Why did they turn Homelander into Cucklander?

Why did they turn Homelander into Cucklander?

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>>138857287What prevents Homelander from eye lasering him?

>>138857348There will always be another CEO and Homelander is probably smart enough to know they got counter measures for him

>>138857348doing it in a public place like that would ruin him as a superhero.

>>138857348As the CEO notes, he's a man-child. He'll bow down before any strong, parental figure, since he needs one.

Have you people even read the comic?

I don't really understand why Homelander really bothers with this charade, why doesn't he just go Emperor Superman? What drives him to be a tabloid star of trash?

>>138857758He does eventually attempt that in the comics and it gets him killed.

leaked image from the finale when Homelander melts his face

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>>138857758Once again, he's a man-child. He doesn't want to rule, this would be tedious to him. He wants to be idolised and worshipped.

>>138857919So he's Donald Trump?

>>138857287In the comics, he was always cucklander, especially in the final issues.

>>138857287Jesus, is there any show Gus ISN'T on?

It's because Homelander thought he was big enough to survive without Madalyn.He isn't.

I dont understand why the higher ups dont just compund V themselves up to the eyeballs. Something about having to be young when injected?

>>138857758He does in the end but fails becuase black noir his clone kills him becuase he was especially created for the sole of killing him if he ever went rogue.


>>138857975>I dont understand why the higher ups dont just compund V themselves up to the eyeballs. Something about having to be young when injected?You can't handle Compound V as an adult. The results are extremely varied and will probably result in something catastrophic and deadly, if you're lucky you'll live though.This is why it is used as a controlled treatment for infants.

>>138857803So is it just season 1 all over again

Nice show bro

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>>138857977he would've lost anyway Billy had the kill everyone switch almost ready he just wanted to kill the guy that raped his wife himself

>>138857416They do. One big thing they will carry over from the comics is the counter measure. Its in the show right now.

>>138858076What is it?

>>138857952>Jesus, is there any show Gus ISN'T on?BB S5

>>138858051Great thing they change alot of things in the showthe comic seems like it was written by an edgy horny teenage boy

>>138858109I assume he means the kid now everyone is thinking the kid the the hard counter for HL, idk it seems pretty late in the game to create that Noir makes more sense but he really isn't at HL level he just isn't

>>138857348Homelander depends on Vought for all kinds of shit.

>>138858130>the comic seems like it was written by an edgy horny teenage boyEnnis is like this and for some reason people really cherish his writing. He's good at making plots, The Boys is the proof of that, but everything else is "Taking it to 11" and is only for edgy teens.

>>138858109Black Noir. I didn't even get this far into the thread but I guess everyone is just out and saying it. Black Noir is Homelanders clone with the primary purpose to kill Homelander if he goes to far. He was created by Vought. Reason why he doesn't speak at least in the show is because he is insane from being that close to his mission goal but isn't allowed to pull the trigger yet. He speaks incoherently in the comics so I'm guessing probably this season it will be revealed he's a clone and he'll talk a bit.


>>138858130>>138858222Checked and howareyourprojectsgoingpilled

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>>138858234He's a genuinely creepy sumbitch

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>>138857287Kinda hope homelander gets a redemption arc of sorts, where he discards vought and looks for meaning in his life.Guess they kinda did it already with deep

>>138858234so what happens if they need to kill noir?

>>138857751The Comics sucks

>>138858594They unleash the Black Noir clone: Blacker Noir. Also known by his code name: Double Nigger

Cast him!Also>The episode names are taken right out of the comics>They are out of order and barely cover whats in themI wish they followed the pacing of the comicsEp 3 of Season 2 is called "Over the Hill with the swords of a thousand men", while in the same chapter in the book is the climatic fight of the series, except of course the fight between MC & secondary character

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>>138858658so why are you watching a show based on a source material you don't even like?


