Caligula Effect

2 new announcements coming up

That's only one character that you don't have to romance at all and she's not even best girl. Stop being a pansy

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shaking my damn head

Might be one of the announcements for a PC port
hopefully not on Steam though

Did the first game even do well? I heard it had many good ideas but many bad ones too.

it bombed, imagine if you had to do s links with thirty different characters none of whom had character specific dialog for those conversations. it's a shame.

You are an idiot. That's not remotely the game.

It was really good for a story and characters but the combat was too much for itself and the frame rate was trash for the combat much of the time. You have personal character episodes with the main cast which deals with some heavy stuff most games even most jrpg don't deal with. It was written by one of our favorite creep Otaku the brain behind persona 2 and it shows. A very good but REALLY troubled game with purposely misleading promo material. The less you know before getting into it the better

As for sales it did luke warm. Not much better in Japan. Guess it did good enough to give it another push from Furyu though since this us the first time I've seen them revisit one of their titles even if it's just for what's probably gonna be a small concert and port

OMG LITERALLY RAPE. Absolutely shaking rn.

Now you have my morbid curiosity.

2nd to 11th, yikes

Is this the monochrome persona-like?

Welcome to japan. Unless you're a getcha. game, a legacy title ( final fantasy, Mario, monhun,etc.) Or a phone game you are destined to death. Most nips disregard pc and home consoles in favor of their Android phone blink games. Look up AIChan on your u e. That's the kind of thing most japa like.
Even more for handheld which are blown out by the incursion of phones. It why most japa are plebs. Plus the game was from a minor dev/publisher.

One of the characters you can sort of romance (it's p2 levels of "romance" cute and there but not like p4 or p5 or p3) turns out to come from a broken home and she got knocked up at 16. She's 18 with a son. She's a good girl but that baggage tho. Also her mom wanted her to get an abortion but she didn't get ine, so she's not that terribld, but compared to the others yeah…

One user found this out and started spring across the board about how icky the writer is and how cuck the protagonist is.
guy never even plaid the game

Not spring

Funny as that is, you don't even know about the whole level of the game dedicated to mocking fat people

The only unanswered question from p5gen was, is caligulafag on FATLUSA's payroll, or does he do it for free?



Where else would these stupid japs are going to release their shit? There's barely any weeb garbage on GOG.

Does this have a harem route?

The Nips somehow managed to create a romance option more vile and disgusting than anything the West has shat out in the past decade.



Better magically turn yourself into a woman from birth and spread your legs, then

They could do the sensible thing and put it up on Bitlord

It's not a VN, user, so no
Although I guess you could romance each girl and just leave it open ended so you can imagine a harem in the end
like how most people imagine Danganronpa ended with 1 or how people imagine P3 doesn't exist

pics related
watch your hyperbole

I shooed you away from p5g, i can bully you again. Makoto is still best p5 girl objectively, and you cannot credibly deny this

Being a whore is less bad than being a single mother since a single mother is a whore by default.


AHAHAHAHA How the fuck is single motherhood even real, AHAHAHAHA, just do a paternity test you dumb whore like bitch, go to the court AHAHAHA

Gun to my head, I had to choose, I'd choose the bullet
But that statement is utterly stupid. A single mother (who isn't black) has a history of whoredom - or in this character's case, being naive and getting tricked by a guy who ran off

Meanwhile a whore is actively, currently a whore.
You might end up with a disgusting, piggish, self-absorbed slut if you go for the single mother (it's highly likely), but you definitely will get such a whore if you choose a whore
Saying whores are better than single mothers is like saying screeching schizophrenic is better than an obsessive girl. Either one ends in pain and probably death, but you know full well you're taking a hammer to the head if you choose the former

TL;DR It's stupid to settle for either but the latter at least has the slim potential of not spreading eagle for Tyrone on your bed



She's already saddled with a little tumor. She's even less than a whore, she's pure filth. At least the whore has the good grace to abort the fatherless turd.

