>To shreds, you say?

>To shreds, you say?

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>>138857759>Allow me to sit down for a while, for I wish to ponder upon the fragile nature of the human life.

>>138857759>to bits? even to pieces? little meat chunks? ...

it wasn't suspicious. he just looked like someone who was told that their friend is dead


>how many times you gonna post that same image stayvun. I CHECKED THE ARCHIVE

>>138857828>no more video games, stayvun

>>138857875>thats hoorible stayvun.

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>>138857828he doesn’t have friends

>>138857759What could they charge him with?


>>138857759>and how is his wife?>to shreds you say...

>when's the last time you shot those guns>I havent>w-what? Why do you own three guns if you've never shot them stayvun?Why did they start mocking his life choices?

>>138858114the tactic works on lesser men

>never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy.

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the final boss battle of interrogations

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I watched that chink vid because you guys shilled it, it was boring as fuck because she at least had 2 ounces of common sense so she didn't fully confess, although she was still dumb enough to admit to being a part of it.You've got to wonder just how fucking retarded these people are to talk to the cops and get themselves wrapped up in their own lies.

>>138858212criminals and murderers are typically pretty stupid. the HBO/tv/movie romance of it doesn't exist. most murderers and criminals have an IQ in the 80-90 range. its sorta a 1 and 1 thing, being a criminal and stupid. its just going to be very rare where you get the turbo autist serial killer that never gets caught. they exist, but they plan for like 2000 hours and have air tight manufactured alibis. even then, they still end up getting caught 30 years down the line.

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>>138857828She wasn't his friend.

>>138857828sup steven

>>138858212>WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME>i cant tell you that until you tell me what I need to know>BUT WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME>i just cant quite know until I knowI hated that part, if that were me, I'd SCREAM "WE GOT YOU ON DOUBLE HOMOCIDE YOU FUCKING GOOK" and throttle her a little bit, really make her sweat

>>138858171>look at me when i'm talking to you*proceeds to npc head lock like its skyrim. blinks less than once a minute* >alright don't look at me

>tfw strongly resonate with stephen

>>138858279This. If you're stupid enough to think you won't get caught, you'll do it and get caught.

>>138858335>assault suspect>canada's cucked laws mean you literally cannot charge them with the crime nowSeriously. In Canada, if your rights are violated in custody you cannot be charged with the crime.

>>138858346that's horrible user

>>138858279It's just kind of sad, I'd like to see analysis of actual smart killers just subtly cracking over literal retards who just confess to everything because 'uhh you'll feel better, honest!".>>138858335His job was to get the confession, and you can't even say shit like "we'll be more lenient if you confess" in the land of leafcucks.

>>138858369>shoot up a school>disarm yourself>strip naked>get arrested>call the cop a nigger over and over again until he smashes your teeth out in the interrogation room>get off scott freeseems like a pretty based country

They literally had no evidence he did it somehow other than the videotapes.

>>138857828I see people saying to you "they weren't friends" but even finding out your young neighbor who you shared classes with was murdered is fucked.

can't believe they framed this poor soul

>>138858424the master key combined with the saw packaging and recording of her apartment on the night of her murder was enough evidence

>>138858418except the cop doesn't smash your teeth in and you just go to prison.

>>138858212It was shit because everyone memed the part where he says some shit about infrared satellites tracking her movements during the robbery but it's not said once.

I like stephen more than the detectives

>>138858418>interrogators are trained professionals>dont care in the slightest>Release the footage to the public domain after your trial>"The Case of the Crazy user">This user seems to be trying to provoke the cop into assaulting him and begins to unload a barrage of slurs. This has the opposite effect expect, the cop relaxes and even chuckles to himself, and once the user stops screeching, the detective informs him that it's an interesting strategy, but this was information gathering, not an interrogation.

>>138858457You don't have a master key to your apartment complex? What are you a freak or something?

>>138858497Didn't Stephanie Lazarus come in just for information gathering then it turned into an interrogation?

