Fag Gives Sonic Boom Crew Death Threats

Now, this is where we currently are. How will it develop. Where will it evolve from here, will an autist kill a staff member one day? Only one way to find out.

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Autism? In the Sonic fanbase? That's unheard of!

/thread. Tell we when chris-chan kills himself.

Sonic was a fucking mistake

how did this generation get so bad

I hope they taunt him in the next season, portraying him in the worst light possible.

You ever think anyone at Sega regrets the autism they unleashed on the world with sanic?

It has always been like this, or did you forgot about the Tiny Toons stalker?

source on that gif?

The what? Please explain further.

Fucking sexy smug bitch cat.

I don't know what I expected the end of that story to be, but seeing that it's ongoing just adds to the sperg factor. Fire up the ovens.

I don't think they're allowed to display his DA/FA account in public

I would think that the people responsible for Sonic Boom would know full well what kind of person they're dealing with, and how to deal with them, considering they made a character that specifically to take the piss out of that kind of person.

Jesus fucking christ. It seems there are almost hundreds of tweets like this.



tl;dr furfag autist gets obsessed with TT character and starts giving her creepy phonecalls and mail. They eventually mock him on the show just like Sonic Boom did with Chris.
Shit with furries got so bad that the show ended up being cancelled.

I think (you) are the real autist kiddo.

character voice actress*

Holy fuck, an autist of that caliber actually realized he made a mistake and acknowledged it/apologized for it publicly. That's uncommon. Maybe he just realized that he could get in real legal trouble, but he seems sincere.

The cult that follows Sonic is truly an amazing spectacle to admire from afar.

Why are the people in the comments sections using greentext outside of anonymous imageboards?

either go big with your autismas or go home.

That badger thing is the best thing to come out of Sonic in a while.


More like Tails and sodomy

I didn't ask for this boner.

da truff

The autist got shit on by eggman himself, impressive

oh shit my dick, there's so much HOT BLOOD running through my veins right now.

Did he ever mentioned changing Sonic's blue arms?

It's not called greentext, it has existed since much earlier than imageboards.

the parents weren't equipped to keep their kids innocent in a day and age where there's corruption of innocence at your fingertips.

Bad parents, too. Can't blame all this on the kids, if the adults don't reign in their shithead kids with good old corporeal punishment, there's no saving them when they're down in the deep end.

I wouldn't put it out of possibility that they're milking his reactions for social media attention.

If you think strict education begins and ends at corporal punishment, you're part of the problem, user.

It's the fucking (((ghosts))) that are to blame. Before them, corporeal punishment had things under control.

Semantic mistakes like that are a diamond dozen in this doggy dog world.

If you think that's the only thing you have to do, you're a lazy asshole who doesn't care about his kids. If you think you can raise a child on promises of doing something bad or taking away their stuff without setting a precendent of what you're willing to do to ensure that it's understood that what they did was wrong, you cannot command respect or even a presence in order to have the authority to mete out lesser punishments with the same effectiveness.

It starts with corporal punishment, and it ends with a kind hand and two beers between men on the porch when your kid successfully becomes an adult without being a degenerate or a murderer.

Shouldn’t this belong in Holla Forums?

It could go either way, really. It fits both just fine.

The Boom games were a tie-in for the cartoon not the other way around.

Nigger see this is nothing new.

They need to be stopped before they go any farther.

The whole idea was to make a cartoon based on Sonic, and then to advertise it with licensed video games based on the cartoon based on a video game. It is 100% why the games were shit.

My weeb sister told me that the Pokemon games were based off the anime and the anime aired in the 70s.

Slap her.

Dubs demand it


Why? She believes I will achieve my dream of being a game dev on day. She said "you could work for a smaller company like Playstation or No-Net (referring to Blizzard)".

Heh. Check this Shit out:


The sun shines, breaking through the tree outside our window, 
awaking me from my restful sleep,
awaking to the sight of your pretty face
awash with a contented smile as you dream.
I hesitate to wake you, my pretty squirrel,
for I, too am awash with happiness, knowing we are together
alive with love.

You stretch as the morning rays gently carress your silky fur, 
wiping the finale of your night's dreams away
to awake with a smile
and a "Good morning, Honey".
I reply in kind, with a gentle kiss
and a warm embrace.

Oh, how I remember fondly our strolls in the moonlight
as we exchanged our love for one another
-How it sets my heart beating
to know that you love me as much as I you…

I know our Furry love will last… 

Dennis M. Falk, aka 

S-Stop being l-lewd Sticks.

fuck her right in the pussy, user.

