>your country>your film of choice to show someone as the best war film (however you define that) from your country’s perspective For me, it’s USA motherfucker and We Were Soldiers takes the cakeWhat’s your pick Holla Forums?

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>Canada>all quiet on the western front We were soldiers is kino though


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>WW2 film made while WW2 was still going on>Still more realistic than almost any war film made before or since

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>>138794635I don't think there even exists a Canadian war film>>138794635That movie's from the Germans' perspective though

>>138794597good taste in countries & movies

>>138794642Bridge on the River Kwai is the true britbong experience

>>138794819Yeah but everyone knows it. Empire deserves way more love.

>>138794597>Australia>GallipoliIs there any other choice for an Aussie?

>>138794714I actually didn’t read OPs post. But Passchendaele is a Canadian war film

>>138794819en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bridge_on_the_River_Kwai#Historical_accuracy>Lieutenant Colonel Philip Toosey of the British Army was the real senior Allied officer at the bridge in question. Toosey was very different from Nicholson and was certainly not a collaborator who felt obliged to work with the Japanese. Toosey in fact did as much as possible to delay the building of the bridge. While Nicholson disapproves of acts of sabotage and other deliberate attempts to delay progress, Toosey encouraged this: termites were collected in large numbers to eat the wooden structures, and the concrete was badly mixed.[23][24] Some consider the film to be an insulting parody of Toosey.[23]imagine being a britbong and praising this cucked shit

>>138795042Bongs have no pride

>>138794714they exist, but they're all mostly trash


>>138794597imagine thinking this is a good movie


>>138794882>>138794597Kokoda, Danger Close, The Odd Angry Shot, Beneath Hill 60, The Rats of Tobruk.

Bong, To End All Wars

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>>138794635There is that Juno beach TV movie... I believe it has pic related in it as a extra...

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>>138795495Never seen it. Really worth the watch?

-American-The PatriotIt's historically shit, but it give you that big America boner the same was Braveheart gives you that Scottish woodie.

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purified gibson kinoyoutube.com/watch?v=UclsBepOfm4

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>>138794597AmericaI make them watch all of Band of Brothers

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>>138794676>no trigger discipline >>Still more realistic than almost any war film made before or since

>>138795981Gibson Kino, prove me wrong

>>138794597>america>apocayplse kino

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>>138796140>muh trigger discipline

>>138795946I think so. Carlyle's performance is great, as always, and the Japanese actors really make you hate them. I loved the scoring too. Celtic music that syncs up really well emotionally with the story. I haven't seen Unbroken, so I don't know how it compares, but that's the only other Japanese ww2 POW movie I can think of.

>>138796308No trained soldier would do something so irresponsible. It's almost as bad as hollywood's usage of berets

>>138796336merry christmas mr. lawrence and the bridge on the river kwai you absolute pleb

>>138796395never heard of the first one and bridge over the river kwai skipped my mind. The cinematography and audio in movies from the 1950s are too shitting and jarring for me to enjoy desu

>>138795981>It's historically shitjewtuber meme, sure they changed some names but the lobsterbacks really burned those villagers in their church, it’s essentially totally accurate

>>138795981best mel gibson movie imo

>>138796369I'm pretty sure trigger discipline didn't really become a doctrine until relatively recently. There's old army manuals from the 70s to the 90s that have pictures of dudes with their fingers in the trigger guard. There's plenty of WW2 era photos of dudes with bad trigger discipline.

>>138796140It's artwork on a poster you sperg

>>138796628>lobsterbacks really burned those villagers in their churchlies

probably the third best war movie ever made :D

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JapanJapan's Longest Day 1967

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>>138795042>muh accuracyHypocritical fucks who then take time to praise The Patriot? Sorry you can't appreciate true kino.

>>1387959811000% kino

>>138795981Nah, they totally fuck up so many of the battles. Like Gulliford Courthouse at the end. They show the US winning when in reality we lost and retreated (thought it was a strategic victory because the British took too many casualties and fell back to the coast, where they got trapped at Yorktown). But they fuck up basic shit.

>>138796987That first reply was meant for you >>138796628

>>138796951 Nigger, I am praising the Patriot. I never shat on your precious bridge movie. Btw, this is a better Britbong bridge movie.

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>>138796951ok nice argument retard

>>138796704>I'm pretty sure trigger discipline didn't really become a doctrine until relatively recentlyThanks for confirming you don't know jack-shit. There's an instance of a LT getting his shit kicked in for sweeping and having his finger on the trigger ww2. Another is from is BTS of Aliens when the actors are getting trained and the consultant threatens to beat the living shit out of them if he ever catches with the finger on the trigger

>>138794597Easily The Thin Red Line. All day, everyday. t. been in combat, OIF 06-07.

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>>138797137How come they look African and not Pacific Islander?

>>138797176Have you ever been in the Pacific Islands?

>>138796140>WW2>modern trigger discipline Pick one

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>>138797237I've been to two of them, and everyone looked like a Dink.

>>138795981Both the films you mention, are shit. And anyone who actually cares about the subject matter is disgusted by the braindead re-writing of actually interesting and important events.


