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Can they actually do that?

For everyone or just aussies?

Probably just a mistake, heh.

All that damage control, beautiful.
Too bad Reddit will likely say its good now.

Not a chance unless sexual harassment on the company at a great scale was discovered.

Don't forget they hid the unsubscribe button in TOR for the longest time, too. This isn't anything new.

We should make claims of sex by surprise against them

You can still call in to support for a refund, so they’re pulling a loophole.

EA owns both Dice and Origin so there's nothing stopping them. I mean I think it's illegal in a lot of countries if that's what you're asking.

For everyone.

No, they only cut the hero cost in game by 75%.

They also the credits you earn in the game to purchase heroes by 75% so it means nothing.

Actually, even reddit is going after them. The picture in the OP is from a post on reddit.

This isn't the first time they have done this, after TORtanic was released they quickly removed the function to unsubscribe and banned anyone who found a way to get it back, and they were still charged after the bans.
If you're stupid enough to buy EA products after everything they've done you deserved to be conned.

That's some sneaky shit but hopefully people don't fall for it.

I foresee another TORtanic. What should we call this one? Given that it's about a game called Battlefront, I propose StEAlingrad.

i get a strong you own nothing goyim feeling from this move.

I don't really have any sympathy for anyone stupid enough to buy it anyway.

Very unlikely. As long as there are whales and "trusted" news outlets covering their asses, they'll be fine though will slow down

Why?Are you gonna stop buying their games or something?
didn't think so
Or are you delusional enough to think reddit downboats=power?

They removed the refund button so that either means everyone noticed and started to refund or they're shitting that pants expecting everyone to refund.

Only if people stop buying their sportsball games.

Niggers are not people.

Not sure whose more on suicide watch, Preorderfags or EA.

Why do you think they have so many studios die in their place? Those studios act as Horcruxes so that EA continues to live as those studios die in his place. Everyone wants them to die but they know it isn't going to happen in their lifetime.

Preorderfags, quite honestly. Neither EA nor the devs seem to give a fuck as long as the cash keeps flowing in. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a move demanded by the PR team.

Exactly, the only studio they really have left is Respawn and that's not even finalized. They are running out of shields.


TFW EA might actually die before Trump wins second term


Now thats scummy

This is a smalll dent you idiot, EA is not dying anytime soon.
Not with DICE and Sports shit
The only thing thats dying is Disneys goodwill since they keep fucking up their profits they could have made by licensing the franchise to a shitton of other companies instead of an exclusive deal in which the Mouse gets a X out of every copy sold.

EA keeps fucking it up with shit like this, huge timeframes between releases and outright cancelling games, even their mobile Star Wars game is doing badly and barely any money is going the Mouses way thanks to EA fuckups.

When did this board fill up with delusional morons?

This is some next level kikery. They must be really afraid Battlefront 2 will bomb.

That's a pretty bold assumption there. Care to share anything with us?

if they don't get sued for this shit, i don't know what will stop them for jewing more idiots

Now that is hilarious.

Holy shit EA gives no fucks at all!


They will just buy more.

Guys reddit baited everyone. The button was removed months ago. You’ve had to fill out refund requests for a while now.



Thats even worse


I know you just the pain to end and vidya to be good again, user. But we've only just begun.

At least it will educate more people on not pre-ordering a product.
Now I'm pissed they are deflecting the conversation to "look at those toxic gamers sending death threats over a video game!" And fat fucks like boogie biting the bait because they're in dire need of validation because they're gamers
Reminds me of mass effect 3 and how they deflected the complains about the endings with homophobia

My sides will not survive this trainwreck.

There are reports of more wait time

EA is slowly realizing they are fucked. The fact that Titanfall 2 was not jewed nearly as hard as EA's past titles tells me that they are worried. I bet they thought they were able to get away with this hero bullshit because the only bigger cucks than EA cucks is Star Wars fans. You know you fucked up when even the Star Whores start kicking and screaming.


Even besthesda which has nothing on ea is on the shitlist for most dev studios now. The only people ea has left to hire are the diversity students and sjw students from sanfran and the rest of cali.


We can only dream. Its more accurate to portray EA focusing only at Fifa and mobile shit while slowly sinking or implode in ten years, if they keep fucking up and goyim continue to wake up at their bullshit. Fuckers will do as many cuts possibles, close studios and do re-managements to stay afloat, till theres no way out.


i share these digits with you

Boogie is a literal cuck, the 3 people who still reference him on this board need to stop mentioning this fucking retard, hes a flip flopping corporate leftist whore.

not when you pirate them not even worth a pirate tbh

Another case of hyper entitled gamer, nothing to see here

Oh god damn user. That user posted more proof of EA’s fuckery and all you can focus on is who the person is. Get a grip.

