Why did she drop off the radar?

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Body like a brick shithouse

Because Holla Forums bullied her to hell and back. We are literally the reason.

>>138771461I want her to beat the shit out of me

>>138771461In a few days they'll release Shadow in the Cloud, directed by some woman and written by the utterly mediocre Max Landis.

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>>138771461Same reason sophie turner is not on the radar they got called fat on the internet.

>>138771599She's strong

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>>138771769How much can she bench?

>>138771461She and Jonah would make a nice couple.

>>138771734good, fat people should be shamed

she dropped out of all her movies to shill for Hillary Clinton

>>138771769she looks like a JoJo villain

>>138771461Omg this is so hot, it's like cumming to a bloke that looks like a broad

Not bad

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>>138771769Because she bring the anvil with her everywhere?

Hwr fuselage is coated in a special stealth coating.

>>138771599Don't overestimate yourself. Literally no one cares about 4chins.

>>138771461Is it because she lost her gains and isn't buff as fuck anymore?


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>>138771461Didnt kim kardashian wreck her on social media?? So that and hitching her wagon to hilary. Also the louis ck movie

>>138772211Goddamn she has an amazing frame.If she would hop on the anavar and become wheyfu she could be the GOAT superheroine.

>>138771599No, she got ugly and no one wanted to cast her.

>>138771769It was me, Dio!!

>>138771662Isn't he in prison?

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>>138772363why'd she do it bros

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>>138771872Footniggers are the first to go on the day of the rope.

>>138772414No. Probably paid off the chicks who accused him. Earlier this year he started a "holistic acting coaching" thing and this flick's screenplay is supposedly "feminist" (as if Landis couldn't get more detestable)

>>138772424>boggedShe answered the call.

She surrounds herself with gay men who dress her like an idiotLook at her Insta, it's been nothing but BLM garbage and leftist propaganda for monthsShe also pretended to be a lesbian for a while because she was criticised for taking the Cameron Post rolePretty sure she had a coke problem for a while when she was hanging around fashion shows pretending to be a modelHer fag brother is her manager, which nearly always ends badly in Hollywood, it'll turn out he's ripping her off eventually

>>138771461she might have nigger genes she gets buffed even without doing anything

>>138772475Huh, yeah can't remember him making anything of interest. Never heard of that lady either.

When did she hit the wall? 17? Very few cases like that. Very sad.

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>>138772640Slav genes I presume

Those DSLs tho

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I used to be obsessed with herShe was the reason I came to Holla ForumsThose days are long past

>>138772363Explain Elizabeth Moss then, being ugly doesn't matter in Hollywood if they think you are popular

>>138772703He wrote Chronicle I think. Very unpleasant and narcissistic, also middling screenwriter.

>>138773130Moss is just the plain woman du jour used to fool roasties and trannies into watching soon to be forgotten movies.

>>138771461You're a big g-...


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>>138771504Her voice even became masculine. She basically turned into a different character in Kick-Ass 2. I don't even think I finished that movie.

>>138771461SMELL 'EM

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If she wanted to she could snap the world with her fingers.

>>138774388wait... you don't think...

>>138774812I'd let her rail me if it were true.

>>138774388TOLL PAID

>>138775939not sure i get your reasoning.

>>138771769Fire that makeup artist immediately. Not to mention the angle makes it look so much worse.

>>138771461She developed hammertoe from wearing high heels all her life making her feet impossible to jack off to. The ultimate betrayal.

>>138772777There he is

>>138771914I seriously can't tell what is shopped and what isn't any more.

>>138774388that nigga is gay dohfake news bitch

>>138774388>>138777260Isn't Chance the Rapper married and a Good Monogamous Christian Boy™?

>>138771769Mother of nose hairs...

Check her twitter our. Its really sad, she's bringing back kick ass all the time.

>>138777313His wife literally looks like a nigga in a wig

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>>138771504shut up she looks fine

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>>138771461Don't know, but I miss the memeing

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She looks like AEW Wrestler.

>>138771504is that a bad thing?

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>>138777703>White Chicks 2: Black Dudes

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>>138779044>ywn be put in a chokehold by chloe moretzits not fair bros.......

>>138778871She's bigger than the twinks on AEW

>>138771599We don't bully her we fear her.

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>>138778718kekeknever noticed before the beaner face on the board.

>>138771461Her steroid dealer got arrested.

>>138771892>not knowing industry leaders people here for ideas and opinions

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>>138779116Look at that. She's trying to imitate herself, and doing it wrong.

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>>138771504She's a big guy


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>>138771461She hit the wall at 18


>>138779619And to think THIS will be the high point of her life looking back when she got most of the attention she'll never be able to get ever again.

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>>138771769She looks like Butch from Gotham

>>138771461she's still on my radar if you know what I mean

Does somebody have reasonable explanation without memeing why is she so big? Does she take testosterone or wtf is the reason?

>>138780174she just does zero workout and her hips are nonexistent. naturally wide shoulders can be balanced out by child bearing hips and thick ass, and since she has neither she ends up looking like a fucking fridge

>>138780174she has myostatin deficiency and extremly good genetically determined muscle insertions and bone structure. given an appropriate procreation partner she will birth a monsteror a god

>>138780174She has a terrible refrigerator body type:instagram.com/p/CErl9GDnF_f/She's also dim, so her clothing choices don't suit her and she seems not to work out ever.

>>138780174there are some theories that involve birth control causing hormonal imbalances which seem plausible

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>>138780174All of the aforementioned, but also zero fashion sense - either too arrogant to see her proportions are fucked or too stupid to know that she needs to pick outfits based on that. Maybe shawls and big thick belts, anklets and shit to draw attention away from her brutal shoulders and tremendous arms.

