Collector - Buyfag Thread

Same time again this month lads. What have you been picking up since the last thread? Anything you been wanting that you've finally found? You ARE keeping your shelves tidy, aren't you user?

What are you

How many of you prefer to purchase broken consoles/parts and do them up instead of working as intended? Had any difficulty with such efforts?

thinkgen of buying a gc keyboard controller and then make the triggers lighter, so i can comfortably play an upcoming racin game on the switch and maybe killer7 on the wii.

been planning on buying lots of turbo/PCE/turboduo/PCECD that are broken and do just this. I already buy broken pro CRT monitors, this should be easier.

Don't have much money for vidya this month, need to upgrade my server.
Still looking for a cheap Dreamcast

Looked into some GBA/C games, but people charge stupid prices for them. Actually trying to sell my PSP collection atm.

Haven't picked up anything to add to my personal collection. However, I did recently clean everything!

-RivaTNT & TNT2
-Voodoo & Voodoo 2
-Celeron 300A
-Pentium4 3.6GHz

Eventually I will have to seek out some RAM and an Abit BH6 motherboard for the Celeron and rebuild the Pentium 2 killer.

cleaning is a lot of fun. If any one else out there works with very old hardware, you might enjoy voultar's new video about proper cap/smd removal and cleaning.

I might go check out a few stores in the next few weeks. I'm looking for some good stuff for my Gamecube and PS2 collections that I don't have already. Maybe some other shit like a fightstick as well. regarding PS2 games, are Persona 3 FES and 4 worth my money, and how much should I be paying for them if they are?

Went to Texas about a month ago; traded a Sega Saturn and some vintage 80s toys for a N2DS, ordered an R4i Gold for that thing the day I got it, been happy since three weeks ago.
I also found a Project A-Ko on LD, but it's one of those with the burned-in English subtitles. Thank God too, otherwise I would be lost.

excellent taste road buster

All my new Amiga parts are finally showing up. Time to replace the ROM and update Workbench, alongside replace keyboard/case and attach a USB drive. Trapdoor RAM one day. Eyeing a 1084 monitor for it just to enjoy properly.

Dreamcasts are quite cheap most days. Are you looking for a all-in-one package or just the system?

It'd make for a nice project.

Can't imagine most would be that much. Only expensive ones off the top of my head were Shantae and the MMX games.

Vita version of 4 is superior, and you can get it digitally now, so I'd say maybe 15-20? PSP version of 3 is also better, so maybe the same price. I'm not well versed in prices for these though, so take that into account.

Why'd you get a Xbox One X user? Cheapest 4K player?

Riding Bean was genuinely awesome, and Metal Skin Panic actually wound up being really damn funny, where they literally spell the joke out for your after about five minutes of black screen and technical stuff at the end of the disc.

Not by a long shot, the OPPO player is only about $50 more, but the majority of dedicated UHD players around about a third to half the price. I play games on it. Watching the Blade Runner 4k disc was quite awesome though.

A decent HDMI capture card
ISA SoundBlaster card that supports any random CDROM drive, as many 8MB 30 pin SIMMs as I can get, an Amiga 500, and as many good ISA video cards as possible.

Mainly slowwwwly working on a few old Pentium and 486 systems I've acquired over the years, trying to make them all as close to amazing as I can get without spending a mint. My asshole relatives junked my computer collection when I was moving to the city, and it will cost me at least $5,000 to buy it all again. So instead I bought a shitload of guns.

Can't recall if I mentioned some of them last thread, but I managed to get the following recently:
>Complete series set of Cowboy Bebop for a friend's birthday ($20).
Was actually rather surprised that Dragon's Crown had a color manual, having released when it did, and that beyond a 20mb patch, there was no other forced install (given how PS3 games, especially recent ones, seem prone to requiring full disc-installs).

Not really expecting to find much right now, as I'm out of town and don't expect to find anything good, at a decent price anyhow, compared to back home. Did stop a few places along the way though, and they make even the worst local prices I've known look decent. For fuck's sake, I saw a game that averages like $20 where I am marked at $45 preowned at a store that's supposedly well stocked and priced for its area. Certainly gives some perspective as to what local stores I consider "bad" on the pricing end, though that doesn't necessarily make me consider them "good" in comparison either.

Actually just rearranged my room and had to clean and move things around anyhow. Would post some pictures but again, not around my stuff right now, and I'd wager this thread will be 404ed before I get back home. If so, I might try to post a photo in December.

