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Would he have done it for Adric?

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>ywn suck on Catherine Tate's beautiful milkersWhy even live?

jesus, poor rachel talaylayforced to do shitty capeshit shows and teen dramas constantly. Hopefully she enjoyed her time on doctor who more than the other stuff

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>>138857082>5 is teleported into the confession dial>remembers it happened because of Adric's death in Face The Black Guardian>happily tells the Veil everything and goes on his merry way after just a few hours in there


>>138857229speaking of Talalay, she's posted some Heaven Sent, Hell Bent and WEAT stuff recently: instagram.com/rtalalay/

>>138857538kino. guessing she did enjoy it then

What would happen if they have opted for the Timelords being a powerful race like they insinuated in the second Doctor story rather then have them nerfed?>youtube.com/watch?v=cIr5ybomd48

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>>138857082>the Doctor is sent to the castle after Mel's death>instead of a portrait of his best friend gazing at him fondly and smiling, he finds a painting of Mel screaming in fright because something spooked her

>>138857953>the veil is just the Master with a cloth over his head


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>>138857368>If you think because he is dead, I am sad, then you understand very little. If you were any part of killing him, and you're not celebrating, then you understand nothing at all. So, for your own sake, understand this. I am the Doctor. I'm coming to find you, I'm coming to congratulate you, and I will never, ever stop.

>>138858014>this is definitely the first thing she did when she turned into missy

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>>138857890>did someone say gaps in storytelling?

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Why did he do it bros?

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>>138857368>5 finds the Wall and understands there's only one way to break it>starts lamenting his fate and gets a hallucination of Adric>it's just more of the boy's bitching and moaning about something>5 rushes willingly into the Veil's embrace and dies without any loop just so he can get Adric out of his head

>>138857368>5 finds the wall>instead of HOME, it just says ADRIC?>5 smacks his head against the wall and dies


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>>138858530>>138858554>You know that's not acceptable behaviour for a Time Lady. Quite frankly I don't even think you're worth converting if you'll just behave like this.


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>>138858353>>138858449>5 finds the wall>does nothing

This was a better ripoff of the Wrath of Khan scene than the Star Trek: Into Darkness version.

>>138857082he would tell his entire life story to the veil immediately

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The clip is back. The copy of this video is one of the most watched videos on the official channel.youtube.com/watch?v=fEI6GY4wIY8

>>138859521why was it reuploaded?

>>138859963they're slowly reuploading NuWho clips but in "HD" (upscaled)



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I can't stop masturbating to Clara

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>>138860159ok binge


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saved binge some time: hell bent is shit

>>138860048>ReplyIs that the Blue Peter garden?

>>138857082Adric is smelly

>>138857092Why indeed>>138857229>implying doctor who is not on the same level as capeshit

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>>138857827who's got the one when they've all got their tits oot? stuff of nightmares.

Has binge released his heaven sent review yet? (and can someone link it if so?)


>>138861343I fapped to it>>138861317doctor who at its worst is still better than the majority of capeshit

>>138861385> Unsurprisingly, Binge jerks off to his own opinion about Heaven Sentpastebin.com/BZ6ktuq9

Got to utopia on my rewatch.the first 2 parts of the finale are SO GOODand so is most of the 3rd part

>>138858852>5 find the veil>dies>gets upstaged by its attributes

>>138860159try Peri instead then

>>138861514I’d say the last 10 minutes of Utopia are some of the best parts of all who.

>>138861514My parents hated Utopia because it made me frame each sentence with "Chan... ...tho"

>>138861626are you autistic by any chance user?

>>138857229all thats left on tv is capeshit and teen dramas

>>138861674Chan maybe tho

>>138861674Chan no tho

>>138858144the crystals needed to be way smaller or way further out, you can tell from the tardis shots in s11 and 12 that while filming they were struggling to get the cameras in without some big fucking thing blocking the way of their shots.

>>138861107i liked smile...

>>138861514I don't know why they even did the whole goofy magic doctor thingDestroying the Paradox Machine would have brought the Doctor back to his old self anyway, Martha's job should have just been to destroy that and set everything back.

