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These threads are so fucking bad.

Just stop making these dumb threads... they accomplish nothing.

>>138855766>>138855786Nobody forces you to post here. Capeshit threads are all over Holla Forums for you.

>>138855870And nobody forces you to watch shitty arthouse grabage, but you do it anyway


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Another webmless thread

>>138855870I don't watch capeshit or the baby's first arthouse that gets talked about here, where does that leave me?

>>138855947Hipster's hipster

>>138855911Muh trolling>>138855947Name some exit level arthouse, mighty patrician.

What's the appeal? His films are just fucking boring.

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>>138855979I'm not trolling, you and everyone else here are faggots that circlejerk each other too feeling superior because you watched a bresson film. It's pathetic and the opinions that circulate here are banal it's insane that these threads have traction at all

>>138856004Think about it and come to your own theory. I'm guessing you already have and are just using this post bait people into talking about this nobody

>>138856017Okay, back to capeshit. Can't imagine how no life you have to be to aimlessly troll in a fucking arthouse thread.

>>138855979Fais chier (Moimême, 1951)


>>138856070Your perception of time is so out of wack. Must be those slow cinema movies

Bros, I need to watch Sombre by Philippe Grandrieux. Can someone give me a download link?

>maya deren>obscure


>>138856788DO NOT CLICK, it's a virus


>>138856004no they're comfy, and what he did in Syndromes and a Century blew me away

>>138856953Thanks bro, but how did you find out? looks like a regular monova link?

>>138857116It is regular link. I post them all the time.

>>138857041What did he do there? Made you fall asleep?

Does anybody here have link to the 3 hour TV cut of Pola X?

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>>138857245>>138856674Stop begging and get on KG

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>>138857346It's literally impossible to get on KG now. I asked if Pola X is even online.

>>138857364I vividly remember the first time I saw Scorpio Rising (high on an edible). It was fucking incredible, the cinematography, the color, rhythm set against that kitschy pop. It was like a comic book come to life.

>>138857190you thought this was funny in your head, didn't you

>>138857456I have to try that.

>>138857527Yeah it was great shit. Sadly had a bad trip shortly thereafter and haven't touched the stuff since.

ok iw ill bytethere were 2 movies that stuck with me1 was from about 1999 uk/londonthis 20 something dude was ahalucinateing or really being chased by the white clad futureistic people who lived in airship societieshe could only stave them off by masturbation to cheap porn vids and one other thingbut sometimes they still apeared.

>>138857518It is hilarious, What did he do then?

>>138857613the two parts of the movie that are half identical is the best representation of the concept of cyclical time (religious concept of cyclical time) that I've ever seen in any medium of art

>>138857041Took me several days to torrent bluray of this. What do you like about his films so much and should i go chronologically or is Uncle Boonmee a good start?

>>138857777>religiousdivinely check'd

>>138857782with Weerasethakul you can start anywehre aside from Mekong Hotel probablyBut it won't hurt if you want to go chronologically. Weerasethakul has a highly exotic style, his films feel very soft and quiet, he's very nature oriented and opearates in a field of magical realism. This is where a personal thing comes up. I support "traditional" (pagan, pre christian) beliefes, and therefore I find mythology to be very important. And I believe that magical realism is the best attempt in creating mythology in any other artform outside of literature. And Weerasethakul is one of the best and authentic directors in that field.


>>138857893Anything one should before watching? I have zero backround in Thai mythology and culture

I was rewatching Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising because of this thread and found one of the dumbest conversations ever. I dislike both of these people so much. They make Holla Forums look like a graduate seminar.

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>>138857346>get on KGThe amount of time you have to invest to get in there is only available to true troglodytes. And then you have to invest even more time to remain in there.And I don't understand why. Nobody would ever start a legal batlle about KG content anyway. BREIN etc. only protect hollywood dogshit. KG could just dump all their nice content on TPB and the world would be a better place.

>>138858040I didnt know Scorsese had watched it.That's kinda neat to know.

