>Moore also publicly criticised details of the script before the film's release...

>Moore also publicly criticised details of the script before the film's release, pointing to apparent laziness in the writing. "They don't know what British people have for breakfast, they couldn't be bothered [to find out]. 'Eggy in a basket' apparently. Now the US have 'eggs in a basket,' which is fried bread with a fried egg in a hole in the middle. I guess they thought we must eat that as well, and thought 'eggy in a basket' was a quaint and Olde Worlde version", he stated.What are some more examples of films where they completely failed at doing the most basic research?

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Other urls found in this thread:

en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato_scone#:~:text=A potato scone or tattie,boiled potatoes, butter and salt.

>>138849483I could go for some eggy right now.

I miss when my mom cooked for me. I miss my mom

>>138849483Me mam used to cut the fried bread into two triangles, make a hole in each and pop the egg in that. Called it a 'one-eyed Egyptian'


Attached: image.jpg (2197x1463, 318.38K)

>took a DNA test>40% German>30% British >30% NordicKill me

Attached: 1577823260973.jpg (1200x675, 140.57K)

>>138849483oh lazy writing? kind of like how you just rewrote sirens of titan by vonnegut with some retarded comic book shit thrown ontop and pretended it was some great unique work? fucking fraud


Attached: 1584487088655.png (1270x1357, 2.02M)

>>138849861>perfect delicious breakfast >ITS NOT RICE AND FISHU MY HONOUR IS DEFILEDfucking fraud anime

>>138849755I don't know why Nordic is seen as a compliment. Whenever I see someone say Nordic I think of this guy.

*kinos your day*

Attached: 1578438191948.jpg (2500x1668, 775.53K)

>>138849483all of themmovies are retarded

>>138850150I don't understand what those burnt looking black things are?


>>138850259Black pudding/blood sausage

>>138850307>>138850348Brits just straight up eat BLOOD? That's pretty metal.

>>138849483Do brits REALLY not eat egg in a basket and instead eat toast sandwiches?

>>138849483Fucker that wrote Watchmen didn't understand or even bothered to google Ozymandias so he could find out, as evidenced by that ludicrous end, let alone a small detail like breakfast.Who was that, Lindelof, that fuckwit? Whatever. I mean, OP is probably about League.Regardless, love him or hate him, AM has said a lot of shit about Hollywood and 99% of it is absolutely correct.

>>138850370Do Americans really not eat rumbledethumps?

>>138850368it tastes great. dont knock it.

>>138849857Vonnegut is merely one out of hundreds of sources of inspiration for the comic. Read more.

>>138849755>Took a DNA test>Somehow this bong even though both branches of the family have been in the states for hundreds of years>Somehow more bong than parents and grandparentsWhen my parents fucked all the evil bong genes collected in one spot apparently.

Attached: 56.jpg (444x274, 16.69K)

>>138850460OP is actually about V for Vendetta. About League, Moore said "They seemed to believe that the head of 20th Century Fox called me up and persuaded me to steal this screenplay, turning it into a comic book they could then adapt back into a movie, to camouflage petty larceny." Moore testified in a deposition, a process he found so unpleasant that he surmised he would have been better treated had he "molested and murdered a busload of retarded children after giving them heroin."

>>138850460>OP is probably about LeagueV for Vendetta

>>138849483>which is fried bread with a fried egg in a hole in the middleI would call it more grilled since you use butter but brits like always pick a fight about food

>>138849920>he’s too pleb to enjoy the delicacy of a spam, eggs, and rice breakfasti fell bad for you

>>138850568Heh, I read spam as sperm. I'm always thinking about sperm.

>>138850150>eating that much food for breakfastAnd you britons have the nerve to call Americans fat

>>138850645Meet me on Discord, I'll make a deposit.

>>138850669best time of day to eat a big meal. burn it off for rest of the day


Attached: 1575162086717.webm (404x720, 2.95M)

>>138850470I taste like shit, and also non Christian.

