4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite game set in the 1800s?

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I guess mount and blade

Drove down to Seattle to see the Found Footage Festival with my m8. Nearly died laughing.

This question is gay.

Winter soon lads.

Work wasn't too bad today. Mostly just a lot of basic shit and sitting around doing nothing. I had a few people try to coach me today saying I should be friendlier to customers.Probably the worst part was one customer who accused me of cutting him off and then asked to speak to management.

Morning everyone, Ritsu here

Got comfy and watched a british baking show again today. Played some yugioh, didn't do much else yet. Its been alright.

To the faggot that said Norte Dame was gonna beat Miami, well who is laughing now?! FUCKING NIGGER!!!!!!

Winter's only good if you're inside and cozy. Being outside and shoveling snow is the fucking worst in winter, as it's always cold and there's always loads of snow to shovel at least in leafland.

How goes user

Any good flicks?
Its hard to think up over 500 questions user

I want to buy a good robe for winter. Maybe I'll ask for it for xmas

You getting fired fam

How goes user

I think my fav game would be blood Bourne also I am kinda bummed out that I was not born a female in the 1000's to fight as a gladiator in the Roman colosoum and castrate my opponent's in front of everyone.

Update: I'm now able to fit six inches of my own foot up my ass. Only 5 more to go!

i have to pay the neighbour kid to do it because i am unwell and get violently ill if i do any real amount of shoveling

It's this thing where these two guys show clips from weird VHS tapes they found at thrift stores. It's goddamn weird, but hilarious. There was one that espoused the health benefits of drinking your own urine.


I hate being late.

Red Dead?

Getting screwed by cunts who called the cunts, fucking cunts.

no lewdposting in the 4 AM threads

Went to church again. Looks like there are 2 girls that i can possibly date, but im gonna wait a bit to make any sort of move, since one of them looks under 18. Maybe in like a year or 2. Went to the gun show. Got a really cool knife thing and im gonna go back tomorrow and get the zorro sword.

Forgot pic fuck me.

Well stop doing that user
How goes

Are you dying?

Ohhhh sounds fun actually. Its like youtube from the early 90s

Describe the girls

How's it going lads?

During my 3-day weekend, a co-worker straight up walked out of work during his shift. So he sorta quit/got fired simultaneously. Back to 2-day weekends again. I was looking forward to it becoming a regular thing. Maybe soon. Work today was pretty aight though. Got to leave an hour early, which is always nice.

You guys playing anything fun?
All I've really played the last few days is Alan Wake. Played HuniePop for about 10 minutes earlier and then just stopped to play more Alan Wake. I'm near the end of Episode 3.
I've also started playing Fate/GO

fuck if I know

not soon enough. It's finally getting chilly here though. I'm ready for the REAL cold though.

We're all dying, just real slowly.

**When my boss was lecturing me about all the time I fucked up during phone calls, I asked why I hadn't been fired yet for so many mistakes. He said it's only because you've been here for a few months, and he doesn't want to fire me right away.

Stop posting.

Too late

Why'd he quit?

Needs to be faster

One is greek, the other a brunette. The brunette is the choir girl. Amazing voice. I doubt i have much competition.

Nier on a tomato but took a break for that today. How's HuniePop?

He's trying to put off a nice guy image but he's probably a cunt.

It's true though.

I could live with that. I;m not dygn any faster than anyie ekse bere i jst cnat do a oy f stytt

This is the knife i got at the gun show.

Her eye is looking in a different direction than her left. The fuck?

I've been playing PS2 with WWEW, but we tried switching factions today and I'm sort of expecting it to die immediately now, even though we're pulling 20 people for squads every day, and increasing in number. That and I'm burning out, again, because I feel depressed and useless since I'm not doing anything else right now. Maybe I'll pick up running again, maybe the college will stop being on strike, maybe my grandpa will perish and I'll have to go to a funeral. Looks like he'll live for at least another year, though.

You are lucky your boss is so nice. Most places only treat you like that for the first couple weeks.

Whats their hip to waist ratio? Catch a peek of their foot game?

Stop drinking so much user

Seems like it'd be as dangerous for you as the guy you are stabbing

Choir girl is just a bit more attractive and has the better hips but i would go for either. I'll just treat it like a dating sim. It cant be that hard, right?

i'm stillsober rbnough to drove its the way im aying to type this. to repeat my last post im not dying any faster than nyone else

Some mount and blade mods are probably set in the 1800s maybe.
Isn't one of the expansions?
How goes user

Should probably try one at first tbh

Don't drink and drive user, thats bad

That's bad.