I'd be inclined to agree in regards to GBA games, at least going off local prices where I live, but I'd say it depends on the area. Passed through a town with a game store the other day asking $50 for a cart only Metroid Zero Mission. That's a good $20-25 more than it goes for where I am.

That kind of hardware in most cases usually holds their value very well.

Maybe an SSD but the prices are not great right now so I'm going to hold off. "Vintage" PCs that are older than XP era are either mostly gone here or overpriced as collector items, same story with consoles. I might buy a PS3 if I can find one for an ok price.

CRTs. Who wants a BVM-D14H5U (60k hrs) and an Ikegami TM14-17RZ? Both with RGB/component. One capable of 240p-1080i.

Is the 1080i the bvm? Where are you located and what is your pricing?

bvm is up to 1080i, it's not a widescreen so 16:9 will be letterboxed, I recommend it for 480p. I'm in New York and know how to ship CRTs where even fedex won't damage them.

depending on shipping distance I'll be adjusting my price as high as 200, I won't be asking for retarded ebay prices, the monitor alone without the RGB card tends to get listed at 250+.

I'm located in commiefornia what price would i be looking at? Granted i won't have the money to buy it for a while since my new job only pays every two weeks and i have other priorities like rent, food, and paying back borrowed cash to friends.

I'll be honest I think you can find a better deal locally and pick it up locally over there, saving any shipping issues and saving money.

Getting the last 50 or so games for my 64 collection+any cheap Switch games I can get my hands on.

Not much. Don't really buy doubles too often.

Believe it or not, a Platinum Hits copy of Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the original Xbox. Trying to go for a complete Tony Hawk set. Literally only seen one picture of a copy.

That first pic made me nostalgia in my pants. We've really come a long way, haven't we?

L e t s g o.

Bretty gud
Literally why?
Also gay

Overall 4/10, less meme guns, more quality accessories.

I don't think I'd say the same. Even tiny pvms go for at least $100-200 and every bvm and good size pvm I've seen (aside from the 1 great priced pvm I found, which I bought) goes for $300-500 with the occasional crazy wanting $1000 for it. Shit is fucked here.

I think i saw a 20 inch ikegami out there for very cheap, pick up only. Lemme see what i can dig up in a few minutes.

if you go on ebay and look up ikegami tm20-17 it'll be the first result. Apparently there's a bit of screen burn but at $105 for a 20" RGB/component professional video monitor, you have a really good option there. It's local pick up and in comparison I'd be asking for about double what he is in order to get my monitor across the country to you. The guy is located in Ventura if you want to arrange an inspection, bring at least an s-video capable console and a konami game (for the white screen) to really inspect if the screen burn is too extreme.

Been looking for the GBA slot thing for my Gamecube. If it counts I found a SNES out in the woods fucked up I got working again.

For what purpose

In many cases, it increases, but having a great many guns does not suit my needs at every given moment. I need distraction from unproductive lines of thought at all times, though having a small arsenal is calming in its own way.

VZ-58 was under $400, with three magazines and a sling. Couldn't not buy it.
590A1 was bought during the panic of 2012, and took over a year to get to me. NO ONE was selling one with a regular buttstock, and I haven't taken it to the range enough to justify buying a fixed-pull stock. 1911 was "I need something in .45 ACP that I can build without a mill". Nothing more, nothing less. CZ-75 was acquired by LUCK when I was asking local shops about CZs they had in stock. AR was the bare minimum that could be slapped together in the limited time I had access to a proper workship. Work turned to shit immediately after, so I haven't even been able to buy ammo in bulk since then. The point was to acquire firearms of every type that I could when I still had money, to study their design and operation. Still don't have a revolver of either type, and I still don't have a bolt action rifle. With the buy-once, cry-once rule in play, I may not just get any old piece of glass for the AR. Besides, I bought it for close range use.

Probably because fucking Century is responsible. Their QC is the stuff of legends.

Hope you mean a 500+. Usually fairly cheap on Ebay if want to get one with nothing added. Just remember to remove the battery, and hope to fuck if you get one that it hasn't exploded yet.

Dragon's Crown has a manual? Shame it didn't come with the Vita version. That'd been nice.

Going for the fullset?


good video for newbs though, and great advice on the hot air rework station

The VZ's they threw together are the bees knees. Everything else is oh god why, who let you do this tier.

Here's part of what I had, leaving out the really weird shit I had yet to identify. A few pictures not covering everything, from a potato camera.

