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I'll preface this by saying I have no horse in the game. To me spotify is a job, just like any other. So, without giving away any personal info, I work for spotify and they are in panic mode with this Joe Rogen stupidity. Essentially we expected a shit load of views, new users, upgrades, etc and the number of plays for his podcast have been absolute shit. For example, his most recent Miley Cyrus podcast has fewer plays than his most recent 5 minute clip released on youtube. The rest of his catalog is laughably low. There are a few episodes that don't even have 100 plays. The current mentality is 'wait until he is off youtube' but I doubt that is going to make much of a difference. Spotify fucked up big time.

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damn bro thats really interesting and stuff keep going

Is he the elon musk guy?

I'm sure you're larping, but this was a dumbshit move by spotify. Youtube as it exists today will never die. The combo of visuals on UI and the algorithm can't be beat by anything. No one will ever migrate away from YouTube. And I'm sure Joe knows that too but he got dat dumbdumb money

>>138790499Why would people move to Spotify yet when they can still listen to it normally?

>>138790589literally this

>>138790499why did they remove Alex Jones, Molymeme and Louis Theroux but kept Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and the Weinstein brothers episodes?

>>138790589this, expecting numbers to spike before the switch actually happens is sillythen again so is paying 10 million for a single podcast

>>138790499It's not exclusive yet.

>>138790581>the algorithm can't be beat by anythingIt's the worst algorithm ever produced.

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I use spotify every day but I listened/watched it on youtube. It requires less clicks for me.

>>138790552Honestly I don't know much more. Just the number of plays and what some of my coworkers have shared via chat.>>138790642Literally no idea. I'm not even sure if that was us. If it was though, those kind of decisions are above my level and they don't tell grunts why they do anything.

>>138790642gee i wonder why? :^)

First of all Youre not with SpotifySecond of allIt would all be solved if they do a third Alex Jones and make it Spotify exclusive

>>138790499Still much easier to consoom on other simpler more established platforms. I predict only a small percentage of his audience will actually shift to Spotify when he goes exclusive. Maybe 30% max. Others will listen on other platforms that will steal his shows, and most will stop listening entirely since they won't be spoonfed his show on their preferred platform and they won't make the switch to Spotify. Spotify has also already started to censor the show. They left out many of his controversial podcasts which is fucking retarded. What a bunch of fucking morons.

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Who cares.

>>138790581True, joe played those swedes like a fiddle it would seem. I'm just hopeful that this will put a dent in podcast culture, because with a few exceptions the medium is generally just a lifeless and uninteresting waste of time>>138790738How so if you don't mind me asking? It obviously is biased in favor of YouTubes family friendly schtick or whatever but how would it compare to tiktok or something for example?

>>138790499As big a larper you are, i believe this is accurate. Rogan has no real fans, he is just convenient to listen to on youtube. Spotify tried to do with rogan what Sirius did with Howard Stern, except Howard has decades old fans in the hundreds of thousands if not millions

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>>138791067Not just biased toward family friendly, also biased towards 'reputable' news sources, higher subscribers, etc. So for example searching any recent news story will give you page after page of CNN, Fox News, NBC, etc. It's not YOUtube anymore it's been co-opted by companies.

>>138790499yeah, nah...Your uncle works at Nintendo...Spotify made shitload of moneys on account of stocks..Rogan is really not that important, he is just justification for icon Podcasts by icon Music...

>>138790499Guy,guy..Keep it for your podcast!!

>>138790581Hang on, I clicked the Miley podcast and there's a video of it too on Spotify. I've never seen spotify with a video before... weird.

>> does it feel being a rocket scientist?

Spotify is fucking dogshit is why. The only way people use it is to open it and quickly start their playlist. Adding songs, adding albums, using artist radio is fucking trash and slow as dogshit and tedious, you're lucky you have users at all. Pandora does the random radio better, youtube does the selective stuff better.

>>138791403Yeah this shit reversed any gains they made before in stock price from Rogaine. Speculators invested when it was first announced. Now speculators and investors are pulling out knowing that this is a major fuck up. Rogaine promised they wouldn't fuck with the show which was a lie. Investors know Rogaine's audience will be pissed off at this. They also know Spotishit won't appeal to enough people. Rogaine is going to lose most of his regular audience.

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>>138791429No dude, Spotify has a great UI! Now you can read facts about the song you're listening to because you're definitely looking at the Spotify app when you play music on your phone!

>>138791188Makes sense, also checked. I don't get news from youtube so I suppose I never noticed it. But now that you mention it, I definitely do find it harder to discover lesser-known content on the platform than I did in like 2012 for example. The big channels seem to just get bigger, and new ones pop up few and far between

>>138791403It's paywalled.. and, I'm not payin' for that article.But from title I could deduct they lost some of the value of stocks supposedly because no right wingers?!Proot... I'ts just too early to even talk about this, but let's LARP like it's 2003..That's bullshit, stocks always get spike, people get excited, someone(Spotify & Jogan) makes shitload of money while spike lasts and then shit simmers down to normal levels..

