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I'll be on the bridge.

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Post your trek toys!

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>planetary catastrophe>unreasonable aliens>joint ship-to-ship operation/super science>drama between the two crewsKino.

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>>138779596A clever and valid deconstruction of Trek!

Trekbbs sucks.

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>>138779630Nothing was deconstructed, that was best part.

They actually did it.They did a cucking episode.Beyond basedt

>>138779641They're not cool, like 4channel.

>>138779196Breaking: Takei working with Lincoln Project to take down Trump

>>138779661Achshually ENT did it first.

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>>138779677>faggot acts like a faggotmore news at 11

>>138779699based ENT chad. We need you guys. Dunno if it's said enough, but you're appreciated.

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With every new Trek show made surely the Star Trek brand decreases in valueCBS would be best advised to cut their losses and just sell the brand so long as it's worth something

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Wil Wheaton gets to bang this every night (or at least be in the room while a BBC does). What do you get to bang and/or watch get banged, user?

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>>138779812They’re driving it into the ground right now >>138779661OF COURSE it had to be a black dude. We see what you’re up to (((Kurtzman)))

>>138779812It's about destroying trek, not making money.

>>138779699I don't remember thatBut I remember that time where Phlox' wife wants to bone Trip and he encourages it. That was funny.

>>138779196I was just watching TNG, S2ep1. It's that shitty episode about Deanna getting knocked up by lightning. They had constant close ups of her face and it was the nastiest shit ever. She had hair all over her face, including the sides of her forehead and cheeks. There was enough hair on her face to make Picard a wig. She looked like a fucking wolfman. Did no one in the make up department have an electric razor they could lend her? Ffs.

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>>138779855Sex is overrated. I prefer intellectual pursuits.

>>138779812>I don’t like new show therefore new show no make any moneyWhat a weird reality tunnel you live in. Television is about quantity now, not quality

>>138779908Yeah they want to destroy our pride because Trekkies are the one thing standing in the way of global domination! That’s why I can’t get a gf either!


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>>138779812There is corporate warfare going on within / between CBS and Secret Hideout.

>>138779964Cucksman shows don't make money

>>138780118No way, I’m VERY serious about the globalist jewish homosexual satanic agenda to bring down trekkies. We are POWERFUL MEN and they KNOW it.

>>138780161Quote me some figs bro. What’s the net/gross? How much did they lose on that last season?

>>138779947Marina is just hairy. Some women are that way... especially "sexy" women... Madonna, Sean Young, Demi Moore - all notorious hirsute

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>>138780228>Quote me some figs

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>>138780228>Quote me some figs bro

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>>138780297Something about the 80's made this very obvious. Maybe the improved video resolution available to people combined with women not quite figuring out how to deal with it yet. All the actresses mentioned learned to cover it up perfectly by the 90's and you basically stopped seeing it (at least until ugly became fashionable in post CURRENT_YEAR

>>138779947Green girl in my class had the same problemthats probably why the ancient greeks banged boys because they we're the only non hairy members of society



>>138780803at long last... Star Trek big show again

>>138779457Which Holla Forums 2.0 denizen made this post? LastHusnock? KC? Pingus? Maybe another cohort?

is anyone actually watching the Star Trek cartoon?Because I saw the whole first episode.

>>138781185I'm not bothering with it. Adult cartoons are rarely good and end up being really juvenile.

>>138781185All it is is in jokes and references to other shows

>>138781185I don’t watch nu-shit despite /trek/s constant shilling of itIn fact their shill brigading is so bad I’m intentionally NOT watching it just to piss the shills off.

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Why did they kill K'Ehleyr bros :(

>>138781650That's a lot of fucking shuttles.

>>138781419>Adult cartoons are rarely good and end up being really juvenile.Agreed. I just want something capable of being mature and sophisticated without being grim and demoralizing, yet not heavy-handed and pretentious. Smart and engaging, but capable of being simple with comf & coze if the mood strikes. Is that too much to ask?

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>>138781650Nacelle pylons hang a little too low for my liking but otherwise not bad.

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>>138779964It doesn't matter how many shows they make if no one is watching them. How many people have you met irl that give a shit about the new shows? Compare that to the number of people who still watch the older stuff and you can see that they have a problem.

