What's the lowest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes that you like

What's the lowest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes that you like

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>>138776567Honest answer: Kick-Ass 2. I saw it in the theater and enjoyed it. Fuck everyone else on planet Earth, it was worth my $8

Is it about interracial sex?

>>138776567These adventure movies like tomb raider, mummy films or national treasure and so on. They usually have scores somewhere around 20%. I don't give a shit anyway.

>>138776567how would i know what rotten tomato rating the movies i've seen have?


Freddy Got Fingered

boondock saints, 25%I get that it’s a trashy Tarantino ripoff, but it has a funny charm to it. Considering the fact that the guy who made it was just a dumbass bartender who got lucky, it’s actually pretty impressive

I'll never get the hate for this one.

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>>138776567Probably some slasher movie.

>>138777295this, /film/ retards brains are totally fried by the obscene amount of movies they consoom every day so they're unable to enjoy simple and casual adventure films. Kinda like how gay men and sluts apathic to sex they need to go into deep fetish shit to be able to get a kick out of it

>>138778908This was good, Volcano was not

Death Wish 3 and 4, not sure why critics hated them so much.

>>138776567That website needs to be nuked with aids

>>138778908What the fuck? I've always liked it.Perfect 90's disaster kino

>>138776567lowest I can think of

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Transformers 4

Butterfly Effect. Another thing about it is that I can’t grasp why people don’t like it

There’s probably a lower rated one

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I’m convinced that a lot of critics weren’t familiar with the book, and didn’t see how well it worked as an adaptation

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>>138776567Also, Miami Vice is pretty low at 47%

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>>138776567>Claudia Schiffer>Beatrice Dalle>0%These were some of the hottest women of their time, what a waste

>>138778908damn, i've always liked that one as well

Movie 43. This movie will be rehabilitated in the future.


>>138781458Unironically. Its a strong take on the absurdity of hollywood.

The mummy. One of the most unique Tom Cruise movies, yet it sits on ridiculously low 16% because of butthurt over universal monsters dark universe attempt. Almost like all the work they put into the movie gets trashed just because of that.

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>>138782281This is a travesty

>>138777319my thoughts exactly

>>138777319Dangerously based. I almost googled lowest RT scores to find the list and pick one I liked, but you’re right, fuck them.

>>138779522maybe they did, but the movie was shit regardlessmaybe the book is shit too>muh drugs

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>>138778908This flick is great

>>138782281This confirms it for me, RT doesn’t know shit about fuck.

>>138782281Absolute mumbo jumbo of the highest order

Admittedly it's not that great of a movie but I guess I'm just a sucker for adventure and treasure.

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>>138776567ha, I thought this was AI at first

Great movie, great cast, fuck the haters.>BUT MUH TARANTINOOOOOO

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It was a pro gun self defence movie so liberals fucking seethed at it. I enjoyed it however. Some parts could have been better for sure, but 18%? Nah, libs just mad.

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>>138776567anything with young Jessica Alba


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>>138779432This is probably Paul's best movie, pre cgi.


>>138783028This is pure kino. People are retarded.


>>138779580I wanted to like this movie, it definitely has its moments and BDT + TLJ are a good pair. But it's kinda ass

>>138783556Naw it sucked, but like revenge of the nerds and police academy leagues better than anything post 2010.

>>138783758The soundtrack alone makes it worth watching.

Wet hot American summer

>>138778908It's fine. We even watched it in gegorapby class back in high school, I shit you not>>138779199It felt like a parody of the first two and Bronson was on a downwards spiral with his age and health. I enjoy all five in their own way though>>138782665They don't make them like they used to...>>138783074I feel like I should have appreciated it a bit more for what it was but compared to the original it just felt a bit lackluster>>138783478I'M GONNA KEEP COMIN' BACK UNTIL SOMEONE REMEMBERS RICHIE

I don't like any low rated movies on RT. If a movie has a rotten rating then it's objectively bad so why would I like it or watch it?


>>138777319yeah, I'm thinking he's based

Easily my favourite "Die Hard on a something" movie.

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Not as good as Gettysburg and the pacing is all over the place, but Stephen Lang gives a fantastic performance.

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>>138784671I loved Van Damme on late night shows promoting this as his first "A" movie.

>>138779131>brains are totally fried>from having good taste

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this is, unironically, one of my favourite films of all time - and i have seen literally 90% ofenglish speaking films.The first 10minutes or so (i skip it) is awful greenscreen, indoor/set pieces depicting a crusades battle and is probably why most people turn it off, but after that you have 2 knights (cage and perlman) who are bros and who set off across europe on their mission, sent by Christopher Lee's character. They travel across mountains, camping, visit towns, and meet new travellers. it has themes and imagery similar to that black death film with Sean Bean, or soloman kane. It has costumes and fantasy settings to rival fellowship of the ring, but obviously on a far smaller scale. This is my go to film, i've probably seen it 100 times. its rewatchable as fuck.youtube.com/watch?v=1UCl0Yv-3dw

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>>138776567Imagine having such shit taste that you like a movie with 0%

>>138776567who cares about reddit tomatoes

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The people have spoken

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one of my all time favorites

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>>138783074I’m extremely pro gun and pro defending yourself and your property from people but that movie was utter garbage.


>>138787692 "This" is the 4chan equivalent of updooting someone

>>138776567I am actually pretty surprised at the audience score, it's a solid action film.

