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What a fucking loser. Somebody should steal his shoes, and coat to.

This is how philosophy poisons society. The ancient Greeks were right to execute Socrates.

I own Mark.

Someone should harvest that waste of air for organs

Is this what goes on in the mind of a cuck?


wwhy did Mark dod thhis.

I can sense a LOSS, its somewhere inside this picture.

I'm trying to find out who is the least funny webcomic artist, owlturd is up there but I've noticed all modern webcomics are the same, Owlturd, Sarah's Scribbles, that cunt from buzzfeed Adam whatever, dorkly, C.Cassanda. It's all literally the same shit with barely different drawings. god damn Tim Buckley has written better jokes than these savages.

Well, he did lose his bike.

It's because the bike was stolen by a nigger and white people must bend over backwards for said niggers.



"Look at what a noble person I am……Buy me a new bike guys, buy me a new bike guys, buy me a new bike guys."

Seriously how long till the "WOW YOU GUYS ARE JUST SO AWESOME!" post where he shows his new bike that his cock sucking audience gets him




Is this the mindset of liberals?


Why is this even news? It's just a shitty mascot.

Looking through some of his other comics you can see just how big of a cuck he is. It's like all these webcomic faggots are in a competition to show as many people they can how many made up mental issues they have and how their live are just absolutely controlled by (enslaved by) their emotions and deficiencies.



according to libshits nothing can be forbidden, because that might be hurtful, and hurting people is bad
for example if you pull a guy by his arm, dislodging it, you're worse than the truck of peace that was about to run him over.


A Canadian furry made this thread

Kill yourself.

What a cuck

I can't even imagine what it's like to have so little self respect


Indeed, a refugees killing of several worthless cumskins increased the total net happiness of the world exponentially.




I don't see him living the next 5, let alone 20


nigga wut? Socrates was executed because he made the bold claim that they shouldn't have executed all their experienced naval officers in the middle of a war with Sparta (something about leaving ship men for dead in a storm and cutting losses) and that that major fuck up led to them losing and just fucking maybe democracy is not that great of a fucking idea.

the real issue here is critical theory/ cultural Marxism. distorting traditional morality and ethics. the deconstructionism that justifies thievery and murder in the name of the "Grater Good" and abstract concept that only exists to distract the masses.

Shipgirls are for retarded faggots.

Like destroying all kind of moral compass for individuals, to hand more power to the collectivist to control individuals with lack of moral compass.
Not only they are self-destructive, but very useful to hand out power.
Oy vey

this tbh

Kancolle is low effort turbocancer

I barely know anything about this other than the penguin is a stuttershock OC and the qt mascot didn't get enough "votes" and this still rustles my jimmies.

well, that is true, the nips dont want to remember how they got destroyed by filthy gayins.

And Socrates pretty much started all of that critical race theory/cultural Marxism shit when he went on that egotistical rant, preaching to his choir, about how a real society should be run in The Republic. He's pretty much the one man who set Western Civilization's downfall in motion.


that is a funny way of saying Constantine

cucked into poverty

I refuse to believe this is their genuine sentiment and not just done for another reason, like virtu signaling while also getting pitty money for a new bike.

please tell me this is a real response


A bike doesn't feel sadness

what's with all the LOL threads anyway?

Neither does a dead family :^)


The Gay Community


Fuck this gay earth. I will never not be mad at this.



I love seeing this picture because it always brings me great pride in my state.



Good, the faster they contract diseases the faster they die.


At what point of having your shit unjustly taken from you do you need to get upset then? What if your bike was your only mode of transportation, meaning that some nigger just pawned off your livelihood for an afternoon's supply of meth? Fucking imbecile. I felt nothing but pure anger when some nigger stole my bike, I can't imagine placing that little worth onto yourself and your belongings.

Every time, never ceases to be a eye sore.

I mean, he's not gonna get it back, might as well accept it.

top kek

Acceptance is one thing, he seems downright happy about it. He went so far as to draw a comic saying "well at least the no-good thief got something for his troubles, lol! ;)". That's fucking delusion on another level.


What a brainlet.

Now that there's a man who knows exactly what he's done and doesn't give one solitary fuck.

Why is she frowning? She's obviously thrilled to hop on tyrone's niggerdick


Don't you have to masturbate in front of someone, Louis?

Too late, furries have already pissed inside each other because of advice from a meme comic


fake news

Oh no, degenerates have put themselves into danger!
Whatever will we do?!

He's rationalizing. He's under the impression the thief stole it because he needs a bike, not because he's gonna go hock it for drug money. Still dumb, but it makes sense for him to do it.