>yes, I shit post on the site called four chan dot organization."ahh yes i'm familar with four channel. and where do you mostly post on there what kinda stuff?">I post on the boards, that's what we call them, on the boards r9k and pol. i post about politics and society.

>>138858477I don't know

>>138858476But he did say that and even more.


>>138858418You do realize the amount of times a cop has lost his shit and done this are extremely minimal, right? It's less than a hundred since the 1950's. You would need to be a master shitposter to make a cop shitkick you during an arrest, and honestly, they'd probably just murder you if you're going to walk and get away with it. You're an idiot

>>138858551She was told it was information gathering, but it was an interrogation all the while. Sometimes they just like to ask "guaranteed" jail time retards shit to make it worse for the person.>I did it for no reason, im not sureisnt great but>women are all whores. reee. i am a member of a secret club of neo-naziswill play to a jury and burn your life down. :)

>what's that, my pregnant diabetic wife is missing and you think she may have collapsed inside the house>NO, DO NOT GO IN, I'LL BE THERE IN 45 MINUTES>okay, now wait outside while i go in to check up on my wife for fifteen minutes>gee golly, she's not here, haha, i wonder what is happening

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>>138858654>hehe i sure do miss them kidsthe chuckling really angers me, like come on

>>138858654based retard

>>138858651i mean you're already going to jail for life for shooting up a school, i dont think the motive matters

>>138858424His fucking browser history had searches for her naked, ways to rape someone while unconcious, and how to escape from prison lmao. Word-for-word, he literally searched "choked unconscious how long wake up."

>>138858697Nah, you could have done it for mental health reasons.In Canada, we had a guy literally murder a guy, cut off his head, eat part of his heart and liver and he's walking around scott free because he's a poor boy who did NOTHING wrong, it was mental HP issues :)

>>138858679>you could chop them, you could shoot them, you could knife them,you could grill them, you could throw them, you could gas them, you could drown them..."could you smother them?">i... i guess

>>138858732That interrogator lady has a career in stand up comedy, man.>you are a very bad liar chris *laughs*

>>138857759>no more video games, stayvun

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>>138858780Not him, but yup.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Tim_McLeanI'm actually intending on starting a Youtube channel about True Crime. First video I plan on making is about a 12 year old girl who conspired with her 23-year old boyfriend to murder her parents and run away. She got out after 6 years.

>don’t you worry >about a thing>cos every little thing>is gonna be alright

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>>138858809>he was a 23 year old, she was a 12 year old, can i make it anymore obvious?

>>138858966She did have that Acril Lavigne look going for her.Also I fucked up, it was a triple homicide. She murdered her 8 year old brother as well.

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>>138859018how do you spend your entire life growing up and then realize youre a literal pedophile murderer

>>138859096>Growing upHe was a manchild. They planned on running away to Europe and buying a castle of Bavaria and turning it into a party house for their friends. This was a guy who lived in a single-wide trailer with his mom.

>>138858654>calls up the children's daycare to save money actual retard

>>138859096i'm sure he was always fucked up and this was just the end of a natural progression

what was her endgame?

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>I wish the kids would just barrel-rush me.


>>138859447why did she talk so fucking muchshe at least could have pretended to play the shocked daugther for a few days

>>138859018Fucking hell, shes a 12 year old? some kids grow up so fast.

>>138857759Ngl but Stephen imo is pretty based


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>>138859447The Virgin Gook Panicker >>138857759The Chad Incel Creep

>>138858720The last bus stop before he did that was in my home town. Not really any meaning; just is spooky to me.


what video games did he play?

What would realistically happen if you never once spoke and completely ignored all police and interrogators during the entire process?

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>>138859447$500,000 in life insurance and a house

>>138858654>you see, it was my wife who killed my kids, so I was just killing her in a rage because I loved those kids so much >I then proceeded to hide my children's bodies in oil tanks, you know, in a rage, because I loved them so much

>>138859871They'd be forced to catch you via another method, like DNA evidence or witnesses. You should literally never talk to police, at best you'll achieve nothing, at worst you'll be framed.The reason they even go for confessions like this is because the evidence is weak to begin with, and trying to convince you that you're already fucked for a confession is their only out.


