Official Monster Hunter World flaw list by long-time fans

This is not shitposting. It's criticism. Please improve your game, Capcom.

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Keep in mind there are literal Capcom shills out there who blindly hype this game.


I've never played a MonHun game, but I want to play MHW.

The biggest flaw of Monster Hunter World is being released on PC.

Cry harder, faggot.

Are these the same fans that have been buying the same game on the 3DS because monsters had different textures?

Man that sure means a lot huh

Well, I'm just the OP, but I agree with the largest part of the list and think the 3DS games were ridiculously flawed. Either that or actual dog shit.

But I know that trying to make yourself believe it's Nintendo fans who are mad is how you cope.

Long time fan here.
The games are good, they could use some work, but are still fantastic games that everyone should play atleast one of. MH:W looks like a disaster in the making, it's pissing off long time fans and from what I've heard, the game isnt attracting to many newcomers. MH:W is changing too much too fast.
Now stop being a faggot and actually contribute to the conversation or dont post

I would avoid guessing too much on the latter - while it would make sense considering how heavily they're marketing to foreigners now, it's best to stick to what we know for a fact is shit.

Just report and ignore the GAFfers, don't give them (You)s

Cope with what exactly?
The games were trash before, this seems to be first active change in the series in the past decade, and I honestly welcome that.

I tried every MH games since the PSP for at least a few hours. They lack any kind of fun.

To have a game that has clunky or slow controls you have to give people something else to keep them playing. MH just doesn't. It's grindy, boring and incredibly repetitive even in the first few hours.
And they're all like this. There's zero fucking difference between all of them.

And you know what, I get it, that's your thing, you like the really boring grind, I accepted that ages ago and moved on. However, the fact that a long time fan is telling me that he dislikes this new game is exactly why I'm interested in it. Which is also why I'm most likely going to play this when it comes out and at the same time not listen to any of these idiotic complaints. Because I want a MH that is completely different from what I've played up until now.

Modern monster hunter fans reap what they sow. If you support easymode shit labelled as 'quality of life improvements' then this is the end result. Anyone who cared about this series stopped playing after MHFU.

I thought I heard somewhere that DLC was confirmed, not sure if it meant in the classic MH style, or the modern style of DLC, most likely the latter though, I'll try to find the source.
Posting this webm from the last thread, jewtubers will be shilling this game hard, how do people like this even get popular

seems like felyne skill or something like that which was even in mhfu
it takes longer to full heal now than it did with
stationary animation, once you learn monster attacks the stationary heal is way stronger, the same way estus was nerfed in dark souls by making it heal slowly
asspull, mh was and is always about monster patterns, they didn't change the core gameplay but i guess you just love to complain about everything new that comes out
was this confirmed or another projection?
and no mention of it slowly recharging once runs out? you made it sound like you can spray it 24/7
do you assume you can just lure 2 monsters over and over? that would probably be less efficent than just killing it
do you complain about it being more or less casual since you seem to contradict yourself a lot
still improvement over what was previously in games, mh never had amazing animations
it's not like all demos were on low rank or anything right?
free escape was OP in previous games

Many of your claims are projections: paid dlc? when did mon hun had paid dlc? why would it have it included now?
Some of what you say is true, monster clipping trough shit and voice acting suck, thank god you can enable monhun gibberish instead of VA. No negative skills is straight up bullshit too. I hope they will balance it somehow like not being to obtain 5 skills at once or something

And yeah, fuck drop in drop out online. Thank god i'll only play with my friend like we did on psp and 3ds. Randoms can't be trusted

No they weren't.

They're objectively making the game worse in every way.

They're not clunky at all though.

The only thing that could be considered a grind is gathering ores and bugs, and after a while you start just getting those as quest rewards anyway so you barely ever have to focus on anything but nonstop boss fights.

No it doesn't.

Yes they did. That is, in fact, why the fans are reacting so negatively to it.

Considering what we've seen of the damage values the monsters do to each vs. what the hunters are capable of, and added on to the fact that while they're doing their little fight dance you can attack them freely without repercussions, not really.

That's why it's looking really overpowered in World, since you now have infinite free escapes.

"ebin long time fans vs muh casuals" shit aside, does anybody here think this is gonna be anything other than mediocre?
Judging by what Crapcom's been shitting out lately, I wouldn't be too surprised if this ends up actually being trash.

This is gonna be Monster Hunter's version of DMC4 to DmC or Lost Planet 2 to Lost Planet 3.
All the signs are there.

I don't expect someone that's been playing the same exact game for a decade to actually admit that what he played was a Weaboo Call of Duty.

But I made my point, I'll support this game if it's good, so will many other people.
And there's nothing you can do about it.

Found the Sonygger.

this is an actual fear of mine, capcom has done nothing but make shitty money grabs with recent games
the only thing MH:W has going for it, is the fact that it's on a console and has a high polycount. The other games were easier to look at, had better colour, and didnt have a bunch of neon bugs filling the screen whenever you werent near a monster. Normalfags ignored mainly ignored MH because it was a handheld game that didnt have high polycount models.

the point of this thread is to point out why this game probably wont be good you absolute fucking mong

And my point is that only people that liked the old games WHICH I DON'T LIKE think it will be bad.
Which means that it's very likely it'll be good.

yes it does

I precisely said that it didn't change, monsters always telegraphed their attacks and still do it in worlds, else no on would be able to take monsters head on. G rank would be a nightmare.

This will either have some sort of cooldown or simply after the struggle one monster will run away defeated. I can't imagine them making it possible every few seconds with one monster just going away to some near place so you could lure it again. Sure you can attack them during the struggle but they could still "accidentaly" hit you like monster trashing in mount animation can hit other hunters.

Infinite escapes that dont work near monsters taking the OP-ness away. This is equivalent of running to other zone in previous games not the free tp out when monster is next to you like previous farcasters did.

user I want to bitch-slap you with my claw hand over that one.

calm down console warrior

even from a casual perspective this game looks like it'll be mediocre garbage that normalfags will forget about in 3 months time. Plus supporting Capcom in 2017 will always be a mistake, no matter the game.

Guess we'll see.
I'm still not going to listen to some buthurt retard's complaints now


The biggest complaint that people have about Monster Hunter is that, unlike Call of Duty, you can't win simply by holding down Forward and Shoot forever.

So, you won't support it, got it.

And the only people who think it will be good are, ironically, the Call of Duty kids.

No, it doesn't. The healing is still instant, they just extended the bar animation like they did back in 2nd gen.

Yes, and you were wrong, I was correcting you.


So that the process can be repeated ad nauseam.

Considering their target audience and everything they've been showing about World? I absolutely can.

Possible, but considering they enter unique special animation dances, I find it unlikely. Plus, this only hurts Swordsmen players, Gunners will have zero problem.

How far exactly is "near"? And especially with all the bullshit traps and environmental grappling hook shit, I doubt it will be hard to put distance between yourself and the monster anytime you want.

I don't trust Capcom but I'm not trusting all the butthurt either, most of it is kneejerk reactions at the Western focus which is ondeed a red flag and it not reusing the same assets from a decade old game, all the gameplay mechanics seem to be there mostky unbutchered with some neat stuff added and they're still working on games with said reused assets.
We'll just have to wait and see

Feel free to post sources

The biggest problem with these changes is the lack of atmosphere, what you now have is a boring and lifeless grind that requires no active attention, skill, or learning enemy attack patterns/animations and how it fits in with your own attack patterns and animations.

