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Other urls found in this thread:'ve've>>137663571Damn


This flashback sucks

what is the worst meal you guys ever made

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I love Ian Sinclair.

>>137662066At this point Hollywood will just use the senators it controls to mandate the people watch a certain number of movies each year.

>They hatefuck.

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>mrs freaky eyebrowsFinally someone says it

>>137662093glad we got some more of him

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You won the Food War!Please select your prize wife.

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>"What a joyless sad sack of emo."Did I just hear this correctly?

Wow, someone said emo outside of the internet!

Erina's dad is a simp

“I don’t know who I’m supposed to root for, bro!”I’m pulling for the end credits.So now it’s between Mr. and the future Mrs. Soma Yukihira.Speaking of bickering couples…

I want a gf with smol eyebrows.

Opposites attracts?

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So he was the proto-soma to the proto-erina?

Booty > Titty

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>No girl to push you to do better and then hate fuck

>>137662108Pretty much has to be Megumi

Best girl!

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>you are calling my dish slop?There’s that word!

>freaky eyebrowsthats the best part

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Man she's just BEGGING to get her food spat in.


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>>137662080Thread 5 tonight?

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>>137662108Easily Rindot. floridaman

>>137662108Alice because after she gets freaky with me, I am positive she can bring other women in to fuck too.

>disgusted baby Erinakek

>>137662126Half of all mankind's accomplishments were done to show up some bitch who wouldn't put out.

>BlushingYou can only be so gay

Well duh. of course the power of the god tongue was going to be passed down to your kid. are you dense.

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>Oh god, this lacks flavor!

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>ywn be the royal breast milk taster to check for poison breast milk for the king's child

so he birthed a butt baby?

>Honey... you didn't CHEAT on me during your absents, did you?

>>137662140His smile and optimism, returned. For now.

>I can taste the genetic ancestry of people when I eat their foodWhat the fuck?

>>137662146my second thought was a room full of lactating women

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they are pulling a sharinganthey are just asspulling more powers for an already established power, making it more broken and ridiculous>When I eat your food, I can read your mind!

Megumi soup

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>>137662146I forgot they did that back in season 1.


>she can read minds by eatingsrsly?

>relatedHol up has that nigga been trying to marry his sister?

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>Mind reading through food.... and here I thought the crossknives was peak silliness

breasts > assmegumi fanservice achieved

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>>137662167The manga was cancelled after this.

This is one of those moments that I think that Erina's voice actress' choice was a terrible choice.

>>137662181now you get all the el hermano jokes

>>137662108My extra meaty A-1 type wife, Ikumi Mito~!!!

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>>137662181Where have you been?

Would you bathe with an eastern lowland gorilla if it meant that you got to bathe with your waifu of choice?

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>>137662080we are all gonna make it bros

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>>137662181We really need Tenchi Muyo back

Erina really has the worst family ever.

>I'm going to make that mouth of yours...

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>>137662167By food she meant protein.

>I have to satisfy my mother with my own hands...

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>I have to mindbreak my own motherDamn Erina, you pervert.

>flashback compilation with the ED music over itKINO ON MY SCREEN

Oh hey did someone turn on an AMV?

>>137662209Alice is best girl tho

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>the winner gets to fuck Erina's mom>I will be the one!>No, Soma, only I can fuck my own mother!

why does this have last episode vibes?

This is such fake and unearned drama.

>>137662080WE'RE SO BACK

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>>137662202As long as they are chill and don't try to rip my face off.

Why doesn't she just cook her own food, the dumb bitch.

Yes. Satisfy your mother with your own hands.

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>I can't make my mother happy.>I can only make her le sad

>>137662217ANON NO! Some people haven't heard about that yet!


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>>137662225Albino pazuri~!!!

>ED starts playing during the episode

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>>137662229Because they fucked up like every other part of this season.

>tfw you share tongues with your mother

i am gonna take that hot little mouth of yours on wild ride


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I love Megumi Tadokoro.

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Its going to be a skip isnt...

>the world has never seenSo just maximum bs for the final dish. Fitting I guess.

>Something the world's never seenTIME FOR PEANUTBUTTER SQUID.

What's your honest opinion on Erinas mouth?

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>>137662134alice and erina

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>>137662217The day that happened I think a part of my mind actually shattered.

Oh, thats right. they were destined to be together even the old geezer was in on it since episode one.

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The masterplan was just to get Souma to fuck Erina, this is her grandfather's masterplan.

>camera zooms in on her asskek

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>Still no DUDE>Still no BROThis show has completely lost its soul.

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>>137662104I know, right.>>137662109Yep.>>137662209Eh, I can think of worse. In other things.I don't remember enough other families in this to say if it's the worst family in that world.>>137662276Insert Naruto joke here

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>>137662217When will someone stop your sinful hand?

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>>137662276This honestly feels like the entire point of the show

>this old fucker

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>Ryoko has short hair nowDid I just memoryhole her character development arc?


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Who fucking cares if your mother is happy jesus christShe has a disorder that makes her inordinately picky about food, why can you not just accept that? There are probably millions of people in the world who AREN'T as lucky as her, like everything tastes like shit even if it IS really goodWe don't need to spend billions of dollars trying to satisfy one woman with bad genetic with food that 99.9% of people will never get to tasteI feel like I'm going crazy, who the fuck are these people? They're completely wasting their lives on this shit.

>All the characters exist just to make Erina better.

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>>137662268I had that at a Chinese buffet.

>>137662276That's every grandparents' masterplan.


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>I will throw my weight behind father's plan!But it's not even time for Naruto yet.


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Welp, I've lost track of what's going on


is this eugenicsing?

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>Entire series exist in universe because grandpa wants to save his granddaughterWhat a great grandfather

He just said that in front of Alice?

Its all coming together

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We need to talk to you about the Avenger's initiative.


So this is hiashi master plan but real?

Cute loli stinky witch!

Man, now the entire school was an AVENGERS ASSEMBLE moment. What a bother.

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We always talk about Erinas tongue.What about her tongue?

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>everything was part of the keikakuDamn, this really was a fumble of an ending

Oh god this is bleach all over again with Aizen.

>>137662308>>137662310That's what you'll hear everyday when you marry into her family.

Will Soma and his basically girlfriend create a dish that will satisfy her mother? I don’t think I’ve ever cared less about the stakes of a final battle.

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>There was a keikaku all along

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>with a little help from some old friends

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>the entire series was all part of a masterplan to train up promising children to a level that can save the momyo they stole that from BallMastrz

Is this the final episode?


>>137662304This was really dumb.


>Yo this shit sucks

>>137662340second to last

>Fuck cooking for that bitch>Im gonna cook for MY bitch!

>all according to keikaku (translator note: keikaku means plan)

>>137662304wait... meatmeat isnt tanned?

>Erina cryingAwww. I actually felt bad for her, at that moment.

>El Hermano was beaten then immediately forgotten so Souma can take on ErinaBased actually.

>>137662304Retarded plot twist desu

>>137662331>Will Soma and his basically girlfriend create a dish that will satisfy her mother?No, actually. At least in the manga Erina gets the last foodgasm and her mom doesn't even eat the dish.

>>137662314Busty Japanese bimbo, Honoka~!!!

>Erina in the final EDGiga kino

>>137662108Megumi of course!

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see you fuckfaces next week

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>>137662304God I hate that fucking trope.

>>137662336You son of a bitch I'm in

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>>137662329I am ok with this.

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Let's get to work!

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The final battle is trying to see who can get Erina's mom to cum the hardest.

finally One Piece time.

>>137662354She's ambiguously brown.

oh that's cool, I like they added Erina to the end there instead of Asahi

This show has the best and weirdest reaction images. Will definitely miss it.

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Time to rest. Night's over. Next week will be worse. Good luck to those going for gold, and keep fighting the good fight.Have fun, everyone, and see you all next week.

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>>137662362So the anime cuts it short? Lame.

GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!>>137662274I remember thinking back then that we all should have seen that coming and stopped it from happening

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Clearly Erina needs to add her tears to the food.

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So when does this season get bad?

>>137662333>Protect small megumi>Protect current megumi>Protect old megumi>Protect all megumi

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>>137662381all those nuts gone to waste


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>>137662379Time to go to sleep.

>>137662382He was only there to give Erina and Soma character development. No one really likes him.

>>137662336You Son of a Bitch. I'm in.

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>>137662333standing blowjob

>time for one piece of shit pudding

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I love this little country bumpkin pumpkin with all my heart I tell you hwhat.

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>>137662374Did anyone ever translate this? I’m sure we’d all love to read Megumin’s interview!

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>>137662354Maybe she got tan as a child.


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>>137662332oh wow this dialogue is way less harsh in tone than the dub's dialogue

I don't want it to be over.

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>>137662336You son of a bitch. I'm in

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>>137662351If Soma said that this would be the best anime episode in history.

>>137662336You Son of a Bitch. I'm in

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>>137662108Rindou, full stop.

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so does the mom actually do anything with the god tongue? does she cook masterclass food for others? Otherwise, who the fuck cares if she's got a disease that makes everything taste like shit to her? She might as well not even have the tongue if she isn't using it and if its a curse, stop breeding and let it die with you

YA YO YA YOHHH!Time for One Piece

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Time is a strange thing. We measure something which is relative. Its passage affected by gravity and speed. Things you expect to happen later can occur earlier in the vagueries of time.BUT IT IS ALWAYS TIME FOR SKELETONS!

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why is monet in tonights episode description??


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>>137662298Nah she cut it randomly over a time skip.


>>137662410In a way, something simple like that can be even more harsh.

>>137662108Rindou. I wish they showed her one more time.

>>137662409sure why not :)

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>>137662425You'll see.

“That’s some lame crap you’re cooking right there!”WOULD YOU JUST DIEI’ve stopped caring.I’ve officially stopped caring.I do not care who wins this competition.I do not care what happens next week.I just do not care. At all.


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This intro is way too long

>worst hour of the block

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>wan pissno fucking thanks

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LET ME SEE YOU PUT THOSE HANDS UP>>137662404That was a good outfit.>>137662409Only the best.>>137662422Has it ever not been time for skeletons?

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>>137662420Reall, the best solution is to infect her with COVID and hope she gets the side effect that robs you of our sense of taste. I can see no possible reprecussions with such a course of action.

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wen is the next opthis one sucks

>>137662407id drag my cock through a mile of hot coal just to drink that water on top of her ass

>>137662139>One Piece into NarutoNot likely

>>137662411seeing her on tv has really reinvigorated my spirit this past while, it's going to be sad to see new scenes of her for the last time forever

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>>137662448shut the fuck up


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>>137662442Maybe you'll care on the second airing.


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All pirates searching for the treasure One Piece must brave the second half of the Grand Line. These wild and dangerous seas are known as the New World. Gold Roger and his crew were the only men to ever chart these waters and learn all the secrets they held. For the rest of the pirates of the world, this has proven to be the end of the road, a graveyard of dreams. Now, Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body became rubber after eating the Gum Gum Fruit, sets sail into the new world with his faithful crew! "I'm gonna be the King... of the Pirates!"[insert episode recap, something about Mr. Jack Ingof I guess]

Remember when One Piece was about pirates?

Baby 5 this week.

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>>137662448>Has it ever not been time for skeletons?Yes, when it's time for ghosts.

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>>137662425She is going to realize the error of her ways and be redeemed. Think she joins Smoker and his gang.

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>>137662453If we had just one more new show /tg/ would be saved. But that hope is gone for the next few months after tonight.

man the official start time guy is going to go crazy this week

>>137662459Those who bitch to that extent yet say they don't care in the same breath autistically contradict themselves. Those who mean it wouldn't even watch this at all and move on to another anime.I also think he forgot his hashtags.