I guess. theoretically, you could endlessly chain tie-ins like that with a good result until you hit market saturation, but you're going to run out of good developers or animation studios, and hit a weak link in the production, eventually. They just hit theirs on chain link #3.

Hug her but tell her she is wrong.

Better idea: Give us her favorite fandoms or Deviantart accounts and let us mock her.

So is sonic boom worth watching anyway?

Oh man I remember klax, I remember the 90's, I remember being happy and thinking the world was a nice place and the future was going to be good

What happened?

…….oh right, the internet…

See for yourself.

I don't think she is part of any fandom anymore. She had 2 kids with some chinese guy who is way older than her. One time I was using a computer we shared and when I was using google I typed "s" and the autofill said "sasuke naked".

After a season or two, and mostly because it's absolutely self-aware of who its fans are, and what the fuck is wrong with them. Oh, and it has Jokes. Good ones.


its a pretty good anime.

You insufferable faggots who are consistently compelled to complain about this phenomenon only make yourselves look like absolute fucking retards when you do so.

Not bad, I'll watch more sometime

god couldn't she get anything getter? Are they hapa spawn too? Thanks for 2 future mass shooters, user's sister.

Are they going to top colombine?


They are both equally ugly.
Both of the kids are girls.


so yes

What did Mark Mean by this?

It means that Eggman's the only one with balls in that universe.

We should ask him.

It's really sad what happened to this series, once a nice fun platformer with a likeable character, is now a shitty Teletubbies-tier shit show that is like a magnet for the worst kind of degenerate retards the world has to offer.

user,the show is well made. I know that coming from reddit you assume being a contrarian will help you fit in but its doesn't work like that. (you) are trying too hard.

Like John Carpenter

I think he's talking about just Sonic in general.

HOLY SHIT so the guy who directed my favorite movie also likes sonic? I love him

yeah, I'v never been one to be ashamed of still liking Sonic, but knowing he loves the games too makes me feel a pretty damn good.

It's still a half-decent action series, at the very least. The fact that they managed to salvage it as well as they have, considering where it was, is impressive. It's liked enough now that people would actually be willing to play a "serious" Sonic game again. Though after Sonic Forces, I don't think that they have it in them to write plot like SA2's competently, or balance that tone with the jokey tone that they're currently succeeding with.

Part of me wonders how the show's writing team would handle it if they were given the writing reigns on the games.They might just use it as an excuse to dump as many jokes as possible in as small of time frame as possible, but I wouldn't put it past them to try for something bigger.

I was talking about sonic in general you fucking moron, if there's anyone who's trying way too hard it's you, you dense autist, go back to >>>/furry/ faggot.


Well at least John Carpenter is talikng about having fun with the good genesis games, unlike those autistic furries who write fanfiction that started to appear the moment the Adventure series came out, when sonic turned to shit.

I am very dissapointing in you user.

post sonic youtube poops

Here's something actually good.

Oh by the way, where does the Hawaiian Shadow character come from? It's the perfect way to ruin it all for the autists, giving him a cally surfer dude personality who's still rough around the edges.

Recent Sonic Forces poops are especially autistic.



this is fun, thank you for sharing.

user I think you are being a kike

Some of those are really shitty, but i am not responsible for their quality, i just don't want you to give them any views and fucking webm their shit.



I looked at that archive link, but I didn't see any threats. Did they get deleted before you capped his autism or did he send them to the staff personally?




Poe's law user

that's potentially good stuff

oh so you are objectively retarded?

yfw millenials are just the new boomers because now that all the boomers are dying, we need some new group to blame


oh so you are objectively retarded?

Then explain Gen Z

I'm suprised as fuck it wasn't CWC this time

Who the fuck is Sonamy? is that some deviantart OC doughnut steal?

Nigger "Poe's law" is a meme that only retards resort too siting. Its just as stupid as "Godwin's law" or "Sargon Law" you fucking fedora tipping redditor.

It's a Shipping term where you combine the characters names to talk about what characters you want to hook up.
This is usually followed by them drawing fanart or writing fan fiction about said hookup.
Yes it's that disgusting user.

How most people write shipping - "Vivian x Kojima"
How retarded fandom furries write shipping - KojiVian

Why would anyone want Sonic X Amy in Boom when they could have Sonic X Sticks?

If you use the word shipping or ship anything you're as big of a faggot as they are.

Because Sticks' voice sounds like a grated cat.


