What's wrong with singleplayer MMOs?

"Singleplayer MMO" is often used as derogatory term, but why?
As a matter of fact these games take all the good from MMO genre and cuts out all the bad.


t. apologist for cut-paste design philosophy.

"Vast world" isn't a pro when it's empty as fuck. The fact that they had to implement a fucking speed up button in FF12 tells you all you need to know about why singleplayer MMOs are bad.

Doesnt mmo mean massively multiplayer online? How the hell can a singleplayer mmo even exist then?

Ff12 was fun though.

What other RPGs? Morrowind? Or Gothic?
They are completely optional.

They are anything but empty.

it's just a phrase.

"Singleplayer Massively Multiplater Online
what the fuck

I'l say its better to say "singleplayer wow clone". Since it was WoW that killed mmo genre with stupid fetch quests with quest markers.

It's like "JRPG".
You don't have to take it literally.

And JRPG genre is "final fantasy clone" genre.

FF12, WKC and Xenoblade all have boring (but beautiful) open worlds with nothing but wandering enemies in them.
Both Morrowind and Gothic are more engaging than cooldown combat. Finally why bother making all those shitty fedex quest and not making proper ones?

wouldn't want to just call it a fucking RPG right? that'd make way too much fucking sense.

What does MMO stand for anyway?

Open world action maybe? Open world clicker?

Are they fun enough to capture your attention for long periods of time? That's the only question that ever matters, even though so many niggers pretend that's not the case.

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What if you just want to grind while traversing vast expanses of nothingness without a bunch of cancerous faggots ruining the experience for you?

It's like a (1) and done thread but the OP wont go away.
These games are shit. And your "positives" in relation to MMOs are more like HIV positives. I wish we could get more persistent multiplayer games that don't come with D&D baggage. In fact I really wish we could stop D&D baggage in games all together. When I first heard the term "RPG" I thought it meant an immersive game with an interesting world where you can pretend to be a person and build your own story, like tabletop RPG games where you play a part in a dungeon master's story. Instead it turns out RPG games mean games with stat sheets that badly ape D&D dice rolling mechanics. Go figure.

Not much of an experience to ruin, but if you like repetitive, brainless tasks and menial busywork then go nuts. You could also do the exact same thing at a minimum wage job. You could also grow a thick skin when playing games on the internet, you fucking snowflake.

Adventure game

singleplayer "mmo" in that they're garbage like other things that bare the title.

They can be fun if battles are a challenge. It would be good for developers to play a game like Icewind Dale II at a higher difficulty. The encounters are challenging and varied. You must create builds and stock up on items that allow you to survive multiple battles. Spells and equipment provide new tactics. Being able to enter every encounter full health, having creatures that heal when you disengage, not having to create good builds, having few builds that are viable, making status effects unnecessary, making the use of items and potions unnecessary, and having equipment that never changes your strategies are the hallmarks of a poorly designed RPG.

Hello Holla Forums

t. person who didnt play FF12, WKC or Xenoblade

I wish Kingdoms of Amalur's characters looked better. I've never been able to get very far into the game before the visuals start to grate on me.

But he's right. You can't go back to certain areas in ff12, and you don't want to if you could, because all areas are level progression tied, and so there's no point in going back and doing a fetch and kill quest for inferior rewards. The only reason in going back is to view the scenery, but then there are enemies in the way and everything becomes a hassle. You end up just blasting through the gated levels in ff12 wanting to finish the story/game. Real open worlds have you going back to the place, i.e. backtracking and uncovering something in the same place that rewards you or opens up another spot. Ocarina of Time is way better as an open world in this regard, but super metroid even better. Exploration is just way more fun in these games as opposed to FF12.

Reiterating again. FF12 going back to old areas, old quests low level enemies, boring. I am not reading or doing stupid quests (I never did anyway and don't remember much now) for the purpose of gaining money or some better stat armor/weapon. Too many progression locked areas makes upgrading in the current zone a little useless as the next zone will yield everything tiered better.

In OoT, there's literally only 3-4 tiers of armor and weapons. Each upgrade feels important, and the FEW quests in this open world can net you very important sub-items like bottles, or the Hyrule shield, or a Biggoron sword.

That FF12 bait and switch tho…


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Indeed. It doesn't have anything to do with roleplaying. It should be called "japanese action game".

Action Adventure would be a much better fit. At this point, we all know JRPG is essentially just a Dragon Quest clone. Reminds me how people still call Phantasy Star Online 2 an MMO.

Exploration game sounds better, you don't actually explore shit in adventure games moreso than following a plot.

Have you seen recent MMO's? TORtanic for one is a subscription based Single Player game with other people running in the background.

It's very common for action games to send you through various location to fight things so I don't think the exploration tag is really needed. I mean there's barely any games you don't explore in.

Can anyone say they finished FF12 without once using the turbo speed bumper?

Game was an endless grind.

I played it on the PS2, multiple times, so yeah I can say that.


Dark Souls?

How about dungeon crawler. More Diablo than Final Fantasy.

I honestly wish we could make a different word for this type of game since it has such negative connotations, but it really is the best descriptor.
I honestly love these types of games. I grew up playing FFXI, loved almost everything about it, but really disliked how you had to group up for practically everything that mattered. Offline stuff gives me a chance to relive that sort of experience, without having to rely on other people for the fun and thrill. I don't mind making friends and being social on an online game, but I like to play on my own schedule, and not make that shit feel like a 2nd job, so playing by myself on my own time is more rewarding for me.

Respect. The game's side content was more boring than an Excell spreadsheet.

Luckily Zodiac Age level up system was easy to break.

I also did that on PS2.

FF12 has horrible pacing, I sometimes get burned out shortly after Empire capital or ruins beyond Feywood.
Bazaar system is retarded and good fucking luck finding best weapons without guide.
Vaan and Penelo were kind of forced into game.
License system was easily broken by grinding on weak enemies.

should have been /thread, but retard OP won't quit

There is an entire company making games for retards like you, filling every square meter with boxes to check and towers to climb.

Because user, contrary to what the current shit generation of players will tell you, the point of playing an MMO isn't to see your numbers get bigger as you move through newer areas and admire their decoration while you fight red goblins instead of blue ones this time.

The entire point of an MMO was and should still be the social aspect. You're supposed to join a guild, make friends, participate in events and enjoy banter and rivalry with oposing factions\players.
The entire game itself works as context for these interactions, but they themselves are the endgoal of an MMO.
To put it simply, you don't PvP to get better gear so you can PvP some more. You PvP because you're competing and cooperating with other people, getting extra gear in the end is just a bonus.

So naturally, when you say "offline MMO", you're essentially saying "What's wrong with a game in X genre that has none of the best features of X genre?". It'd be like Quake without guns or Age of Empires with a single unit.