Remember when One Piece was about tits?

>>137662464Thank you for posting my wife, Isane Kotetsu.

does Aokiji show up in this ep?


>>137662469Not really.

>named Caesar Clown>isn't a clown

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why is franky fighting robin?


>>137662471Is that a real ghost or just cgi?

>>137662487he acts like one




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As if they haven't wasted enough of our time, here's a full minute of staredowns and sound effects

>whole episode is about FrankyAre you fuckers ready to get SUPA? Holy shit, why is it a whole episode, it's not that long.>>137662456No.>>137662471Well shit, you got me there.

Post your favorite mecha battle

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>>137662487>>isn't a clownlel

>>137662469Yeah.>>137662472I don't see Spike and Vicious from Cowboy Bebop on that island.Don't ask, you don't care.>>137662487But which part is his given name, and which is his surname?

Attached: Tayuya Curse 1.gif (480x360, 3.66M)

>>137662499>Franky’s theme plays


Attached: Ken Marinaris.png (1636x2892, 3.81M)

>>137662487we sure got some laughs out of him though

Attached: Caesar gets bullied.png (1149x831, 441.46K)

>>137662491Damn, that intro keeps getting longer and longerWhen will it end?

Was that the newtype sound effect?

>shooting at people before you even know who they are or why they're thereIsn't Franky supposed to be one of the good guys?

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Attached: Vampire Knight 4.jpg (1580x1920, 358.87K)

>>137662509Caesar is his surname, obviously

>>137662498I would definitely cum inside Tashigi-Smoker.

>>137662519No. He's a pirate.

>>137662509I think Oda has ben consistent with Family name followed by surname

I love baby 5 like you wouldn't believe.

>>137662409Suppose I could put in a showing of my favorite set.

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Attached: godannar.jpg (1534x947, 447.56K)

Why the hell are those children so gigantic

>>137662492It's real. As a matter of fact it's right behind you right now BUT DON'T LOOK CAUSE THAT WILL REALLY MAKE HIM MAD!

Attached: Ghost 14.jpg (999x1417, 227.77K)

how many more eps until we get to dressrosa?

>>137662527Given name, I mean

>>137662506You already did THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED

Can't Law just use his devil fruit to remove all the gas in a huge radius around them and just keep moving his bubble little by little toward the ship?

Attached: 1373826633180.png (327x272, 68.16K)

It's funny that she thought she did anything.>>

Attached: FyCzcFFXoAU9YHx.jpg (1536x2048, 456.24K)


Attached: 8a888a8d2320d4273d57964f1cdb97e5.png (1383x1379, 720.92K)

>>137662539Yo ho ho I don't really know. They only gave a vague explanation.

>>137662516>>137662522It was definitely a sound effect from Gundam.Pretty sure this isn't the first time that happened, or that people here have commented on it.>>137662524>>137662527So his parents took one look at him as a baby and named him clown?>>137662539They already explained that.I think.

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Attached: Look! The East is burning red!.jpg (1280x720, 91.63K)

>>137662526I didn't think he was the "indiscriminately murder people" type of pirate.

>Trying to catch up on WANOHow many more weeks until Gear 5 is animated?>>137662549Was under the impression you could only room switch physical objects

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Why are they making dick jokes in a kid's cartoon?


Attached: 111f2c5313ab2ada4c3fce007975f458.jpg (564x883, 50.76K)

precious boobs time>>137662556i see my favorite pair in there

Attached: shirahoshi.jpg (1280x720, 123.42K)

>>137662534Thank you for posting my wife, Felicia.>>137662536Shizuru is best girl~!!!

>>137662561Yea, his parents hated him!

Attached: Dee.jpg (1449x1080, 199.63K)

>pervert robotWhat's perverted about it?

Guys i love Franky like you wouldn't believe.

>>137662578... I was getting enough of this in the Holla Forums waifu-threads...

>>137662556>No Shyarly boobs

By opposing Caesar's rule, does that make the Strawhats Punk Hazard Punk? If all of them got metal parts would that make them Punk Hazard Cyberpunk? If they used alternate 19th century technology would that make them Punk Hazard Steampunk? AKA the worse subgenre?

Attached: Skeleton Mobster 2.jpg (577x396, 42.15K)

Attached: 124523635476242687.jpg (1920x1080, 235.62K)


Attached: When you see a giant robot..png (1357x651, 1.83M)


Attached: meanwhile down in australia.gif (426x236, 1.48M)

>Espada GirlThat's not Nel.

god I love Franky.

Man, I love Franky. He hasn't really had a chance to shine like this since Thriller Bark.

>Espada Girl!Should've went for a torpedo. Might've been more effective.

Attached: torpedo_girl_by_mortdres-d8eglnc.png (700x858, 111.16K)

So she can turn into weapons?What if you made a weapon "eat" that fruit like how Spandam's sword ate the elephant fruit?Would the weapon become enlightened?

Attached: Torpedo-Girl.jpg (1492x1066, 178.68K)

>>137662571Japan loves dick jokes. They happen pretty often in shonen series. Sticking to One Piece, there are several SBS questions of Oda being asked if devil fruit powers apply to the dick (he says that they do). So, for example, Buggy’s can pop off.

>>137662606Literally the first thing I thought of

>>137662606Looks like you spoke too soon.

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Neat a bobobo cross over

My dislike of Buffalo's voice is only outmatched by how much I fucking love Franky.

Attached: 1643549958551.jpg (750x750, 57.73K)

>missile girlBobobo refrence?

I'm getting Bobobo flashbacks.>Because I'm a torpedo!

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Attached: Beauty shocked.jpg (720x540, 43.14K)

There's been some really dumb powers in this show but this is just too dumb.

Attached: b942518dd6f113cd0454652b7afa99aa.jpg (608x531, 85.83K)


Attached: Torpedo_Girl.PNG.png (648x486, 454.77K)

Is this General Franky right now made of Wapometal?

Attached: 01437a5570f98dbc74147372f8b16420.jpg (959x959, 109.96K)

Was that an intentional reference to Bobobo?

>>137662590And you're going to have to deal with it here too now, buddy.

>>137662621The Franky shield joke also felt like a Bobobo joke.

>>137662622Oh you just wait until the next arc

>the animation for that falling rockWHERE'S THE FUCKING BUDGET

Oh my gosh. I-I think I found my OP waifu.

>>137662610>That doujin where luffy uses the ocean to jerk himself off hands free

>>137662616Not a fan of Buffalo? Well how do you feel about "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo," which is a grammatically correct sentence in English?

Attached: Lich 134.png (2780x2480, 3.85M)

>>137662638In the hooker's g-string


Attached: 1643550074105.jpg (749x427, 35.91K)

>>137662608It'd be a weapon that could turn into any other weapon but would need to be operated to change would be my guess.

>Oda actually killing off a character>ever

>>137662608A fun thought experiment, but I think that only works with zoan fruits

>>137662634Maybe? Both series were published by Shonen Jump, and Oda is friendly with a lot of his peers

Wait, how did Franky know that these guys have gotta die? The only thing they did was blow away the gas right?

>Missile GirlDoes she know Torpedo Girl?

Attached: Torpedo Girl.png (648x486, 403.82K)

I thought Caesar couldn't lift a finger?

Attached: 1447272838384.jpg (288x402, 76.19K)

>>137662638Wano arc.

>>137662629Wapolmetal was made during the time skip, so yes it is.

>>137662638Obviously they can't spend money on the adaptation of the most popular manga ever made. You're not thinking like a producer.

Attached: Mummy 6.png (1200x777, 1.37M)

Attached: 991b84c6eef69c8189467063c7d39ac9.jpg (600x752, 52.59K)

Law pulled a switcheroo and that's Caesar's own heart, isn't it?

>>137662654Ace, Whitebeard

Attached: 152634576875368.jpg (1920x1080, 257.73K)

Luffy is a "no man left behind" kind of guy.>>137662646He's fine, the voice is just...something else.

Attached: FyNQ_13X0CcwO4u.jpg (1447x2048, 340.01K)

>>137662661He lifted it with his brap power.

>Tfw Cesar doesn't know >But you do

Attached: EbXoQ57WAAElENK.jpg (933x798, 68.23K)

>>137662677You are half right

>>137662677How much of a dick do you think Law is?

>>137662678and that one guy from Baroque Works, the one Smoker had tied up

I think I'm going to retire now.

Attached: Goodnight Toonami.jpg (1280x960, 227.55K)

>>137662667I wonder if there is a chart of softest to hardest material in one piece. Wapolmetal is pretty much the best alloy you can get in the world right? What about Adam Wood? The Sunny is made of it and it's supposed to be the best wood you can get but the Sunny gets fucked up all the time.

>>137662677It's Monet's heart actually. Which is really weird, because her death is never, ever addressed. Not even from her own sister, Sugar...

>>137662677Belongs to someone that was in that scene

Holy shit, look at these Robin breasts I just found.>>137662654Just you wait and see.>>137662677Not quite. Whose heart it is is even better.

Attached: FySEmnCWYAQmbNU.jpg (1004x1339, 378.6K)

>>137662512I'm gonna miss this sadistic bastard. His laugh, ehh, not so much.

What a sweet little honeybun

Attached: addff44fec7f4df0ecece0f018f62d0f27832f10[1].jpg (1280x720, 209.53K)

>>137662703>Robin breastsround.............

Attached: aosora5088 - steamy.jpg (900x1273, 162.08K)

>>137662698>Not even from her own sister, Sugar...Does Sugar even know?

>>137662697It'd probably be something like "metal beats wood" as it is in real life. So if someone uses a wapolmetal blade on the Sunny, they're probably fuck it up bad

>>137662694Nero from CP9

>>137662690>>137662698>>137662701>>137662703Why make it her heart? Did he already have it removed and on-hand to pretend it was Smoker's?

>i can do this. im gonna be a normal man, having a normal day. starrrting now!This is the worst. The designs are shit AND the writing is shit.

>>137662658He thinks they're after his cola

>>137662703>look at these Robin breasts I just found.WHEN I SAY GOGET READY TO BLOW

>promoting gay superman with old comics from completely unrelated iterations to this fagfestDon't do that.

>>137662697I think Sea-Prism Stone is the hardest thing in the One Piece universe. Adam wood is the most durable wooden material though.

Thanks DC for advertising Superman stories at the end that are actually good unlike your cartoon

>>137662576>>137662626>>137662675Mermaid lover! I found some Shirahoshis recently and I didn't know if you had em, so I wanted to share.>>137662713>>137662724We all love breasts.>>137662718Law is involved. You'll see.

Attached: 1685864415369391.jpg (1080x1620, 441.71K)

Is Brook actually in danger?

>>137662697I mean, it's still wood.

>>137662716He was never confirmed dead, he just fell into the water

>>137662738Do you think he wants to be the first to find out?


Attached: 1685866338538674.jpg (916x1280, 225.84K)


Why do I love him so much?

Attached: smoker.jpg (1200x1569, 184.91K)

>>137662714Considering she never came back from Caesar's, but The Strawhat came to Dressrosa afterwards she never had time to process it. But, she easily could have put one and one together...

>>137662740Yeah, after Pound I can believe anyone is still alive.

>>137662719seems charming to me. i like dorky clark. it fits especially for a younger version of the character>>137662731isn't his son who doesn't even exist in this show the gay one?>>137662733it's not outand there's my superman defending quota filled for the day. looking forward to being called gay or tranny or whatever despite being male and normal

>Law is a serious character in a gag manga.That is the joke.


>that YOHOHOHOHOHOIan Sinclair was the best possible casting for Brook.