Hunting games have been about tension, that worrying feeling when you're low on health but you're unable to take on a healing potion until an opening presents itself.
That feeling of dread when you wind up an attack with a heavy weapon, only to see the monster swinging at you. Then the feeling of relief when the attack lands and you're able to quickly get out at the last second.

Everything here just detaches from that. In the push to appeal to a wider audience, you've lost what makes the games great in the first place.
You're fighting against these giant beasts and want a heavy weapon? No worries, you can have the mobility of a light weapon and no consequence to swinging it. You're taking damage? Here, have some free healing… We'll still let you run and dodge at the same time too, don't worry about having to wait in low health for a window to do this.

Low on health? Here, use one of the many basecamps on the map. You can even fast travel to them if you want, why would you want to travel by foot in an area more than once anyway?

The biggest problem is how this will affect God Eater, Toukiden, and even other hunting games like Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars. If other companies see that appealing to casuals can make hunting games the next "big thing" then the entire fucking genre goes down the drain, and one less good genre of gaming.
Hunting games are one of my last few genres I have left, the normalfags have enough, why can't they leave this one alone?

Except for all the shit listed in the OP.


First I've heard. In fact they've outright said World is "Monster Hunter 5" and replacing the actual games.

If this doesn't do well they can just make a new Monster Hunter 5, im pretty sure that's why they went with the name World instead so they can double back on that statement if it flops.

Honestly, though, Tri/P3rd were a honest to god gameplay improvement in every way. Now with MH3U there happened some more weird casualizations like letting the player cancel recovery animations or that abundance of marathon quests (there is literally a marathon quest for every single monster in G Rank, monsters in those die in a few hits).

Then all that retarded mounting shit and more focus on iframes and anime moves happened with MH4U and Gen and the rest is history.

Most likely. Just have to hope they don't bribe the (((groups))) that control the Western gaming industry enough that they tell the foreigners to buy it like.

i thought 8/v/ was better than this. can't believe people still need to explain how this shit destroy a franchise.
hunter arts already killed monster hunter. worlds is just capcom taking turns fucking the corpse.

It's almost like handhelds are a shitty platform for something like Monster Hunter.

I think it's primarily all the people Stockholm'd into the PC meme getting excited because a game that claims to be a main series MonHun is getting a port to it in the West, and it's only gotten worse since GAF shut down and we've been flooded by those dregs.

P3rd was handheld though.

best part, world isn't even coming out for PC until a year after the other releases

Has nothing to do with that.

Handhelds are just shit anyway/on top of everything.

I thought that was one of the PS3 ones they kept Japan only.
Having played Original, Freedom, Tri, and MH3U I can safely say the console versions blow the handhelds out of the water.

Certainly not that kind of shit.

Portable 3rd was PSP, and got an HD port to the PS3. It is also the only proper Monster Hunter on the PS3.

How so? Did they add monsters or something?

Try Portable 3rd on a PPSSPP. It's a great introduction to MonHun.

That's it, I was so excited for another console, even if it was a port. Then Capcom cucked me.

Controls visuals, some PSPfags may see the claw as a badge of honor, but it's really just poor design. The the cameras on the 3DS game were improved, but still shit.
I'll admit I'm probably biased due to having played the original first, then watching Capcom switch their focus to handhelds. They were planing to launch the second one, I don't remember if it was already named Freedom then, on PS3. Guess who got fooled into buying a nogames device?

How? It got the port to the PS3, I have it right here.

Eh, visuals are fine on the handhelds IMO. Controls are definitely improved with the second stick for the camera, but I honestly never had a problem with clawing on the PSP. On the 3DS the reversed positions make clawing hard, but 3G came with the Slide Pad Pro anyway.


Nigger Op lists healing while running while completely ignoring how much more aggressive the mOnsters are and how its a fucking slow walk that lets you take two steps forward.
Shit like XX is the same fucking game all over again and it still manages to be awful.
They never said they were replacing said games
They still sel shitloads even though the game has tiny development costs on 3DS
XX exists

You're an honest to god retard

By the time it came out I had gotten rid of my PSP and had no desire to import the PS3 version, PSP version, and get a new PSP just to fiddle around with it so I could play in English.

Inafune probably didn't think it would sell

The monsters are LESS aggressive though.

No it's not.
So yes, they don't outright say "we're killing the games and replacing them with World," but they're making it about as clear as they can without outright saying it as "Dr. Wily made Zero."

Being done by a subpar B-team while the main guys worked on the abortion that is World.

GAF is a bunch of Western fags, who are basically the only people who give a shit about the PC.

I wouldn't bother with that to begin with, from what I've seen English translations of Monster Hunter have always been shit, they get monster names wrong all the time.

Did I misremember the titles again? Who the fuck even bought a WiiU?
.>PS2>PSP Tri>3DS

Who gives a shit what the nips call the monsters? I just want to be able to know what missions are and have the interface translated.

Monster Hunter is shit that only autists enjoy and it hasn't changed significantly (or gotten better graphics) in like a decade. World's casualization is gonna be a genuine improvement, because its design was so badly complicated to begin with.

People who want to play the games, I imagine. Either way, more making a point that, like seemingly all foreign releases of video games, the translation is so godawful you might as well play it in Japanese even if you haven't learned the language yet, because random guessing is more likely to be accurate than anything a bunch of SJWs will give you.

Prove it
First time I saw this
Most showcases showed them walking while healing, its still balanced though, healing isn't instant, its goes up slwoly and will actually stop if you get hit
Because they're not, because they still sell shitloads on the 3DS
2 fucking Mil
Guess you didn't enjoy MH4 Ultimate then
How delusional are you?
You also know that NeoFag is dead right?

That game was fucking trash. It's the reason I never played another MH.

Your colleagues have already made that exact same argument. You should coordinate a little better because you're standing out too much as is.

No, it doesn't. It works the same as it did in 2nd gen, the animation goes up slower, and it only makes it look like the healing is interrupted, it still subtracts the damage you took from the hit from the total of health after the healing gain, not from the amount the bar was at when the hit occurred.

More than that - Cross came out in the last few days of November 2015, and within the month and few days outsold every other game in that year, and within a few days of entering 2016 had beat out 4G's lifetime sales of over 3 million. So yes, if they have any business sense, they will keep the main series alive and well on the handhelds too bad this is Capcom

Vanilla 4 was fine for the most part, plethora of unskippable cut scenes aside, and the G version wasn't bad except for the retarded shit that was Extreme monsters.

Hence why we've been getting flooded with their refugees.

This may come as a susprise to you, but to people who don't understand Nip the characters look like angry chicken scratch. Video games also aren't a solid reason to learn a language.
MH doesn't even have enough text for translators to fuck with. They might leave a have a chance to leave a "hehe" or two around, but I'm used to nonsensical things coming from Japan.


imagine if they fucked up skill names or some numbers

But the biggest flaw is that it's no longer on nintendo

t. eternally butthurt nintendrone

Exactly why we've seen an influx of Sony brand loyal shitposters

If you don't love video games enough to learn how to read them, I don't know what you're doing here.