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>>138859976>we know way more than you think>we're just here to hear your side of the story>you don't want us to tell the papers youre a monster do you>listen... we know everything. its over. >i'm on your side. you were picked on, you snapped. we all have our faults. its okay. >its eating you up inside and you just want to let it out and be redeemed.

>>138858845the guard’s smile always gets me even if it’s a shoop


>>138860028go back to your nth Tenet/BLACKED/Marvel thread

>>138857759I just wish she was here, I just want her to katana roll right into me.

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>>138860028i dont know.........

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>>138858845Shut up mr seth green


>>138859976>You should literally never talk to police, at best you'll achieve nothing, at worst you'll be framed.This, you've the right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer or council.

>>138859976>The reason they even go for confessions like this is because the evidence is weak to begin withNot 100% true, they might want to pin you on something else if in the event you slipped something out.

>>138859809dont get me wrong, i dont think i could outsmart the cops either but at least I'd put up a show that would get me the insanity plea later on.

>>138859871Would depend on the evidence, I don't know if they found anything of hers in his apartment, any hairs of his in her apartment, were his fingerprints or dna on the trashbags? Were there any of her dna or blood on his clothes or shoes? etc.I imagine with how sloppy he is in talking to the police and just hoping that the trashman would come carry his mess away, he probably left a lot of evidence lying around, so that'd make the case against him. They can reinforce this with friends of her saying he was creepy around her, putting him near the crimescene at the time of death, lots of stuff.

>>138857828I agree, he looked like an Intel devastated that his waifu is dead. But, knowing he is guilty, in retrospect he looks crushed because he researched murders, and if they dont find the body you usually get away with it. When he realized they found the body, he knew he was probably done for.

>>138860168If in the event you're interrogated by the cops, always remain silent even if you're innocent.

>>138860181They found the packaging for the hacksaw he used to chop her up in his apartment, the video of him watching her in her apartment, and I assume they probably later on found some dna on her body.

>>138859447who is this?

>>138860231Yeah, I mean cutting someone up is messy as hell, and I doubt he went in there in a plastic bodysuit to do it all in, so there was probably blood on his shoes, and he probably left hair and dandruff everywhere.

>2 minutes into interrogation >well, basically, I did it haha

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>>138858654the last time someone made one of these threads they posted transcripts of what the kids were saying when they got killed it made me sadder than any gore or anything like that.

>>138860272How did they get audio of what the kids were saying? Or did the dude recount it all?

>>138857759youtu.be/gHhOn2hnqmIThis is what you guys are referencing, right?

>>138860238youtu.be/UQt46gvYO40it's long but 100% kino

>>138857759>whatd you do this weekend, stayvun? >I stayed inside all day and play video games>you mean to tell me you spent all weekend inside, playing games, didnt talk to anyone, didn't see anyone, didnt go anywhere?>yes...>LIAR! No one does that stayvun, everyone has friends that call them every day and checks up on them and comes over to see them.



>Your neighbors said that the day your wife disappeared they saw you leaving your house with a 55 gallon blue barrel>SHEP SMITH THAT ISN'T WHAT WE AGREED TO TALK ABOUT I'M ENDING THIS INTERVIEW. GOODBYE

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>>138860337pedos confirmed for no soul

>>138858654kek what a dumbass

>>138858654>Skinner just called - care to tell me why are we going to Colorado all of a sudden Mulder?>I received an anonymous tip regarding a murder case Scully - does the name Chris Watts ring a bell?>Killed his pregnant wife, his daughters, confessed and sentenced to life in prison...Mulder I fail to see the X-file here...>According to the letter I got, there might be something more to this case. Originally Mr. Watts claimed that his wife killed the girls... and there was something in the oil that made him dump the bodies in the tanks. Later he changed his testimony for the plea deal - but at least someone seems to believe his original story.>I don’t know Mulder, this seems an awful big waste of time based on nothing more than an anonymous letter...>I know, I know, bureau resources and whatnot. And believe me I was sceptical at first...but there was a picture attached, and well...after I had it checked for authenticity there was no more question about whether it’s worth investigating or not. Here, take a look...