>>138779388For you


>>138771892not true. google her name and you will see a sea of 4chan photoshops of her. the meme even spread to normie twitter.

>>138781064Holy...you know, you might be right. I think I can tell by some of the pixels

>>138779368>exposing some more skin for the Chad>mirin the hell out of the Chad>hand between legs


I used to want to fuck her so bad, now I'm just disgusted. But I did just recently fap to a damn good deepfake of her. Ironcially it made her looks leagues better than she'll ever look again IRL.

>>138781183We'll see how sarcastic you are when my arm is down your throat.

i prefer fat chloe over fit chloedon't @ me

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>>138781787You mean when she was eleven? So did half of Holla Forums

>>138782001I bet her braps smelled fantastic.

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>>138782001no way this isnt fake

>>138779368Is that Cudi on the left? If not looks like him

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I'd still fuck her. But I do have some qualms about her cheating on her boyfriend with Kristen Stewart and then sending her twitter army after him when he dumped her for it.

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She looks like Shinya Hashimoto.

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>>138779368You can see the fear and discomfort in their eyes.

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>>138782613she’s still very cute

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>>138771461Too old for pedos. Didn't grow up to be a hot woman.

>>138781316she has a glock between her legs. chloë grew up in atlanta. she knows never relax

>>138772777Diddly doodly chick-checkerino

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>>138777732she has to deliver pizza in heels to pay her bills now??? dang


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>>138781000checked also can you get shoulder shortening surgery, is that a thing user, am asking you and only you?

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>chloe thinking about dicks again

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>>138771914>>138772211don lie, you'd let her ride you while you're standing up and she holds herself with her legs around your waist and arms around your neck and would grind until she cooms.


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>she's a fridge lolIt's like you guys don't want sons with 10 strength

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>>138771461because she’s adorable and kind, but we were mean to her. we don’t deserve her.

>>138783522She slightly looks like the wrestler Natalya here.

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>>138784740This is true

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>posting naughty pictures of me online again are you user?

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>>138772777nice trips fag

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Much like a stealth bomber Chloe's huge wingspan allows her to remain undetected by primitive radar tracking systems.

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>>138771769when you see it......

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>>138771461I don't get the memes, she's not bad looking, I would.


spongebob and miss piggy in one person

>>138774388Tbh they just look like homies I don’t think anything happened. Chloe’s based, she hung out with Travis Scott too way before he was super popular.

Does Holla Forums remember when she clapped at kim kardashian because she was pretty much jealous of her body Any screencaps would be nice I know some user has them

>>138771461Because shes my girl friend now and we’re living a lowkey life

>>138787138Open up for the airplane because I'm gonna spoonfeed you

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>>138771461sacrificed her career to support democrats. it continues this election. didn't have to do more than token support democrats but went in whole hog

>>138772424faked, but if she went overboard with the fake lips, she might get interesting again

>>138771892sorry bub, 4chan is mainstream now

>>138788384Murdered. I even think khloe joined in too


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>>138787036>Tbh they just look like homiesFalse.She was thirsting after him for months on Twitter without having met him yet.

>>138788968Khloe tweeted a fake pic of Chloe's butthole hanging out of a swimsuit. Not even kidding.


Holy crap this is not a meme she really is strong she can do 10 pullups which is probably more than 90% of fa/tv/irginsinstagram.com/p/B7rLWYwBOyg/

>>138789834you have to be strong when you’re smol



>>138772913Gotta admit, this pic made me hard

>>138789834DOES CHLOE THINK SHE'S BLACK?? I haven't even seen niggers with this much white hate smeared across their social media. This bitch is obviously training for the upcoming race war and she is not on our side.Liz Olsen better hit the gym to counter Chloezilla.

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>>138771504Think she's into CBT?

>>138790676i tried smoking that stuff, it doesn’t do shit

>>138789834>moving her legs up every timeshe's doing them wrong.

>>138790787girls get a pass on that i think

>>138790787maybe but I don't think it helps her, unlike "kipping pullups">>138790590I've seen many starlets (like Brie Larson) doing exactly the same thing. I think they do this to try and stay relevant by proving they are the right kind of woke for stardom.

>>138790928Hmm. Yeah, I hear ya.

>>138790928>I think they do this to try and stay relevant by proving they are the right kind of woke for stardom.They do it as a signal that they're craving BBC

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>>138791337glad you could make it, chang

>>138779044t-that's not r-real...

Chloe a cute

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>>138791337Her tits are a little too small. Her feet are a little too big.

>>138771461Her personality stinks too from what I hear

>>138791337I bet she’s wearing ass padding

>>138793041she’s really nice i played rocket league with her and mclovin

>>138793041finally I have something in common with my waifu

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>>138771662>A female WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight.>female WWII pilotwat. I know the Soviets had the Night Witches (and even had female snipers with decent kill counts), but was there any in America?

>>138771461pumpkin headed bitch

>>138794373>no gay blowjob

>>138794695where is batman?

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>>138794728On the elephant

Chloë is /ourgirl/

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>>138794874Correction, Jennette McCurdy is our girl.


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>>138795123How so?Her podcast is is painfully bland>>138795154On Holla Forums sure

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>>138794874she was when she was 14

>>138795123you are delusional but i like her butt

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>>138784683She looks like she'd have an easier time surviving the apocalypse than me.

Goddamn. Being famous must suck hard 95% of the time.

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>>138797726>why are we still here? just to suffer?

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>>138797726I don't buy it.If these hoes want to avoid the paparazzi all they have to do is not liven in LA or NYC

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