>>138791736They lost 4.8 billion dollars in stock value.That's essentially 1/5 their value.

>>138791542The guy in the purple shirt in 5' 7"

>>138791542Jesus Christ, this shoopdawhoop looks too real..It made me giggle..

>>138791816What do you mean? It's not shooped at all.

>>138791798But how much they earned in CASH, fuck stocks,all this interweb shit is one huge bubble and fraud of how to make shitty useless paper that reads:"Stock" into someone's MONEY,REAL FUCKING MONEY..

>>138791798>8.8% drop in value is basically 20%

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>>138791798jfc you're stupid

>>138791992Spotify is valued at 21 billion.Lost 4.8 billion. 4.8 is what percent of 25.8? 18%I rounded up to 1/5 (20%), but you're a fucking moron.


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>>138790499Nice pasta, I don't think anyone here cares either way.


>>138791542Spotify only has the ability to end the deal, not alter the show. Rogan owns everything 100% and spotify just has the primary distribution rights, you're still going to be getting youtube clips out the ass

>>138792723I caught a small clip of that Miley podcast. Bitch sounds like she's been smoking a pack a day for 40 years. Who could listen to two hours of that?

>>138791178Howard also did it because he was being fined millions by the FCC and he couldn't do the show he wanted to do because of this government intervention. i still haven't understood what reasons Joe had for going to spotify other than they were paying him big and he wants to score bank because why not.

>>138792392>he googled it and got the October 2019 valueLmao what a fucking retard. Their current market cap is over 48 billion. They were above 50 billion, but they closed at 5.3% down for the day.

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Joe knows his time is up. TPTB won't allow a straight white male carnivore to be an influencer for white Americans. They busted up his crew when he signed the $100 million deal. You could tell Joe didn't hype up the Spotify launch to their satisfaction. Why? Only OP knows. Joe fled to Texas basically to soft retire and left Eddie Bravo to fight the Commie hordes in Lost Angeles. The Left has won and Joe killed the biggest elk he could do we can eat vicariously until we get eaten in 2021 by the bug Chinks. God bless America. Not really.

because joe rogan, despite what people say, is a shit podcaster. i couldnt tell you an episode off the top of my head where you could go back and get the same level of replayability as you would for something like sleepycabin.of course nobody is going to look back on a current events podcast that was recorded a year ago because its dsted as shit

>>138792392>>138794131holy shit lmao

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>>138790499They don't pay you that money to make money, they pay you it to shut your influence down. They did the same thing to Howard Stern. Cutting you a check for $100m is nothing if you're impeding the narrative.

>>138792392Oh no no noWhat a fucking mongoloid

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>>138790499While Rogan had a few bombshell guests where everybody watched the episode and spawned tons of memes I personally have moved on to other podcasts that are frankly funnier than Joe Rogan. I mean he has smart guests sometimes but Joe himself is not particularly bright and he constantly invites pseudoscientists and conspiracy nuts on his show and just nods his head without challenging them.

>>138790642They removed Louis Theroux?? What reason could they even give for that..

this is a cumtown world baby

>>138794592i disagree that this was the intent with the howard stern satellite deal, but this does describe well the norm macdonald netflix deal.

>>138790738There have only ever been two good recommendation algorithms: Netflix and Pandora.Pandora fucked up by fumbling to Spotify, and Netflix intentionally trashed theirs

I don't believe you. Spotify just started being profitable a couple of years ago. They survived for years without turning a profit. They are a company that plays the long game.

>>138790738Is that Mark Vanderloo?

>>138794732cumtown on spotify when?

>>138790499They picked him up when he was losing steam. People are catching on to his "I won't touch any serious issues with a pole" mentality

>>138796772I lost interest when I found out he was a cuck, larping as a tough guy, and basically evasive abt hot button topics

>>138790499This is like what happened with Mixer.Trying to kickstart their streaming site with a few big names and getting nothing from it beyond the 30% or so of loyal followers who bothered jumping across and watching Shroud or Ninja then closing the tab when they finished.

>>138797088>Trying to kickstart their streaming siteSpotify is already the biggest audio streaming site in the world. It's hardly comparable to mixer.

>>138797548its comparable in the sense that they wanted the visual podcast audience

>>138790499Well if you let him bring Alex Jones on youd have your plays, but you are all leftist faggots so kys

>>138790499Yeah, no surprise. I only started listening to Rogan's podcast when after I began working out. It's the perfect middle ground between interesting but not so interesting it's distracting, and it's not something I'd go searching for somewhere else. It's probably this way for most of his fans. Joe's dabbing on Spotify so he can move to Texas and take a holiday from public life for a while.

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>>138790499As someone who watches him on YT, I have absolutely so inventive to look him up on Spotify while he’s still on YT.

>>138790581They said the same thing about radio and television. Both things are still around, but you'd be in denial not to say that they're dying.

>>138790738It was effective but now it just recommends I watch the same videos over again


>>138790907No leftypol its not da joos