Amiga 1000, complete
Amiga 500, complete (no upgrades or mods) w/ printer, mouse, monitor, two sticks, and a mess of cables for peripherals I didn't have
Tandy 1000 RLX
Tandy PC Jr
Tandy Color Computer 2 (7 games, 3 joysticks)
Commodore 64 (x3)
Boxes of disks belonging to a friend who had given them to me for safe keeping, archival, and recovery
Commodore 64c (x2)
Commodore 1541 disk drive (x3)
Apple ][
Apple III (business version of the Apple ][)
Apple iigs
Apple iic
Macintosh Plus
Macintosh LC II
Macintosh Quadra 800
Apple iMac G3 (tray disc drive)
AT&T Globalyst 520 (x2)
IBM Thinkpad (early pentium, forget the model)
Packard Bell Legend 300SX
Packard Bell Legend 233

Good to have that reassurance. I didn't notice any tool marks or anything when inspecting the rifle.

I actually have a working tandy 1000ex, i should refurb, clean it, and sell it.

It wouldn't surprise me if SCEA's told publishers to not bother with physical manuals anymore partway through seventh gen, with most publishers all too happy to cut out more production cost (while still charging the same), resulting in most later PS3 games and nearly all Vita games not having a manual. Hell, some publishers have gotten so cheap that they won't even print a operate safety slip, and instead just print it on the back of the cover art. That's just in regards to Sony releases though.

Really kind of sad though to follow a long running series and note how manuals have changed/disappeared over the years.

the Packard Bells

"Vintage" faggots want a king's ransom for it no less. People want forty fucking dollars for an Amiga mouse. That's nothing, if you live in Commiefornia, where it costs almost $2k to live in the goddamn projects, that's about half a year's rent in my area.

Is there a monitor/screen I can buy here in the states with native support for the PSX SCART cable? Preferably one that won't cost me a kidney and my firstborn son.

no. you can convert RGB scart to y/pb/pr component pretty inexpensively. Not a big difference in quality there. Or get a scart to bnc adapter to send raw rgb to a pro monitor.

A lot of streamers online use SCART to HDMI adapters. Not expensive, but it's a pain in the ass to get SCART cables for all of your consoles.

Quite true.
Yeah that's an important point people sometimes forget.

Hardware wise absolutely. Games craftsmanship, execution and optimization and other things, not so much. In some ways I'd argue it's regressing.

One thing of note, pick up spare firing pins. The surplus ones they used tend to be fragile.

Next time I go on a fuck-it spree with online shopping, I'll get some for my AR and the VZ, maybe one each for my pistols. I haven't been to the range but maybe twice in 2017, and only put a magazine through each rifle each time.

I need to retake this photo, but this 5200 got trashed with my computers. I have another in the basement with a broken controller bay cover.

Non-czechpoint VZs are shit-tier at best.

I wouldn't buy CAIshit for any price unless I specifically knew I could flip it with minimal effort for at least 1/3 more than what I spent on it.
You already had a 9mm, and an excellent one at that. That would be a case of needlessly diversifying your collection just for the sake of collecting, while neglecting the rest of your firearms.
Buy-once, cry-once means you're going for high-end firearms right out of the gate instead of wasting your time with low to mid-range shit and "working your way up" to the good ones. The buy-once cry-once approach to your collection would have been keeping the pre-B, getting a few mags and a wolf spring set, a crate of 9mm ammo, and spending the rest on building a high-tier AR, 10+ mags, a couple 1000rd crates, a pelican case, and a micro H2.
Waste of money, especially if you don't have land for the rifle. And if you do, instead of getting the H2, get a 4x32 ACOG and learn the BAC for CQ.

You're already falling into the trap most newgunz fall into, which is buying a whole bunch of low-mid range shit that you don't really need instead of coming at it from the utilitarian perspective and treating yourself with fewer, better weapons.

You don't understand, and you likely never will. Peace be upon you.

I understand the collector autism, but over many years I've learned to channel that into fewer, better things.

Yeah. Eventually gonna get the PAL and JPN exclusives. Maybe go for homebrews/color cart variants/NFR variants/64DD/Player's Choice games after that.

That's some nice shit user. Are the older Apple PCs worth getting, or are they just mainly for collection sake nowadays?

9/10 of mine never came with anything but the cart. Only special editions really bothered to include shit, but that's expected.

The fuck?

You did remove the battery assuming it isn't a 1.6 right?

Godspeed user. I can only imagine the kikery you've got to look forward to.