Attached: 1640521902547.jpg (1170x1150, 106.13K)

>>137662740He was also fucked up by Franky and fingered by Lucci in the middle of Aqua Laguna with no raft. Fucker is dead.

>>137662718>>137662734I feel like a scientist like Caesar might notice a differently sized heart. I mean, Monet and Smoker aren't at all the same height/size.

Attached: Zombie 8.jpg (564x413, 35.43K)

>>137662751Is he going to come back after this arc?

It's a good thing they didn't spoil in the bumps whether he turns out okay or not.

>>137662772For a scene

Does Doffy just spend all day sitting on a windowsill in a dark room?

Attached: 1506055254512.png (519x526, 25.86K)

>>137662780He just like me

>>137662770Never shown "dying", so Oda could bring the guy back, and he's done that before with other literal whos in the series

Monet is so hot.I wish she wasn't so crazy.

I know Monet is mortally wounded but like...couldn't she survive the explosion by turning into snow?

Big bird boobs

Attached: e296da4863a613920ee43977570c9fb0.png (808x951, 455.82K)

Wouldn't it be easier to do this with hands?

I really like the music in this scene

I hate Caesar.I hate Doflamingo.I'm ambivalent towards Law.Just in case it wasn't clear.>>137662703Just had to rub it in, didn't ya?

Attached: Willpower.webm (410x308, 2.04M)

Doflamingo's a piece of shit, but he does at least care for his family. Go figure.>that bird sideboob>>137662771His conceit is off the charts, remember that.

Attached: 1639311576425.jpg (750x750, 95.03K)


>>137662792she doesnt have the heart to do it

>>137662792Snow is not known for its ability to survive large fiery blasts, user.

>>137662792What happens if she gets melted while in snow form?

>>137662792probably i suppose, but she's happy to die if it's what Doffy wants

>>137662785Unlike those people he had no higher purpose or connection to more prominent characters.

What the fuck, don't make me catch feelings for this crazy bitch.

It does not take this long nor require to be this dramatic to push a button.

>>137662791Considering the other women in Doflamingo's crew, she's hardly the worst. At the very least, she's sexy. Also, she canonically had an interest in astrology.

>>137662792She has to breathe some time.

>>137662758Considering the scene nowI assume Doffy probably assume Monet died seeing the strawhats assume it was just some other way

>>137662719I'm loosely reminded of the start of the Buu saga, with Gohan living his school life despite being able to outperform the average student

>>137662806Why would Doffy want her to die if she could kill everyone and live?

You know, I was kind of expecting Monet to double cross Caesar or have some ulterior motive outside of working for him. Instead, he's killing her.What irony.

Attached: Lich 70.png (964x1200, 2.49M)

Attached: 15323465457786.jpg (1920x1080, 178.14K)

>>137662792Fiery explosion>snow. Like how blood and water beat sand

>>137662799Not enough to not sacrifice them for his own ends though.

>>137662810Welcome to Toei where we stretch out scenes in order to pad as much as possible


Attached: 1579294860674.png (543x543, 226.41K)

Quit dragging it out already.>>137662797Not specifically to you on purpose. But yes.

Attached: 1638704202218.jpg (3096x4096, 629.66K)

>This is what got the Monet-fag at /a/ to obsess over her for an entire year

I think Suicide is poetic, and it makes me worried.

Attached: 1685217811681606.jpg (2480x2480, 656.71K)

>>137662810It does if you're Toei.

Woah this ones real cute>>137662703Impeccable underboob, robinanon>>137662734>>137662744Thank you! These are very nice. I'm not sure if I have them, it doesn't seem like I do so I'll definitely save them.

Attached: FNqKPjSVQAYHqy9.jpg (1448x2048, 393.69K)

Attached: 135234668.jpg (1920x1080, 123.64K)

Straw hats are dead

>>137662792Pretty sure the doomsday weapon is a nuke/nuke equivalent. She literally wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell at those temperatures.

Attached: Skeleton Bone Yard.jpg (3220x1704, 3.52M)

Just push the button and stop being dramatic

F for MonetI could have fixed her, If only she wasnt so god damn evil, she might still be alive

Attached: 1651904558011.gif (498x298, 483.68K)

>>137662829>an entire yearIf only


Attached: Monet dress.png (1419x1466, 1.21M)

>to be continuedFuck off. I actually got invested for a moment

Well thats it, thats our show, everyone but Caesar's dead. Goodnight

Whelp that's it. That's our show. Everyone's dead. Goodnight.

Attached: Thats our show.png (800x480, 211.83K)

So she pushed the button?

They went full Republic Serial with that ending.

Reminder that NO ONE dies in OP outside of flashbacks. Monet is fine and will appear again in a later arc


Attached: RETIRED.png (300x150, 6.64K)

Bye-Bye, Birdie!

pretty kino sequence honestly>>137662841F

Attached: 125633463576453.jpg (1920x1080, 121.08K)

>>137662807There's been plenty of characters with no major connection to any prominent characters who show up in the least expected places

>>137662834>>137662828>>137662744>>137662734good stuff all around. i shall retire. cant wait to post more girls next time

Attached: aosora5088 - selfie!.jpg (900x1273, 187.72K)

>>137662830I audibly laughed at this.


>One Piece overWelp that brings an end to our Necro-posting fort his week. This was a pretty fun episode, between the mecha mayhem and Monet's dramatic goodbye. However,I'm also more than ready for this arc to be over and to move on to what's next.I leave you all with the Wishing Skeleton. Until next week, stay spooky.

Attached: Wishing Skeleton.png (500x499, 61.01K)


Attached: 71599364_p0.jpg (992x1403, 141.51K)

Welp, nardo is on and we have a decent amount of images left, that must mean its time to post waifus!

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_mankanshoku_mako_and_junketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_menoziriath__c97312c269ef69f80ff00ee1a5e38ede.jpg (1100x777, 133.91K)

>>137662855O MY SNOW FRUIT


Well lads, we made it through OP. We're almost at the end. We've made it this far and we can make it to the end

>>137662866Shut up, she is still alive. Oda pulls this all the time

>>137662855She'll show up to bust Donflamingo out of Jail for the final dash to Rafftel.

>>137662855>Reminder that NO ONE dies in OP outside of flashbacks. Monet is fine and will appear again in a later arcSame with Ace?

>>137662859Eh, could have cut off a few seconds or so, maybe a minute. But definitely one of the more well done moments of dragging out a manga scene

>>137662855Yeah, only if Luffy has adventures in Hell.

>they made it a cliffhangerFUCKING BULLSHIT. But at least I have something great to look forward to next week. Alright, that's best girls' show over for tonight. Not nearly enough Franky for an episode titled after him, but such is life.>>137662819>>137662823Doflamingo has a genuine comradery with his crew, which is an enormous contrast to most other enemies they have. It was genuinely interesting, even if it didn't amount to much later on.>>137662834Happy to help, fish fucker.>>137662868Don't worry, skeleton man. The end is almost here, though I'm worried about how long Toei will drag it out. Keep drinking your milk.

Attached: Fxfw0CEXoAQbuMB.jpg (1659x2048, 654.16K)

i missed the second half of the episodesomeone recap it for meand do all the voices

>>137662799>he does at least care for his familyDoes he though?I still find it hard to believe, >>137662819She SHOULD HAVE!>>137662828I know, but its till hurts.>>137662841All you need is a seaprism neck shackle.And somebody to steal that heart before it gets stabbed.

Attached: Screenshot (131).png (1920x1080, 1.32M)

>>137662855It's been several hundred chapters in the manga. Saul has been revealed to still be alive, but Monet was stabbed in her heart. Saul was cryogenically frozen.

>>137662852SAD gas storage blew up, killing Vergo

Rest in peace, big boobed bird baddy.

Attached: OP - 552.jpg (1920x1080, 758.22K)

>>137662859It was a pretty good sequence. Sometimes the anime has its moments despite Toei's incompetence

>>137662870So it is.

Attached: 106865591_p0.jpg (2450x3400, 898.54K)

Time to hit the sack. Have a good week everyone.

>>137662870that it is

Attached: 97031698_p0.png (1072x1471, 1.55M)

>>137662891Just blew up from the damage Law dealt to it earlier?

Holy shit, is this arc still going?

>>137662870been eating good this week

Attached: 9bc3a7240eee084a365ccec0fc89c24d.jpg (800x1034, 502.25K)

>>137662887>Yargh! I'm Monkey D. Luffy and I'm gonna be king of the pirates!>My name's Smoker and I like smoking! *cough* *cough*>I'm Trafalgar D. Law and I'm... the law... I guess...There. That's all you need to know.

Hey hey hey, Toonami General, it's time for Naruto, so that means it's time for Deep Space Radio. Pickings are a little slim tonight but we hope you enjoy all the same.First off we'll start with a new Ollie Wride tune called isn't the first song by this guy I've used, but it's a pretty neat video and a solid song. It's kind of your standard NewRetroWave type song, but the boy's energy really adds some heart to it. I also think the rotating camera track is a neat idea used to good effect. They did a pretty good job with this one, so be sure to check it out.

Attached: ninjahoshi.jpg (768x1024, 180.73K)

>>137662873Pandaman and Sam, for example. Point is, if Oda wants to bring the guy back, he could since all we see is him falling into some water. The other characters who were mentioned dying had fates that can't be cheated, aside from Pell, but everybody has called out his bullshit survival for ages now


>>137662908Yes, and we are still far from done.

>>137662855I see you're still coping. You have my sympathy.>>137662870Is it, now?>>137662889>>I still find it hard to believe,It's more or less the only redeeming quality he has. You have read Dressrosa, haven't you? Dude kills people who mock his family. Hell, one of the things that tore at him the most in his life was killing his own brother.

Attached: FxsyspgX0AMdSlI.jpg (935x1711, 170.7K)

>>137662890And? You can get stabbed in the heart and live

>>137662071Any reason why Toonami threads seems to be obsessed with SnS?


Attached: Alice bikini.png (1200x675, 989.32K)

Stop trying to fuck shit up and ruin everything Sasuke.

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_and_junketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_fujii_eishun__caf246e8fd7a5ba593ba21eaed158905.jpg (1358x2000, 2.44M)

This Sasuke just comes off completely assblasted for little reason compared to his canon counterpart.

>>137662919I’m not coping. It’s quite obviously she didnt die

Oh no, the donuts!

>>137662855Ace literally died in the present, as did Hulk Hogan, I mean Whitebeard

>I made sandwiches

>I brought sammies.

Attached: Sakura Contributes to the Fourth Ninja War.jpg (500x821, 245.62K)

Add it to the wall.


>>137662914>Pandaman and Sam, for example.user, those are meme cameos. Also they were never implied killed.>Point is, if Oda wants to bring the guy back, he couldHe only does it for characters with actual connections like Pell and Pound. Nero has nothing, nor was he a reoccurring gag like Pandaman and Sam.

lol what a jackass

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.full.1705806.jpg (600x800, 163.69K)

>Sasuke just chimping out outta nowhere to his team.

>>137662950you do not fuck with the jelly donuts!

Attached: 1678999587664931.png (373x287, 39.26K)

>>137662917Feels like they just wanted to do a reboot of Naruto at this point.

Holy shit he sent his son flying

>Surpasses Naruto>Still acts like a salty cuntFuck Sasuke


>>137662912Blah. Image didn't finish uploading before the post did, apparently.Anyway, next up we've got even MORE Pizza Tower from RichaadEB, this time it's Pumpin' Hot off, I dig the alarm sound with the guitar, that's a neat trick. This song's kinda goofy but endearingly so. It doesn't go as hard as some of the others, but that's to its benefit. It still feels like a competitive soundtrack kind of deal. Give it a listen!