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>>138858654I don't understand, did this guy actually thought he was gonna get away with it?

>>138860295It was him recounting it. He says he still talks to his family in his jail cell and reads books to their spirits. Dudes a fucking nuttercoloradoan.com/story/news/2019/03/07/colorado-dad-killed-daughters-oil-site-after-he-killed-his-wife-shanann-watts/3086133002/

>>138859447I wonder if she would have got away with it if her father didn't survive.I mean she seemed to have a decent understanding of the correct psychological response from trauma, it only collapsed in when her father gave a conflicting retelling of the event.

>>138860407>>138860421The mistress he killed his family for let him do anal on her, I can't remember why that information was revealed but it seemed to be part of the motive. Nothing to do with fucking his kids.

>>138860121This nigga could have been decent looking with a good haircut.

>>138860625Her story didn't add up and they eventually had footage of her literally letting the 3 men in, I think she was fucked at that point.You don't just kill 2 people and leave a witness alive, even if you're as dumb as a nigger.

>>138860592imagine staying in a grey jail cell for 23 hours a day. the serotonin/dopamine withdrawal must be insane

>The noise from their fight woke up their 4-year-old-daughter Bella, Watts said. “What’s wrong with Mommy?” he recalled Bella asking as she began to cry. "Mommy doesn't feel good," Watts said he replied. He wrapped Shanann in a sheet and tried to carry her downstairs, but he lost his grip and had to drag her out to his truck, where he put her body in the back seat on the floorboards. He said Bella was smart and knew what was going on. The noise woke their 3-year-old daughter, Celeste, who was starting to get out of bed when Watts came back inside....>He put his daughter’s Yankees blanket over her head and strangled her in the back seat with Bella sitting beside her watching, Watts told investigators.>“What happened to Cece?” Watts said Bella asked him. “Is the same thing gonna happen to me as Cece?”>“Daddy, no!” were Bella’s last words, Watts said. He told investigators he hears them every time he closes his eyes.

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>>138860681Yep, the whole murderous mental illness thing might stillset him back though.

>>138860636as a wise user put it in a Watts thread long ago, anal represented freedom for him. freedom from his financial woes, his harpy of a wife selling mlm products, everything

>>138860238Cutie asian who wished a knight would come and save her from her oppressive tiger parents. The knight never came, so she took matters into her own hands.

>>138858845You aight white boi.

>>138860706>The birds refused to sing and the thermometer fell suddenly. As if God himself had His breath stolen away. No one there dared speak aloud, as much in shame as in sorrow. We uncovered the bodies one by one. The eyes of the dead were closed, as if waiting for permission to open them. Were they still dreaming of ice cream and monkey bars? Of birthday cake and no future but the afternoon? Or had their innocence been taken along with their lives? Buried in the sticky oil not so long ago. These fates seemed too cruel even for God to allow. Or are the tragic young born again when the world’s not looking?the X-Files take on it was really tasteful

>>138860791oh the “knight” came alright, only she wanted a mixed race drug addict kind of knight

>>138860791She had plenty of options, she just wanted her parents money as a safety net.

>>138860701I only saw the JCS video, the footage shown of the invaders walking to the house was super low quality you could barely make anything out. Even her being left alive is questionable, it's not enough to convict her beyond a reasonable doubt.Main thing I get from these JCS videos is literally don't speak to cops because they will make up shit for confession, ask for a lawyer straight away.

WTF why would dan do this? Is game grumps gonna be alright?

>>138860540God I miss X-Files.

>>138860827He was no knight. They were just two co-dependent broken people. There are millions of young women out there just like her waiting for their knight to save them, but no one does anything.

>>138860625When she called the police you can hear her genuine horrified voice when she heard her dad calling for help, she didn't expect her dad to live after all that.

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>>138860028We laughed over 4U meme for almost 10 years now, we'll manage.

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>>138858171Are ya winning, Steevuun?