Why are half of Sonic characters basically rip off of DBZ characters

Because the guy who came up with a lot of them is super into DB.

improve your standards mate

Sonic is basically furry DBZ.

Who cares? Normalfags worry about the strangest things. Laugh at him and move on.

did you just google what poe's law is and instantly think its a meme because it related to the internet? tell me why is wrong then if you so smart, you fucking arms chair expert

maybe they want to her for themselves, if shes so great

That'd be the best reply to this mess.

I don't understand

Guy confirmed not only for shit taste in shipping, but also for shit taste in sonic vidya.

well IGN is an anagram of NIG, so im inclined to disagree with them as well


That was remarkably competent, especially for a kid/autist's show. It's a shame the writing is being wasted on a Sonic property.

Boom Eggman is the best Eggman.

There's no Season 3 yet, but they implied there will be one.


no you dumb nigger poe's law is a made up thing. I was created by "le skeptic" fedora tippers and anyone who resorts to using it show how ignorant and classless they are. Its like the jackass who ignorantly resorts to crying dunning kruger but worst because poe's law is even less substantive in and brand of logic. It's literally a reddit meme. The fact that you are caught up on the fact that the guy really killed someone just shows how dense you actually are.

Many of them are still raised by Gen X.

Mike is such a based guy.

dude is incredible.

Kinda reminder me of my dad. He too still plays Sonic from time to time. He's hooked on Mania and Sonic 3 & Knuckles now. Dads pretty good at those games too.


Those kemono anons were a warning


Who'd have thought it wouldn't be ChricChan to snap first.
Also, with the known history of the autists attracted to this, you'd think they've have just ignored it. Most of the VAs/writers pinned tweets with short FAQs to basically act as a "Fuck off Retard" sign.
Other fandoms are worse (pic related), but fucking hell.

Considering how he's basically been "locked" into the role as Eggman, Mike seems pretty bro. Guess he has fun adlibbing in the booth with Boom Eggman.

I'd be tempted to say no one under 18 should use the internet (prevents their minds & politics being influenced from a young age), but how'd you enforce it without spying?

I think they maybe did the writing for the second Sonic Boom game, but other than that the writing was by the guy who created Happy Tree Friends and wrote for on Mad World IIRC. Problem is- they couldn't do an original plot (dubbing over what was made in Japan) unless they work direct with Sonic Team.

It even makes sense thematically- IIRC badgers are hyper territorial, who better to guard the Master Emerald? And being alone for so long would send them screwy.
If Ken Penders ever gets a better lawyer and we have to lose Knuckles, I welcome Stickles.

His work on the Twitter TakeOver was still good.


Thank you based user, you're my hero. A Sonic Hero!

But kemonos are cute. They are in no way related to furries.

Didn’t need that image in my head.

First /monster/ apology, now weebfur apology.

It has its moments.



*notices bulge*


Whats this?

I didn't even know those were a thing.

Does anyone got a screenshot of the actual death threat tweet?

Oh lawd the first one is essentially your average Holla Forums thread.

If you ever need a tactical cancer nuke, bookmark this page: besuretoactuallyread.tumblr.com/

Great job, faggot. You just alerted Anti-crack-kun to our existence. Now we're gonna get bombarded with massive walls of text about how the entirety of Holla Forums is !Akemi or some shit.

This is how God intended!

I'm inclined to agree with that state mint.

Believe it or not he's already here. I've seen him post on /u/, /baph/, and /irc/.

How about the law of probability?
Everything that can happen will happen, at least once. Every death threat you receive is most likely bunk - until it's not. Taking them all seriously is thus the only prudent option.

If it were more like an average Holla Forums thread, Shadow would've called them neofags for not liking anime. They would've told him to go to cuckchan, however, and they'd all keep on doing that for a few posts until another user came to post lewds which'd stop the argument. Then someone would post obvious traps, another guy would post the gay community wrestler, and then some user would ask for gay relationship advice.

but you're right, it's a shortened version

she may have a rough voice, but I… kinda… like it. kinda because it proves she doesn't ever try to make herself up and further cements her paranoia about the government.

that's priceless.

>not Suckles
I don't think they could take Knuckles since he was in as early as sonic 3, long before penders bull, but I like the idea of her being a paranoid super aggressive character.

Pedantry. when I posted the image I knew it was allegedly involved with a murder. the point of my original post is often the victims of the crime are not notified before hand. The esoteric fact that everyone is missing is that Christopher Sean was a scapegoat for Samir Al-Hajeed.