>>>Holla Forums


At least you had the decency to spoiler it
I was banging on about the Cake teacher in P5 in those threads not advocating the single mother over any other girl in the game. Are you nuts?


oh damn I didn't think this game was popular enough to get a sequel

hope we'll get a few good songs like this one


Whores are empircally and historically proven to be terrible mothers. Children who have the unfortunate fate of being born from one usually become hyper degenerates. The types you see doing shit like pederastry, snuff, necro, or even worse, furfaggotry. The factor of inheirited disease and conditions makes it just not worth the effort and pain the child would experience while living. FAS (ayy lmao), herpes, gonorrhea (causes blindness on natural childbirth), chlamydia. Would you want your child to be debilitated from the very start, and likely to die within a few years? OR, would you like to find a proper, not whore, woman to breed with?
Aborting it is ethically and morally wrong. Just let it be born[spoiler]take care of it until it's 2-5 years, or old enough to walk/spoiler], and leave it near a wolf den or the woods. If they survive and come back, they are truly worthy.

This is something you newfags spew all the time.

Ooo, she's a cutie.



Stop visiting duckchan

You got uppity just because I happened to show her face in a passing image that was about an entirely different context. What do you call that?
Also I never used "triggered" I'm not a queer

Now stop being such a heated cranium and play the game. It's good.

Okay, it is only bad if she hides the fact she has a kid from you. and if she has a son, because that makes the eventual threesome gay.

Uhh? Go away.

Are you retarded?

"god" is a space train

She's the type who makes you want to do romantic things with her

Are you referring to Brahman from Digital Devil Saga?

I called caligulafag a crossposter, because he IS one. He's admitted that during p5gen.
And while I'm here

There is a lot of grey area when it comes to call in services. A lot is left to discretion of the person youre calling for. Theyre usually independent contractors, and the service company who hosts them is just a dispatching group. Hence kawakami giving you her number once she saw ypu in person.

The doesn't change the laws of Japan and that wouldn't protect the company since the Maids advertise those services even upon first meeting. See Kawakami when she first meets you and strictly references her services under a "we" umbrella because all girls offer the same services and she rarely gets called back more then once. Even if that were the case, Kawakami would still be breaking the law which is blatantly retarded thing to do. Granted, Fellatio and intercural sex are still options and even soaplands can give you those services as establishments. Her massages are also a reference to massage parlors who can also give handjobs and blowjobs. There's no way she would risk her discreet side business by doing something blatantly illegal that wouldn't even net her more cash then her current position. In addition, during her adult life as a teacher she has had almost no free time so she's not fucking around on the side either. The misunderstanding of Japanese sex laws is why foreigners are barred from most sex shops because they don't fucking understand that anything short of penetrative vaginal/anal sex is OK under Japanese law

I am genuinely curious, who is this 'we'? You and caligulafag? Or, youre both caligulafag, utilizing a phone and computer. Or two computers, since he is at work at fatlus PR.
Kawakami is a bit soft in the head, and proven to be bad with money and math. Her being that much of an idiot wouldnt surprise me in the slightest.

Anybody who has lurked on Holla Forums more than a day
If she wanted to go ahead and break the law she would have gone full blown prostitute, which the same as the US do exist and are still illegal. The profession doesn't have the strictest intelligence requirements and even idiots would know they have to choose one side or the other.
Ah it makes so much sense now :^)

Please point it out, user. I want to see you prove I am what youre implying! Oh, wait, you can't. Fag
Careful there, chaim, dont try too hard to pigeonhole others. You might make yourself known!

Did you even finish her confidant? Do you know how I know you're a NEET as well? It's okay to think every women is a whore user i understand that helps MGTOW faggots like you live on in life for being undesirable to women but you should really stop projecting on everyone.

She owes a married couple, not the pig zanichi yakuza, she doesnt have that much pressure on her. They probably charge interest on what she doesnt get them.
She gets around, deal with it.
Just you, bud. Ive been employed consistently for 12 years.
I dont care about 3d women because i'm a fucking half breed mongrel. Im not gonna taint the gene pool further than it is, especially of my own volition
>>>Holla Forums is that way, cuck
>>>/suicide/ if the former isnt up your alley

There's no way you plaid through her route in the game. There's no way you don't remember that hospital scene

Yes, i know that is your favorite textile pattern, faggot.

user obviously she was faking needing to go to the Hospital, she's probably got so much free time on the weekend blowing chad that she obviously just did it for the attention and not the exhaustion that's almost killing her and many others in Japan at this point. :^)

Slow your roll, hip hop king. Look at the post I made. Never said it was fake and I never said she went out for drinks. I'm the user who put a long time into fully analyzing her character and confidant down to the most minute detail just to show she in fact was never even kissed


This one is my fave, and it comes from one of the best moments in the game. Really it felt like it escelated heavily as it went on because the first couple levels were utterly forgettable compared to what happens once you start reaching the halfway point.

user I don't even care about Kawakami but holy shit are you just making a faggot of yourself proving you never even played the game.

user, I think you missed his


Also it's not confirmed as a sequel yet. No idea what the two announcements will be. Might just be a port and a concert or an anime.
How would a sequel even work though? Everything is completely wrapped up by the end.