Attached: dj_sona_by_thinya-d8goxpc.jpg (1024x664, 196.56K)

>headband to headband actually makes a metal clank soundGood detail

>Sasuke seething even in dream worlds

>>137662912Hmm, not a bad start.>>137662936That's code for cope, son.

>his clan is alive and he's still a massive cunt

>>137662951They're still characters who show up out of nowhere and have no connections to anybody in the grand scheme of things (at least that we know of)And it doesn't change the fact that Nero can still be alive if Oda wills, get over it already.

>>137662954>>Sasuke just chimping out outta nowhere to his team.>Sasuke just chimping out outta nowhere to his team again.ftfy

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_whistle_frog__4e5a04f62f1c38149d27fe0bcca354ed.jpg (800x1236, 661.24K)

I 've be honestI still love the water tower reveal more

>stops the fight by sending Naruto to another continent Holy fuck my sides

Damn, the filler managed to make his motivations even more shit

>Minato and Sakura in the same scene together.Itachi just needed to be there so the Big 3 of Naruto can officially assemble as the worldwide character poll showed us.

>>137662961Pizza Tower OST is always a 10/10. Though for whatever reason, my mind always defaults to Pizzascape.

>Oh my kid is gay.

>Cowboy Bebop music

His family isn't even dead in this universe and Sasuke is coming off even more psychotic.

>Sauske’s western banjo theme starts playing Oh no he’s a bad guy now

Sasuke turned into an Eric Andre?

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.full.2543533.jpg (1006x1000, 87.32K)

>>137662971Shit was cash.

>When his clan is alive he's made is father won't acknowledge him>When his clan is dead he's mad he's not strong enough to beat his brother Maybe Sasuke was the problem

>>137662949>>137662950I'll make an exception for foodRIP Jelly Donuts

Attached: ToonamiRemembers2023.jpg (1506x5217, 3.37M)

>>137662969None of those characters were implied killed AND had no connections or gag significance. Stop separating the two as if it's not the point here.>And it doesn't change the fact that Nero can still be alive if Oda willsThis is such a pointless statement. It's fiction, that can apply to anyone. He could bring back Ace and Whitebeard if he wills it as well.

>>137662981>Sakura is popularI refuse to believe it

are there middle aged old 40yo fujos here who've been following nardo since they were 16im really curious

>>137662870Indeed it is. Feels like it happens faster and faster every week.

Attached: 1673767719379125.jpg (1024x768, 87.29K)

So, user. What did you learn from watching Toonami this week?

Attached: Real Femboi hours.png (693x635, 227.5K)

When does Boruto comeback to the block?

We are here.2 episodes until a new ED.8 episodes until this arc ends.

Attached: Nartepis.png (1069x1803, 232.68K)

>>137662995Based food respecter>>137663006The oldest Naruto fans would be mid 30s at most

>>137662998It's not fucking separating anything, you idiot. We were talking about characters who show up AND have no major connections. No, he can't bring back Ace and Whitebeard because their deaths are 100% confirmed. Stop being fucking obtuse

>>137663009I learned that Francois was supposed to be strawberry blonde.

>>137663003No.3 on the worldwide poll, with Itachi being in 2nd and Minato as #1.

Make a new thread TTGG you faggot. We don't need to cram 1000 posts in this topic if we can do it in another thread. You have the power

>>137663017When Shippuden is over.

>>137663020The manga was first published in 1999

>>137663011Oh, HG Bro, you card. Nice work.

>>137663003She's attractive, she just doesn't have an attractive personality

>>137663009I learned that autistic nimrods can't help but wreck their mental health by hatewatching something they purport to not care about while simultaneously comparing it to SAO of all things, as opposed to simply cease watching the thing and do literally anything else..

>>137663006>here Obviously not. In Japan, there are groups of housewife fan groups who grew up with the series though

>>137663011>*ting ting ting*>I've come to make an announcement.>If you're attracted to me, you're GAY.>"b-but i'm a girl!">hahahahaha>*sips wine*>still gay

>>137662919I haven't read any of the manga, except that one chapter where Vegapunk shows up in a woman's body. And maybe the one right before it too.I've read stuff online, and it hasn't given me the impression that he's as genuine as you seem to think.He killed his brother, right?And even if that's just some exception, I still think it's a sign that he probably only considers them family while they're loyal to him, so if she survived and learned to be independent, he probably wouldn't be like "good for you" when he found that out.>>137662978Well remember, this is all happening in Jiraiya's book inside of Tsunade's dream.>>137662988And I'll post some next week too.But probably not the kind you're expecting.

Attached: tayuya12.jpg (640x480, 34.33K)

>>137663011Imagine how greedy he'd be during sex.

>>137663029We're not going to get 500 posts out of half of a Naruto filler episode and a MHA rerun.


>>137663019>57 episodes until the endI can't believe it's almost over

>>137663017Hopefully never, Boruto Hinata is such a letdown, even taking into account how much of a letdown she was handled basically any other time in the franchise.

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.full.1716912.jpg (1272x1765, 591.15K)

>>137662912Quoting again just for good measure.>>137662961So I can't remember if I played this one before but I need to fill a slot, so here's Make Art Not Friends by Sturgill Simpson, from Sound &'ve been listening to the album a lot lately so even if I have already played it before, I've been reexamining it and I rather like this one. It's kind of a two part song in that it has a short lead-in that sounds kind of anxious and forlorn, just quiet, half-electronic bit that eventually just... gives up and becomes the main song. Like you just let go of what was stressing you out and decided to just lock yourself away. The song's about isolation and giving up on the world, so you know, something this crowd might appreciate Also, gal in a hazmat suit skateboarding. So that's neat.

Attached: dj_sona_by_dicex012-d8q0fxn.png (1024x1448, 1.56M)

>>137663035Fool that you are, you assume we had mental health in the first place.

>>137663030so in 9 years?

>>137663029Cutoff is over 20 minutes past. Fuck off

>>137662994it's Itachieither Itachi remains loyal to the village and becomes an unattainable standard of perfection Sasuke cannot reach, turning him evil to gain power to catch upor Itachi kills everyone and Sasuke turns evil to gain power to catch upItachi is just too good for this shit village.

>>137663043Just means more space to cum on when you give her a facial


Attached: 1683517664444027.jpg (1020x812, 381.39K)

>Sasuke has been sperging out and getting aggressive as fuck.>Let's make him a cop.

>Tom is an Itachichad>>137663029It's not happening, unless we closed off the thread with a manga chapter dump

>Sasuke is gonna be a police officerHe seems like the kinda person that would abuse the power

So they went from flashback hell to dreamland hell. When do they actually get back to the main plot?

They have police?

>>137663034sadly, I think her personality is only unattractive to our western sensibilities. nips probably love her overbearing cunt behavior and shitty attitude

>>137662071I wish I had an account under the name Megumibro but eh, maybe better not to be a namefag. Maybe I'll just settle for using her for reaction images even after the show ends on here.

Attached: megumi2.jpg (1280x720, 201.21K)

>>137663042We did last week

Did they ever add more Naruto voices to Royal Crackers or was it just Naruto and Hinata?

>>137663082Pretty sure even a lot of Japanese fans were calling out her lack of character beyond being a Sasuke fangirl for like 75% of the series

>Boruto guy says "One Piece fans be like "It gets good after 1000 episodes">Me: At least I can say my series gets good, homie"

Attached: FxKpwydWYAIx76g.jpg (1170x1127, 153.24K)

>>137663081Yes, because Itachi didn't kill them in this version.

>>137663075He does in this very filler.

>>137663084Don't dishonor Megumi by becoming a faglord about her here. Besides, it's rerunning in a little while.

>>137663021>It's not fucking separating anythingIt is. You use Pandaman and Sam as examples when they were never implied killed and were reoccurring gags, and used Pell and Pound who had connections to more prominent characters. Nero was killed, has no connections to more prominent characters, and he was never a reoccurring gag. He was a simple thug for one mini-arc. You cannot use these guys as if they're alike.>No, he can't bring back Ace and Whitebeard because their deaths are 100% confirmed. One devil fruit with one convenient ability or Vegapunk-level tech and you got insta-rez. He could make up any bullshit he wants. It's fiction numbnuts.

I really miss Jiraiya. The time travel filler arc in Boruto was nice.

Attached: 1571982472992.png (636x440, 108.49K)

>Sakura is just going to sit on her fat ass while everyone else gets stronger

>>137663054Dude, we're only a year away.

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.full.2082260.jpg (640x819, 233.04K)

>>137663063I've always found the idea of facials really offputting. I gather that they're popular since they're super common in porn, but it just seems gross and visually unappealing to me.

Attached: 1448740398591.jpg (500x377, 66.17K)

>>137663052Next we've got Nosferatu by Blue Oyster've got some buddies who really love Blue Oyster Cult and recently they've been going through their whole goddamn discography, so I've been along for parts of the ride. While not every song hits for me, it's interesting hearing their different sounds. Different vocalists for some songs, different styles, some are more spooky story-driven songs about some obscure literary reference, some are more generic radio fodder. This one from the late 70s is one of those spooky story-driven ones. As I was writing this I was about to say that it's not Eric Bloom singing, which is odd since he seems to get all the wierdest ones, but no, he just started singing as I'm listening, he's in this too. Just found that funny. Cool guitar solo in this one, so enjoy that classy, classic spooky vibe and some slick shredding near the latter quarter.

Attached: _mmd__dj_concussive_sona_by_tri_oxygen_luka-d9bg9py.png (1024x1132, 772.98K)

>>137663106He's literally listed as UNKNOWN when it comes to his status. Get the fuck over it.And wrong, there will be no revival of the dead, you fucking mongoloid

>>137663026>No.3 on the worldwide poll, with Itachi being in 2nd and Minato as #1.Sometimes I wonder why we pay so much attention to those dumb polls.

>>137663054Year and change.August or so of '24

why is Tsunade in the village? also, is Dan still dead in this timeline? it's Tsunade's dream, so surely he didn't get killed again

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_squeezable_artist.png (629x871, 836.86K)

Is that Shisui?

>>137663110>Tfw Sasuke saying he was a fan of Jiraiya's book to hide who he really was>Could tell for a few second he was considering just fucking with time to say other wise

Attached: smuglaughinganya.gif (205x223, 91.52K)

>>137663132This isn't Tsunade's dream, this is the book Jiraiya wrote in Tsunade's dream.

>>137663075>>137663099Does the Leaf not do any kind of personality screening or psych evals for their enforcers?Anyone at all who knew Sasuke personally would say he's a bad fit.

I really hoped Minato would have the emotional intelligence to say "the person you think is your friend is severely maladjusted so getting stronger than him without those issues being addressed will just make him crazier"

>>137663136That's what I'm wondering. The eye bags are throwing me off.

>>137663052Woah, you weren't kidding. That was a hard left turn. No stranger to melancholy music, but not quite sure I'm into this one. I think I dig the video itself more than the tune itself. Perhaps I just want to distance myself from such a message.>>137663039>haven't read any of the mangaThat explains a lot. Perhaps you should educate yourself.>He killed his brother, right?>And even if that's just some exception, I still think it's a sign that he probably only considers them family while they're loyal to him, so if she survived and learned to be independent, he probably wouldn't be like "good for you" when he found that out.He did that because his brother was secretly a Marine that was passing along info to his bosses. They're pirates, it kind of comes with the territory. That, and he hates everything involved with the government. He's shown to be nothing but courteous and protective to everyone else in his crew.