Update Memory Alpha:Boimler’s full first name is Bradward.Brad wears a boy’s size small.Brad used to have a holodeck girlfriend.A Phylosian serves in tactical on the Cerritos, and Mariner is willing to set Brad up with her."Kirk's sloppy seconds? No thanks, Mariner!"

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>>138779947The remaster almost always looks better, but it's still not the way they ever thought people were ever going to see it. 480i was a lot more forgiving during closeup shots.

On Sept. 8, 1966, Star Trek graced television screens for the first time with “The Man Trap,” the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. On that day, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry introduced audiences to a world that championed diversity, inclusion, acceptance and hope.Fifty-four years later, CBS All Access will honor this important day and the franchise’s enduring legacy, with this virtual Star Trek Day event that will allow fans to enjoy and celebrate all things Star Trek from their own home.startrek.com/news/join-us-to-celebrate-star-trek-day-the-ultimate-trek-celebrationThe itty bitty Kirk tells you everything about nu-Trek and agenda media.

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>>138779596The reveal that it was just some rich asshole holding up the negotiations to protect his summer home actually got me

>>138779661Episode is actually about a skinny nerd being paranoid his qt gf is cheating on his with an ex, turns out to not be the case at all>LMAO CUCCCCCCCC BY BLAGGMANget over yourself incel

>>138783072This is blatant Enterprise erasure and it will not stand.

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>>138781929The Parliament Class looks pretty good, but what's with putting the nacelles underneath the saucer in this show?

>>138783072This is blatant Lower Decks erasure and it will not stand.

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Are there any cute Klingon girls in TLD?That's the only thing that could make me watch it.

>>138783361It is really interesting watching Archer get cynical and over the course of 4 seasons. S1E1, he was a bumbling, naive, explorer. S4 he has PTSD because everytime they leave the Sol system someone is shooting at them.

>>138783072Why in the fuck is Micheal Burnham in the front? I swear to god they’re fucking Star Trek up

>>138779780Sorry that your hero hates your god, trumpbro

>>138783928Because STD and Picard are the two big budget shows that they've got going on, so putting them both prominent on that advertisement like that is supposed to emphasize how they're cool and new and should be watched. You want to have your new product that you're trying to sell be front and center so consumers see that first and pick that to watch because of primacy bias or whatever it's called.


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>>138783878Late-season Archer is the Trek embodiment of the "Ah shit, here we go again" meme.


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>>138783928Frankly I'm just glad it's not one of those like pic related that has Empress Fucking Georgiou alongside the classics. I mean seriously, imagine if in all the DS9 cast photos they had Dukat dabbing on Sisko in the background. Fucking ridiculous.

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>>138784694Thanks, from an ENTbro

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>>138783072>4 characters from TOS>1 from DS9>1 from VOY>1 from Picard (and I guess TNG if we're still pretending they're the same person)>2 from STD (though I'll accept newPike)>no ENTwhat did they mean by this?

>>138783072>CBS All Access will honor this important day>honoring his vision by raping it

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>>138783072>STD and SPIC are the biggest>Kirk is tiny, Uhura (a literal non-character) is bigger because muh vagina>Enterprise not even shown

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>>138784737Kill yourselfPlease please kill yourselfYou should really kill yourselfPlease please kill yourselfYou should reallyPoo poo, pee pee, penis and vaginaWomen with dicks and weak men with vaginasSo fucking delicate like mommy's fine chinaIf you have complaints please wait your turn and line upI got a message for these little fags trynnaBe a mommy's boy and a teachers pet, pimple face, asswipeLooking like they just had a gyne-cologistStick five fingers in your ass, no lubeSo what'cha gonna do?If you're number one, shove it up your ass and make it number Two (Oh)Ladies getting mad in the comments, and I'm hearing itYou think it was a typo with these red lines and periods(Oooh)Ha ha no comma, bitches with their self esteem get out of the saunaMy shit lies in the sewers, closing the hatchI only joke about diseases and reference that only you can catch(Ew, oh my god)And if you think you're fucking grown upKeep breathing heavy with your keyboard and fedoraHands around your dick with the kung-fu gripStroking back and forth to My Little Pony clips bitchGo outside and ride a bike or somethingAnd get laughed at by kids to remind you that you are nothingAnd then, get hit by every car or truck that ever passesYour life flashes before your eyes, oh wait, it's your Google GlassesNever mind faggot, just pick your ass up and take you to the closest sign faggotI'm not done yet, you get up and you go homeSit at your computer and open up Google ChromeAnd then look at tutorials on how to hang yourself at homeAnd then you can hang yourself(Is that the end of the story?Ha ha ha ha ha, no son)Kill yourself, please please kill yourselfYou should really kill yourselvesPlease please kill yourselfYou should really kill yourselves