That's fire and sword, which he didn't specify.

How do i make the pain stop?

i'm not gonna. i drove yp earlier for blts and rgey were good. would have ordered but its 2 for 1 if you pickup

If you've been there for months and you're still fucking things up, then you're a pretty colossal fuckup. Thankfully your boss is aware of this and takes pity on you because you sound like someone who I wouldn't even trust to bag my groceries.

His fault for taking pity on an incompotent that ends up being a drain on the people who actually do their jobs right.

I never said i would go for the harem option. i never cheat on my waifu

Hoy Cunts

I wouldn't be surprised if those are banned where I live

man i wanna die, you guys might remember last time i visited 4am i bitched and moaned about my social skills, but i still try to throw myself out there so i go see some local music with my buddies tonight. First band sucked ass and then i'm watching the second band and they aren't my style but the girl playing bass had me mystified, couldn't take my eyes off her so i'm just drinking my beer watching my music, theres no one on the floor really and i'm watching from the sideline and two freaking chicks grab my wrists and pull me to the floor to dance. I can't dance i dunno what the FUCK is going on and i'm probably making a fool of myself trying to play it cool and then i see one of my guys sees me doing this and i forget the fact that girls actively pulled me to dance and think 'oh god i want to die" instead. Song ends everyone scatters and i drink myself into an embarrassed stupor and walk home to get air.

my head is fucking killing me

Take tylenol. Alternatively, chokestart a firearm inside of your mouth.

With those trips

Who buys blts?

But you are trying to cheat on her with 3dps as we speak

You a Cancuck?

I'd have to say NTW.

Tbh its probably not too legal here even in the us but it was sold at the gun show so w/e. As long as i dont carry it outside i'll be fine. Im pretty sure its legal to own too.

Find yourself a friend
be my friend user

I know that feel user. It really sucks when bitches grab you when you don't dance.

How goes user

What kind of dance moves did you try user?

Whats good in the hood monica

Hey fags
Ran a short session of my wuxia tabletop campaign. Wasn't super into it so didn't get much accomplished in game. We ended up deciding I was gonna also run another Deadlands campaign, but we weren't going to invite our neurotic narcissistic kike friend to it so we could actually have fun with it.

Bioshock Infinite is the only one that comes to mind that I've played. It was a decent shooter.

Improve your diet. Stop eating sugar and processed carbs and junk food. Do yoga.

You shoulda just not gave a fuck, dance to the best of your ability with the girls and gotten laid.

My waifu is basically the personification of the perfect 3d anyway. Im just trying to make my waifu real.

Nah, I'm from a country whose highest point of liberty is that it's legal to call people a cunt

We are all friends here
How goes

I feel bad for your dumb friend when he finds out you didn't invite him

Uh huh

I drank Cask Wine with Energy drink last night
didn't go well, vomit everywhere

Am i not allowed to make my waifu my wife?

That's REALLY bad.


Rain stopped. Fucked many things up.

wew. You out looking for another job? Sounds like any day could be it tbh. Whatever you do avoid the food industry like the plague.

Nobody told me. He just walked off during his shift and didn't come back.

eh, it's funny really. Kyu is such a sarcastic bitch. I dunno which girl i'm gonna fug first though, I know I can't get the alien girl until after fucking quite a few of the initially-available girls so-

nice nice, how far are you?


there's worse things to do with your time, for sure.
oh, well, at least there's that.

i'm not mad at them because despite my shit social skills i don't mind people approaching me, but i was braindead out there

i have NONE so i just followed along

still haven't mastered this art, i'm trying but its not going fast

What If I told you there's people who are doing worse than I am right now where I work?

that reminds me of one girl who I had a crush on in high school. She once grabbed my hand at a dance, dragged me to the middle of the floor, and I asked me to slow dance with her. I can't dance to save my life, and I feel like dying every time I remember that moment.

I wonder how people get into Tabletop RPG and actually find a good group

Why do I want a girl to castrate me? What makes us have these fetishes. Why do we have them?

Slow dancing isnt hard. Its like the whitest form of dance.

That doesn't sound like a good combo at all.
Hopefully I can get some beer tomorrow myself


What broke?

Lucky guy. Hes in NEET heaven now

Should have just done the robot over and over

I've never seen a Sweede use the word cunt, other than Australia I think only NZ and Britain do

Steel at 300 yards.

