Is Euphoria Holla Forums approved?

Is Euphoria Holla Forums approved?

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>>138792547what a cutiepiewhat's her name bros?

>>138792547Imagine what this dude is gonna look like at 40. I don't think trannies consider what's gonna happen when they become old men

>>138792557Idris Elba

>>138792547what a beautiful woman

>>138792604they literally don't have balls and take estrogen injections so they're not going to age like a male. they're going to be fine.ugly old trannies are trannies who went through male puberty.


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>>138792547/tv/ told me it would be Hunter on Star Trek. Did she bomb her audition?

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>>138792547Look at her dainty, fairy-like figure. Now that bitch right there was made with a BBC in mind. Yes sirrrr.

>>138792547she's growing tiddies?

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S(he) has some nice bubbies.

>>138792752The human race and earth itself in star trek is a communist globalist military force driven by a need for exploration and scientific discovery.In OS they hint at racism being completely and utterly absolved.They would have machines that would make late transitioning trannies look cute.They would have a society that would be incredibly well educated and accepting of lgbt people.

BREHSwould it be gay if I sucked her cock?

>>138792547What a beautiful woman . Is she seeing anyone?

>>138792870>They would have machines that would make late transitioning trannies look cute.Reminds me of the season 2 Discovery episode where they had that hologram technology so the girl on big brain planet looked pretty after her accident or whatever it was

>>138792752No one cares about Star Trek anymore. It's dead and you have to move on. Or continue watching old Star Trek stuff.

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>>138792547Literally custom equipped, manufactured, artisan crafted, formed by nature, smithed, created and consecrated for black cock. Genuinely and literally the perfect little black cock taking nymphlet I’ve ever seen. Imagine her underdeveloped, freckled little chicken legs forced wide for the pulsating mass of coal that will ingratiate itself into her, morph and twist her innocence into bestial lust, her Snow White supple pussy swallowing that black steaming rod whole and clinging to it like a bitch in heat as some hulking ebony mastiff mates and deflowers her. Imagine her little face, so innocent, cursing and screaming for a harder pummelling and rutting from her tribal dominator, as his thick black mass erupts it’s primal seed into her crimson pure white genetic womb, staining that perfect little lineage, forever marking generations of delicate white lily flowers with steaming ape spunk, imagine her sweating and screaming as those child like brunette hips birth a half black child, forever staking the black man’s claim to her lineage.

>>138792870Paradise is easy when you have the eugenic wars and the fascist supermen kill of the bulk of the population. Who knows what genetic enhancements the survivors were left with.Earth is one big lie

>>138792752Jesus christ that is not the first time they've had "non binary" characters, there was a whole fucking episode where Riker falls in love with a genderless alien. They just called them asexual.Fucking idiots.

>>138792712Pretty sure this dude has balls my man, there are screenshots from his show where theyre in plain view

>>138792903honestly yesbut letting him suck your penor isnt gaya hole is a hole

>>138792712>>138793501Also even if they do cut their balls off, living to be an old man is a challenge in of itself

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>>138793086what the fuck man

>wearing a maskCringe

>>138793043>those legs

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>>138792604this is always my question with trannies.usually they off themselves before they age too much but still, shit's not gonna look good.


>>138792604>trannies>growing oldThanks for the laugh, user

Why hasn’t anyone posted the huge titted slag yet?

>>138793086Me ChineseMe play jokeMe write fanficAnd hit post

>>138793610Yes, he still has a cock, user

>>138793813Yum.Hope he's Versatile or then it's a terrible Waste.


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>mom found the cum sock again

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>>138793811>Site becomes infested with boomers after Trump's election>Suddenly the JIDF are forgotten about & blame is passed onto the ChineseWhat a (((cohencidence)))..

>>138793461>commamder, tell me about your sexual organs

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>>138793902I seriously doubt that he can get hard and even if he can his peepee is probably pretty smol


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>>138792547>those shoulders OH NO NO NO NO

>>138793989feminine, his penis is feminine user

See filename, chuds.

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>>138793989Have you seen Chaturbate's TS Section?It's literally all Colombian Guys who pass better than most & they Have Huge Cocks that get Erect easy.

>>138793989>>138794035imagine Hunter doing meatspin in your lap

>>138794016t. virginplenty of cis women have more masculine appearances than trans womenlike pic related who is pushed as a major sex symbol

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>>138794086Yes, but colombian trannies are pretty unique in that respect. All white trannies I've seen have small penises and barely can get hard.

>>138792604that's why you find one to fuck before they hit the wall user

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>>138794130Yeah, I'd fuck the shit out of his ass. Bet he smells great.

digibro sucks

>>138794268from what I understand the shrinking of the penis takes time and while they still have some size they can cycle off the estrogen for a bit and its easier to get hard.

