Holla Forums Jeopardy!

This is... Holla Forums Jeopardy!Tonight's categories are: Holla Forums memes (a word or phrase will be given, you provide the meme/shitpost), Kubrick Kino, /lit/, Quotes From Kinos, Celebrity Feet, and Before & After (if you don't know how this works, fuck off)Your answers MUST BE PROVIDED IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION. In your response, you may pick the next clue, if none is given, I will provide the next clue. You may tripfag if you wish to keep track of score, but I'm not going to enforce that shit. No daily doubles. This is the only round.Let's begin.youtube.com/watch?v=_WbMdH51AqU

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Feet 200


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>>138795803Who's charlize theron

>>138795680Quotes for 400

>>138795803Who is Margot Robbie's dirty soles? Kubrick for 1000


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>>138795803Who's Margot Robbie

>>138795928Who is Margot Robbie's asshole/LIT/ for Daily Double

>>138795928The Moon landing was in 1969.

>>138795928What is star wars?


>>138795680Why are there two Holla Forums jeopardy threads going at the same time for 200, alex

>>138796036other one is trash

>>138795997>>138795940New clues will only respond to correct answers, Margot robie was already correctly answered. Latest clue has not been>>138796036Cuz the other was a shit

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>>138796060tv memes for 200 alex

>>138796036The guy in the other thread doesn't understand how Jeopardy works.

>>138795928What is Alien?

>>138795928What is The Spy Who Loved Me?Feet 400

>>138796060sneed for $1000

>>138795680You gotta show the big blanked out big board too so we can keep track of what's been asked and not asked.


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>>138796131read the thread nigger

>>138796139who is Halle Berryfeet 600

>>138796145How about you read my fucking asshole?



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>>138796181Kubrick for 800

>>138796181quotes for 1000

>>138796212>>138796230based retards


>>138796212>>138796230Please respond to the given clue(>>138796181 - feet $600) before moving on. Fags.

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>>138796212>>138796230Have any of you faggots ever seen Jeopardy before?

>>138796167>>138795909based footfags

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>>138796260who is Victoria Justice?Before and after $200

>>138796181>>138796260>>138796295Incorrect. If there are no correct responses within 1 minute I will move on to another clue.

>>138796275only faggots watch Jeopardy

>>138796181Kylie Jennerquotes 200

>>138796181Feet is funny but is a terrible topic, who the fuck would guess this rightWho is Amy Shumer

>>138796344>who the fuck would guess this right

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>>138796344we've had two correct answers in feet, normie.

>>138796181who is jennifer lopez ? tve memes 200

>>138796332>>138796344Sadly, incorrect, and our time is up for this clueThe correct response is Ana De Armas.

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>>138796406damn, I've seen this exact picture before


>>138796402>>138796406We are moving onto Holla Forums memes for $200:

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>>138796406/tv/ memes 200

>>138796447Who is CIA?Before and after $200

>>138796447What is BanepostingMemes for 400

>>138796447who is bane

>>138796447what is banepostingquotes for $1000

>>138796447What is ">>138796447>>138796447>>138796447>>138796447 "Holla Forums memes 400


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>>138796497What is Jonah postingMemes for 600


>>138796521>>138796497/tv/ Memes $600:

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>>138796544what is a janniequotes for $1000

>>138796544What is Jannypostingmemes for 800

>>138796560>>138796544Quotes from Kinos $1000

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>>138796503fucking kill yourself you goddamn nigger

>>138796581What is the assassination of jesse jamesquotes for 800


>>138796581The Assassination of JFK by the coward CIAFeet for 1000

>>138796600If I were feeling more autistic I'd make you give the full name.>>138796581Quotes $800

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>>138796633what is eyes wide shut quotes for 600


>>138796633What is eyes wide shutquotes for 600, thank you for not being a speg

>>138796644>>138796633Checked.Quotes $600

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>>138796668what is amadeusquotes 400

>>138796668My Biopic /lit/ for 200

>>138796668Pardon my misspelling there btw. Current board update.