>>138797091just google ww2 soldiers lol. Yeah I've seen the Pacific where the gunny gets all pissed that he was swept. Trigger discipline became super popularized by Jeff Cooper. Here's an old manual. Sorry not everyone in ww2 was high speed low drag operator.

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>>138797279I never been to any of them, but is two of them a qualification for literally hundreds, if not thousands? Do you remember the concept of Pangea?

>>138794597Saving Private Ryan no question

>>138797523I remember asking a question and not getting a good answer.

>>138797406Why do the scotts in Braveheart look and act (and fight) like fucking viking age tribesmen instead of cultured Christian Knights like they actually were?What fucking good does painting everyone with Woad pointlessly accomplish? Why does Wallace use a fucking claymore...If they wanted to do a movie about a bunch of hillniggs beating civilized soldiers they should have picked a different fucking war.

>>138797616it's just plain cool

>>138797616>It's historically shitYou: >Cries about historical inaccuracy

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>>138797799how is a war movie any good if it tells a completely different story than the actual history it's based on?Braveheart and The Patriot don't even vaguely recreate the actual events they are supposed to be showing us.

War films threads always turns into Mel Gibson shittalk threads

>>138797858Because it is my subjective patriotic choice, my nigger.

>>138797974>subjectiveNo, The Patriot is the OBJECTIVE patriotic choice, simple as. Not even American.

>>138796249Same. America is a tie between Apocalypse Now and Glory for me

>>138794597Gods and Generals gang report inWe Were Soldiers is trash btw Green Berets all the way

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>>138796886>Japan's Longest Day (日本のいちばん長い日)[a] is a 1967 Japanese War film directed by Kihachi Okamoto. The subject of the majority of the movie is the period between noon on August 14, 1945, when Emperor Hirohito made the decision to surrender to the Allies in World War II and noon on August 15, 1945, when the emperor's taped message announcing the surrender was broadcast to the Japanese people. This sounds kino as hell. Why haven’t I heard of this?

>>138798090>Gods and GeneralsOh no, user, why?

>>138796068this was fucking great

>>138796249I met richard begg once. he's the guy who did the sound design for this. really interesting guy. Also talked about how he would lend his sound studio to Brad Bird while he was making the sounds for Star Wars.

>>138796068>be me>watch the 1981 movie Gallipoli as a kid growing up>assume that the entire Gallipoli campaign was a one-sided massacre where incompetent Brits sent hordes of their Australian and New Zealand puppets to be slaughtered with ease by the Ottomans while they drank tea on the beach>study the actual battle for the first time two years ago>learn that ANZACs were actually the smallest contingent of troops deployed to Gallipoli and that the British in fact made up the majority of troops>learn that the disastrous Battle of the Nek was the result of Australian incompetence and that the British were uninvolved in the battle>learn that despite heavy losses, a handful of ANZACs actually managed to momentarily penetrate Ottoman defenses and kill at least twelve of them (noticeably absent from the film)>learn that although the actual battle effectively amounted to a one-sided massacre, the Nek was more of an exception than the rule >learn that the Ottoman defenders were forced to live in conditions just as appalling as the ANZACs>learn that many major engagements of the Gallipoli campaign resulted in the Ottomans suffering near equal casualties to their adversaries and in some cases, even more>learn that overall, the Ottomans up to 20,000 more dead than the Entente, despite their being the smaller entrenched force>learn that despite its portrayal in modern Turkey, Gallipoli was far from a great victory, but a pyrrhic one>learn that despite being a failure, Gallipoli was far from a complete waste, gleaning many valuable lessons in amphibious warfare that were applied in WWII and that it did contribute to the Entente victory in WWI by forcing the Ottomans to divert resources from the Middle East that ultimately resulted in their losing control of Palestine and Iraq, and their eventual defeat in 1918The movie is kino, but not the most accurate (albeit still better than a majority of war films)

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>>138798177>Oh no, user, why?The soundtrack and basically every line Stephen Lang delivers in the movie.youtube.com/watch?v=VLd-Ptt7YXM

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>>138794882Emus at the Gates

>>138798118I think Okamoto Kihachi is not a big name outside of Japan.

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>>138798677me on the right

>>138798364ANZACs did not have the leading role in Gallipoli, but due to the high casualties and the small populations of Australia and New Zealand it is cemented in their history and culture, which made an imprint on the battle. Also I don’t see why 12 Turks getting killed matters in a war where quiet sectors of a front where there was barely any combat would kill thousands daily. Nobody cares about that. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this but I don’t remember many inaccuracies, it seems like your issue is it doesn’t point out things that would counter the mainstream ANZAC narrative.

AmericanDirty Dozen

>>138797375>Yeah I've seen the Pacific where the gunny gets all pissed that he was swepSo you read the book?>just google ww2 soldiers lolSoldiers in combat? Of course they're going to be ready to fire dumbass. >Trigger discipline became super popularized by Jeff Cooperpulling shit our your ass? again?

>>138798364>learn that despite its portrayal in modern Turkey, Gallipoli was far from a great victory, but a pyrrhic oneNever really thought about how Gallipoli would be seen from modern Turkish perspective.I just kind of figured it would be glossed over. It wasn't a crushing defeat but wasn't decisive victory either.