>>138850259Coal garnish

>>138850824>I taste like shitI concur. Good of you to admit it.


I just eat a banana for breakfast.

>>138851199What are rumbledethumps?


>>138851513Rumbledethumps is a traditional dish from the Scottish Borders. The main ingredients are potato, cabbage and onion. Similar to Irish colcannon, and English bubble and squeak, it is either served as an accompaniment to a main dish or as a main dish itself. Cooked leftovers from a roast meal can be used. However, to make fresh rumbledethumps one needs to lightly sauté the shredded onion and cabbage in butter until the onion is translucent and the cabbage wilted, then add some potatoes mashed with butter, salt and pepper; after thoroughly mixing the ingredients, they are placed into an oven proof dish, and cheddar (or similar) cheese placed on top, if desired. This is then baked until golden brown on top. An alternative from Aberdeenshire is called kailkenny.

>>138850368It's blood with a small amount of oats and some diced fat usually.

>>138850726It's amazing that Brits eat shit like this and are still less fat than Americans. Whoever convinced Americans that they need to drink orange juice at breakfast and sodas or milkshakes with every other meal has doomed that nation.

>>138850150Australian version of the full English breakfast usually doesn't have the beans and black pudding/blood sausage, instead has a tomato and onion relish and some avo. Yet again Australia takes something and makes it better.

Attached: Breakfast-3.jpg (640x468, 65.17K)

>Look m8 I'm just saying that a nice fry up is the proper way to get over a angover, you get me?

Attached: 1587193950398.webm (288x360, 672.17K)

>>138853698>no black pudding>better

>>138853698Why is one of the eggs pink? Is it just not cooked at all?

>>138850669In Britain we refer to that as a Sunday breakfast, not an English breakfast. Usually you'd have that at about 11 am then have sunday dinner about 4 and skip lunch.

>>138849483The Hurt Locker

>>138853803very briefly steamed at the end to cook the white on top

>>138849755>le 30% face

>>138849483>eggs in a basketWhere the fuck in the US is this a thing?

>>138853649Sugar is much better for you than vegetable oils.

>>138849920black pudding is fucking trash and you’re trash

>>138853698Where’s the rice?

>>138849661I bet she was a witch or something. A cultist. Maybe you're The Devil

>>138849716>CRUMPLE FRUMPLE WITH A WINKLE OF TIBBLYDOPPYDOESwhy is it so easy to poke fun at brongoloids

>>138850368Most Euros do

>>138851199>this isn't something user made up


Attached: IMG_20200901_234114.jpg (3648x1680, 1.39M)


>>138854203Big pleb or moslem

>>138849483Any film with military aviation, the JFIRE is unclass and online and is literally the instructions on how to operate and no one in Hollywood has ever bothered to read it.

>>138850726Real men order donar calzone

Attached: ESweAAUU8AEZIff.jpg (1200x964, 260.61K)

>>138854402Let's make up over some nice stoves user. Delicious

Attached: dsc_0912.jpg (4068x2712, 2.26M)

>>138854679i like calzones. Its like a pizza combined with a sandwich lol

>>138854719Only meal you feel like a beast eating its prey. That chunky pickle chili dripping from the open wound. Also any full breakfast lacking bacon fried tattie scones is pleb tier. Also square sausage

Attached: gnw06hoz2trz.jpg (3024x4032, 1.04M)

>>138849483>They don't know what British people have for breakfast, they couldn't be bothered [to find out]. 'Eggy in a basket' apparently. Now the US have 'eggs in a basket,' which is fried bread with a fried egg in a hole in the middle. I guess they thought we must eat that as well, and thought 'eggy in a basket' was a quaint and Olde Worlde versionOK, then what the fuck is it?

>>138854820Take your lorne sausage and fuck off, you disgusting Pict cunt

>>138849587I miss her too buddy.