From what I've seen in threads here, they still found a way.

If you look at the footage, the felyne carries the health bug to the hunter, so yes, it is a felyne skill.

Hes right though, I want to learn Japanese for the Hentai Manga and not much else.

Again, if video games aren't a big enough portion of your life that you would want to learn how to read to play them, that's your call, but it makes me wonder why you're wasting your time on a video game forum in that case.

Aside from a few hgames MH would be the only reason to learn Nip. The time spent learning a meme language is better spent playing games I can understand. I'm not going to learn a goddamn language just to give Capcom money.

Super Robot Wars

Again, there's no such thing as a good translation - at best you get well-meaning but still subpar works like Woolsey used to put out, at worst you get people like the "Thank God I can fix this horrible misogynistic Jap shit" guy.

You are the classiest motherfucker in this whole thread.

Whats there to play in Japanese besides arcade games which I'll likely never see outside Japan itself and PC98 games?
Do you know how many games are in english and cater more to my tastes?
Do you know I won't be able to finish them in my lifetime?

Man thats shit tier music, are SRT games this bad now?

people still buy these shit games? lol


90% of everything worth playing

No, but it doesn't really matter when translations are untrustworthy even when well-intended, and doubly so considering the nature of the industry.

Hating on Might Gaine is the sign of a faggot. Either way though, you're comparing an Original theme to something inspired by a TV show. The better comparison would be to vid related

Reminder that this game only exists because sony is still butthurt about losing the francise to nintendo. The only reason this game exists is as an attempt to burn it down and salt the earth by forever tainting it with casuals who will whine for shit like more lore, easier gameplay and "cinematic experiences". Anyone who defends this shit is either a neofag refugee or just plain retarded.

Give out examples or fuckoff
Most Touhou fangames are mediocre
No, stick to the narrative that Nip games are superior though and keep missing on a lot of games you plebeian

Still pretty bad

Theres no source to this but I believe it, they've done it countless times in the past.
Just ask Sega and Eidos

Just from series I've played in the last week
Monster Hunter
Super Robot Wars
Sekaiju no Meikyuu
Akumajou Dracula
If you wanted me to list every single good video game, I'd be here all night though.

Foreign games are good once in a while, but by and large they're made by people who don't actually like video games or understand what makes them good, so they're overwhelmingly shitty. When you guys do it right though, they can be pretty fucking great, so I do hope you all keep trying.

The two Time Diver themes are great and all, but you're trying way too hard to shit on SupaRobo music.

Got any language bait involving animals/monsters/creatures? My 'tism keeps me from enjoying robutts and mechanical creatures.

That's A-Okay, MH isn't some literary wonder. All I need is interface/ monster, item, and quest names and descriptions/ and the little dialogue in the game and I'd be happy.
What even is there in MH to censor?
If anything that supports them
I'll give you that the English in the original seemed more organic than newer releases, but I have no idea if that's due to new staff, the series aging, or the translators being incompetent. I don't really care though, I play MH to kill monsters, wear them, and kill more.

DLC in the same vein as older title will be free, but there is two armor sets, 3 gestures, 2 guild cards, some tattoos and a hair style that are pre-order bonus.
The deluxe edition will have the origin set of armor too (it's a fancy name for the hunter set from older games) but i heard you will be able to get it from in-game events.
The hair style and gestures are what actually broke the deal for me even if the hair style is a samurai top-knot, it will invariably beget more DLC jewery, and gestures is cutting on the franchise strong point that is social play, which is basically the whole point of why the franchise had so much success.
Also, the scoutflies are complete bullshit and anyone that try to defend that should be banned from playing games.

Oh boy

This, more than anything else, upsets me deeply.

Faggot here,
I was curious about getting into Monster Hunter after playing Peace Walker four years ago. Are there any games I should avoid, or should I experience everything for myself and make my own opinions?
my lack of knowledge and shit taste makes me think MH World looks pretty good

MH4U is pretty much regarded as the last solid entry in the franchise, but I like MH3U a lot too for having infinitely superior music.

Avoid MHGen/XX. Only bother with MHFU if you can't afford a 3DS.

Every single on of those has an english translation and most game menus are in english anyway
By and large most Japanese games are also generic mediocre trash.
No difference
My backlog of games in English is enormous, wasting my time learning a language just to play some games in Japanese makes no goddamn sense, especially since most heavily avertised ones are translated and genres I like aren't present in any way on that region.
Nah, brand name doesn't mean shit to me if the product is flawed.

I wonder if he realizes that no one is buying it.

If you have a decent PC you can Emulate MH3.
Playing through the Village Quests in any of the games, will be a decent tutorial to the series as a whole. Try out different weapons and see what you like.

Do you think the guild girl being an ugly bitch is a sign that SJWs managed to sink their claws into this game too? It'll suck if all the traditional female armor designs just get replaced with armored burkas or frumpy robes.

So is the game out and people are playing it?


I didn't say it isn't. I said there never were felyne skills like this. Healing horns were basically useless, now you get a huge health bomb just on time when getting hit.

Watch the gameplay?

Monsters are slow as fuck. Diablos is basically the same as ever, except he now telegraphs his next attack while turning around, which makes it even easier.

Jesus christ, I don't have a lot of hope for this game.

Say it ain't so, the guild waifus are a fucking staple of the series.

Just cuck my life to pieces, tbh fam

go fuck yourself, everything else on this list is either correct or something I cant dispute because of lack of knowledge on my part but every single time you make this fucking thread you put that shit in and it is just patently untrue and people give you shit for it

He's right though.

Wew, it all really has been going downhill since 4U huh.

I told everyone, Capcom will find a way to shit this up.
They always do. Nobody will be spared.
Anything that gets popular is bound to get the attention of greedy jews, and then everything is ruined.

I blame every single one of you, because you are the kind of fucks who can't stop bragging about how hardcore and cool monster hunter is to their facebook friends

Game comes out in january, PS+ demo comes out next month.

Im personally getting the game because I like beating the shit out of dragons and dinosaurs and that I want to see how its like for myself, ive also been with the series since 3U. Anyone could see that good old MH is dead now and MHW is like fallout 3 from fallout 2 in a way.

It's like they're trying to retroactively make gen and XX seem better by comparison and it's working



Don't post him here, please.

In old MHs the monsters moved like robots, but everything just worked perfectly. You can't tell me this shit doesn't look weird and irritating.

I was watching a video where some monsters were fighting, they arent just jittery, they start to fucking phase through each other then TELEPORT. MH devs only have 2 months to fix this shit btw.

It happens at 5:12 in embed.

The monster at 4:10 even clips through the rock to spit at the character.


as far as i'm concerned the changes from monhun classic to monhun world are the same as going from ufo enemy unknown to xcom enemy unknown
get over yourselves and stop making shitty threads about this shitty game

To be fair there would have probably been just as much clipping and jittering in the older games if the environment was as jagged and uneven as this game.
MH devs had the formula for years, the games are pretty simple to make. I dont know how they could have fucked it up so much unless if it was because of cooperate interference.

The game is fucking huge in japan, western expansion was bound to happen eventually, even if its to the dismay of half of the games original audience.

But I like the games.

