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Describe sex with her.

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Nikki looks like a god damn barbarian next to the smaller girls

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Ass > Tits

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>>137661201Bone shattering.

This thread is going to become unstable for the day

I love a woman in uniform but why is a chef wearing a military uniform?

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>is so focued on service and quality he doesnt even care about francois' genderthis guy

Ive never seen a new character dominate and rape a show as much as this pirate guy. What the hell were they thinking with this terrible character

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>trannies>in the stone worldthanks obama

>>137661203who gives a FUCK i'm trying to watch ANIME not wax philisophical about how we "live in a society"

I can already tell the usual suspects are going to freak out

hell yeah i'm nonbinary and glad dr stone is pretty modern with gender

>Looks like a girl.>Sounds like a girl.>Wears lipstick.How is there any confusion? No boobs?

Best girl. This guy/girl is weird.

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>>137661201she can really get your rocks off

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Opinions on The Reporter?

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It has dick sucking lips. It must be a chick.

>>137661201Upbeat and happy to "Yass gurl" songs.


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>they/them pussy

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>FrancoiseOh neat.

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>>137661201Awkward and short.

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>>137661221Their master is a sailor.

>>137661221There has always been a strong parallel between chefs and the military. There's a reason a group of chefs is called a 'brigade'.

So why does he still want to be that guy's butler? It's not like he's getting any compensation anymore.

>>137661239Got a mic she can use


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>>137661238I can't wait until we get her new outfit, it looks way better


>>137661201I want her to beat me within an inch of my life

I have learned that if my penis twitches then it's ok.

>>137661224Yeah, he is fucking annoying.

>>137661233its the Hanji situation all over again lol

You know, these people take to their new realities pretty quick.

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Stalin!? Woah, let's not Rushin to anything.

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>uncensored goat dickBruh

>>137661233It's Japan user

Why are they acting like Francois's gender is some mystery? Nikki, the seamstress, and the reporter literally saw her naked.

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>more food wars than food warsi am entranced

Seriously, no books survived this world?

Boy this chef person had absolutely no major panic or worries over waking up in a primitive society.

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>>137661233Yeah, I was wondering if the manga is more ambiguous.

>>137661231Nonbinary isn't real.

>>137661246>>137661247What did you faggots expect form an american dub at this point? Grow up and think outside the gender spectrum for a minute.

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>Goat butter

Credit to them for using they/them pronouns rather than assigning a default gender.

>10 months at seaIt's pretty difficult to get from Japan to America by sail. Aren't the winds against you most of the time?

It enlivens me to see how many of you dorks are buttmad about a pretty anime character having a different pronoun

Opinions on Kohaku so far?

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>>137661257They're just that dedicated.

Food Wars started early.

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>Francois's English VA is a japanese-american nonbinary

>>137661284Not unless they were sealed in something airtight

>>137661257He just fucking lives to serve. Just the fucking worlds greatest bottom.

breasts > ass>>137661283damn, that's unfortunate

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>It's my duty to fulfill every guest's desire

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>>137661293That's bait, bud.

>>137661257he compensates her with his penis nightly

>>137661296They/them isn't accurate unless its literally two niggas.

>Greed equals Justicehuh?

>Stalin>even though Kropotkin was the one who wrote "Conquest of Bread"ANARCHIST ERASURE

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>>137661279They didn't, Francois took the clothes too quick for them to peek at the goods.

>I want himew

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>I want himGay?

>>137661224very popular with fujos


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So what did they give the big boobs reporter?

Dr. Stone has more COOKING than Food Wars. its so weird how Food Wars is the only series where the characters explaining what they're doing is fun to watch and they just stopped

>>137661284Paper is biodegradable. All the books would've rotted away in the first millenia.

Say what?

>>137661284Paper is made of wood. Wood rots and decays. Its been 3700 years since mankind fell. Books would not last that long unless kept in a very specific seated off place and all those places have been over taken by nature so yeah no books.

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>they/them>nonbinary>bulterI don't want to watch Dr. Stone anymore

>I want him

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>I want himPorn of this character?

>>137661332Hasn't happened yet, you'll see.

Would any remotely-soft bread really last that long?Hardtack lasted forever because it was basically edible rocks.

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>>137661328Yes, and?

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>>137661224>Bakugo from Hero Academia is popular>let's add Bakugo to our show

>>137661332You'll see.What would a reporter want above all else?

