Playing games as a kid vs now

How has your perception of vidya changed between your childhood and then?
Here's for me:
Idk though, the only games I've played after I became an adult that still felt like an odyssey (not necessarily good but had a feeling of awe and inspiration) are Paper Mario TTYD, Pikmin 2, Super Mario 64/Sunshine, Portal 2, Half-Life 2 plus episodes 1 and 2, Pokemon SS/HG, Zelda Windwaker, Earthbound/Mother 2, Super Mario Galaxy, other shit I forgot to mention
Other games may be fun but the story doesn't feel like an "epic" if you know what I'm saying.

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also, I enjoyed journey and had the same childhood feeling when I played it, although I wouldn't say it's a videogame

As a kid you got most games through allowance or gifts and you could play for hours on one of the biggest pieces of shit
or overlook a perfectly good game for reason of chosing. There was this sence of mystery, excitment before you even play the damn thing. When was the last time you felt that?
Now with emulators rom hacks and good old fasioned piracy your options are practacly infinite.
And thats kind of the problem
Now that your older and you have all these options it's difficult to just find a place to start sometimes.
And why are you playing?
To get good or virtue signal.
For multiplayer or online comunities.
To dig through the past or take a chance on somthing new. I could go on but
ask yourself all of you are you having fun?

That's pretty true, and with the internet and walkthroughs, spending months stuck on a part in a game isn't as common.
Also, another game to add to that list is Luigi's mansion.

I never use to want to fuck pokemon
now I do

As a child I used to play video games

As a child I used to enjoy video games.

It didn't. It's just ratio of shit games to good once has shifted dramatically over the years. But sheer number of good games per year is more or less the same.

Stop visiting this place then.


I'll stay and hope for a good video game to appear

It's the opposite for me. Wish I was a kid again.

If you think there aren't any because ubicucks somehow, then you are fucking retard and will never have fun in your miserable life ever again.
Might as well hang yourself.

Gaming as a kid was great. Crude graphics with some incredible art in the instruction manuals that showed off what the creature was supposed to look like, and an over-active imagination that made 16x16 sprites look like heroes and monsters and magical items.
The music would sound like a symphony because you would hear it filtered through your imagination as if it were a John Williams score, and the adventures you went on would be filtered through a lack of understanding of what the real world and adult life outside the home is really like.
As an adult, I chase games that give me those feelings, and the feelings I had playing games like the original Zelda and Metroid. I find them every now and then, and I cherish them, but you can never go back.
As an adult, gaming is both a reward at the end of the day or, more likely, something I do to avoid doing adult things, which creates a spiral because of the things I should be doing or have done, and then I feel worse because I haven't been physically active, gotten proper sunlight, I've been overexposed to non-natural blue-spectrum light, and then the spiral whirlpools in to depression that makes me game more which makes all the symptoms worse.
Sometimes I curse that NES and wish I never picked up this hobby, but then I don't know who I'd be without it.

I have little to no patience anymore. If I'm stuck on something for more than a couple minutes I'll alt-tab or get my phone out to get the answer.
I think it's age and not being as sharp, but also the realisation that game time is finite and if I'm not moving forward or not having fun then it's wasting time. In my defence, the vast majority of the stuff I have to look up answers to ends up being shit anyway (I don't have time to scour the entire map or talk to every NPC).
What has helped a lot is stepping out of the 'new' vidya market. Outside about 4 game in the last year (2 of them being Yakuza games with small releases) I'm not buying new games anymore. Instead I'm picking up stuff a year later for nothing, but even then it's a trickle. Xmas is almost here and with that means a couple of weeks playing Civ4 again (couldn't be fucked going to V). Then I'll probably get back into HoMM3 or SoaSE, or something else that I've had for over 10 years.

I like this now - gaming is back to being cheap. I'm just playing the stuff that makes me happy and new stuff is barely costing 10 bucks.

I was actually never very much into games as a kid. I had an NES, then a Sega Genesis. Then I stopped gaming. But I was never really interested. I played Super Mario Bros. I played Spyhunter, Duck Hunt, Contra, Sonic, Zelda, etc. Until 2004-2005 when I built my own/first PC with my own money and started getting into it. I bought a PS2 after then to grab games I'd missed as well, and that's what started me into liking JRPGs and games like Devil May Cry and Yakuza, among others.

Now it's like "ooh, a new game's coming out. Is it part of one of my trusted franchises? Is it still keeping in line with what I like about that franchise? If not, what's the gameplay like? Who's developing it? Who's directing it?" etc I do more research and I actively look forward to games way more than before. Even new IPs, I look into just to see if it'll appeal to me. Most of the time (especially now, more than ever) it'll be more Japanese games I'm into than western, but occasionally a western game will catch my interest (for eg Red Dead Redemption is basically an open world American or spaghetti western, which is why I was so drawn into it. And Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines was just really good with all its roleplaying choies, atmosphere and whatnot).

At the same time, I'm far more critical of games than I used to be. Back then I never shit on games and certain developers as much as I do now. Never even thought about being critical. I'd play Lotus 2 RECS (a pretty boring EA Sega game) without thinking about EA. But now anything EA is an instant pass. I'm way more aware and now that I buy games on my own I can choose what to support and not what to support. RDR 2 is going to have microtransactions despite the first RDR being good and having none. That's too bad, I'll get it used or never buy it at all. I have other games to look forward to, otherwise.

I'm playing way more games than I did back then. My mom wasn't swimming in enough money to keep buying games, so I mostly played the same games over and over. Now I'm getting my own so I can pick up new games almost when I feel like it, and actively budget out funds to put towards it. If I didn't love playing games so much now I wouldn't even try. I'm having way more fun with them now that I did back then.

Please tell me of those oh so great new video games you're so interested in.

hard mode: Anything released before 2015 doesn't count. We've already played everything. I'm asking for new vidya. If you have nothing actually relevant to offer then kill yourself, retard.

poor anons


HL2 is meh at best. Most overrated shit ever made.

also I might add that games today have ZERO enjoyement factor.

