What movies does your gf watch?

What movies does your gf watch?

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>>138789954I'm divorced, all my ex would watch is netflix nigger shit and harry potter. Fuck women they're all worthless whores

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>>138789954dont have gf but all my firends' gfs watch netflix and harry potter stufffeels like im living in a simulationare these ppl even real

>>138790008Turns out Holla Forums was right again, white womyn are repulsed by non-whites, especially n*****s. Sorry you dumb baboon, women just aren't attracted to your big hockey puck lips and pube hair. Go jerk off to j** porn to cope, it's all you have left.

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She watches what I watch because I always ask what she wants to watch and she gives me the "teehee Idk you pick something"

>>138790065Cringe stuff man

>>138789954white women are hottest by far. Everybody knows it, anybody saying otherwise is a coping 3rd-worlder.

>>138790066why does this webm make me feel sad and lonely

fifty shades, magic mike, harry potter

>>138790065Man. My ex wife cheated on me with a black guy then left me for him.

>>138790066i hate women so much its unreal

>>138790066all i see is souless

>>138790066would she stop smiling if you hit her?

>>138790111Asian women>>>


>>138789954Disney children's cartoons mostly>tfw shes been sick with the flu the last few days and I caught her watching TNG in the bedroom though

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>>138790152yeah that bitch was just being plain ingenuine

>>138790008He said your gf not u

>>138790147This. Why am I so undesirable.

>tfw no gf

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>>138790099No he's based, the faggot wanting to see superior white women take inferior black dick is cringe (you). Slit your wrists ASAP.>>138790111checked and based>>138790136Because you're inferior. You are dominated by your "feminine" nature. Many or possibly most men today face this same issue, they are not even aware of it.

>>138789954How do I get a gf that is intelligent but not a psycho virtue signaling leftist. Help me out bros.

Never had one, I'm 26. Also a virgin.

>>138790066i have that same duvet, it's from Ikea and it's comfy as fuck but the inside slips often enough that you have to fix it once a week or so

Movies/shows my girlfriend and I have watched recently (half of these we watched because we know they suck):The Cat in the Hat (mike meyers one)Wreck it ralph breaks the internetThe loraxGreat PretenderJapan sinks 2020Devilman crybabyAirplane!SpidermanSpiderman 2Goat storyGoat story 2

>>138790147That's hot.


>tf gffeels great lads

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>>138790147Your fat bulldyke wife is mentally ill and fucked a n***** because you're too much of a cuck.Just kidding, you never got married, you're just some dumb ape trying to get off, because your simian brain can't control it. White women are repulsed by n*****s.

>>138790337No it isnt. I thought I married the love of my life and not even 3 years after marriage she was bringing another man into my bed. I lost her and my $400,000 home. I hate women

>>138790387ew it's brown>>138790218you are probably attracted to preteens as well

White women are literally the worst.

>>138789954>Dumb shit like TLC documentaries>fake drama Kardashians, housewives etc>romantic comediesWomen like things because they make them feel nice, not because they're actually goodMen like things because they're good but don't care how they feel watching itLearn the difference

>>138790409brown hands typed this.

>>138790409>I lost her and my $400,000 homeI hope there was land with that, or you're an even bigger retard

>>138789954I'm pushing my 40's and I've never once had a girlfriend, boyfriend, or any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with anyone.

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>>138790452Actually the fact that they dislike shitskins like you is fucking based

>>138790467I wish I was lying bud.

>>138789954where do i find a gf who is interested in kino?

>>138789954She prefers reading smut.

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>>138790506You are lying, you're a dumb non-white or a fucking cuck trying to get off.

>>138790501That eye looks like a clitoris.

>>138790632Then by Allah we shall remove the lustful urges of that cacodemon.

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Only things she watches, Anything on disney+, Hallmark, Harry potter, and marvel

>>138790501What does your family say?

>>138790531Translate this please



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>>138790289Smart girls are almost always neurotic in some way. Better to go with a dumb sweetheart. It's like having a dog around that can cook for you.

>>138790754No one gives a shit. I'm thankful for that at least, maybe they talk garbage behind my back but since I haven't heard it I'm not about to accuse them of thought crime if they're keeping things civil. Grandparents have great-grandchildren from other branches/offspring, and parents are probably disappointed but I'm also sure they realize they contributed to that at least slightly due to my fucked up youth, so it is what it is.

>>138790934What's the point if I can't have any kind of meaningful conversation with them.



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Based filters removing half the posts in this thread


>>138790990I’d rather her be silent or simply agree with everything I say. Getting too deep into conversations leads to awareness of her difference in thinking, and this can be scary and cause conflict.

>>138789954Last time I had a gf she was a fan of Tarantardo. I showed her El Mariachi and Coffy so she understands that Tarantulo is a hack, then I fucked her feet.

>>138790990That's what you have your boys for. Also the stats are against you if you have a 120+ IQ that you'll find a partner that's an intellectual equal. Women have the same average IQ as men but the variance is a lot smaller, higher clustering around the mean.

>>138789954I wish my teeth werent so fucked

She loves movies with hot guys in them. Tells me if she had the chance to hook up with them that I would just have to deal with it.