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>>138858709>>138858740how garth ennis gets work is beyond me

>>138858772Because they made it better

>>138858786Stop replying to your own posts please

>>138858832Not me bub

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>>138858929My bad for assuming that no one would be easily amused enough to actually find that funny

>>138858956No problem pal.

>>138858956Perhaps you should loosen up and stop being a double nigger

>>138857287because genuinely invincible villains with no flaws or checks on their behavior (ala Ramsay Bolton) are shit.

>>138857348>>138857287There was no real way to work with his character for another 2 seasons if he remained the omnipotent indestructible God that he is in s1. There need to be stakes and drama and the boys coming face to face with him. And it couldn't happen with him being as godly as he was. Hopefully they don't overtly claim that he's inferior to Stormfront.

>>138859103not trying to disagree with you exactly but didn't Ramsay Bolton get his face eaten by dogs?

>>138858594maybe they got an atom bomb inside him in case he goes rogue

>>138858695The comic is so goddmam retarded and edgy that I honestly can't tell wether or not that's real.

>>138857923rent free

ep4 fuckin when

>>138859360It was a joke. Maybe try not being so sensitive.

>>138859533It's a boring and overdone joke that has been beaten to death ever since he got elected.

>>138859573We know who's living rent free in your head then

>>138858234This show is dead if they kill off homelander

>>138859573So has "rent free"

>>138859661>>138859683I'm not the guy posting rent free. You can see my post has a new IP if you actually have 4chan x. And yes, I agree rent free, like all dumb memes, are like beating a dead horse.

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>>138857758He wants to be loved. He wants to protect his public image

>>138859722Why go to the trouble of proving that? You really are too sensitive.

>>138859789So he's Donald Trump?

>>138859792>go to the troubleHardly, it's just a screencap.>You really are too sensitive.Dunno man, from the way I see it, you're taking it pretty badly that people don't find your post funny.

>>138859792>>138859830Now kiss, faggots

>>138859830>you're taking it pretty badlyHow so?

>tfw The Boys is the closest thing to live-action My Hero Academia

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>>138859850By having to claim that anyone who didn't find your joke unfunny as being insensitive? That's like the classic comeback I've seen when someone bombs a joke: deflecting it on the audience rather than accept the joke just wasn't funny.

>>138859887Have you considered checking my dubs instead

>>138859851Hero academia is just japanese xmen

>>138859900Yes, that's pretty cool, user. Congrats.

>>138859851Makes sense since The Boys is pretty mediocre like Hero Acad.Tiger and Bunny is where the KINO is at.

Why are you calling him "Homelander"?Isn't his name "MIlklander"?

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>>138859887I don't remember claiming that, but w/e

>>138858956double nigger

>>138859826I don't know where'd you get that but okay

>>138859970at 0:50 the actor tries not to laugh

>>138859915It literally is but X-men and MHA are still cool as fuck. MHA has cooler powers though>>138859936>hatefag is even on Holla Forums

>>138860003Just a running joke, don't mind me

>>138857287are there only 3 epsiodes out or what?

>>138858658That explains why this show is so shit

>>138857751yeah it sucks


>>138858234there's literally no other reason to even have black noir other than for this twist, I'm thinking they'll reveal it earlier though and deviate more and more from the comic

>>138860092Ye. weekly drip feed

>>138859936BHA is mediocre but Tiger&Bunny sucked assSome of the ugliest cgi animation I've seen with a cast of unlikable characters

>>138859203>goddmamIT'S GOD-MA'AM!

>>138859970Fucking based milklander. I've unironically wanted to try human milk for ages. Gonna impregnate my girlfriend just to try.When they grow up I will tell my offspring they exist because I wanted to try milk from the human cow.

This goofy dude would mop the floor with Homelander

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>>138858594They didn’t think that far ahead

>>138858709UGLY BASTARD

>>138859851Fuck off weebs we already told you faggots in the other threads

>>138858709Jack Blacked

>>138860492All Might would wreck the shit out of Homelander.

Based or cringe?

