contrite. Another strange offering by a profoundly talented but deeply flawed director/producer.

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>>138859979Why would you make a weaponised android that floats in a cross position and has a lower kill/death ratio than say a drone with a machine gun or grenade launcher?

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>>138866791don't get me wrong i think it's a neat story, i just find it difficult to watch because it's unbelievable that a star fairing civilization that created androids could have that type of mindless zealotry that we had in the inquisitions.

>>138867127i guess they didn't think that an immensely powerful android would get captured in one piece and reprogrammed or that they would have to face an immensely powerful android that was captured and reprogrammed.it's all so tiresome.

>>138867127Her joints should bend backwards and she transforms in to a sphere with a face.Her cross position is very awkward and not aerodynamic at all.

>>138867158thats why I said its kind of a throwback to old sci-fi, autistic hyperrealism can really be constricting and at the end of the day the neckbeards are going to be bitching about some minute shit anyway

Eric Butts liked it.

>>138859979>>ATHEISM BAD>>THIESM BAD>>SPIRITUALISM GOODI am okay with this. You're a faggot baby, OP.

>>138867421well i guess they just didn't make it for meno harm done, onto the next one

>FTL ships dropped

its more like adherence to dogma is bad

>>138867158anon, we went to the moon over mindless zealotry.


>>138859979why was ragnar in space?!?

>>138867158The Nostromo had CRT monitors. Just let it go dawg

>>138867158its probably some thing where they use religion to control the plebs

>>138860437what happens in it?

>>138867876Wait, would that really happen?

>>138867158We still name weapons with religious and culturally historic names like Hellfire missiles, Samson Option and the Chinese named a satellite The East is Red which plays a continuous loop of the propaganda song.

Best character. Hope Mother doesn't deactivate him again.Travis Fimmel was very Travis Fimmel and Ridley's dire room was very Ridley. The shots of the android craft landing in the first ep were just like Prometheus.The writer/creator wrote Prisoners for Villanueve and the music is by Ben Frost who did music for Dark. Very kino pedigree.

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these atheist guys seem like a bunch of jerks to be honestThe Mariachis did nothing wrong basically


Much better than I thought it would be. The atheists and Mithraists are both shown with faults so it really doesn't feel like it has a clear anti or pro religious agenda.

>>138860437imagine having this small a brain and not be able to grasp even the smallest amount of mythology that is completely overflowing out of every hole in this showthe first ep is kinda awkward with the acting but the actors get better at it. second ep is fucking kino start to end. the main android actors are insanely good, and viking man gets better as he goes along. we get sienna gillory for 30 seconds for some reason, then she's out of the show, what the hell was that about tho

>>138867233Yeah, it's SO unbelievable that the religious fanatics were assured in their holy mission to save humanity and didn't expect one of their invincible death ray bots to be even be CAPTURED and then reprogrammed to protect children. You dumb idiot.

>>138860721what? the android parents are teaching the kids radical atheism, the mithraic are similar to american christians as they're radical theists.

>>138867127For kino reasons

>>138861094did you miss the multiple parts where the black kid is all mouth and bravado (sin of pride) and gets put in his place by father, and later fucks up. the genius is probably the blonde kid who is "only a vessel" (truely humble) and builds a model of a whole fucking city from imagination following the prophecy in his head

>>138861329the main android actors are playing an Uncanny Valley version, to perfection. Simultaneous conflicting emotions going on at the same time, and she does the "every vein pumping at the same time" to get that malfunctioning look, it's pretty awesome

>>138862394easy, decide you like hard science fiction or capeshit deconstruction

>>138869972For me? It's when they're digging out the serpent bones like dogs.

>>138865223the only ugly non-white is the indian girl. the twin android negress bodyguards are hot, the pregnant teen is hot, and father is a good looking classy nog.

>>138865689my thoughts exactly.

>>138859979I get a kind of old testament vibe from the android side, like implicitly they are raising the kids in the light of truth and whatnot, and the religious guys have strayed and so on, like its a 'reversal'

Mother did nothing wrong.

>>138865757dumb anonposter can't into all the mythology, jesus allusions, etc and gets triggered by one of 1000 supernatural references in the movieyou realize "raised by wolves" can be a reference to the birth of rome from romulus and remus that were raised by wolves, right

>>138866233yeah, both sides seem to be the most extremist possible versions of science vs religion

>>138866629>they portray humans as retarded religious zealots and cyborgs as caringdefinitely didn't watch more than 5 minutes. in stories, characters have arcs and you discover more about them as you continue watching, which you didn't, so now you have your retarded opinion. there's even a specific comment by father "go play with the other kids. You're human like them, so they'll obviously like you", commiting the same mistake as you in assuming each side is homogenous.

