For playing these games, is it worth skipping over 2 once I've finished 1 or just ride along with it? or can I just play 3 and enjoy T-ELOS

They are all waste of time.

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If ever a case would be made against trusting the narrative ability of shifty eyed nips, this series and Chrono Cross would strongly reinforce the argument. Pseudo-philosophy Word Salad the Games.

Post more KOS-MOS!

All i ever wanted was Xenogears 2.

2 is a terrible game, and the story is pretty irrelevant as well, mainly focusing on Jr and MOMO. It's pretty short though, thankfully, so you may as well just play it.


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in fact I mostly hate it, save for a few exceptions

Watch a youtube of ep 2.

Skip 3, too. Takahashi had left the development team halfway through 2, if I remember right, along with his wife, the lead writer. The result was that both 2 and 3 felt like fanfiction that couldn't do anything other than retread plot points from the original game.

The second game has some issues.
Personally, I couldn't really stand it, so I never finished it, but I'd advise you to at least give it a shot.
If you decide to skip it, you can always just watch it on Jewtube or read about the events of it in the third game's encyclopaedia, or play the Xenosaga I&II for the DS. I think there's a translation patch.

I'm glad I played Xenosaga when I was 16.
But I think it's a series worth going through, if only once.

KOS-MOS is prime waifubait and a cutie.
Such a shame there are no more games with her.

She's in SRW: OG Saga Endless FRontier 1 and 2.

Have a copy burnt anyway, so may wind up doing it after finishing 1. Unless it's shit, then I'll resort to Youtube to finish.

3's bad? Usually hear to play 1 and 3, skip 2.

That has a translation now? Nice. Too bad TWLoader is still dogshit.

KOS-MOS is also in Project X Zone 1/2.

>Fucking fantastic! I will BLINDLY buy all of Monolith Soft's previous games during Square and Bandai eras
The story is fucking terrible. I couldn't give a fuck about robots since they are dispensable and most of the characters don't show motive for doing what they are doing. Granted that they sometimes get flushed out, the games play more like movies and I am saying that well aware of Xenogears half-assed state. Just drop this fucking serious and stop wasting time. On a second note, play Baten Kaitos, it is great even if it is easy.

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The user telling you to skip 3 is a fucking retard, 3 is basically the "apology" for the disaster of 2. 3 has its own flaws as a result of being a rush to conclude a series that was originally intended to be 6 games, but it's still very good. If you enjoyed the first game you will like the 3rd, if you didn't care for the first one or you're turned off by the techno-religious chuuni stuff these games are full of, you may as well move on.
You can definitely skip 2, at the beginning of 3 they give you a plot summary of the first two games, as well as a briefing on the events that connect the end of 2 and the beginning of 3 (which I assume was meant to be another game of its own).

Good to know, but I was thinking of games where she appears as a proper character, not just someone who was shoved into it on a whim.
But such is life, I guess.

What other games do this?
I know of 40k but can't think of anything else.
I got the impression that EYE is also supposed to be like that, but I haven't played it. It says "Divine Cybermancy" in the bloody title, so it better have divine elements.

if you care for the story, play 2

You will take your Blade memes and ask for seconds. Fuck your episode 1 and 6.

Hacks often use sci-fi as a soapbox to pontificate. Their stories have this nasty feeling of being build backwards, as if the conclusive message was written first and the rest were just there to justify it.

Realians aren't robots. They're vat grown humans.

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The odd mix of technobabble and religious stuff was more of a late 90s and early 2000s anime trend, but in terms of games off the top of my head the SMT Digital Devil Saga games come to mind. Even then that isn't as heavy handed as the Xeno games and it's a mishmash of religious/mythical shit.

Xenosaga actually legit on the bible stuff though. Mary Magdalen was that hot.

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The headquarters of the human government is called New Jerusalem, and they made golems to do manual labor and die for their cause. The humans are straight up space jews, user. The realians are also hinted to have souls, iirc. AI was outright impossible so they basically were creating circumstances for the spontaneous creation of the personality and drive, outside of the instincts set up by the humans. Even KOS-MOS didn't escape that; despite part of the project's goal being a true AI. The way they handled it in episode 1 at least was incredibly shit, though. That is the kind of thing you ask a question about and then drop, leaving the audience to come to their own conclusions rather than beat people over the head with.

Its more that its a mix of cyberpunk and fantasy. There is a god, or at least god like being, that is incredibly important to the backstory of the world, but it largely takes a backseat in the story to other things.

