Guild Wars Prophecies

The atmosphere and art style was nice, but the abilities were underpowered and so was the engine, despite it being a co-op mmorpg supporting only 8 players in an instance that tried to be against grinding.

So uhm private servers when?

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Guild Wars started being good with Nightfall tbqh.
t. Prophecies player on launch

b-bbut-but the heroes ruined the game and Nightfall's overpowered abilities completely changed the meta of PvP, including PvE. Dervishes became the go-to for PvE and warriors were suddenly obsolete.


Never played PvP outside of the luxon/kurzick fort battle, I largely just played the game with a single pal. I played dervish a bit but didn't really like it, my pic related warrior stayed my main through all expansions.
I liked 2 until the living story or whatever it was called started being too gay to tolerate.

Im actually interested in how many are even playing anymore
it really was so fucking underwhelming

Played this for like a week. Gameplay was uninspired and boring but the plant race aesthetic was cool as fuck.

The servers are still up. The only towns populated are the USA ones where everyone now joins by default.

There is no reason we couldn't get a group together on Discord and play through it.

On second thought you're right. It was the best campaign released out of all 4. It was so awesome it broke the game. Why did it have to be so good? No mortal game could handle it.


There's a surprising amount of people playing. Praise Joko.

Press F to pay respects

i'm afraid to buy GW1 because i know GW2 is failing, and i'm pretty sure they will shut down the GW1 servers to reduce costs and to try to boost up the playerbase of GW2
also no private servers discourage me to be buying a dead game

fuck, the only redeeming feature was the engineer class

yeah, plants were interesting, until you learn they are a bunch of hippie faggots created just so the SJW devs/writers could shove the "genderless bi people" shit down the throats of everyone
they are gayer than elves

I'm still fucking bitter.

Fun fact, the installer/launcher is free on the official site, so just buy the trilogy pack on Steam, take the product key they give you, make an account with it, refund on Steam. Bam, free game.

They handled Joko really poorly in PoF. Vabbi is better under his rule and he's not really evil but for some reason the protagonist really hates him. You're even given the option to side with him in the beginning but the next instance you're immediately against him. It'd be better if they didn't give me the choice in the first place.
That and the overly large maps making it difficult to find other players to play with made me refund it. The maps were pretty but it just wasn't fun. I ended up using the money to get my friend the trilogy pack.

I really like the games but I think the missions in factions are fucking impossible with the AI after you leave the starter island. Its either that or I suck at the game.

For once I actually have to agreed that GW2 is dying. I used to do pvp for quick dailys, now the queue times go up to 5 minutes, that's unplayable. I didn't buy PoF and I sure as fuck won't now. (besides it is a crappy expansions, literally the only thing I want from it is mounts, that is, a movement speed boost)

you suck, i've solod factions with factions starter character. Maybe you should start with a Nightfall character so you can have heroes.

I sure do.

I'm still mad.

Guild Wars has some of the most powerful spells I've seen in a game. A lot of them, like Panic and Protective Spirit and Mark of Pain and so on, would be considered completely broken in most other games. But Guild Wars makes them work.

Guild Wars 1 had one of the most impressive engines in the gaming industry to date. In over ten years, Guild Wars had a grand total of around 26 hours downtime, most of it related to physical datacenter relocation. Patches were able to be shipped out while keeping servers live and smoothly switching over to the new game version. I am still amazed by how well it runs and how good the netcode is, to be honest.

That's why Guild Wars was able to have such deep and well-connected combat. If there were more players in an instance it'd turn into a spammy blobathon like other, lesser MMOs.

Never. Because GW was made by a pack of programming geniuses and they never exposed server-side software that would allow private servers.

Warriors have never been obsolete, even after all the dervish buffs. VoS and 100B are still basically equivalent, and Dervish still can't do the Warrior's AoE quarterknocking via ES. What Dervish can do is be more "tanky" while still dealing damage, which makes it work well in the hands of bad players who think melee's job is being a "tank" - that way, when they play Dervish, they'll still be dealing damage while trying to "tank" whereas with the Warrior, a "tank" build won't deal any damage, you have to specifically build for damage. This makes bad players think Dervish is better, because they run "tank" builds for both professions, which hamstrings the Warrior while leaving the Dervish effective. Warrior is not supposed to be built as a "tank", it is an offensive damage dealer with some shutdown capabilities. For good players, the Warrior has always been one of the most effective professions in the game, and still is.