Like earlier today he made a posts saying that all gamers are responsible for the alleged death threads sent in to the Battlefront 2 devs. He's suck a fuckwit.

Hi Boogie


I though he used a pointy bamboo stick to write


He uses a straw held in his mouth, just like an Orthodox Jew.

A one-time reward for finishing the campaign (20.000 -> 5.000). But have no fear, EA will pull those shekels out of your pockets via other means.


Thank fucking god, I don't deal with the Mouse.

I would not be surprised if EA labels piracy figures as public interest alongside search hits and video views to make themselves seem more popular to their investors.

Assuming this isn't some damage controlling shill, origin was always like this and you had to go through customer service in order to cancel games.

Anyone know if this is true or not?

BF2 is still going to sell millions. When will plebbit realize nobody gives a shit about their opinion?

Is this a mobile port?

What did boogie say/do?

That is obvious. The funny part is that reddit will buy it themselves and then complain about it.

No, you shouldn't have to talk with an EA representative.

You've already been replaced. No, you don't matter to us, we don't know you, you're one of hundreds of thousands of people and yet you expect to be treated like a valued customer? You're not a valued customer and we have no idea who you are and we don't care. We get 8000-10000 new pre-orders every single day. No-one in the world could possibly care about each individual and anyone that says otherwise is LYING TO YOU. If you prefer to be lied to rather than told the truth, by all means, stop buying

as long as somebody bought one to begin with,it's a start

He said all gamers are responsible for the actions of one who says something bad. Guilt by association stuff, lot of us's and we's. The usual thing assholes do.

Enlightened centrists, the subhumans of the political spectrum.

Fine, no one else is going to ask fuckhead retarded LE HABBENIGN OP, I'll do it.
Did EA do refunds in Australia previously? Does the edition of the game screencapped include non-refundable elements? Is there any source for this being a deliberate move, besides a screenshot and OP's conjecture?

Please post the rest of that comment chain at the bottom, it seems he's getting ready to BTFO.

8gag will also buy it themselves and then complain about it.

It wouldn't be the first time they pulled this kind of bullshit. They did it during the TORtanic with subscriptions.

That's a pretty biased pool you are taking that sample from.

Have a gander for yourself.

If it's at goodwill, odds are it's NOS that Target had to offload.

Don't forget, sportsball is finally starting to die.

1,700 users. Holla Forums has what, 3000 unique IPs? Majority of the user base right there. There's probably quite a few unaccounted for as well.

You'll probably be one of them, I imagine.


He retweets Hank Green

That guy believed that the FineBros scandal was all about anti-semitism.

That's a long way from substantiating anything.



Goddamnit, he didn't. I thought he was gonna bring up muslims and make him look like a hypocrite.

hey, we have rainbow 6 siege threads, don't we? I don't put it past you casual faggots to gobble origin cock too.

Whoops my bad

Now what the fuck am I going to do?

Containmment threads and the autists who defend it are not the majority.
See the replies whenever they bring that shit anywhere outside their designated Ubishill thread.
Same cancer that shilled For Honor and Overcuck no doubt.

We have titanfall 2 threads as well, so consider it proved.

Play old games and chill?

Titanfall is decent
Its only shunned because

Public Autoerotic Asphyxiation?

I can only live off of the sweet succor of nostalgia for so long, user. Eventually the well will dry up. I don't know what I'm gonna do; I'm already pretty bored of all the games I own.

I want to fug that Nep


To be fair, he speaks for all the seats he takes up in any given room.

Good, leave

eat pant, user. You know as well as I do that the well is drying.


This is literally mobile game tier shit HOLY FUCK EA, HOW KIKEY CAN YOU BE?

Not nostalgia, old games.

There is a metric shit tonne of old games that you can't possibly beat in your lifetime.


Shut up you fat faggot.
Not because you're a fucking beta blubber-monster neckbeard with poor hygiene who spills his grandstanding platform of shit on the internet for all to see, couldn't possibly be any of that oh no.

Is he a big fat faggot by any chance?

EA lives off sportsball. All other games are just their propaganda wing. So unless sports start to tank they'll be fine.

Got any recommendations for good RPGS or building games that aren't spaghetticraft, terraria, starbrown, space engineers, or garry's mod?

Nigger what if you've already played them all to death?


Dragon Quest builders. It's both jrpg and builder.

EA. I hear that they're not doing well for some reason.