I don't give a fuck about score
I don't give a fuck about what others think of me
I don't give a fuck about all the AAA mainstream bullshit

where are the FUN games? only reason I ever want to play a game is to have fun. if I'm not having fun, what's the point? self torture?

would be nice if they made a game like space engineers combined with the destruction physics engine of red faction: guerrilla, and gave you complete freedom to make crazy asymmetrical ship designs with no shits given to "will it fly or not" so that I could get creative, but still have physics and other effects (like destruction and crash landing) have an effect on my ship. would also be nice to have extremely in depth character customization too.

basically, like a build, be, do, destroy what you want simulator.

game shouldn't punish you for getting killed or losing your ship as you can just hit undo or respawn your saved design without any penalty or limitation.

no subscription fees, no drm, no forced online connection, but does include singleplayer sandbox and multiplayer sandbox modes for online and offline play. really excellent modding tools included, all dlc is free or just doesn't get made. updates must be free.

then we could just fuck around in a huge open world or space with our friends and pretend-starwars and crash land ships into the groud or sink submarines with escape pods and have sword fights.

Oh, and of course the multiple different giant zones where online multiplayer sandbox play occurs are all connected in a giant larger map that can be traveled across like in planetside2.

that would be so cool.

Loved games as a child.
Still love games as an adult.
Obviously, games like Rayman, Oblivion, KOTOR 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2 no longer have the same magical pull that they did all those years ago, but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate them any more.
When I was younger, I desired a "good story" above all else – nowadays I just want the game to play well.

If you are a NEET and all you do is play video games, then it is little wonder you got tired of them.
Get a second hobby to complement your vidya experience.

I agree. most of the things in the half life series are okay, or simply not that great. most fun I had (which wasn't much) was in playing portal 1 and 2.

I've always felt like Half-Life has had really shitty gunplay. The rootin shootin bits are all just really super generic and soulless. The only thing they have going for them is narrative and story.

the problem isn't in not having enough of a choice when it comes to hobbie, regardless of your job status. games are just shit these days.

for example, mass effect 1, knight of the old republic 1.

these games are by far, incredibly better than any of their sequels. the simple truth is that good people stopped making games, and that bad people have been making the games instead.

I don't consider any mass effect game to be a mass effect game except for number one. all the rest are cheap fake insults.

For me the only real difference is I learn mechanics much faster because I understand how games are made better.

HL2 was impressive because of TECHNOLOGY, not because it's a great game.

Here play this.
But you'll just call whatever I name shit.
Problem is in you, not in games.

Does someone have a gun pointed at your head, forcing you to play modern trash?
If yes, then you're probably better off just telling the guy to pull the trigger and end it all.

If not, you can always take a look at your backlog or even games not made by AAA devs.
I haven't played them, but people have mentioned Cuphead and Hollow Knight as examples of more recent games that are worth looking into.

Besides, it's not like I cannot appreciate AAA games for what they are – awful train wrecks.

You're a real shiteater.

Na, fuck off, it was broken, consolized trash. At least they turned it into a semi-competent third person shooter with some barebones "rpg elements" with 2.

Ruiner is decent but it's just one video game. Am I supposed to play this for 7,000 hours? A single video game cannot save vidya.
The problem lies with the games, not me.

He is one of those that want to feel better about themselves because inside they feel so shitty. But truth is, after he is done, he still feels horrible inside because he knows deep down that it really doesn't matter to try/make others feel bad. To him, what is really important is himself and nothing he does here will change what he really feels inside…
But at least, he felt a little better, for like 10 seconds after annoying you…

For the 14-15 year old me, those games were amazing.

The only difference is that now that I'm grown up I can't immerse myself fully because I always have problems and obligations in the back of my head. So I can't relax and play a game for hours on end. When I was in high school I would get home from school and easily spend 8+ hours on Morrowind or Rome tw or Vice City.

You literally didn't have a childhood.

All right, user.

Now you're getting it.

story is the most interesting part of half life series, and isn't even that great anyway. yea.

Fucking pay me 100 bucks for every good game I recommend you and we have a deal.


you're aiming waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high, buddy
Hollow Knight
Running with Rifles
Assault Android Cactus
Postal Redux
Grim Dawn
Subnautica's pretty comfy, but I still want them to finally finish it

what are you, EA?


I recently started playing EYE and it's giving me similar feelings to when I played Morrowind as a teenager and Rygar/LoZ as a kid. The only appreciable difference as an adult is I'm aware of a lot more of the trash that has always made up the majority of games, aside from AAA microtransaction lootbox dlc on the disc bullshit.

This. When I was a kid I actually used to feel kind of bad when I criticised a game because I thought every developer just wanted everyone to have fun with their games above all else and surely must have put a lot of effort into everything they made. Obviously now though I know that's not the case and have no qualms criticising the bad parts of even my favourite games and buy much fewer games every year. It's better this way, I think, since when I find a game I genuinely really like and immediately want to replay upon completion (like The Wonderful 101 or Yakuza 0, for two recent examples) it feels all the more special.

I also used to trust game reviews a lot more when I was younger. The first time I remember thinking something fishy was going on in that regard was when Gamespot fired Jeff Gertsmann for refusing to give Kane & Lynch a higher score in exchange for money in 2007, then in 2011 when I read this really dumb Gamesmaster review about how Killzone 3 was a Modern Warfare 2 ripoff because they both have snowy oil rig levels it was pretty much the final nail in gaming journalism's coffin for me. Every scandal since then (like Five Guys or Polygon's attempts to play Doom 4 and Cuphead) has felt pretty vindicating.

Imagination m8.
The goal of the current system is to cull your imagination and make you a machine.
And the fact that modern games take a "realistic" approach and don't let you use your imagination as much.