I doubt GW server costs are that extreme. Besides, the HoM rewards in GW2 seem to be a draw for players to buy the GW campaigns and play them, so taking servers down would probably lose them revenue more than anything.

I can't see that as a trick that will let you play for too long.

When HoT came along "everybody" complained that the maps were too crowded and the metas were cramping individual playstyles. Naturally, this meant the game was dying.
Now PoF is the diametric opposite of HoT with larger and open maps, less metas but more secrets and collectibles, and "everybody" has nothing to do and there's no incentive to play so the game is dying for sure this time. Never mind the fact that shittons of gems were bought the moment they introduced the mount skin lootbox, once again confirming there is little for Anet to fear as long as there's Fashion Wars 2 tumblrfags.

tl;dr This game allegedly died so many times by now it's Zhaitan's lieutenant.

Goddammit I bet the only reason she isn't gone is because she's clanging the robot. We already have the lesbians and the Norn and the Charr potentially yiffing it up, not to mention the transgender Mesmer in Lion's Arch. I'd accept a fucking Quaggan at this point because they and the Tengu are the only two things left in the game I want to see more of.

Do people still play Guild Wars 1?
Holla Forums guild when?

I wish I could forget, that was the first and last time I ever preorded a game still fucking salty to this day.

The game started heading downhill when they cancelled the next campaign Utopia and used the content to make a cashgrab expansion so the new devs could usher in the horrible fucking story for guild wars 2.
Arenanet used to be full of the finest developers when it came to multiplayer RPGs and it all went to shit

I still launch the game every blue moon for my birthday vouchers and occasional PvP event. The game was the pinnacle of a multiplayer rpg at the time and still hasn't been matched. Glad I was able to try the beta for 2 before launch. That game is beyond redemption.

It's still nothing really good, but it's a definite step up from those genuinely offensive caricatures.

Confirmed for new.

This together with Ultima Online are the games I miss the most. Nothing else comes even close.

are there any decent mmo games or even games with decent multiplayer left?
i too miss ultima and i never even played it

Only multiplayer I play I Merchwarrior Living Legends.

too bad it works like shit on my machine

But you can can swing your le sword in GW2 and kill big humanoid cats!

GW1 and GW2 are the most stable games I've ever seen.

I tried playing through Prophecies with 3 friends a few months back. 4 players in a party makes Prophecies REALLY boring because of how trivial everything is.

Please tell me that the five fucktards that made up the first few seasons of living story are either dead or out of the picture. Also, if the Tengu have been expanded upon in any meaningful way. I got interested in them during that event where Lion's Arch was being attacked and if you went near the Tengu wall they would kill you with arrows.

The lesbians are separated and actually got some character to them now beyond "I like pussy". Taimi is a deus ex machina creator (literally), Braham became Batman and is far more interesting as a loose cannon, Rox is sort of just there, but Canach is fucking amazing with Rytlock as a bromance. Rytlock is also much more involved and entertaining.

They're not touching the Tengu. You get a Tengu scribe in the guild hall that has a little bit of lore about them, but nothing important. Tengu and Cantha never ever.

They did better with almost every post-HoT release when it comes to story. PoF has some great moments that are pretty out there. Kormir's meme status as the shittiest god ever is now eternal even in-game.

What happened to Ascalon, has it been retaken and the Charr driven out yet?


But I like GW2.
It's good looking and let's me relax for a few hours without being challenging.
That's the point of MMO's, right? Have a fun adventure romp through fantasy land with friends without caring about anything.
No one plays MMO's for the challenge. Right?

Look at this fucking casul

It'll never happen, user, I'm sorry. Embrace the barbed dick. Best you can get is the occasional shitslinging between the two.

To be fair, GW1 and 2 are different beasts so it's understandable there are plenty complaints about the lack of challenge. However, you also have to realise people are fucking retarded in this game - to this day I still see longtime players keyboard turning and dodging on double presses rather than a dedicated button. Without using action cam. It's horrifying. Beware of (longbow) rangers.