"We'll show those evil Trump-loving jerks not to fuck with Social Justice by denying people refunds! They cn't stop the Social Justice train now!"

How do they expect anyone not to notice this!? How do they consider this to be okay? You fucked up your product, and your answer is to give the fucking consumer the middle finger with this?

'Wait to play'
What the fuck is this shit, they couln't do it more damage if they were actively trying to sink it.

Nice, I'll look into it.

EA is gonna win the Third Worst American company or the 9,000th award at the rate they're going.

The minute I saw his Twitter picture, I could tell he's a sjw cuck pretending to be a middle guy.

Is EA paying you or do you just do it for free?

What a retarded worldview. It's completely illogical to blame someone for something they've never done simply because they belong to the same hobby, race, political group, club. Why do people even watch this idiot? Is he just smug fuel for feminists and sjws that like to see a white man grovel?

Only the groups white men are commonly attributed to. He also left out liberals, as he probably is one and sees his preferred group as the right one.

Nah lad, you're just a misinformed casual retard who only looks at AAA.


I've just been playing Darkest Hour

Seaon Pass and Disc-locked content bullshit already confirmed

Will have Sjw pandering via RWBY characters

You're giving money to a VA who is a known sjw-tumblr bitch (Runkachan)

Allready affected by sjws and feminists

Step your game up.

doujins are not canon.

I've beaten all of those except firepro wrestling, gsg, and ni no kuni, with the obvious exceptions. Are you seriously saying VNs are games? Seriously? Come on dude.

they're fucking books, user. You're recommending me books when I want to play video games.

Europe is canon.

you being with your waifu isn't canon either, nerd

Neither is a black man as a father, ever. Enjoy being a single mother Mugi.

what the fuck are you talking about

user, you might as well stop playing games entirely since someone you don’t like had a hand in it. Also
No, TX and Ys 8 were affected by shit translations and localizations.

The real question is: are the ridiculous EA directors doing this out of sheer incompetence, or are they fully aware of how fucked up and hilarious this is but do it anyways knowing the stupid fucking normalfaggots will lap it all up in the end?
you know it's the latter

good best goy

I am pretty sure this is illegal. Someone here who is a lawyer or para-legal might want to drop some hints on those poor sods who actually pre-ordered this steaming pile of shit on how to sue and deep six EAs ass for good.

I believe he's quoting Totalbiscuit.

It's actually a good business, they'll take your soul, your shitty game studio and stick 25cms of wood up your ass but after all is done you don't have a company to manage anymore and a few millions.
They'll always have someone to swallow.

Cr1tikal/penguinz0 did this too, he even doubled down and mentions entitlement and death threats against Anita Sarkesian's dog (don't think she even has a dog). @ 5:50 in case anyone cares.

7 death threats out of 322,000 downvotes (at the time) is less than 0.002% of the people that downvoted by the way.

Here's the context for the quote.

We have reach a point as a species where our continued survival is something I do not support.

Whatever happened to total biscuit? last time I checked he wasn't such an insufferable cunt. he also apparently came close to death with cancer

It's like you guys think devs want to make games and not an assload of money.


I refuse to give money to a fat sjw-tumblr bitch like Runka even if a game is good. That's just as bad as giving money to Ashley Burch for ruining Mortal Kombat X and Chun-Li.

I hope the fat guy tells me HOW could I have prevented my "fellow" gamers from making them death threats! I want to be vigilant when the next heated debate starts!

What a pleb
You're a shit liar

I'll just wait for the final version
Not how it works and I can pirate it
You're an idiot that has no idea what hes talking about.

Forgot the embed

Are traps gay?

Do you have proofs?

his cancer metastasized to his entire being


wouldn't even be surprised if it spread all over and mutated into that tbh

I'll admit I'm wrong about the Falcom stuff. I'm very pessimistic about Crosstag with the RWBY fags going apeshit on tumblr.

True, but I still don't want anything involving her, Burch, or Vee (Buying Skullgirls and Shantae was bad enough).

Guys like Critikal and Dunkey are flip flopping redditcore.
No matter what the delusional cuckchanners who praise them say, theres no
Just flip flopping Redditors with poor taste in vidya.


he's the definition of a fair-weather friend that is pro-consumer as long as it doesn't make him have to acknowledge the fact that he hangs out with and supports some of the biggest cancers in the industry, outside of his colon at least

I still dont know what the fuck happened between him and laura "new vagina" dale but I know for sure that he seems to love jim sterling taking gigantic goon-tier "heh gamers" shits all over his own audience

Stop being a fucking idiot
Who gives a fuck, does Cuphead stop being a good game because of Tumblr?
Nobody but CalArts panders to that dying site flooded with porn anymore, especially not a Japanese dev.

