I need PC games that are similar to Bloodborne

I need PC games that are similar to Bloodborne.


Dark Souls

Do you mean gameplay or aesthetics?

There is actually a pixelshit thing called Shrouded in Sanity.

Demon's Souls
Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 3

Every other action-oriented game I see is either a musou-like or has insubstantial combat that feels tacked on

Check out Severance Blade of Darkness from GOG. You can easily pirate it from IGG

Why not try out Hoin.

Severance is pretty dope.


Are you reta- oh wait the emulator works now doesn't it.

Yeah, have you played it with the Toon Shader?

No, that looks interesting. I'm due for another play through soon, maybe I'll give it a shot.

Die by the Sword is fucking old but has some of that vibe. It's definitely not for casuals though, the mouse-controlled sword combat takes some getting used to.

To enable it and for it to look good you need to run the game on OpenGL mode, set Line width to at least 5 and Shade Mode to Toon Shade + Texture-

Emulate Nightmare creatures.



why lie?

Maybe because I don't own the current gen consoles and never played Bloodborne.


are these you?

Some Souls-like games are right up your alley.

A shame, Bloodborne is a great game user-kun

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

is this a JoJo reference?

I’m not interested in your platform holders and I don’t trust Sony.

Well don't worry, you'll be able to emulate Bloodborne in 2024 I'm sure.


I suspect (you) are just a poorfag who hates fun

some say the Switch version is even better

Of course Switch version is better! You can use amiibo on it.

No, you need a high end PC to play a buggy mess.

It only appears to have a couple of minor bugs, but beyond that emulating it seems to work very well now. You can even run it at much higher resolutions now, thanks in part to Vulkan.

The spec requirements aren't that high, you can get an older i7 used pretty cheap these days.


I rather be poorfag than a delusional richfag who spends shit tons of money to play one game.

Sounds pretty reasonable. Or are you the machine purist?

Bloodborne is on PC. They just called the port Dark Souls 3.

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I didn't insisted you buy anything you faggot. I said you'll be able to emulate it in 2024, and that is likely to be a true statement.

Emulation is NOT piracy and is NOT illegal you fucking double nigger. In the United States, the lawsuit Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.; Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. v. Connectix Corporation, 203 F.3d 596 ended in a victory for Connecting, thereby making all video game emulation legal in this country. I can play my entire console game library on emulators as much as a please, and no one can say otherwise, least of all Sony. Get fucked.

Victory for Connectix*

More like 2029
Unless some miracle happens, like pure autism

Current gen consoles are basically off the shelf laptop PC hardware, very well documented and familiar to modern programmers, emulating them will be a cakewalk versus the bizarre and proprietary hardware configurations found in stuff like the N64 and original XBox.

user if you didn't spend your money on crack cocaine you could easily effort both a good PC, a Bloodborne Machine & a Mario handheld toy. Its not like its very expensive.

My uncle is a gamer who taught me gaming since I was kid and I think he bought PS4. He usually give me all consoles and titles he own after messing it with few years. Last time I got PS3 and few dozens of killer titles and I'm waiting for the next heritage.
It becomes very expensive when you live in 3rd world Asian shithole.

you could try out King's Field. KF's editor got an official PC release and translation, and someone made the entire original game in it and there's a bunch of other games for it too.
And if you'd like a more advanced King's Field experience, try out the sequels. King's Field 1 in America was actually the second game, 2 was 3, etc. They show a progressive improvement in each game, both in design and gameplay

and they're a predecessor to the Souls series so seriously, give them a try if you feel like an oppressive first person hack and slash

And while we're here, lots of the Legacy of Kain games got a PC release

Diablo III

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…as you own the original games, which emuniggers on Holla Forums obviously don't. Since >buying games culture applies to both piracy and emulation.


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Emulation is not piracy. It's emulation.
Piracy is not emulation. It's piracy.

Emulation is the act of running software on hardware that it was not originally designed for or natively compatible with. It has nothing to do with legal ownership status of something.

When you play a PS1 game on a PS3, you are using emulation. It's first party emulation instead of third party emulation, but it is still emulation.

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well considering Hidetaka Miyazaki is a honorary asian reactionary traditionalist who will bring about the fourth reich, I doubt it will ever be poz'd like WE WUZ KANGS CREED™ but you can be damn sure there will be "souls-like" clones on the formula for the next half decade.

Your D&C does not work anymore. Think who contributed this thread from the beginning and who is fucking shitting this thread right now with bullshit cult logic and buzzword calling out. Self-awareness is virtue.

The Surge is a fuck of a lot like Bloodborne, stop lying. When will people accept that a western dev managed to make a more innovative and enjoyable souls game than Dark Souls 3 with a much lower budget.

The amount of dissonance around this game is amazing, people praise Nioh which has one set of enemies used in every level across the whole game, loot grinding, and reused levels and assets (here play this level three times with a different enemy layout and skybox!) but not this.

Normalfag youtubers who suck off Dark Souls completely ignored this game when it is closer in gameplay to Dark Souls than 2 or 3. They will cover 2D pixelshit that claims to be 'soulslike' but not the game that could practically be an entry in the souls franchise.

Really sad that the game was tainted by LOTF before release even though LOTF was co-developed with another company. The difference between the games is night and day. Have some screens from the new DLC.




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As someone who beat it and enjoyed it. You are correct user, even if no one else wants to agree.

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