>>138861894>its a paradox machine>i cant just blow it up it wont work!>jack just shoots it with a machine gun later

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sunmakersanon herethe maxist parallels are getting strongerleela is getting hotterthank you


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Chan Doctor Who is Dead tho

>>138862886Chan I love Doctor Who tho!

/who/ is shit today

what's your favourite 1st doctor serial?

>>138863351Chan and so are you tho

>>138863377your forced meme is shit, user

>>138863377dont listen to him user,i like it

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>>138863377Chan based and checked tho>>138863400Chan cringe wasted dubs tho


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>>138863478go back to RTDit

>wooaaah bro the whole thing was a time loop!>hes in a loop guys!!did people actually like this shit or was it just redditors?

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you guys think they'd ever re-deploy Tennant if the show was ever on too much danger? I'm sure he'd probably jump back into it if the show were at stake. He's still looking good today after all, lmao the dude is even talking about the power of status like a true timelord. youtube.com/watch?v=GPDPNPiLXuw

The Happiness Patrol > Rememberance of the Daleks

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Chan I like the tone this story has taken, it was nothing special at first but the theme and characters is more obvious and I like the more orange sets, feels like a real adventure tho.

>>138863811I don't think the Sun Makers is amazing, but it's probably one of the two better stories in S15. I like Cordo.

>>138863696The last scene with Helen A and 7 is so greatyoutu.be/LGaLc1CrQhw

>>138863867Yeah, I was expecting something a little better too, when the stories were shit with 6 he would always make them worth watching. 4 is fine but he's a lot more hands-off than 6 or 1.Leela is a step up from Peri action-wise though.

>>138863880>look up that story on tvtropes>it's all les yay between Ace and the other girl


>>138863572Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw the hand activating the teleport and the Doctor materializing was "time loop". But the surprising thing is how he gets out of it.

Jesus, they just killed Hade.Bit rough considering they decided ont to kill off Leela

Good story. Not essential veiwing but not quite filler either. Not sure about the ending.Dubs decide what next. Gimme some kino.

>>138864988The Ambassadors of Death

>>138864988The Happiness Patrol


>>138864988All of Trial of a Timelord

>>138865210Not again!

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>>138865288Ding ding ding


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>>138865621>face full of cum

>>138865621clala and the cummermen

>>138860048YE SCHEWPID MAN


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Next Companion should be like MiloGay Rigjht Wing


Is the Celestial Toymaker kino? I love the sound of it

>>138866718It's conceptually cool, but production is cheap as fuck and the 'games' are dull as hell. I still enjoyed it though. The Toymaker is kino, and the last episode is probably the best one.

>>138866718The Magic Mousetrap is the better Celestial Toymaker story.

>>138866784but he said the n word


chan rate my OC tho

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Where can I find some quality Adric r34?

>>138867269Hi cats

>>138866465t. Gareth Roberts

>>138865621no user, that’s cocaine

>>138861423>doctor who at its worst is still better than the majority of capeshitif that helps you sleep at night >>138857229GoPro CybermenShe got what she deserved.

I have now successfully tagged and organised the first 100 BF stories manually. Only another 145 and the Eight Doctor Adventures to go, plus I still have to finish Storm Warning

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He had been there the longest. Aboard the TARDIS, that is.Ever since Romana and K9 had stayed in E-Space, it had just been the Doctor and him. Exploring the universe. Having lots of adventures.Together they had visited planets of fire and water, faced off armies of monsters and defeated terrible despots. Armed with the Doctor’s guile andcunning matched with Adric’s charm, wit and mathematical skills, they had vanquished the wrongdoers wherever they had gone.The Doctor liked Adric - that was obvious. They had been a team.A family.Until the girls came along

>>138868394God bless you user

>>138868394nobody cares about the first ones because they are on spotify

>>138868481Have to say, there's something charming about how slapdash some of the early BF covers are.>>138868560Spotify's shit for listening to the audios though, cause they're segmented into dozens of individual tracks just for one part and there's no bookmark function