Alright, if they're not books, then they're picture books, like those old CYOA books you could buy about 10 years ago. also, you glanced over obvi- actually I'm not gonna take that bait. I feel bad enough.

This is pretty cool, though. How come fucking based nippon always puts out the best games?

It's like being in a horror movie, you run away to the refund button… but it is no longer there!

Don't forget Muv-Luv, user!

The Cavia dubs are great and personally handled by the masketta man. It's one thing to demand the option to have both, and to be a retarded memekid who stubbornly refuses any dubbing out of misplaced adoration.

Meant the Japanese OG voices

>What is Danganronpa and Persona? besides shit
Keep digging your grave
Its a VN, VNs are not vidya, remember?
This is also a VN

"Hey Jimbo how many books do you read every year? No, visual novels don't count." :^)

No, that's extremely unlikely, here's why:
If you haven't been redpilled about EA by now, then there's no hope for the normals. Trust me, I'd like to believe too, but I just don't see the sun through the trees.

Jeez, why is TB such a fucking cunt? The dude wasn't even implying they were friends. He was saying he likes the dude and thinks he's a cool guy but he really treats his fans like shit, and TB goes off on an autistic rant about how they're not "friends", he doesn't matter,he can go fuck himself and he's been replaced already? Why do people even like this guy?

Fucking newfags, all you need to know how much of a faggot TB is to know he is an ex goon from SA and read some of his fucking post, go back to reddit you are lower than a cuckchan refugee.

Only good dubs are of hentai and Ghost Story.
Dubs are fucking cancer
Subs helped me learn other languages and whenever I go to other European countries which have the habit of dubbing stuff not only are the voice actors shit but also praised while the common population can't speak a word of other any language besides their own.

Fuck dubs, learn how to read you shitstain


Technically the japanese versions are still dubs.

Theres no winning with people like that

Almost forgot
Dubs are fuckimg cancer, the Eternal Anglo must learn

I think it was deliberate. Preorders were lower than expected, so they create an artificial controversy. There is no way this response to standard lootbox jewry was organic.

Disney has got to be fucking bullshit right now!!!

Not really, its not replacing anything

People have been conditioned to believe "not quite as terrible" means "good". Standards are just that low it seems.


Holy fuck, that's so sadistic it's almost vindictive. Like some exec in his ivory tower is looking down on the plebs like, "Oh, you whiny fucks. You won't pay for our heroes, fine, pay with your lives. Now you get to waste 4x as much of them grinding our shitty game.

This place really has gone to shit.

True, but to play devils advocate, not everyone cares or uses Twitter and the news weren't disclosed since ecelebs are cancer.

There antics always end up in threads here or get their own thread.


He should know pretty well what repulses women from personal experience, because not only is he rolling ball of lard, but has also the voice and mannerism of a hamster.

I have no knowledge of this lardass beyond his cucked comments. Also I was saying he *is* an disgusting obese faggot, though I am just going by his avatar and words.

Well preorderfags can just not buy the microtranactions

I was expecting something like this.


To play devil's advocate he did legitimately seem like he had changed around 2014/2015, although 2016 quickly proved that wrong with his increasing bootlicking of Laura Kate Dale, Jim Sterling and the rest of the Destructoid UK faggots. Not to mention him lashing out at his wife voting for Jill Stein was inexcusable.


I typed out my shit and then clicked on your name for some reason, it was supposed to be the third line then the first and second. he is a fat faggot though, he expects everyone to pay for his fat dying ass

Granted the narky faggot (TB) doesn't have to do shit anyone suggests on his channel but he could at least display an atom of grace in his refusals rather than being a shitty asshole for the sake of being a shitty asshole.

Naturally I now hope his hubris destroys him forthwith.

id sorry

He's a bit off the mark if he's blaming being associated with gamers and not the fact he weighs as much as a small pickup truck.


I don't know whether to laugh at the EAbot's resignation or be disgusted at the normalfag-tied XD HYPE!!1! and disappointment.


Are the Greens also Yids?


Apparently, there's a cooldown period for earning credits.

you expect me to remember every fucking e-celeb?

user, you don't understand. He has 155 IQ. He doesn't have to be nice to anyone, he's their superior.

Relax user. Those no reason to be rustled.

Yes. Tell me now you frickin frick, who is Sammy?



A picture of a tumor would be less cancerous than this image.