I don't play many games nowadays but when I loaded up Arx Fatalis recently, I had fun that I didn't have in ages.
Same deal with /gsg/. I play it for the fun and roleplaying. counters only.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh kek you bested me m8


One day we will be able to address the challenges of getting older as gamers, without shitty kids REEEEing in our ears. I for one would be very interested, since adulthood made me annoyed and distant from vidya fads. Including retrogaming by shitty kids who have no idea what it was like to game 30 years ago; people who actually believe the reddit top 10s and consider Deus Ex a masterpiece; hyperactive teens guzzling mountain dew while shouting "git gud" to one another; and homosexuals in training who play nothing but little japanese girls.

Please stop spreading that retarded cap around just because you like the picture in the post.

The problem with a lot of you is you insist on playing the wrong games.

THIS, is exactly how the whole "videogames are dead" thing before/during gamergate is/was connected with gamergate and the whole SJW bullshit, because they wanted videogames FOR the school system which is known to be designed from the ground up to make you hate learning as a child, because if you make a child hate learning, and have no imagination (thanks drugs) you basically take everything away from them and make them into slaves.

I will feel the same about games as I always have, its its fun i have alot of fun with it and will happily enjoy it.
If its shit, then its shit and I wont like it.
There is nothing more and nothing less to think about.

I guess I am stuck in the expression phase as long as the game im playing is fun. Is there anything wrong with me for enjoying good games just as much as I have since I was little? I dont really think so.

Memekids have shit for brains. You know what else is shitty fellow gamer? Cis and patriarchy! I'd better stop now, because your need to fit in would actually pull you there eventually.

alot of the modern versions of everything are shit user, if you haven't noticed from under your rock.

That picture never ceases to cause butthurt, there has to be some truth to it

there is plenty more to think about it especially when you realize that everything is shit

when in doubt follow the

Just play the good ones.

You never played hl2 or at least none the following episodes. Alyx is fucking obnoxious I don't know why they stuck you with her in the later episodes. I'll give you Breen, Kleiner, and Father Grigori. But everyone else is either forgettable or annoying.

Not really, because I watched Kizuna myself.
I don't mind her or the chinese cartoons.

It's just that you faggots latch on to any pseudo-intellectual post with an anime picture attached and then parade it around like the gospel.
But don't listen to me, I am biased and butthurt.


I just named two. But if you're honestly of the belief that there are no good modern games, play old games. They're all still there. They're more accessible than ever thanks to emulation. No one's forcing you to play any shitty modern game you don't want to play.

which two did you mention? alot of old games are shit too. there were more good games then then there are now though. and the bad games now have a special shittyness.

Not him but there are games that I personally would play if I had a strong enough computer. TW games, gta 5, Pillars of eternity, Skyrim with a shitton of mods…. I want to have a 3DS for Story of seasons and and that village simulator game, I forget how it's called + other games.

I mean none of these are great, but they're good enough. I tried to get into JRPGs so I can play a shitload of old games but I simply can't stand that genre. There's a shitton of emulators if you want to play old games.

You're just looking for excuses to be miserable at this point. You like having things to complain about more than you like video games.

I don't want to hurt your feelings but I think you are trolling me

If you don't find Skyrim+50 mods and gta 5 at least somewhat fun, then I suggest you turn to emulators.

There are plenty of PC games to play like Darkwood, Grim Dawn and Planey Coaster and that fucking garbage sure as hell ain't it.

You're thinking wrong

Grim Dawn is moderately worse than PoE, and significantly worse than Diablo 2/Median XL. Darkwood is nice though.

Vidya was good before millennials got involved in designing them

Its not always online so its already superior in every way.

grim dawn is a good game and much better then PoE since it's not just a straight up diablo 2 clone like poe is

When I think about how things were as a kid and how they are now as an adult:

As time passes by there are new generations of kids who are playing games with a weaker foundation than the generation before them. They don't have the emotional connections to the same thing that we do 31 years old and it makes for a difference in their standards. This wouldn't be so much of a problem for me if there were ways to show them, teach them, or expose them to the things that came before, but they generally don't care.

Things that are older have become much less accessible to the normalfag. Emulation and buying older titles is not as convenient as the Steam Store or buying a bunch of DLC, and I'm sure that the illusion of convenience hurts the connection to the past people could be making. Nintendo has an easier time with this, and to some extent Sega does too -but you can't just go off of their 'classics' alone. To see that things were different, even maybe better in some cases, you need to be given more choices to get experiences from.

When Doom came out back in the 90s it was the first thing of its kind and created a craze. The people who picked up on it already had a background in computers or whatever nerd shit. But by the time you got up to Halo coming out on the Xbox there was a disconnect between people who played videogames and the kind of person that they were. That rift seems even wider now as we've gotten up to shit like Call of Duty.

Politics certainly found their way into games, which is sadly unavoidable these days. Once something hits an apex of popularity, once it reaches a level where it reaches a certain amount of audience, it becomes vulnerable to subversion. We saw this with GG. Anime I've been worried about, but we'll see what happens. This wasn't really a concern back when, and we all know this. I find it most interesting that the only time politics gets forced into a game its always leftist garbage. Funny how that works.

When I play a game today I'm just looking to see what I can have fun with. Nier Automata gave me extreme feels and was hard for me to play. Cuphead is a devlish little boss rush extravaganza that makes me want to beat it. I have a DST server, play Terraria, and am starting to really like Squad. See, a lot of us have that Zen about us: we want to be better. A game is just another thing to be mastered. I've mastered photography, some want to master archery- people just want to be the best at something they can be. Mastering a game doesn't produce anything of value to yourself or society, but there's nothing wrong with striving for a personal best but tourney fags can fuck off. There's a conviction there that a lot of people,most people, just don't posses. Game journos, for example. Lots of fucking time to talk shit about games and take kickbacks but not enough time to actually play videogames.

I'm white and thus I have first world internet that is always online with no bandwidth caps. My recommendation would be to stop being a nigger.

