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she keeps getting consistently btfo

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bays social game is unlike anything ive ever seen

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kaysar is unironically the greatest pre juror of all time


>>138796210Why do people keeping saying this thing is attractive I feel like I'm going insane

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Oh there was an episode tonight? Cool might check it out later. Yeah I was actually busy beating my dick raw to Laura from BB11

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can ian dodge another bullet this week?

Based Ratcole is going to be the first 2 time winner

>>138796281I feel the same way about Nicole and Dani desu. NONE of the women this year are attractive and it fuckin sucks.

>>138796353holy based


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>>138796347It's hit or miss right now. Despite that shit show of an HOH comp, it reveals more about who trusts who for smart players. Ian and niccole need each other for the same reason. That can get him farther than most.

tony hawk pro skater 1+2 is out and more based than anything that will happen on feeds tonight

>>138796353imagine not keeping her around all season... Ronnie you stupid loser

>>138796450based THPS chad. Can't wait to not watch feeds and instead do something fun that I like.

>>138796374there would need to be a bullet fired for him go dodge itthere isnt even a bullet in the chamber

cody is getting backdoored this week after that terrible hoh reign week 1, what a fucking idiot.

>>138796210>never won the game>had to get carried by Dr Will in BB7>hasn't won an HoH or Veto in 14 years>was never good strategically or socially>took the bogpill>40 years old>still acts like a 20 year old valley girl on twitter>unironically thinks Bayleigh is a good playerWhy do we like her again?

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>>138796394I think it's like Jessica in bb19She was hot only because there was no competition Christmas is probably the most fuckable girl in the house at the moment

>>138796458I've never been more upset at an eviction. I was in my teens. I didn't have access to porn (parents were extremely touchy with the family computer) and I was obsessed with BOOBIES like Howie

>>138796450playing it right now, pretty comfy, just cleared the first park

>"..because i took my own destiny into MY hands">"because i took my fate and put it into MY own hands">"because i decided to build MY own destiny"

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so powers this week or next week?


>>138796510don't forget>trashed kevin>kevin wins veto>trashed christmas>christmas wins hohqueen of getting btfo

first 4 HGs have been evicted a combined 12 timeswhy are people mad or surprised again?

>>138796510>beta retards on 4chan are obsessed with hating on her

>>138796486>>138796551It’s actually good and keeps the feeling of the original games pretty well. Just wish you could get off your board>>138796513based, I’m so glad they were able to get so much of the original soundtrack in

>>138796637stay mad, roastie

>>138796510she’s entertaining



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>>138796572shoulda stuck with Cody, kid. time to shove you into your locker and egg your house on halloween.

>>138796595unironically, yes

>mists xmas to backdoor tyler with her hoh

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ian:>"..really?">"really?">"....really..?inside dans head:>"this fucking retard.."

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>>138796510we don't

why doesn't bb cast big beautiful women?

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>>138796450Damn I need to buy that

i still want attention..

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>Kaysar has had 31 votes cast to evict


>>138796928>Kaysar has casted 0 votes for the winner of big brother

>>138796928the muslim menace

>>138796928based master of living in houseguest’s heads rent free

>>138796928Based honestly. I love Kaysar. I don't care that he sucks at the game. He goes hard and he tries to make things interesting, that alone puts him above the far majority of players who've ever been on. I only hate these nuBB fucks like Cody and Nicole because they don't make it interesting. BB16 is the worst season of all time.

>>138796861she was doing some fetish modeling some time ago

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>>138796577I think this week


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>>138797045what do you need cody and nicole to do to make things interesting

>>138796928How does he do it bros?

>>138797045>>138797115actually make that just cody. he won an hoh and a veto in the first 3 weeks. his 2 noms got safety in the first week

>>138796828Based Ian had Dan shook during F2 speeches and questioning

>>138797115I'm not giving you a serious response because you deliberately missed the point and focused on those two specific names because you like them. I don't have "faves", homo. Fuck off. I just want people in the game who aren't boring, your precious Cody and Nicole aren't the only ones I hate for this reason.

There's only person I'd ever pass my crown to and that is Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton-Williams

praying that bayleigh gets evicted this week

>>138797182ah, you are the one who mentioned those 2 names which is why i chose to ask you about them. i actually dislike nicole with a passion and have been calling cody, choady all season. i mean ok so you just want personalities and not people playing the game. thats fine people watch for their own reasons but you dont have to lash out at me like that brother

30 minutes

>>138797193I'm glad Kaysar doesn't have to deal with her ratchet ass again.