So im not allowed to have a family?

thats way cooler than my $3 gas station knife

me, they make great blts and you can get 24 inches of blt for $10

Well if you know a good way to get vomit stains out of carpet let me know

I have no idea about the grills you're talking about so just have fun.
No idea, haven't checked my hours either.

Is it safe to even say which country you live in?

look for the foaming carpet cleaners, worked for me once or twice

what did he mean by this

Nope its too late for that user

I hate blts anyway because tomatoes are gross and disgusting

youre disgusting and gross

It has a neat wooden handle. in wyoming i got this badass curved pocket knife with skulls on the handle

But i never got to lose my virginity.

That's not a knife, this is a knife



Lemon juice or . Do not mix the two.

I took my fun out and blasted some steel.

That be a kitchen utensil, this be a knife.

we're not gonna talk about it and not tell him and then when he gets butthurt about not being invited I'll just be honest with him. I'm sick of dancing on glass eggshells around him because of his neuroticism and faggotry. All of us are.

There might be other games set in the 1800's I've played that I enjoyed too I just don't remember any. And I like games where I can turn off my brain and just go around shooting stuff.

this was our first mistake, yes. But I met half of the aforementioned group through my friendship with him.

That means you had to drink more.

The way it happened for me was by hanging out at the local game store. I first tried playing with my regular friend group, but they were a pain in the ass to run games for. Then I put up a flier at the local game store advertising people to play tabletops with, and between people I met through the people met via the flyer and then other people I met just hanging out at the game store, I created/joined groups of people who played tabletops.

yours or mine? because that's plastic on mine. i'm not kidding when i say it was 3 dollars

i see you've played knfey spiinye beofre


Yes ya cunt

Will do, I also have a stain remover I'll probably try first

Mate these days houses are all the same shit, for hard wood floors that'd that too much effort, it'd different from the rest and we can't have that

Yeah, but what, you know? Sure it's running and being fit but I never feel like I make headway in anything. Still stuck in the same shitty habits and the same rigamarole garbage that plagues my existence like a parasite carrier disease.

Also I can give you exact instructions of how to cook the russian casserole now if you want, since I made a large batch of it that wasn't just for a lunch.

Well, at least you're smart.

Why don't you, you cunt?

i probably drank too much as night as is since my head is killing me right now, woulda gone to bed but i wanted to get this fuckup off my chest in an anonymous setting that only 4am can provide

I used to be more stringent on being polite to every customer. But now I'm starting to cut it down. When a girl acts bitchy or up tight, I don't even bother to tell them to have a good day, etc. I might as well cut out most of the niceties and save it for people who are going to be nicer.

Man, for 10 bucks i got a couple really nice hunting knives with real wood. I would use them if there was anything to hunt.

Techically my waifu isnt real, so she wouldnt care if i got a GF

Eh I'm too autistic to do that and I'm pretty sure if I did that I'll only find SJW cunts anyways, I mean 40k is bad enough on that front and it's comparatively clean compared to the rest of the shit

I hope Drumpf legalizes suppressors so I can plink with a 22 from my porch all day without pissing off the neighbors

What does he do exactly?

Go to rehab user

My room is the only one in my house with carpet left because I won't let my folks in it tbh

it's supposed to be foot in mouth disease, not foot in ass disease!

Why's that?

sounds like you're a next-level cuck. You should at least get a vasectomy so your cuck-ish disposition doesn't spread.

quite the opposite from what I last heard about his living situation, I don't really feel like talking about that tbh.

Eh, there's quite a few.
There's a busty asian teacher, a small-tiddy cheery college girl, said college girl's mom, a mega druggie/party bitch who's 99% tsun, some latina with a kid, a black chick who's a flight attendent, and a GAMURR GURLLL. I may be forgetting one, but whatever. Later on you unlock a cat girl, an alien babe, Kyu, and eventually the goddess of love herself.

what was the last ending you got?
ending B?

I suppose that would feel worthless if you don't have some higher goal to work towards.

yes please

Okay I rearranged my self so I can type better now.
I guess my dad marathoned fucking boku no hero academia in basically one day because I told him that I heard it was good.
need to find better (non 1080p) torrents

I just bought it because I wanted a knife to carry when I'm in the city. (((They))) keep bringing over certain people who can't be trusted. Plus I'm a leaf so it's hard to get good knives at good prices.