>>138849483We discussing breakfast? Nice, I just had a lovely breakfast. Poached eggs with toast, (you have to wait for the eggs to go white, then you cook them for another 5 minutes to create a lovely runny egg.) Along with some delicious black pudding and some laverbread.Many of you don’t know what laverbread is, it’s a Welsh delicacy and it’s fucking delicious, don’t let the appearance put you off, pic related.

Attached: 794D78B3-EDE6-48B9-83A6-6B0459CD4395.jpg (1680x1260, 134.52K)

>>138854820why did you take a shit on the plate though

>>138854820choking back vomit.

>>138850150Fat sausages and tinned tomatoes are the way to go. For me, it's about 3x as many mushrooms too.

>>138854883You just enjoy whatever Abdul serves you. Your not welcome up here >>138855102Haggis is kino

>>138854198Sugar isn't good for you or better than anything, Amerifat

>>138850150I ate a double order of this while waiting for the ferry to Dublin. The tiny restaurant matron looked at me like I was some kind of monster when I asked for the second order. Didn't help she was 5'2" and I'm 6'4".

>>138849483I'm British and I've never heard of eggy in a basket l, can somebody explain what it is please?

>>138855177>not welcome in a grey, bleak shithole, brimming with poverty and drug abuse where the average life expectancy far below anywhere else in Western Europeoh no

>>138854820are those...tortilla chips?

>>138854865on a weekday maybe porridge, boiled egg and soldiers or marmalade on toast/crumpets. On weekends some form of fry-up or maybe croissants

>>138855424Yes your right it's horrible and white here. >>138855484en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato_scone#:~:text=A potato scone or tattie,boiled potatoes, butter and salt.

>>138853698>make something that looks like the homosexual version of a full english breakfast>better

>>138855177is the munchiebox really the nectar of the gods, scotbros?

>>138855382>she was 5'2" and I'm 6'4"Damn, simply IMAGINE

>>138855576>Yes your right it's horrible and white hereYou're not white, you translucent ginger freak

>>138849483>the author describes it as a work of "genetic mythology"what did alan moore mean by this?

Attached: jerusalem.jpg (1370x2024, 417.58K)

>>138855615It is the tasty treat of all lads having pre drinks before hitting the toon>>138855667I've been to England mate. Was Truelly a culture shock not hearing an English voice. Hope we lock the door before you all try to jump ship to infect Scotland

Attached: Munchy_Box.jpg (4088x2868, 1.52M)

>>138854883>my sides

>>138849483>completely failedA good example is Outland (1981).-NO, it's not a good idea to shoot at a target with a shotgun through the window (made of regular glass!) of a station set on the moon of Io without expecting to be sucked out into hard vacuum.-NO, sudden exposure to hard vacuum will not make you explode like a pumpkin with an air hose jammed into it (2001: a Space Odyssey was much closer to scientific fact regarding this).-NO, you can't extract a blood sample from a days-old corpse (especially from the carotid artery where there wouldn't be any blood at all due to lividity).-Ever since the Voyager flybys of 1979 we've known just how volcanically active (and destructive) the moon of Io is. So:-NO, There's no way a humanly habitable mining settlement can be safely established in the foreseeable future, if ever. But hey, it looks all cool and shit, right?

Attached: images (2).jpg (257x196, 4.18K)

>>138855742Anybody who read this can tell me what it's about?The cover makes it look super interesting so I want to know of it's worth checking out.

Eggs are fucking minging

>>138855764>Truelly a culture shock not hearing an English voice>TruellyLike you'd know Haggis-fucker

name a more kino 21st century breakfast than skyr, honey, oats and coffee

>>138854198Maybe on a 1:1 basis, but no one is consuming the same amount of vegetable oils as Americans do sugar. Drink sizes at McDonalds are over 50% larger in the US than other countries in the West.

>>138855652She looked like the mom of that pig guy from Captain Planet so I actively chose not to imagine.British/Welsh women were just painful to look at. Scotch/French women are where it's at.

>>138855859It's 1300 pages long and follows different storylines over centuries.