Thought that Eric Andre thing was for FLCL for a sec

>>137661300Cute and built for breeding

>>137661320Venommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm got that adrenaline momentummmmmmmm gotta go get emmmmmmmm venommmm


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>>137661284Do you know how long paper can survive before deteriorating? Cuz let me tell ya. It's a lot shorter than 3,700 years.


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>>137661332You'll see. its integral to their Oil Search anyway>>137661356.

>>137661231I don't live on the internet so you're gonna have to explain to me what the fuck a "nonbinary" is and what it has to do with Dr.Stone.

>>137661349They have a consultant for that shit. So I'm going to go with: Yes.

time for them to revive a dentist

>>137661334>>137661341You now remember the Church of Scientology carved Hubbard's work on stone tablets so people in Dr. Stone know about Xenu.

Disappointed that they kind of skipped over all the fun science-y parts of cooking in this time period.

>>137661229Just saying since you're pretending nonbinary is real.

Francoise is a woman's name

>>137661358A bra to hold them huge milkers in place?

>>137661349Stollen can last months. Hard tack was just cheap to make.

>>137661333>>137661303>>137661283It's a sad state

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ugh im so thirsty for fiji water... not just any water... bet it flows for all time...

Is she anyones favorite stone girl here?

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>>137661358An endless source of tragic news to report on? Ideally involving children?

I can't honestly be expected to see this character as anything other than a woman right? It's just Japan's weird humor about how they design a tomboy or someone dressed a certain way and have the characters go "woahh is this a dude?" until a quirky reveal that it was obviously a girl?

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>>137661341That explains why my documents are starting to turn slightly yellow.

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>>137661377They're gonna be doing that for the rest of the show.

>>137661370Means they aren't a computerBut the more the bring it up the more I'm start to suspect other wise user.Computers are among us in these threads.They could eve

>>137661385I haven't seen Food Wars. Is there seriously a lack of cooking in an anime called Food Wars

>>137661201Your pelvis will not survive

>>137661370Basically its a way for boring people to seem interesting by adopting labels.

>>137661284I get what you're saying user. I get that things would deteriorate, but I find it unbelievable that EVERYTHING around the would all deteriorated at the exact same time.

Your opinion on Senku so far?

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>>137661403among us

>>137661308Josh Grelle is Japanese?

the bread she's referring to is here that has german ancestry will know what this is because most likely, you've eaten it on christmas.

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>>137661342Until we see a bare chest, consider it a woman who's male leaning. It makes the pronoun bullshit more bearable at least.

>>137661392There's never a reveal because the narrative literally doesn't think it matters.

>>137661391A real reporter, not a globohomo propagandist.

>>137661377Dr. Stone barely held up as a manga. It's a horrible anime.

>>137661357Is the Japanese version also voiced by Bakugo?

>>137661320It old English shit, nigga

the pirate guy is fucking annoyinghe's barely even a character; he's just an obnoxious meme.all he does in every scene is repeat over and over he is le greedy man and is gonna be king of the pirates

>>137661392It's Japan's weird humor about their different ways to refer to oneself. But she is 100% a girl.

>>137661377They already made a furnace in the first season.

>>137661412>Josh Grellethat's her deadname bigot

>>137661387I'd probably go with headphones girl first.

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Is Pirate dude just gonna to talk about money that doesn't exist until the very end of the story? Its like having a chick in this who's whole gimmick is finger fucking herself to k-pop fags and talking about get k-pop faggots the whole story.

>>137661419A notepad?

>>137661410I read the manga and his handling of the end goal is still fucking stupid. I didn't find it satisfying at all.

>>137661201sacrificing my bones for my boner

>>137661410He makes me Get excited.

>>137661405Yeah, since the cooking advisor went on maternity leave, the author didn't know what to do, so he turned Food Wars into an incest-fueled battle shonen with food nen.

>>137661233Because she didn't SAY she's a woman, how DARE you assume their gender, you bigot.

>>137661392It never gets revealed/

>>137661417>It makes the pronoun bullshit more bearable at leastIt makes it more unbearable. You'd think they'd make her more androgynous. God knows there's plenty of those in anime.

>>137661341Eh, I guess "Stone" is the right world for this anime.This planet will live and die by minerals. Minerals and plasma it gets from the Sun.Now, we have to hammer and chisel our history all over again.

>>137661431he already made money

>>137661354Fem!Inuyasha is far, far too hot

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>>137661392>until a quirky reveal that it was obviously a girl?