Just watched a video that confirmed there are daily login rewards for this game. It just keeps getting better doesn't it?

You know I'm really glad I never got into MH. I don't think I could take another thing I love going to shit.

On top of the multitude of shit changes World is getting, who wants to bet this shit will have denuvo too?


Isn't that the kind of thing that games use to incentivize addiction and that kind of shit? Although I've seen games have a daily login reward system without seducing the player to buy microtransactions, FF Dissidia comes to mind.

I can totally understand the asshurt from MH diehards, but I'll probably pick this up as I've never pkayed an MH game before and it looks like the closest I'll get to a Dragon's Dogma 2.
Still, I hope when the game comes out it turns out to be okay, and that Capcom doesn't conpletely abandon their more dedicated fans. As great as it would be for people like me to get a good game, I don't want it to be at the expense of those far more invested than I.

You're a reasonable guy user

Cheers, pal. I know what it's like to have a franchise you love carved up to cater for casual normalfags, but as one of the uninitiated I can't deny that it looks [sp]fun[/sp]

Fucking kill yourself

Fucking spoilers, I post so realy that I can never remember how to get em right. The perils of lurking.

thats very noble, but you shouldn't not play a game you could be having fun without because it might make poeple mad.


user even though you're going to get a lot of hate for that, but I feel you. I think people should play whatever they feel is fun as long as the game doesnt shove shitty lootboxes and microtransactions, unnecessary paid DLC and other gay shit down your throat. Shit taste or not, you shouldnt have to fucking kill yourself by playing something you like.
I hope the game dosnet end up being shit and I hope you enjoy the game user!

The hunter using a health potion at 5:45 and only taking a few slow steps while using it make me wonder whether the healing while running is from a skill. Wouldn't be the first skill like this since if I remember right there was a skill that speeds up eating and drinking animations in past games.

Lurk more you retard

3d is the best d

Last played FU; World seems like a reason to actually play again.


Translated from retard: "I don't know which one to complain about here, or even what I'm actually complaining about to be honest, because I've lurked here all of ten seconds and don't know the board culture regarding western and Japanese games, but by god, I'm going to complain about something,"

I see world has SOME good ideas. First off in a continuous map where you can't leave an area to heal then come back it makes sense to have a heal as you go. However I imagined it as slowing to a jog chugging a potion with each gulp healing a bit of HP until used. And if you stood still while drinking healing would be as fast as drinking a pint at the tavern.

The execution here feels very wonky. I question how big are the game's maps or if it's one continuous world. Because if maps are like MH1's forest and hills but with full places between areas instead of load screens then I won't have much as concern for AI as I do.

There needs to be an option to turn off the hand holdy HUD. I fear damage numbers will replace viceral blood and body damage because of some sort of internal censorshit. Also PC version WILL have Denuvo like every hyped AAA game.

Ok, this is something that bears repeating. The neogaf crisis was over in a few days, and no lefty gaffot would ever post on 8ch (at most, reddit). Mind the teen crossposters from cuckchan, if anything.

>I post so realy that I can never remember how to get em right. The perils of lurking.

Maybe if he realizes he doesn't belong here and fucks off to wherever he came from

don't forget these

compare this to OP or any footage of Barroth in MH: good goym edition.

what a faggot and a shill. gajin shit needs to get cancer and suffer a long death

He's the one most of the shills are quoting word for word.

Most people simply didn't realize while playing the demo that you can hold down the dash button to run while drinking.

The public ps+ demo comes out next month, Im going to check if thats true when I get to play the game.

If I'm not mistaken, in the footage where the hunter is dashing while drinking the potion, he's wearing Anjanath Armor, of which we already know the skills of.

I actually like that the monsters don't completely ignore each other anymore, but that's poor. I think the big causer for this are the shitty, uneven grounds, though.


Dark Souls is pretty cancerous, though, and casuals/NeoGAF actually loves it.

Yeah, MH4U was way too difficult, and literally the only reason monsters were hard in this game totally wasn't the inflated damage of level 140 GQs. Monsters were so fast and so intelligent that it was impossible to avoid getting hit by them. Giving us Evasion +3, the ability to cancel attack recovery animations, hyper armor, styles and ledges everywhere, which actually just sabotage us, was totally needed.

Great point.

Yes, this is sarcasm.

Actually faggot I'm going to respond to your bait that is worthwhile to respond to

Stopping to heal is retarded, has always been retarded and is not rewarding because you're either punished because you have to stop attacking the monster mid fight, or after the monster flees you have to stop and heal which just gives said monster more recovery time, this became even more of an issue since monsters don't even have travel time to points anymore and literally warp everywhere

It barely matters now with how fast the monsters move, you're basically waiting for the monsters to do a move to exploit, it's generally impossible to dance around modern monsters without top level evade

Monsters are so fast now you need to be able to dodge out of everything, there's a fucking reason everyone went charge blade/bugstaff/jumping tech

Which have been around since MHX and everyone had no problem with that, MHWorld does nothing new there

Which Charge Blade already has

Maybe you like dealing with MH's shitty camera all day long, because I sure don't

Because if you fuck up HBG/LBG attacks you've wasted your ammo and you just turned a 10 minute fight into a 35 minute fight, also I think you're a faggot because I hated having to memorize the songs of 20+ different hunting horns

Yet that's been a thing in MH for ages, dragonator, gong, arena spikes, nets etc

Because it's fucking gay to have them dull instantly because sharpening weapons is a giant fucking pain in the ass, anything that lets you move longer is better. You made this same argument around healing

Like how I already lure monsters already in MH already into area's that have soft ground/webbing/canopy tops etc so I can knock them down with a strike and have them crash into the ground where they instantly get trapped to wail on

Monsters already don't turn, I don't know if you've been bonked on the head but since fucking P3rd monsters already became sides stepping/circling whores with Brutes/Zinogre/Basarios/Seregios etc

They already clip through everything

Because it was fucking gay

Again it's fucking gay when I have to waste all my farm resources for webs etc when I should be using them for armor seeds etc

Don't be a faggot, you have no idea if monsters hurt you a ton as nobody has seen end game

Which should have been in the main game already when your sharpness meter is a huge sword that takes up 1/12th of the screen width and it could have been done there as well, and having a visual indicator on your current sharpness percentage left allows you to be better in combat because it allows you to know if you should jump out and sharpen etc

McFucking Kill Yourself, I've been playing since PS2 and monsters run around like crack addicts today, and from what I've seen they're the same speed as MH3U but not MHXX fast, when 3U felt like the perfect balance between hunter and monster mobility

Or do you like fighting Seregios all day long?

You mean where 30-50% of the game is walking from point to point already to collect mats while fighting monsters? Shocking they use what is already in game


This is ironic, considering you just accused OP of baiting.

You honestly should just get good.

You have to go back.

There's a reason so few MHXX videos are naked kills, the monsters move so fast you will always at some point take a hit

Vs say MHTri where you could naked run about everything because the monsters had not reached speedy gonzalos rates yet

Also super huge versions of monsters are always easier to fight than smaller ones, don't kid yourself on doing anything impressive

You have some good points, but don't try to defend things like no negative skill and casualized weapon mechanics. That shit is bad, there's no arguing about it.