>>138861232Baneposting was top tier, though. Even had a baneposter fly a airplane into the alps


>>138858069Attempted kidnapping at best.

>>138861402just a matter of time, and a couple hundred threads and we’ll have anons killing people just to get on JCS

>>138861232I've walked past this street many times but never witnessed as something great as this.

>>138857759To reddit, I say!

>>138861988you can lead the way and fuck off

>>138858069being a white male

>>138861232>Greggs in the backgroundlike pottery

>>138862643Take your reddit memes with you.

>>138862786don’t forget to dilate

>>138857828Yes it is weird that someone whose relationship with the victim could barely be summarized as 'acquaintances' acted so devastated by the news they had found her body. There might be a few old ladies who would react that way to hearing about a neighbor they barely knew being found dead, but the vast majority of people would not act like that.

>>138858212Intelligent murderers never get found so they never get interrogated. It's the stupid ones who get caught.

>>138862841>m-maybe i-i-if i s-say a pol m-meme ill f-fit in

>>138860791>oppressive tiger parents"look honey, can you at least try at school and not come home with shit grades? It's not hard to get above a C.">murdered for it

>>138862963idk i'd probably have a severe panic attack if i was told my literal next door neighbor was chopped up into garbage bags in the middle of the night. if he hadn't been the one to do it.

>do you know who i amyoutube.com/watch?v=wU-GKior4q0

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>>138860338He's correct, most guys that stay in doing nothing but playing games are alcoholics who have to go to the shops 3 times over the weekend to restock

>>138860592The house is actually haunted though

>>138857759>yeah she WAS my neighbor>WOAAAA SHES REALLY DEAD??? the guy didnt even last a nanosecond before spilling the beans


>>138862963The problem with your reasoning is the media doesn't know the relationship between him and the victim.

>>138858654>tells half my extend family she went on a play date>tells the other half she went to visit an out of state friend>tell the cop that you don't know where she isroom temperature iq


>>138863427Not really but cool projection

>>138857759....and his wife?

>>138859447She cute

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>>138858279Also, the smart ones kill drifters, prostitutes, and other people who are generally expected to be found dead. It's not super difficult to get away with murder, but it's really hard to get away with murdering someone you know, especially if they are upper working class or higher.


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>>138860028Someone get this HOTHEAD outta here!

>>138863042summer is over man, just go back to school


>>138859271Yeah that part owns, before he got caught he cancelled their private school tuition to save on the deposit.

>>138859688because shes stupid

>>138859976this nigger is stupid as fuck

>>138866730He's 100% right. Never talk to the police, especially if you don't have your lawyer

>>138867318even if you have a lawyer, let him speak for you whenever possible, and yeah until he arrives just shut the fuck up

>>138864943The only way to get away with people you have an actual grudge against is to never voice your grievances to them, and only kill them years later after you've moved away or changed jobs. If anyone can put you in the area at the time, you're already fucked.

>>138859447>>138864803Maybe we should write a letter and send it to her

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>you dont get to bring friends stayvun>they are not my friends

Sure it's fun to watch an interrogation slowly break someone down, but sometimes I do enjoy when the fools give themselves up immediately and just keep digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole.youtube.com/watch?v=nuX6kgww1Is

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Does anyone else feel they can beat the cops now in an interrogation after watching all these videos?

>>138868061Literally just dont talk and ask for a lawyer the second you get there. Worked for OJ

>>138860267whats this

She fucked up by talking but in the end was it even worth anything? Her text logs with her bf where they discussed and planned the hit through burner phones were recovered by the cops and used as evidence anyway.

>>138868208She should had watched The Wire season 3 before planning any of that shit.

>>138868103Do they give you a lawyer at that point or do you have to go find one yourself?

>>138857759Heard prison time did some good to STEEYVEN, someone care to post the photos?

>>138867923How does she look now? I did a half assed search and couldn't find SHIT.

>>138860592wow dude that's fucked

>>138858441What can i say, i needed an easy scapegoat.