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>>138783878>>138784716Archer is the most realistic captain. The writers took a normal guy and put him into the Star Trek universe. From a practical perspective, the ST galaxy is a horror show of weekly reality-shattering anomalies and genocidal alien supercultures. By the end of season three, Archer was a broken man.But in true Berman & Braga fashion, Archer scores with a hot middle aged latina and so he regains his faith of the heart. Again, this is extremely realistic writing. Just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.It's not like B&B were great writers, but since Archer was their normie chad self-insert juxtaposed with the ST setting, it ended up with some interesting characterization. In a way, that's what made Archer similar to Kirk, who was Roddenberry's self-insert.


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>>138786628This, but i really mean it. Shit is cringe.

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>>138783072>startrek.com/news/join-us-to-celebrate-star-trek-day-the-ultimate-trek-celebrationwhere is the twitter shitstorm?

Why is /trek/ so on edge tonight?

>>138786628> He's actually crying about a cartoon.

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"Shall we play a game? Winner take -- all."

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>>138786969I feel that... I just got here and the thread is nothing but anons sperging out. Let's see if we can get it back on track./trek/, pitch me a trek spin-off. Any era, any characters. What's your dream trek show we never got?

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>>138787198>What's your dream trek show we never got?easy>>138787198>Any era, any charactersno fucking established "characters", new shitonly condition: after voyagerand please no woke shit

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>>138787346>and please no woke shitTrek has literally always been about that though.

>>138787346Fair enough request, I feel more or less the same way. However, don't you think that Star Trek has always been "woke" for its era? Like, a black station commander, a female captain, a Native American first officer...that's kind of part of the brand

>>138787198>What's your dream trek show we never got?A sequel to DS9 where Sisko fights Dukat. It'd have been campkino, which is what Trek is all about.

>>138787198Breaching the great barrier

>>138787198Star Trek set in the Andromeda galaxy, far future. Bizzare aliens, eldritch horrors, and ancient civilizations.

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>>138787426compare TNG to STDTNG is trekSTD is made for twitter

>>138783072Who the fuck is the nigress with the dreds?

>>138787592It's the girl from STD. She's got dreads now as of season 3 i guess.

>>138787476yes, and it was not a problembut this woke stuff is extremely biased filter bubble propaganda, not trek

>>138787346>please no woke shitOf course. Everyone knows trek turned to shit once it abandoned its roots and started being woke. Like, what is it, a show designed to show the potential of humanity when we move beyond modern societal failings and accept people regardless of race, color, sex, or creed?Bunch of bullshit if you ask me.

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>>138787723I hear you and mostly agree, but it can be hard to set a clear line of demarcation between what is regressive pandering and what is genuinely open-minded forward-thinkingness. Like, I think there's nothing wrong with having gay or transgender characters on trek. It doesn't seem different than having a mixed-race crew or something (which seems about equally or even more controversial for the '60s)

>>138787749>move beyond modern societal failings and accept people regardless of race, color, sex, or creedthis conversation is overyoutu.be/rnlxugk3Qb0

>>138787546This would be so fucking sick.

>>138787258I don't see anything wrong with this, in fact it's pretty good. First I was surprised MacFarlene could make a good Trek clone, now I'm astonished that Pickle Trek is shaping up to be decent. It seems like everyone in the world besides Bad Robot knows how to make Star Trek.

>>138787556>STD is made for twitterIt would seem like they fail at this more often than not. I don't think I've ever seen anything Trek-related trend, except maybe the Picard announcement.

