Hey user, the Spanish test next week looks hard. Do you wanna come study with me and the study group tonight?

Hey user, the Spanish test next week looks hard. Do you wanna come study with me and the study group tonight?

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I'll "come", alright.

>>138830445No thanks, I don’t study with insecure adderall addicts

>>138830445Why yes, m'lady.Don't think I expect anything perverted like a blowjob or sex acts, as I am a cultured man of Holla Forums, which is my home subreddit on 4chan.

>>138830445I want a suitable peer group like this so badfeels like the only thing really missing from my life

i will enter your home and i will rape you

>>138830445no thanks me and britta are already having a private study session tonight

Pinches pendejos chingen su madre cabrones

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>>138830445I appreciate that annie, I just hope the rest of your study group is as welcoming. I've heard stories.

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>>138830445will britta be there?

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>>138830880Yes, no one wants to study with Worst Girl and be accused of stealing pens.

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>>138830988everything I've ever seen of allison (unlike her character) leads me to the conclusion that she is a complete and total slut

And put up with that group? No way.


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>>138830445>prettiest girl in my class asked me to study with her>asked if we will be alone in her house>she said yes>I had to watch anime or play games so I said no>now 30 and still a virgindid I miss my chance boys?

>>138830445>42yo-looking white chick studying Spanish at a community College Is there anything more pathetic.

>>138831731me waking up at 6pm and eating and drinking nothing but hot pockets and beer until i go to bed at 5am the next morning

>>138830445I know the answer!!It's I'm cooooooming

>>138830445I wanna bend you over on the desk and fuck you silly then cum deep inside your pussy and leave you to father my illegitimate child. Whore.

I don't need to study for that

Study groups are retarded. I mean I get the social aspect of them but I don't see how they could possibly help a smart person with studying, they only help dumb people leeching off the smart ones

>>138831706which anime?

>>138830445Yes, Miss. Could you please give me oral lessons, too?

>>138831706which game?

>>138831194In the future there will be VR intimacy porn not dissimilar to this.


>>138830445no I've walked by your study group they're all a bunch of losers

>>138832071>>138832147I think I was playing WoW that time and it was one of the gundams. I think Seed or something.

>>138830445She sure hit the wall, ain't that right boys.

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>>138830870This is the one. This is the episode where I knew that for me it was Allison.>don't be offended, you're an American 8 - which is actually a British 10 - but I now have a rule that I don't, uhh, 'fraternize' with studentsFuck this show was so good once.

>>138832460>SeedJesus, user. Yeah, you fucked up big time.

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>>138831800'sup Jannie!

>>138831706I remember this cute girl in my biology class asking me to walk her home and I said no because I wanted to play Smash Bros with some friends after school. Shit like that is equal parts funny and sad.

Can i fuck you cowgirl while finger inside your asshole?

>>138832562The peak of the show was from the halfway point of season 1 through to halfway of season 3. Seasons 5 and 6 were still good but they never reached that high again.

>>138831194this feels so fake

>>138830445>with meYe>and the study group/frirnd zoned

>>138832761>Seasons 5 and 6 were still goodAre you daft?


>>138830988dirty bitch

>>138831706>>138832629Time spent having fun is not wasted. If you got enjoy out of games and anime it’s no loss.

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>>138830445>study groupDo students really do this? I studied alone in high school (C average) and college (3.7 gpa). I guess it's really about trying to get laid under the guise of "studying".

>>138832918looks damn goodif you aren't gay

>>138833444That happened with my yearbooks. I never did anything with it because at the time I thought girls put that shit down for everyone. Who knows?

>>138832274And the sun rises in the east. What else are you gonna predict Nostradamus?

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>>138830445imagine needing a study group for Spanish. Those people were morons.

>>138832050If you can't see the value in shared discussion for learning, especially when studying a language, you're the dumb one.

>>138830445I only want Gilly, rest of you can study together.

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>>138830445her hitting the wall was pretty much the first time i had to reckon with loss and mortality

>>138833948The plastic surgery didn't help

>>138834068What surgery did she get?

>>138831706No, you got to watch anime and play vidya

>>138830445Why yes I'll "come"! In your face and big tatas that is! "Coming" in more ways than one, if you catch my drift! Sexually!

>>138831266Yes. She apparently used to walk around naked in her college.

>>138832840it is

>>138832274It already exists user and it's pretty great

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>>138833753gillian is still prettier

>>138830445Ya hablo español, puta

>>138834544god i love Elena Koshka

>>138830870>cool coolThe real answer is that this is the episode where you become an Abed main

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>>138834617Same here bro get a vr set and download that video it's great

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>>138834621I used to main Abed because of his zoning game, but nowadays I think Pierce is more versatile, even if most people just keep spamming his Fake Heart Attack frame trap

>>138833444how the fuck do you not even glance at your yearbook signatures when you get them

>>138834754They buffed Fake Heart Attack, too. Added gurgling.