Warriors remain one of, if not THE, very best class to play for PvE. CPU Heroes are fantastic spellcasters, inhumanly good healers, terminator-level interruptors, but they cannot play melee for SHIT. Having one good solid melee damage dealer like a Warrior leading the party of cold soulless killing machines is the best way to PvE period.

But it's nice to have relaxing games.
GW2 is the sort I can casually stroll around, take in the beautifull landscape and kill some mobs.

I do understand that it's not what people wanted.

God, give me strength or I'll tear him up a new one

Warrior was the most fun to play because you didn't have to check your mana constantly and had to be careful not to get overly target. You also dealt some nice instant damage compared to the assassin and elementalist or the mesmer who had to wait on the opponent's stupidity.

AI is actually pretty bad at playing healer and utterly incompetent at playing prot. But compared to the typical PUG monk I guess they do well.

Why not, did the Ascalonians die out or something? Come EotN we were going full racial holy war against the charr.


Well yeah, they kinda all became blue ghosts.

Ebonhawke still exists. In GW2 there's a peace treaty between the humans and the charr because of the dragons, I think.

Spiteful Spirit was the fucking bomb.

Before the events of GW2 iirc The Foefire happened, which was basically yeah, the war happened from EoTN and it ended with the King Drawing Sohothin's twin and well, Murdered a fuck load of charr at the cost of eternally binding every living at the time Ascalonian to it.

They're all ghosts forever haunting it, denying both Charr and Human Kind.

Ebonhawke still is a thing, and I really do wish they'd elaborate more on the Civil Unrest there

Super bad, because it relies on letting the enemy activate skills and attack.


Stop blankposting faggot.

The beautiful thing about GW is that it's infinitely harder to lock yourself out of cool skills in a game that lets you pick two professions, and then swap between the second one.

It's a furry ERP simulator.

That's not because of the skills. That's because Prophecies was released and balanced for a community that had no idea how to play. Half the players played mending w/mo and the other half played E/Mo who demanded the party wait 60s between fights so Meteor Shower could recharge. All of the casuals who couldn't git gud by the time of factions were fucked harder in Shing Jea than in Ring of Fire.

It's a given that a player base becomes more proficient with time, but it's not really what would make someone new think the difficulty is non-existent.

The game has had a ridiculous amount of power creep over the years, starting from Prophecies' attempts at balance, Factions' duplication of skills (Touch Rangers), Nightfall's insane power spike and Eye of the North's massive buffs to professions that had fallen by the wayside due to not keeping up.

The henchmen back then were also atrociously bad, you could make the argument that their feeble contributions were cancelled out by their fine-tuned desire to aggro all_the_shit at the most inopportune moment.

Hard Mode might as well be what Normal was back then. If you want to play something challenging for 4-players, try Winds of Change on Hard.

Yes, actually. And humans have other things on their mind right now, since the gods have confirmed they have left Tyria and don't give a shit anymore.

I still have this lying around:

So yeah, I do remember the shit.


Skill power Creep really doesn't do anything if your playing a prophecies start without going to over areas. Obviously hench bars are better and use better AI, but prophecies on launch was difficult for human parties.

Breh the story is bigger mess than anyone could ever imagine. From cringeworthy joke dialogs to very wide plotholes. It was clear from gw2 that writers are mentally challenged i was hoping someone higher in anet hiearchy will notice how shit it is but to no avail. Music,graphic, artwork, level difficulties all that i can enjoy but the story is the biggest shit i have ever heard and read. The best part is when you cant skip those dialogs in HoT and PoF i literally alt tabed everytime someone spoke. I have never ever read such bad dialogs in my entire life until i played gw2 the writers are out of touch so much it makes me to find them and hang like niggers.

The big thing was Prophecies was that it was literally designed as a tutorial before heading into PvP. It's the same shit as when people say beating Grigori in DD is the tutorial: The "real" game only starts up afterwards.

Aldelbern did nothing wrong.

Faction was cool
9/11, would play again so badly

Kaineng City could be paved with the corpses of Narutards.

but seriously git gud

What is it, 10 years too late?

You cannot git gud with that class. Unless you were playing deadly arts for pvp or perma shadow form for pve.