>>138787943Discovery is a bad show, but I feel like you're conflating bad writing and unlikable cunt characters with progressive ideals. There's nothing wrong with trek being open-minded and forward-thinking. The problem with discovery is its writing and characters are fucking horrible.

>>138787258They're not even trying to hide the fact that it's a parody and a piss take. It's enough to make a friendly Romulan angry.

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>>138787943god that hurt to watch. I don't think the wokeness is at fault, though. That just shows awful writing. STD is full of forced, excruciatingly shallow quippy bullshit, but that could happen to any show regardless of its politics

>>138788163That user doesn't care about Star Trek, everything is just a platform for their right wing beliefs and general anger at liberals.


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>everytime you are touching the engine, you are touching memon visage when geordi gets caught by leah brahms

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>>138788163>but I feel like you're conflating bad writing and unlikable cunt characters with progressive idealsMaybe you are right. The STD writing is really bad. I have no problem with trek being open-minded and forward-thinking.Like the Lincoln scene in TOS, the Kirk crew: "huh, what is racism?". But STD... all the "writer" barely knew star trek canon, federation bad, muh action scenes for ADHD zoomers, and followed their personal or whatever agenda, and in the end, oh lets pretend it never happened, AI bad, spore drive bad, super secret we should all never talk about it again. Wew.

>>138788416That remains one of the most brutally awkward moments in television history

>>138787505Is it like a fantasy shadow realm type thing? Because a goofy-ass dueling warlocks show only technically a trek production would be god damn hilarious

138788289Do you really expect a (You) for this cheap bait?

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>>138788340Leave her alone, Bill Murray's brother.

Im just going to said that in my endless cicle of rewatching trek, i really reached the point where i can enjoy VOY and ENT as much as i enjoyed TNG and DS9.Currently on season 2 of ent and i love the inocent vibe of the crew and close to our society they still are insted of the techno utopia of the others.Also, is nice to have some time to post here again my frens, i missed you all.

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>>138788047I'm actually encouraged by this. I feel like it's only a matter of time before the CBS brass realizes they're fucking up a simple thing with the Bad Robot trek shows, since everyone else is doing it easily


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>>138788839Riker is a cuck!

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>>138788918This is an ascended take. Those shows are actually both a ton of fun

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>>138779496Data was the new Spock, not Jordie. Both were learning about the human experience as outsiders.

>>138789076ENT still doesn't feel as essential as the TNG/DS9/VOY 24th century combo platter, but I love all of Star Trek, and generally tolerate most of you.

>>138789095True. Data was 100% the spock role on TNG

>>138788918wb fren

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>>138789009>Riker is a cuck!Excuse me?

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>>138789119Agreed, and awwwwww. It's nice to have some kindness in here. Appreciate you user.

>>138779641That picture. How do such faggots live? They are the walking undead. Abominations stumbling through life causing misery wherever they go.

>>138779855Who is that? Looks like some random post wall roastie

>>138789147He got even cucked by himself!

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>>138780297Not of those are sexy, nor are hairy women.


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>>138789009Something about your facial expression makes me doubt your sincerity, Bill Murray's brother.

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>>138779855>Wil Wheaton gets to bang this every nighthis mom?hot!

>>138789241>what the fuck are "quotation marks" and what do they >"imply" when not actually quoting?

>>138787749Woke culture is about the rejection of the enlightenmentRoddenberry was about the embrace of the enlightenment.

>>138779641Big oof. Thanks for not being like that, /trek/

>>138789076Yes, also, T`Pol is insanely hot. I forgot about that... how the fuck everyone managed to have her roaming around the set without going mental? >ENT still doesn't feel as essential as the TNG/DS9/VOY 24th century comboBut thats exactly the idea, that is why the starfleet people on earth are even using shirt and tie... Is really good.>>138789125Thanks fren.I would love to see a series with the pre discovery spirit about a starfleet operative infiltrated in the romulan empire. That would be fucking great.

>>138787546What was, will be. What will be, was.

>>138789356Jews same with () brackets

>138788599Witholding a (You) is not the same as not responding. I still got your soul.

>>138789400>T`Pol is insanely hotbums

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>>138779196Not sure if life action 90s Shrek movie or creepy Asian porn.