>>138866791>religious side has all their retarded bullshit despite being clearly the more technologically advanced sidewhich has worked every time in the show. every time they pray, a deus ex machina saves them. the only religious son is the only to survive from the originals

Why do trannies and onions boys like this show so much ?

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>>138867127because of it's symbolism and it's relation to the wolf in the 3 pigs story and also because it looks fucking awesome and would make you shit your pants if it was coming for you or maybe even fap

Bravo, Ridley.

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Lmao they made the black android sincere and trustworthy and good while the white android is psycho deceiving and murderous LMAOEven the black kid is the alpha male amongst the kids while the little white skinny bois pet their rats LMAOOOFUCK RIDLEY SCOTT THAT NIGGERLOVERthough he was probably pressure by the studio due to blm protests

Ok so the monsters are coming out of those big holes next ep and mother and the humans are going make some sort of alliance. mother is breaking down and floki already said they can fix driods so thats the deal .


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>>138867158>find it difficult to watch because it's unbelievablei think the show is mythology and symbolism above logicwhy are future soldiers wearing futuristic knight crusade uniforms?because it's great

>>138867628nope, wormholes. rewatch the intro to see the Ark go into a hole near a planet and come out the other side

>>138870985"don't look at its eyes"" vaporises people"Bravo ridley

>>138868303>The shots of the android craft landing in the first ep were just like Prometheus.same here, i thought it was filmed in the EXACT same place as prometheus from those starting landing shots. apparently it's filmed in south africa so no

>>138871086desu seeing the crusaders' faces melt was a lot scarier than people blowing up

>>138869567yeah, both sides are clear extremists

>>138859979Look I don't care. Does the fucking Tomboy android get fucked by a white man or not?

>>138871193she has no lady parts

>>138871193Nope she gets anal from the black android. It's how they share information

>>138870938>Lmao they made the black android sincere and trustworthy and good while the white android is psycho deceiving and murderous LMAOIt's the opposite actually, Father was going behind Mother's back and was going to betray the mission, he wasn't confident they were equipped to be parents given that most of their clutch died under their care despite their best efforts.

>>138864273Starship Troopers is the only book that Heinlein wrote like this. His other noted works all explored different social, political, and economic dynamics. Starship Troopers probably does best his reflect his political and social beliefs, while TMIAHM reflects his economic ones.

>>138871134it was so weird, it looked like their faces got accelerated cancer or something, definitely didn't get disintegrated like the others


>>138871193she does the fucking, right through the fucking chest on multiple androids. she has no nipples but there is visible cameltoe in some scenes (non-cannon? continuity error? plot hole?)

>>138871381actually, it's more like the black guy wanted to abandon his kid and the white woman finds more kids to raise, pretty redpilled if you ask me

>>138871381Its not literally saying that though. She is a crazy hacked and reprogrammed killer android, not a white mother.

>>138871534Mother is not crazy.

>>138871534>>138871442These people literally won't get it until they have government mandated niggers fucking their daughtersPlease neck yourselves

>>138871606She's a killer robot that got repurposed into raising children, majority of which, she lost. What's more, her programming got corrupted. What more evidence do you need?

>>138859979Is this really what this show is about?Sounds pretty fucking based to me.OP a faggot.

>>138861329Her ass in robot form is nice.

>>138871722>majority of which, she lostThat wasn't her fault.>her programming got corruptedWrong. She's following her programming perfectly. All mother-murdering, child-stealing religious shits must get the O face.

>>138859979Surprisingly good so far.Was afraid its gonna be typical anti religion crap sponsored by the jew to demoralize the people, but its a serious s-f story.Themes and characters are interesting too, she makes for a good villain while not being caricaturally evil.

>>138867127She's tposing. Wait until she dabs.

>>138861299>>138861299Most of Sci-fi has always been balanced between topian idealism and apocalyptic fear mongering. It's childish bullshit but it's fun escapism or deep social comment if you're like 13. It's really never been political until quite recently because the cultural bar has been set so low it's not a guilty pleasure but mainstream adult entertainment.

>>138870938Good. Fucking. God. You ideologically-poisoned faggots are so tiresome.

>>138871933you're operating on incomplete information, so far we and even she's unsure if she's faulty or not.she did leak cum from her eyes and mouth on multiple occasions, and her replicant expiration date is coming up soon as stated by warcraft vikings altered carbon man, so she's very likely going to fail soon.