Sad when it reaches the point that an actual manual gets considered a "perk" for an edition that you have to pay extra for. Even more-so in cases where that's the only way to get a physical copy of a game (and in which the publisher should by all rights have the money to do so, but are just too cheap/lazy.

Man, the iMac G3 is such a useless system. It's overpowered for most 90s Mac software, but too slow for anything past 2000 Literally any Power Mac would be better since you add whatever weird upgrades you want without difficulty. It's acceptable if it's the only old Mac you have, but I'd rather have anything other than an iMac.

I'd say they're worth getting if you can find the right one. There's a few neat games that showed up on the Mac.

My n64 rgb kits arrived. Gonna take two from work, clean them up and get them outputting rgb.

If they can cut costs, they will. I'd at least argue the limited space in the Vita box could limit a manual itself. I'd still prefer one.

Best I got is a Powerbook G3. Really should turn it on, haven't even given it attention since got other shit.

It looks nice, but the Ultra-HDMI upgrade blows it out of the water in terms of visual quality.

I'm not using lcds

MT-32 emulation is indistinguishable from the real thing. I guess this is more of a nostalgia collection that a practical one.

you could be using authentic hardware. I don't know the specifics of munt but doesn't it just work with dosbox? dosbox is fucking awful If you could route a legit 486 or something to a box running munt, it would be a nice alternative.

If that was the case then why would Vita cases even have those plastic nubs on the inside left to hold a manual? Far as I've heard in Japan they still have manuals, it's just the west that gets denied them.

In world where they managed to fit a manual inside a Game Boy cartridge, that's really no excuse. Besides, they managed just fine fitting manuals into PSP game cases and CD jewel cases.

Yeah, it's pretty much just the publishers (and/or distributors) trying to reduce production costs and not passing the savings on to the consumer. Same with various games that either have a digital version (which can stay full price LONG after the physicals have dropped in value), or even worse, were digital only to begin with, if only in western regions. I'll give Sega some credit where it's due for Yakuza 5 having not only not been full $60 price here as a digital only title, but bundling all the DLC with it at no additional cost to the customer. Still a shame they couldn't see a point in a physical release, even a limited physical, though.

Where can I find a good deal on a Voodoo 2 PCI and a passthrough cable by an English speaker? I want to get one for the Christmas season since I was given a Pentium 2 300mhz Gateway G6-300. It has everything but good video, on-board Chromatic Mpact which functions as a 3D decelerator. But, I want to find one at a good price and easy return-ability just in case something goes wrong. I mostly just want one to play games like Quake, Quake 2, Unreal 1, Half-Life, some of the mid to late 90s EA Sports games, Need for Speed 2\3\4 and the like.

the flea markets have dried up, I've stopped bothering with the local stores since most of them are way more than I'd like to spend money on, and the only things I actively go to are gunshows so I haven't been collecting much but I did get ocarina of time for $12 so that was neat I guess

althought throughout the year I've managed to get every FF for ps1 for $33, all complete and black label except for 7, 8, and tactics, 2 dreamcasts, 3 controllers, 3 memory cards and a VMU for about $43 total, an N64 with 3 controllers for $30, and a bunch of dumb nip games for basically below $3 each

that's a pretty basic bitch AR you got there but at least you didn't pay $700 for a CE1000 like my dumb ass did

Consider trying local used multimedia shops if you know of any where you are. I've had pretty decent luck with the ones around where I live over the last few years, but I'll admit it's a crapshoot, it took maybe three trips to discover that they actually had the occasional really good price on something, and it's mainly been fifth and sixth gen I've had really good finds for.

every now and then I'll go to a local store, but 99% of the time it's all either overpriced or too expensive for my liking
granted I did find rule of rose for about $150 less than it goes for at a place that has really overpriced stuff usually so that was cool

It took me a few trips to discover that the local multimedia chain wasn't just a few screws loose in pricing, and not merely in the bad sort of way. Finding Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for $10 was the eye opener. While over the last year my finds have slowed down some there (I'm not sure if it's more that I've had less to pick up because I don't care to buy more copies of what I already have, or them slowly becoming more aware of prices), but I used to manage at least one decent find a month (on rare occasion, three or more; Christmastime has proven surprisingly fruitful, perhaps due to people trading things in for store credit to put towards gifts), and when your free-to-spend funds are low, making the effort to stretch what you have for entertainment is nice. Big reason I started making their locations a main part of my occasional loop through the surrounding towns; they're hit or miss, but it's they've been "hit" enough times to warrant continuing to check. The fact that they also do constant 20% off vouchers (on single purchases) for "how'd we do?" surveys, and have a points system you can put towards getting things half off is also nice.