Chris Harper Mercer*

What kind of pizza do you think Eggman likes?

Here's all of them if you want.
Unfortunately they don't include the questions when they don't read it (like when Cobi asks about when the Chao Gardens will come back so he can "be a dad again")

Watch the edge user, it almost cut me.

Death threat are often designed to intimidate victims in order to manipulate their behavior.

Seems like a sausage and mushroom guy to me.

Hawaiian Shadow was just a Really good edit some one made of the comics.

I wonder if Amy knows how Robotnik's sausage pizza tastes like, haha.

They were always a thing in northern countries, user.

I like it when an edgy character exists for the sake of having him be annoyed and the butt of jokes and one-upped by more upbeat characters.

This is exactly what ruined Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super though.


Awww yeah

His fight against the Saiyan in the tournament was a good moment though, showing that yeah, Vegeta knows how to be a prince and a leader of his people.

There was a "leak" during the development of Sonic Boom confirming that Shadow would return, and he would be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Naturally, everyone fell in love with this idea.

there is no such thing as a real death threat on the internet. Real killers just do it.

Just because kemonos feature """cute""" googly freaky complex eyes, doesn't mean they are different from furries. Both feature much more similarities than differences, and it's worthy to mention some kemono artists participate on western furry communities.


Kemono gives anons some cultural distance to it. It's like how fairly oddparents porn is weird but precure or Pokémon is fine even though all three are made specifically for kids.

the only sad thing is I know a guy who married an ultra paranoid chick who's on the edge of tinfoil. I'll tell ya, the novelty of being around them wears off quick.

Never sticks your dick in crazy.

I could discuss jews with her. And internet safety. She would never download any movies without proxy, and always use linux. A perfect wife.


This may shock you user, but just because someone masturbates to cartoon animals doesn't mean they tell everyone, go to cons, and own a fursuit.

not yet

Furfags are a lost cause.

to each their own. I find people like this really don't have an off switch and they'll be unloading stuff on you for hours. Personally, I find the topics interesting, but only in passing conversation. It's more like a hobby to them, but if that lines up with your hobby then coo.

Kill yourself dogfucker, I ever see you in real person walking around dressed like a neon blue deer I'll smash your lights out (just a joke, still kill yourself)

This is like saying as soon as you watch an episode of Pokémon you go out and buy dakimakuras, become a neet, get a waifu, and go to anime conventions.

Goddamn it.





Don't kids who get lashed with belts until they bleed or beaten with a stick until their flesh turns black and blue have a higher chance of turning into a batshit insane murderer than a kid who, well, didn't?

Holla Forums will never be cool as /r9k/

how does it feel to be a newfag?

user you are being intellectually dishonest. Randy Stair didn't threaten anyone in particular ahead of time. He just shot of a grocery store. Yes he killed people. You are a fucking idiot

same strawman faggot.


Stop using buzzwords and learn how to form a coherent argument you fucking faggot.

Its not a buzzword in this context. Nether Elliot Rodger or Randy Stair threaten anyone directly online before the attacks. They did have manifestos but their attacks were not telegraphed too the victims which is a necessary condition of a threat.
Never happened in a million years

Theres a thick line between punishing your kids to teach and outright domestic abuse. The key word here is teach



Friendly reminder that he tried to contact pewdiepie. Something special is about to happen.
Then again probably not. I really want to see the "bro army" to come in contact with cwc though.

Furfags are a genetic dead end. The only thing worse than a furfag is a nigger furfag.
Hi chris. :^)


Seems comparable to me. chris who? Chrischan?

You don't give him enough credit, he got CQC and drive-by points

nope, the fags posted that shit in private. Nobody was aware of there homosexuality until after the fact. Now compare your bogymen to the Twitter sperg in this thread who threatened the voice actors. That type of threat is pure hyperbole and anyone concerned about that shit are literally SJWs getting their panties in a bunch because they want to play the victim. Go fuck yourself Zoe, jump off a bridge Brianna. Your crocodile tears have no power here.

Holy shit, furfags are morons as well as degenerates. You are comparing the thing that gets your dick hard to a video game series. Thanks for proving to me how worthless furfags are. That said, I find it funny you compare furfags to pokefags considering how much furfags latch on to pokeshit.

I'm not talking about Pokémon you dense motherfucker, I'm talking about weeaboos.

And nothing of value was lost. Commieforina and New york could be nuked off the map and the US would only grow in power.

Why are you rewriting history just to win an argument on the internet?

