Generational series

What game series actually spans multiple generations? As in the sequel is about the son/daughter of the protagonist of the previous game or something to that effect.
Only one example i can think of is in fable 3 the hero is the child of the hero from fable 2.

Dragon Quest V, where you get to choose your waifu and then your son becomes the Legendary Hero.

Literally Castlevania.


There's a game on the PS1 called Dragon Valor made (or published) by Namco. The game is an action dungeon crawler and at the end of each section you marry and have a kid, and then the next section is about the next generation's adventure, and so on.

Rune Factory 2 has it where your gotta get married and then your child continues the story, such as it is. I know some of the Fire Emblem games have a breeding aspect to them, but i never played the ones that did. Mother 3 starts you off as the daddy then moves on eventually to his son. The whole point of the Conception series is it bang women and make warrior children, and while i haven't played that, either, i think the main character still fights along side them rather than passing the mantle on.


From this perspective Crusader Kings II counts too.

Main character of Star Ocean 2 is the son of 2 party members from Star Ocean 1. He even inherits like half of his fighting style from his mother.

Some looking around suggests one Now Production Co. Ltd developed it, though Namco owns the rights to it and the Dragon Buster series on the whole.

It seems like Butterlord will have a system where you can have children and eventually play as them.

I barely played it because SaGa games do nothing but fill be with disgust, but SaGa Frontier 2 goes through a bunch of disjointed time periods, so it's not entirely impossible that you see some descendants here and there.

Well, if that counts, too, Suikoden 3 has a few characters that're kids of characters from previous games

Rune factory 2 did this. After you have a kid there is a timeskip where the MC leaves mysteriously and then you take control of the kid to fight through dungeons and shit to find him.
It was pretty cool, but kind of annoying when you realize that the real game doesn't even start until you've done a year with just barebones farming and no side skills.

but where is chuck rock 3: son of chucks son?

sounds pretty cool.

Isn't COTM the one with terrible music or was that another one? Either way I gotta go beat castlevania 1 one of these days.

Fire emblem 6 and 7. In 6, you play as Roy. In 7, you play as Roy's father, Eliwood. There are a lot of other characters shared between the two games, as well.

If it counts, Tales of Destiny 2 (actual "Destiny 2", not "Destiny II"; the latter being a renamed Eternia) has its protagonist, Kyle, as the son of Stahn from Tales of Destiny, who aspires to be a hero like his parents. Unfortunately, that one never got a western release and as of now has no translation patch, just a gamefaqs translation script.

Circle of the Moon's OST is good. Of the GBA games, it's Harmony of Dissonance I've seen people complain about the music quality.

Dragon Quest 1,2 and 3. 5 spans the whole generation in a single game.
Lufia 1 and 2 with 2 being the prequel.
Rune Factory 2
There is also that iOS "action" game made on Unreal Engine whose name I forget

Infinity Blade?

I think the agarest games do this?

Yeah thats the one


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Naming conventions. Tales of Destiny was the second game in the series but the first the west saw. Due to either licensing reasons (supposedly Mattel owned the rights to "Eternia" at the time) or marketing reasons, the third game, Tales of Eternia, was renamed as "Tales of Destiny II" with a roman numeral here in NA for the PS1 (the JP/PAL only PSP port retains "Tales of Eternia" as the name), despite having no relation beyond gameplay and cameos to Destiny. The fourth entry of the series, Tales of Destiny 2 (with the standard number), was a sequel Tales of Destiny. However, be it due to beliefs about 2D sprited games by SCEA and/or Bamco at the time (to be fair both Destiny and Eternia had sold like shit out here), or possible confusion with NA's "Tales of Destiny II", that entry was left overseas, and the west has rarely officially gotten a sprited Tales since the PS1 era (only the above mentioned PSP port of Eternia, an abominable frankensteined GBA port of Phantasia, and a money hungry microtransaction laden iPort of Phantasia's PSP version).

The Sims, specifically 3. If you add the sex mods and adapt them to the children, your granddaughter who is also your sister will make sure that you have a son who has a grandson with her, too.

There was a dungeon crawler called Oreshika that released on the PS1 in 1999. The main gimmick is that your family is cursed to die every two years, so you breed new children with Gods who carry on the task of removing the curse. These children take on aspects from their parents. There was a PSP remake in 2011, and a sequel on the Vita in 2014 - only this one was released in the west. It's decent.

Anyway, the coolest thing is the adverts. The original 1999 one is short, stoic, very Japanese - a man and his son are looking out over the sea, dressed in funeral suits, having just buried the grandfather. The father relays the grandfather's last words to his son - "go forth and live on".

For the 2011 and 2014 release, they tracked down the exact same actors, now older, to do the new adverts.

Phantasy Star III.

That's a neat advert.

I was wondering. Has there ever been a game where the protagonist makes a gambit on overcoming a major obstacle or defeating the bad guy once and for all by waiting to get help from his 7th great granddaughter from 250 years into the future who would use a time machine to go back to the present and help him? It's the crux of my dream game and I really hope I'm not accidentally ripping anything off I already ripped off the twist that his nemesis, Satan, was really an alien from another planet full of aliens that looked and sounded like demons from Dragon Ball Z completely by coincidence

I cant tell if you're mocking me or genuinely asking.


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