I shudder to think what the hell were those assassins and ritualists doing those 6-12 months before Nightfall was released. Factions left sins and rits with jackshit for skills.

CA/CD, ladm88

Oh, I'm guessing they never did anything else with the Commando or that 8bit world they made?

SAB is a regular April fools event now. They didn't add World 3 yet.

And they never will.

Made it to Tahnnakai Temple before shelving my sin, it was not for me. This thread is making me want to play again something fierce.

Who "hacker" here?

Most abilities in games and card games are far more versatile and interesting than GW1's abilities.
Overpowered how? if we compare it to Runescape's prayer skill abilities?
You obviously haven't played a lot of games, especially not card games. Protective Spirit and Spiteful Spirit would be considered simple newbie spells in card games.

To add salt to injury, the effects for each ability were shit and you could barely recognize them on time unless you had an insane attention to detail.

Even the shitty Warcraft mmo allowed you to jump and run without rubberbanding all over the place.
After the year 2012 during holiday events, thanks. And this was never a problem unless you were playing runescape or puzzle pirates which had server patches every 9 hours or every 3 days.
Yeah which still managed to lag like shit. With a world and level design and interaction of said level design so shallow you feel like a ghost walking through some flat plains with a bunch of tacked-on texture
Yeah so enjoy 8 vs 8 grinding in PvE unless you use a cheap build like 3x Discord.

Eye of the North dungeons say hello.

While I agree with your… no I actually don't. How the fuck could you mistake the game's engine for the game's servers? are you retarded?
Rollerbeetle and Dragon Arena say hello.

You sick fuck. It's people like you who killed in-game editors.

I bet if I was a cute girl who sucked your dick, pretended to agree with your nuopinions and then slapped some sense into you, you'd accept reality at a subconscious level.

how in the hell


What could have been

LoL has more powerful abilities than GW1 and LoL is SHIT.

There's severely overpowered abilities like Sin's Promise which resets the cooldown of every spell/skill and you're not limited to assassin only spells/skills, like it would be normal.'s_Promise

Then you have duplicate skills which do the same thing, but one does it far better than the other.

Then you have completely useless skills that serve no purpose.

Sadly you sometimes get stuck with skills like assault enchantments which need a different approach/functionality in order to be properly useful.
Sin's Remedy provides a great effect, but has a horrible condition. Chain-attacking targets with the sin is unfeasible and conditions can often keep you from landing a hit. It would be far more functionable to remove a condition every time you get healed or for every pip of health you have or remove 3 conditions for every enchantment you cast on yourself.'s_Remedy

The way a dagger sin works is handicapped. You have 3 types of attack and you need to connect-order them correctly. But you don't get any bonuses for painstakingly chaining these attacks which always get interrupted. While no other class requires you to chain together 3 different types of attacks: lead, off-hand, dual. Sin should have used adrenaline like the warrior or used the ranger's primary passive attribute which reduces energy costs.
The sin's attacks aren't instant either, so you can easily get interrupted or have a warrior or ranger deal 300+ damage in under 1 second, while you do the same in 6-10 seconds.

All of the sin's energy management, health buffs, skill resets work based if he lands to constantly hit his target. Without favoring swapping enemies.

GW1 had a lot of flaws and it badly needed GW2 to address them and fix them properly. Sadly GW2 decided to do its own retarded little thing.

And fuck the retard who put the following weapon mods in guild wars:
Deal +20% damage if under 50% health.
Deal +20% damage if you're hexed.
+7 armor vs // when you can have +5 armor against anything
Attribute +1 (20%) while using a skill
Health +60 while hexed
Halves casting time of spell (10%)

Then there's well-intentioned abilities like this one which offers you a unique stat only the dagger mastery attribute can give you "double strike".
The sad part about about double strike is that there's no ability that uses it. DS is simply extra damage for the sake of it. And sadly the daggers 7-17 dmg is simply too weak to ever be useful in combat beyond playing with the combat dummy.

The few attack abilities that activate during a dual attack cannot use a basic attack, they need a skill in the dual category.
I think originally this ability was in fact supposed to turn all your attack skills into dual attacks before the dev team realized they were too dumb to balance it properly and gave up, turning it into another very watered down elite.