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>>138797260No I want people who play the game the way it used to be played. Not this cowardly boring bullshit. And sorry btw. I'm so used to combating with utter faggots in these threads.

>>138797323you and jaysar got rekt, stay mad kid

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>>138797323Not gonna lieYou sound like a bit of a faggot

>>138797365No, me and everyone who wants a good entertaining season got rekt. Has nothing to do with Jaysar. We also got rekt in BB16 and 19.

>>138796850bbw queen, would raw and impregnate unironically

>>138797236Bay/Day have too much power and don't even win comps. Get rid of one of em

>Grodner purposefully putting out a terrible season that no one likes so that people stfu about doing all-star seasons5D chess.

>>138797312Would this season have been better if they had cast Baller instead of Kaysar?

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>>138797323but the game itself has changed and the social climate surrounding everything has changed. its survival of the fittest. adapt or die. theres still lots of game left to play.

Reminder that this is the only place on the internet that hates Janelle or Kaysar, and even still there's only a few of you who actually do. Tiny minority of irrelevant asswipes LMAO


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>>138797323you suck dick

>>138797528who said we hate them?we hate all the negros

>>138796617she got the stink big time yo

>>138797535ty for the fap material

why are there so many newfags in these threads this year?

>>138797528no1 cares about any of these bozos after they're out of the house

>>138797323>play the game the way it used to be playedYeah, Kaysar and Janelle were trash at that too

15 minutes

>>138797595Is that so? Is that why Nicole to this day cries about the hate she gets online? Lol delusional. These people get shit on or loved year round.

>>138797567anytime fellow high test chad

>>138797588continuous influx of retarded zoomers over the years

remember, leave judgment at the door

god i love her

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>>138796510mommy milkies

>>138797719or what Julie? what are you gonna do if it don’t huh?

how is he such a chad, bros

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"The all-star of all-stars, Mr. prejury himself"This was the first good tv episode of the season


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>>138797763nothing. because i will not judge you.

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>>138797832fuck itim cumming

>>138797631these didnt age well last week

>>138797811Julie wait I promise to always choose kindness

I'm watching the boys s2 while feeds are down.

>>138797788I like the sitting stance desu

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5 minutes

>>138797947did they post it already?

>>138797947doesn’t it come out at 3 am est/ 12 am pst?

>>138798001>>138798024early release

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>>138798132amazon prime. it's out now.

>>138797798Thing is though, I'm not sure Cody realizes that people still hold Kaysar in a higher regard. He's far more memorable and far more liked, and comes from a time when the show was far more popular. Cody is known for giving up 450k to his game daddy, and kissing his real daddy on the lips.

>>138796520Jessica is actually hot, outside of the meme that is this website

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>>138796520Raven had a smoking body. But yeah just fucking nuts.

woah easy there bayleigh

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>>138798163LETS GOOOOO

>>138798180no doubt I want to sniff

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>gives awkward af farewell speech >wrong about everything >go out to julie>say you didn’t give the speech for votes>then say it was a hail mary attempt for votes >talk about political shit everyone’s sick of>talk about how it’s not about the money >but then get all excited because you think america voted you back in WEW

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>>138798173Jess is def top 3 hottest BB girls ever

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Da'vonne is the black, female George Costanza.


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They're redoing the HOH comp. Technical malfunction, similar to Howie's buzzer in season 7


>>138798298malfunction doesn't matter when you push the wrong button and other person doesn't do anything

they are doing the basement comp because one of the powers is co-hohxmas hoh ruined before it started


>>138798298Julie read the question wrong, the button Day hit was actually correct for what the question was supposed to ask.

theyre locking down devin was just spotted with a baseball bat outside the house

>>138798271>best natural tits>best showmance besides J&J>top 3 first half season Daily reminder xmas was on team retard that season.

>>138798169I like Kaysar too, but Cody can be pretty based when he's angry. I hope we'll see more of that side of him.


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5 minutes

cody's 1st hoh reign was so bad, he's getting backdoored this week for sure

why the fuck are they re-doing the hoh comp this late

feeds delayed until the hoh room reveal is over





You liar they aren’t doing it


Bay is going to chimp out on Ian LMAO

>xmas already doing 1 on 1s and we missed a lot of themFUUUUUUUUUUUCK

bayleigh actually looks really good with her hair not in braids

how are they just now celebrating?!!THESE FEEDS ARE RECORDED


Who is Xmas nominating?