Has anyone else been here long enough that you begin to react to 'user' as your name more readily than your real name?

>>138834898Not yet but I assume I will eventually.I'm just here for the Gilly and Alison posting desu.

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>That Christmas glee episode

>>138833444A whole life time having fun is fucking worthless

>>138835259boopy doopy doop boop SEX

>>138834501plz lord let this both be true and there be some evidence. even backed up anniedoctal evidence. heheheh pun

>>138832918is this really her. I havnt seen any of her leaks?

>>138835077Leave while you still can. I wish I did.

>>138832460Yeah you never had any hope bro.

>>138832918I started salivating>>138833753Gillian > Gillison > Allison

>>138835884There's tons of them, user >>>/s/19917676

>>138836060bless you user

>>138830445>why dont we relax a little before the test?>here take off your shoes>no i insist>lol no, i dont think YOUR feet smell>really? no they probably dont haha>you dare me to smell them? oh.. ok i guess let me see>*SNIFFFFFFFF*tfw this will never happen to me

>>138830445FUCK OFF JEW

I want to have sexual intercourse with her

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>>138836686coitous would be desireable with her

>>138836686I want to put my penis inside her vagina if you catch my drift

>>138836860I'm afraid I don't quite get your meaning.

>>138830512Fucking coward.

>>138831093god fucking damnit



>>138830821Fucking lmao. What's this from?


>>138839375>Community S02E01 Anthropology 101

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Just watched this show for the first time during quarantine. Tfw no Annie gf nearly killed me.

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>>138840626Wish she showed more of her legs in The Rental.

>>138832840Obviously. Women don't actually feel love for anyone but themselves

>>138841367ok retard

>>138841440Ok cuck. Enjoy tasting other mens semen

>>138830650>home subreddit on 4chan

>>138841824Don't highlight the joke you fucking idiot.


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>>138841997>you fucking idiot.

>>138831093How do I make girls behave like that with me bros?

>>138842064Quit it. I mean it.

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>>138842122Pay them.

>>138842122Are you good looking?

>>138842130>angry robot noises

>>138832050Yeah, that's the whole point. In the doctoral program, they assign us to small groups and there's always one "bright" individual with hot takes about this or that, a handful of minorities or females who are diversity admits, and one individual who wranglers the whole group and does 75% of the work. It was like that in the MS program also. In undergrad, those assigned groups exist to make it easier for the TA or professor to grade your shit and it's random.

>>138842398>In the doctoral program, they assign us to small groupswhat shitting doctorate program are you in that group work is anything other than public speaking practice. Whole point of a doctorate is independent study



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>>138842480One of the doctorate programs at pic related. I am having a hard time thinking of a PhD program where there isn't coursework followed by comprehensive examinations. After you pass your exams, then you begin whatever it is you're studying.

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>>138830445I'm afraid I don't have time for that. Sorry Trudy, maybe next time?

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>>138830870It's amazing what 10 years will do. Now I can't stand most of the cast of this show.

Post the webm where she pretend to suck 2 dicks


>>138832918>not a single person reported thisBased Holla Forums.

>>138844758i ain't no snitch

>>138831800you sound based. nice dubs.


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>>138844941God why are girls holding condoms with their teeth so attractive?

>>138845440Why are YOU so attractive?

>>138846470I didn't know Keanu posted on Holla Forums.


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Hey guys I’m new here. I’m thinking about starting a study group on campus. Lets meet at the quad at 10:00 AM on Tuesday if you’re interested in joining.

>>138845440Because she's daring you to throw them away and take her raw.


Is community college actually like this?


>>138832050Dan Harmon was talking about the inspiration for the premise and he basically said he felt the same way at first when he was asked to join one

>>138831706>be me 18 years old>chilling in my room with blonds open>girl sees me outside and tells me I’m really cute>She gives me her number>I call her later>We start talking, conversation leads to oral sex>I get really uncomfortable and pop some xanax to help me calm down>????? don’t remember what happened next but I was still on the phone>I wake up in my bed apparently I blacked out>girl starts texting me and she’s pissed telling me I hung up on her>Try to tell her I fell asleep and don’t remember that>she doesn’t believe me, starts ignoring my future callsdid i fuck it up guys?



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>>138833201>>138833444>>138832606>>138835989I forgot to add one detail. she used to watch ayashi no ceres and we got to talking in class because of it(it was airing on one of the channels). I don't know if I got her to watch it or if she was really into it. It was the only anime she apparently watched and I did get to second base with her during a break. I think I really fucked up

>>138832050>Look we all picked Annie as #1 because we knew she'd do all the work and get us an A. She's a good grade in a tight sweater.>You're a BAD grade in a tight sweater!!!