Correct, it's a straight up Titan Quest clone, which is infinitely worse.

sometimes I want to go revisit those genesis/ps1 games i never beat as a kid to see if it was just me being retarded or they were genuinely tough

Nicely said, but its not just about age, its mentality, most of Gen X and Y are total fucking plebs as well and I've seen younger people with better taste than they could ever even think of.
I mean, I know a Gen Y guy who grew up with an Atari 2600 and now play Ubisoft garbage on his Xbone and I know a Millenial who grew up with Mario on the Wii and now plays Xonotic everyday while programming games.
Plebs will always be plebs and they'll eat shit no matter what

Is that you Don Mattrick?
Nah, aren't the devs SJWs as well who changed the HUD because it had a statue of a barely clad lady?

At 35, I'm thankful that my perception of games hasn't changed much, though there's a few games which 'broke' me through the years (prompting me to make this thread )

I'm a lot more wary of games in general, but there are some of those games which still elicit that childlike joy in me. I've never really worried too much about anything feeling epic, as I've always had an active imagination. So long as the gameplay is tactile and fun, I can usually fill in the blanks on my own, usually with my own stories that generate in my head while playing.

There's a few games that I play that turn out to be absolutely wonderful, and I feel legitimately depressed that I couldn't have experienced those games 25 years ago. I would love nothing more than to travel back in time to past-me, and give him these gems from the future, games which would have been amazing during sleepovers, or allowed a whole new method of thinking and approaches to games in general.

But then I realize that 10-year-old me would probably feel really fucking underwhelmed that I bear these games from the future, only to look and play like games from the present. It's a bad feel.


Im just glad people who think like this are still the minority here.

I appreciate games way more now that I did when I was a kid. I have a much larger understanding for them and can appreciate when devs do certain things right. The backside of this is that I also won't force myself through bad games. I used to try to make Superman 64 fun when I was younger and that was always difficult. Now with emulation and some money, I don't have to limit myself to shit games just because I have nothing else.

I also have a greater appreciation for level design, music, and stories. I'm much better at games than I used to be and I drop games if they are too easy for the most part. I've also gotten into more visual novels and eroges, something I couldn't really get as a kid except that Love Hina dating sim. There's also the part of noticing all the scummy bullshit companies have tried to pull over the years which has caused me to not support many companies. Either way, I still enjoy video games.

user I dont play shit games, its probably just you who has shit taste.

I completely agree with this user! Although fuck companies like EA who push shitty buisness practices, constatnly fuck over their customers and gamers in general and buy then kill off studios. The entire industry would have been so much better without the money grubbing kikery going on nowadays.

You must not live in America.

titan quest is bad?

For reasons wholly unrelated to what that retard is talking about.

Same, although I don't play many recent games. I've been going through some old PS3 games and emulating NES/SNES titles. It's actually pretty cool, I started replaying Mega Man X and I remembered it being really hard. I found that it was definitely a bit easier, but the X series still remains fun to play and is great for no power up runs.

As I get older, playing games still feels fun because there's a literacy that can be achieved with games where I can appreciate them a lot more than when I was younger.

This post makes me happy.

EA, with the help of Activision, have completely set back gaming and ruined the western gaming industry. They've removed so much talent from the industry with their satanic rituals. Not buying EA games isn't even helping either because as soon as they start hurting, they sacrifice another company to stay healthy for a while. Like some parasite that moves from host to host to stay alive. Nintendo is a scummy turd too and their colors really started becoming more obvious after Iwata's passing. There was that whole ESRB incident too or selling 3DS units without the charger. "It's OK when Nintendo does it" may not apply here but many still think this way.

You should try out Megamari. It's a fun Megaman clone where you use 2 characters. Whoever kills the boss gets the power-up and each have different versions of the same move. Unlike X games, power-ups really help you through stages. My main gripe with the X games is that the Megabuster is so good that I don't have any incentive to use boss abilities outside of boss fights. Also said abilities turn the bosses into jokes to the point that you might as well say "I WIN!".

You can download it here.

I still find myself playing newer games but I don't have a problem playing older games. I still love Tales of Eternia, Skies of Arcadia, Crimzon Clover, and Metal Slug 3. However games like Dungeon Travelers 2, Arcana Heart 3, and Earth Defense Force 4.1 still get my appreciation.

Yeah, I've noticed that too. I went through the game without even using the boss abilities; most bosses are easy enough to kill without them (besides Launch Octopus, he spawns too many projectiles and it's hard to fight him with just the buster). That, and the armor powerup allows you to tank way too many hits. Might just skip to X3, since I remember that being extremely difficult with the Bit and Byte fights.

Haven't played much Touhou, only a few of the mainline games. Will try this one out though, sounds fun.

its pretty impressive that with people actively trying to fuck themselves over that the game turned out the way it did.

Not implying anything, just stating a fact. Don't care what failures think, just helping anons that get bothered by it to understand why trolls aka losers in life does this…I am sorry that nothing have worked out in your life, but it's not anyone on this board fault…Transference is useless in the practical sense…I am sorry, but this is the truth, there is no gain for you or anybody on internet hateful comments, it will not bring you real satisfaction and it will not improve your real life.

Feels pretty good.

I used to suck ass at vidya and was always conning my friends into beating games for me. About around the age of twelve I actually got good. Nowadays I don’t need my friends to be their for me, but it is a lot more fun to do things together. tfw you and your buddies used to be jobless NEETs that sat around and played vidya all day, but now the all of us have jobs and/or are in higher education.

Someone once said: kill all the lawyers. I want to add: kill all the suits and marketing clowns

I don't enjoy ANYTHING as much as I did when I was a kid.

Video games, movies, TV, porn, food (particularly candy), jerking off, sleeping, lazing around for a whole day doing nothing, lighting shit on fire, being with friends, writing or drawing.

Honestly, I probably just have had clinical depression for the last 20 years, ever since I started puberty.

I swear you faggots are doing this on purpose.
And that's a hard question to quantify OP but I do generally agree on what you're saying. I value story in a game a whole lot more than I used to (at least when the story is relevant to the game).
Thankfully I'm still playing games that can pass as "epics" in terms of vidya storytelling so I'm still generally happy.