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Cool idea or no?>At the time of production, Moffat privately intended Dr Moon to be a future Doctor. In a 2008 email to Russell T Davies, Moffat explained that River Song was in fact the Doctor's widow, and had witnessed the death of the 45th Doctor on a battlefield before she began having adventures with his younger selves. Although Moffat considered it unlikely that this would ever be confirmed in a story, he thought River would ultimately learn that her dying husband had uploaded his consciousness to the Library's moon so that he could be reunited with her. In 2020, Moffat said that he thought a version of this idea could still work, and Davies revealed that he had always thought, "It's him, it's the Doctor, and no one knows!", when watching the episodes.

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>>138869299Nah. Just more Moffwank. And him also cheekily saying he cast a black Doctor before anyone else.

>>138869299keep niggas out of my whogo watch black panther

Chan what a waste of catalog this thread is tho

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>>138869299Shit idea. I'm a Moffag but that's just going too far. There was supposed to be a certain tragedy about River dying in the Library but over the course of his run Moff just neutered any impact it previously had, through Name of the Doctor and Husbands. This would be even worse.

>>138869481>they're meeting in the opposite direction and river is shocked to realize the doctor doesn't know her and she dies in the library :(>exceeeept she gets to spend over two decades with the twelfth doctor while knowing it's their last meeting>exceeeept they're not really meeting in the opposite direction>exceeeept she gets saved and given eternal life in a computer without an end in sight>exceeeept she gets to have a goodbye with the eleventh doctor even in death>exceeeept she gets to meet the incarnations pre-tenth doctor as well and have adventures with them

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>>138869299God, Alien Bodies really did a number on Moffat.>s4: the Doctor will die on a battlefield in his far future!>s5: the content of the mysterious thing all these alien races have gathered to is the Doctor!>s6: here's how the Doctor will die!>s7: the villain wants to access the power of the Doctor's remains/personal timeline! Also, he dies on a battlefield at some point in his future!

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Say something good about the real first doctor (pic)

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>>138870355s4? Is the "great battlefield" thing mentioned in silence in the library?

>>138870647See >>138869299It wasn't in the episode, but it was Moff's headcanon about the episode at the time.

>>138870693But no armies ran away on Trenzalore?I always took that line to refer to the Pandorica Opens. "HELLO STONEHENGE!" And they all back off. The Doctor says that "That'll keep them squabbling for half an hour."

Is Peter Cushing canon?

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>>138870989no and he is shit

>>138870989>peter cushing is a fobwatched first doctor

>>138870989the percursor of doing nothing

McCoy era synopsii be like

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>>138869941Retroactively letting River meet the pre-10 Doctors is the most retarded shit I ever sawI think by the end Moff just had a huge boner for getting to show off all the old Doctors for the audience to clap at. People liked in in Eleventh Hour so here it is again and again and again

it's a fucking blessing that Steven didn't cram River into the Time War 50th somehow

>>138871434Bad Wolf Rose was close enough.

>>138871551That was obviously just fan-bait shit though, wasn't too distractingRiver always felt like she was being forced in for Moffat's sake, not the audiences. Did anyone ever actually get excited to see River?

>>138871618I'm sure there were plenty of people who did. Not me, though. Probably not binge either.

>>138871618>Did anyone ever actually get excited to see River?self inserts of the female squee army

River Song is the Harley Quin of Doctor Who

>>138871434>The Moment uses River as its avatar as she's someone who appeals to 11, to whom the time fissure sought to reunite with the War Doctor.>The War Doctor wants to destroy Gallifrey, so the Moment creates a "big red button" and brings 11 to him.>11 tells WD he doesn't have to destroy Gallifrey alone.>River yells "Save it, for God's sake be sensible!". WD gives no shits about the shouting hairball and as she tries to slap 11, he catches her wrist.>"How are you even doing that? I'm not really here." "You are always here to me. And I always listen, and I can always see you".Steven could have done it easily.