>>138833882Based and High IQGilly = hottest actress and hottest character

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Community was consistently good imo besides S4 obvs. S5/6 are not the same as S1-3 of course, but different isn't bad. Hickey was okay, but Frankie and Elroy were fantastic. S5/6 is almost more meditative than anything, like the end of their time together is dawning over the characters and they're all reacting in various ways. It's writing that really puts it's heart on it's sleeve which comes to a head in the S6 finale where they are literally brainstorming ways can avoid separating but accept that they have to move on, it's actually similar to S5's finale where a deus ex machina saves Greendale but prior they're all facing the idea that they have to move on. It's a odd sense of dread hanging over those episodes, reluctance to change and moving on, which is especially evident in Jeff in the S6 finale.Writing S5/6 off as bad is really doing a disservice to those seasons, especially to the character growth Jeff gets over the course of them.Also>S5Ep1-Ep5 are S2 tier in quality.>D&D2 is fantastic.>G.I JEFF is perhaps the most outright sad episode of community, I can understand how it can be hard to enjoy.>S6Ep2-3 and Ep11-13 are god tier eps that are often overlooked.

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>>138848977I like that this is the consensus here. Back in the day I always thought Britta > Annie but it felt like everyone else had the reverse position

>>138849029Hickey is underrated. I thought Jonathan Banks was pretty funny.

>>138849116When Community was first on, that was totally the consensus. Now that we're all out of our manic pixie dreamgirl phase, Gilly is clearly best girl and best character

>>138849160Agreed, him and Duncan talking about the same town is one of my personal favourite end tags.

>>138849029I liked underground paintball, they found a way to make it work again, just one last time

>>138848360In terms of demographics , yeah. There’s usually a couple kids fresh out of highschool, an overweight black woman with kids, and a really old guy

>>138830445mexican herewhy the fuck would you want to learn spanish?

>>138848977>>138848977But could she defeat Alison Brie in a Sybian contest?

>>138849898merican collages are weird you get credits for taking random shit so they try to pick some extra classes that have nothing to do with what they are actually studying

>>138850440every uni in the world does thisit's retarded open your mind bs because they can't fill 4 years of your main topic

>>138849898If you live in California you basically have to learn Spanish. The Mexicans are taking over everything here

>>138850818nah good courses have enough surprefouls shit but still within the basic idea of the subject, e.g. a poetry class ina journalism course, total bullshit but at least its writing, on the other hand in community they just take some random shit and somehow they still get credit like say if you took a course on criminology and it somehow contributed to your journo course credits, thats whats different

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>>138849898No clue. I took French in school

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>>138849475The tag where he's calling his mom and it's just depressing while Troy and Abed hide in the office because they wanted to prank Jeff is one of the best

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>>138851884Looks way too real

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>>138832918This is incorrect, this was taken on the set of mad men season 1/2. Haircut fags probably know which episode. First gen iPhone as well.

>>138852034>>138852070>>138852110>>138852156>>138852199>>138852237Please... I'm too weak

>>138832050Smart people can learn by teaching. A dumb person can as questions that force you to answer in ways you haven't thought of before.

>>138830445I am old and this show premiered just as I entered college and the timing was spooky because I dated a pale blue eyed nerdish chick who looked like her. Makes watching this show painful as fuck because I will never get to recapture the magic of youth and endless possibilities.

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>>138848490Your own fault for taking a drug for little bitches

>>138852237at some point it just becomes diminishing returns annie

>>138852570Good point.

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Is her lesbian wrestling show worth watching?Got 2 episodes in and she shows tits so looked promising.

>>138852945Yeah that's me

Am I the only one who jerked off to this scene?

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>>138853263I like Jeffs line at the end she takes it so far it goes beyond sexy and just becomes ridiculous, and yes of course who hasn't?

>>138853263>>138853263Yes, the Christmas aesthetic is inherently unfappable

>>138831706>be me in high school>skipped lunch and was hungry>friend gives me some left over banana bread from the cooking class he was in>girl who was always kind of flirty to me asks if I want to make out in the corner>I still have a mouthful of banana bread and ask if we can wait until I finish eating>mood over and another opportunity never happens againMissed my chance, but at least it was good banana bread>>138832840Even in the context of the show, it's fake and they're doing intentionally to parody that scene. Really shows how attention-starved anons here are when that gets a million (you)s every time it's posted

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>>138853330it get's exponentially hotter as it goes on desu

>>138853799>whore asks to make out despite not being in a relationship with youthat banana bread saved you user

>>138853895for you

>>138848490Shit larp

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>>138830445 no thanks, i'm dropping out of college because it's useless.