Pewdiepie made a video about chris recently

So your argument is that furshit gets your dick wet but you are not a furry? Talk about leftist tier logic!

user I am not rewriting history. You can't come up with a single example of a real death threat online actually leading to the death of a deliberately targeted victem. Even the example of Eliot was targeting women, but he ends up killing his room mates. Fucking failure. The moral of the story is if someone threatened to kill you online stop being a pussy. Fucking Pedo Leftist like you are so dishonest. There is a higher probability that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will frame you for murdering your father then a successful online death threat. People are afraid of their own shadow. Cowards.


Never said that, I'm saying that masturbating to furshit doesn't make you go full force, the same you can watch anime and also not become a massive fucking weeaboo. You really like to dance around the point and misdirect.

I'm saying that to be a furfag means that you are more than likely the lowest of the low. Therefore I found it funny that some conservative girl irritates you, a furfag. Your opinions and feelings are worth less than garbage.

Rise of Lyric wasn't. It was in development before the show was conceived. After the show was pitched to SEGA, SEGA decided to make BRB change RoL's story to fit with the Boom cartoon.

I need to buy a pair they look comfy.

Why are you moving goalpost user?First you said its not a threat because it was made in private, which is not the case, then you said it doesn't count because apparently, if you failed to kill your victim, then its not a threat even though you have the intention of killing them. Nice logic, are you a lawyer by any chance?

looking for the vidya part of this topic

Being a tinfoil hat retard is not being conservative. You need to kill yourself.


it's a show based on a videogame you retard, i think i found the cuckchanner that found shelter here

So far you are not convincing me otherwise. Your rabid defense of your debauchery makes me think that you are nothing more than an overdefensive furfag thus making me believe that what you consider a tinfoil hat and what I consider tinfoil hat are vastly different, you retarded furfag.


I'm not the original user who was complaining about some random bitch. And you have no evidence for anything you are claiming other than a fetish. That other user said she was tinfoil tier, not conservative. You are conflating Hitler with Alex jones.

I will agree that there is a difference between Adolph "fuck merchants" Hitler and Alex "gay frogs" Jones but considering the track record of the average furfag I doubt he can make that call.

I don't blame you guys for hating furries, a lot of them on twitter are left-wing antifa loonies who find HIV less threatening than furfags larping as nazis.

Not to mention they are also furries.

I love that Saix shitposts IRL.

The majority of them narcissistic fags who whine about "dernnnald Drumpf!!!" repeatedly. You don't see much of it here because you guys are like scarecrows to them. They've ruined Holla Forums and Holla Forums and I would do anything for you guys to make them piss off again.

I wouldn't mind them provided that they keep it to themselves, but whenever they congregate, they bring their bullshit culture from their twitter/tumblr feed to complain about the political incorrectness of "chan culture" time after time..Why the fuck are they even on image boards if they want content filtered?

I never said it wasn't fueled by a fetish, it is one. But you are saying that everyone who likes something must think or act the same way. It's like saying everyone who ever played and enjoyed Mario has an intense hatred of turtles. There is nothing inherently leftist about furfaggotry, though I will admit it's the overwhelming majority. And at least we can see eye to eye on the other point.

user you have alot of nerve crying about moving goal post when you keep hopping IDs. The Sanic twitter autism did nothing wrong and anyone who take online threats seriously are mentally ill. I am still waiting for a valid example of a real death thread online that amounted to the target of the threat actually getting killed. If Mark David Chapman where around today I doubt he would make a twitter announcement.

i wouldn't be surprised if this only happened because his parents forced him to do that

The furry fandom is guaranteed to be leftist by default because leftists love transhumanism, utopian ideals, homosexuality, and semen.

Anthropomorphism is different because it's used to display the human condition in a negative manner like Watership Down or Animal Farm.


whats with the politics, are you incapable of having an argument without bringing in whatever political belief you have.

And none of that is inherent to finding furshit hot. Again, it's the majority and is fucking annoying, but not inherent to it.

That was actually a good lesson about how annoying some people are about language.

I like nintendo shit but I will acknowledge that nintendo fanboyism is a huge problem. It's like that. They are the exception, not the norm. Think Christopher Dorner or George Zimmerman, they are people to be applauded but that suddenly doesn't mean niggers are not going to nig and spics are not going to go full cholo.

yes its a crime. I am not saying people have never been killed or that there where not people with internet accesses who latter when on to kill people. I just have never heard of an effective case of an announced death threat resulting in a death of the target. In fact people often have a harder time killing someone if they are aware of a potential attack. But even if I grant your strawman, its still a statistical outlier to the general rule if you consider the frequency of "Online Death Threats".