>>137663120I feel that way too, I think it's some sort of emotional connection thing, at least for me. For you or anyone else the general idea is probably just gross, but I'd feel bad covering a woman I care about in burdensome sticky substances on her face. It's not to the extent of putting myself in her place and imagining how I'd dislike it, but slightly below that. No I do not think I explained this well.

>>137663132Dan not dying means Tsunade didn't leave.

>>137663115is she gonna sit it on my face though?

Attached: 135614573474826.webm (786x572, 1.73M)

Kushina's verbal tic is cute.Would this series have been more tolerable if the protagonist was a girl?

>>137663011The left eye's a little off but it's still great otherwise.

>>137663120Japan loves them because it encourages men to not cum inside women so their birthrates will continue to plummet and their population will die off

>>137663121>BOCMy nigga, especially this one.

>>137663054I'd say this time next year there abouts we should be down to like 30 episodes to go, thats if they don't stop Naruto at this point for some god forsaken reason.

Attached: 1570315140481.jpg (611x419, 30.66K)


this art is like an adorable mix of young and teen hinata

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.600.1392157.jpg (420x600, 38.76K)

>>137663123>He's literally listed as UNKNOWN when it comes to his status>using wikis as evidenceFucking hell man, I atleast thought you were using your brain.>there will be no revival of the dead>stating what Oda can and cannot doThe fucking hypocrisy.

>>137663158>so their birthrates will continue to plummet and their population will die offWhy would Japan love that, though?They even have that whole "please get married and have children" initiative going on.

Attached: Aramaki gets real.jpg (1280x1280, 109.69K)

would be cool if Orochimaru's current body here is Kakashi's dad, making his "suicide" just a coverup for Danzo's secret collusion with Orochimaru

>>137663141I still can't believe they thought they should use their time to do this. Dozens of characters with their own unique dream scenarios and they decide to spend their time on several episodes on literal fanfiction.


Attached: 15326343273247918.png (1024x600, 339.24K)

>>137663154Sakura will never sit on your face as a way to interrogate you for intel.

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.full.1858776.jpg (814x1000, 351.3K)

>>137663167There wasn't any fucking hypocrisy, dipshit.But please, keep sperging the fuck out because people pointed out a character wasn't confirmed dead and could potentially return. Not like anybody is expecting the guy to, just that it CAN happen. Get the fuck over yourself already.

>>137663146Ha, fair enough. I do try to focus on more optimistic stuff when I can.>>137663121Finally, I'm gonna end it on some Breakbot. This one's called Mystery, and baby it's off the bat with that slapping bass and rhythm. And just as the bass gets you hot, the cool keys come in to add the kind of flavor to really take you by the hand and pull you out on that dance floor, baby. If it was JUST this instrumental groove I'd be fine with it, too, but the vocals actually surprised me. Like, it actually caught me off guard as it only gets better as it goes. True of the song itself, really. If I stop paying attention for a moment it escalates just a little bit to grab my attention back again. This is just that kind of funky rollerdisco groove I go for, friends. And it's just the kind of great sound I want to leave you all with tonight.So until next time, this is Deep Space Radio, signing off!

Attached: dj_sona___league_of_legends_by_yuse_art-d8kdc7u.jpg (926x862, 227.64K)

>Someone young, beautiful, and strong.Why is Orochimaru like this?

>>137663146>He's shown to be nothing but courteous and protective to everyone else in his crew.He killed weapon-woman's husband(s)!

>>137663188Shit, from the thumbnail I thought it was like a micro bikini.

>>137663155It's a very bog standard take, but yes. Unequivocally. Naruto's obsession with Sasuke would've made a lot more sense too.

Attached: 24867594_p0.jpg (500x597, 280.27K)

>>137663169as an isolated, slightly xenophobic island culture, there is no benefit in exploding the population exponentially every year. they need to maintain a balance, otherwise it becomes a crowded mess and their resources will run thin.

Speaking of Gay I'm still doing this. Still gotta do Gintoki and Joseph Joestar

Attached: KHFillme.gif (245x155, 394.87K)

Family alive. Brother not being responsible nor being a missing nin. Yet Sasuke still wants to create drama because... he wants his dad's attention and stuff. Anyway, I'm getting off track. Rate this episode that's telling you an alternate turn of events of Naruto Shippden!

Attached: Naruto Chart.jpg (600x1790, 355.53K)

>>137663200Considering the kind of men Baby 5 was getting attached to, is it really a bad thing?

>sasuke just spent the last 3 years seething

>Itachi would be past his prime>in 3 yearsWouldn't he just be like... 22? What kind of sick bullshit is this?

>>137663201lol, me too

>>137663189He's dead, simple as that. You trying so hard to defend a mook being alive is pathetic.>But please, keep sperging the fuck outPot meet kettle.

>>137663173I actually did finish watching GitS: 2045 the other day. The show overall was actually pretty decent, surprised me that I liked it as much as I did.Except... in the last couple episodes, it kinda lost me. I was willing to overlook the dumb 1984 stuff (Haha because the first series did Catcher in the Rye get it hahah...) but the ending just kinda felt like it got progressively dumber, and the very end I don't even know what I'm supposed to think about it. So it's kind of a big shrug in that regard. The rest of it was pretty fun.

I bet this guy will make a great police officer.Just look at him.

Attached: naruto 47.png (2224x1251, 1.55M)

Sasuke comes off outright mentally ill in this filler.


Attached: Honey Lemon bounce.png (1500x701, 296.19K)

>>137663214>Spent it seething about something Naruto probably didn't even know about

nice to see more Shisuiunderrated Uchiha

>>137663223>he's deadAnd yet, he could return, which is all that was being said. Yet you had to be a baby sperg over literally nothing, you're the only pathetic one.

>>137663227>I'm gonna beat some fucking Ninjas

>>137663121Love this song. "I Love the Night" from the same album is also a BOC favorite of mine. They're back to back too, so I often listen to them together.

Why did that police guy have his sharingan always on?


>>137663188Hinata has always been best girl

>>137663231Looking forward to Naruto waving hello to Sasuke and Sasuke shooting Naruto immediately.


Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.600.3383655.jpg (600x867, 63.77K)

>>137663146I'm lazy.And I still think he's an ass, and that the hypothetical situation I came up with would make sense until proven otherwise.>>137663178Looks too much like Ichigo.And I think I've gone from shaking with indignant rage to just shaking like I do sometimes.

Attached: 84cbc4056997f589c59a5638c79b83bc61eb514f.jpg (1900x2500, 2.93M)


Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_and_junketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_arad_baranga__315bc33e4f821c0ce08c1370a9d14d0b.jpg (5262x3720, 1.54M)

>>137663215Orochimaru doesn't want anyone over 18.

>>137663253>He had a gun!

>>137663210forgot image.

Attached: CD WIP.png (3907x1526, 1.65M)

>>137663214>3 years seething over Naruto>while Naruto is just training to better himself

Attached: 1683016914752819.jpg (1088x816, 165.45K)

>>137663242>And yet, he could returnHe won't. Seethe about it more if you want.

>>137663212Gold because of how Minato tossed his own son into a mountain

>>137663253I wish, but somehow even without being an orphan, Naruto's own daddy issues caused him to fixate on Sasuke in this timeline.But fuck this isn't what friendship looks like.

>>137663250It's nice whenever I get to see someone say that and not wrap it up in an exceeding aura of shitposting. Good on you user.

Attached: Hyuuga.Hinata.full.3218699.png (1044x1619, 1.07M)

>>137663270>says the guy getting upset over someone pointing out a character with no confirmation of their deathWhatever, retard. Not my fault you don't understand how death works in this series.

>>137663210>>137663267Who's left?

>>137663212Green in the first half, blue in the second.

>>137663227Isn’t it set up so ONLY Uchiha can be police? And that they don’t really have much power?

Toonami's almost over for now. Odd timing tonight, I'm not sure Unicorn needed to be that long. You hanging in there alright? Holy shit, this image almost made my pants combust.>>137663198Hot damn, this is my favorite of the night. My favorite non-BOC, at least. Great amount of variety in this playlist, you always bring the good shit. Hell, I'm still listening to some of the stuff you shared. I am not undone, and I shall not be ashamed.>>137663200That's quite literally for her own good, and not in the controlling boyfriend kind of way.>>137663257Then be lazy, but that doesn't change what he is despite your unwillingness to learn.

Attached: Fxzn97SWYAIuu4e.jpg (646x782, 173.12K)

>>137663267ic you made sure to not forget the lipstick

Attached: 1685629527939410.jpg (1680x2199, 527.13K)

Attached: Ami no pants.png (800x510, 120.08K)

>>137663284>nooooo he's still alive!He's dead. Cope dumbass.

>>137663286Meant to be Sexy Jutsu. I was doing really loose sketches just to get the poses for some of them.

>>137663291I thought that they do have some power but it also makes them unpopular?

>>137663267I am appalled yet intrigued.

Attached: 1586700426885.jpg (1920x4320, 1.08M)


Attached: niggayougay.jpg (983x553, 119.1K)

>>137663281Well, thanks, user! She was my favorite even as a kid. ‘Proud failure’ was one of my favorite parts of the series growing up (and also the anime scene of her at the waterfall activated something in me).

>>137663307No, I meant who's left to add?

>>137663208They're currently at negative birthrate, aren't they? That's not a balance, that's "eventually the majority of the population will be old and too weak to work."

>>137663305Never said he was definitely alive, you stupid nigger, just that he can possibly return, unlike Monet, Ace, or Whitebeard. Try actually paying attention for once in your life.

>>137663267Love that Jiggler.

Attached: Mount Lady's new outfit.png (863x1000, 647.28K)

>>137663300I appreciate the post user, Ami a vute. That’s some low quality anime feet though.

>>137663330>Never said he was definitely aliveAnd yet you dragged this out to defend him being alive. Someone is definitely sperging like a baby and its you.

>>137663293Tired... but still awake.

Attached: 965153feb6ba2972054ba430e5f3b218.jpg (1000x1300, 163.1K)

>>137663267Ahaha, wow. That's some outstanding work, HG Bro. I admire your dedication to getting all this accurate.>crossdressing SanjiFair enough, considering that's what your going for. I suppose it is more fitting than R63 Luffy.

>>137663293Hanging in there. Though I'm not sure that's a good thing. I sound like a broken record, but even with UWE being 45 minutes long it still feels like the night was too short.And damn, that's pure sexual napalm.

>>137663326>NegativeNo, they're below "replacement" rate but not negative.

>>137663342You're the one who dragged it out and even changed the fucking goalpost, only sperging is you.

>>137663307Gintoki from Gintama and Joseph Joestar in the Tequila outfit.Though to be honest I may be missing some. Those're just the one's off the top of my head. My friend is helping me out with some other picks. I think Ryo Saiba can be on it too.

>What's incoming!?>>137663293pretty tired but I've been trying to make a point of not sleeping quite as late and it's starting to catch up. As far as unicorn technically we did get two resolutions to conflicts including the one introduced the same episode so at least there weren't many lulls to it

Attached: 1569629800459.webm (1074x1080, 496.23K)

>>137663356The goalpost was always that he was dead and had no purpose beyond being dead. You're the one trying to use wikis and other unrelated characters to say he's still alive. You needing to to keep a mook alive is why we're still here. Sperg harder.

>>137663349I considered R63 Luffy but I decided against it. Sexy Jutsu counts because it's Naruto pretending to be a girl. He's just using Ninja Magic instead of just an outfit swap. But Rule 63 Luffy ain't canon so I can't include him.Gintoki is funny cuz he has both crossdressed AND genderswapped so I could technically include him twice.>>137663357meant for >>137663325

>>137663367It feels like the same situation with Housing Complex C, watching more of Unicorn back to back helps things feel more entertaining than the once a week deal. Of course, the ending could still fail, but that's still a ways off

Attached: Tatsumaki embarrassed.jpg (555x900, 237.76K)

>>137663354How is below replacement not negative?