Bros I need gf

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My gf watches chick stuff, but it’s ok. Occasionally I’ll show her kino. She loved Clockwork Orange

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Me and my gf watch Investigation Discovery. Web of Lies is my favorite. Last night they had a great documentary called Butcher/Baker about a serial killer in Alaska

>>138789954She only watches newly made romcoms, and I have never been able to pick a movie

>>138789954kids films and those shitty netflix original romcoms they pump out, she knows her tastes are retarded but still doesn't make me less enthused about movie night with her

>>138790948>I'm also sure they realize they contributed to that at least slightly due to my fucked up youth, so it is what it is.Care to explain? I'm feeling kinda the same and i'm 24, my dislike for my mom ended up making me projecting hate towards women.

>>138792276What is exciting about movie night?

>>138789954Films from the Blacked.com catalog

>>138789954whatever I want to watch


>>138790066>that fake yawn

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>>138790329holy shit you pleb

Anyone have that screenshot of the researcher saying no one should go a year without a relationship and so many are due to the chinaflu and all the Holla Forums replies?


>>138792133let's see her ass

>>138792133Cringe, normalfags are so lame and gay.

>>138790066what the fuck is this bitch doing

>>138789954my EX-girlfriend watches shit like parashite


>>138792555Fucking BASED

She likes LOTR, Hobbit, Gladiator, 10 things I hate about you, Leap Year, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Speed, Twister, Godfather, Dante's Peak, Troy, etc. But in general we are ALWAYS marathoning LOTR and Hobbit, like... at least one movie every week.

my ex watched anything with gay character drama, big mouth, atypical, baking shows, and the usual romance movies. 500 days of summer was her favorite. I showed her one of my favorite movies, Fifth Element, and she thought it was stupid. I pretty much knew then we didn't have longevity

how rare is it to find a woman that likes criterion etc

>>138795160Based. Fuck these whores who just watch RomCom shit and faggot shows with faggots in them.

>>138789954horror movies.

>>138790066trying too hard

>>138790147kung flu hands typed this

>>138789954whatever I put on

Wife likes to watch LOTR, action movies (especially 80s/stallone action movies), sex and the city, stoner comedies.


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>>138797226Forgot to add horror movies and supernatural tv shows.

>>138796084My wife and I watch The Shinning every christmas. It is comfy

>>138797226>>138797277your wife sounds pretty based man

>>138789954Marvel and romantic comedies.

>>138789954Her bf is Mexican

>had gf once>2 years, as time went on i loathed being around her, got annoyed by little things she did, sex became less enjoyable than fapping, etc>broke up and started to hit and quit girls occasionally, like once every 2-3 months>realize this is true happinessRelationships are a fucking meme bros.

>pin hole pupilsWhy am i seeing this everywhere i look these days?Is every fucking millenial and zoomer on opioids these days?

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>went on a couple dates with a girl>ends up blowing me on the last one>now she's completely ignoring meI don't know what I fucked up but it hurts.

>>138790990It's a woman, that's what you have male friends for.


>>138790006Don’t marry a fucking whore you fucking retard

ex loved snl movies

I'm black but my white girlfriend watches Harry Potter

>>138797690So what you're saying is don't marry? Whores are all there is out here.

>>138797590All my male friends want to do is drink and smoke weed and bitch about work.

>>138790147Yeah this totally happened

>>138797750Congrats on the blackness. I bet you feel better than the blacks who don't have a white girl eh?

do you ever ponder the qualia of what it's like to be a cute, young, white, blonde girl? like how do they not look down, realize the perfection of their existence and just strip naked and tape a vibrator to their legs and masturbate in front of a mirror 24/7, and have their simp servants bring in wine and truffles every once in a while?

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Guaranteed replies

>>138791177What are you talking about, normalfag dudes are just as retarded.

>>138790452They are the only ones in the planet who are neo-nazis, so they are based.

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>>138798097>>138797837get better friends dummys. all my boys talk about real kino except the gay ones

>>138798130Yeah, just go the street and ask random people to be your friends.

>>138798130No, I realized a long time ago that i'm above most people in the planet.I've learned to accept that 99% of people are bordering on the mental retardation line of 70 IQ.

>>138789954my wife and i don't really watch movies anymorei'll watch sports, she watches the hgtv and cooking networkswe'll both watch game shows and local newslol we're basically like old people

I just asked my gf to name a few of her fave movies as she is falling asleep and she said rushmore, clockwork orange and crouching tiger hidden dragon. She is also the one that told me about happiness which was pretty fucking good. Could be worse.I usually just give her a few movies that I want to see to pick from but ends up being my choice most of the time.

>>138789954She thinks people who watch movies are dumb.She mostly sticks to music and videogames.

>>138798228She also likes videos of cops shooting people and gore type shit because she is an OR nurse and kinda morbid.

>>138789954>>138792133>>138797499idk but pretty sure flash causes this

>>138798209How old are you? Your lives sound even more boring than mine and I'm an incel.

>>138790066>no shit stains on bed sheetsfake

>>138789954i dont have a gf. and when i did they never watched movies anyways.

hi Holla Forums ;3

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Should I date a fat chick? This girl wants me, cute face, but pretty fat.

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>>138789954I started dating a girl. She told me her favorite movie for, like, 7 years, was "Big Fish." When she told me, I laughed. She was furious. I told her to calm down, calm down, just wait a second.>WHAT? WHAT? What are you doing? I've seen this clip. I've watching this movie, like, 10 times!>WHAT? What are you doing?>...>...what?youtube.com/watch?v=RAvoR20o9s4I laughed even more, later, when she slept with me immediately after because she was confused about her emotions ranging to hard between anger and surprise.

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