I still find vidya fun, however most of my entertainment factor usually comes from how much goofy shit I can do and get away with, in comparison to my childhood where it was mostly focused on finishing the game. Honestly the only things I miss from childhood in terms of videogames are having friends to discuss, trade, and play vidya with as well as less jewish business practices.
I do wish I had co-op games like EDF, Monster Hunter, & Serious Sam growing up instead of now as a lonely ass adult

Isn't that just what being an adult is?

Is that anime actually any good? Also, does it have a real story or is it just the two girls everyday life?

It is, and it does (manga reader here). Some inaccuracies in the manga may trigger you if you're into funs though, but it's pretty forgiveable.

Not enjoying anything, and sitting around all day waiting to die, is being an adult?

God, I hope not.

I can relate to this. I want to die.

Hi! Love you guys. If you find you aren't enjoying anything much you are likely burned out on your dopamine receptor sensitivity due to constant superstimulus. There are a few things that improve this.
1. Exercise
2. Going cold turkey on superstimuli (porn, social media, addictive foods etc.)
3. Intentionally choosing to relearn how to enjoy things. Enjoying things is a skill. You can easily do this with food or playing old games that you've already played (no novelty chasing).

I know probably no one will do any of this, but if even one person does it will have been worth the 30 seconds of my time to write it.


An adult is what a child becomes when it understands responsibility and acts responsibly.
No more no less.

Yeah you're gonna enjoy things less because you got other things occupying your mind, but when you accept that, and make sure to take care of those responsibilities without being too hard on yourself, you'll probably start enjoying those old things again.

we never saw that kid again. the final season of samurai jack was such wasted potential. Why did Gendy have to add in a girl aku love relationship?

Never seen an image more wrong.

I once tried a variation of this by doing no-fap, based on the idea that it would be difficult. It wasn't. I don't even get horny anymore, like I did when I was a teenager, so it was like giving up sugar when there is no sugar in the house to eat. Nothing changed, even after weeks. I didn't become more assertive or more confidant or suddenly try harder to get laid. It was quite the opposite, actually: all desires completely disappeared. I didn't start enjoying anything else more, either. The only thing that happened was that one of the last sources of even marginal pleasure in my life had gone away. When I resumed, the resulting orgasm wasn't a spectacular burst of seed, but a lackluster and uncoordinated tremor, almost uncomfortable, accompanied by a weak few drops. It was as if my body had decided a system wasn't being used, and so began to shut it down.

So I started masturbating regularly again (usually once every 2-3 days) because I became terrified that if I didn't keep using my dick, it would just stop working altogether and never work again.


>still have fun

Here is a (you) out of pity. You are the core problem of you not playing fun games.

You never played them when sleeping over at your friends house only to get incredibly scared and sleeping with the light on?

Sleeping with the light on is for literal children who think video game or movie monsters actually exist and might come for them.


I know Jack is based off Ogami Itto and other samurai works but are there any more references to Lone Wolf and Cub?

No, but I shit myself scared with flash animation jump scare when browsing local repository in the night, which worsened my relationship with the dark for a while. And I also watched evangelion with my mum and berserk with my dad.
I did try them later in life though, more than enough actually.
Also, the reasoning for my conclusion was that the games were just for mature audiences. Like a distinction between kids oriented animation series and tv serials, I just had no interest in them.

Actually, sleeping with the light on is for pussies. Normal children that think monsters actually exist should be able to handle the dark.

Bullshit. Even young children can be responsible over small things like cleaning up after themselves, assisting with food preparation, or feeding fish. Teenagers can do anything adults can do, with varying competency.

An adult is what a child becomes when he starts paying taxes.

>Jack's kickass metal ronin getup only lasts 2 episodes along with his scavenged weapons also the doggo grills only appear in that episode
>Jack having to fight his inner demons again
>Foreshadowed ghost samurai ended up doing nil
>Scotsman was reduced to a guest star
>Blue Morpheus was killed off-screen
>the whole time portal thingie was retconned
>Loose ends gets tied up in a shitty way in the finale
>that bloody jack promo image? never happened
I could list all of the things wrong with the reboot all day, but they could've done it better if they cut the baggage of the romance plot. Not to mention that the way that they presented the first 2 episodes as a step in the new direction (well ok, Berserk-lite) but then did a complete 180 and went back to the original format since they were too scared to go with the new story.
Then again, they were given 10 episodes to wrap everything

lmao at you depressed fucks
Please kill yourself if you're (probably not) man enough to do it, or go all out on your nearest synagogue wearing a mudslime getup if you want to be remembered

Video games are fun.
I have no motivation to play video games and everything feels like it's shit.

I know some pretty childish people that pay taxes.

And if a person is still a child they may behave like an adult in some ways, I mean when a child is forced to cover for a lost parent or the like they're usually described as growing up too fast.

And just because you do what you're told to doesn't mean you're responsible.

Though to be fair I'm overloading the term "responsible" to mean something closer to ethics, but "an adult is an ethical child" I think is going too far.

A child helps because it wants to contribute, wants to be useful, wants to make the people around them happy. To imply that children are evil bastards that are only responsible when told is just plain wrong.

The division between a child and an adult is typically thought of as being 16-18 because that is when they get their own job and start to provide for themselves; hence: paying taxes as a synecdoche representing having a salaried job.

And there are plenty of adults that don't play taxes at all.

I used to enjoy video games, now I just play them to beat them to give me a shallow sense of accomplishment. Naturally this means I don't play multiplayer games where there is no "beating the game" often anymore.

When I was a kid I was obsessive about vidya games, I finished the first Rachet and Clank 14+ times, and the same with all the other ones up to gladiator. After that I spent all my time playing browser RPGs like Pokemon Crater and Adventure Quest. Can't bring that same energy to bear on games any more.

I think you're reading too far into this.
I'm not saying all children are evil. I'm saying that a mentally mature person is responsible.