>>138853803>Is it just not cooked at all?It's cooked sunny side up. i.e. not flipped over and the yolk is still runny.

>>138856009Name five attractive Scottish women. I'll wait.

Fattest thread on Holla Forums right now, absolutely disgusting.

>>138856213No coincidence it's all burgers and bongs, the fattest creatures on the Planet.

>>138856144In no particular order:Laura FraserKaren GillanKelly McdonaldMaureen SwansonFreya MavorMoira Shearer

>>138849483We do eat that though, but it's called Nelson's Eye

>>138854502Yep, and the Spanish version of blood sausage is leagues better than the English. Of course that is no surprise.

>>138853698Black pudding is food of the gods mate, fuck off

>>138854679Forgive me Lord, for I am weak

>>138856009>British/Welsh women were just painful to look at. Scotch/French women are where it's at.>Scotch/FrenchI think you mean Spanish/Italian women.

>>138856292>Karen Gillan>Freya MavorI'll conceed on these two>bulking out your "list" with two women born in the 1920'sFucking fuck me

>>138856365Guess again dago, it's clearly boudin noir that's the superior blood sausage

>>138850150Beans could be saucier and I'm confused why there's a bottle of Jamesons on the table

>>138850150If British black pudding is anything like Spain's morcillas, then it's the best thing in that plate.

>>138849755sorry bro :( if you had the bbc gene you could of gotten more pussy

>>138856422Spanish women are fucking crazy tho. I live in Spain and I don't recommend

>>138849755An utter waste of good genes

>>138857280all spanish/latina/hispanic are succubusses for a reason.

>>138855998No, vegetable oils are vastly more destructive in practice than sugar. Sugar doesn't even give you diabetes, vegetable oils are probably the key diabetogenic agent in america

>>138849483>does a thread about Moore talking about a movie>so lazy that the user faggot didn't even write the title of the movie

>>138857351Didnt get to latinas yet, spaniards are fucking harpies 100%

>>138857637V for vendetta

>>138849755We all know that your 30% nordic is actually 15% jewish, 10%slavic and 5% african.

>>138849483>be a complete snob about your food>your food is also the worst in the world


>>138850726pizza or doner kebabs are good take out / drunk because they are easy to hold in your hand and eatthe biggest problem with thing is it would be a fucking mess to share and eat

>>138850669Brits are literally almost as fat as Americans are. Their obesity rate is something ridiculously high like 26%.

>>138857637You do know that Moore is modern Tolkien? he transcends movies he is a literal wizard walking on earth this dude knew shit people didn't just like nostradamus

>>138854668That's literally every "do Americans really?" thread though.

>>138849755Falling for the DNA test meme.Dude...

>>138857920It was a bit mental desu. Me and two of my bros heaviest people I was 110kg at 15, played rugby went outside and walked miles most days. Other bro was probably 120 but was 6,4 or so. We were the fattest in school until the year we left. Probably 3 first year girls weighed more than me or close too. I had never seen a human like that

Basically any American movie where a character speaks non American

>>138850150ah yes the diarrhea core """""cuisine"""""

Attached: 1591820375206.png (2048x1464, 2.2M)

>>138857280But that pussy game tho.

>>138855764With the S"N"P in charge, you wont have a choice.

>>138849857Which of his works is supposed to be sirens of titan?

>>138850726And then he has to fucking ruin it all with curry sauce, what a tragedy

>>138853803>Is it just not cooked at all?Eggs are yellow before they're cooked, probably even yellowier than after they're cooked

>>138857920That's mostly Scotland though

>>138849857You are embarrassing yourself read more watchmen is a literal masterpiece every detail has a meaning.

>>138850726>shitload of undercooked mysterymeat and potatoes with paki diarrheadon't tell me someone actually eats this

>>138849857Moore is a wizard user he puts many inspirations in his spells.