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>>138860032>>138859851>MHA>cool>funliterally kiddie tier trash, cant compare to the boys

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>>138860581would be based if she was hotdick / vag doesnt matter as at all as long as attractive + well-written

>>138860581I can't tell if she's actually supposed to be talking sense or if this is considered Nazi talk by Rogen and it's supposed to be evidence that people who say things like this are Nazis.

>>138860602>thinks MHA just "cool" and "fun"Oh my sweet summer child

I literally forgot she was a lesbian in the 1st season.Should I give it a re-watch?

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>>138860715she's bisexual

>>138860715Like all hot girls, she likes cock and pussy.

>>138859970I prefer Mommylander

>>138860640nah I think it's supposed to be a buildup for ~~expectations subversion~~ when the yass queen spunky jewish girl character straight out of my Lena Dunham show actually is a nazi

>>138860926That makes sense. I guess I forget that most people going into this won't know she's a Nazi until later on and it's supposed to be a twist or something.

>>138857923Yes, everything is Donald Trump. Very keen and informed observation there user. I've never seen that one before.

>>138860690i said it was neither of these things, speedreader

>>138857803you dumb cuck. leave tv and kys

>>138858222checked and this. Totally correct.

>>138860558No one cares about your cartoon characters

>>138860742>>138860783She fucks guys as part of her cover, doesn't mean she's into them.

>>138861242All Might would fucking DESTROY Shitlander 1v1

>>138860581Based. Speaking truths.

>>138860994It's best to at least skim through a thread before you decide to respond to something that was said two and a half hours ago.

>>138859670Im pretty sure Black Noir will kill Homelander in the very last episode of the very last season. Its kinda obvious that would be the finale of the whole show.

>>138857758Because, honestly (I think it's said in the comics) it's just easier not being the one in charge. Half the point of having superpowers is having to put in less effort or hard work. Why else do you think superheroes work so well as celebrity analogues?

Amazon made a better watchman show than hbo.

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>>138857758He does in the comics and it ends up getting him killed i.e not a smart decision to try to stage a coup

>>138858234Given the Nior has been visible hurt a number of times I think they’re going with a different angle. Little Ryan is the current obvious counter measure.

>>138861452The Boys destroyed your shonenshit in quality already so nobody cares

>>138858222it's because he's edgy and actually competent at story telling is why. Also original properties like 'the boys' don't have the baggage of keeping the core of a character 'correct' which is why they don't work so well.

>>138860013No you moron that was Homelanders satisfaction at the taste of the milk.

>>138860963>>138860640>>138860926So it’s Rogans attempt to make a “modern” nazi?>smokes jazz cigarette>”hu hu what if make the nazi from the comic a modern nazi that believes in merit...but but also hates chinese people!”>james franco takes a fat rip from bong> “cough cough...and...oh damn that’s some good shit...and what if she was jewish! Those Nazis would fucking hate that!

>>138862002yeah its dumb but its at least a little more subtle than just basing the character off richard spencer or lauren southern

>>138861735What would Zack Snyder do with The Boys anyway?

>>138861829Sakuga > 3DPDeven QUALITY background chicks look better than 3DPD

>>138862104More punching, more slow mo, no day time shots

>>138862048I suppose why have the character at all. People are going to associate individualism and freethinking with unzipping zipperheads

>>138858051sounds autistic, show version is better

>>138858740This character was particularly bad>haha! Cool Communist man fucks the bad guys with his big peepeeOK? It just seemed like the author wanted to get fucked by a guy a lot of the time.

>>138862216People already think that anyone who promotes self-reliance, hard work etc are just handwaving away structural oppression etc so acksuhally theyre secret nazis really isn't much of a stretch for normies

>>138857972He is, the problem is he doesn't have anyone on the seven that isn't afraid of him.even his son hates him now.

>>138860419It's not special. A very sweet tasting milk.

>>138862588Sounds like heaven.