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Bayleigh punched a wall because of DaniPraying for Bayleigh to choke out Dani and put her in the hospital and they're both off the show


>>138798589bay and day



>the obvious play is day and bay

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>>138798619Lame I just want this season to be interesting

>>138798630based our guy is safe but another boring ass week

Dani is already getting trashed online for being racist. She better watch it.


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memphis wants ian david


Connor on Love Island is Shane Cuckman to a fucking T.>looks like a onions model>too retarded to speak properly>only had sex a handful of times ever

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mistman pushing for a monke nom/backdoor


>>138798439>natural tits.Yeah the only thing real about her is that shit hairline.

>>138798713best scenario for him is bay/monke

>>138798664>>138798720we missed it? FUCK CBS

>>138798699He is afraid of women and probably autistic.

>>138798720Tyler is going to run her HOH. Dani backdoor is happening.

holy shit what is tyler doing



tyler trying to mist xmas to nom dani

How is ian getting this lucky. Its absurd.

So I guess it's one of the nbombs this week.


is ian safe? :(

any ideas what the basement powers will be?

Poole's closedI'm going to start making the week 5 power rankings chart soon, (You) me with some background images, bros

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>>138798794the cash is already in his pocket

xmas saying bayleigh and day agreed with kaysar to nom tyler

>>138798790based tylah

>>138798815Why is Nicole so high y’all are wack

>>138798794yes day/bay are the targets this week and dani is going up as a plan B if veto is used

I don't think tyler wants dani out so day or bay stay and go after her

>>138798771Not luck if you're that good

>>138798794Yeah Ian only has to worry about Cody, Memphis and Enzo at the moment. Doesn't appear to be on anyone else's radar unless I missed it.

Tyler is asserting his dominance over Cody in real time. He has positioned himself as the central figure without making it obvious. Cody's position has really lessened in the past two weeks and now Tyler is alpha dog. Tyler and Enzo are gonna get Xmas to nom or backdoor Dani. And then Tyler is going to continue to build his army and back Cody and Nicole into a corner.BASED

>>138798812Rewind Button

>>138798837Niccole was actively playing before the kaysar wrench. She need ian for a win and vice versa.

>>138798815in honor of our fallen pre jury god

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>>138798815That is to say, the week 4 chart and week 5 poll.

>>138798853I like Tyler, but the reason Cody's game is going to shit is because of the wall yeller.


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>>138798853tyler got outside help

>>138798889So? Cry about it


>>138798889>>138798909seething codyfags

>>138798909>>138798889cody and nicole got derrick helpdeal with it codysimps

The block is getting Blacked this week.

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is bayleigh mad that ian went back to nicole after she told nicole and cody about ian's thoughts?

>>138798298>>138798422FAKE NEWS

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>tyler using xmas to get bay out of the house and out prejury because he can't do it himselfvery based

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xmas saying she will be on the block with nicole and or dani

LOL>put her up>then run to your hoh room and lock the door

Does Tyler ever even talk about Ian? I know I've seen them together on the feeds and shit but I can't remember him ever really giving a fuck about Ian or his game.


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>>138798909Keep crying. Pregaming is literally against their contract's NDA.


>lock yourself in your room>she'll look for someone to yell at>she and dani will yell at each other

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>>138798952>>138799023>he buys into a conspiracy theory over something tangible and on the feedsholy yikes

>>138798889and the reason Cody’s game was good to begin with was cause of the pregaming. live by the sword and die by the sword buddy.

>bayleigh punched a wallwill it make the edit? last night they didn't show when she almost hit day when she threw the glasses in the veto comp

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>>138798571The braids looked good too. She is unironically a hottie. Shame about the broken voice and room temperature iq though.

>>138798952I'm not a codyfag, but tyler actually got outside help

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>>138799010Only in agreement with cody or enzo.

>bayleigh didnt give tyler the vote to win the game>tyler wont give bayleigh the vote to stay in the gamerevenge is a dish best served cold

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Ian is a giant pussy.>went up to Nicole immediately and said he was responsible for Kaysar's speechsick of this spineless simp

>>138799048if there was an ounce of arguing/tension then they will show it, this season has been dry as fuck so far

>>138799061did shane?

>tyler is just misting him, ian is gone next weekfuck off /r/bigbrother, tyler and ian are RUNNING THIS HOUSE and all it took was a 4 minute convo on day 16 (or whatever today was)

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Ian making jury.

>>138799037Cry about it all season long, big baby.