I\va barely had anything to drink, I could probably still make it upstairs to piss if I had to.

Knives can be used for more than just chopping up thumpers.

They're already legal you boof, just pay yer 200 dorrars and wait ten months I mean they're cheap enough already.

Kitchen work isn't for all.

fair enough but your house is rural so that's a different story, even if it's new which its probably not, it's likely to be at least different from every fucking other house

i always hear that condoms suck but at the same time practicing safe sex is kinda hot in its on regard

or maybe its just naoto

Suppressors will never be legalized unless its texas or montana.


Stop appropriating my weeb culture

I thought you were talking about your job for a second there tbh

Sounds like you need a piss jug

Too much work

My house is like 30 years old. Lived in it my whole life

There was a big push for it before the whole vegas thing. We'll see.

stop being a pussy.

I'm a chef and I know what angel you're coming from but honestly find a better kitchen to work at

Is it just flings and shit?
I haven't even beat it yet you nigger.

Condom play makes for a great fetish, regardless if it's used during sex or not. Or it could just be Naoto.

gay hentai gets real retarded with the condoms.
what even is the fucking point? condoms in hentai don't make sense but that made less sense. Condoms are gay and Shoujo Ramune is a perfect example of a libertarian society ruled by the invisible hand of the free market

I piss in a jug in the bathroom down here and dump it in the sink, then rinse the jug. need to fix the toiler but I don't want to.

well i know i've jerked it to plenty of shit with condom play too so i know the feel

meant to also reply to

More often than not now I play games to relax and not have to put forth too much cognitive effort. Sometimes I want to play a good CRPG like I used to when I was neet, but I mainly play brainless shooters.

then that means you just have to grow some balls

don't know till you try

there's more to it too but I can't think of how to articulate the rest of the stupid shit he does right now. a huge pain in the ass. narcissistic manipulative neurotic kike.
This guy has also played characters who were genderbent, female to male, on 3 separate occasions that I have witnessed, one of them currently in the wuxia game I'm running, and apparently according to our mutual friend who also runs games that he'll play in comes up with genderbent characters in those. He used to mainly just play female characters, but now he's moved onto this.

There it is. Too bad you cant come out here. Gun shows are the shit.

Tbh i really cant find too much of a use for them.

The texas shooter didnt even use one, unless they were going for the angle of "if he had one more people would have died". But if he did use a suppressor he wouldnt have killed anyone because it would be non lethal at that range.

Don't even have to leave the house, that is how streamlined it is.

That sounds like a horrid person.

I own a mas 36 but I never really get to use it because it's too much hassle to go to a range.

Thats both gay and retarded. how do you know this?

Well at least it's newish which is good My family house was from the 1910s IIRC and is the last surving house on that street built in that era and it's not even being used as my family shipped a different house next door which they live in, There was a big fire in the 70s which burned down a timber mill and a few houses as well I dunno 5 to 10 years ago another house burned down

that's not a knife, this is a knife.

because i'm a fucking gimp i have nothing to do all day but drink and whack off to increasingly depraved pornography and watch tv

Leaf folk have gunshows and such, their rural folk are fucking scary, also go whittle something.

What if I don't want kids?

Thats just sad user fix your shit

Why are you even this faggots friend

Shillary went on and on about "what if he did have one" so yeah

I only buy guns in private transactions so the gubment don't know shit so don't want to sign for a suppressor

Hoy cunt that is clearly Hitler's lost left testicle

Then you better be a Jew, a shitskin or some other form of shit genetics

I thought leaf gun laws were really really strict.


But gay porn?

No funs are retarded when talking about them

It really does make me feel worthless.
Anyway, boil rice, fry beef in seperate pan. You can also boil peas at the same time if you want, but the point is to have all those ingredients cooked beforehand, depending on ingredients and preferences.