>mom gets murdered and dad gets shot in the face and put into critical condition>guy asks you what the people who did it looked like>"Well, one of the gentlemen had a black mask on..."who the fuck describes someone who just shot up their family as a gentleman

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>>138866054Lots of projection there buddy.

>>138868149Dylan Roof interrogation, it's not very good. He confesses in 2 minutes but fails to explain why. Takes him an hour to get on a Holla Forumscel tirade about black on white crime statistics

>>138864943Whats the fun in killing someone you dont know anything about?

>>138858212Isn't that the Canadian one where because it's Canada they can lie and say some shit like heat readings from Satellites?

>>138869166staying out of prison

>>138868591>we need to find those kids and that woman

>>138869014really sad. see a man repeat the most 2-bit pol memes that can be disprove in 35 seconds as a rationale for committing mass murder. remember fascists hate life and they hate the scientific method and logic. its all pathos and anti-materialism thought for them.

>>138869371>I really hope those "people" come home safe.. :'(

>>138859447I don't get this one. Her parents gave her a clear choice, either go to school, or leave with her boyfriend and never return to the family. She could have just left. Why did she have to kill them?

>>138859447what happened to her dad in the end?

>>138858212Got chatting with a police officer in a pub once here in britainHe told me that if you never confess, and you never tell your wife/family/friends what you've done, unless you fucked up like a retard and left clear evidence behind you can get away with anything. Most guys brag about what they did and get grassed up. The smart criminals don't get caught.

>>138858654babe i wont you back like so bad haha. i came home and its like a ghost town

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>>138869740>helloooooo anybody home? haha its like a ghost town round these parts

>>138869740>are you going to do that to me like mommy and cece?>daddy no!actual last words

>>138862963You're just desensitized user. The news of a brutal murder in town used to devastate everyone.

>>138861232No masks in sight, just brits being brits

>>138858606I guess if they arrest some aussie hes gonna get off scott free.

>>138858171>>138858171I actually listened to the whole thing a while back.It's amazing how the detectives bounce back and forth between interrogation tactics and constantly loose control.STAYVUN had complete control the entire time. He could have defended his "strange behavior" after the fact by saying he was shell shocked from hearing about his friend's death.STAYVUN almost got away with it too, he was very close to getting away with murder. It's scary to think.

>>138869447most reddora post of the year

>>138869720>never tell your wifesome of that falls under spousal privilege but yea the others are just a good way to get caught.

>>138858654i wanna choke this murderer dumbfuck so hard his eyeballs pop in and out like a squeezy pig

>>138860540why would he kill that?


>lulls a psychopathic serial killer into a false sense of security in your path then makes him confess based off of tire marks>heh, nothing personal kiddo

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>>138869740i did not do anything to "those" kids

>>138858654I just wish those kids would come home and, like, barrel roll to me

>>138870060that’s the mistress user, the one who (according to texts and emails between the two) was completely obsessed with anal, and sitting on his face

>>138857828>they're not my friends

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>>138859018>subhuman goths

>>138869954The cops can't even keep their "good cop/bad cop" roles straight. It was embarrassing.


>>138869954>>138870146>NO MOAR VIDYA GAEMS STAYVUN!!!>...>(damn I thought that would get him!)

>>138870146I don’t get why didn’t they just let him stew for an hour or two after they couldsee he wasn’t breaking

>>138860028this but unironically


>>138869954>STAYVUN almost got away with it tooNo he fucking didn't, why do people keep saying this? They found FUCKING VIDEOS HE TOOK OF HIM PEEPING THROUGH THE CURTAINS OF THE VICTIM DAYS BEFORE SHE DIED. Shut the fuck up.

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>>138869926No masks in sight, just brits being brits

>>138870086he cracked after the "we're gonna harass your wife" cards were played

>>138870376stayvun had a GOD tier interrogation performance but literal chimp tier opsec. they had enough evidence to bust him before the interrogation even started they just wanted a confession.

>>138869740Is he the real life jim halpert?

>>138869926This image is years old.