>>138857985mythology is about preserving and introducing people in a religion, so you don't need to read anything, it's understandable what is going on in the movie without a background (tho Syndromes and a Century and Blissfully Yours don't directly deal with magical stuff on the first glance, but I interpreted the movies as being about cyclical time (Syndromes and a Century) and about going into an otherwordly, afterlife like environment (not dying, since the afterlife in traditional religions was a physical space you could directly reach from the world of he living even when you're not dead)Also, it's just my interpretation of his work, you can have a different one which doesn't have to do this much with religion.

>>138858170>The amount of time you have to invest to get in there is only available to true troglodyteshave friends>And then you have to invest even more time to remain in there.you just have to seed, thats it>Nobody would ever start a legal batlle about KG content anywaycriterion strikes me as money hungry, i bet they would

>>138858183Scorsese is a super cinephile. He was friends with Jonas Mekas. Mekas filmed the shooting of the Departed.


>>138858289Scorsese is based

>>138858244couldn't refute that last point though

>>138858579anyone is free to upload KG stuff to the pirate bay. most people dont bother to because seeding to public trackers is thankless and people dont reseed. act better on your slum public trackers and people might change that.

>>138858778i have honestly never reseeded anything on a public tracker. 100% complete means im outta there

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>>138858831yeah ive never reseeded anything on a public either. thats why public trackers are what they are.

>>138858244>have friendsI do, but they are not the troglodyte type that is willing to spend the time necessary to pass the rite of initiation.

This is the last day to vote for the 1960s, if you haven't voted yet, give your 10 nominations and rank them from 1-10.

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>>138858778>>138858831>>138858889I guess I'm an idealist but I reseed everything that is worthy of it. At minimum 1:1 but often way above 2:1. I enjoy the thought of good content being enjoyed by others. Good content is rare enough.

>>138859037>spend the time necessary to pass the rite of initiation.how much time do you think it takes? it's not a lot pal. you literally just encode some stuff in the background and then upload it. then you get a high enough user rank to join the invite forum. voila.

>>138859104Same here. I always seed torrents even if they are from public trackers.

>>1388590781. Le mepris (Godard)2. Masculin feminin (Godard)3. Le week-end (Godard)4. La chinoise (Godard)5. Barbarella (Vadim)6. Au Hasard Balthazar (Bresson)7. La jetee (Marker)8. Gertrud (Dreyer)9. Muriel (Resnais)10. L'amour fou (Rivette)

just saw the devil probablement. was alri.

Just got the 14 day trial of Criterion Holla Forums. They have multiple versions of Mr. Akadin/Confidential Report. Which is the one I want?

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i'm thinking it's soviet teenage sci-fi kino

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Nebraska the movie sucks, fact

Did anyone like Salo, or 120 days in Sodom?

what is it that makes a movie not good?

>I will die with my boots on. I won’t make a digital film in this life. Cinema is made from light. I am a filmmaker, not a pixel-maker.Based Aki.

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>>138861304Being German makes a movie not good.

>>138861304if you don't like it

>>1388590781. L'Avventura2. Rublev3. Harakiri4. 8 1/25. Liberty Valance6. La Dolce Vita7. La Notte8. Ivan's Childhood9. Playtime10. Il Gattopardo

>>138861338Cringe. Also he made digital films. So he is stupid and a coward.

>>138861598>Also he made digital filmsWhy are you lying? Every single one of his films have been shot on celluloid.

>>138855741what film is this from?

>>138855741GOOD NEWS EVERYONEANOTHER "new" Orson Welles movie on the waydeadline.com/2020/09/hopper-welles-how-producer-filip-jan-rymsza-pieced-together-another-lost-orson-welles-movie-venice-film-festival-1234569943/

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>>1388590781. Faces2. Masculin - Feminin3. 8½4. Blow-Up5. The Diamond Arm6. Closely Watched Trains7. 2001 A Space Odyssey8. Breathles9. Dr Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb10. Andrei Rublev

>>138862136tl;dr>1970 filmed interview between Welles and the then-rising star Dennis Hopper, >during the conversation Welles adopted the persona of The Other Side Of The Wind’s lead character Jake Hannaford>around 5 hours of footage>edited by Bob Murawski (The Hurt Locker)>in venice this week

>>138861190Yes. It is a great black comedy

>>138860610How divisive would Tarkovsky be in todays climate? >>138861338 Pelottavan perustettu.

just watched this for the first time, what did i think?