>>138789300If she was your mom, you'ld bang her too, dude. Don't lie.

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>>138789495of courseI'll be in my bunk now.

>>138789400T'Pol is insanely hot, but she's no Seven of Nine. Pubescent me simply could not fucking handle that shit.I handled it a lot, actually

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>>138789441But who are you responding to? You didn't get anyone because no one knows who you are talking to?

>>138789563>I handled it a lot, actuallyWhat?


>>138789793It means as a young man I jerked off to Jeri Ryan an astronomical amount

>>138789379Explain please

Why is VF in Star Trek?

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>>138779596This ep was actually pretty good. Even though they had to have a black guy be the rival.

Poor Gates is unable to make any facial expressions, even when she wants to.

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>>138780297man face.

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>>138790142post the zits pic

>>138790436wtf is she even trying to say? That they're not 1:1 synonymous. Well, duh. That's true of Trek and any political party.


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>>138790142So they’re both women?

>>138790538Left is enbie right is a guy. They both have nice butts.

>>138790142holy shit lol

>>138790657The one on the left is a guy? What the fuck is in the water nowadays? Also, how old was he when he was molested?

>>138790142My dick is forcing me to watch nuTrek. I would like it noted in the record that I was unable to resist.

>>138790840Enbie is twitter speak for non-binary.

>>138790475>wtf is she even trying to say?based republican dumbass

>>138790142What makes them different from just being tomboys?

>>138790923Goddamn this queer shit. What genitalia were they born with?

>>138790840Is this an act, or are you actually retarded? Like, can you read?

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>>138790142Blu is cute!

Attached: blu-del-barrio-portrait-star-trek-discovery.jpg (696x1044, 37.22K)

>>138790538Yes. One was molested as child, so she insists she's non-binary. The other was molested as a child, so she insists she's a boy.

>>138791151Are they both men?

>>138783928Because she's the bestest ever.

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>>138790142do they fuck

>>138779196That was such a missed opportunity ..Vulcan Loves slave should have been about T'Pol all along

>>138791314Blu is non binary.Ian is a guy.This has been explained. I know, it's confusing for you.

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>>138791395Is Blu a man?

>>138783072>Jay-El>Mary Sue Burnham bigger than the other characters>no mention of ENT>Janeway bigger than Sisko and Kirk>STD ship at the center>not the iconic TOS Enterprise

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>>138791395So Ian is pretending to be a woman?

>>138790951>it's really obvious if you believe it (sort of?) agrees with your pre-existing ideology>then you can overlook the fact that it makes no goddamned sense and just act smugBased arrogantly stupid leftoid. I just want to hug you.

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>>138791158>>138791395of course they have to ugg her up on the show not to offend any of the ugly feminists who are their only remaining audience

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>>138791329>filmed on location in a 20' by 20' green box.

>>138791452Blu is non binary.>>138791495Ian is a dude.>>138791515This is a retard.

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>>138791329doomcock sounds like an utter retard everytime he says that

>>138791584Why can’t you answer the question? IS BLU A MAN OR WOMAN?

>>138791585>watching bullshit clickbait about the entertainment industry>calling others retardedno

>>138791584That guy could have a career in Thailand.I laughed when I saw in the article that he goes by "they/them and he/him". You just know that he's LARPing.

>>138791684Blu is a girl, the other is a guy. Just look at their face. They're both LARPing as freaks.

>>138791585>doomcock sounds like an utter retard everytime he says thatGlad i'm not the only one who realizes that. Part of me thinks Gary is egging him on because deep down he likes Dumcuck making a fool out of himself.

>>138779196Damn she's looking old in that picture.Fucking makeup needs to be banned.

>>138791515>think jesus is real, the earth is 6000 years old>be bigot who hates anyone different >"wow star track was made for me"Go back to WWE and NASCAR

>>138787258>those uniforms weren't in service during the events of TNG: Descent Parts 1 and 2

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>>138791954Was that when that flashback was set?

>>138791710Do you feel tricked by their larp? Does the fact you find them both attractive confuse you? There's no logical reason why anyone would care about what someone else does or how they look unless that person feels directly threatened, so why do trannies scare you so much?