When he couldn't even fly with a plane. I know superman goes into meme-tier abilities, but at that point, homelander is less ubermensch god and more flying strongman, which defeats the point of his character.

>>138859851the fuck are you talking about they're literally nothing alike aside from that they have superheroes. MHA is more like Harry Potter or X-Men or something

>>138862691The Boys and MHA both feature superheroes as celebrities/corporate products while also exploring the darker implications of such a society

>>138860451doesn't change that BMA is still hot pile of steaming shit

>>138862833>BMAhaving a stroke there, hatefag?


>>138862823>MHA explores the darker implications of such a societylol

>>138863025It does, in great detail. Stop speedreading

In the comics there was a Vought executive that dealt with the Seven and he was always so calm and nonchalant around them they suspected he was a superhuman too. Homelander had this almost pathological need for his approval, and later when he went rogue to impress him. But the executive saw him as nothing more than a spoiled child who wasn't doing anything with his powers that any other asshole couldn't think of.

Why is Hughie fucking everything up so had?

>>138863083>the main character learning how to kick with successive degrees of power while the high schoolers plan a rock concert is exploring the darker implications of society

>>138863184Because he's literally me

>>138863184>leaves a long imcriminating voicemail simping for starlightwhy is he so fucking stupid?

>>138861165Screenshot is from Breaking Bad you fucking dumb dumb.

>>138863184>>138863244He's a basedboy beta male, kinda like people who browse 4chan, including me

>>138862823You read way too far into MHA if you ever got this notion from it.

>>138863207>confirmed speedreader

>>138863285You haven't read it at all if you think it doesn't

What happened to /ourguy/ A-Train?

>>138860581trannyfront confirmed

>>1388634127 scoops a day

>>138863359>noo! the scene where all-might beats the bad guy with his super mega punch has deeper implications about the nature of human existenceyou remind me of evangelion autists


>>138863564>doubles down on the confirmation of his speedreading

>>138863394I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you, but I am going to say you're retarded and bump this thread. It's okay to like MHA and The Boys, but the only similarities the two stories share is that they have superheroes and sometimes those superheroes are conflicted and evil.

>>138863412He got smart and realized he was vulnerable after dipping back into the well too many times. The same substance he got his powers from was also being used as a booster and killing him. His characterization so far has been superior to last season. They made him from an out of control junkie fame whore into someone more calculating.

>>138858956The height of humor to 2016 newfags is super duper naughty no no words like nigger or tranny, no actual joke needed

>>138863635>those are the only similarities

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>>138863816Double nigger is an ancient meme newfaggot

so what's butcher's plan when he eventually gets to his wife, and she admits she fucked chadlander for 3hours and came 3 times?

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so wait was the asian chick's brother the one who made the cia chick's head explode? why didn't he do that with trannyfront?

>>138863930my guess is butcher ends up being a cuck and raising homolanders kid. then you get some weird knockoff superman story going

>>138864041if they didn't show her sneaking away from chadlander's hotel room they could have maybe made a stroy where chadlander wanted to bang her and threatened her or something. instead we get this cuck story. at least comic butcher had a legit reason why he hated supers and especially homelander so much. this just screams like desperate guy who got NTR'd

>>138860715The most boring scene in the show


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>>138864313I think the problem is the cast is too big to do the show they want. They want characterization for all of them but they're already at a pov problem. Between vought, seven and the boys, that puts them at something like 13 to 15 characters of various characterization. You're having GoT problems already. Maeve isn't shown doing anything interesting. she's more like the springboard for other characters to talk.

>>138857287He gets one over on Edgar in the 3rd episode though.Homelander is the best part of the show because he’s a “villain” that actually learns and wins.

>>138857348How would Homelander murdering one CEO help him?

Guys what if Maeve, Starlight, and Stormfront punched you in the balls?

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>>138864523You'd probably die

>>138857287black man stronger, black man wiser. you are weak.