Not to mention sonic's arms.

And I'm acknowledging it's a problem, and it's why everyone unanimously hates "the furry community". But for something to be the majority it doesn't have to be inherent. There's nothing inherent to communism that states you need to crave dicks, but a lot of commies today do.

Unpleb her by telling her blizzard and sony don't make games.
If she doesn't believe you dickslap her. Repeatedly.

That is oldschool what ever happened to him?

Does that mean he was a chad but didn't know?

He should have just given her the superior onii-chan dick years ago.
Now it's too late.

It's true that they don't have to be inherent but why do you think they gravitate to each other so well? Should you actively avoid creating those situations where you can create the social equivalent of mustard gas because you allow one side to go unchecked? At that point you could argue that they are, in fact, inherent to each other.

What do you classified Randy Stair and Eliot Rogers then retard? is it not a death threat?

They were deranged and were going to kill anyone unfortunate enough to have found himself near them on that day.

A death threat to someone specific on the internet has never resulted in actual murder.
If you can find an example of it ever happening, I'll start taking them seriously.

It's all about the details.

what this user said

Pretty sure that's what "seizing the means of production" means, user.

you mean the means of reproduction?

Well for an ideology that's self explanatory, as people who would benefit most from it would like it, in this case free loaders and people who need a nanny state. I'm the case of a fetish some do, for example BDSM could have very clear psychological implications, but I'm no psychologist and I see no clear connection between furfaggotry (in an isolated state, without the pre existing community of fuck heads) and any kind of ideology. This is mostly because furfaggotry goes with many things and come in many flavors, so being a faggot or into guro or vore could imply a connection cause a lot of those things have some sort of power complex associated, but I'm not seeing the connection with just furshit alone.

Everyone you made fun of in the early 2000s is either dead by self murder or lost their soul and flips burgers on mcdonald's.
It's aint easy being a meme.

I think spax is still the same it's just that the internet isn't the same anymore so he was forgotten.

But when has it been the case that a furfag WAS ONLY a furfag? Like I said, there are exceptions, but holy fuck they are a very small percentage of the furfag populations. Also, with the examples you gave I notice all of them tend to fall into things the average leftist indulge in yet when have you seen something like a conservative BDSM or guro enthuastist? They are on the other side of the coin where statically there has to be at least one but the number would more than be less than a single percent of the total amount of conservatives. That line of reasoning makes me believe that you can make the argument that they are inherent to each other.

And they give you a heads up where they gonna be and on what date they gonna do it. It's not like they just show up unannounced and start killing. If you work at the store where Randy threaten to shot up and saw the video, what would you do? probably go to work as usual like total retard because "lol online threat aren't real"

Say "You don't know what you're talking about"
She insists that she does
"Ok wanna bet?"
I think you know what to bet here.
Look up on wikipedia,
show her

Let us know how it goes.

Making a number of videos where you show off your guns and give away details about your plans on how you plan to shoot up a store you work at while looking like a detached poor sod who has completely lost it and telling someone on twitter you're going to kill them for being a faggot are not the same thing.

Specific threats have not resulted in murder once. Not once.
Get that through your thick head.

user don't you see how that has nothing to do with the Sonic Autist in this thread? This entire line of conversation started because Sonic Voice actors were crying about "legitimate death threats" and how that is "toxic behavior". Eliot and Randy where going to shoot up a location, they where not targeting specific individuals which is not a "death threat" or not one that is even remotely comparable to this kids behavior. Sure Sonic Twitter Autist is is lacking in emotional intelligence but anyone who assumed his "threats" where credible where crying crocodile tears. Its more fear mongering from fags who want to censor the internet and they think they can use this incident as leverage to get you to compromise your morals. Yet you one & done ID hopping the incredulous bastard can't even argue in good faith. Because you failed to provide one example of what I asked this is your last (you).

That or they know how much a drive a sonic autist has when they put their mind to it.

How old is she, or are these stories like a decade apart.

It's like she's 12/teenage/adult

Death threat is a death threat whether its specific to a person or not.
This line of conversation started because you think online death threat never ends up with a death but since you're so adamant, here


literally resorting to hyperbolic European new to promote there bullshit left wing agenda.

Hey remember when this thread was about funny Sonic autism and not serious political and murder discussion?

You make the Babby knux cry.