But user, I liked the slower monsters in Monster Hunter/Hunter Freedom for PS2/PSP, are you telling me to go back to better games where Monsters were slower yet more punishing and I didn't have to play tag with them all day long?

Or P3rd where monsters had still not reached breakneck speeds you could dance around them all day long and get record speed kills with Longsword?

Oh right I forgot, they slowed long sword down because it was not in parity to the GS/Hammer/Horn

I always thought negative skills were stupid because I always made an armor set then I always had to throw at least one +2 etc whatever to counter the side effects, it's just entirely restrictive and limits play styles around the armor and not the player

As for casualized weapon mechanics have you seen the fucking new dual blades/SnS? Hell even the new jumping SA turns you into a ninja in armor and turns you into a mounting demon

If people wanted to complain about casualized weapon mechanics they should have started with after MHTri where everyone and their mom became a lancer

So would you agree that World looks objectively worse than those?

I thought the series as a whole hit the skids after P3rd, to me felt the most balanced of the series

4 sped up the movement too much/stupid movement system, XX just added to the bullshit but thankfully toned down the slow as fuck environment to navigate

MHWorld has you spider man grappling from point to point, anything that lets you speed up your movement is better

As for what I've "Seen" I've only seen people hunt the lowbie slowbies, I'll have to wait for release and see what the total game is, so far it just looks like a more pretty Tri

Everything you say is wrong.

It was also actually a lot harder to avoid taking damage in Tri/P3rd than it is in MH3U or MH4U since you can't dodge out of recovery animations. Webm related. It is impossible to dodge Deviljho's roar in this situation. In MH3U and onward you could easily do it.

You can either dodge too early or not at all, of course this also means you get hit easier. And there was no need to change that since this just means that positioning is very important, skills like (HG) Earplugs and Evade Extend are worth something.

Yet they changed it with MH3U and now you can dodge whenever you want. Even though monsters in MH3U behave the same as ever, they did not get any faster or more intelligent. Same with MH4U, which brought even more casualizations (Evasion +3, mounting).

And then Gen went full retard with styles that give you basically 200 iframes and even more verticality, and there are a lot of Gen elements in World.

I was going to say this was bullshit since it's been confirmed you can turn blood on/off and it'll be on by default. But I just noticed they accidentally left the blood on in their bow video, and there really is just barely any blood. Blood is most noticeable around 0:23.

Feel free to garrote your eyes out.

Picked up 4Ultimate for the ds. How is it? Scale of 1-10 how badly did I fuck up?

Monhun had to change at some point. You can't just keep releasing the same game with the same old wyverns over and over for decades.

Pretty good. I would say 4U was the last true Monster Hunter game, before they started fucking it up REALLY badly. There's some faggy things in it like jumping and ledges but by and large it's Monster Hunter intact.

No it didn't.

They've added new monsters in every game, what are you talking about?

The first part is great. The G cash-in (released only a year later in jap land) is meh. You can tell which part of the game had more time in development.

t. still salty about buying the same game twice

Sure, but you have to fight older monsters to get to the new ones. How many times am I supposed to get excited about killing Rathians or Furufurus?


Hoo boy, I'd sure like my sandwich to change into a dog turd. I mean hey, sandwiches are pretty okay IF YOUR'RE A GRAMPA amirite guys? Just get with the time, it's almost 2018 ;DD

You also forgot the fact that the game looks like absolute fucking cancer. The textures are blurred as shit and the whole image quality is washed out.
Games are meant to look crystal-clear and colorful. That especially goes for MH. Where is the comfy and colorful art direction? Why does MH World look like a fucking western triple A consoleshit game?

Because it isa fucking western triple A consoleshit game. This is exactly what the cool kids want these days.

3rd gen was almost entirely fresh monsters, and 4 did a pretty good job of balancing out the flow of new and old monsters. Even a fair number of the old monsters were ones who were missing from 3rd gen.

No, it didn't. It's not some sort of magic thing that'll come true if you keep repeating it enough.

Yes, but that doesn't mean it HAS to happen, only that it's likely to. Further, just about any time you make the kind of insanely fundamental changes World is undertaking, you end up destroying the property, because the brand name doesn't appeal to the new audience to begin with, and the old audience is alienated. You would honestly be better served by making an entirely new IP at that point.

Because that's the audience they're aiming for.

You guys were acting like as if this would never happen, especially with a game with as much success as MH, too bad about the westernization of course, nobody likes it.

I am genuinely curious how sucessful the game will end up on release. Holla Forums is usually right about lots of things and are great at pointing out some of the games flaws unless if you're biased like OP but normalfags can be pretty gullible due to the excessive shilling. Shilling doesn't always work though, look at what happened to evolve.

How many of MH's core audience do you think got turned off by world anyways?


Tri babies were the beginning of the end for MH
You discuss atmosphere but OG and dos ha actual atmosphere for hunting dinos.
Dos introduce seasons, were gathering couldn't be done for certain items, meaning no endless potions.
Seasons limited where you could hunt so you couldn't endlessly grind or fail to grind a monster.
Up until nearly 10 years later it had the largest hunting variety.
It had realistic weapons not the borderline animu shit that MH has now.
You didn't have a cat fighting with you or a cat farm gathering the most fundamental mats for you.

You fags whine and whine and whine about MHW with these baseless criticism, ignorant of how years before you were getting a watered down version with Tri.

I know why you're really upset, nintendo no longer has a monopoly on MH.
Its coming to PC which more and more games do while consoles die off, and you can't stand it.

Prettier, maybe some new weapon moves the way MH4U did it, some actual QoL improvements, new monsters, better controls and finally a fucking good online mode again.

I don't even know why there are uneven grounds and ledges everywhere now. It's not realistic and just sabotages you.

No, "just do thing that isn't fun" isn't a good argument.

There is a reason why games like Bayonetta don't have uneven grounds and shit. The focus is the combat. There is no reason for turning Monster Hunter into a boss-rush Zelda. Then again, even Zelda knows neutral grounds are better for more complex boss fights.

Capcom literally just had to make a MHO that isn't Chinese or an MMORPG.

I literally just said Tri was an objective gameplay improvement, which is a fact. Hammer in FU doesn't even have an actual combo.

Stop shitposting.

We don't know for sure what's up with the blood at this point. People keep saying it, but I don't think there is any confirmation they're using reduced blood mode. I also don't know why they would do that.

People also argue that Capcom always removed blood in all the trailers and demos in the past, which is just 100% false.

And the question why there is dust and stones coming out of monsters remains anyway.

Which MH is this? Have I been living under a rock or something?