Last time I went to the RadioShack in my town, they still had stock from 10 years ago. Stuff like Wireless Xbox Contollers with yellowed plastic packing, some weird wireless cards, and floppy holders.

I'd be surprised if you still had radio shack where you live; they died off where I am some years back, and by the end felt more like an RC toy store than anything. Not sure I ever saw a local one with much in the way of vidya.

I meant more of stores that have an actual media focus, rather than media components/accessories (or being a box-mart type place). Places that might focus more on used books or music, but also stock games (and DVDs/bluray/etc) on the side. If you have anywhere like that around you, they might be worth checking if you haven't. Just don't expect to immediately know if they're good or not, as it can take a few attempts to really gauge if they're more prone to being good or not. Also some luck of being there at the right time if they are prone to being good too. Though I'll admit not everywhere has such places, or even options. My own town has had next to no used vidya stores since Fucking Gamestop drove everywhere else under (and the one shop that opened since is scalper central, even on soda), but the surrounding towns with less Gamestops have much more options, and due to the structure of the area are within quick and easy driving distance despite being in their own towns from my own.

Yeah, I managed to snag one of the Redneck Rampage game from Goodwill. It's not exactly a media store, but if they have a game worth picking up the price is usually reasonable. It's not quite LGR level thrifting but it's better than nothing.

Goodwill, Savers, pawn shops, etc, are all trash where I am. Any games they have are just things people couldn't get enough for at other stores, and are just dumped off there. And anything good that Goodwill in particular does get, I'd wager they send off to that electronics and media focused store on the east coast, which from what I've seen photos of was asking the typical prices on games that other stores and online sellers were asking. That is, if that location there has stuck around anyhow. I wouldn't recommend buying through Goodwill's Amazon accounts either, but that's just been my own experiences with question-dodging vendors.

I did manage to get some old LCD monitors and the PC version of Mega Man X once. It's mostly down to luck with your average goodwill. Unfortunately I've never seen anything like an old computer or a game console though. Honestly, Ebay seems to be the only place I can find that stuff excluding retro game shops of course

never found much of anything at goodwill, but a thrift store next to our local goodwill has a dozen and a half or so CRTs just sitting around, plus the savers actually had some pretty good deals

try flea markets and yard/garage/street sales, I've found tons of shit at those

a couple months ago I got a working gamecube with no cables or anything for 50 cents

been picking up a bunch of 3/ds and saturn games for cheap, also managed to get my hands on a 3ds on a lower firmware, now if only i could get my hands on a new 3dsxl

Also got a few genesis/ps1 games coming soon

ehh, barely. Some have decent sized manuals, but most have, like, a 4 page pamphlet giving you the most basic of information

From the look of things you could still use Ghost Trick, at the very least. And a better camera too.
I do you hope you didn't have to pay a huge amount on that. Price seems to have shot way up on that (for a DS game anyhow).

What's that fourth cardstock boxed 3DS game, and how is From the Abyss?

I already have 3 of them. Only like 2 or 3 of them are actually worth a shitton of money.

I haven't actually tried it yet, it's sealed, and came with the 3DS. The game is Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker

Yeah it's probably the most expensive DS game i've seen, but nah, i managed to tracked it down at a gamestop years ago, though the cardboard was fucked from the way they stored it.

Yeah this is just temporary, since my other camera shit itself not too long ago.

As I've heard it, blame can be pinned there on both the game not getting a big print/selling well here, as well as furries somehow having exorbitant amounts of money to drop on things they feel pander to them and not having enough common sense to not spend so much on them. And of course resellers are likely all too happy to push the envelope of what prices they can get away with.

Same with my copy too. A local fucking Gamestop had an unsold, gutted copy that had been rotting on the shelves maybe three years back, and got it for $15 as the prices were starting to reach $50 or so. Cardstock box for it was pretty much fucked (is it so hard to keep one of those flat-packed in a drawer if you have to gut a game with an actual case you could display?), but everything else was fine, and it even had an unopened soundtrack with it.

How much is a Sharp MZ-80K worth? How do they fair against a Commodore 64 or the likes? I primarily like the aesthetic of it.


Just got this for 62 dollars. Here's how much it generally goes for.