How is it important in an MMO? All it really does is let you pass over minor terrain obstacles instead of going around them.

You are in a thread about an MMO that has a large number of jumping puzzles and challenges. Many have collectibles such as skins or crafting pieces.

The OP is about GW1 you enormous faggot.

True, my bad.


I'm still playing. It's my go to 'lazy' game, something that doesn't take a lot of effort.

I still enjoy it, but I won't pretend it's a flawless game. The story of Path of Fire alone causes me deep pain and the rewards are fucked right now. It's not a bad lazy game though.

I've been playing again lately, capped the last 20 Elonian elite skills I needed yesterday.

Apparently the bots and gold sellers are the only thing keeping the economy afloat these days. That said, there're still a fair few players online.

Take the plunge user and start from Prophecies if you want to experience the game as close to how it was, or start from Nightfall if you want to solely aim for HoM rewards.

Wait until you try Bloodstone Fen HM with hench/heroes. That shit is agonising.

I'm around there with one of my characters, add me if you like The Lone Rayner

The Sin is the most limited class in the game, but if you admit to playing ASSFAGGOTs then your opinion is invalid in the first place.

Useful in areas where you're always hexed

You can match item types to certain attacks, and IIRC you only get +7 vs. x for certain items (shields)

Critical for some builds using maintained enchantments

Not Aurora Glade?

That was around Factions' release (2006), the character is long dead. Nowadays I'd just load seven heroes on normal and watch the game play itself. That said, sure, I'll play. Only really had festive titles left to do for GWAMM but I wouldn't mind messing about in missions or whatever.

Don't think so. I've spent the last few weeks looking at every MMO I came across, but your choice seems to be between P2W, techdemos, and dead.
Free to play was a mistake.

If you're starting Guild Wars, get the Trilogy pack instead of the Platinum edition, imo. Of course you can get both if you want all the content.

Ultima Online is still alive you fucking niggers. If you like it, just go play it. ← It's Ultima Online

Why are retards posting screenshots from gw2?

Dem nice graphics.

Something that only Rangers were born for.



Who would your rather enchant? The class that already has several quality +dmg bonuses in their arsenal? and has a longer range than an elementalist? and cannot get interrupted?
Or the skinny virgin assassin who's melee, who can barely run around on its stick legs trying to deal damage to everyone without getting interrupted.

The virgin sin or the chad ranger, user. The virgin Bethy or the Stacey ranger, user.

Please, put your clothes back on, you're scarying my boner away.

You'll get objectively better returns putting damage boosting skills onto the assassin due to more frequent attacks. You seem not to understand that more damage is better.

The absolute state of sequelfags.

Ranger was fucking wrecked by the last round of balance patches before they stopped updating the game, and it never recovered. Probably one of the worst classes all around, PvP and PvE.


Distracting Shot still among the most powerful skills in the game.
Barrage is still one of the best ways to set up a MoP/SW nuke. Broad head arrow is THE way to keep something dazed forever.

Fun fact about the cripple club dykes, they were the only NPCs in the entire game who you couldn't skip dialogue or cutscenes if they were in.

On a different note there was this attention whoring bitch who would steal other builds guides and tips from other site she even stole from the /vg/ general and would claim them as her own given the fact she has a cunt she immediately got a following of thirsty whiteknights to defend her even anet gave her very special treatment because she was sucking their cocks, literally, they would feed her info for upcoming events and what materials were going to be needed so her guild of white knights would buy them cheap off the market then once the update hit flood them back with drastically inflated prices, she single handedly destroyed the in game economy and what did anet do to her gave her a fucking NPC in her honour, I quit before the first expansion came out so I don't know if it has recovered since then though, she also sold gold for cash but anet protected her and banned anyone who dared bring it up.
And lets not forget the time people found a way to farm some material, I think it was cloth, they weren't cheating they were getting them off mob drops but anet got butthurt but were so incompetent they don't know how to issue individual bans in their own game so just decided to ban everyone who was on that map at the time.
God I hate Arena net.

Fucking seriously?

I know GW2 ANet was a different breed staffed by retards and some of the most cuntish mods known, but this is still retarded as hell.