>>138863838The business model in MHA is totally different and none of the heroes are morally compromised by their agency because most agencies are Hero controlled and the society at large doesn't treat heroes as a 21st century marvel analogue

>>138857348Plot armor. At this point in the story Homelander is a literal God and could easily kill every person on Earth.

>>138865050At this point in the story, why would Homelander do that? Alienating everybody at Vought, who already know what he was doing with the terrorists, doesn't help him.

>>138864523I would orgasm by balls off hard as a mad man.Better yet, what if the chink girl gave you a passionate handjob?

>>138864974You are extremely insecure.


>>138865438Help him do what? Right now he's in a position to subjugate every living thing on Earth.

>>138858234They said that weren't doing that. Also that is just lame and lazy story telling.

>>138865870you are weak

>>138866011Subjugate every living thing on earth why? He is not at that point of his arc yet.

>>138858495That's so stupid.

>>138858709>>138858740Wait. What are his powers? Besides big dick.

>>138859826Do not kill this thread you fucking faggot. Jannnies are dicks about this guys name being posted.

>>138866044>Homelander intimidates everybody, including women and black men, constantly to get his way>Homelander fails to intimidate the CEO of Vought because the CEO knows he is bluffing"WAAAH! IT'S BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!"Again, you are very insecure.

>>138860013How can you tell? There is no sound.

>>138861735Holy shit you are right.

I've heard people say that S1 adapted half of the comics, and that S2 will adapt the 2nd half. So what will S3 be? Completely new material? Or will S2 just adapt some of the 2nd half of the comics, but with interesting filler and new characters, and keep the ending for when they want to wrap it but, which may or may not be S3?

>>138866603>I've heard people say that S1 adapted half of the comicsWhoever told you that is lying. The plot has already been massively changed, and loads of characters have been omitted.

Why is Chadlander so fixated on spending time with his son?

>>138867165because he never had a father himself so he wants to fill that hole by acting as a father to his son they literally outright says it how did you miss this

>>138866061I don't think he will ever reach that point.

>>138867209I guess I was checking TikTok on my phone or something

>>138857416If it follows the comic they actually don't have a counter to homelander except other compound v supers (black noir specifically). They would never have beat homelander without another supe on his level, luckily they basically kill each other although BN would have eventually regenerated if Billy didn't finish the job.

>>138866603They're really not following the comics at all

Teddy is the key to all of it

>>138857977What if both went rogue? Checkmate

MentallySpirituallyand metaphorically I am frenchie

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>weekly releasesuck my dick

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>>138857287He wanted to maintain his image as an every-man God.

>>138866061You seem to think he needs a reason, but he already has one. He is a complete psychopath who hates everyone else in the world and knows he's better than them. He has every reason in the world to slaughter millions and take control because in his mind it is already his right to do so and he could easily do it.

>Come on do somethingOr is tee hee i'm a lesbian count as a story arc in current year + 5?

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>>138868310between this bitch, the bitch maive was talking to, the bitch with the kid, and the bitch the butcher was talking to that is not his wife, I literally have no idea who is who

Before the season began, people said Homeland looked "off" in the promos. Something about the actor looking like he aged 10 years in 1 or something.Did anybody think he looked off in S2? I don't notice anything different other than maybe an extra wrinkle or something on his face.

>>138860419You actually dont need to get a bitch pregnant for her to lactate. Simply suck on her tits for some time and she will start lactating.It also works on men and im not joking.

>>138868758what, really?this is the first im hearing of thisbut no, homelander looks fine, handsome and evil as always

>>138869147Yeah. In the trailers and teasers, they said he looked old and drugged out. Especially in the pictures where he was very off. People even theorized he was addicted to Compound V, which is why he looked so old and haggard.But he looked "fine" in S2. Guess make-up and post production touch up worked fine.

>>138868719All women past 40 look kinda the same desu

Homelander has always been a cuck desperate for Vought's approval.