We need to make a campaign saying that aids isn't contagious or something, these faggots need to go.

Ayyyy lmao


We need to a.) solve degeneracy on social media, and b.) remove Dragoneer and Varka from the furry fandom so their network of sites collapse in on themselves. Stigmatise sex and give them no platform, and the problem takes care of itself

nice try goon.


This is your brain on Utilitarianism.


i miss u libbie

maybe he's british or swedish and the government will arrest him if he's upset that certain people stole his shit

Vido gam?

I can't imagine what living in the UK must be like, surely hellish.


also LOL

Holy shit, that mascot is cute.


Not an argument. Go drink piss elsewhere, degenerate.

who thought it was a good idea to put an underage into their comic explaining fetishes?


A furpedo

But it does when being killed
The analogy doesn't work


All they're doing is portraying the general thoughts and feelings of millennials. Of course they lap that shit up because "lmao, so relateable XDD!"

nah it's great m8
Here you go friend


I know, but its ALL the same fucking shit, how has no one noticed?

Wrong, you're forgetting about the happiness of the killer who reduced all their unhappiness to zero anyways

Nigger, Plato wrote The Republic. **Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all absolutists, not relativists.

I just want tiddies goddamnit
not even weird shit, just vanilla tier stuff

is that like a furry torpedo?

Second pic related I guess.

I don't how you would measure happiness, but I don't think it would work out that way.
Fuck utilitarianism anyway, but it is still a bad analogy.

finally an user that DID learn something these last few years

I mean, the utilitarian school of thought has it's merits. Now admittedly modern utilitaricucks would make Mill roll over in his grave with the amount of paternal bullshit they're pushing; but Mill had some breddy gud ideas with regards to the limits on restriction of individual liberty that when paired with Utilitarianism make it far less of a clearcut thing.


ITT: small minded faggots who can't into utilitarianism


which one is Jamal?

The one besides Tyrone.

All of them.

I want to see his story about niggers keep stealing his shit til his views gradually change and he finds pol and turns into a literal neo nazi

I would dig that oil

she is not a human you dumb faggt

Are there lewds of this? I want lewds of this.

Neither are nigs. You're point? :^)


If the joy of the devourer is less than the agony of the devoured, the joy of the escapee may still exceed the disappointment of the escaped. More to the point life is far, far more than those brief vital moments and therefore its total pleasure outweighs them enormously.



Someone faked my ID, big deal. Now head over to >>>/auschwitz/

And of course the fucking owl was traced too.

3 million years in paint.

I want to fuck that oryx


I want to fuck that goat person

you want sum BBC boi?

there are better things to look at while you jack off





There's already a "LOL" thread up.

Decided to delete the old one and re-open this after getting some feedback.

haha what do you call a torposter that wanks to loli
a torpedo

Why aren't more game devs like this?

Have an equal opportunity gif.


Unpunished crimes encourage more crimes. The right thing to do is catch the nigger stole his bike, have the nigger arrested, and breaking the bike in front of the faggot to not encourage more theft by being a careless faggot.

Only a bigot would do something like that. The right thing to do is let him steal your bike and fuck your wife, then everyone is happy.

*The local pig farm named after the continent.

Since when does Shaggy lead anything? Also what's with all the damn Shaggy memes lately?

Shaggy unlocked Ultra Instinct.

Not even lol thread worthy.

Tip top

What the fuck even is the point of webcomics?

at this point nuking britain would be a merciful act

See, they keep saying "hot lady" "hot woman" etc but I don't see it, I just see a land whale.

I never liked that design solely because she always had one eye closed like dude closing one eye all the time fucking hurts

innocent fun

You mean Jesus?

But they're not fun.

Make characters that will be made into porn.

>posts the absolute best medieval armor design know to man
I like nod respectfully at you user

Shit like that is foreigners had to jump through hoops and use a VPN to play the fucking game.

She's meant to be winking at you.


That poor naive motherfucker. Someone stole my moms car once. Eventually we found it in a toe yard because whoever stole it last was a retard who left it in a "No Parking" zone. Anyways, the retards actually left their mail inside which was a bunch of bills, I helped my mom track it down to an apartment these scumbags were recently evicted from. When we looked them up on facebook we see a fat, cholo beaner Mexican couple, sacks of fucking shit. We reported those retards to the police but something tells me the police didn't do jack shit because if they did then these asshole would be behind bard when we found them on Facebook. I wish vigilantism was legal because those fucks would be in Mexico right now. If the artist of that comic knew who the thug nigger was who stole his bike he probably wouldn't be so happy.

It is. RMS will answer any email, no matter the subject matter; he's kind of autistic about it.