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>>138796668who is salieri. quotes 400

>>138796691>>138796668>>138796710Quotes $400

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>>138796745what is pulp fiction quotes 200

>>138796745What is pulp fiction quotes 200


>>138796745what is absolutely based?

>>138796756>>138796745To finish out Quotes:

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>>138796745What is Pulp Fiction? Feet 1000

>>138796786what is the big lebowskilit for 1000

>>138796786Who is Bernie SandersBefore and After for 200


>>138796794>>138796786Moving to /lit/ for $1000:

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>>138796821what is retardkubrick for 800

who is adolf hitlerb&a 1000


>>138796821Who is John Green? Feet 1000

>>138796821Who is david foster wallace?lit 800

>>138796821Who is David Foster WallaceLit for 800

>>138796837whoops misunderstood the question

>>138796857>>138796821Feet for $1000

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>>138796821who is david foster wallace. lit for 800

>>138796821Who is JK Rowling, and correction OP, it was the 'N' wordBefore and After for 200

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>>138796406Literally who?

>>138796866>>138796868>>138796881I don't think DFW would regret using retard, he died before it became verboten

>>138796876Who is Hershlag?

>>138796876who is natalie portmankubrick 200

>>138796952>>138796960Most impressive.>>138796876Kubrick for $200

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>>138796935Yeah. Plus /lit/ never talks about DFW or John Green anymore. Even Rupi is a has been /lit/ meme

>>138796977what is eyes wide shutkubrick 400

>>138796960Pre-emptive, what was the moon landing?Before and After for 200

>>138796977What is Eyes Wide Shut, againlit 800


>>138796977>>>Holla Forums

>>138796995>>138796994>>138796977Kubrick for $400

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>>138796977>>138796995What was the fake moon landing footage?Before and After for 200

>>138797019who is shelly duvallkubrick 600


>>138797019who is eyes wide shutsneed for 1000

>>138797034>>138797019Kubrick for $600

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>>138797019Who was that uppity assistant PA

>>138796977who is stanley kubrick

>>138797057what is napoleonkubrick 800

>>138797057Who is napoleontv memes 1000


>>138797067>>138797057Kubrick for $800, to finish off the category:

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>>138797098What is Korean Pop

>>138797057Why would old paintings be a realistic telling of historical weather? What a hack


>>138797098What is also sprach zarathustraB and A 200

>>138797098What is thus spoke zarathustratv memes 1000

what is thus sprach zarathustra before & after 200

>>138797098What is An Blauen Danube

>>138797122>>138797098Before and After for $200:

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>>138797142what is deadpoolsame category 400

>>138797142what is true detective pikachubna 400

>>138797168>>138797142Before & After for $400

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>>138797187what is dear john mahoneybna 600

>>138797187Jonas and the big fish Hill

>>138797187what is dear john hurt600

>>138797219>>138797187B&A for $600

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>>138797142wasn't this turbo not detective pikachu?


>>138797240what is hateful eight and a halfbna 800

>>138797240The Hateful 8 1/2

>>138797258>>138797240B&A for $800

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>>138797285the most dangerous game of thrones1000

>>138797285what is the most dangerous game of thronesbna 1000

>>138797285The most dangerous GoT

ah nevermind I get the category

>>138797298>>138797299>>138797285To finish the category, Before and After for $1000:

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>>138797240What is the The Hateful Eight?

>>138797326tokyo story oval

>>138797326>>138797332is he actually right this time??

>>138797326good morning ovallit for 800

>>138797326good morning ovaltv memes 1000

Current board status. Still awaiting correct response to last clue.

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>>138797326Floating Weeds Oval

>>138797391sorry op, i dont even know what geometric means

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>>138797384>>138797386Ah there it is, thank you.Going to /lit/ for $800

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>>138797326What is fuck the mods good morning oval?

>>138797419what is gravitys rainbowlit 600


>>138797467>>138797419/lit/ $600

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>>138797419what is Gravity's Rainbowmemes $1000

what is house of leaves800

>>138797482what is blood meridianmemes 1000


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>>138797500>>138797482Memes for $1000

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>>138797538what is caspere postingmemes 800


>>138797538What is True Detective?