Part 1/3
Stop making this thread. I've actually watched recent gameplay footage so lemme talk some shit about things
It doesn't come at you when you have low health, it's just a random bug that appears absolutely any time. A recent video had them appearing twice when the player wasn't hurt. It's not a comeback mechanic, get your facts straight
Healing while sprinting is an armour skill apparently. Healing while walking is there to circumvent the fast monsters and the fact that multiple large monsters will appear even in low rank quests compared to previous games
Positioning will always matter as long as hitzones exist. Memorising patterns is AI abuse, not any actual skill. Oh, I'm charging my hammer and moving around so the monster turns around and I can get my upswing on his face when he turns. Wow, such recognition and skill
I dunno, I've been playing FU recently and I'm rolling out of attack recovery pretty often. Also, Gunlance is one of the worst weapons in every game it's in, it sorely needed a buff and shelling puts you at too much risk for what minimal reward it's worth. XX had the right idea by giving the quick load a guard point (thus somewhat mimicking the auto-guard glitch it has in 3U) but they cut it in World.
This is the sort of thing that needs careful analysis but if some bumblefuck pubby was going for full charges all the time and kept dodging out of them because he was afraid he'd get hit, he's contributing about the same as he would have if there was no dodge, just that he's getting punished less for it. The point of it is to encourage people to learn full charge playstyle more easily because as I said earlier, positioning will still matter because hitzones matter.
Foresight slash is Brave armour with the size of a parry window, and it's only worth shit if you do get a parry. Doing it repeatedly like brave stancing will get you killed.
Admittedly giving the CB a fade slash was a terrible idea because its whole gimmick is using GPs to avoid damage. You need to elaborate on other dodge moves because I can't think of anything else. The franchise has been going in an anime direction for a while, Zinogre and Brachy were a start. The hyper armour stuff is meh. The grappling hook in functionality is either the same as a ledge or exiting a zone (which is good because we now have monsters that will actually chase you between zones). The IG airdashes have a lot of vulnerable hang-time, 4U already had a way of pulling back from a jump if you regret the decision, this doesn't feel much different except you waste stamina and lose out on damage for even longer
Target cam is already as good as a lock-on but I won't lie that I'm meh about it, though the majority of new footage from events has people ignoring the lock-on
How dare bowguns have mechanics that aren't limited and make early game usage viable.
Hunting horn has been garbage thanks to 4th gen nerfing its damage beyond repair to force people to focus on songs and helping people so I'm quite happy that I'm allowed to use HH's ultra specific attack trajectories whenever I want and play the songs I need when I need them. You still need to play the notes at some stage too
See the Bow trailer vid that was posted. Damage numbers can be turned off.

Part 2/3
Public press conference builds are confirmed to be changed to make it easier for people to understand the core better while making things move quickly so more people can play.
This one is rather elaborate. The thing that happens when the cinematic monster battle occurs (that only happen once per pair) is that usually, the two monsters will continue to be in the area and be a garbage pile of hitboxes that you can't go near in fear of getting anally reamed by two attacks at once. Also going back to the point that you will find multiple large monsters in the lowest of large monster hunts. The traps that bind monsters down are pretty garbo, but things like the rock falling is actually pretty difficult to hit
Play with friends then. Also, monsters won't leave a zone to chase people unless everyone leaves the zone, so if you know there's an environmental trap, stand near it anyway
The regular ass turn is the single most abusable mechanic in a fight, you're pulling out of your ass for this one. Turn attacks are telegraphed but what are you trying to prove with this? You still have to move out of the way and the monster will still do something after the turn attack ends, like a regular turn.
The word you're looking for is internationalised

Part 3/3
Time to list my observations from newer videos that you didn't bring up because you don't actually keep up with something you're trying to shit on at every opportunity possible because you're afraid that the game might actually look good, regardless if it is or not.

Since I know you're so close-minded that your dick's brushing against your brain, none of this will change your mind but the new videos have plenty of things that I know you'll want to shit on too such as the fact that the game has basically integrated a basic form of Ping's Dex/Kiranico and fighting a monster enough times will just paintball it automatically when you start the quest.
Get out of your closet and be exposed to new things so at the very least your data isn't outdated but also so you can understand that a game can probably be fun while being different from what you're used to. It's not like MHW will erase the previous games out of existence if you want to keep playing those.

How many times are we gonna have to go over that the AI is probably acting retarded because they've been toned down for the braindead game journos?

Serious question, do you actually have trouble with the newer monsters? Newer Monsters telegraph their moves way more, and judging by complaints by most casual MH players, the older monsters are much harder for them to deal with.

Seregios is probably the easiest flagship monster in the series IMO.

I don't buy that, since previous demos just adjusted damage and health to make them easier instead of giving monsters easier AI, since that requires way more effort.

I doubt it requires any effort at all. Did you forget that monster aggressiveness and behavior changes between low, high and G rank? There's already a numbers system to determine these things that Capcom can just punch some new numbers in and bam, retarded monsters for your press demo.

You're probably right about it not being a lot of effort, but I still think the demos are indicative of how difficult low-rank will actually be instead of being extra easy for journos.

it's monster hunter online.

You don't understand what shitposting means and on top of that you didn't read my post.

Tri was an Objective decrease in gameplay and mechanics, which I already explained, you probably started typing your weak rebuttal the minute I qouted you awful opinion instead of actually reading anything I said.

Thats MH Online, the chinese exclusive MH.

Reasonable refutations to OP's tantrum backed up with solid evidence, prior experience, and credible sources?

But low-rank is always a joke, though. I remember playing 3U and some of the high-rank gunlances can just about one-shot Arzuros with the wyvern blast.

I tried to stay positive.. I even argued with a few anons about how they were overblowing stuff like the mid-hunt gear swapping and the importance of prep… But, mein Gott, this sounds fucking awful in every way.

you forgot to mention

Well, I wasn't actually worried about the difficulty, it just annoyed me that whenever someone was talking about the difficulty everyone just said "they made the AI easier for journos" instead of just pointing out that low-rank was always easy.
The only thing they said is that they lowered the difficulty, which for previous demos meant lower damage/health for monsters.

Read the rest of the thread, user. Some of those flaws arent really an issue or even a problem all. You'll understand too if youve seen gameplay of the game.

There looks to be plenty of flaws with the game. Just because some people will defend every stupid fucking change they are making doesn't mean the flaws don't exist.

While I agree with most of what you said, I'm pretty sure being able to run while drinking a potion is not an armor skill, unless they added an extra skill to the Anjanath armor since the reveal and the leaked Armor skill footage managed to miss that one specific skill.
I'm personally not a fan of the running while drinking a potion, because in the older MH games it already wasn't really hard to heal while in the same area as a monster, and the walk already looked like it was enough to make dodging attacks while healing possible. Also, it invalidates the option to use a dodge roll to cancel healing for less health (which is also pretty stupid IMO, since you can access your item box mid-hunt and you can always fast travel to a base camp, making it only a small time loss when you run out of potions because of that.)
that glitch was in P3rd

I agree that the game has flaws and I point them out too sometimes, but I fucking hate nonsensical shitting on the game and I hate circlejerks even more. OP was cherry picking EVERYTHING bad he can find about it and said nothing about any possible improvements, in fact he called those shit too. I know for a fact that hes intentionally misleading people into thinking the game is exactly as he said it is without any opposing arguments and it fucking pisses me off. 5462b6 did a good job on calling out his bullshit, though but it looks like that user does not care to look into the rest of the thread or the actual gameplay to get a better understanding of what exactly is going on.

You're unironically posting some shit about atmosphere when Tri factually has better weapon movesets than FU in every single way imaginable. FU doesn't even let you sidehob with DS.

Shut the fuck up, please. Honestly.

I had one point about atmosphere the rest was on seasons, realistic weapons, better mechanics and things that made the game more realistic and didn't farm things automatically for you.

You sound like a triggered redditor, who doesn't understand the meanings of terms he uses.