>have a forest within walking distance>live in the fucking desert

>>138871722Watch Ep 3. The kids died from radiation poisoning from the local flora. A legitimate gripe would be that the all-powerful androids were too dumb to autopsy the kids and determine cause of death.

>turns into black woman with corn rows>shrieks

>>138860437>leftist propaganda..How?The religious group is the moral ones, while the atheists abandoned all believes and wiped them self out in the war.The goal of the androids is to create life and to bring up children, and shows a childless world as hopeless.Show is mostly pro family one.

>>138864273>The book on the other hand is tipical heinlein military scify protofascism, today he probably would get bannedI thought the book was less protofascism and more of a rejection of conscription/drafted soldiers in favor of a all volunteer force rewarded with special privileges.It was written during the height of the Vietnam War right?

>>138859979Why wouldn't these advanced androids be able to analyse whatever food they would need to feed to the kids without the aid of a ship? Why would they just feel the kids any old shit they find?

>>138872209Yes but it's dumb, when you can make robots who are stronger and smarter than humans, there is no reason to have kids.

>>138872111In a field.But as the other android said, they are not smart and capable enough for the task, so it makes sense.

>>138859979>expecting someone named Riddle-y Scotsman to be forthright and honest

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>>138872111>Establishing a base with no buffer zone beyond the perimeter.Your clutch wouldn't have made it out of infancy.

>>138872359>clutchnigger are you a bird or something? do you lay eggs? because that's what a clutch is.

The only political message out of step with traditional sci-fi is the interracial couple vs religious conservative angle which is ironic because evangelicals are the most cucked people on earth.

>>138872421Have you heard od this group called the jews?

>>138872111The carbos only grow where the bones of the serpents are.

>>138872088>she did leak cum from her eyes and mouth on multiple occasionsBecause she was temporarily overloaded, not because she's breaking down.>expiration date is coming up soon>soonI don't know about that. Mother says they'll last long enough until her children no longer need her. That could be until the end of Campion's life or it could be until an atheist civilization is built.I will say that I don't believe for one second that Mother is "just" a Necromancer. There has to be more to her, otherwise they blew their load in the first episode. I'm actually holding out hope that the atheists were more advanced, but the Mithraists struck first in the war with nuclear weapons because of their hard-on for nuclear fusion.

>>138872289Androids can't reproduce, they make that clear dumfuck, they eventually break down

>>138872289They cant, the robots are from before the war, both the ship people as well as androids say their kind is doomed, as with no humans the have no future.This is mentioned at lest twice, and few times brought up when talking about repairing them.>>138872280Its mentioned in first episode that the full functionality of the androids was removed, they are breaking down and dont have much more time left.

>>138871933>>138872203I know it wasn't her fault, but any human would check alien food if it's poisonous before serving it to a kid. Still, if she's not crazy, why would she dig up the serpent corpse acting like a dog with rabies?

>>138872111mother wanted to settle in the forest but father was like "and have me cut down all that wood to allow for farmable areas? i aint' doin' wit that shit nigguh"

>>138872289first you accuse the show of leftist propaganda and then you post leftist propaganda. pick a single trolling angle and stick with it


>>138872481The difference is that the atheists don’t believe in a cause greater than themselves, unlike the Sol Invictus folks.They lost because of that.

>>138872564I'm not the leftist dude.

>>138872578atheists are selfish and unwilling to die.


>muh emotional femoidthis just screams soicore

Altho it is equilibrium levels of self inconsistency i am enjoying it so far. its just a tv show

>>138860437Nice pasta but not accurate in this case.

>>138872481>Mother says they'll last long enough until her children no longer need her. That could be until the end of Campion's life or it could be until an atheist civilization is built.doesn't have to be until their death, could just be until they are strong enough. the actress is pretty good so i assume the writers will keep her on for longer if her/the show becomes popularcampion no longer needs her/will always need her. one of the androids has stated that he already has all he needs to survive. (having a flying sonic disintegrator/walking refrigerator unit always comes in handy for handling pests or stuck omnibiotics refrigerator doors). she also stated that one can survive anything with enough preparation (holy atheist hubris batman!), at which point when does she decide he has "enough preparation"? or does preparation implicate having your christ-shaped, angel-like, valkyrie-like WMDbut yeah, replicants have expiration dates, that hand-wavy wishy washy answer she gave to a child is not the truth. she's going.

>>138867127Haven't you realized that Atheism is a religion on this show?