Dragons crown probably went cheap because the ps4 remaster.

the problem with books is that not many people want books in person, but not many people are willing to pay that kind of money for it online

but I suppose it is nice to have something you got for cheap that's worth a lot

It's still been more expensive elsewhere I've looked, but yeah, it wouldn't shock me if the "remaster" treatment has caused in influx of availability from people selling their old copies, to the point prices might be starting to come down to offset the lack of demand. Usually when I have been seeing Dragon's Crown around though, it's been close to $30, give or take a few in either direction.

Just dropped $100 on Paladin Press books since they're going out of business in a few days. I'm probably going to be added to some kind of list for ordering so many at once, but there's not much I can do at this point. I missed out on most of the good books.

Yep, I compared my new xbox one games to my old Halo 1 case and I literally have a small book for a manual. You'll be lucky with new games these days if you even get a small piece of paper that isn't a code or a promotion. Its all online now or included in the game(which isn't necessarily bad but the manuals used to be a place where the developers would put some cool character info or easter eggs. Now you need to buy an $80 dollar limited collector's edition to get that kind of stuff.

Nigger why are you so dumb?

Actually, I did manage to find something of interest while out here: a copy of Gravity Rush for the PS4, which to my knowledge didn't see a big print. Wasn't exactly a steal, but it does cut down on stuff I've been meaning to look out for, and I'd not yet seen any copies of it around where I live. Really getting kind of annoyed with some of these companies intentionally limiting physical copes of games in favor of a more-or-less digital only (unless you fork extra money over) market for some of them.

Looking at main-series Tales (at least going off my memory of my copies; still not back home), Destiny, Eternia, and Symphonia all had nice, full color manuals (I think Legendia may have as well), then Abyss and Vesperia (360; PS3 extended version never came west officially) had black and white manuals. Graces f had a color manual again (PAL also got a free artbook, perhaps as apology for being constantly fucked over), but it was really small, and since Xillia 1 none of the main series have come with them as far as I'm aware (and with Xillia itself, Bamco was so lazy they couldn't even print a health warning page; the free LE upgrade including a character pamphlet did sort of make up for it, but the only reason they did so was rewarding fans for preorder numbers; bigger perk to fans was X2 being confirmed for western release even before X1 was out for sale here). And beyond that, the early manuals were nice and detailed, but then eventually moved into shorter and shorter things that might as well have been a control schematic in at least three languages making it seem slightly bigger than any relevant part was, before disappearing altogether. And, at least with Eternia, not only was it informative with plot and character bios, but it also had an air of playfulness to it: a flip book functionality in the corner of the pages of Reid and Farah (the protagonists) have a discussion that turns an argument). I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I enjoy little things like that that weren't exactly necessary, but showed extra effort going into what was put out.

The one perk for digital manuals I suppose is that you can't lose them and having no physical cost can be in full color again, but whether or not they're anything more than a glorified four page spread black and white controller schematic in English, Taco, and Baguette. Sadly we're entering an era where just getting a physical release can be "praiseworthy" of companies, and even then some try to skimp on actual discs, only giving a case with a cover art and a download code inside as "shelf decoration" for fans.

>Tfw reading old forum posts from the pre-AVGN era
At least with gaming becoming unpopular again the bubble will pop…right?

What parallel universe do you live in?

I suppose it depends on when exactly the posts were from.

Wishful thinking if you ask me.

The collectors edition of Xillia 2 came with a full color manual thankfully.

The day this happens wide-scale is the day I stop buying any media. I'll become a piratefag before I spend a dime on digital games.

Shouldn't have to be dropping a hundred and thirty dollarydoos to get something that came as a standard with games a handful of years (not even "generations"; seventh gen having seemingly stopped manuals part way through). Though, that CE still came with other extras, but still. Also still annoys me that they didn't do what they did with X1 and give the cameo outfits as a first print bonus for everyone here. Kind of disgusts me when something that was essentially free-with-purchase in Japan gets dumped exclusively into an edition over twice the base cost of the game as a perk to buy it.

Capcom's done it at least once. Think it was one of the Capcom Vs titles. I'm thankful (and somewhat surprised) more companies haven't tried it. Also reminded of an "ornamental" copy of Yakuza 2 I once saw on eBay.

You didn't hear it from me, but game prices are going to tank when the border wall goes up. something about illegals hording games illegally at flea markets.

Have any of you tried this controller? is it worth 20 leaf dollars?

that looks like it'd snap in half if you squeezed it too hard