EA has no sense of moderation. If they have a new bad idea they have to go full-on kike when trying to implement it, most publishers understand that the slow manipulation game is the much smarter way to go, not EA.

EA also has the fragile egos of corporate execs in addition to the fragile egos of SJWs on staff, that means the answer is to never backpedal, you are always right, so make sure you fucking double down to get the good little goyim to buy your lootboxes.

It's like the casinos that kick you out in FNV because you win too much

Every time I see this it sounds like the kikiest thing ever.

That he's an eceleb is all you need to know, really. It should be given that he's a piece of shit.

Not all tumors are malignant user :^)

That's reddit for ya.

This screenphoto is a piece of art


Why are e-celebs so retarded most of the time? Him bringing up all that fake harrassment bullshit is just a deflection, and it is just gonna make more people buy that garbage.

Get some balm for your asshurt, kike.


Oh wow, did he test himself on-line and everything like a real genius does?

efame is a mistake.

Is anyone else having posting problems?

EA doesn't actually need to go bankrupt to "die" though. Hear me out.
Investments are only made when you win the investors' trust. Some people invest in EA not because they honestly believe that EA are video game geniuses, but because they have one or two cash cow franchises which do well. When the franchise looks like it's jumped the shark, the smart investor sells his stock and fucks off. EA has proven that they can consistently bungle Disney licenses, it only takes two occurences to make a pattern. This might cause all the investors who jumped on board because of Disney's contract to rethink their investment. It also might give EA the reputation of a company which just doesn't make good shooters anymore, after MoH and now Battlefront, which is developed by their pride and joy DICE. Even if EA turns out fine, they might be shunted off to the sports shit ghetto of video games. Publicly traded companies often seem to care more about their investors than they do their profits.

Assuming he gets all the credits he needs and unlocks the last character will he just stop playing?

this user is getting it right

Can you at least kill the guys if they try to kick you out? Or is that not an option?

I can practically hear the hand rubbing from here.

What's wrong with these people?

Actually in F:NV they don't kick you out the casino, they just ban you from gambling in it. So that is very much an option.

So grimy, that whole business needs sandblasting off the earth, not least because one can end up calling one of it's victim companies shit when it's EA who deserve the full bile (obviously any dev that sides with them deserves their demise.

Fun is locked behind credits. You don't get to play certain heroes if you don't have the credits. EA is literally treating AAA games like mobile now, where you either pay into in-game currency or be forced to wait.

EA doesn't need to live in order to cause cancer. Like somekind of Demon Lord, unless the normalfags just stop being mindless consumer drones, their ideas and practices will be put into play by future money grubbing Game Devs.
Activision is already taking loot boxes and game design to new heights of abuse. And morons are already normalizing to those ideas.
Game design will no longer be about refining the best possible game but refining the best extra money extraction method.

And Government intervention won't help. Now Big AAAs will just levy fines, and fees, and make becoming competition even harder. "Oh your game has random numbers?, well under regulation 10XB you now count as gambling, we are excempt from this clause as we follow Exemption 206B, see you in court and pay the fee of 60,000 dollars"

Pure coincidence.

can't wait for (((disney))) to drop these kikes for being too blatant with their jewery.

Even if it is shit, the user reviews have nothing to do with the quality of the game. Are you stupid?

This, normalfags are the proles in 1984. They could most assuredly change everything if they ever bothered to, but they're too stupid and satiated with bread and circuses.

So, noting changed other than were the jewing is done.

It's weird that even the kikes at Disney have had issues with EA in the past

Or is it? Classic case of jews jewing jews now that I think about it

I can already see what journos will say for damage control "If you don't support lootboxes and in game purchases your a Nazi".

Indeed it is, Satan. But it does not compare to the hellish image created when I photographed the image of some facebook fuck's photo of a post on twitter or some bullshit, recorded a video of that picture with my camcorder, played it back on a VCR, took a picture of the TV, printed it out on an inkjet printer, then scanned it and saved it as a GIF. I need to do that again.

Worse. Because you could still play indies, new devs could still rise up to kick EA in the Teeth. But under government regulation, their control will be ultimate.

This could all honestly be solved if just parents educated their children more. But saying no is now worse then hitler.

I'm sure the bullprepper simulator is 10/10, g8 game.

post the gif

That's good, people dumb enough to buy their shit should be sucked dry. No homo.

They'll link not liking lootboxes to a chan then it's barely a hop to:

Here's a little mental exercise. Ask yourself the following.
If the answer given to the first question is not strictly equal to the second, your game is a skinner box.



so all muslims are terrorist?