Once the beef is fried in a pan, splatter top on and all, put it at the bottom of a large ceramic baking pan, rice on top of that, and peas on top of that. Space here matters, so as previously noted, like 1/4 beef, 2/4 rice, 1/4 peas, and you can change that number up depending on if you want more vegetables or beef obviously, but it's just what I use. Now, depending on how much you have, you'll want anywhere from 1-3 cans of tomato soup, AGAIN MAKING SURE YOU HAVE SPACE FOR IT. Cover the top of the layers with tomato soup, put in oven preheated for 350 degrees fahrenheit for 6 minutes if worth 1 can, and 10 minutes if worth 2 cans. It may not mix in the whole way, which is why you want the third can. If applying a third can, put it in for another 5. General rule is 5 minutes in the oven per added can, and for each can after 2, put it in and mix it in separately. This works for when I have rarely made gigantic dishes of it, like, 50 servings of the stuff. When the soup is thick and able to be mixed in without too much dryness but that thick sort of skin, it's a good texture and it'll fit right in. Afterwards, additives can be included in forms of hot sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper, or any other kind of mild-tomato-ish sauce to complement the other ingredients at your discretion.

that's probably in the best interests of everyone.

My mom always loves that kind of shit and if she had the money would buy a dumb old house like that in an instant. I keep telling her its retarded because shits going to break constantly and its going to be cold/hot as shit.

Have you seen the whole chainsaw gun thing?

my great grandma went blind in the 1970s and lived alone for 30 years and kept a shotgun next to her bed and blew a man's head off when he broke into her house. that's when she got put in a nursing home. rural leafs can be fucking vicious. I knew a guy a ihigh school who raped his little sister and got probation but we had like 6 local hockey teams and they all beat the shit out of him one night at once. I fucked the manager for one of those teams because we bowled together and she was cute

bolt rifles are generally fine to have but i need to keep a lock on the trigger and ammo locked up

several reasons:

Reason 1:
Shitty pay. You're lucky if you'll get more than $9~$11/hr unless you're working someplace high-end.
In which case, if you are working in a high-end joint, chances are you'll have to have some sort of prior apprenticeship or training to land the gig.

Reason 2:
Shitty hours. Chances are you won't work more than 30~35 hours a week. But if you do get over 40 hours, it'll be rare.
You won't get any sort of benefits either.

Reason 3:
Shitty coworkers.
I've yet to meet ANYONE in the food industry who doesn't abuse some sort of substance.
9 our of 10, no exaggeration, of the people i've worked with have some sort of drug problem. It's usually weed or cocaine.
Almost ALL of them either smoke and/or drink. I know a guy who hates alcohol and cigarettes but smokes enough weed to make snoop dogg jealous.

I fucking wish

Pretty much. Kyu sees that you're a total virgin loser faggot and makes you her next "project" so you can basically become Chad Thundercock.

Thank you for the recipe amigo, screencapped. I'm gonna try to make it on an upcoming off day if I can.


Chainsaw gun?

Those are sexy guns. They had soms WW2 bolt actions at the show. I kinda want one but they are like 1k+

yeah he really is

i wonder that constantly
but he's had strange value to me as a friend
he's gotten worse recently, much worse than he used to be

addendum to reason 1:
in most cases, you will make whatever minimum wage is in your state. Or just SLIGHTLY above it.

yeah, mas 36 is the french ww2 bolt rifle. it's sexy as hell

deus ex #woke

I'm not any of those things, I just don't want to waste 20+ years of my life raising some little shit with a woman I'd probably loathe just so that kid can throw me under the bus once he starts thinking he's hot shit. I'm already a failure of a person, what makes any of you think I can raise a kid, let alone one that would be proud of who I am?

Thats kinda a perk of working food service fam

Pic related. Its getting meme'd on pretty hard

Is he going through shit? Have you asked him about it?

How goes user

Daily Reminder to watch Made in Abyss

Revolvers are also a really sexy class of weapon. They had some fucking old ones there. Probably early 1900 maybe late 1800 ones.


comfy rn how bout you

is bretty interdesting

Sounds cool but retarded.

Not really. Because when you're the sober one and your coworker is too fucking stoned to help you do shit so you can go home, it's pretty goddamned annoying.

it's great

I'd like a revolver but hte leaf gun laws get really dumb about pistols. have to call the cops and shit to tell them you're taking it to a range and how long you'll be and what route you're taking and stuff. and a lot of cool pistols are too short to legally have in canada. I wanted one of the tiny sigs years ago but they're not legal here.

kids suck until they're yours. My oldest daughter is a mischief maker and she beats boys up and calls people funny names and it's pretty funny.

He might be, but no. He won't talk about it with any of our other mutual friends.

I watched the first 6 episodes with a buddy of mine the other night. Really fucking cool so far. I dig the worldbuilding and wonder what's coming next and I look forward to it. Gotta wait till the next time he and I chill though since we watched it together. We hang out friday nights, smoke weed and watch anime.