>>138831194I don't get it, what are you coomers jizzing over?

>>138832918why do women do that?

no thanks, what do you think i am, some sort of BOOBS FETISHER?

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>>138854586fuck you


>>138832460>WoWThat's pretty based.

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>>138854658haha imagine if Annie knew about it and the reason she invited you was to convince you otherwise with her own boobs wouldn't that be funny

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>>138830445shes so cute

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>>138858099>>138858158I got excited that Gilly JOI was a thing but then the second one is clearly just captions over something else and I was disappointed.

>>138842922>It's amazing what 10 years will do.yeah

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>>138858512jesus wtf happened?

>>138848977>>138833882>>138853799>>138858099>>138858158Gilly a cute!

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>>138837265he means he wants to have sex (sexual relations) with her. If that helps?

>>138844941fuck the condoms I'd rather fill her up raw

>>138851884that will get the director rape charges this day and age.


>>138833444>mfw been chatting up hottest girl in my class for the past week>sometimes she hits me up>we get along wellI'm not gonna fuck this shit up like you lot. When do I ask her out? It's only been a week but we knew each other before that as acquaintances? Should I give it another 3 weeks? But I don't like online dating with zero contact due to the pandemic but this is my best chance to get it with her.

>>138840626>The one where Joey had a boner on national TV

>>138860245>When do I ask her out? If you have to ask you are doomed. Chad's don't ask questions like this. They just know. They're born knowing.

>>138831731Not studying at all


>>138832918based jannies

>>138860734I've had a few before and always asked them all at the right time but I already like this girl and I think she might like to but I don't wanna fun it up bros. She's perfect

>>138832918based blue board!



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>>138830445>study togetherdo normies really do this? how can you do any serious studying when theres another person there distracting you every second?

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sure but first you need to prove your worth my time fuck 3 black guys in front of me and ill think about it

>>138832918>ywn get to hold her in your arms

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>>138844758uhm not on my watchbased jannies delete that shit now

>>138864310She is butt naked in a movie, this is her regular self at this point.

>>138864310snitches get stiches

>snitches get stiches

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>>138830821>she will NEVER castrate you with her teethjust die in my sleep already( ._.) ( ;_;)

>>138835789she talked about it on her marc maron interview I think. complete college slut

>>138864519I buy it, she looks way too comfortable being naked. Bless her

Anyone have the gif of her on the Halloween episode with the black leggings?

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>>138832050I found all my study groups to be pretty effective when everyone is committed to working together. For smart individuals they get the needed reps to really learn stuff. For dumber people they get a grasp on the material, ensuring they at least pass.

>>138835401When you’re on your deathbed you’re not going to regret that hour you spent at the beach instead of making a spreadsheet for Mr. Shekelstein

>>138830445>>138830821>>138831039>>138831093>>138831194>>138836686>>138840626>>138844941>>138851844>>138851884>>138851923>>138852034>>138852070>>138852110>>138852156>>138852199>>138852237>>138852656>>138852697>>138852904>>138853062>>138853263>>138857529ughh ugly>>138833753>>138833882>>138848977>>138857399>>138858099>>138858158>>138858820gorgeous

>>138866713Filtered.True patricians realise that both girls are best girls.

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>>138867240based & blackpilled

>>138867240now re-fix it with a foreskin from that goy cock

>>138830445I’m fluent in Spanish already, but I’d pretend to be an idiot for Brie

>>138867170MILF Alison is also good

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>>138830870Is that John Oliver?


>>138868106Yeah, he shows up in a few episodes, however he banishes on the latter seasons.

>>138832918Noooooo you can't post that this is blue board think of the advertisers

>>138845440Condoms are associated with sex so it indicates that she is asking us to have sex with her which is always hot.

>>138868327jesus the jannys are literal niggers fuck them all

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>>138867414she looks like a succubus whose magic backfired

>>138833454I studied with others if we had to do a group project, like a group presentation or a group skit for my German class.

>>138858578Different guy I think.

>>138830445only if you jerk me off under the table while telling me how bad i am at studdying

>>138860245>I'm not gonna fuck this shit up like you lot. >When do I ask her out?RIP user's ego.

>>138867000I like them both but i like Gilly a bit more.

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>>138830445No, I stopped studying 6 years ago.

>>138830445I would like to have sex with this woman. If you catch my drift.

>>138873066Dude, this is a family site

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>>138832050That's the whole premise of the show nigga

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>>138833430she'z not a bitch but ya


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gib me badass paintball annie

>>138875239How about jiggly paintball Annie?

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