Keep telling yourself that Holla Forums is a home to the video games resistance.

They didn't even take 75% of the shit off, they moved it to the other side of the plate

Even plebbit, the normalfagst of normalfags are up in arms about this. Sucks to be EA right now.

someone with a big twatter account should tell him that.

Not even. They rolled the turd over, since it's still the exact same amount of hours and grind to unlock the heroes.

They're already sucking corporate cock again after ea lowered the price and also lowered in game rewards of funbux to pretend they did something

Just like bethfags after kreation klub. It means nothing, nor mies will still buy their shit. They don't have the capacity to learn.

All youtubers are child moleters
All fat people fuck dogs
All americans are retarded rednecks
all people on twitter are ISIS recruiters

Hey this is fun and easy. I can see why he enjoys it.

They didn’t move anything. They just gave you binoculars to look at the shit, but they told you to hold the binoculars backwards so that the shit seems really small now.

You just don't get it. Who cares about actually playing the game to unlock stuff, now it costs 75% less real life money

what FineBros scandal? did they diddle those kids?

I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised

Finebros copyrighted the act of reacting to something on youtube.

They wanted to copyright the concept of reaction videos.

Isn't that pretty much illegal and can get sued but since this is EA they can just persuade the judge to drop the charges.

Are our journo friends sucking the dick of EA yet?

That'd imply they ever removed EA's cock from their throat though.

they'll just claim it's an error and take 2 months to correct it. they did the same thing with TOR and age of conan.


that's jewish as fuck. not surprised in the slightest

Fucking this. There was a time when games didn't have gay progression systems tacked on to them, and we still played them for a few hundred hours (If they were good). Now everyone plays for the progression. Me? Just give me everything up front and let me play the god damn game. Fucking hate grinding.

Of course they would play the "It's just a bug" card.

He's obligated to tow the line for muh shekels and free stuff. Interestingly enough he was on twitch last night talking about how in his good years he raked in at least 200K between youtube and twitch, not counting free stuff.

Heart attacks due to genetics can't come soon enough.

they're probably jewish but the one on the left has fetal alcoholism syndrome or what ever it's called and it's fucking hilarious

It's not illegal. They still offer refunds, you just have to call in. They're trying to make it harder to refund hoping that people will just give up.

That's not quite right, they wanted to franchise out their "insert React" format, by copyrighting that specific format (or so they claim)
Like how mcdonalds hasn't copyrighted the entire concept of fast food but you can't just make a mcdonalds yourself.

Still kikey as fuck seeing as how its a generic as fuck format but its slightly less jewish than you make it out to be

That is what they said (jews are known for being forthright and honest, right?!)

What they actually did was try and copyright the concept of reacting to things on youtube.
It's exactly as jewish as it sounds.

No wonder these creeps screech and kvetch at some kind of sign of free market with small government, so they can be undisputed and have legal baking while kicking the stair. They either "program" people to accept it or hope nobody does anything till is too late, the later is the case. Thankfully this fuckers have a tendency to canibalize each other, since there's no honor among thiefs.
Technically, vidya is just like the usual IRL stuff but with way more kikery, because nobody took the monetary side seriously despite moving millions or billions in capital by pushing subpar products. The normalfags are only """waking up""" now, since they cant push the retards excuses like "are you poor", "its feature", "nostalgia glasses" or "its just a game" and other for their $60 purchase.

I don't quite understand the difference.

They went at it like they wanted to outright ban anyone making a react channel though, given those are pretty big for some reason like that black guy's channel, or that other fat black guy. or the black guy who is skinny.
why is everyone who does react channels black?

Does he watch Rick and Morty or something?


I bet you anything he actually does.

Can't the fucker drink a soda and die already?

There's a mod for that. I got two
1: Increases the caps limit to around 80k for gamorrah at the lowest to 170k at ultra luxe as the max.
2: The ban lasts about a week then you can go back and play again
Cam drugs mod also have drugs that increase luck

Hey, if labeled myself like that. But it is more frequent other people label you than labeling yourself something.

I don't know why this guy is yet so fucking naive after everything he went trough. I feel sorry for him. It's like he likes to be attacked by absolutely everyone, feminists, gamers, everyone, because of shit statements like this

The only reason I don't think that is because I can't believe they would even imagine getting away with it.

Like I said, anyone can make a fast food place. You can start up your own burgers and fries joint with a drivethrough, milkshakes etc. But you can't just build a mcdonalds to spec and serve Bigmacs and quarter pounders.
Just like how you can make a channel with people reacting to things but you can't make a FineBros™ "(insert group here) Reacts To (insert thing here)™" or at least that's the way they attempted to explain it afterwards

I know the way they originally said it and it sounded just as jewish as everyone says but like I said earlier I can't believe that was their intention just because I can't believe they would think they would succeed in it.