You can be a good person and not be responsible
you can be a bad person and be responsible.

Maybe "responsible" isn't the perfect word, but how I see it:

A perfectly responsible person can take care of themselves and others,
can do things even when they don't actually want to do them, and without prodding.

Though this conversation makes me want to expand my personal definition of "mentally mature" a little.

When I think of an adult as being childish, I imagine a person who is selfish, impulsive, doesn't care if they make a scene,
consistently doesn't follow through with commitments, expects things from people without doing anything in return. Even then though that dips into ethics

I guess another good definition could be, "Can understand and connect with people outside themselves" because that's a trait we gain as we grow, but I'd have to think about it more.

Yeah, sorry. I think you're going to just be spinning your wheels because the difference between children and adults is arbitrary, set entirely by society, and largely does not exist. If you ask scientists about when people hit "mental maturity", they'll provide a range of ages between 6 and 25, depending what kind of "maturity" you mean.


I don't think AI has the psychiatrist background to explain something like that, but seasons of life do exist. If you acted like a toddler overexcited at every new N64 game, when you're already a 20 something wanker, I'd say you wasted your life by NOT making your tastes more limited and refined.

My dad used to pick me up games he thought I'd enjoy even though he knew almost nothing about video games. Regardless of whether they were good or not I gave them a chance because what the fuck else was I going to do? Go outside? That was for poor people.

Twenty years later I do the same thing for my son. Although I'm more knowledgeable than my father was, so my son gets to experience some better games.



I've become even more critical and selective. I see the shitty practices and trends that current gen vidya wants but if they ever go full online only Software as a Service model, that would be a self inflicted poison pill they swallow. A huge crash on the western side may not happen, but they sure are trying their best with hostile marketing and the kikeiest of kikery.

But the technology advances also allows me to experience older titles that I missed through emu so I'm alright with that.

Sounds like the beginning of a dark family drama. Tell me about your skeletons, user.

Do you remember when Sinji jacks off and when Kiaska gets raped by a DEX fag? Did that traumatize you? Maybe it did and you are not aware.

Playing games and using computers from an early age, especially during my teens while at school, very probably caused my sleeping patterns to be offset and affected my psychological development in several negative ways.
It did give me good reflexes, special awareness and some other abilities - but those could have been developed in the real world, where I should have been spending my time.



I'm very indifferent to video games today. I rarely play them. When the desire comes up, I watch some lesser known LP's and that's good enough. There's only one in-development game I'm still interested in playing, and it's a fan game that will take an unknown number of years to complete. I'll probably make video games anyway, though they'll just be for myself, as I want my future hobbies in general to be creative, productive, but self serving.

I now know that games are finite. I remember being completely convinced that if I got all the stars in Mario 64 that I would be able to traverse invisible walls and enter all the paintings.


Not really (as in maybe), no and no. Only remember a sex scene in the woods.
There isn't much to tell there. Parent personalities didn't really connect so they've divorced before I could remember (though they were the opposite to the proper family stereotype, as in switched). Father was living in the dormitory at the time, would pretty much fit a mom model with managing affection side of things. While mum wasn't exactly a role model in terms of parenting and personality (wouldn't care much bout anything, as long as things get done) - I don't remember ever my parents speaking to each other, she still would allow him into the house to see me. None of them would bother with proper parenting though, so they bought themselves and me (first into collective use, then in personal) several consoles and pcs to do the parenting. There were attempts at limiting my general exposure to them, but I was savvy enough to buy a separate a/v cables and boot up in safe mode. If that isn't breath taking in terms of interesting you then that there isn't much to tell.
Mum had taste (she lost it) completing survival horror classics and would watch anime classics with me on vhs from time to time. Also, watched sailor moon liveaction, without me tho. Father was a bit behind and jumped on the anime train a bit latter in life, was burning last exhile episodes on blank dvd discs for me to watch until I got preoccupied with something else and wouldn't bother finishing the show. Also had over 15 cats, 4 dogs and 5 other domestic pets I lived with in total.

As of now I live at the father's flat for easier access to local transport systems and just got master's degree in IT in a so-so uni. Currently waiting for job opportunities to come up through nepotism and generally trying to rest from learning and things in general. Living on money saved from the internship work I've had while studying.

my nigga, go to a doctor

Millennials were a mistake.

And they're all shit.
Get out of this hobby.

Go play your shitty corridor movie where the guns feel like plastic toys. I'll stick to Doom and Quake.

It would seem that we're the same person, user. I know exactly how you feel, down to the smallest detail.

Well truth be told I just don't like easy games with bad stories, I don't like games longer then 20-22 hours or 48 hours tops, and I find myself gravitating to games I'm bad at for reasons I can't explain.
But the biggest change would be graphics and how much I actually care, as far as I'm concerned we hit the peak about around when Crysis could be ran without problems on the average PC today and things like 4K sounds utterly retarded to me. And I can't quite relate to anyone younger then me because they can apparently see things that i can't, even though when given a game that doesn't hold their hand they're dumb founded and get angry cause the game makes them feel stupid.


Playing Nioh before I started questioning if I was even enjoying it and then started trying to remember enjoying something because I can't remember if "joy" was a noticeable feeling or something you only recognized afterwards. I usually go through periods where I ask myself if the reason I'm playing games is because I think I should be playing games because it's something I've always done, but for some reason trying to think about the last time I really felt joy has just made me realize how much of an empty fucking husk I am now.

I don't know, i don't think it's part of growing up because i haven't felt joy in anything for the last 10 years.

As a kid I got to play a lot more, but for the most part everything I did was just to try and find everything about the game I could. Like the chao garden I did entirely to see what I could make, especially once I learned you could hybridize colors. Ditto for all the secrets in any game I played. Which got gradually worn down as I learned what Gamefaqs was and even more when I started watching videos of game.