>>138791954...and the grey on the DS9 uniforms don't make a V on the shoulders.

>>138791901Wow, those strawmen especially sting because those are exactly my belie- oh wait, no they aren't. They're just strawmen from Jon Stewart's Daily Show 15 years ago..Based seething leftoid who can't into bantz. Have that hug I promised.

Attached: 1596744188913.jpg (1384x1120, 156.82K)

>>138792026>Do you feel tricked by their larp? Nope.>Does the fact you find them both attractive confuse you?None of them are attractive.>why do trannies scare you so much?I'm not scared, I'm not the one who will cut his (or her) organs and be depressed enough to be part of the 41% different.

>>138792091>haha I don't have to actually respond to your post if I just keep saying random shit like a retard lalalalabased republican dumbass

>>138783072Why the extremely rare Sisko who had the bald and the goatee but also the red uniform?

Attached: 1464017051856.gif (200x170, 2.9M)

>>138792106bro you're scared shitless by a couple trannies lol

>>138789960Woke culture stems from the critical theory of the frankfurt school. They criticised the objectivity of the enlightenment. to achieve humanitys potential emotionality must be activated. individuals cannot overcome their biases.>black non-binary person as a captain. everything the captain does is because theyre a black non binary personenlightenment is all about a hyperrationality and individual responsibility.>the crew is composed of people of all colours and backgrounds. they act as individuals. theyre skin colour or sexuality is merely incidentalwhen we demand no woke culture we demand more of the latter and less of the former. it is not because we dont want to ove beyond modern societal failings and accept people regardless of race, color, sex, or creed

>>138792106You don't have to reply to bait posts, you know. He's just fucking with you until you have another meltdown.

>>138790142Is VF really going to be in STD?

>>138779641TrekBBS is a fucking awful forum full of boomers who sniff each other's farts over how they love TOS, hate Trek between 1987-2005, and love all the new shit. Smug fucking boomers. The worst generation.

>>138792106>Do you feel tricked by their larp?>Nope, that's why I felt the need to tell everyone they're LARPing.

>>138792173>Faggot leftoid user appears to be trapped in a temporal causality loop due to his brain being rotted from herpes>He just repeats the same gay phrase over and over thinking it's a sick burn

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>>138792366Boomers are a social disease. So glad in about 20 most of them will either be dead or rotting in a rest home.

>>138792416>still doesn't understand why Troi doesn't think Republicans are real people

>>138792366>TrekBBS is a fucking awful forum Yeah this place with its suicide statistics for trans people is a much more mature and nuanced forum. It is embarrassing how much better we are than those people.

Attached: the royale.jpg (800x600, 181.88K)

>>138779641>binary transgenderI think it's one or the other, not both.This is the audience that Kurtzman wants for Star Trek.>>138792366It's like that everywhere these days. There are only a few places where you can still talk about Trek and shit on Kurtzman's Jock Trek.

>>138791954It takes time for mission logs to be declassified and released

>>138792366It’s all the same people all the time

>>138780297/med/ phenotype

>>138792575Anons are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of (you)s. We've eliminated tripfagottry, trannies, the need to virtue-signal. We've grown out of our infancy.

Attached: theneutralzone_hd_276.jpg (1440x1080, 335.51K)

>>138792575>weOh, (You)!

Attached: 1573785663919.jpg (747x900, 833.02K)

>>138779596How the fuck does this show keep getting better and better each week? I’m getting dangerously close to loving it.

>>138792878When will we eliminate Holla Forums

>>138792091>I'm a republican because it's the party of science and acceptance. In fact, I'm going to a Trump rally next week and we're going to figure how we can decrease pollution and combat income inequality based republican liar

>>138792575You’re a literal tranny so of course you’d be offended

Lower Decks is trash


>>138792416>He just repeats the same gay phrase over and over thinking it's a sick burn"here's that hug I promised"

>>138787198A comfy slice of life show about civilians on Deep Space 9

>>138792951You’re trash

>>138790142What mean "VF"?

>>138792926It's our Section 31. You can't get rid of something that doesn't exist (see the top of the page).

>>138793000>a call-back is the same as repeating yourselfIf I were as dumb as you, I'd be afraid of looking foolish, too. Probably best to stick to the same shit over and over and over, actually.