Maybe i'll get one of the flintlock pistols they have.

Shame you ain't an FFL and can make whatever the fuck you want.

Leaf laws are loose enough foreigners can buy whatever.

common buddy you have access to soviet stock and norinco.

Too busy reliving what appears to be PTSD from air-dogfighting, because I can't unhear the sounds of enemy fighter jets firing and whizzing by my head. Brrrrt. Whirrrrrrr. Vewww. Laser noises. Brrrt. It's all there, in onomatopoeia form.

i wish i had a bf

I've lost control. This is fucking depressing.

I'm doing good. Got some super strong mocha coffee going and have a ton of vids to watch after the thread.
Do anything fun today?

It is. They were showing possible accessories the church shooter could have used

Thats why you should be stoned yourself obviously

Thats sad

Get a percussion gun instead

Thats one funky looking AK

I dont understand leaf laws at all.

Maybe i'll start with a bb gun

Cunt it's not about you

it sounds like too much work getting ride of the cosmoline tbh. the norincos they sell are generally still in the oil and pinned to 10 rounds

i avoid the community ever since awakening came out. it's mostly fags who only played fates or the shitty phone game.
It reminds me of when the 3ds ambassador games came out and people who had never touched the series before started gushing about how sacred stones was the pinnacle of the seriesbecause they got it for free

nah we're just friends. not gay.

If he doesn't want to talk about it and would rather be a faggot at us to take it out, it's not our fucking problem that we stop hanging out with him so much.

do you have AIDS

Wait you said church shooter. Im retarded.

Always a shame to see a place you like go to shit, sorry user
How goes besides that user

Mines still sitting in the corner of my room



not yet but i'm thinking about not taking my meds so it goes full blown

Seriously I know fags that's raped kids before and they get away with it

That's one of my favorite things about it more than anything else (that and the soundtrack).
I look forward to when you've finished it so we can talk about it.

that sounds like quite the headache

the fire emblem community has single-handedly made me never to want to touch fire emblem in the first place. I played through the first half of Awakening and though it was okay, but jesus christ there's some hardcore fuckin spergs in that community.

Soritsu, i'm trying to KEEP my job y'know.
That's one of the main reasons I actually got hired too, is because i'm not a fucking drug addict.

I don't really want kids either tbh.
Because kids means marriage. And too many marriages end in divorce nowadays. And when divorce happens, the man almost always loses fucking everything and then some. If you have prenups then great, but you still get gouged.

I shot a bb pistol alot and im a good crack shot with it.

All I know is they don't have a retarded you can't import because muh sporting use clauses so they've got access to unneutered sigs and type 81's for example.

Cosmoline is easy to deal with

Its got a rifle grenade launcher. Its breddy dope if I could find dummy grenades.

So you have HIV



So how is it in the kitchen and how much is the Head Chef yelling

I'd kill for a job at a pizza place shoving shit in ovens and getting high all day tbh

Get a muzzleloader, they are cheap as shit and seem fun.

Yes right. "Dummy" ones

I have a sister who works at a local resturant as a part time job and from what she's told me, every reason you've listed is true.

The FE fanbase is fucked beyond redemption nowadays. Fates was everything wrong with Awakening, but worse, and Warriors is a disaster of a musou IIRC.

That is by far my biggest fear about marriage. This along with the fear of the wife becoming at fatass. Also nice numbers.

i'm lazy

gba fe games are pretty okay. 7's too easy and 8's really easy and 6 is kind of weird on stats but they're good fun

contemplate AAAAAAAAAAAA

it's loud as fuck. Just a vortek rotary biting into my ear but it's in my brain, and then the mosquito banshee firing on ground positions, and then me killing my engine and stalling while coasting over a mountain pass so that the scythes flying just over my fucking airspace in the middle of the night don't hear me. It's nuts the kind of strategies I've learned to employ with only death happening to me over and over again.

I just want to go out on top teehee

that's genius
thank you user

the soundtrack is very good so far too


Ritsu what happened to you

Ahaha yes, the golf ball launcher is just for golf balls despite it being the exact same size for a german rifle grenade.

It shows.

Bog yourself.

A super easy one where I barely have to work and can smoke weed during it the whole time? I'd do that until I had enough for nippon again

He was touched by normalfaggtory.

I would just get an average bb rifle to start with. Dunno where to shoot it and i think the people at the range would laugh at me if i brought it in.