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>>138870376That was later my friend. After they found a piece of the body in dumpster behind. Which wouldn't have been there if he got the trash pick up time right.THAT'S when the police got a warrant to check his place. Check the timeline! He was VERY CLOSE to getting away with murder.

>>138861232Me on the floor.


>>138870518Ceasar was butthurt his conquest ended in utter failure, Cicero never even set foot in England.

I just want all McDanielbros to know this is the best inside joke ever and I’m glad I can enjoy this with you

>>138858809So the system worked? The guy was put in an institution, and can safely be released back into society. The system doesn't exist to carry out revenge.

>>138860540Chris could have just tapped that, gotten divorced and paid alimony like a regular human being, but now he's stuck in a tiny shitbox for the rest of his life.

>>138870809That can be said for the first invasion. The second, he kicked ass and chewed bubble gum.

>>138870967Yeah but what did he achieve? Fuck all in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't a conquest by any stretch of the word.

>>138870945or don’t even divorce at all, and just keep seeing her until she gets boring then go on and find some other slut with daddy issues

>>138858654Is tight pink 20 something asshole really worth it?


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>>138858606>master shitposterI’ve been training my whole life for this moment.

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>>138871180as it was pointed out earlier, it’s not the asshole itself that matters but what it represents: freedom

>>138857759>he would've gotten away with it if the garbage man wasn't running late that dayWhen did you realize that detective work is just plain dumb luck?

>>138871264If this isn't proof of a higher power I don't know what is.

>>138858299don't worry, no charge for her

>>138870518Damn image gets funnier every time.


>>138870809Why was it so easy for the Angles, Saxons, and the Jutes, then?

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>>138868437I can't imagine spending the tail end of your youth in a cell does your looks any good

desu i was kinda turned on

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>>138871474It did help Stayvon though >>138858845

>>138871451Read a book nigga I'm not about to condense several hundred years of history for you.

>>138858654>that video of his kids singing “my daddy is a hero” I watch beheadings nearly every day and it’s one of the few things that disgust me, he unconditional love they had for their daddy, and what he did to them

>>138869954To be fair, the cops didn't really have anything to go with. Stayvun wasn't giving them an inch and they had no evidence to pin anything on him. They could see he's lying but that's nowhere near strong enough to give him a guilty verdict.

>>138871569Yeah but the 7/10 he had on the side did anal user! ANAL!

>>138857828T low emotional intelligence.I get the idea that people often project these feelings onto seemingly innocent videos of a person after its found out they are a killer or something, but this is textbook panicmode from Steven here.

>>138871350>If this isn't proof of a higher power I don't know what is.Or it's proof that life is just one big David Lynch movie.

>>138858069eating a meal


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>>138871608Congrats on the most reddit post in this thread. Upvoted.

>>138858279Not really. Majority of murder cases go unsolvedThey typically don't even get a plausible suspect



>>138871721I don’t know where you live but here we have around 250 murders a year and 90% of them are solved within a reasonable time. In most murder cases the perpetrator knows the victim, and that gives the police an edge (unlike in theft for example).

>>138861232kek there are so many stereotypes in this picture

>>138871767Look up Air Force murderer interrogation That should make it pop up, retard was literally wearing the murder shoes to the interrogation no fuck you I’m not going and grabbing the link for you

>>138871690>Starring: >David Lynch as: himself

>>138857759Who has the voocaroo?

>>138860706why do these fuckers always kill the kids too?

>>138872552>nooooo not the kiddos, they're the heckin future.

>>138859136Dream big!

>>138872552who would want them to grow up without their mother?


>>138860197>an Intel

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>>138872262>>138861419 this one?

>>138863829You have to be 18+ to post here.

>>138858654Did they even have any hard evidence on this guy other than him just being suspicious? I feel like he actually would've got away with it if he just got a laywer and didn't go in for the polygraph test.

>>138862685A 40 year career of getting cucked and having to wage slave until your suicide sounds about white.

>>138872923gps in his car that went to where the bodies were?video of him loading his car?

>>138872923>called the school and told them the kids won’t continue to attend there>texted with the realtor to sell the househe could have gotten away with it, except the whole thing went to shit the next day as the wife had something planned with her friend

>>138857798Do you need some water?

