"Like this game? Try THIS game" Thread

Post well-known games and lesser known games that are similar.

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Dont even try rogue galaxy is shit

Well, lets start with something good.

Nioh has artstyle of Onimusha games, gameplay of bloodborne, and loot system of Diablo III. And developed by ninja gaiden devs.

If you like Dark Souls play Medievil

Well fuck, I love oni.
Are there any games similar to it?

Dork Souls fans should try out Demon's Crest, Warlock, and classic medieval fantasy brawler games (Capcom's D&D games, The King of Dragons, Knights of the Round, Golden Axe, etc.)

Find me a game like this.

And what would someone recommend for this?
And I HAVE played White Knight Chronicles (the first, anyways). It sucked.

find a game like quest 64 where you can move your character while its the turn of the enemy to attack

It's kinda sad this game was shit, it had such an interesting setup for it's combat and with a bit of tweaking, could have been really good I think.
Lost Kingdoms 1 and 2 come to mind.

There should be a rule against recommendation threads.

Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League a.k.a. Nintendo World Cup

Urban Chaos for PC

Shadow Hearts? I'm not into RPGs.

There should be a day of the rope too.

oh and check 'em

you might like P.N.03 (GC) or Urban Chaos (original, not Riot Response) (PS1, DC, PC)

There are already rules against off topic shit like the "rec me a game" folks are doing since the point was to suggest games. I guess you could argue that the thread pretty much set itself up to fail though.

Are they similar at all? Also, try Shadow Hearts. JRPG combat with timed attacks.

There should be rules against being a faggot, but then we'd lose all of our esteemed reddit crossposters like yourself.



Witcher series?

I still have to try Gothic, though I feel I won't like it. Modern gaming has ruined me.

Since Serious Sam 4 is NEVER EVER coming out what can I play that is similar?
+ tombs / exploration
+ traps no, not the faggot kind. kill yourself.
+ enemy hordes
+ enemy variety
+ many weapons
+ weapon variety
+ tactical use of weapons for different enemies
+ little to no cover shooting necessary
+ S + Mouse1
+ humor
+ gore

Hard Mode: no DOOM or Duke Nukem

I know that feel. Been trying to get into Wild Arms 1 and I can see its qualities, but somehow I can't get into it.
Gothic 1 and 2 are great games. I like 1 even more though. There is something about the atmosphere.

Are there any good FPSs with strategic/teambased play? Seems that ASSFAGGOTS supplanted the genre.

Natural selection 2 still has regular servers up. I play pretty regularly. We just got a patch the other day and 64 bit a month ago.

Why live?

Well they're all dead, number oneā€¦
And even then, there aren't a lot of them. Savage, AirMech, Battlezone (there's a remake), there's also that free to play or really cheap game on steam called EVO or EVA or EVE I don't know, I know hte logo is yellow.

absolutely this

I am a simple man and ask for nothing much.
I like mecha, action, mythical creatures, ayy lmaos, dinosaurs, badass dudes and sexy bitches.
Show me what you've got Holla Forums. Impress me.


Whats wrong with 2?

Lost Planet and God of War games.

I like Populous: The Beginning but that's a very different type of RTS from Warcraft 3. I'd sooner compare it to shit like MegaGlest (megaglest.org/) than Populous the Beginning.

I sooner say "If you liked Sacrifice, try Populous: The Beginning" and vice versa. They're both worth checking out if you like the RTS genre, though.

Play Astebreed

I have not seen any images of big-titted ninjas or demon fun bags yet, so I find this hard to believe.

For a second I thought you were calling Lost Kingdoms shit and I was going to correct you quite vociferously.



Kinda check. At least it's not turn based.
If reskins count - check
Full check
>hardcore censorship
check if you can't into jap

it's mmo combat.

play fucking PAINKILLER right now. It's got everything on there but the gameplay is more batshit insane since bunnyhopping is required in the game letting you go blazing fast speeds as you shoot foot long stakes into your enemies face and pin them to the wall. Seriously go play that shit.

That's the biggest meme out there.
I played both WOW and Lineage 2 and Xenoblade combat is nothing like those.
Autoattack doesn't mean MMO combat. Diablo has auto attack.

Cooldown combat would be another way to call it, but most people instantly recognize it if you just say mmo combat.

I wouldn't consider diablo's combat good, I'd consider it a bad gauntlet clone with skinner boxing (which it is.) How isn't xenoblade/X's combat attack+hotbar? It is. It's MMO combat.