I like this meme

for grandpa

Warriors is really, really buggy. Lots of little stuff you'll pick up on.
glad i got it for free

the extent of my laziness is way more than that. need tp reomstall windows 7 ""tomorrow"" but it will probably not get done

And the desire to fuck nip hookers and knocking one of them up.

Get a proper pellet rifle and find a spot out in the woods.

Mate is you seriously think that working in a kitchen is barely any work then you've smoked too much weed
The only jobs where you don't do work are office work and there you deal with faggots and uncomfy chairs

i like that meme too

why would grandpa want you to do that

Oh right, i finished that system shock 2 paper i was writing. It still seems a bit short at just under 1k words. I guess i'll stop being a pussy and send it in.

Im in cali. There really are no woods. Lots of mountains, but all the woods burn down during summer.

Just shoot it in your room. Won't get too far in drywall. Just wear glasses cause they will bounce back

How far could you shoot golf balls out of that?

I can't imagine any pizza place in my rural area pulling in tons and tons of orders

Yeah, seriously let it be a lesson don't let normalfags near you unless you're at least a grade 6 autist

How is it going

Its an apartment and people will hear. I might just stick with getting an actual gun and going to the range.

would there even be a Pizza place where you live?

With the right angle I can get a ball 150 or so yard out depending if I'm using a movie blank or a grenade launching blank. Best 10 dollars I ever spent.

Mountains work.

eh we have several lead cooks. The main chef guy, the kitchen manager, I never hardly see since I'm late-night and he's day time. He's scary when he's pissed though. It's unreal man.

because that's a job for lazy niggers

aye. Being a server is just as shitty too, 90% of the time due to customers being a shit. Just tonight in fact, a waitress had a table with a $100+ bill and they didn't tip a penny. I was made for her, and she was pretty livid too.

I have no idea which fire emblems these are user

you need to go get that tennitus checked out amigo

I love it. I bought the 2-Disc CD and I've been listening to it on and off for the past week.
I love "The First Layer" and "Those Everyday Feels". Can't forget "Underground River" either though.

Im a bit afraid of the mountains tbh. Lots of snakes and shit.

Theres a couple around here

Damn thats actually really neat. Wonder how bad it'd hurt to get hit with one

You know I'm lazy fam don't gotta say it

i didn't SAY it, i IMPLIED it

it's going good. i just remembered i brought back literal handfuls of candy from my friend's house.

dude nice

Snakes ain't shit provided you're paying attention.

It isn't fun, it'll break skin and ribs. Can launchers are fun provided someone can skeet the damned thing.

oh right halloween was a thing
What did you dress up as

That's just depressing, especially considering how easy all of the games are to emulate (except maybe radiant dawn or PoR; haven't tried to emulate them yet).
Sacred Stones wasn't too bad though, just really really really really fucking easy for a Fire Emblem game.

It goes. I suppose I'm not too bad right now, got most of what I needed to get done for the weekend. I'm gonna spend the whole day browsing Holla Forums and continuing playing FE7 on its hardest difficulty most likely so that'll be nice.

Thankfully Echoes was decent at least, and that gives me hope for the franchise as a series but I think Intelligent Systems knew they had to throw the old dogs a bone before the fanbase literally imploded. Shit was going downhill fast, and it still is. I think the Switch Fire Emblem is what will determine what happens to Fire Emblem. I just don't understand why and how its so hard for them to write characters well, provide a gripping, yet not overly complex plot and give a satisfying aesthetic with a good soundtrack.
I'm very happy that Warriors was a train wreck, as was #FE. Fates' metacritic score from users is also much lower than Awakening's so… at least people are making their voices heard but fuck if these fags don't outnumber us.

You should play FE7 friend, it has a very high chance to change your mind about the franchise I feel, and its excellent for newfags coming into the series as well. Its my favorite and considering that I've gone through all the modes for it, the run I'm doing it on now is technically my 4th time replaying it (Though the story and maps do change between modes and difficulties so that's even better and kinda makes that point a little harder to make in terms of it being actual "replays" but still)

Im heading to bed. Night.

Seriously, just listen to this. I was doing this for half a day. Imagine that beeping, those screeches from the reaver, and that vortek pounding for hours. Not my video, though.