Are there any good videos of people who are actually innocent being interrogated?

>>138872923His story about where they went is full of holes, anyone who thought about it for 10 seconds would have realized it. He called the kids' school and said they wouldn't be there, then says the wife took the kids and left but her car and purse and phone and shit is still there...The bodies were at his work site, not even particularly well hidden. They would've been found eventually. Someone would have wondered why an empty drum was still so heavy, and look inside. Heavy rain would have exposed the body he buried.After that he's the only suspect. Really wouldn't take much to convict him of doing it.

>>138870133>according to texts and emails between the twohow to acquire these texts and emails?

>>138873023It's been a while, but I believe the neighbors camera shows fuck all. I think it shows the absolute tip of his truck and that's it. Not what he's doing or anything. There was a lot of circumstantial, if he didnt confess and show the bodies, who knows.

>>138869447>black-on-white crime stats that come directly from the FBI and DOJ are a Holla Forums meme top tier reddit cope

What are we talking about

>>138873088there is a 2000 page document of all the evidence pertaining to the case and there is a table of content for it on...reddit (yes yes mea culpa)


>>138873229>JCS yt channel>Stayvon/Chris Watts/Jennifer murder cases>some x-files posting>anal>general tips on avoiding a murder chargebest thread on /tv

There are few pleasures in life that measure up to Stayvunposting>Stayvun...>Look at all of us in the eye at the same time, Sayvun>Help me out here

>>138870926Fucking leaf cuck

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>>138869593severely disabled in assisted living nursing home

>>138872678Thank you!

>>138858162>Stayvun ... yew murdered yer own waifu ...>Didja thank yew'd git uway with it?>HAHAHAHAHAHAAA AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA AH-HAHAHAHAAAAAA>Didja thank Ah wouldden know?

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>>138873938Poor guy. >Your shitty daughter tries to murder you and your wife.>Lose your wife, but you remain alive >know that your shitty murdering offspring will wither away in prison while you suffer disabled aloneSome fates are worse then death.

>>138858401>I'd like to see analysis of actual smart killers just subtly cracking over literal retards who just confess to everything because 'uhh you'll feel better, honest!".because they would need to be:1. have the balls to be serial killers in the first place2. have the inclination3. have the smarts4. have have the luckand finally, they need to actually be psycopathic enough to take a life and have it not change them. so you need at least 4 things + sheer luck to be a high IQ successful murder, and there aren't that many out there. even the ones who get away with it now have to worry about forensics and stuff like relatives submitting blood samples, so it's even more out of their control

>>138874201he seems like a typical asian parent, 24 year old daughter has a 9pm curfew? at some point you're creating a psycho by raising them as such

>>138858401They're fucking retards the moment they talk to cops without a lawyer, somehow thinking they'll be able to talk themselves out of it. Half of them would probably have gotten away with it if they just got a lawyer immediately.


>>138857828I don’t even know about that. It wasn’t as though this was a huge revelation suddenly thrown at him. He was braced for bad news by the fact that she was missing. That’s the potential reaction of someone finding out all at once that someone close has been murdered, not the reaction of someone who’s already speaking rather calmly about someone potentially hurting her and then having their suspicions confirmed. Sure it’d be an emotional blow, but what he displays is plain shock.

>>138858418>he fell down the stairs>my fellow cops saw it

>>138858654I can never get through this one. It's the most cringe-inducing shit ever

>>138868425they were shooped, he looks as gormless as ever

>>138874595Hey! This is 4channel not 4chan, go easy on the hard Rs please.

>>138869585The first option also included financial support while freedom meant being cut off. She wanted the money and the freedom.

>>138874368>24yo high school dropout daughter who spent the last couple of years lying to you about everything

>>138873831that's retarded, not only do victims play approximately 0 part in determining the punishment of a crimecriminal offenses are when the state, not the individual, is bringing you to court, 'society' is the plaintiff and thus as a society we get to decide the line between justice and mercy.