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>>138869055The fuck? I suck on my gf titties all the time. You're retarded

>>138869457>you know, I think I'll save you the trouble. I'll jumpThe guy's got a constant JUST face going on and I like it

He's always had a vulnerability to men of powerful standing. That is why he kills most of them outright.

>>138868553>the design on her costume looks like a uterus because she's a feminist lesbian, get it?!BRAVO ROGEN

>>138868719I call her glowie rostie, or called, she's toasted now.

>>138857758hes not that strong at all

>>138867658they actually did not plan for that and Black Noir did go rogue, its pretty retarded and the only reason Vought survived is because they both killed eachother

>>138857287isnt this guy supposed to be White in the comic? it makes no sense to be afraid of a mexican

>>138869936It's like buying a lion as a pet, then buying a tiger to protect you from the lion.

>>138869963Edgar never actually appears in the comics. He's just a sort of unseen presence, then halfway through he dies and Stillwell becomes the de facto head of Vought.

>>138864001It wasn't him that did it. It was someone in Vought they think.

>>138862661Did you guys even watch the show? He explained it in the episode why he couldn't fly with the plane. It wasn't his strength, it was a physics thing.

>>138868310This was really shocking. I thought she was going to be a series regular. I did NOT see that coming.

>>138868553Where her pockets?

>>138870499I watched it and haven't forgotten. I just wanna know why everyone else keeps forgetting. It was very clearly stated. I thought my attention span was bad. You guys are making feel good about myself. Thanks.

>>138866011Except he only wants to save America. They make this very clear. It's going to be a source of conflict between him and Stormfront. Even HL will think SF is going too far with her plans of world domination, rather than national adulation.

>>138864974he´s chileno, all chileans are brown

>>138867165he wants a succesor

>>138867165>why is Homelander trying to be a good fatherseriously?

>>138857348He needs to stay accepted by society. Being a god doesn't matter if the whole US government is against you. This is why he sucks up to patriotism. He's paving the way to being a god dictator. You can't just roll up and do it one day, he's not 100% invulnerable.

>>138858234Black Noir is just a side character now they can use for whatever. They'll have Homelanders son kill him later I bet.

>>138862661The point of the comic, the show, and Homelander, isn't to show superheroes being absolute gods. The very first scene is a superhero being unable to properly control their superpowers, getting an innocent person killed. The show blends superheros with reality to deconstruct the genre.

Stormfront will become Homelander's new mommydomme. Calling it right now

>>138863184hes a beta trying to become a chad, encourage him, hes gonna make it

>>138871469yeah I think she'd be able to suss out how to sexually manipulate Homelander, you right

>>138871241I wonder if he plans on running for president or something? He could make a legitimate go for it, and everyone would probably vote for him. That would be a funny one up on Vought. Having them now answer to him. This is what I would do if I was Homelander. This is how I would use my fame.

>>138871241Save America from what? Super villains he created himself?

>>138871639well she'd be able to, but will she WANT to??but yea that'd be hot to see homelander suck on her titty

>>138871782I more meant he wants to be seen saving America, not actually save it. But at the same time, he's arrogant enough to think he can beat any supe terrorist he created.

>>138858051Maybe Ennis should get into jap art and start making some quality doujishi,the market is so much better there just saying

>>138869528You gotta do it at regular intervals throughout the day for like 20 mins at a time for a few weeks

>>138871903Yeah, why in the world would a neo Nazi woman want to get pregnant by the most ubermensch aryan Chad motherfucker of all time? This is such a mystery.

did Starlight get lip fillers or something? she looks weird

>>138871969Yeah, you're right. For me though, it seems as if he wants people to praise him, which he tries to achieve no matter the casualties.

>>138858222Yeah, he's an ideas guy for sure. He has made many interesting frameworks for stories, but then the story he tells with them is nothing but pure edgy violence, swearing, gore, and sex with no real substance or meaning. This show and Preacher are both evidence that other writers can do his ideas much more effectively.