Also I never mentioned FU once, I discussed OG and dos, I don't think you can read or you have no moral qualms about using strawman fallacy.

Capcom in the past always went with the low blood setting, which is really noticeable in MHX/XX trailers, since the special hit effects overpower the blood when using the low blood setting.

He has no argument.

OP, please remember that just because you follow the perceived hyper-negativity circlejerk that you think Holla Forums is supposed to be doesn't mean you're right. You're an idiot who thinks they're in good company if your copy/paste rant is outdated by months.

Some are not as bad as they seemed, but others are still quite bad.

There are flaws but the list on the OP is outdated as hell, the claim that monsters don't deal any damage for example is a complete lie.
Embed related if you want, this is from the preview build which only has low rank, around 14:30 Tobi almost carted a hunter at nearly full health, notice also how slow and minimal the heal from a potion is, keep in mind that if there is any tremor/roar it will cancel out your animation and you will waste a potion.

I haven't seen any confirmation but in all the gameplay I've seen I only saw someone heal while running in the fight against Nergigante so I'm hoping this is what Speed Eating does now. I heard a rumor that armor skills will only show up for HR armor and will be absent in LR, but that might've been just shitposting since I don't remember the devs ever talking about that.

Wrong. It's a cat skill and it does come to you in a straight line and even clips through monsters. There are random bugs in the world, yes, but it's also a cat skill.

Monsters are not faster than before, they even look slower. Compare new Barroth with Tri barroth. When there are multiple monsters, one always flees the zone rather sooner than later in 99% the gameplay videos we have, and there is probably still stuff like dung anyway. You should not center the gameplay around having multiple monsters in a zone, which was and still is just an annoyance and something the player will try to avoid at all cost. Monsters even still clip through each other and push each other like they're sliding on ice. This is not the core gameplay.

It obviously is less important when you have even more moves with iframes, hyper armor, jump attacks, probably Evasion +3 again etc. Think of Dark Souls, positioning is 100% meaningless in this game. You just dodge everything.

Apart from the fact that no one said it's "skill" (it obviously is to an extent), that's just nonsense. You can't just reduce patterns to the turn animation. And memorizing patterns will still be an important element of World, just to a lesser extent.

Yeah, that's the point. The game punishes you less. Now imagine playing it online with four players that get punished (even) lesst han in old games. A chimpanzee can play this game. Thanks for reaffirming that and agreeing with us.

You can dodge right after an attack, there is a window of like one second in which you can dodge, then you're locked in the recovery animation that doesn't let you dodge anymore.

Not a proof the whole game will have blood like this. And even in this video it still looks weird. Brown and still stones and dust.

Which would mean you're gimping yourself. That's retarded, not psychologically tangible and also doesn't change that everyone else in the group always knows where to attack without any experience and even using their brains for a second.

That you now know exactly when a monster is going to charge at you when it turns around or not? Experience is less important. You could argue observation is more important, but that's not the case. It's not more important than ever before, just all you need.

Rest of your points are evasive as fuck, literally defending the casualization or fee-fees.

And MH1 and 2 have more weapon moves and better gameplay than FU? Especially attacking with the thumbstick, right?

Stop posting. Please.

When you genuinely believe that the post you just quoted, which implies that MH1 and 2 have more weapon moves and better gameplay than FU, is somehow a good argument, I probably should ignore you from now on. You are not equipped.

That is most certainly not true, someone who got to play through a large chunk of LR made a video where he accidently showed all the armor skills he encountered, and the Anjanath Armor in that video had no such skill.

Again with your argument all you have established is moving the goalposts, nothing I have brought up has anything to do with movesets and thumbsticks.

You cherrypicked possibly one point that I never addressed because you fail to address any of the others I have brought up.
Also yes Dos has the same amount of movesets as FU, and actually had more monsters then any of the games until just recently.
Also Dos had the most superior game mechanics and gameplay out of any others

Ah alright, thanks for clearing that up. that does make me worried though. I can see why they allow you to move while eating but running is just too much.

meh, i preferred the simplicity of mh1 and dos. monster hunter to me has always been a deathmatch where the skill has been enemy prediction and fitting in as much hits as possible with your simplistic move set. though i might be biased since i mained shit like hammer in mh1 and gs in dos.

i won't argue about how much better dos was compared to the handhelds since its my favorite game in the franchise but what the fuck has that to do with this thread?
i've watched the trailers and from the info that is coming out about this game, worlds is shaping to be babby's first mh game.
i wanted a fundamental mh game for pc. and when it does come out, it's a casualized "monster hunter" game.

I wouldnt have been so mad at OP is he wasnt an absolute fucking liar about some things.

If youre lost theres a bunch of videos online explaining the game to people. Journos even got to play LR all the way to 4* and started spilling some beans to us. I never seen them run while drinking a potion though, maybe they didnt know they can do that? Or maybe the guy from the video got it from a charm or something?

I guess NeoGAF going down was pretty bad for you sonyfag.

Wow you would just blatantly admit that you're a faggot who doesn't even like MH and should be ignored? Thanks I guess, maybe just don't post at all though?

And there's nothing you can do about it.
It's ironic you reference Call of Duty as a bad thing and then act like the biggest casual faggot ever. You are a casual fag dumbing down a great series. You are the cancer killing vidya.

Fucking ridiculous that probably the most hardcore audience of all might get stuck with casual faggotry as their entry into the series. My PC-only friends are going to be quite disappointed.

I never defended World I only pointed out that after Dos basically everything continually got watered down, instead of doing fun things like seasons and other mechanics its just a new region with new monsters which are in many ways copies of the last generations monsters.
It was becoming like Pokemon.
Also with a mix of MH frontier.

On top of that I'm skeptical of the criticism I've seen anons jump on a single 10 second clip of "poor animations" then when another video is shown with smoothed animations they continue the game has shit animations.
Its criticism which I think stems more from it coming to PC then being actually watered down.
I have also always wanted MH on a PC or at least a console with a controller, I played on PSP and would have to stop after grinding to put Ice on my hand.
Then it switched to Nintendo, and I saw something similar to what I'm seeing now. Criticism from sonyponies about the Nintendo game that I thought was baseless. Then I played Tri saw a lot of things I hated but it was never what the Sonyggers were claiming made the game bad.
Then the 3DS releases came out and I got tired of the MH being moved to new handhelds solely to move units.
Because that is what MH is a console/handheld seller, and Mh now being cross plat I think a lot of nintendo fans are afraid of the Switch becoming even more irrelevant.

Either way when it comes out I will purchase and make my mind op myself as there is way to much criticism that stems from emotions and bias then want of a good game.

If this is what your argument has eventually boiled down to then you're not worth discussing with at all. I was not providing counterpoints or trying to say everything you said was wrong, I was mainly trying to give a different POV but it's clear you just don't like MHW because it's different, because you refuse to address any of the things that contradict what you're trying to fight for.

It looks to me like they didn't realize it, because in some of the footage, they will actually run sometimes.

Since I have a really hard time finding info about it, what did seasons do in Dos?

Well its a jap only title, so that makes sense.
You can play with a ps2 emulator and there is a fan translation patch that is relatively easy to install and relatively easy to find my searching.