>>137663293Still here. Pretty tired though. As soon as MHA is done I'm going straight to sleep. Regardless of how bad the block may I get, shitposting with you all is still fun

>>137663373No, the goalpost was that characters who aren't confirmed dead can possibly return, that was all. You tried to make it strictly about characters who are 100% dead, which isn't the case here. YOU keep sperging, you shitposting child

>>137663311I think in the proper canon, they HAD power and abused it all the time to fuck with people, so the hokage had to intervene and give them fake power and that’s what led to their eventual revolt plan

>>137663299How is Gen somehow one of the hottest girls in this show?

>>137663267Its pretty good, but your Don Patch seems a little small. You wanna make sure that when you draw Don Patch that he is the main center of focus for the viewer. I find that eliminating all the unnecessary background characters and drawing him so that he takes up most the canvas works pretty well.

Attached: patch up.jpg (648x486, 46.92K)

>>137663293>in Sanji's Wedding NamiWhat does this mean?

>>137663378>But Rule 63 Luffy ain't canon so I can't include him.Give it time.

Attached: a8b97-16658540913133.jpg (636x680, 144K)

>>137663391Because more people are being born than are dying.

>>137663399He's dead. You trying to say otherwise at this point is just desperate.

>>137663293Pretty good night tonight, dont know what changed though.

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_hong_doo.jpg (850x1403, 106.64K)

>>137663378What if you draw genderswapped Gintoki crossdressing?

Attached: ochako.gif (540x302, 1.63M)

>>137663421Doesn't "below replacement" specifically mean less people are being born than are dying?Because there aren't enough being born to replace the dying ones?

>>137663423No, it's just stating what kind of shenanigans Oda can pull. Not my fault you get offended over Oda pulling bullshit

>nap>45 minutesshit

>>137663383Housing Complex C jumped up to one of my favorite Toonami originals after the marathon night. Anytime I recommend it to people now, I say to watch it all at once for the best experience.

>>137663357But Gintama never aired on Toonami.

Goodnight, Baby. At the end of all things remember to stay DANDY, baby! See ya.

Attached: Dandy.jpg (1280x720, 226.27K)

>>137663403That's a good point user. But you gotta understand. Patches is the Heroine, so obviously we have to show all the SIDE CHARACTERS behind her so we can tell how much better he is than them.

>>137663412What a dangerous devil fruit that is.

Attached: 1507524874802.png (275x281, 56.19K)

>>137663450Oh this is an unrelated to Toonami side project. It's just something I had the idea for a month ago and decided to make it into a personal project. It's based on Shonen Jump, not strictly Toonami.

>>137663438>it's just stating what kind of shenanigans Oda can pullLike bringing people back from the dead, right? Oh wait, you said he can't. There's the hypocrisy again. He's dead, deal with it.

>>137663448It definitely was a lot more fun seeing it near seamlessly and not piecemealed over a month like the original broadcast. Would say it still could have been better in some places, like maybe having another episode's worth of content, but it wasn't terrible

>>137663412Would you a girl Bepo?

Oh boy, 3am!

Attached: 1584860404352.jpg (512x384, 41.82K)

>>137663293I'll learn when I get to it, but what you've told me so far doesn't change the fact that I don't see him being okay with somebody deciding they want to go their own way. If something that does change my mind on that happens, I will acknowledge it, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to find it by manually reading everything until I get my answer. Because I'm not THAT invested in One Piece, despite my strong opinions on it., which I know isn't the most informed kind of opinions.Maybe I'll go through everything after it's actually over. Then maybe I work on my overly ambitious semi-crossover fanfic that nobody else cares about.I'll shut up about this for tonight. Today?This thread! I'll shut up about it for the rest of this thread. And I'll try to keep it to a minimum next time.>>137663464Insert theory about Crocodile being Luffy's mom here.

Attached: seriously.gif (500x288, 86.32K)

i cant keep my eyes open any longer i can lose 15 minutesLater.

Attached: 1445147057501.jpg (4102x2892, 1.71M)

>>137663476There's a literal difference between a character being resurrected and a character being revealed alive when their last appearance was questionable at best



Attached: 1606818529506.png (1224x694, 706.23K)

>>137663452I forgot we were running long, baby fuuuuck. Oh well goodnight!

Attached: MV5BMjAwNjc2MjUzOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzM2MjU1MjE@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg (1000x750, 68.7K)

>>137663490>their last appearance was questionable at bestIf you lack a brain, maybe. He's dead.

>this argument's still goingWhat a bunch of crybabies.

>>137663454Ah I getcha user, you gotta have the plain ugly girls right next to the popular pretty girl to show the viewer how much more pretty and popular she is in comparison. Thats some patch worthy thinking worthy of your very own Don Patch keychain! Which you can purchase in the Don Patch gift shop.

Attached: 654634653434.jpg (400x403, 33.32K)

Gonna call it here. From 45 minutes of Elf shit in Unicorn, to androgynous Frenchie and first Stone Camera in Dr. Stone, to The Great Food Wars Keikaku in Food Wars, to Monet nuking Punk Hazard in One Piece to Sasuke becoming a cop in Shippuden, ending off with MHA reruns we go through another night of toonami funness. Next week is more of the same, with the Finale of Food Wars, and we got more Food rerun fun later on, with ANOTHER FUCKING UNICORN MARATHON FUCK YOU DEMARCO.Have a good night Toonamibros, and remember to sing a song for the Toonami

Attached: sleepyviddles[1].png (540x307, 226.16K)

I spy a quick Nejire cameo.Also a new Shpo piece. That's her tongue, it just looks weird. At least the clothes they drew her in is really sweet.

Attached: __hadou_nejire_boku_no_hero_academia_drawn_by_shpo__d89f1e64344d7b7d97aeb362fc46e9e1.jpg (1150x1850, 996.61K)

>>137663513>he's dead because I say so!Only one lacking a brain is you

>>137663538>he's dead because he was killedftfy

>>137663546>he was killed>hit by an attack that dozens of other characters survivedStay retarded, newfaggot

May as well tap out since everyone else is doing so. MHA isn't worth it anyways.

Attached: Good Sleep Popuko Certified.jpg (704x690, 181.31K)

Superior Francoise

Attached: Francoise pretty.png (680x920, 829.16K)

>>137663546People don't die when they're killed user.

Welp, seems like we are doing good nights right now, so i guess thats all for this week! Its been fun posting with you all like always! See you all next week and make sure to keep your waifu close till then!

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_herokick__21dd58f4a9374e60c859cb66b7fca841.jpg (1280x1193, 337.54K)

>>137663344>>137663351>>137663367>>137663395>>137663424Glad to hear it, and of getting into good sleeping habits. And yes, it's pure sex. I'd say she wears it better, but I'm biased.>>137663407Read ahead.>>137663485Well I guess I should expect as much from the bird lover, but eh. You do you.

Attached: FwwpfSJX0Bc-vy2.jpg (3072x4096, 724.23K)

It's only a few more minutes. You can make it

Is it over? Idk

Attached: D526CFCF-FB35-4D0E-9C5A-4B68C7BB1611.jpg (540x559, 43.85K)

>>137663553>hit by an attack that dozens of other characters survived>and thrown into the ocean in the middle of Aqua LagunaThanks for proving you don't know shit. Go back to your wikis, retard.

>>137663569You hush.

>>137663378Yea, but Oda DREW FemLuffy, so it's still official in a sense, even if it's not in the story proper


Until next week, good night and good hunting.>>137663571Always.

Attached: deosbwo-0b4a1e99-9154-4ac5-b62b-6e411907395a.png (838x1200, 655.85K)

G'night fellas

Attached: thank YOU.gif (330x274, 2.95M)

>>137663378Fair's fair, I can respect that. Ain't gonna lie, I kinda just wanted to see you draw those rubber boobs.

One day I will buy this game, and I will play as Nejire.

Attached: 2510225dbc0e67207ff9.01192799-MHOJ2_Nejire_6_Screenshots_AGNOSTIC_EN_US.jpg (1920x1080, 170.59K)


Attached: Freedom.jpg (1750x1313, 1.15M)

>>137663581>muh stormMerry also fell into the path of the storm, and managed to survive it, dipshit. And stop sperging about fucking wikis, you goddamn nigger. Christ, you sound like a literal child sticking on that point.

Well it's finally done. I'm heading to bed. Good night and see you all next week lads

Good Night everyone It was a fun nightSee you next weekLater

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Attached: 1379437.jpg (259x194, 6.65K)

Later bros, see you next week. Hopefully my weights get here within the week. I want to lift heavier.

Attached: ZBuEaQBETnnl0UXO.webm (1280x720, 634.28K)

bee!I made it to the end cause I'm not a quitter.

Attached: 1570334208671.png (1008x563, 173.13K)

Congratulations to everyone who survived the 3.25-hour challenge!

Attached: 1660463915028.png (601x598, 48.17K)

Missed half the night because stream went down lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosee you all


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Attached: 1552204514829.jpg (1280x720, 65.38K)

Look at these nuggets. Don't worry, those are boy nipples.Good night

Attached: made in Abyss CH.65.png (846x1200, 857.14K)

Attached: Martel cross.jpg (274x421, 21.73K)

>>137663600>Merry also fell into the path of the storm>magically possessed ship that got reinforced before (and fell apart right after anyway) is the same as a tiny manSo fucking desperate.

>>137663595Will probably be like $10 during the steam summer saleremember getting it cheap one sale and I still haven't touched it Still wish they would have made a "Creator our own hero" with some original story line

>>137662368>>137663563Sleep tight, Popper>>137662447>>137663580sleep snug, smug.>>137663610Thank you!!>>137663502Thank you bro!!

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You made it to the end!

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>>137663563Sleep tight, popper>>137663580Sleep snug, smug>>137663610Thanks

>>137663608Please tell me this this is part of a full version

Time to hit the sack Toonamibros>>137663452>>137663502Stay Dandy>>137663487later>>137663536very cute>>137663563Sleep tight, Popper>>137663567I seem to recall her wearing a chinese dress in one episode>>137663571will do>>137663580seems soSleep tight, Popper>>137663572until next week>>137663591>>137663604later>>137663608that might be the best variation of that meme I've seen so far>>137663610thank you and you sure aren't

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It was nice tonight. Unicorn had its best episode, News thot gets her camera, Aizen reveals he planned all of Totsuki's students, Oda continues to waste Monet, and Sasuke joins the police, I'm sure that'll tun out well. I'm ok with the stff going on now, hopefully that Food Wars rerun is a placeholder until we get SOON. Goodnight /tg/.

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>>137663621>says the guy who thinks a character can't be alive despite plenty of other presumed dead people coming backAnd no, being tied to a major character isn't a requirement when mooks have seemingly died and then got better. Try actually reading the fucking series.

Goodnight everyone, and I hope you all have a good week too. See you next time, take care. I'm gonna miss watching new episodes of Food Wars after next week.

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We're done for the night, and I'm finishing with MASSIVE Robin titties. Not usually my thing, but when it's this well done I can't resist. Pretty good night, Unicorn at least had stuff happen. Elf civil wars are dumb. Highlight of the night was easily the super man himself, Franky. I love that motherfucker. And I'm also going to love how next week's episode will start out! It's gonna be great. Can't believe we're getting another goddamn Unicorn marathon. At least a while ago I couldn't, but these days it doesn't even surprise me. Another free night, then. See you all next week for more silliness. Until then, sweet dreams and stay>>137663571Damn straight.>>137663642Same to you, brother. Shit, I've missed a couple episodes at this point. I need to catch up.