>>138871434>which title? there's two. the whore, and river song fucks.>no that's where everyone's wrong, it's two titles: river song fucks, the whore

Rosa = Jumping the shark

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>>138872028it added a fake challenge to revamp a decaying show


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>gets to write 50th anniversary special>wants as much hype as possible>doesn't freak everyone out by calling it THE TWELVE / THIRTEEN DOCTORS

>>138872251>implying Tennant's popularity alone didn't eclipse the other 9 Doctors combined at that point anyway

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>>138872337True, but imagine the crazed speculation if he'd just gone all out and called it The Twelve Doctors

>>138872409If people were expecting the 'all 13' scene it wouldn't have hit as hard though because if you're watching it without the 'hype' distracting you, you immediately realise how little sense any of that fucking episode makes

>>138872488You could still do it.THE TWELVE DOCTORSby Steven Moffat>episode nearing its resolution>"Oh my god, all twelve of them" (audience expectation)>"No, Sir, all THIRTEEN!"

cocktor poo

Doctor Who is dead.

why the fuck is /who/ deadI refuse to believe the autists here have something better to do on a Saturday night

Ok guys, I've unironically just watched Spyfall for the very first time today and I have to say that it's not even remotely half as bad as people have been saying here. I would definitely rate it in the top half of 2-parters.


>>138873619episode 1 was fineepisode 2 was meh jumping all around for little reason

>>138873619That's wrong user, don't you know it's against the rules of /who/ to like any aspect of the Chibnall era?

>>138873537Binge is taking time off his binge, which is why there's been so little discussion lately.I'm just watching Community, getting depressed and drinking alone, so at least I fit your expectations.

>>138873619I too unironically like part 1 but part 2 is boring besides nazi master

>>138873827where do you 3 live?

>>138873855if all season had the vibe and payoff of spyfall 1 would not be that badit was mad and out of the box, but it lead somewherethe light enemies not bad either

>>138873866Dunno where Binge lives but I'm just outside London.

>>138873946I thought you were his roomate

>>138873946I wonder how close 2 /who/ users live without realisingprobably the bristol manlet and lanklet

Yeah part 1 was competent enough and I was very very surprised by the reveal at the end.Bear in mind that this was before Fugitive of the Judoon and the TC. Series 11 was just competent, if boring, one-off stories. I thought, "Okay cool, new Master, we can have a series arc maybe." But then part 2 came.. and not only was it incredibly incompetent and cringe-worthy, but the arc that it set up was clearly going to be terrible.

For me it's Leeds

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any irish /who/vians?

>>138873986nah that's mebinge is visiting family but he's a normie anyway so small chance he'd be here now

>>138874566...waitirish people are real? i thought they were like elves or dwarves. like woodland creatures from fairytalesi deadass just googled irish and they're fucking real LMFAOOOamerican user here btw. How come Doctor Who never goes to Ireland if it's so fucking real?

>>138874619the Irish are only inside the head of Tecteun

>>138874585Tbh I think most people on 4chan exagerrate how non normie they are.Binge may write autistic amounts on a British kids' sci-fi show but he can still have a social life.

>>138874619>Doctor Who>going anywhere else than major Commonwealth countries, the US, or sometimes France.you choose the wrong show, user.


>>138874619Sorry user but the Irish are Gallifreyans

>>138874585do you REALLY check the thread for spoilers for him? that's a cuck thing to do

>>138874338I've only ever had something like that on here where some other user posted about how he lives round the corner from the theatre I'm just round the corner from.

>>138874805fuck fuckImagine if all are Irish are Gallifreyans fobwatched like the Irish cop scene Remember on the TVM when Grace asked 8 if Gallifrey was in ireland?

>>138873827I'd say there's been lots of discussion this week, on monday we went through three threads.The general sometimes has its dead days.

>>138874449I found the scene on the top of the Eiffel tower to be top KINO. very reminiscent of the giant parabole, but thankfully without namechecking it (as Moffat would probably have done)

>>138874872i basically get money in exchange for hiding a few posts in a thread i planned to browse anywayit'd be a cuck thing not to do this

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>>138875283are you in love with him?respond with a gif