I greatly enjoyed those handies during NG+ early on.
If you are this much of an autist who cannot fathom someone playing the game when it released, finishing it, then not touching it since. I have had ZERO desire to play NG++ or do anything further. NG+ was terrible once i found out that the NG+ dialogue options didnt even do shit. Guess what? P5 was mediocre at best, and shit at worst. I had a much better time with p3fes than this fucking game. The soundtrack is the best part, truth be told. They really fucked it up when they wrote out the niijima sandwich and put the house life with sojicuck and futaba "legal loli" sakura. It is obvious that a p5c, with hopefully a better script, will be released in the next couple years. When that drops, ill check it out and see if they improved on anything. But, knowing fatlus, it will probably be another fucking marie, and one bonus dungeon.


Reminder that the new Marie from Deep Strange Journey is your daughter from the future who you gave to Louise Cypher to train. After you are forced to kill her, you fuck off to the moon and let the Schwarzvelt swallow the Earth.

0/8 bait, please apply yourself
So this ID is your phone, and the OP id is the computer?

Hating P5 is perfectly fine but the confidant system was the most robust social links have ever been and the best written. Dungeons suffered from railroading and hand holding, overarching plot was convoluted, and bosses were boring, but the over world is what they dumped all the resources in. Unless your telling me you miss Fuuka taste testing.

There's no way you played Persona 5. Next you'll be shilling your website about how bad the translation is.

Uh, did you play p5? Most s links had pretty lackluster writing, as was EVERY s link before from p3 and p4. None did much to really add intrigue to thier character, or flesh things out. Perhaps makoto's was alright, but that is because she's the canon romance option.
And dont give me the shit about going to notTartarus to max each s link. That is the same as doing a romance subplot in any other rpg, then being given a sidequest to complete in order to finalize the romance subplot. Many rpgs do this, m8.
The overworld was okay, but still was lacking, compared to how they were bragging about it before launch. Wasted potential that i hope they capitalize on in p5c.
Better than mona's curfew tbh

I was the fag who kept warning you niggers to stop making threads when discussion died down and iy devolved into waifushit and caligulafag sperging out. You can thank me for that later.:^)

I knew you had shit taste but I'm glad I can at least have proof of it now.
It's the same fucking shit user.

Makoto is as lackluster as the other confidants, and she's just the creator's pet.

Wow, shlomo, dont cut yourself with that edgy nose.
Did you play p3?
Come on, user. Dont shit your diaper because someone on the internet disagrees with you. Your neetbuxgibs are limited, so you cant be buying depends too often.

My favorite part of Persona 3, the amazing options of 2 night time social links, studying, sleeping and the arcade. I sure would love to have that over my 7 night time social links, reading, making SP restoring items, video games and making other useful shit. And you completely forgot about not being able to study nor sleep early after heading into Tartarus at night didn't you? You know, what's required since maxing social links in P3 means doing everything not-social link related at night.

Based on story progression, conflicting schedules, and most are shite. What have you got? Let's see:
Boring shit. "Abloo bloo muh korean rapefugees. Them evil gubbmint putting the squeeze on them!"
Gib money or i repot u
Supposed to be a party member, but that got axed during the script rewrite. Hope she is one in p5c
Pretty bro. Nothing much happens besides him coming to terms that his son is growing up.
Good s link. Dont fuck with this candidate.
See any of my previous posts about her
Abloo bloo being a cianigger fucked me up personally. Now i just stick my head in the sand metaphorically by tending shop until i croak of old age or kill myself. Whichever happens first.
The s links are subpar, deal with it.
Only useful for social stats or unlocking date areas
Thats what the handies are for after doing a night s link.
Only useful for social stats, and i never played at night, only daytime.
If you didnt fuck your social status up, you should be crafting double each roll by 2nd or 3rd dungeon. So you only NEED to craft ao often. And, the eternal lockpick makes crafting nigh useless once you obtain it.
I already bought your shitty persona game, todd, what more do you want from me? Do you want me to buy the shitty dancing games as well?