>>138850505you are inbred

>>138850726Chips actually look quite nice. He fucks up by throwing the curry over it though

>>138855859A kind of mythology of his home town and/or the world which uses actual history to pivot into the mythology. It's a non-linear narrative where different 'time lines' collapse on each other at points. Lack of free will is a big theme in the book. There's some 'politics' in it but it's not party politics with a capital P as such. There's some anti-Thatcher stuff but that's a given for anything cultural that relates to that time period. It's a bit woolly in places but that's to be expected in a book as long as this. My favourite section is the middle section - which would make a great film in my opinion. It's like a post-war, black and white Ealing film or something, a kind of Enid Blyton adventure story but with dead English kids.

>>138849861What happened to animation. This looks terrible. All modern anime has this soulless digital quality

>>138850368Most countries on earth have their own version of blood sausage, especially Europeans.

>>138859316Princess Principal is one of the the best looking shows of that season. It just doesn't look well in that pic. It was pure steampunk kino.

>>138849755>Send your fucking DNA off to some literally who CIA glow niggers for some random number generator bullshit. Faggot

Attached: 1576878001630.jpg (960x960, 121.89K)

>>138853698Why the fuck is there a slice of orange on that plate? Disgusting.

>>138855859See it as a book made by Homer, basically a guide to hermitism(real life magic the old ways) some say science came from it since it had connections to the pyramids of gyza.

>>138855159puts you right off your pickled pigs feet dont it?


Attached: I_hope_someone_was_fired_for_this.png (1280x715, 885.56K)

>>138856009it's how you know Americans are bullshitting when they say british women are ugly because they turn round and say "scottish and Irish women are better"

>>138853698No beans or sausage? That's the most important part. Sorry ozfag, I like you cunts but you fucked this one up.

>>138855764that looks like a delicious cure for hangover

>>138849587Me 3 :3

>>138853703Anyone got the audio?

>>138849483For the Man Who has Everything >>>>>>>>>>> Promethea > Watchmen > V for Vendetta > From Hell >LoEG (Book 1 and 2) > Providence > Swamp Thing


>>138855382Blog on

>>138860675>beans on toast is bad

Attached: chu.webm (1280x720, 2.48M)

>>138854203niggerbrain take, black pudding is the one thing in a full english that's worth eating, better than soggy sausages or (((tatty scones)))



>>138849483>Now the US have 'eggs in a basket,We do?

>>138849755do americans really?

>>138849483>The movie sucks because they got breakfast wrongI mean, I love Moore and agree with him that most (if not all) of the adaptations of his work have been pretty damn underwhelming, but I don't exactly see how this could be seen as anything other than the nitpickiest of nitpicks

>>138850726is this thin fucking cardboard box able to contain so much grease? it also looks too heavy, this thing is going to rip apart after 3 steps.what the fuck are americans eating? HAHAHAHAHA....I kind of want to try it..

>>138849483>Alan MoorePathetic cuck

Attached: 1545042966872.jpg (400x400, 23.22K)

>>138849483>tfw post-war rationing just when the world was interconnecting again sealed England's reputation as having shit tier food, instead of a nation that had been mixing Middle Eastern and Indo-Asian spices with European cooking for hundreds of years due to trade/empirefeels bad, the 50's were fuck awful

>>138849483I really want to try the eel pie or whatever it is. Some british food looks interesting, don't know why so many people shit on the cuisine.

>>138850150Reminder: if this doesn't make your mouth water, you are a homosexual insect.

>>138849483>Line is delivered by Stephen Fry>a great big poncing upper class British poofFuck you Moore, the line was fine.

For me, its the mcchicken mcgriddle the perfect fast food breakfast sandwich.


Attached: Chicken_McGriddle_2Col.jpg (574x384, 87.98K)

>>138855742At a guess, I'd say it follows one family through the ages, living in one town.

>>138850150You Brits have a good cuisine. Don't let the meme fags keep you down

Attached: vkr13.jpg (400x388, 70.27K)

>>138854402>CRUMPLE FRUMPLE WITH A WINKLE OF TIBBLYDOPPYDOESthis passes for banter in america. sad

>>138850150ahhh home

>>138850505Bong genes are strong. My family took this dna test and my brother's english percentage is equal to the sum of both my parents' english percentage.