>>138872860Father told Campion he wants to see him grow old, so presumably they live at least that long

>>138868303> the music is by Ben Frost who did music for Dark. Very kino pedigree.Retarded fucking plebs. Frost is known for AURORA


>>138872864atheism is a religion bro

>>138872864It’s a shit religion that emphasizes the individual over the group. That’s why the Mithraists weren’t afraid to die, but the atheists were.They lost because they are selfish cowards.

>>138872843Yes, it's just stupid fun. In sci-fi there is always equal amount of wish fulfillment, egalitarian commie societies with unlimited resources and huge fleets of cool warships and a hierarchy of command like 18th century british navy. It not political it's "the future" imagined by midwits that has to be sexy and violent for ratings. It has zero real political import

>>138872995It looks good and that’s good enough.

>>138872533They did check, but they didn't check the pits, aka the inedible part. It does kinda seem like they were programmed in such a way that they could raise children, but not have enough scientific knowledge/curiosity so that an atheist civilization could develop somewhat organically.>if she's not crazy, why would she dig up the serpent corpse acting like a dog with rabiesIt seemed like she was building defenses with the bones, things that would inhibit movement. I forget when in the timeline it happens, but wasn't it after Father says the Mithraists had arrived? Just because they act inhumanly doesn't mean they're malfunctioning, just that they're acting in ways we don't understand. Still kind of a mystery.>>138872860I guess we'll find out, but it would be kinda lame if they broke down after only 12 years and needed Mithraic help.>>138872976Hey, religious fruitcake, you realize you're shilling for an uptight meme cult, right? They fucking created the Necromancers, which are flying nightmares.

>>138859979Ridley is basically on a spiritual journey for meaning himself because he´s old now. His latest movies all revolve around porpouse and meaning too. He is looking for some kind of design or plan or anything. Prometheus and Covenant are all about that shit too because that´s all he can think about right now. Even though traditionally Xenomorphs have always been no more than a superior pretatory species roaming inhabiting that unmeasurable darkness that is space he now feels the need to explain it´s origins and to give them a porpouse, to make them biological self adaptable weapons. He´s even shown them in full daylight too which means right now he feels arriving to some kind of answer is more important than the element of fear related to the unknown.It´s the same for wolves with those religious figures. He is abandoned science and the quest for knowledge. It´s disgusting.

>>138873144The Sol cult is insane, but it is also winning.

>>138863220It's a fragile religion

>>138873263disagree. he's not endlessly recicling shit like most other people. he's doing things no one else is doing, science fiction films with strong religious overtones, the "why" do we do anything at all, why are we doing all these laborious, dangerous, resource consuming tasks when we could just not

>>138873294There's a third faction right? The Necromancers aren't made by Atheists nor Crusaders, so who made them?

>>138873647>The Necromancers aren't made by Atheistshow do we know this

>>138873294>war renders their planet uninhabitable>get their future stolen from them>get 99% of their people killed after fucking around and finding out>get BTFO in general by their own creation>will probably end up asking Mother for mercy just so they can eatWinning?>>138873647The surviving religious leader mentions that the Necromancers were a Mithraic creation. He was surprised that one was reprogrammed.

>>138873696did you even watch the show?One of the fundies says "one of OUR necromancers"

If you support this show you support blm and the Jews and you should be killed A lot of jdif in this thread defending this shit show

>>138873718>The surviving religious leader mentions that the Necromancers were a Mithraic creation. He was surprised that one was reprogrammed.I didn't get the part about one of OUR Necromancers. I'm guessing it's your classic skynet plot. I was hoping there was another faction that made the cool Metropolis chicks

>>138873725yeahso why do you think someone else made them

>>138873886you're quoting someone else, I am >>138873858Now if it was made by the Crusaders then it makes sense why it adopts a religious posture.

Mother seems indestructible, how do any of the humans stand a chance? Seems like she's vulnerable without her eyes, but what if she never took them out? Ragnar said that it's a suicide to fight her in an open environment. But how do you kill a superman-esque being around high buildings?

>>138874050art deco isn't religiously-inspired and the mithraists weren't christian anyway, they cast down jesus on the cross

>>138874062Lure her down a cave and then blow up the cave so tons of rocks fall on top of her.

Ridley's an athiest. Can't wait to see you Christiancucks get dunked

>>138874104>art deco isn't religiously-inspiredI am talking about her posture, it's clearly inspired by Christianity. And the posture has nothing to do with art deco, maybe her design does but I don't see it.