Called it

I mean, I've never really seen a guro anyone, they keep to themselves for good reason. And don't you think there's a bit of confirmation bias inherent in this? Because the left is all about letting your fetish own you, while the right is the opposite. So a left wing furry, or pedo, or BDSM enthusiast is gonna let you damn well know they are one, while a right wing one would not.

I mean the guy went back and apologized, what else do you wanna talk about?


Man kills his roommate, then post about it online after the fact. Then admit it to the authorities. I think that counts as "it doesn't count because of arbitrary reason". That I like posting the necrophiliac Holla Forums killer who was sharing pictures of him raping the corpse of a woman he murdered.

is as if you didn't actually read the article.

Didn't know I was arguing with a nigger

the irony


Allegedly is used because he isn't convicted yet and he's still on trials/investigation you dumb motherfucker

He specified who he might kill and went through with the act.
You are right about that.

But it's a bit of a stretch because it was his room mate in question.
Again, it's about someone who was unfortunate enough to be near the person.
He didn't drive to another town or even walk down the street to get to his target.

The guy killed him because he was making noise.
It was a case of "I have mental issues and have lost my temper, shooting the closest person to me," not "I killed this man because Sonic's arms are not blue."

Face it user, you really reaching here

I fucking love this timeline.

I wanna hug that smug

Actually, it wasn't a threat at all, because he never said it to him directly.
But he did post he might kill him online.

Normally, I would agree with you but if the conservatives had a bigger number wouldn't you think Holla Forums would have either been more accepting of them at worst and have more witch hunts looking for degenerate conservatives at best? Not to mention if the numbers were bigger on the conservative side then wouldn't the left pluck those low hanging fruits and plaster it on the internet trying to shame their opponents? That makes me think that the numbers are very skewed which solidifies my belief that degeneracy and lefistism/commies can be inherent to each other.

Go read up the definition of threat, nigger

Never said they had more, and Holla Forums most certainly does not represent the right.

That's would be stupid, how do you shame someone when your movement is about accepting the very thing you're shaming them for. It's like a jew accusing someone of being greedy. And they do sometimes, ever seen those articles about the alt-fur or whatever they call themselves?


You do remember them going after Melania for juicy photos, right?
There are a thousand other examples of this.

Stop desiring to fuck a badger.

What about Badgers and mushrooms?


I can't help it the badger is hot

well fuck me then, I dunno

I haven't thought of that shit in years, and congrats on the double dubs.

It's like one of the old Chris-chan threads.

Don't post the fucking taint webm you fuck.

Go away you non-autist. You non-autists belong on cuckchan.



Think about it. When the people MAKING the show tell the autist that he is being autistic its like the voice of god and his angels all telling him to calm the fuck down.


As soon as anyone does anything like this they need to be put to death. I'm not being an edgelord, I'm just trying to make the world a more tolerable place for us all.

You mean I made some stupid dumblord hothead knucklehead echidna to cry? So fucking what? Tell him to man the fucking up, holy shit. Just kidding. I would hug him to comfort while touching his dreadlocks, no matter for why was he crying.


Why does sonic still fucking exist? This series has to have been a net loss on balance.



I have something special for you, since you decided to visit bumplocked thread.


I was raised by Boomers. Guess what? I didn't turn out so awful. I could have, easily.
Because I could correct the errors. Do not victimize yourself you pathetic waste of space.

This, but don't shift the blame completely onto either the child or the parents. It is the child's duty to learn better from others, but it never turns out right. Here we come modern empire!

yet here you are on a finnish carpentry forum.

That's why you should purge xenoswith your dick

you're not a furry if they're aliens

Thank you. I just like big furry tits and behavior and hate when retards start edgily calling human bodies shit no differently than asshurt retarded degenerates shitting on heterosexuality entirely.

Fenoxo get out.



Yeah, because who else am I going to talk to about stuff I care about? By that logic there should be no /christian/.

I wanna marry that cat. Shame she's from a pozzed universe.

It's okay, the cartoon isn't canon. So you can have sex with her purely out of love for the purpose of procreation and raise children together without any worries.

Isn't that Andrew Hussie's old work? There's some real gems out there.

How does one have children with an ayy? although my fantasy in this case is that my furry waifu and I would produce kemonomimi off spring, because our genetics would just meet halfway on the furry scale

hot damn that art's good quality, even the parts furfags usually fuck up are fine

It's Star Trek, in that universe you could probably reproduce with a rock if tried hard enough.

I guess whoever made it actually knows how to draw.
H-have some more M'ress

Weren't they involved in sonic boom's development?