Let's not forget how that turbo autist Kripp found an exploit to make easy gold by buying karma items and reselling them, so instead of fixing the issue they just completely neutered karma as a currency after the damage was done.

Such a pretty art style and somehow this franchise isn't full of porn.

i fell for the gw2 meme because of a friend who used to play gw1. he stopped playing the game after 2 weeks or so. i played for a good month or two and stopped because it was a shit game with no substance and shit pvp. you could even tell back then, without proper experience that something was off with it. when SJWs infect things you can just "smell" it.


The artwork is practically porn in itself.

Got into GW2 recently because of friends, but the latest Path of Fire expansion pisses me off because of all the goddamn virtue signalling of MUH REFUGEES. Hopefully Balthazar puts them in an oven.

It's like you hate fun

I didn't know that they had such troubles with the economy. Maybe because I didn't give a shit about it. I heard they Anet has employed a economist for regulating the market. In contrary to Underworld, he couldn't stop mudflation, As you can see at the example of these items neat Item I own and these two Minis. The Minis I managed to scrooge together are pretty much worthless
Not that it had bothered me, because I left the game as the richest man in the Guild , because I didn't fell for Fractals of Autism.Seriously. This all happened long before the first expansion came out. I just couldn't stand the living story and its Burger King Kids Club that had jump in for the original cast, because Felicia Day demanded way too much money for dubbing Zoija again. Not to mention expansion's lame additions to the game I have listed in the thread about it back. Back to Guild Wars 1, that is objectively a much better game. Also still a thing until the hacks at Anet break it or Nexom pulls the plug.

He won't. If he would, Zoija would have put the entire Inquest into the oven already.

We haven't expected an ordinary MMO, Kid.

Anet can only benefit from having a shit economy. Most gem sales are probably for materials rather than cosmetics because cosmetics only need to be bought once, but you'll usually need a lot of materials if you're going after best in slot stuff. They fucked the drop rates for hardened leather which caused the prices to skyrocket. Mystic coins are usually around 1 gold too, even after PoF added in more ways to get them.
I'm kinda surprised they haven't gone full kike and made more things harder to get to inflate the prices and get more gems to gold exchanges done.

If you're going to link Anet degenerates, at least link someone who isn't competent like the disgusting (openly bi and married with children) pig who goes everywhere barefoot. The guy you posted is singlehandedly responsible for the entirety of SAB. Anet is full of insane people but they do their jobs in the end, especially when it comes to art direction. HoT's best soundtrack was made by a tranny of all things.

That's already taken care of by the RNG fountain and account binding shit.I gave GW2 another twirl, because I have forgotten what valuable items I own in contrary to my Anet account password. If it weren't for that THOT and other botting niggers, the economy would still in the iron grip of artificially scarce lodestones, Mystic coins and event items materials.I bet most gem store comes comes from people buying heir gear for Fractals of the Spergs. Speaking of: Remember how that bad Joke was supposed to replace elite regions ? It is actually the ideal replacement for Anguish Gemstones farming, one of the most pointless activities in GW1.

He is the only Anet person I had. Everyone else I know of is either gone nowadays like that guy. Thanks for confirming all the negative stereotypes of Nu-Arenanet.Now we know why DeBussy looks like an insane axe murderer nowadays.

after the pet upgrade i have a lot of fun using my qt ranger.

Raids seemed like the only decent attempt at elite content, but the requirement for 10 people makes them more difficult to get into than to play. From what I've played the bosses was okay, but they all kind of have that same GW2 boss design of AoE everywhere because the AI just can't keep up with players. The rewards are pretty much nothing except overly flashy prestige armor, which doesn't even look nice.
Haven't seen a raid in a while, though. I wonder if they just decided to drop them.

They just announced a new raid, fractal and map for next week.

After depressing myself with the demise of DeBussy by stalking his Twatter, I want back to the topic at hand: Remember how Anet has raped the Elementalist in the ass shortly before GW2 was released?

5 years too late.

I never got to use this properly. Maybe if it stole enchantments then it would have been more useful.


At least in Dungeon Siege 2 I got to kill all those midget blue indian creatures, even the last batch of them that were supposedly "good" for betraying their own kind.