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>>138791329How has there not been a trailer yet? I can tolerate disco for it's bretty good makeup and practical costuming and the first trailer got me hype for the new andorians, but there has been literally nothing since and it's weird

>>138791710Just give you some perspective from a tranny LARPer, the reason we do the "and he/him" thing is 1) is pisses off the terminally online baby queers and it's fun to watch them squirm knowing they can't say how dumb it is and 2) for a lot of us it isn't actually that important cause language is faker than gender and we know our sense of self isn't tied to the consonants people use when referring to us, but we're still pretentious and want to make a communist point about living in a society.I'll go kill myself now, llap.


>>138792857thats like 4 years difference and a whole different enterprise. if they are going to throw in fanservice they could make some effort to pretend like they care

>>138793330>Just give you some perspective from a tranny LARPer, the reason we do the "and he/him" thing isTrenders are the worst.>I'll go kill myself now, llap.About time...

>>138790142is it true they are being introduced in this season for a potential Star Trek: Brave spinoff?

O Brian fixes machinesBashir fixes peopleThey are almost polar opposites, but still similar.

>138793144 (You)>i'm not repeating myself>i-It's a call-backHere's that (You) I promised

>>138790142>firstLolno TNG did that

ooh leftoids... they're so ruthless. Wont even give up the (You)s

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>>138793330>>138793414Too obvious; lacks subtly

>>138793473>>138793000>>138792935>>138792416>>138792508>>138792173>>138792091>>138791901>>138791515>>138790951What is this twitter shit doing on my discussion board for Television and Film?


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>>138793638Hi Vee

>>138779641>I'm a white-passing bisexual binary transgender woman>white passing

Attached: 1544162256428.gif (538x369, 1.08M)

>>138793846Me on the bottom right

guys, what do you think of the episode "caves of androzani"????

>>138783072>Star Trek Day will kick off with a streaming marathon of episodes from eight different “Star Trek” series. The marathon begins at 3 a.m. EDT, will pause for the panels, and resume at 6:30 p.m.Predict the episodes they'll show. Just assume (((CBS))) will show the most woke episodes only, so from TOS - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.

Attached: LTBYLBhd0659.jpg (800x602, 268.99K)

Man I wish I had a Sonya Gomez gf

>>138794052That person probably posted from Israel.

are all you like Steve Shives????

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>>138779564my mom found this about 15 years ago at a garage sale, didn't even start watching trek until about 5 years ago. kept this for some reason but now I love him.

Attached: IMG_20200903_220016.jpg (3024x4032, 3.84M)

>>138792584>I think it's one or the other, not bothnot in current year

Attached: 1928379193284.jpg (1407x400, 154.38K)

>>138794438>t. shives

>>138779196T'Pol looks like she fucks shotas

>>138779641>good thing these people aren't in positions of power through affirmative action

>>138783072>diversity, inclusion, acceptance and hopethey actually believe their own lies don't they

Why is Jellico such a pleb filter?

>>138794486The whole bio sounds like "fuck you mom, fuck you dad!".>left their parent's home at 14Right during puberty, of course. That explains everything.

>>138794252TOS: Battlefield or The Savage CurtainTNG: Measure of a Man or Inner LightDS9: Far Beyond the StarsVOY: Thirty Days or TuvixENT: Cogenitor, Unexpected, Similitude or DamageSTD: Who the fuck caresPIC: The Cyberpunk 2077 episode

>>138794522Dear god we can only hope."You have not completed your pon-farr training, cadet. Perhaps you need assistance?"

>>138781046shame on you for what you did to Pingus

>>138794602>they actually believe their own lies don't theyHow else are they suppose to turn a harmless, middle-of-the-road liberal tv show into blatent partisan political propaganda? Also, the leftoid version of Christian rock and God's Not Dead is a good way to soothe their bruised egos at supporting something that's abjectly trash: at least it has a "good message".

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>>138789410Oy Vey!

Attached: SpaceJews.jpg (1438x1080, 400.5K)

>>138794602it's all about contextualizing things so that they are the underdog/hero. if you say "fuck that group" you're the bad guy. if you say "that group is oppressing us" they are.

