The term "gamer" is now used as an insult by feminists in the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 fiasco

Pack your bags now fellas. You just got owned!

Meh. The PS4 Shittter dab is more entertaining and easier to get angry about.

what does this have to do with toy wars? what's the connection?

The less people we have proudly calling themselves gamers, the better

"im not owned"

What does he mean by this? Is he suggesting that the white dude (statistically most likely) who he is responding too is "owned."
If all white dudes are owned then how can they have white privilege?

Sometimes for a brief moment every once in a blue moon I wish I had twitter so I could ask these people to explain their bullshit. But then I remember they'd just get me banned from the platform for hate speech or harassment or something.

Who is this faggot again? And why should we care?

haha, gaymers xD

Joke's on them, I'm a player.

oh wow this is completely unprecedented…

Stop making threads.

Finally, now we gamers can be outside the mainstream and get good games again. Right? R-right?

Honestly, I'm more proud to call myself hentai connoisseur than being called a gamer.

"Gamer" was always a word for Halo/Cowadoodie fratboy retards. The proper term is "player" anyway.

Good thing that gamers died few years ago then :^)

That faggot is quoting that Dril twitter account. They can't even make their own jokes.

Posting again, and I was correct. Upon further investigation that faggot didn't even come up with his own joke.

Lol he used to BE a gaming journalist. What a little opportunistic pissant

Joke's on you, that's been co-opted by niggers.

To be fair, no self respecting person wants to associate with the braindead consumerist mob that call themselves "gamers". These faggots just happen to hate them for the wrong reasons.

So now when I go up to some chick randomly and say "Gkkho hhooome gaymer guuuurl!" I'm not saying she is a fucking loser on top of being a dipshit?

Sounds cool to me.

'now saying

He's the guy who got caught with his dick up his cat's ass on the internet. No joke.

Player gets used to refer to someone who is playing a game in the current or specific context.
Gamer tends to be more general or generic.