Attached: 765C7417-E3E2-4793-85CB-3137701B6899.jpg (783x757, 83.46K)

>>13884975525% african here. Feels good

>>138862552It's not america.

>>138849483Why the fuck so they say eggy? It’s as bad as the fucking caricature post with all the British versions like gun being rooty tooty point and shooty I watched a clip of Gordon Ramsay making breakfast and couldn’t keep watching after he called French toast “eggy toast”

>>138849483For me its American cuisine.

Attached: 3265457687.jpg (1280x1178, 448.95K)

>>138854820>>138850150full british mongrel reportingjust looking at both of these is driving me mad

>>138862611Reminder that his guy proved chaos magick is real

>>138863440and for desert

Attached: 4326r57657.jpg (640x917, 77.63K)

>>138863449>>138863440might also be part americanis there a bloody mary on the bloody mary?would destroyno longer care about nation statesi am a whoregive me your food

>>138855071It looks like what falls out when you pull out of the sheep

Jesus FUCKING Christ who even has the time to make breakfast like that?

>>138850368Its prohibited by Leviticus.

>>138864060organised and efficient people if i had the things in i could knock that out in eight minutesi was a chef though, it's the only way in which i'm organised and efficient

>>138850368thanks dudeit's deliciousit's metal as fuck

>>138859490have you even read Homer?Illiad/Odyssey has nothing to with any of that crap, and most scholars aren't even sure how much of the works was Homer or "homeridae" compiling various traditions for a coherent narrative

>>138849755Oh wow so you're 90% Germanic

>>138849716Missing beans. Wet beans. on toast.

>>138853698looks like the shit version to me

>>138849716>CRUMPLE FRUMPLE WITH A WINKLE OF TIBBLYDOPPYDOESI eat that everyday, what point were you trying to make?

>>138865125...but they're illegal now user...shhhh...

>>138855742Conservative bullshit which could have been written in less than 300 pages. Do not read.

>>138850150>not using the sausage as a breakwater

>>138863320It actually is, unsurprisingly.

>>138866080this is a lie

>>138865879runny beans are a travesty

>>138867030It actually is not a lie, surprisingly.

>>138865879well now that's all i can see and it's driving me madcheers you shit

>>138867144if this is true, it changes everything*huge booming Nolan BWWHAAAAAAAUM*

>>138856009>scots>not british


>The scene in questionSo my gf made these for me after we watched the movie and It was actually bretty good

Attached: unnamed (2).jpg (512x217, 57.64K)

>>138862611It's kind of odd this site favors this reddit pleb over Moore, but whatever.

This scene from Watchmen is set a week before Halloween. Apparently Moore had no idea that American children don't wear their Halloween costumes for an entire week, but only on one evening.

Attached: 15[1].png (885x460, 696.73K)

>>138849755meaning absolutely fucking nothing

>>138867616That actually depends on the region.

>>138867511I knew it was this scene

>>138867706It's set in New York City.

>>138856009Why don't you go up to some wee bonnie lasses and tell them how much you love 'Scotch' women and see how they react then you stupid septic cunt.

>>138867744Yeah. It happens in New York City.

>>138854717What is this?

>>138849483Is it common knowledge that the LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN movie convinced both Moore and Sean Connery that they should never work with Hollywood again?

>>138867616Alan Moore slips up and uses British spellings all the time in comics set in America.

anybody read the conclusion to League of Gentleman, came out recently. Supposedly his retirement from comics. The whole thing really shits on capefags.