>>138797549Can you please rephrase your answer, user?


>>138797419fuck rian johnson the fucking pseud. the guy just loves post-modernism but hasn't read the greatest post-modern novel of all time.

>>138797569what is vincepostingmemes 800

>>138797538what is garrettpostingmemes 800

>>138797582Thank you.>>138797538Memes for $800

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>>138797603What is Baneposting?dealer's choice

>>138797603What is the harry potter copypastalit 400

>>138797603What is isildurposting?

>>138797603dullest franchiselit 400


>>138797603What is the dullest franchise aka harry potter,Let's finish memes

>>138797632>>138797603Lit for $400

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>>138797664What is lolita?feet 600

>>138797664what is lolitalit 200

>>138797603who is nabokovlit 200


>>138797678>>138797664Lit for $200, to finish the category.

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>>138797707what is dune?feet 600


>>138797707What is DuneFeet 600

>>138797707What is Dunc? Memes for 1000.

>>138797707what is duneend the game now

>>138797707what is literally any movie adapted from a bookfeet 600

>>138797707wheel of time

>>138797713>>138797707I mistakenly did not cross of feet for 6, so we are doing feet for $800 to finish the category.After this clue, we only have memes for $1000.

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>>138797816Who is Kim Wexler?memes 1000

>>138797816emilia clarkegive me anything

>>138797816who is selena gomezmemes 1000

alex we already did memes 1000

>>138797893nah he did lit 800 instead

>>138797816Alex you senile old bat. Memes for 1000 has been had, there's nothing you can do about it


>>138797816who is daisy ridley

>>138797855Very impressive, it is indeed Selena Gomez (youtube.com/watch?v=UklGxBrKu78)>>138797893>>138797920Shit, you're right. That's everything folks.youtube.com/watch?v=nyKTYf1RGYo

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>>138797969thank you bro

>>138797969thanks alex. good show


>>138797969No Final Jeopardy??????

>>138797969Thanks for the great game everyone, I guess I win this time, heh heh...

>>138797969Just want to let you all know, every right answer was me. I wonalso every sneed was me

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>>138797991FJ: This farmer owns a Feed and Seed store near the town of Springfield

>>138798014>every sneed was mestop pretending to be me

>>138797991I can do a Final Jeopardy. Please enjoy this commercial break while I prepare.youtube.com/watch?v=5P30ENmN6ZQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dckwTAqdL_0

>>138798041Abe Simpson

>>138798068That is incorrect. And your wager is....


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>>138798044Based Trebek. You're a saint for putting up with our rampant autism.


>>138797969>>138798044Here is the FINAL JEOPARDY category. Anons, please place your wagers.

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>>138798160All inalso sneed

>>138798044Most based poster to ever post on this board

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>>138798160All in

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>>138798160What is In MTV: The Real World threads

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>>138798160All my chainlink

>>138798160Is it the les baines airplane crash?


a mcdouble and fries>>138798160

>>138798160Thank you for your wagers. And here is the clue:>In 2015, shitposting went too far, and Holla Forums killed 150 people in a fiery plane crash. incredibly, the IATA flight no. began with these two digits. You have thirty seconds on the clock. Best of luck to you.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wi8Fv0AJA4

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>>138798337what are 4U


>>138798337What is 4UI wagered a million dollarydoos

>>1387983374uwager: 4u

>>138798337What is 4U

>>138798337what are 95



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>>138798357>>138798377>>138798380>>138798388>>138798391My goodness, that is correct. We have a winner. Congratulations user.Thank you and goodnight, everybody.youtube.com/watch?v=QhTMGH9sBtU

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What a fucking great thread user. I thank you. OC is what makes a great board.

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>>138798438Thank you Alex we love you

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>>138798438B r a v oravo

>>138798438Thanks alex, you're a big guy

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>>138798451Better luck in next edition, retard Holla Forums jep. Great work anyway.>>138798536>>138798448>>138798559>>138798614Thank you user!

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>>138798637Based threads

>>138798337extremely based final q, thanks alex