I like the aesthetic.

It's already been 3 years since


The healthcare system will make sure this guy lives as long as possible to squeeze as much money out you and everyone else as they can.

I don't know why people even liked this worthless slug to begin with, he's all around worthless and Anita turned him into an even bigger mewling faggot. Can't wait for the fat fuck to die.

Is that a FtM tranny? That can't possibly be male.

Be advised that this is the fat dumbfuck who basically went "I can't do shit in real life so I must escape into virtual reality, milk me dry".


In a thread about EA locking on-disc content in a full priced game behind 40 hour PER CHARACTER grinds to force people into buying skinnercrates.
In a thread about how, after being caught for this shit, they lowered the amount needed to unlock characters AND the amount of money you gain
In a thread about how, when this was found out, EAs response was to make it harder to cancel preorders

Yeah user, you're right. No one could ever try something so stupid.



it's a former IGN reporter.
I was just wondering, since boogie started to draw the spotlight to the trolls, it would actually mean sjw tactics are executed. If you where long enough in gamergate and had seen the habbenings, you would have notic this already.

Everyone read this as "I like Sarkeesian because she's a feminism." When evidently it was "I like Sarkeesian because she's a con artist"

what? don't you remember what happened with The Old Republic?

did you even look at image? He/she/xe is the writer of Battlefront 2. You lunatics.

Not a chance. Sadly, EA is too big to fail unless something absolutely catastrophic happens. Battlefront 2 flopping isn't going to sink them. Remember, EA owns all the SPORTS games and the Sims, which are total cash cows.

Why are you quoting me, do you want to pick a fight?

All Holla Forumsirgins are horrible faggots.

Oh shit, that one is accurate.

It belongs in the GG general along with every other screencap deifying hoop earrings-chan.

Man I'm glad I jumped shipped when Cr1tikal said he was going to use most of his donations for his livelihood for an extended period of time, I didn't want to continue watching past that point and knowing this is what became of him just reaffirms I made the right decision.

EA is a billion dollar company who has been getting away with more and more for 2 decades. The fine bros are some shit ass jewtubers. They're on two different levels

Horse shit. They're going nowhere, they're here to stay.

I cannot forgive EA for killing NFS World.
But tell you what. I'd forgive their other jewry if they'd reboot Future Cop. But that won't happen soon.

You wouldn't like what they would end up making, trust me. Let your childhood rest in peace.

Then why are you linking to a defunct GG board you dingus?

You fuckers need to stop wishing for shit.

Muh deep British accent.


Thats bull shit people do that to quit smoking
Ive seen a nigger with a fork in his mouth before to

EA looks like the next thing on the chopping block again. This time they have marketed themselves into a corner. I wonder how the NFL antics are effecting the sales of Sportsball games.

I haven't played every huge bonfire from the 90s yet, let alone all the obscure shit I was interested in back in the days. I already have a huge backlog from recent sales. Among the games in there are some from last year I am interested in. I have no idea what your problem is with finding old games to check out.

So you claim that you have played about 1000 games to death? I got the number by extrapolating the number of recommended games on the Holla Forums recommends wiki Somehow I am not inclined to believe you.

And this is why you are linking to the defunct gamergays board that has been given out to GAYYY Team? I shamelessly piss into your cornflakes and tell you that the topic has been taken into this place's background radiation. Who the fuck are you to tell us that we are supposed to talk such connections inside the GG general?

Haven't you read the thread? The guy is cancer ridden goon. To help you with the pattern recognition: Yahtzee was a goon, Fatbeef is still one and Fat Sterling is a goon as well. Even Derek Smart is one. The only reason he didn't end up a hamplanoid spastic with a CP collection is that he is basically still a usenet fag at heart.

I honestly can't fucking believe this trainwreck is real, even coming from EA. This is literally a $60 game with a free mobile game setup. What the fuck.

What seems like the high ground to you is nothing but an illusion,dark lord.
For you see,I have mastered

If there's one thing to praise EA for, it's Origin's customer service. It's usually very fast and the reps you speak to are understanding and helpful. Way better than Steam's nonexistent customer service. Now, this absolutely doesn't excuse EA for it's many crimes however.


Praise the golden deep dish energy.

Future Cop:cod edition
don't forget to buy the dlc

t.everyone here

Not me. I haven't bought EA for years.