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fuck republicansfuck boomersfuck /trek/

>>138794950>>138795035I wonder if our resident Holla Forumsfags can see the ironic humor in these consecutive posts?

>>138794602Did you sleep through the part where Star Trek has always been about diversity, inclusion, acceptance and hope? Cuz that’s kind of a big thing to miss.

>maybe if we don't even try to be clever and lulzy about it, it'll work

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>>138795189based "always been" poster. The Emperor's new clothes have "always" looked great, too.

>>138795189He's going to tell you he ignores the parts he doesn't like, because Star Trek is just a tv show and he enjoys hating it.

>>138795035He's referring to Nazis

>>138795231Why are you so blatantly dishonest? What's your reasoning?

>>138795181>our resident>ourNice touch, tranny. It's the subtle details to your /cope/ that make it the most entertaining. Sad they'll disappear as your meltdown continues into 2021.

Attached: 1586864878729.jpg (1024x819, 397.36K)

>>138795231I’m not defending NuTrek. You can hate all that bullshit without being dishonest.

>>138795276>what the fuck are obvious dog whistles in CURRENT_YEAR?You can make that point without being so autistically obtuse.


why is it so easy to track when anons in /trek/ are going through the manic and depressive phases of their mental illnessesand why is it still so easy to trigger them

>>138795239>he says every war>no he just meant the context that fits my views

>>138795510>be proven delusional and hysteric>no he just meant the context that fits my views

for all their references has LD acknowledged the existence of STD even once yet?

>>138795510Maybe you shouldn't use quotes from people you're unfamiliar with. Not exactly the author you want to quote to support your right wing views.

>>138795773Thankfully no

>>138795504Because you think that you can tell who is who on an anonymous imageboard and since it cannot be proven either way, your faith in your self-claimed ability remains unchallenged and you never have to question your assumptions and can just stay within your delusion. This is the same reason you are religious.

This post is meant to trigger leftoids. The assertions and >implications contained herein will undoubtedly cause them to seethe bigly.

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anyone happen to get a screenshot of the U.S.S. Keto docked at DS9?


Attached: Boims Getting Cucked.png (1920x1080, 1.81M)

>>138795912Jokes on you, it’s the mirror universe

>>138795959>gf gets blacked>turns his back on white women and bleaches mariner insteadBASED

>>138795912I'm a leftoid and the only thing triggering about your post is realizing we'll never get a 90's era Tom Hardy in a vampire flick, preferably in the Blade franchise.

>>138795961Yeah. Both our universes are based. Stay mad about it, faggotyoutube.com/watch?v=XmdtJWmR9zQ

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>>138795904nah it's pretty easy to tell who's posting and how much pressure they need to snap

>>138795773No, because --- hands please class -- everything about the USS Discovery was classified at the end of Season 2.

>>138796115>tfw I post as both based fascist shitlord and seething cucked-out leftoid

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>>138796178but can you post about star trek

>>138796233>hur dur your identity/point-of-view and your on-topicness are mutually exclusivebased retard who thinks he's full of clever zingers and snappy come-backs

Attached: 1574343031041.webm (478x696, 1.21M)

I miss her, bros

Attached: star-trek-naked-now-tasha_yar.jpg (768x576, 36.46K)

>>138796412Don't look at how she ended-up. Just remember the good times

julian's a fucking cuck, isn't he?

>>138796462worf was the married one, wouldn't that mean worf is the cuck?

>>138779855What is this loser doing these days?

Attached: 8256126483.jpg (709x800, 116.6K)

>>138796777cheked and huh?pilled

>>138796777still trying not to get canceled by his own people, one would assume.

Attached: 1584139055336.jpg (750x440, 94.91K)

>>138796777imagine the smell


>>138796777I assume the top picture is a porn and the bottom one is some kind of show wheaton fag runs? Any context?

>>138797009They filmed his show on a porn set.

>>138797052Makes sense. I bet he licked the couch.

>>138796777Didn't even turned the cushion. And made Jeri Ryan sit on it.

>>138788282>hurr durr I'm a retard>I do not like retards>u answered, gotcha!

>>138793374>thats like 4 years differenceNot unreasonable.