>"It was imbecilic; it had plot holes you couldn't have got away with in Whizzer And Chips in the nineteen sixties. Plot holes no one had noticed.">What Moore found most laughable however were the details. "And they decided that the British postal service is called Fedco. They'll have thought something like, 'well, what's a British version of FedEx... how about FedCo? A friend of mine had to point out to them that the Fed in FedEx comes from 'Federal.' America is a federal republic, Britain is not."also the only reason he even talked shit about the script is because one of the wachowskis went to see him to talk about the movie and moore told him he wasn't interested, didn't want to get involved, and asked they not use his name in any way to promote the movie. cut to producer joel silver putting out a press release saying "WACHOWSKI TALKED TO ALAN MOORE AND ALAN MOORE IS VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE". moore asked for a public retraction which never came, to he fired back

>>138859435I've been interested to watch that show but I am hesitant because it's by the writer of Code Geass, Valvrave, and Kabaneri and all of those are awful. He is one writer I have never had a good experience with. But, everyone seems to like this one. Did he finally get it right?


Attached: jap larping as white.jpg (636x733, 97.71K)

>>138868027that's the editors fault

>>138868447It's also not really a mistake because the comics are published in Britain so they should have British spellings for the sake of the Brits.

>>138868076I thought he quit comics years ago. He came back just to get one last shot in? Classic Alan Moore.

>>138868504Nope. The ones I'm thinking of are from American publishers.

>>138868557Yeah, and that would be their fault, not Moore's.

>>138868447>american comics>editorspick one

Attached: 18889064.jpg (631x493, 112.52K)

>>138849861Fuck off. That looks luvly.

Attached: ritmotfr1.jpg (436x343, 16.8K)

>>138868628lol no. They're creator-owned titles. Publisher is merely a glorified printer. And it's not just spelling, either. He slips up and puts in Britishisms that no American would ever say.

>>138868756Such as? Name one.

>>138868756the only creator-owned stuff moore has in burgerland is his comics for avatar and top shelf. everything else is owned by dc or marvel

>>138850368Oats, fat and blood, it tastes like half soggy weetabix and rusty coins

>>138849716I actually had that this morning. Delicious.

>>138869034Why eat it if it tastes like coins?

>>138862552>america>vegetables clearly in the videocome on son

>>138868701cool signcompany must be based

>>138862552It's part of the challenge - you have to scoff the lot before the box dissolves.

>>138869110his pallet is brokenit tastes like victory in battle


Attached: 1484315046478.jpg (458x378, 55.29K)

>>138869184like dating Lena Dunham

>>138869184Why do British people say "scoff the lot" so much?

>>138869343I don't know. Why do Americans go to the toilet so much?

>>138869343because there is a lot that needs to be scoffed, simple as

Attached: 1484312356832.jpg (860x1424, 379.97K)

>>138869400We eat a lot of unhealthy food.

>>138859535Why do bongs use “c” instead of “s” for words that should clearly use an “s”?

>>138868772>>138868880The Avatar stuff is mostly what I'm thinking of. In Providence an American says "Chance would be a fine thing" and another American "in hospital" instead of "in the hospital." In Crossed +100 an American character refers to a mixed-race person as a "wog" (that might be after Moore left writing duties and just doing story oversight, though.) There's an extremely bad fuckup in Watchmen that gave me a "You're not from around here are you?" moment and took me right out of the story, but I forget exactly what it was and I'm not going to reread the thing just to prove a point. I don't mean the improperly folded military flag on the Comedian's grave. It was something to do with the New York scenes around the Indian diner I think.

>>138862417They do. I fucking thought the 56% thing was just an outrageous meme but then I had burgers on my discord server starting to compare their heritage percentages. Actually lol'd while reading that discussion.

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>>138867511Egg in the hole is pure kino especially when you give the hole piece some extra butter.

>>138869550classand that's a hard "c";)

>>138867616>tfw Halloween isn’t a weeklong holidayI want to live in Alan Moore’s America

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>>138869671I’m gonna give you this hard “D”

While being occasionally right, Moore has literally just matured into the classic miserable old git at this point. He hates new things for being new. He hates American things for being American. He hates anything that comes from a big corporation for not being indie and "soulful". He hates movies for not being his comics. He hates other writers for not being him. He even hates most of his own work.The man's simply fucking bitter and boring to listen to at this point. "Hurr durr hurr everything is racist, except the explicitly racist Victorian literature that I like!". Fuck off, granddad.