Now I don't have many games, mostly PC despite my loving Nintendo and wishing I could afford to get into their games again. I still hunt for secrets and try to do everything I can in a game less for the completion aspect and more just to see it all. Learned to avoid spoilers like the plague (which has been hell with Mario Odyssey) which I'd say has made me enjoy them more than I did as a teenager.
Also tend to overthink things, or at least did when it comes to things I thought were just unfair but in the last couple years I'm giving less of a shit and trying to not think about game design while I play.
So I guess as a kid I did them for the sort of treasure hunt of content and had more fun doing it, and as an adult I'm doing it for the treasure hunt too but having to dodge the internet while I do and not over think it, which makes things a bit less enjoyable. But its getting better.

I've noticed too most games now just don't have secrets in them. Least none that are actual content or have a real wow factor, like the star world or jewel chaos. At most you get some cosmetic items, a reference to another game, or a harder difficulty mode. I really wish developers were more ballsy with it again, I'm almost sure Odyssey doesn't have a secret world but fuck me if I'm not hoping it does.

Honestly the only thing that's changed since childhood was the internet catching on to the industries practices. Imagine a world where Nintendo still produced shit but the only way to find out shit was with Nintendo Power. I miss the days when information wasn't so easily accessible. And I feel like that thought process can be applied to so many other things as well.

That difficulty thing is probably a subtle nostalgia since when you were a kid games were harder/seemed harder. Nothing wrong with that.

I live in burgerland, so it would be about 5 grand for a consult, only for him to recommend I get circumcised, and then I leave with a prescription for viagra.

Okay except that easy games are boring, and only the story will carry it if anyone plays it to the end.





btw checkem

I played Megaman the other day. Cutman's stage made me feel like a total genius.

I know that feel.
I used to have LAN parties all the time in high school. But then I move away and now all my friends are normalfags and just party in their free time. I miss being a neet

That you see for less than 30 minutes of the game.

Then you spend the following chapters through ugly sewers, a canal, a laboratory in a dumpster, a city filled with zombies, the most empty and boring chapter of the game (Highway 17 + Sandtraps), a prison and then you're finally back on the city.

I sure do love the HEV Mark V having battery life, oxygen and running mixed making Gordon Freeman act like a fucking ashtma patient that can't hold his breath for more than 15 seconds.

Also, why does the game even have a running limit again? HL1 didn't have that and it was fun running all over the place.

Half-Life 2 was a good game, but a downgrade compared to the previous game.

but you're wrong faggot

That being said I cannot name anything 2015+ besides GD that I actually enjoyed playing

Not really a perception per se but the main thing that changed is the fact that if I really can't figure something out in a game I like I sometimes look it up. As a kid you would just try pressing X at every wall for 10 hours straight or ask your buddies at school.
The ease at which we can access info has influenced games. Now don't instantly write me off as a casual I mean for example the Dungeon Travelers 2 postgame dungeons that have 20+ floors, back to start traps and encounters that will fuck you. When you've been at it all day for 1 hidden wall that cracks it open it becomes a battle of pride vs time.

Divinity 2: Original Sin?

I used to have the attention span to play games for hours. Nowadays I work so much that even when I have a few hours to kill, I have to stagger out my time because otherwise I just drop games altogether and I haven't gotten to the phase where I want to give up what made me happy as a kid.

It's funny, because I was actually diagnosed with ADD as a kid, but I did that, too. Thing is, the teachers were incapable of recognizing the difference between "cannot pay attention to anything for more than a few minutes" and "does not want to pay attention to things that bore him to death".

Also, I'm fairly sure that, as an adult, I really DO have ADD. At home, I usually can't even get through half an hour of a movie without stopping it and at least letting my mind wander for a bit, or getting up to get some food or whatever. If I play a game, it's often for no more than an hour at a time.

Not much has changed.
I still don't have friends and singleplayer games haven't really bit the shitpill as far as things go.

Also it helps that basically any game worth playing came out like a decade ago.

We can replay them but their isn't anything that'll likely match Kotor and ME1. I have some hope that Cyberpunk might. Depends on whether or not I can create a character and impact the story as much as the old Bioware games allowed. And whether or not the story's any good. The unraveling of the narrative and your agency within it in the games you mentioned are unmatched.

Shit sucks sometimes, but I'm honestly glad that despite my age, I can still enjoy video games just as much as I could then. Seiken Densetsu 3 still takes me to a beautiful, magical place where I still feel innocent and free.

Yet on the other side, I can't play through Chrono Trigger again; its soundtrack cuts me deep, and reminds me that those days are over and gone. But I'll occasionally put a track or two from it on when I want a good cry, think about my parents when they were still together and in love and alive, my best friend who I shared almost all of my great vidya memories with, and my cat who grew up with me.

I always associate games to certain points in my life, certain ages and certain feels. My high points and my lows. When a completely different game manages to touch on those elements of games past, it definitely hits me harder than if there were no memories/feelings associated to them at all. Now I realize in writing this post why people actively seek out nostalgia factors in games.

When I was a kid I didn't settle for easy or broken games. Also when I was a kid I owned a copy of the game, not a license. When I was a kid I didn't have to worry about games not delivering the full experience because they wanted me to buy more stuff. When I was a teenager mods were something free for users to try to make good of what developers had done. When I was a kid games were more experimental and willing to take risks.

Nowadays some games are beautiful and easy but I play them for the same reasons I used to just watch movies. I settle for shit, because games today are shit, but they are pretty shit with good music.

the trick is to do an exorbitant amount of psychedelics in your late teens, and you get a child-like perception on and off throughout the day. it's not entirely worth the drawbacks, but que cera cera

I barely had any access to games growing up: though I had a Playstation, a GBA, and a Gamecube, I never had much for any of them, since my parents considered them a waste of my time and their money. Played what I did have for them a lot, but due to ability to get new games being rather limited I just stuck with a handful of series. Took until I was maybe fifteen or sixteen to start branching out thanks to a friend with games I hadn't given a go before, and thanks to lurking (and eventually posting on) Holla Forums, I've got more of an idea what's out there, what's worthwhile, what's shit, garbage industry practices, who to support or not, etc, than I ever would have back in the day.

