Pre-YouTube video game parodies & references

If Holla Forums can think of any. Please post them.

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>tfw some of your favorite video game parodies were on Google Video


I understand you probably weren't born

metal gear awesome, truly epic


That's the problem with today, kids did NOT "grow up" with Rucka Rucka Ali. Fucking NOBODY did. Some kids just watch her videos.

Thats the big difference between media today vs media back then. Today, any talentless hack gets a platform so media itself is stretched too thin. Back then EVERYBODY knew who Weird Al was, hell, a lot of kids today still know who he is even if he's dropped off from the limelight. Because he came from a time when there was still a filter on this shit so people only got exposed to the best of the best.

We can say kids 10-20 years ago grew up with a lot of people. But honestly, who can we say kids today are growing up with? Just the top YouTubers, and that's it.

*their videos
still lel

Is that why Disney and mainstream trying to undermine Youtube with google themselves? Kids are growing up with pewdiepie and jontron?


I actually am alright with this. Even Pewdiepie, although the little I've seen of him comes from webms of him calling people Jews

Wierd Al was mostly shit, he has like 2 good songs, white and nerdy and tacky, and yes I've heard his older shit and it sucks ass.

Shit taste tbh

Or hell, even his other early-2000s shit was pretty okay like Trapped in the Drive Thru and Hardware Store. Or maybe it's just the nostalgia making me remember them with a special charm

I don't see this as a bad thing. The crop's been diversified. Instead of faggots repeating hte same memes, everyone actually seems to discuss their favorite x or y.
Fuck, just yesterday, at work, I had a discussion about Full Metal Panic with some guy, and ended up suggesting gook cartoons to another guy what's only ever watched bleach back in the day.
It's weird as hell, don't get me wrong, but now a days, everyone watches a little bit of everything. Instead of everyone having the same, flat interests, everyone kind of rounds off with loads of neat this and thats.

I may have lived under a rock in that period, but my first time seeing this was Imperial Terra years ago


Any sources for this at a better resolution? I want to make this into a good webm. The nicovideo link in the description is dead.

Here my animation guyz hope you like it!
stop reminding me of better times

I think he intended for them to be shit, seeing as the songs he was parodying were shit.



But I DO remember VGDC's Mario Vs. Sonic. THAT's pre-Jewtube, right?

That had "SMACK MAH BITCHUP" as Mario's theme, btw.


Red vs Blue in it's early days


Dopefish on Tiny Toons

Best I could do with current quality.

Shame about Randy Solem though.

If I can recall, didn't VGDC start the Pac-Man YO YO YOOOOOO WHADDIT IS MOTHERFUCKERS thing WAY before it recently became a thing?

Hard to believe it's still going.

Speaking of Tiny Toons, wasn't that also the one with Tutor Shooter? Weird to think that would never be allowed on the air today.

Kill yourself. Weird Al is a perfect entry point for kids to comedy, parody and pop culture. At least for Americans, it's a mix of non-offensive simple humor involving food, animals and shitload of props.I'd rather have my kids start out with him than those finger popping family parodies or whatever they're called, those strange videos by some pajeet recreating the exact same video just with different pop culture characters.

Fuck all that. Kids should start off with the pinnacle of comedy.

Is that Jydge?


Like a surgeon
It's all about the Pentiums
Eat it
I lost on Jeopardy
I'll sue ya
Jurassic Park
Everything you know is wrong
And the newer CIA, Handy, Tacky, Foil and Inactive are all pretty great.

Is it better than Neon Chrome? I know it's not as good as Crimsonland, but is it at least fun? NC was kinda shit for me.

It's basically not roguelite neon chrome. Truth be told I really enjoyed the medals of the higher difficulty than the actual missions because it forces you to try out different playstyles and firemodes and shit.
There's also this neat mechanic where the civilian kill count gives you one of two endings, which seems like a cool idea but basically all it does is force you into using two mods that make civvies near invincible(because the only other option is they die in nearly one hit) until you finish the game and then you're free to do whatever on the higher difficulties.
There's also the gimmick of having Y's replace most vowels which gets fucking annoying real quick.
Still it's a pretty solid shooter that I'd recommend pirating and playing through the first chapter to see whether or not you like.
One last note is that the music is all over the place because it's actually all royalty free music and not their own music. Cyberzone is pretty much my favorite of the bunch but it's a shame that you can't actually customize your jukebox.

You can't even rename your local files?
I'll hold off on pirating it until I finish Hollow Knight. Thanks for the info. Just tell me if the controls are tight. Neon Chrome did not have tight controls, I kept running into shit, just like in Hatred.

I think it controlled pretty much like neon chrome, it's been a while since I played NC.
And no you can't rename the local files because all the music(and pretty much all the data) is in this data.pak file that supposedly needs the modding to extract.
If there's one thing I can say about it that I truly liked is that it actually had a functioning riot shield that protected you from damage unlike the piece of that was Neon Chrome's. And you don't even get penalized for it too!

Where can I find that movie?

You mean newgrounds?

Or Darude Sandstorm as NiggerMario the long lost Mario brother theme


Anybody else remembers ThisStrife? The site which hosted comics made using the Build engine starring Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, the Doom marine and the scientist from HL.

This was a fucking classic, RIP


>tfw it's too risky to become a f ash animator
My dreams were already crushed before I could wake up.

You could always get Toon Boob or some other Animation Cel handling software dude, pretty much all animation soft has built in tweens and SVG support. Pretty much the only thing that made flash using.
>Superior Flash Vector Graphics that literally improve with time and hardware upgrades going to die for embedded video



Your local adult video store.