>>138792604That's why they kill themselves

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My boy Nate is the best character only reason I continue watching. Also Jules is the villain

>>138794467>>138794269>>138793707>>138793579>> rates for transgendered people drop dramatically and hover around the general population when they receive the appropriate treatments and therapies. pic related is an 82 year old trans woman still going strong and was a key figure in IBM in the 60's.and actually, the general population suicidal rate is lower than that of the modern, lonely, angry, bitter white male. So you in particular are actually at a higher risk of killing yourselves than any other demographic.try not to make a mess when you finally do it, okay?;)

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she's no emma but she's cute as all heck

>>138794565>do you love anna>yesdodged a bullet there> 81.7 percent of respondents reported ever seriously thinking about suicide in their lifetimes, while 48.3 percent had done so in the past year. In regard to suicide attempts, 40.4 percent reported attempting suicide at some point in their lifetimes, and 7.3 percent reported attempting suicide in the past year.These a rookie numbers, they can do better than that.



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>>138792547The boys are great characters Nate Fez and Jules. There's not a single good female character

>>138792547Poor guy, you can see the mental illness behind those eyes. Probably won't make it to 30.

All fucking trannies must fucking hang.


>>138792547Three weeks ago I took a passable tranny home from a bar. Got the best head of my life. He/she was just sucking my dick for four hours without any reciprocation. Dropped their ass home and that was that. Idk if I would do it again but I get the appeal. At least I didn’t see the dick.

>>138794711I could recognize instantly this is a dude..


>>138793043this nigga aint scared that his dick is gonna flop out of those shorts?

>>138795108no fingering the bumhole?

>>138793086this is so ridiculous that it makes me laugh so hard

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>>138795310she needs to be that blonde elf bitch in the new Lord of the Rings. the one that Cate Blanchett played.find me a more pure, aryan-looking waifu than hunter schafer. you can't.

>>138792547I'm CIShetero but every thread I see of Hunter I fall just a bit more for her.

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>>138795019Where’s the canine who usually says this?

>>138794064Leftists and anarchists making "chud" their favorite insult is further proof that they (ironically) view themselves as holding upper-class views in opposition to the lowly proles.

s(he)s more attractive than 70% of biological women

is her dick still intact?

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>>138793043Kind of gross


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>>138795882>a bunch of lesbians drooling over a chick with a dickwat

>>138796029Isn’t Hunter a lesbian?

>>138792547Im literally about to fuck a (T)girl who looks like this. small, cute af you know, any tips for the sex ?I don’t have experience how to fuck a tranny


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>>138796171>>138796207Okay, I’ll rephrase. Isn’t Hunter exclusively attracted to women?

>>138796136bi afaik

>>138796231Sure, right up until he takes my cock up his ass

>>138794171>pushed as a major sex symbolby who?

>>138792547>She was so elegant, with linebacker shouldes

>>138792547Only if you chose to read it as a negative commentary on all of the degenerate shit that takes place. I just want to roll my eyes at it personally. It seemed pretentious and ridiculous.Oh, right, this thread is for fags to jerk it to the tranny.

>>138792604Ever wonder why you don't see any old trannies?

>>138794171No she's not lel. She's just a pop star. That's actually a typical female body for someone who doesn't workout

>>138794711Exception that proves the rule. If they want to be girls why give them hormones?

>>138795283It was tempting but no

>>138796136You mean he's a straight man?

>>138796764tell me more

>>138794711>that facewoof

>>138796161what advice do you need , is the same thing as fucking a woman, you just have one less hole to play with, just make sure that she is clean down there

>>138792547Are they real?

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>>138792604Neither do women

>>138797022ok, the orgasm is the same?

>>138798554You plan on making him cum? What are you, gay?

>>138792547hes the good kind of tranny he kept his dick

>>138798599thats what I’m asking, do they just cum while ur fucking them like girls??

>>138797084Was wondering the same, awful busty compared to what we saw in Euphoria

My parents always told me to dream big and reach for the stars, but my #1 goal in life is to absolutely destroy some cute bussy. I can't imagine any better dream than that.

>Jirachi IG avicute CUTE

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>>138798658Short answer is yes, you can make her cum by just fucking her in the ass>t. fucked a few trannies while in art school


>>138798670is it part of the season 2 plot line?

>>138798776how messy is it?

>>138798902We can truly only hope, brother

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>>138798776ok, she told me she only fucks straight guys so the dick isnt really part of sex for her anyways, I said I wouldnt know what to do either way lol

>>138796652Why indeed

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>>138798760what is it with tranies and jirachi?

>>138799007stroke it

>>138799022Is that a thing? I would have expected Celebi or Mew desu

>>138792604tbf most people dont, i personally dont im 27 and will continue to drink and smoke like a 19 year old