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>>138861643They look like shit anyways lol

>>138862865t. retard who comes in these threads to shit on films he's never seen

this pajeet wanted to be the next Jodorowsky but ended up making a fucking Snow White movie failed blockbuster with Matt Damon and a failed Wizard of Oz TV show, it must seriously hurt

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Gawain and the Green Knight seems an interesting idea for a film. Trailer not bad. But can tell by that bad animated fox its gna be some crappy kids adventure thing.

>>138863372At least he made a cult classic, that's an achievement.

cairo station and taxi driver, any more classic sexually repressed violent incel kino?

>>138863537he made two, and while The Fall is okay, Cell is pretty shit, there are some nice visual ideas there, but overall it's just a mediocre thriller with freudist themes which is almost always pretty cringe

I watched OG Frankenstein last night.

>>138863579Just Jim

>>138863779The 1910 version? What did you think of it?

>>138864071I didn't know there was a 1910 version. I meant the 1931 version from Universal. Although it the older films can come off a bit hokey, the set designs are still wonderful, and even the monsters still convey a nice sense of dread.I'm of the same opinion of Dracula, which I watched last week as well. Bela Lugosi nailed the regal, gentlemanly aspect of vampires. I can see why these films are so highly regarded, even though I'm the only guy younger than 40 that I know who has seen them.


>>138864305Check out Bride of Frankenstein. That one is even better.

>>138864413I have the Universal Monsters 30 film set, so I will eventually. I figured that most of the sequels were cash grab trash, but there was bound to be several good sequels

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>>1388590781. Andrei Rublev2. Balthazar3. La Notte4. Persona5. Red Beard6. L'Aventura7. Through A Glass Darkly8. Rocco and His Brothers9. My Night at Maud's10. Peeping Tom

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>>138862447Miserable dreck.

Just finished watching Vivre Sa Vie (1962). It took three separate viewings to actually finish because it's one of the most boring pieces of shit I've ever watched. It's essentially a slow-paced character study of a boring dumb slut, with some philosophical bullshit shoehorned in at the end with the old man. Did I just get filtered? Can someone who actually enjoys this film explain the appeal? Will I enjoy other films by Godard if I thought this film fucking sucked?

Was Newland Archer a simp?sure, he was chasing after used goods but would anyone resign themselves to a marriage with someone as oblivious as May

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>>138865006Filtered>>138865225No, it was a different time.

>>138865426>Filteredokay, what did you personally enjoy about Vivre Sa Vie (1962)

>>138865006Beyond filteredIt’s not even a slow film


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>>138865707Its pacing is objectively on the slow end, you're just being a contrarian retard. And I actually prefer slow films, the problem was the subject matter. Why am I supposed to care about the daily life of this dumb slut? Literally what is the appeal of this film? Neither you or >>138865426 explained why you like it, so I'm gonna assume it's pseud trash for faggots like you to pretend to like

>>138862447You thought it was a brilliant...movie.

>>138865885Because you sound retardedIt’s not our job to ‘sell’ films to youAnd I’m guessing this was your first art house film, because Godard is literally not slow at all

>>138861765Personnel (1975)

>>138865933So it's not your job to 'sell' a film, but you've taken the time to make TWO (2) posts now expressing that you like this film, but you are unable to describe a single aspect that you enjoyed. Okay pseud

>>138865831i know what this is but i forgetplease remind me

>>138866121Zabriske Point

>>138866078One was not meAnd yes, Godards mostly a stylist, so it has value as a deviation of a noir, nobody takes his philosophy seriously but he creates this pictures of the destruction of modern civilization. They’re interesting and enjoyable. Karina is just a figure effected by this, the point of the film is she just exists until she challenges society and is martyred, but Godards films are not worth analyzing.

>>138866228okay thanks for actually sharing an opinion. I can now at least understand how you might like this film, even though the reasons that you listed are not interesting to me personally

>>138866135i didnt know what this was

are director cameos a kino breaker?

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>>1388590781. A Man for All Seasons2. The Lion in Winter3. The Color of Pomegranates4. How to Steal a Million5. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly6. The Leopard7. The Bakery Girl of Monceau8. Spartacus9. Woman in the Dunes10. Contempt

>>138865603Fun flick. I have seen it long time ago. 60s Godard is mostly fun flicks.