Good night hitler

Yeah well imply this


Got a ton of videos set up for in a bit, got some good coffee, might grab a snack or something too

Cya next time fam

sleep tight

it was fun but i resent it because my copy was defective and would erase my files a lot. also my girlfriend at the time had a crush on joshua and i got a half-day at school the day it came out because there was a suicide in the gym

Whatcha watching?
Sounds like it'll be a comfy time

This. FE7 is the best game to get into for a beginner, but it's not too easy like awakening, and it plays more like a traditional FE (No Overworld, character deaths are permanent, multiple types of missions, etc.) FE7 and Awakening are the only FEs I've played and I thought they were both pretty good, but for different reasons.

Goddamn user, it sounds like you had a cursed copy or something.
What happened?
You played FE with your gf?
How did that go?

37mm launchers are fun.

I have a list of a few dozen channels I follow. Some politics stuff, some video game, a lot of cute japanese girls, random vids I find, all kinds of stuff. Me and my best bud watch them together once a day, its nice.

7's tutorial is great but i replayed it last year and the enemy stats are way lower than i remember. Really eassy but still fun.

senior hung herself on the stage in the gym, behind the curtain

i had a glow in the dark shirt with skeletons on it and a skeleton pun, a glow in the dark skeleton mask, and a fuckton of glow sticks of various colors

we went to a halloween party/concert the weekend before halloween and my buddy's car got stolen so we didn't get to see the concert

Thats the kind of thing I'd never buy. I just buy pistols mostly.

oh wait so the very first North American released one. Got it. Yeah I got that rom downloaded somewhere. I only ever heard good things about it and it's sequel both.

You should probably see some sort of specialist user

why do i reply to my own posts instead of other people i mean to reply to
please, kill me

Why are you posting furry stuff fam

its sequel (is that the right word? 7 is a prequel to it) is hard as nails compared to the modern ones though. Legit half the units in it ae useless and most of them have low Skill. 7's good though. Hector is the coolest

that's a bunny girl from made in abyss

They're fun as fuck when you get some good flares at night.

FE7 is great.

it'll go away, I just have to go to sleep.

we were talking about 6 and not 8 right?

If you watched Made in Abyss you would know
that Nanachi is exclusively for hugs and is not remotely for lewd and she deserves all the happiness in the world

Huh I see. I'll have to play it sometime then. If I don't feel like playing much of anything I'll have to keep that one in mind.

Then sleep user

Speaking of FE7, I gotta get around to playing it again. Should I do Lyn Hard and then Hector normal? I only ever did a playthrough once back last summer.

Too much bunny not enough girl

Seems like a fire hazard


I don't recall the order.


it's pretty legit. Long tutorial though. 1/3 of the game's total length.

that's a good option. hector mode is great

My nigga.
And yes, Fe7 is the prequel to FE6 which never got officially translated, but there are superb fanslations floating around. And yes its hard as balls. The only games that are harder than FE6 on hard mode are FE5 and… well difficulty in the series is hard to quantify at that point. Some people consider Conquest and Awakening's difficulties to be higher, but that's more because of them buffing all the units strengths up to absurd lengths rather than map design in tandem with reasonably strong units
Basically the "Dark Souls 2" style of difficulty

That's a good idea, yeah. Hector Hard Mode is a fucking bitch for me right now.
Personally I might even recommend Eliwood Hard mode just to experience it from his perspective again before doing it on hector normal, because I feel like, since I took a while since the last time I played it that it feels more… distant than I wanted it to be.
Maybe I've just looked at too much FE7 content in general or something

I would assume so from what he's describing. Always awkward when a prequel comes after a sequel

How bad would it hurt to get shot by a flare

Eh, I wouldn't call it 1/3rd the game's length tbh
In terms of literal chapters yes, but in terms of game time and content it isn't because of the size and length of the chapters that come after it
But you're right though, its a fuckhuge tutorial.

that's a pretty long tutorial

At ten yards a flare will pop through a sheet of plywood.

12 is tough too

I haven't nutted in two days now and for some reason I can't get motivated to pop a boner, not even to Rise. What's wrong with me?

That happens, just take a break dude.

You about 5 minutes ago, your own words

Nofap was a mistake. As the old saying goes, use it or lose it

Its probably just a time/mood thing
It'll probably fix itself later in the day when you feel the urge

You wanked off too much.

that's not how it works you fuckin' mong.

We have proof right here in the thread


This is only 1% of my power

I think I'm gonna go to bed. Maybe I'll try and rub one out for Rise, but I'll see you guys next thread. Honestly I don't even know why I care about this character so much, I never played P4.

You found yourself a waifu.
Cya next time fam