I am happy that some of my old favorites do still hold up well, but in other cases when replaying games, I've wondered how I managed to put so many hours into them; not because they were bad or that I wasn't having fun, but that there just wasn't enough to do to have warranted it (like putting 200 hours into Pokemon Crystal back in the day, and not due to the Battle Tower or multiplayer).

I can only hope you guys found a game that could give you the same feeling, even for a little while. It gave me hope in games again.

Nah. Discs and cartidges such as Snes were still a one-time transferrable license to play the game on your private system. You dont own them then

Yeah. Just like how when you get a lamp you actually get a one-time transferable license to use the lamp, but you don't own it.

This. Expansion Packs/Add-ons were often large, worthwhile additions created after release that expanded or supplemented the core gameplay in a meaningful ways. These were often free for the established user base or at the most $10-$20. Games were a fuckton of content and value I never had the sick fucked-over feeling I get from nearly every purchase these days. I'm glad the industry has taken to calling today's bastardized equivalent DLC instead because it is an entirely different concept. Also one thing I miss the most is the impression games left on you. You could tell the developers gave a damn and packed their game with as much love and fun ideas as they were able. You got the feeling that someone was really trying to surprise you and show you the best time they possibly could. You where rewarded for exploration and playing the game, unlocking new features and content when you thought you'd seen everything the game had. Today I only get the feeling someone is trying to fuck me. No one cares if you enjoy the game. Only if they can trick you into buying it. You're not unlocking any rewards for playing the game either, you'll only get those by opening your wallet a second, third or fourth time. That's where all the content is, and it leaves me with a completely different impression from the developers and their "games."

They feel more like a habit than something I enjoy.

>Play less multiplayer games with the exception of anime fighting games. used to play halo a lot as a kid
>Listen to a lot more video game music and music in general than what I did as a kid.
Overall I love video games more than what I did as a kid.
Overall, I have more fun with games than I did as a kid.

Shit, meant to edit out that second to last line.

I was never a terribly smart kid. Alright I was never terribly smart at all at any time and that why I got my bachelors in Communications instead of anything worthwhile. Anyway, to progress past the harder puzzles back in the day I always get help from a friend or coughed up the dough for a strategy guide (1 month of allowance, so I had to be in deep) or snuck on the internet somewhere.

From about 2010 onward I have not gotten stuck on a game, I think I do, but then I look up something on Gamefaqs or Youtube and it turns out the NPC glitched or the game fucked up and won't play the scripted sequence. So the biggest obstacle to finishing games today is the fucking buggy ass game itself.

This is the kind of tryhard idiocy that devolves into an Onion article:
"When questioned about his puzzling and apparently idiotic remarks, user spent the better part of an hour explaining what does and does not, constitute City 17 over the span of the whole game."

I have the opposite problem. When I was a kid, I would play anything I could get my hands on and loved all of it. One game that stands out was a space empire sim called warpath. I went back to it, and I could feel kid me feeling smug when I tried to understand how that shit worked. Maybe it's because I've been playing too many dumbed down games, or it was a different version but I couldn't play it. At least I can be proud of my taste as a kid. My favorites were stuff like simant, rollercoaster tycoon, and rts games.

When I was a kid I saw games for what they were, and had all the time in the world to dedicate to them

Now I can generally only see games for what they could be because most of them don't come close to realizing their potential, and even though I'm a fucking neet I can barely play any games that require sound or don't allow for frequent breaks because I have so much other shit to split my attention between

Some ways its better as an adult, other ways worse. I would have never bothered with so many games back then, but the games I did play I usually properly sunk my teeth into. Few games if any have me playing for hours at a time, losing track of time.

Me then
>So what if I don't have friends? I've got an NES and a Genesis.

Me now

Anime hasn't been good since the 80s-mid '90s. Don't kid yourself. A massive shift in artstyle and aesthetic has taken place and most anime today pushes subtle cuck shit. Not to it's fullest but it's still there.


i enjoyed video games more as a kid till end of college because i can tolerate JRPGs and don't feel it's dragging at least back then.
I remember when everyone was hype on FFXIII but as soon as I watched the Persona 3 trailer back then, I knew it was going to be a good game.
I partly blame the hipster mentality my band mates rubbed on me

Last one I know I truly spent on playing for days weeks months is 100% FFX/FFX-2 Remaster for vita on release, I remember how my attention and mind was always there and always looking forward for a break time to play and grind to beat the superbosses.

I'm still interested in JRPGs but I'm still finding what I felt back then even through playing emulator searching for it. Trying my luck wiht Shadow Hearts: Covenant, never played it

I can still play other games and now as an adult I can buy video game peripherals like a Arcade Stick, Driving Wheel, Rhythm Game Controllers etc. and go to local gaming communities on my own.

Only retard millennials think HL2 hasn't aged like milk and has had a net negative influence on games.

also tried Persona 5. It just feels like I'm watching my japanese dramas and other animes that I watched and just quit.
Didn't feel fresh at all

I was ready to give up myself, back when it was hit after hit of hitman absolution, DmC, and Thief 4, but I realized I need to remove myself from what I know is going to be shit, and start looking for the good stuff

I got stroke at the age of 18 and I lost massive amount of reflex on FPS other skill based games

I had SNES instead of Genesis, but you sound just like me in every other regard.

I stopped playing RPGs because it felt like I couldn't really get immersed in them and enjoy them anymore, especially not long campaigns. Now there's too much real life shit to worry about.

holy fuck, BL
how the fuck can you get a stroke at 18? only eat vegetable oil and KFC?

At least idtech 4 was making some real innovations in 2004 with megatextures and a unique lighting model, as well as physics that were just as good as HL2's. That engine was actually ambitious.

What HL2 does is give you goldsrc but with more polygons, and then puts models everywhere and adds Havok Physics. Source won because it could push bigger, less detailed scenes on contemporary hardware, not because it had better tech behind it.