>>138874062She won't die, so far they've ben humanizing her and justifying every bad thing she does for the purpose of showing us both sides do fucked up things and good things, and that the cycle continues. I don't understand the figure Paul picks up from the floor, I got the hint that they're foreshadowing another civilization on the planet.

>>138874179>the posture has nothing to do with art decook retardlook up art deco sculpture and tell me more about how they don't use outstretched arms and exaggerated poses

>>138874172He is also not the creator of the show>>138874267I did, still nothing to do with art deco. One thing is the posture, another is the golden design of the character. No need to call people retard

>>138874347>still nothing to do with art decook retard

>>138874050Yes, also in the scene where meet Ragnar before he gets plastic surgery he is clearly running from a Necromancer attack and shoots a Mithrist wounded so he is from atheist army in both flashbacks.

>>138859979dude just believe whatever makes you feel good regardless of evidence

>>138874254That's just one of the dolls the Gen 1 kids made.

>>138874254I'm fine with her not dying. I'm just curious how did atheists fight with necromancers. In regards to the figure, i think it looked like one that the original children made, so I believe that the girl who supposedly fell into the hole is alive and living on her own in the jungle/forest.

>Mithraics>don't worship Mithra>worship Sol, the sun>fly to a different galaxy with a different sun

>>138874431it doesn't make much sense that these crusaders dudes go out with guns and fight while having these powerful banshee android.So far this show is the most BSG show I've seen. I like it

>>138861324>When your parody of a fascist future is so good that people ask where they can sign up to do their part

>>138874622Mithras is the god of light faggit

>>138874768Why call the god of light "sol" when "sol" is the name of one particular star.

>>138861329she is cute

>>138874568I think they capture and reprogram them. It's already been foreshadow that the Mithrists have 1 or 2 Necromancers of their own in EP. 3, there is goin to be some necro on necrophilia if you know what I'm saying

>>138860037let's put this into a language you would understand

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>>138874445The kid with the doll survived. There are enough hints about previous civilization on the planet.Radioactivity. Serpent holes with heat coming from them. Electromagnetic interference in equator. So there will be aliens and possibly earlier human settlers.

>>138874622>implying it's not an interstellar cultWe saw Boston in 2145, but that doesn't mean Earth is the only human planet. The ghouls might be mutated humans as well.>>138874719They had the guns for humans, but they had to hide from the Necromancer and wait for it to pass. The war seems to have been going on for decades, since Ragnar has been fighting since early childhood. I'm starting to wonder if the atheists were the defenders in the Battle of Boston.>>138874851When do they imply they have war androids on the Ark?

>>138863367this is funny. boss baby has tons of tropes though so it could be said

>>138874768So are Ra, Helios, Tonatiuh but they're not called after any of those

>>138874568>so I believe that the girl who supposedly fell into the hole is alive and living on her own in the jungle/forest.If you look at the doll it has an alien non-human head.The kid was probably taken by whatever lives in the serpent tunnels.

>>138874962Of the kid was mutated into one of those vampire creatures.

>>138875012Also the issue with electromagnetic interference in equator probably means aliens or earlier settlers

>>138874896In ep3 two black female androids are introduced, they look very much like necros phenotype but one is attacked by mother and her power cell is ripped out which we know destroys standard models, yet the black android gets up and jumps down a shaft after her eye is torn out and her power cell ripped out. We also know that Mother didn't always know she was a necro until she was activated, and that they can be deweaponized by removing their eyes so it's a good guess they are setting the black mithric sister droids as deactivated necros brought along for security. They serve whoever is leader of the colony.They also seem to have more advanced emotions like mother does.

>>138860437>leftist propaganda*liberal propaganda

>>138860293Shut up Ridley. Imagine being named Ridley. No wonder you cast Sigourney. You pieces of shit. You cursed shards of a hell galaxy. Stupid ass name bitch.

>>138874802Sol is not the name of one particular star, sol = sun. as in, the SUN, there are plenty of those around

>>138860487They aren't cast for ability, but for willingness ;-O

>>138874939wanna hear a joke? what celestial body emits light?

>My name is Lamia.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamia>a woman who became a child-eating monster after her children were destroyed by Hera>Zeus gave her the ability to remove her own eyesWhat did Mother mean by this?>>138875131I think that's wild speculation. They more seemed like pleasure models. And why wouldn't they just use their combat abilities right there and then? Instead, they just used one as bait. Mother also took the eyes of the first android, but he wasn't a Necromancer. The eyes are just interchangeable parts, which makes sense since all these androids were designed by Mithraists.