New Kornél Mundruczó with Shia getting good reviews in Venice.

>>138867129Mundruczo is pretty good, looking forward to itI know a russian critic who is in Venice right now, he said it's one of the best movies of the year.

>>138867182I used to follow the festivals more. 0 idea what's being praised right now except for this one. It sucks that there is no critics grid for Venice (that i know of). Cannes has several.

Anybody excited for Mank? B&W digital usually looks bad imo. With Roma i hated the look.twitter.com/NetflixFilm/status/1302275318619623425

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I really liked The Other Side of the Wind overall and I especially loved the film within film with Oja Kodar. But that opening narration by Bogdanovich is so annoying, he literally refers to smartphones so it's clear that they didn't even try to honor what the film might have been if it were actually released by Welles back then and instead wanted to interfere it with their own present day perspective.

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>>138867397Berlinale had a Grid too, idk why there's no for VeniceThe lineup is pretty dull honestly, Mundruczo and yet another Diaz were the only ones that catched the eye quickly. New Franco is probably goona be mediocre at best, it's some kind of sci-fi, really a weird turn for him, don't have much faight in that project. There's a Chloé Zhao which might be good, tho Zhao is an MCU sellout. New Konchalovsky but I was never a fan, and he has been very mediocre for a long time now.

>>138867549oh, and there's also new Dupieux out of competition, his movies are usually fun, this one is about a giant fly

>>138867549Zhao has frances McDermott in itAlong with mcu, those were two huge red flagsI loved the rider though

>>138867635What's your problem with Frances McDormand? She's a good actress.

>>138867592Yes, there is a trailer already for Dupieux.

>>138867730Only when the coens direct her

>>138867783she was good in Three Billboards>>138867782there are like two teasers I think

>>138867491Looks pretty bad, shot digitally and because of Fincher it will be full of CGI and it pics like pic related look like typical modern period piece where it just feels like modern actors playing cosplay more than anything authentic.

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>>138868012Somebody posted trailer yesterday.

>>138868121found it, looks good

>>138868012>she was good in Three BillboardsNo

>>138868295i disagree

Loved it. This is not a real puzzle to figure out, as Kaufman admits in interviews he set out not to be ambiguous with the narrative. It's straightforward but with the patented Kaufmanesque surreality. Both Buckley and Plemmons are fantastic but Thewlis and Colette steal the show. I found several sequences a bit out of place but you take the good with the not so good, or the Kaufman with the Charles. The one sequence and conceit I thought was superfluous was the Pauline Kael/Cassavetes thing. While it does fit with narrative and character development, or unravelment, I found it more ponderous than entertaining. The other sequences I had issue with are spoilers so I'll discuss them in a week or so when more folks have see it. Having said all that, I will still give the film an A. Now off to read Antkind!

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>>138868072Fincher is bad

>>138867491>>138868072>shooting period piece in b&W to evoke films of 1940s>choosing modern wide screen aspect ratio

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>>138868072looks like those Sin City films only softly lit. I'll watch because it's Fincher but it's really been diminishing returns from him.

>>138868304Agreed to disagree

>>138868314I will probably watch tomorrow I saw Synechdoche Last night.

>>138867549>>138867635>ZhaoSongs My Brother Taught Me was also amazing. I don't know why some spergs take it personal Zhao is directing a superhero cartoon. Hell, didn't Cassavetes also direct studio projects? You do what you do so you can also shoot your personal stuff. I am really excited for Nomadland as I read the book a couple of years ago and was a bit floored by it.

>>138868314>It's straightforward

>>138868642No, studio projects are different than MCUMartel turned down MCU, Zhao could have too. That just shows me she's not a serious director.I didn't see her first film, and I will most likely skip Nomadland

Why didn't Americans make any religious films during their golden years? Talking about 30s - 50s, it's weird since it was an extremely Christian country back then, they even enacted the Hays Code to fight against "degeneracy", yet did nothing to promote the divine. Why is this?

>>138868709I think I misspoke there. More like it is not a Lynchian-type mystery that is difficult to figure out. You are presented with everything you need and it's not really all that open to interpretation. So maybe not straightforward but not incomprehensible.