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>>138786734Fucking this

>>138776567dennis hopper elevates anything to kino

>>138786734How is pulp fiction related?

dis. surprised its actually this low.

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>>138788888Tarantino co-wrote the movie with Roger Avery. In fact Roger Avery worked with Tarantino on ResDogs too. They used to be writing partners. If you watch Killing Zoe, it has a similar vibe to Reservoir Dogs.

>>138783028Weekend at Bernie's and Weekend at Bernie's 2 are both pure unadulterated kino and fuck anybody who says otherwise. The photoshops of Hillary Clinton as Bernie were also kino.

>>138776567Probably Sucker Punch or the 5th Pirates movie.


>>138785859I came into it thinking of laughing at a shit movie but was surprised with how good the movie was.

DOOM 2005

I could watch it for the 67th time right now.

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Jason x

>>138785576That's fucking bullshit. Cobra was great. The only improvement would be the Stallone cut with the added violence.

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I didn't know about how the critics thought of it until years later when the internet was something everybody had.I think I met one person who didn't like it and that was only because they blackwashed Jim. Everyone else I knew, myself included, thought it was fun as fuck.

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>>138776567Ferrara filters critics. Even his movies that are well regarded by seemingly everyone have scores in the 70s.

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This comes to mind, but there are definitely ones that are lower. Inb4 onions, I like the movie.

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>>138789822Whoa, why is this rated so low

>>138789859Also this

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>>138778908Why the hell is the rating so low? It should at least be a 50.

>>138776567Woah, that actually has a really high Letterboxd rating. Is it actually good or am I getting memed?

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>>13877952250 percent movies are often very good. It just means the film is divisive, as good films often are.

>>138784671Great film>>138789822I watched this movie probably more than any other movie as a kid and still love it to this day. I had the toys from Burger King.>>138776567Pic related is unforgivable

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>>138790030Maybe it panders to the trannies who infest letterboxd but were unfashionable in 1997

>>138790166Tranny boogeyman

>>138789859I love this movie. Brian Benben and Dolph Lundgren make a great team.

>Hollywood would give a conservative doc a fair shake

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>>138779522Great film>>138782532Watch it, it’s good. It’s more than just drugs

>>138779522>>138790688Fear and Loathing is fucking garbage

Fucking love Deep Rising

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>>138789906I remember loving this movie as a kid. This is the one with the 'PICK ME UP' grenade right?


Who legit cares about RT? They are the worst site to ever exist.


My go to "Fuck you, I liked it!" film. Kenneth Branagh was unrecognizable and brilliant with the racist/cripple banter with Will Smith. Kevin Kline is always good and it had peak Salma. Comfy kino.

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>>138791519wicky wild wicky wicky wild wild west

>>138790972Watching this movie as a kid was a REALLY bad idea.Also, it's kinda funny how the movie is rated PG-13 while being an absolute gorefest.

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fuck this pissed me off seeing the score. absolute kino.

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Critics are absolute dumbasses

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>>138786734my friend showed me this movie saying he loved it, amazing film

>>138791832>audience score: 69nice

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>>138790004>>138782562>>138780741>>138779209I really don't get it. Normally with disaster movies, they get slammed because they're too ridiculous and overblown. Dante's Peak is more down to earth as we mostly just follow one town trying to escape from an erupting volcano. The destruction scenes are well done and it doesn't have nearly as many cliches as disaster movies usually do. I find it quite exciting.

>>138791519I watched this for the first time recently and had a blast. It's a genuinely enjoyable movie. Love all the steampunk stuff.

>>138776567The Nutcracker in 3D

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>>138791832>it's kinda funny how the movie is rated PG-13 while being an absolute gorefest.It's just too ridiculous to be taking seriously. He punches a literally clean hole through somebody.It's cartoonish, not in the way RoboCop is, but an actual cartoon like Looney Toons.

The Steve Martin Pink Panther movies. I find them funny enough to watch with the family.

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>>138793338I was referring to Deep Rising, user.

>>138786734Thank you for reminding me of this one

>>138793751Oh, make sense.

>>138790220At least you admit that they're men

I blame mondo burger for this

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Freddy Got Fingered


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>>138782281This is an abomination.

>>138791997fuckin what?!

>>138793264Cant believe it. Im not even mad, just sad.

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>>138783074Are you the Ice Cream Man?

>>138778799Same for me. It seems like it gets way more criticism than warranted, I feel like I see people getting mad that the "message" isn't good, but who cares?


>>138789903it's shit

>>138776567I really liked it. Fast paced thriller, Half-life 2 dystopia, spooky aliens and John Goodman. Also, genuinely one of my favourite movie endings of all time.

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At least the audience score is fresh, but just barely.

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>>138797121>over-reliance on horror clichesWhat the fuck. The reason that movie is memed to this day is that it was a refreshing take on the "Hellraiser" genre. That's like calling Scream cliched.

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>>138797121I was shocked when I saw the RT score on this one.

>>138776567Star Trek V: The Final FrontierIt's pure kino from beginning to end.

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>>138791832came here to post this

>>138797409I wouldn't say pure kino, but I enjoyed it.

>>138796364No it's not, faggot.


>>138793178You just had a crush on Elle, didn't you?

>>138797409What does god need with rotten tomatoes?

>>138793338I mean... that doesn't really even seem possible... if you think about it

>>138776943No, it’s about intra-racial sex, thus the low score.

RT is such a trash site. I give it a 22%