Since quite a few mons sub-species is because of mating season during the peak of those seasons mons have a chance of being one, like Black Diablos while you think its just a normal Diablos, with increased carve chances.
Blue Mushrooms are found in summer and fall, but rarely spring, and never in winter, for instance

Are you retarded? I addressed all your points. I know World doesn't look as bad as some people make it out to be, but you can't just downplay what a huge change jogging while healing means, or even more focus on shitty verticality and zones clogged with obstacles and ledges.

so hows it feel knowing its your turn to get your favorite franchise ruined?

Weren't the seasons Summer, Winter and Breeding?
As for the effects, except for maybe some of the items and some of the hunts not being available during certain seasons it sounds pretty cool, especially the subspecies randomly replacing normal mons.

You're right, I believe breeding is between Winter and Summer, so I always assumed its fall or spring.
The translation patch doesn't translate the super imposed season notices that come up when the season change happens.

Also it can be very frustrating playing not knowing gathering rates change going in, as you can completely run out of essential gathering supplies.

Feels the same as it did all those other times, bruh.
Feels like when they turned legacy of kain into an early access team deathmatch that got shut down before it even released.
Feels like when Resident Evil ditched the tank controls for good.
Feels like Silent Hill Origins.
And you know what? It feels a little bit like watching the trailers for Thi4f, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Metal Gear: Survive all at once.

Will you show me?

The gameplay still looks pretty fun for me despite all the normalfag catering bullshittery.
Its just vastly different compared to the previous games, thats it.
At least it wont have microtransactions.
But it will have daily rewards
From pax west, I'm too lazy to make a webm.

Welp, there goes strategic healing positioning.

Realistically, I can't say every single one, because just by numbers the odds are there's at least someone who wasn't, but I have yet to meet anyone who's been playing the series for a decent amount of time who has had anything positive to say about World.

Only for the foreigners.

That's been speculated, but not once has it been supported by evidence or claimed by the devs.


Which the series has always had.

Bullshit, we've had multiple monsters in low rank in the past as well. There's nothing to suggest that World is somehow going to do it more.

This is possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and now I'm sure you're either retarded or shitposting. Being able to learn and use that to learning to adapt to a situation is the most basic of human skills imaginable.

You call that shit reasonable and OP's list a tantrum? I think you forgot to mention how World is shaping up to be the best Monster Hunter ever.

That's because it is.

Seeing gameplay makes it clear that World is going to be a steaming pile of Western Dogshit.

Jesus christ people will make up anything to pretend the game will still be challenging, even to the point of contradicting their claims that the demo is clearly just Low Rank.

Journos are fucking retarded, and Western ones doubly so. You could literally have put the information in big flashing letters on the screen read aloud by voice acting and they wouldn't know about it.

I was going to try this, but I still have yet to find a PS2 BIOS for the emulator.

The same as it did every other fucking time.

And yet people will still defend this abortion of a game.

Nintenyearolds on suicide watch.

Why is that Ultramarine trying to beat that monkey to death?

Monster Hunter has been shit for the past few games anyway. Soul Sacrifice is a much better hunting game and God Eater does pretty much everything you want it to do anyway.

Nobody even so much as gives a shit about those games

They really have to go full Frontier to make this game challenging, with monsters having barely any telegraphing, ridiculous AoE attacks, shitty hitboxes etc. No fan should want this, though.

But otherwise I have no idew how this could be challenging.

I'm back just to tell you that Frontier actually has a shitload of telegraphing for the worst of it because otherwise it isn't playable on MMO latency.

But gaijinshit is a long time fan, so what now?

Nigger pls

what logic?

That's SRW. It has always been SRW. Only GBA secondaries used SRT.

I mean, to be 100% fair, if you were looking just at the kanji that'd be the acronym you'd come up with, but if you're doing that you're likely abbreviating it as SupaRobo instead, and every time they've put the series name in English letters to my knowledge it's used "Wars" so yeah, I can't imagine anyone using SRT as the acronym unless they're just shitposting, which that guy probably was

More like long time casual.
Also, didn't he start with 3U?


Yeah, he started with 3G since his coworkers were telling him to play it.
He also gets shit wrong all the time even though he has access to japanese guides, which is frankly amazing to me.
You can tell how much he doesn't actually like the gameplay since he played through MHXX exclusively with a boomerang cat and him praising the most retarded changes they are introducing in MHW.
Oh, and he also thinks Kotaku is a great website.

I doubt he can actually read Japanese, he probably just uses Google translate if anything.

The important question is do they have a baguette insect glaive yet?

Since he actually lives in japan and has actually shown up in the credits of some games I do believe he can at least understand the language at a level that allows him to work.
The main problem is his low intellect and his inability to double check facts when making a fucking guide.

No but with drop in/out co-op and allowing people to help you on the story quests that use to be single player is gonna lead to a lot more terrible players getting carried through the game.

Speaking of drop-in, the quest being counted as completed if you join within the first 10 minutes of the quest is way too lenient if the difficulty is similar to previous games. If they really have to include it, I think making it based on how much damage has been dealt to the monster instead of time would be a better idea. Just add a warning when you are going to drop-in that the quest will not count as completed since the monster has already taken too much damage.

Showing up in credits just means he has friends, not that he actually is a meaningful person.

Considering the audience World is being built for, I wouldn't be surprised if the quest gets counted as completed even if they triple cart on it.

Drop in multiplayer can only happen when you use a flare, how the fuck dont you know that yet? That mechanic has been shown off since the fucking e3 trailer. People cant just pop in to your hunt out of nowhere, even capcom knows thats going full retard.
But you are right that technically flares are a solo hunters way of pussying out of a solo hunt and getting help from randoms
Holla Forums wont have to play with terrible players or randoms if they start a squad, which is basically a 50 player max guild.

I think i head the devs say in an interview or somthing that players cannot get quest rewards after joining after a certain amount of time, but they can still get carves though.

Nothing he said suggests otherwise. Who do you think is going to be use those flare things the most?

If you remember the source, do provide it, I'd be curious to hear what Tsujimoto's actual words are on the matter as opposed to what some "translator" claims he's saying.

I know how they work, but it's still fucking drop-in/out co-op no matter how you look at it.

People need to stop spamming this shit, it's gay as fuck

If MHW results in God Eater and Toukiden dying, then I hope it's a smash hit.

Like I said, when you join within the first 10 minutes the quest will count as you completing it and you get rewards. I said that the 10 minutes are too lenient and they should make it based on damage instead.

It's an utter garbage China only MMO.
Seriously it's made by COG and you should know what that means

I am fairly sure they didn't make her ugly on purpose. She even looks cute in some shots, but it seems they have the face modelling skills of the ME:A team and she kind of looks like that autistic Ryder fuckface whenever they make her smile a bit.

It's just the new artstyle. Realistic AAA artstyles, not even once.

That would actually be an improvement.
I came across a faggot named hughes in 4U who only hit the monster a few times then fucked off for the rest of the battle, only coming back for carves. Id imagine they would just get banned anyways.
Other than that the first 5 minutes would make even more sense to me, no use pussyfooting around when it comes to the rules when hunts usually take about 10 mins to complete anyways.

No, the other lady shown off in the first 10 minutes looks like a proper waifu, the guild girl is just plain ugly, not even okay looking. UGLY. Capcom has no excuse for how they made her look.