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>>137663648It is when you're killed the way Nero was, but that requires actually using your brain and knowing what happened which I know is difficult for you.

>>137663637I wish but no. Just some goofing by Skudbutt

>>137663452>>137663487>>137663510>>137663523>>137663571>>137663592>>137663604>>137663606>>137663608>>137663612>>137663616>>137663617>>137663619>>137663628>>137663630>>137663642>>137663645>>137663649Goodnight!>>137663502>>137663610Thanks>>137663563Sleep tight, Popper >>137663580sleep snug smug

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>>137663572It's not the fact that she's got bird that makes me into her, it just ISN'T a turn-off. I just wanna make that clear.>>137663612>>137663630And I'm still here.

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>>137663666>this guy can't survive a beating and a poke to the chest>meanwhile a man survived a miniature NUKEStay retarded, newfag

>>137663672Guy is such a cocktease

>>137663682>still trying ignore Aqua Laguna as if I will just forget it convenientlyKeep reaching, dumbass.

>>137663662the raincheck for the party followed immediately by a beach episode will be a bit of a tonal whiplash but gotta do what you gotta do

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Bros I’m sorry, I went and missed the entire block, but I had sex

>>137663703It's hardly ignoring anything when the storm barely harmed anybody. But please, pretend like it mattered for a character who isn't confirmed, unlike a number of other characters

>>137662571They were subtle about it, but they did it here too.But people have a stick up their ass about 'juvenile humor' now. Even bigger one now.

>there's cute Robin art from the latest chapter color spreadFucking based.>>137663679Oh, I'm not racist against harpies, not even transharpies. She's just a gigantic bitch.>>137663711It is what it is. Fuck, senpai's adorable.

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>>137663720>It's hardly ignoring anything when the storm barely harmed anybody.Because they had the tools or ability to survive it. A half-dead man with nothing would not. Keep coping.


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>>137663719You that guy that was dating the Yugioh girl

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Those darts are fucking huge, Sheila's ass is probably gonna get a scar from that

>>137663719>doesn't post the songI'm happy for you, but weak.

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>pretend to be delusional about Monet dying>within 5 minutes two retards take up the duties and carry a dumbass argument for hoursTG is so easy

>>137663719You can have sex anytime you bastard.

>>137663738Ignore the reaction image forgot to remove it from something else I was gonna reply to but didn't



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>>137663735Learn how words work, newfag. It's hardly cope when a BOAT could survive a storm. And clearly all those goons on the train carts that got cut off aren't dead. But I guess you'll pull some nonsense like "oh but the storm wasn't as close to them" or something

>>137663719That's disgusting, user. You're disgusting. Hope it was worth it. Now go take a cold bath and think about what you did wrong.

>They break into the place and just mess up the joint.

>>137663738Yes. I think I know how to synchro summon now too>>137663760>>137663736>>137663731Thanks for believing in me friends>>137663750Yea but I wanted to have it tonight

>>137663755Nope, your disdain is immortalized.

>>137663748There's only one fucking idiot

>>137663764>still trying to compare a magic boat to some guyChrist, you're so desperate for any straws to grasp.

>made a joke about OP never killing off characters>it started an argument between two autists

>>137663719How flat was she?

>>137663789>magic boatGood job showing how retarded you are. There is no magic in One Piece. And don't say the Devil Fruits are magic, they're SUPERNATURAL, there is a difference.

>>137663738Is that why he wanted to buy that super rare Yugioh card? To get her to put out?

>>137663622Thanks for the tip, although I have a PS4 and a preference for buying physical. That said the physical release isn't too expensive, I just keep spending my money on other stuff first. Maybe I'll manage to get it within the next few months.I'm sure a lot of people here have experience playing games as female characters they like, but most games I've played don't fall under that category, which is why I'm especially eager to get to play as Nejire... although I bet I'll feel bad whenever I lose a battle as her.

Attached: MV5BYWUyMTM2ODItODAzZS00YjE2LWI4MWMtYWVjZmIyZjUzMjYxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA0ODI0NzQz._V1_.jpg (1913x955, 406.52K)

>>137663619>wash yourselves>no limbsAre they supposed to just roll around in it like a bird bath?

>>137663793Only one guy is being autistic

Damn, this is a good figure. Though the face throws me off slightly.>>137663804>a preference for buying physicalYou're one of the good ones.

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>>137663799>now he's trying to argue difference between magic and supernaturalOh boy, I think it's getting too late for you.

>>137663800I think that was someone else just being a retard with his money >spending $300k just to get one girls attentionI don’t think anyone in TG is that much of a simp

>>137663780>Yes. I think I know how to synchro summon now tooGave her one of the 5Ds

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>I don't believe in magic>has seen a box melt people and revived his own father with Jesus' sippy cupWot

>>137663818It's hilarious you try to act you're getting a one up when you're the one who clearly doesn't know anything about the series being discussed. But I guess that's to be expected of a newfag

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>>137663838This coming form the guy who needed to use a wiki as a reference. You're hilariously lacking self-awareness.

>>137663719Wow user. You do Fooly Cooly now, and giggly googly? You're so grown up

>>137663831>has seen a box melt peopleHe explicitly did NOT see that.>That 10 minutes of leaked footage.It's going to be very bad.

>>137663850I never stated it was from a wiki, you just assumed that, dipshit.

>>137663780>I think I know how to synchro summon now too The true gem of your night

>>137663807They were supposed to wash each other, but got too excited

>>137663804>and a preference for buying physicalI honestly can't remember seeing One's Justice 2 PhysicalI keep seeing the original at walmart but never 2

>>137663854The bodies were literally there on the fucking ground, it's pretty clear what happened.And what was shown in the leak?

>>137663828Did someone really pay $300k for a card?

>>137663868A chase scene.

>>137663859Right, which is why you posted something to prove otherwise. You're not fooling anyone, cupcake.

>>137663672Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: "Porn that could have been."

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>>137663870$311k iirc. And there was a second bidder who missed by like $100. It’s the only one of a kind card in the game so lots of die hard collectors were after it since it would be the crown jewel of any collection

>>137663874So is it worse than the one in Crystal Skull that ended with the CG ants?

>>137663619I've come to the conclusion normies only praise this for the art and music.

I don't care if it's been like 15 years since this movie, I want more art of this outfit.>>137663864>I honestly can't remember seeing One's Justice 2 PhysicalI just looked it up, you can get a physical PS4 version off Amazon for less than 20 burger bucks.

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>>137663719You the user from earlier with the date?Sex on the first date always feels like such a strange concept to me. You barely know the person.

>>137663881I didn't post anything, I stated the guy wasn't confirmed dead, and we don't have anything to confirm one way or the other like Ace or Monet

>>137663725I honestly didn't get bitch vibes from her.Immoral, yes, but not bitch.>>137663748At least I wasn't part of it.I'm just mad about it.>>137663799I wasn't part of this conversation, and I'm not saying they are magic, but I think in order for there to be a meaningful distinction between magic and just something supernatural, both have to exist.>>137663831I mean, when it has to do with religions, it can be supernatural without being magic.Also, Clarke's third law is a thing.

Attached: Tayuya Waterbottle Prank.png (2010x3000, 2.05M)

>>137663904Is that the one with the constant boob jiggle?

>>137663817That is pretty cool, but I can see what you mean about the face.>You're one of the good ones.Thank you.>>137663864I'd probably be ordering the physical version online, but I don't recall seeing it in stores either the few times I've been in the places for that the past while.>>137663904>I just looked it up, you can get a physical PS4 version off Amazon for less than 20 burger bucks.Yeah, that's the one I had looked at. Also the Amazon listing has like 7 screenshots of Nejire from the game, and I find that quite nice.

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The dart moved from one ass cheek to the other.

>>137663916>I didn't post anythingExactly, which means you got the unknown thing from a wiki, which proves you don't know shit. You just love hypocrisy, don't you?

I wonder if Sirena will be in the movie

>>137663921That's the one.>>137663925Might as well go for it, then, unless you really, really need it to drop down to like 13 or something.

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>>137663725The thumbnail made me think of this pic.

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>>137663937>you're a hypocrite for a stating a fact which I just assume is from a wiki based on nothingChrist alive, you're beyond autistic.

>>137663908This was our first real date but this isn’t my first time meeting her, we have known each other for a couple of months. >>137663796Like a cutting board. I knew she was flat, but I expected maybe a little hidden under the shirt

How in the hell did I not already have these saved. Probably because they're a decade old or something.>>137663945Pls no cry, Adeleine. Is that supposed to be a reference or something? I feel uninformed.

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>>137663863Oh, like only one of them goes nugget mode at a time while the other uses their robo-limbs to wash them?

>>137663951>you're a hypocrite for a stating a fact>he thinks wikis are facts nowThere's just no helping you

>>137663975Even if I did use a wiki, which I never said I did, that still wouldn't be hypocrisy, you illiterate child

Attached: Faye captive.jpg (1418x2031, 1.88M)

>>137663956>we have known each other for a couple of monthsPersonally I don't think I could feel comfortable being intimate with someone unless I'd known them for like a year, and I'm actually concerned that when I do start dating I'm going to have trouble finding a woman who would be comfortable with the glacial pace.

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>>137663925I have the game. It's ok, not bad at all but it could be better. I like the models and movesets. Also the mission theme is really good.

>>137663983>Even if I did use a wiki, which I never said I didCome on man, you're embarrassing yourself.>that still wouldn't be hypocrisyIt is when you accuse others of not knowing things when you had to rely on a wiki. Can't even follow your own words apparently.

>>137663959>Is that supposed to be a reference or somethingNo idea, I just saved it since I liked the image.What makes you think it's a reference to something else?

>>137664004It's so weird how this series, OPM, and Demon Slayer get weird fighting games and not some kind of action platformer that condenses the stories. I mean, I guess it's a bit better than just more Dynasty Warrior clones like what One Piece keeps getting, but still. Feels like they never do what should be a no-brainer for these shonen series

>>137664005No, I'm not embarrassing myself, keep reaching up your ass, maybe you'll find your brain up there.And it's hilarious that you get so stuck on the idea of me using a wiki as if it's some kind of valid point.

>>137664026I was thinking how my favorite batch of Jump manga currently running will never have even half the games that Naruto Bleach and One Piece had, much less the variety. Even in 2007, Buso Renkin, an axed manga got a PS2 Warriors game. It's really a sad state of affairs.

>>137664001Idk man you just gotta find someone you click with to make the process go faster. If you have shared interests you can skip some of the early icebreaker phases

Attached: Adelie pout.jpg (1920x1080, 198.91K)

>guy whose art I kinda liked is now exclusively AI stuffDamn it.>>137664013A combination of its age and just the general feel. I've seen it for a long while now, and it just sort of gives me a parody vibe. Like it's scribbled over a specific manga panel.

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>>137663904You just reminded me, I don't think I have any One Piece movies on my list for movie night options.What are the best ones?

Attached: 1563924318454.jpg (600x821, 67.12K)

>>137664044Speaking of Watsuki, they ever do any games for Kenshin? I can't recall hearing of any, though I guess if any were made they never left Japan. I could see something either like Ghost of Tsushima, or that recent Like a Dragon/Yakuza game with the Kenshin cast

>>137664052>guy whose art I kinda liked is now exclusively AI stuffLike he was an actual artist and he switched to doing AI just because it's easier?