>>138868810Because they have no faith, it was a cultural distinction

>>138868733So you are defining her as a filmmaker because she chose a project you dislike? Sounds like sperg behavior to me. You do you, though, bruv.

>>138868839Yeah okay, I agree now haha

Any "psychedelic" /film/s, stuff like Altered States?

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>>138868839Lynch doesn't do that either.

>>138868314I'm happy Kaufman managed to make a solid film. Hopefully it will make it easier for him to fund future projects.


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>>138868733Martell only turned down MCU because they didn't let her direct action scenes to be fair

>>138859078Le trouViridiana2001La dolce vitaHarakiriHigh and lowRocco and his brotherIl gatopardoDoctor ZhivagoChimes at midnight

>>138868878It's MCU not just a project I dislike, but yes

>>138869043She still turned it downI don't see a single MCU director who I think is even remotely close to making something like The RiderAll just hacks, it was a soulless move.

Bros, I'm in need of some whitepilled /film/, I'm tired of existentialism, nihilism and poetry of the mundane...


>>138869138she just gotta have that paycheck I guess

>>138869236That's fine, I just won't see any more of her films.

>>138868911Plenty of posts on this forum about anons not understanding Lost Highway, Inland Empire, and even TP: the Return. That alone tells me that narrative interpretation in his work is a bit more elusive than the typical arthouse fare.

>>138869138>soullessnow you're just baiting.

>>138869365Because they think his films are supposed to be 'understood' and they are not just aesthetic decisions, Lynch deals with the spiritual realm, even since before Eraserhead. To try and understand him defeats the point, same with Joyce, I didn't understand a lot of the references in Ulysses but still loved the book, these are aesthetic decisions that create other worlds/realms.

>>138869283So a director makes one false move and you forever relegate her to never going to watch her films again status? Bit childish.okay, I'm baiting now, too, but, dude, really?

>>138869427No, she says she has free creative control and wants to strip it down like she did with The Rider and Nomadland, but I'm still skeptical. I just can't give into anyone who perpetuates the MCU.

>>138869464I agree. Hence, why his films appear to be incomprehensible to some. The is not the case with the Kaufman film.

>>138869503I suppose I should give Nomadland a shot, and if I like that too I'll watch her first film, but I had completely written her off in my mind, ever since I saw that decision

>>138869600Yes, I will watch it tomorrow. I saw Synchedoche last night and had seen Anomalisa 2 years ago, I think he has a good flow, but don't love his films. How does this one compare to those two.

To be fair, they are lovely knees.

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>>138869622Songs is streaming on Kanopy.

>>138869787How does it compare with The Rider?

>>138869826For someone who often lauds her work, I admit, I have only seen Songs My Brothers Taught me.

>>138869681It's definitely more in the vain of Synchedoche than Anomalisa. Feels messy and chaotic in the same way Synchedoche does, I've always found Anomalisa to be quite tight and simplistic (not necessarily in a bad way) and ITOES has none of that.

>>138869212Just watched it yesterday. Serendipity. Any other recommendation?

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>>138868924I think he has a series and another film in the works. Hoping he's on a good streak and we won't have to wait half a decade for either project.

>>138869043She doesnt know how to direct action, to be fair

>>138869043>>138869138Speaking of Martel, anyone see The Headless Woman? I was very disappointed in it and couldn't finish it. I thought it was fucking dire, to be honest. I loved La Cienaga and Zama. Haven't seen The Holy Girl yet.

>signs you're about to watch kino

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>>138871332>signs you're about to watch kino

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Attached: 0214d9c9a7aa963ae1ed9236a18dd63a.jpg (448x336, 25.64K)


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Is anybody gonna watch Satantango now that it's on the criterion channel. I just watched Rocco and his brothers there, very good neorealist Greek tragedy.

>>138858214>mythology is about preserving and introducing people in a religionuh I don't think it works that way user>>138860610Absolutely based tastes>>138859078Need to watch way more but for now1 high and low2 dr strangelove3 dolce vita4 2001 space odyssey5 breathless6 balthazar7 persona8 harakiri9 lawrence of arabia10 Rosemary's baby I watched Ugetsu today because some user was mentioning mizoguchi a lot at the top ten 50s in favor of kurosawa. I thought it was alright, but definitely nothing special, I don't think I would've put it in my top ten list. Anything I am overlooking? Sancho any better?