Haven't bought EA in at least a decade, maybe more. Projecting much?

Meanwhile EA execs aren't exactly hurting for money.
The only thing that works is boycott long-term. Not this "spreading awareness" "signal boosting" downvoting bullshit. If anything this is ample opportunity for EA to "fix" something or back down on something and suddenly become good guys for responding to criticism and everyone gets warm fuzzy feelings that their witch-hunt solved a problem.

And then we do the same thing in 6 months like we have been for years.

Please eat a dick.



Fuck, man. I thought we could have a discussion about this. Guess I was wrong.

Tell that plebbit and RooshV forum users, not us. Meanwhile, I still not going to buy a single game published by EA or Ubisoft. First because I don't want to deal with another bullshit DRM client besides Galaxy or Steam.

Wow, you understand PR better than a potted plant. Congratulations! Do you think this place is stupid enough to fall for that?

Their scrip come from the Zuckerpod people who buy the same Call of Madden 2017 ; Resurrection GOTY edition garbage they have been buying since they shat up gaming. They go after the next hot fucking toy they forget after a month or so. They are virtually the same people who ended up as Daytime TV zombies 10 years ago but with a shit office job and a worthless degree.

You are. As a matter of fact, your oneliner bait in your first post doesn't even get the grammar right.


Let's get a bunch of moms really upset and force ESRB to change Battlefront II's rating to Ao for gambling.

no, he said that people can get away with crimes against humanity if they are rich

Long story short, NFL and ESPN's been pissing off their audience with #TakeAKnee.

Someone needs to make good infographics for stuff like this involving the other companies. EA, Bethesda, Activision, GameStop, King, Steam…

I can start doing some research on it to see what I can come up with, but I know Bethesda gets lawyer-happy at the slightest inclination, like how they tried to sue Notch for making a game called "Scrolls". There's also King trying to copyright "candy" and "saga".

Which leads into my next point:

Long-term boycotts only work when you get more and more people to do them. Major market executives can attest to the fact that nothing sells without advertising; you have to find a good way to spread the word to all the normalfags that these companies are doing everything in their power to line their own pockets, rather than doing ANYTHING to support their customers.

The long-term boycotts will work. You're right about that. You still have to spread awareness to show people what they're doing wrong. I have friends at work who don't listen to me whenever I tell them not to preorder games because they think I'm exaggerating; one friend bought Destiny 2 a month out, and he's already stopped playing it because there's nothing to do, and I just shrugged and said, "I told you, man.">>13796727

You've never actually been there, have you?


Wait why'd he address the faggot /r/equester in the first place?

Boogie is an autistic nigger, but you sound like a redditfag tbh

Holy shit I did not expect that from someone like him. Unfortunately it's being used in the wrong context. Fuck Sean and Boogie.

Where are you niggers coming from?

Okay, so Boogie is acting like a retard as per usual. But, Holla Forums understands that "you have to set a good example of your group" is not a bad thing, right? E.g. you clean your living space because you have some sense of worth and want to be seen as someone responsible.

I love how in the thumbnail Peter Moore is looking off in the distance thinking how he created people like this and this is the legacy and mark he will leave on society and history. Just looking off in the distance trying to avoid acknowledgement of the frankenstein monsters he created.

You belong somewhere that isn't here and you should stay there this time.

I'd rather dip my dick in honey and run in a bear enclosure.


If you wanted to be subtle, and smug about hurting a giant's cash cow, then I would consider all encouragement of this behaviour.

Make their metacritic go up, show that this behaviour is good, and tell them that you love austerity. Make it so that EA punishes the player so much the average console owner will never touch the game ever again. It won't change things overnight, but it'll slowly infect the shareholders with the wrong mindset, and speed up their shitty collapse.


Can we talk about how in the campaign (I watched it), about an hour and a half in Iden switches sides when the campaign was advertised as the entire thing would be through the eyes of the empire? That doesn't even make me mad, it's more over that they ruined the Glorious Empire. Literally destroying their own people that are completely loyal to them, unlike the rebel scum that they fight whom are basically terrorists. They really are trying to remove all white men who are idolize the empire from the star wars fanbase. It makes me sick how SJW's and Feminists have been ruining the star wars universe. I really just want to nuke EA and Disney HQ because this is getting ridiculous why are they taking away everything I enjoy in life?

Haven't bought anything from EA since CnC generals.

Well his views have been declining for about a year now and he's gonna die soon so your wish is basically granted.

You have it have a ==very== high IQ to understand TotalBiscuit.


But not Johnny Rico, he is an hero. ;^)