>>137664026Stories are too short to justify a game retelling. Like that worked well with Naruto because the story has so much fluff, a game did a great job of trimming it down to the essentials while also giving people a fighting game where you can play as almost everyone of note from the cast. Plus, you can’t really do story focused games on something like OPM that is nowhere near completion and doesn’t really have a clear direction

>>137664053Not that guy, but Movies 4 and 6 are pretty good for the pre-Oda involved works. All of the "films" are pretty solid, though they do go up and down in terms of greatness, with Stampede so far being the weakest

>>137664044Naruto, Bleach and OP came out at a time when yearly shovelwear franchise games were super hot. That doesn’t fly on modern consoles, people either want an AAA experience or a ZZZ indieslop experience. Anime games were usually a solid mid and nobody really wants to make mid anymore

>>137664064Just fighters on the PSP, they're actually pretty good but my biggest gripe is that they use the art from the 2011 OVA fopr the characters.

>>137664078Eh, they almost had the right idea with OPM, they just went with a weird fighter setup for the mechanics. The concept of you being a nobody/the side cast while Saitama is on his way was a pretty on brand idea for the series. As for MHA, you could probably have games that cover 2-3 seasons each, if they were to include all the fights. And I guess they could even use the movies, since those are actually canon unlike a lot of Shonen series where the films are just expensive filler

>>137663941Nah the price is fine, I just keep ending up spending my money on other stuff first before I get around to the game. Right now I'm trying to save up so whenever they reveal and announce the Spiritale Nejire statue, I'll be at least close to maybe being able to afford it, granted it comes out in a way that's worth the price. Their other MHA figures look good so I'm holding out hers will too. Could continue to be awhile longer before any updates though, so I might dip into getting the game soon-ish anyways.>>137664004I see, well I don't really have too high a bar for this sort of game so I imagine it'll do enough for me. The music does sound nice.

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>>137664064Had a PS2 game, never left Japan

>>137664104Can't be any worse than the character updates for some of the recent Tenchi OVAs, right?Right?

>>137664105I’m honestly surprised that MHA doesn’t have an Ultimate Ninja Storm style of game. It’s the perfect formula, a vast cast of characters to play as, many poorly developed in the source material which drives people to the game just to see those characters do something

>>137664033You're the one who felt the need to say I didn't know anything. Don't regret your own actions when you get called out.

>>137664125Could happen if they ever get Cyberconnect2 on board to help make a game.>QTE of All Might's Plus Ultra on the first NomuI can dig it

Attached: PLUS ULTRA!.jpg (2345x1319, 1.72M)

>>137664129You clearly don't know anything when you think there's magic in One Piece when it's been explicitly stated to not exist, and that there would be some kind of resurrection fruit. You didn't call out shit, you absolute brainlet

Got to get up early tomorrow to deal with some bullshit from this afternoon.Apparently my apartment updated their parking permits. I was not informed of this change and my truck got towed.I would have dealt with this shit last night but the towing company was already closed for the day. The guy that was there didn't know if someone was working this morning so I might have to wait till Monday to fix this shit.I already fired off a very irritated voicemail to the apartment manager. I was able to keep myself from including a string of swears but it was delivered through gritted teeth.So I get to deal with all that Monday before work.Hopefully I'm in a better mood next week.Watching Toonami did help.Goodnight Toonami GeneralStay Gold.

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>>137664143Aren’t they busy with another Ultimate Ninja Storm?

>>137664161Not that I know of, though it seems weird when they've covered everything already. Or is this some kind of "THE real ultimate experience" deal where it'll be everything in one go?

>>137664113It's not THAT bad, but there is something off about them. Frankly I wouldn't be happy if they used the 90s anime either. I actually think the new anime has the best character design of the 3 adaptations.

Attached: UI.png (961x453, 791.59K)

>>137662071I hope Megumi gets a good sendoff in the last episode. I'm going to be nervous about it all week. I know nothing can top the S4 finale but please give her something that feels satisfying, not just a couple reactionary shots and then the end.

>>137664053I'll be real with you, user. Despite me being a huge One Piece fag, I actually haven't seen very many of the movies. Not even the ones people all hail like the clockwork turtle thing or the one drawn by the guy who did Digimon: Our War Game. I have at least seen Strong World and Film Red, which are both very fun and highly recommended.>>137664068Kind of scratchy but decent enough art, but now it's like 10 different OP women in obvious AI and it's a bit depressing.>>137664109I have to commend you for prioritizing your waifu's statue over a game you can get literally anytime. All the anime arena fighters are pretty meh, anyways. Especially One Piece's, wich just makes me so sad.

Attached: Fxm-41_aQAcYmKb.jpg (1080x1840, 387.01K)

>>137664171>>137664161There is a new one coming out this year for the 20th anniversary of the series. It’s going to cover all of pre time skip, Shippuden and all of Boruto up to the hiatus. As well as having an expanded character roster

>>137664173Isn't that kind like the style they used for the movie set after the anime? The one that a lot of fans hated for its super gloomy ending?

>>137664152And here you are once again desperately clinging to the definition of magic, which has a vague enough definition it can be applied to simple card tricks to technology too advanced to understand. Truly desperate.

>>137664186>expanded character rosterIs there even anyone from the OG/Shippuden who wasn’t playable in 4?

Attached: Devilnuts.png (766x578, 328.04K)

>>137664186Damn, that sounds like a lot of stuff to cover in one just one game. Could do without the burrito stuff, but I guess there's probably some mandate that demands the sequel be represented in some manner. Kind of odd though to cover up to where it is presently in the story, since that just feels like the awkward as fuck way they handled Dressrosa in PW3 a ways back

>>137664191Nah, that was a more "realistic" look.

Attached: 894ff04dbea33761e4c36b1f6dee1db7.jpg (695x1000, 121.68K)

>>137664195I'm not clinging to any vague definition, newfag, I'm stating something that's explicitly confirmed. Oh wait, I forgot that "confirmed" is a trigger word for your autism

Attached: Expectations.png (500x333, 194.7K)

>>137664200The ramen shop girl?

>>137664200Not really. I’d assume most expansion is for Boruto since the characters were barely represented in 4. >Danzo will have to be recast in the dub>Kisame will be recast in the subPouring two out

Still trying to make sense of this

Attached: 8B5219F6-507D-42DB-9F76-6BC79D4D78D3.jpg (1170x357, 102.7K)

God, pixiv is just overrun with AI shit now. Granted, she manages to look better than most but it's still AI. Thank god for the implemented filter.

Attached: Fx5q3UQX0AEZTha.jpg (1088x1080, 147.2K)

>>137664234Oh yea, the Aramaki guy passed a while back, huh. Shame about that.

>>137664243Likely means that they have a new show but can't announce it yet because reasons.

Attached: FyEEqVtWAAAYIuS.jpg (1088x1080, 252.99K)

Attached: Meidri thick.jpg (1200x1600, 1.29M)

>>137664234>>137664262That guy did a great old man voice.He WAS an old man, of course, but he really sounded like it.

Attached: 06149541-4421-4B86-A00F-ABFB391CD44E.png (870x1174, 309.02K)

See you next week friends.

Attached: Comfy_guy_Toonami.png (600x579, 259.06K)

I'm staying until the first Futurama ends, but I'm posting this now.

Attached: IMG_4299.jpg (640x480, 27.94K)

Hands up.

Attached: 1593332128007.png (1440x1440, 1.36M)

>>137664276Yea, 88 is a pretty good age. It's crazy how you got folk dropping at fucking 60 something, or even early 70s. I got a 92 grandma, and that woman is still able to walk with little need for shit like canes. And let's not forget Betty White, who was just like two weeks shy of hitting the big one-double-o before she went.

>>137664273Now post Meidri thin.jpg

Hey hey, been a while since I got it.

>>137664276>>137664234>Danzo’s VA was 88 years old and still doing voice work up till the endDamn, imagine going to grandpas house and he goes to his secret room and starts talking about how we need to exterminate the Uchiha

>>137664297Impossible, and I don't just mean because of the image limit, that birb is juicier than a roast turkey

>>137664221I've been saying from the beginning that Nero was confirmed dead. Stop making up shit in desperation.

>11/12 episodes of Food Wars S5 aired>All Kino/tg/ was wrong again.

>>137664276I always liked Danzo just because of his dub voice. He isn’t the only old man in anime but he was VERY old and sounded like it. I think it was just his natural voice too

>>137664301Or starts talking to you in your head from 40 blocks aways>Billy, your mother's cooking is shit! Also, the Laughing Man was spotted on Main Street, assemble the team

every time someone talks about fucking a yugioh girl (it's surprisingly common) i think about the yugioh girl i liked and haven't seen in 4 years because of covidshe was pretty promiscuous i think (never got to find out) and it makes me feel like im getting cuckedin short please pretend the girl you're fucking likes some other thing, like kingdom hearts or hetalia. it'd help a lot. thanks.

Goodnight anons.>>137664181Thanks.>All the anime arena fighters are pretty meh, anyways. Especially One Piece's, wich just makes me so sad.That's a shame, I sort of figured that was the case for the genre despite not having experience with it. I'm sure whenever I get the game, I'll be satisfied enough for what it is though. Maybe one day they'll try something more ambitious like was being discussed earlier. It's a nice thought at least.>>137664289Nice.

>>137664308No, he wasn't confirmed dead, and it's not desperation to say that he could be alive if Oda decides he wants to bring him back. You're the one getting hung up over shit for no sensible reason.

>>137664324>No, he wasn't confirmed deadHard to comprehend for someone who needs a wiki I guess.

>>137664319I'm relatively certain there's at least one pretty damn good one out there, but the genre, for lack of a better term, is pretty overrun and played out at this point. I think even Kill La Kill got one of those. Personally I find the One Piece really disappointing since I still hunger immensely for a good OP fighting game. And if I can't get that, I at least want more of the wacky shit like the Power Stone knock-offs from the PS2/GameCube days.

>>137664181Really should see Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. It's insane how cerebral Hosada managed to make a fucking ONE PIECE movie of all things

>>137664334>muh wikiIt's hilarious how you autistically cling to that with no basis other than me saying the word confirmed. But I guess it's to be expected of a brainlet newfag like yourself who can't argue for jack shit

>>137664351Not really clinging when you've still failed to offer where you would get that aside from a wiki. >who can't argue for jack shitThe delicious irony.

>>137664362>talking about irony when he's said the character is confirmed with no proof to show eitherYea, whatever newfaggot

>>137664346I heard really, really good things about it but I'm mostly in the dark.>it's on my regular anime siteFucking sweet.

>>137664374Well atleast you finally admitted you've been lying all this time

>>137664289Conglaturation.I both overestimated you and underestimated you at the same time.>>137664310That's just an opinion.

>>137664316Our initial friendship started over anime and Destiny 2, like I said I don’t know a whole lot about yugioh so I can’t contribute much to that aspect from my side. She is big into though so I’m trying to share the interest

>>137664380I remember it was on youtube like 10 years back, along with just about every other movie at the time. Binged all but movie 7 and Strong World, since I think Toei was being the most active on that one being put up before they obviously went and busted the rest

>>137664388How/where did you meet her?

>>137664383Literally didn't admit to anything, but hey, keep being illiterate and delusional, since that's all you're good for

>>137664410And you keep denying you don't know shit and have to lie about using wikis.

>>137664341Oh yea, I think I remember seeing the Kill La Kill one around online.Hopefully they do better for One Piece eventually. I haven't looked around too much on any of its games although I have seen them mentioned in these threads on occasion. I'd be interested in playing something for it if they have/one day release something everyone seems to enjoy well enough. Especially if Robin's playable.

>>137664424Never lied once, and haven't denied anything. Keep reaching, kiddo, you might find some brains up your ass amidst the shit

>>137664273my cute bird wife!