>>138871734Why would i give a shit if it's on criterion channel. Bluray has been out for several months.

>>138871842Do you plan to do it in one sitting or treat it like a miniseries. I'm thinking of doing watching it in three segments.

>>138871810>uh I don't think it works that way anonWhy? Mythology is a way to preserve your religious traditions. It's not the only way to keep them going, but it was on of the ways.

>>138871894I'll watch it in one day, probably next week (start around 3), but have an intermission or two.

>>138871894>mini-series Please be ironic, please be ironic.

>>138871893I know it's been there for months. I don't normally buy DVDs or Blu-rays. I just want to know how people have watched this movie since it's 7 hours long.

new version of the godfather part III coming this december in theaters

>>138871987In the sense of watching it in two days not in one sitting. I honestly did the same with Jeanne Dielman.

>>138871995>what is torrentEither cutoff during the middle. There is a point where you can stop it or watch it all in one go.

>>138872047Never seen Part III, should I wait?

>>138872047I heard that there's a different ending or something. I have only watched the first two godfather movies, most people told me to not even bother with the third one.

>>138872068I do use torrent as well when I can't find a movie somewhere else. In general the image quality in the criterion channel is great. Under the right circumstances of course I would go to the cinema...

>>138872187The image quality from bluray will probably be better than streaming.

>>138872056Jeanne Dielman is only 3 hours though. I've done 3 hour lectures, there's not really much of an excuse for that one.

>>138872263It absolutely will be.

>>138872115>>138872122I read that the new version has a new beginning and end and some other changes but I also never watched the third part, I heard opposite opinions about it but probably I'll watch it before seeing the new version

>>138872287Tbf, I wanted to watch the whole thing in that one, but my girlfriend (who ironically is a film major, while my field is law) wanted to do it that way because it was too heavy.

>>138871946For one, there is evidence that in a lot of societies the people did not really believe in their myths to be true, like for example the greeks. This would be somewhat in conflict with the idea of myths only being there for religion. But more importantly its a bit superficial to attribute the function of myths to so little, when many myths were so ingrained in to a society that they influenced language, symbols, eating habits etc. I would say that just like folklore in general they make up a big part of the culture of a society.

>>138872517Fair enough, at least you got through it. Did it impact it at all, do you feel like you missed out?

>>1388590781. Au Hasard Balthazar 2. Le Trou3. Jules et Jim4. La Notte5. La Dolce Vita6. L'Avventura7. Simon of the Desert8. Lawrence of Arabia9. Proces De Jeanne D'Arc10. Playtime

>>138872827I don't think I missed at all. Still the movie is divided in three days. So I stopped at the end of the second day.It's obviously a film with a very special energy. You are seeing a woman do the most mundane shit for 3 hours, but little by little you see little details that represent that she is unsettled in some way or another. Honestly I felt like I saw the cinematic equivalent to a Baroque painting. It's hyperealistic cinema if that makes any sense.

>>138872987I haven't seen it yet, have been meaning to for awhile though. Was planning to do To the Wonder and re-watch FWWM tonight though, but maybe I could bump them.

>>138873022Like many of the film's discussed in here it's a film that grows on you as you watch it. The first 20 or 30 minutes you might be thinking "what the hell is this all about?" But you'll end up paying attention to every little detail.

>>138872517Foolish woman

Does anyone here use Filmaffinity? I'm curious if each other country has its own IMDb. Filmaffinity is from spain and serves the Spanish-speaking world in general.

>>138873177post soviet countries have kinopoisk

>>138868314I liked it but personally preferred the book it was adapted from, which took a more horror/thriller approach, whereas the film was more comedic.

Never saw a movie from Portugal


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>>138873801>he hasn't seen all of Joao Cesar Monteiro's and Pedro Costa's filmsCringe


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>>1388590781. Contempt2. Winter Light3. Blow up4. My Fair Lady 5. Through a glass darkly6. Breathless7. La Notte8. Midnight Cowboy 9. Masculin Feminin10. Zazie dans la metrocontempt is such a mesmerizing film, goat soundtrack

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>>138874604I think that was just somebody from Holla Forums

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