In any case sonic boom as a game franchise is a fucking dumpster fire, the best they can do is yet-another-reboot with those writers in charge and the sonic mania guys doing the game part but in 3D (or 2.5D)

That's as good as it can get and even then I'm not sure it would be good enough to make sonic a respected game franchise again

Funny how he never got in touch with sega, or maybe the journos were too retarded to ask him

What "event" was that?

My vanilla loving friend

only the purest waifus

I remember him. Basically Holla Forums incarnate.

Not gonna try to redeem the autist but 4KIDS was cancer indeed, glad it died.

It didn't though, not entirely, the part of 4kids responsible for butchering shows is now a part of Konami. Besides, 4kids didn't actually have anything to do with the games, SoJ just hired all the VAs from Sonic X to do the games. Spixs was just mad that jason griffith sent him a mean e-mail one time.

To be honest, the Sonic X anime was bad both raw and dubbed. People complained about 4kids censoring shit and making Eggman a pussy, but the japanese version already did that. Worst thing 4kids ever did was their awful One Piece adaptation (among a few others), which is weird since their Pokemon dub was pretty damn mature, with subjects like Brock's dead mom which wasn't in the original japanese dub. If anything the original Pokemon dub was pretty damn impressive, except for those times they changed rice balls to doughnuts and removed japanese letters from signs. Although they did eventually start calling them rice balls midway into the first series.

webm related.

Fuck I used to have that. Pokemon will never nearly be as big as it used to be. Pokemon Go was just like a brief nostalgiafag train.

That's some advanced localization apologia. If it's shit, it's not worth translating and dubbing into English in the first place.

It's history repeating itself for the fucktillion time. Robotnik's loli sidekick fucking when?

If it can be improved, then it's worth it.

Or maybe the fact they knew they'd rake in a gorrillion dollars. That would make it worth it.

I wish I knew wtf the original version of the first Pokemon was gonna be about. Anyone have any idea? Was there ever an early version of the script or something released?

You're pretty unlikely to improve it unless it's some Hello Kity tier drek.

What the hell is this? Who's that pink-haired girl? The blue-haired chick had a bigger role? What was this shit implying? Ash is dead?

>>>Holla Forums

Well if is any indication it might actually be Hello Kitty tier dreck.

Nigger, they fucked up Hunter x Hunter so bad they can't be forgiven

I see what you did there.

You have only yourself to blame, faggot.

Do you have any source for that? Far as i can tell, Viz and their usual canuck pals were responsible for the 1999 dub.


It is if your going to make millions off of movie tickets and Merchandise.

Only in the English version do they mention a legend of Pokémon tears bringing people back to life after a flood, near the start of the movie.
Originally Pokémon tears just bring Ash back to life with zero set up or explanation.

Kind of off-topic, but was the dub of the original Space Battleship Yamato considered good or bad? All I know is that they censored it a bit by removing some mentions of drug use and resurrecting a character

Dubs really can be good…

They censored a bunch of shit
Remember the episode in the hunter examination with the jail dudes having contests?
They censored the scene with Leorio feeling up the girl (which was already censored, lol) by making her bet insted that her hair was real.
So leorio supposedly felt her hair up for no reason, and got off on it too.

I think like 25ish
she is just fucking stupid, that's all. Screwing her life over because of plain retardation and incompetence.

she's older than me

Furry started by kikes.

Do I have to explain why you're retarded?

Might as well explain to a rock why its not alive.


Puffy vulva.


It was rumored that the first movie was originally going to be the finale for the Pokemon anime, with the show ending with Ash as the winner of the Indigo league. The girl was theorized to be Ash and Misty's daughter.

Given that the tweetchain talked him down, I think they just thought they guy was a kid who didn't know better.
Our generation was one where many parents neglected their kids and let TV/games do all the raising. Anyone so invested in Boom like that is either as lost as Chris-chan or just a misled kid; you can see why people would bet on the latter.

Chris Chan's first OC was from 1996. Ken Penders is more autistic than any fan, and his work was official.

Not true. You could get hit by a meteor before you read this post. Probably won't happen though, even though it could. You'll probably never get hit by a meteor even though it's totally possible.

How does it feel to be an SJW?
Fuck off.

People like you are a major problem with the justice system. "Allegedly" means he has been accused, and you shouldn't condemn until then. Again, more SJW shit, just going after people at any accusation.

I want tumblrfags to leave.

How interesting, the guy who likes butchering original works turns out to be an SJW. Who could have guessed?