>>138869055That might be a sign of breast cancer dude

>>138857287>Holla Forums is so contrarian it hates The Boys even though it loved it a year ago>a newfriend tourist who’s never even seen the show will reply to this post and deny itIt’s all so tiresome

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>make comic book about normal humans taking down asshole superheroes >give the normal guys superpower drink so they can have le ebin super fights marvel style/co/mic book writers are retarded.

>>138872566it's just Holla Forums having a pissfit like every single thread. They're mad because there is another womyn character.

>>138872566We don't hate it. But this season hasn't started as strong as a lot of people probably hoped. Right now Hughie and Butcher are kind of insufferable so their scenes are a slog and Homelander is being held back by other characters' plot armor for some reason so his scenes haven't been as fun either.

>>138872627What kind of show would make polfags happy? All I can imagine is some blonde chad yelling nigger and/or kike at everyone for an hour

>>138868461He wants to rule over everyone, not kill them. Rule with them blindly loving him because he's never had one person truly love him except his fan base who love the image he portrays not the actual Homelander. That's why he plays ball with Vought and wants to keep a good public image.

>>138872627It's Holla Forums and doomers who think everything is shit and anybody who likes something is a shill.

>>138872715>WeFeeling like you're part of a community. Pathetic.

>>138872715Homelander is being held back by whose plot armor? The only one I have no idea why he didn't kill is Butcher. There's no reason to kill Esposito or Stormfront yet. Brings unwanted attention and solved little.

>>138857923kek. chuds seething at this post

Anons I'm ArabI had a dream last night where I had to negotiate on behalf of The Boys with the Seven and Stormfront showed upShe forced me to drop my gun and toyed with me, shooting the gun at me and catching the bullet before it hit me.The dream ended around there but I was diamonds when I woke up.Should I be concerned?


>>138868310So wait, who did this? Was it Kimiko's brother or someone else?

>>138872906I wouldn't beStormfront's a cute dominatrix

>>138872983she was also calling me mild racial slurs I'm pretty surebut then again that's integral to her

>>138872730Nothing. They're fundamentally bitter, miserable, reprobates.

>>138863089The comic was very on-your-nose>communism man has a big cock>german superhero is a nazi>big company executive is a faceless, emotionless cold machine

>>138872829He doesn't kill Butcher because he made deal with Becca. He said so when she tried to kick him out.

>>138872730You'd think a show with a character named "Stormfront" would make them clap.

>>138858222The Boys is what happens when Ennis is allowed to do whatever he wantsCompletely retarded giggling in his soft doughy face "tihihi now they all piss on each other thihihi frat boys lmao"

>>138873388you know I was about to correct you but then I remembered the G-Men storyline and the fucking golden showeryeah the dude's got some problems

>>138857287Because they are creatively bankrupt alrwady yet want to milk this IP

>>138872730I like normal shows. I even love Star Trek TOS.

>>138863471Can they get away with that? Not that they can't have a tranny, but the LGBTQIAOMGWTFBBQBBC+-#*$ community will lose their minds if the actress isn't actually a tranny.

>>138864313I didn't find it boring, it feels like they're setting up for inevitable turn. If they follow comic lore, she'll get slaughtered by HL by the end of the season. My guess is HL kills her GF before her.

>>138868719this board is beyond hope if you cant tell actresses in capeshit. where you browsing the board as you were watching the show from across the room? teenage girls have a better attention span this

>>138857348Black Noir

>>138872566Spend over 10 years on this shithole to see how opinions sway

>>138872979vought injected them with implants to get rid of anyone who knows too much about (((them)))youtu.be/UBkUPgL_prY?t=100

So is season 2 good or no lads?

>>138873861Not enough to take on board any of its politics though.

>>138858130Garth Ennis is a piece of shit retard but I wish they kept more stuff from the comics. The TV series replaced Garth Ennis flaws (which are a consequence of Garth Ennis being a gay piece of shit idiot) with its own lameness and idiocy.

>>138874847Yes, so far.