>>138864123sucks for whales then

Anyone else flip their eggs when they fry them?I don't mind slightly runny yolks but I never got the appeal of the egg being 90% raw, or not even warm in the middle

>>138850368It's the food of the gods, you slack jawed faggots could never understand. It's the second best food ever devised behind haggis.

>>138853698>we removed items and that made it betterKind of like how Australia made England better by removing Australians from it.

When did you realize that Alan Moore sucks?

>>138870010I guess when I read V for Vendetta and I didn't really like it. Most of his work is just "fine". Swamp Thing and Watchmen are the only really great things he ever wrote.

>>138869880I went to Scotland and before I left everyone was like "You gonna try haggis?!" and I was like "yeah I'm gonna try haggis, stupid." so I got there with my friend and ordered haggis and I was like "lmao get the camera" but i ended up eating haggis every day I was there, it was so damn good.


>>138868076How did it end?

>>138850150Make way for the superior blood food.

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>>138853698>no black pudding>no baked beansthat's just a culinary shitpost, ausbong

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>>138869587>"Chance would be a fine thing"I don't see what's wrong with this? I also don't see why you wouldn't want to reread Watchmen, because it is a masterpiece.

>>138863026stop talking like childrens cartoon characters and well stop making fun of you for it seether

>>138869592Post it.

>>138871858Is an American really trying to criticize a non-American for liking cartoons? Lol. America is cartoon culture.

>>138871858>unironically has a food called baloney

>>138853698don't listen to them aussie this looks better than an english breakfast, that shit looks like someone chewed up various articles of food and spat it out on a plate again

>>138872655It doesn't. It looks dry and bland. I guess if you drown it all in weak lager it doesn't really matter though.

You wouldn't understand

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>>138849716>CRUMPLE FRUMPLEEnglish cunt. It's a fucking Welsh thing and it's called Llyyff Bryyff.

>>138850368Yes we brits love that shit. Bloody Black Pudding all day long with extra thick blood sauce on top.

>>138850368>not starting the day with a bowl of blood oats and honeyed giblets

>>138850150>sausage gravy nowhere to be foundI maintain that biscuits and gravy would go over quite well with Brits, particularly Yorkies.

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>>138870135His script for the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie was one of his better efforts.

>>138854679Won't lie this looks epic. Where the fuck can I get this?

>>138864123So are cheeseburgers, yet Americans eat them like by the truckloads.

>>138873482No mate this looks like some paki baby puked up a farleys rusk on top of a farleys rusk.

>>138869940improved the iq of both countries

>>138850259Black pudding and it's fucking deliciois

Do brits eat grits?

>>138873822Sorry, I don't speak Hindi

>>138869550>Americans unable to cope with correct English spelling

>>138873948The salty stuff in the yellow bins? Yeah

>>138873983Fuck off you black cunt.

>>138873482I'm American and my sausage gravy is not that chunky. What the fuck is that?

>>138873822Actually a good description.

>>138854203Fucking poof

>>138873948>>138874123The yellow bins don't stand a chance when the come out in January. Best free food there is.

Alan Moore is the most overrated comic book writer and also a Communist faggot

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>>138874214Free food? What are you talking about?

>>138873482biscuits and gravy with a side of grits and eggs over easy is where it's at. pro-tip: use spicy livermush instead of regular breakfast sausage.


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>>138859316>Hyper capitalistic society takes shortcuts at every fucking possible corner. Gee, I wonder.

>>138874469It's called make a normal egg sandwich and stop wasting bread, you nonce, desu.

>>138874469It's only called that up North.

>>138849755Nazi detected.

>>138864491I never said its a homer story idiot i said to treat it like it was an epic...

>>138870837kurva anyatok

>>138874860Germans actually hate Nazis.

>>138865373>conservativelol he's literally an anarchocommie