At least you admit to being clueless, I really appreciate that kind of honesty.




Makoto wants to be a police head honcho, enjoy not having kids. Almost all of the p5 girls are shit and wouldn't make good homemakers. Also, Kawakami is used goods so she's not even worth considering.

Well at the least that explains the copious amounts of projecting.


So this is basically Persona 2.75?

Yeah, you could say that.

I hope it's a physical copy

working weekend duty for fatlus? how pathetic. dont you have friends you could be spending time with?

I didn't realize this many people played the game. It's never brought up in the Vita threads despite coming out this year.

Lots of people like it despite its flaws but not a lot of anons want to say anything because of stalkers like having spergouts about one character in the game

Consider suicide, you fucking shill. If it is so good, embed some gameplays or webms to show how great it runs.
I'll start
Please explain how this is good. I hope youre getting paid to do this, faggot.

I hate furyu so much.

Enjoy your commercial failure.

Dude stop thrusting at me. We already established you don't know what you're talking about and your insistence I'm getting paid is like I'm posting on nu/pol/ again where, after the subversion, everyone is a shill and no one is not a Jew in disguise if they have an unpopular opinion

Framerate is garbage. We get it. No one denies that. Combat's pretty fun until you just get the ultimate attacks, at which point it's better to spam them and win instead of making a bunch of other moves, but it's still fun to juggle your enemies for extra damage
Reminds me of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier
The story, characters etc. are what make it good.

Look at your post count! You have almost as many posts as I do and it's all dedicated to shitting up the thread, shitting on the game or shitting on aspects of P5
You're embarrassing

Okay what's going on? We can tolerate queer characters in good games but we can't tolerate a single mother in good games?
I don't see this much of a reactionary hissy fit over Endrance in the G.U. threads
Admit it: half you anons come from fatherless busted homes and you just have an axe to grind. Next you'll tell me pic related is preferable to the character none of you know in a game none of you have played

Speak for yourself cuck apologist

Just filter him if he bothers you so much.

And since you wanted to bring jews up…

Get out

I never liked that because it reminds me of those thin-skinned fruits who just block anyone who doesn't agree with them, but it's borderline UTV territory now.

I don't understand. I just wanted a thread to talk about a game and new announcements about that game, but then all these faggots come in and start reee'ing about a character they don't even know in a game they never played in a context they never bothered looking up. They somehow screech that not only am I pushing propaganda but also that this one character in the game - and the fact you can P2-style sort-of romance her - makes the whole thing a "cuck" game.

What the hell is wrong with everyone? I was half-joking before but now I really think most anons here are fatherless inner-city kids who had/have abusive single mothers and now they can't help but bust a ragenut the minute the topic is remotely broached.

Thanks for spelling it out. Just go back to whatever shithole you crosspost from amd collect your neetbux in peace. You obviously are very paranoid about protecting this game and it's reputation. If you genuinely thought people would forget about you after only six months, youre sorely mistaken.

I don't want to tolerate either flavor of subhuman.

Anyway, now that that's all over, let's talk about the game


I liek overwatch despite it's flaws XD

I get the feeling that you're projecting this single mother issue because it somehow touches your life.

i can tolerate single mothers with their daughters, if im allowed to fuck them all.

It's probably just a port or a special edition. I want a goddamn physical release for the Vita.

No, too many people wrongly compared it to Persona, and it's a Vita exclusive. The game itself is pretty interesting(battle system is fun as hell), but it has performance issues.

Okay, no shilling or shitting the game for the sake of it. Is this game worth buying?
I was going to charge my Vita to play Ys MoC on it, and I was looking into this before it came out but never got it.

I don't care about critic reviews, I just need to know if this is worth the time to play.

Pirate it, m8. It isnt worth retail, thats for damn sure. If you have disposable income and dont care, find it for about 5 bux used or a key for that much. It is a forgettable generic edgy rpg

Yet if this game came to Steam there'd be cyclical threads fellating it. I know how you work

Yes. It's one of the best Vita JRPGs out there.
On its own its pretty good but certainly a good addition to a Vita library.


I feel her pain