I don't understand.

Bullshit. Realians are dispensable shit. I have lost it when Ziggy asked that professor chick to "accept Momo as her 2nd daughter" when Momo is nothing but a bunch of scrap with some magic/soul bullshit, all in order to justify giving a piece of junk pretentious importance.
Sage because I do not wish for another soul to waste its time on this crap.

It's time to get over Miltia, Virgil.


1 and 3 are somewhat playable, 2 looks horrible and went places
a looooot of movies in them tho

In general a disservice to the xenogears franchise

What will keep you going is the cute waifus

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Im playing episode one right now, these cut scenes fucking drag on. I just got to that mission with robot guy. I've yet to play it since.

First one has the longest cutscenes.
I think it has some 20 hours of them, too, if not more.

Second one barely has any, and the third one struck a good balance.

That I might be okay with tbh

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Yeah get used to that, Goosis are cool but god damn the story really drags on.

Why it is so hard to make good passable jrpg with mechs goddammit?
I'm so not ok with fucking franchise it's not funny anymore.

Wasn't it planned longer than what it ended up? I don't think anyone could have worked to cram 5 games worth of narrative into 2 games after the first game had set the pace with 5 more games in mind. I don't think any normal person fix that problem without massive cuts here and there.

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No, you don't goddamn skip 2. It's the other half of the first game and then some. If anything, just play 3 and watch the first two, if you're that opposed to actually playing games.

They play almost nothing alike and are presented differently as well. You're going to have to go into detail as to how that's assumed to be the case. That summary of the first two games is palty at best.

I have the most trouble returning to the first game, given just how long battles take, respawning enemies, and how painful backtracking is. Although, generally speaking, I really have no reason to return to III.

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OP, if you have any specific questions about XSII, I'll be happy to answer them. It's my favorite of the three for a number of reasons, and I know I have the minority opinion(albeit, I think the outcry against the game is unwarranted), but I can give a fair opinion as opposed to dismissing it as most people do.

It's a direct improvement over the first game, so I'm failing to see how that's the case.
Literally bridges the gap between 1 and 3, as rushed as the latter was. XSI has actual irrelevant characters and events.
Yeah, for the first 4-5 hours of the game.

And the whole ending. 3's the best mechanically but 2's tight focus gives it an edge on characterization.

Oh right, the Albedo fight is at the end of this game. Forgot about that. Character and backstory development is one of the things that make it better for me. III is missing too much information.

Can't agree at all. I have no love for the sheer level of streamlining the game underwent. It's awful. Also, random encounters and boss fights are nowhere near as fun as they were in II, boss fights in particular being terrible across the board. Hell, they brought back respawning enemies from the first game.

The fact that shops are removed from II, yet it has virtually no consequence on one's ability to progress is a testament to how well it works mechanically. The second game is an immediate step up from I across the board.

Don't ask me specific questions about the plot, though. It's been a while since I played through the series, and I don't have that shit memorized or totally understood yet.

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Except in graphics and gameplay and voice acting and music.

In what way? Character models(which are now consistently styled), cutscenes, environments, and visuals all look better across the board. Not to mention the redesigned outfits of the characters. Thank goodness for that.
Elaborate, you've said nothing. Make a point. I have the strongest opinions about the games in this area, so please, actually state your opinion. We can talk about it.
There are some questionably compressed voice samples in battle, but the general voice acting is not lesser in quality.
The score is great. Also, I was happy to find that there was actual background music in II, unlike I, where almost everywhere you go is met with ambient noise(fine in some cases, dull in most). Additionally, having actual variance in battle theme songs is a welcome addition for me. There are even tracks that return in Xenosaga III.

You know what, I can't even form an opinion on the voice acting in comparison to the first game, as I haven't made a direct comparison recently, but the voice acting itself is fine. You might be able to pick some particular instances, but generally speaking it's alright.

Why is Xenoblade X so boring Holla Forums?

With if an autist fucks herself from a bad timeline?

These are questions.

If you've checked out Homura Subaru and especially Mira with all that added cuteness and love and still can't fap to yuri, there's something wrong.


Don't forget

Mechs only work in dedicated games, else they turn into powerups or turret sections.

xeno series died at disk 2 of xenogears.
for one disk it was the greatest rpg of all time, and they've just been brutalizing its corpse ever since.

You must continue to suffer.

It's a mecha series.