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>>137661422No, it isn't.

>>137661368I've made bread at home. Pretty great.

Yeast is air?

This is more Food Wars than Food wars is.

>>137661439>since the cooking advisor went on maternity leave,They didn't have a back up?Or SJ didn't think to have the cooking manga go on a hiatus until the advisor was back?

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>>137661431He already made a fiat currency.

>>137661425This is pretty much what Doctor Stone is going to be from now on. Instead of slowly walking through the process of development they just start de-petrifying the top expert in a given field that has a single personality trait (and just happens to be Japanese) and skip to the invention being done.

>>137661449Well he needs to stop talking about it.

why does this va sound so out of place? i mean they sound pretty good but it doesn't feel right

>>137661329>pandering to fujoshiDead series.

>>137661431>Is Pirate dude just gonna to talk about money that doesn't exist until the very end of the story?This is why you should have watched the OVA.

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>>137661458It's bacteria. We were making bread a long time before we bred yeast.

>a dildo

Shouldve aired during 2020, wouldve been a hit

Does she want a tampon?


...A vibrator?

Was it sex?

>>137661454I jerked off to so much porn of Haku, before I found out, and after I found out.

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Does she want a bra to hold up her tits or something.

>>137661345>only 87 works on pixiv feels bad man

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>>137661454Haku was too cute to live

A pool

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>>137661458Pretty much. Wouldn't have ever gotten bread on our own if it wasn't.

Is Ryusui just a kid-friendly version of this guy?

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>>137661454Why did Haku have to created by Kishimoto?


>>137661410A surprisingly well-written master planner type.

>>137661345most of the dr stone porn is senku and gen.the girls barely get shit

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>>137661271humans are pretty adaptable

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I tried to cook bread once. Completely fucked it up the first time. Francoise here is completely correct - the key is TWO periods of rising, not one.

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that reporter has some huge tits

what the flying FUCK

What's her problem?

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Dwarven DripJust tons of rizz for real

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>clothes explodeliterally better food wars than food wars now

ZZ Top?

Dwarf Grandpa is so cool.

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Is it just me or has the voice acting been off?

damn, kaseki was dripped out for a second

That old nigga is still around.

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>>137661410I like him. He's the smartest man in the room, but he's not a jerk to his friends and takes the time to explain the process of what he's doing. His love of science is aspiring and his enthusiasm is infectious.

>>137661510Too much rizz

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>>137661467Why the fuck does he keep talking about it then?>>137661475I rather not if its just an hour of him being an obnoxious fag.

When did they make sunglasses?

>>137661489I never understood why I always picked Haku in Nardo games until I learned what twinks and femboys were

>>137661470definitely a bad sign how quickly they've been integrating these newly revived characters. all these people are just way too easily accepting that the world fucking ended and everyone they've ever known is basically dead.

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>I will never be as cool as that dorf

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Are they making a fucking television?

>>137661531What the fuck is rizz

>all women are beautifulthis fucking simp

>>137661504Because if Kishi would just embrace his inner homo he could write the greatest male love stories this side of the 1800s

>All women are beautiful

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>>137661532>I rather not if its just an hour of him being an obnoxious fag.It's not but I guess you're not going to do it anyway so whatever.

this just further proves dwarfs are better than elves

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>>137661537>everyone they've ever known is basically dead.Well, not quite.>integrating these newly revived charactersAbout that...

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>makes a camera in 10 secondsbut wait, it gets way worse than this later

>>137661510>>137661510>>137661520>> sound: Drip

So its just going to be make useful thing and then make stupid, dumb whore thing in repeat?

>>137661533First season they made eyeglasses

>Wanted a camera

>>137661555To be fair all 2D anime women are.

Man they just pull shit right out of their asses these days huh?

>daguerreotypei haven't heard that word since my undergrad

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She's gonna make an onlyfans

He just made a camera in like 10 seconds

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Fucking nailing the Roshi look there.

>I really believed the niggas saying she wanted a VibratorYou got me/

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Aw, that's actually kind of sweet.

>>137661573Yea, but those are actually something of use

>>137661564We would get nowhere with the pacing you want.

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ok the journalist is way too hot

She's gonna gargle all of Senku's cum.

>>137661593So are sunglasses?

Okay, so Ryusui’s a sexist jerk.

This show turns me on more than food wars at it's sauciest.

>>137661599This is the last time she ever becomes relevant, I believe.

>>137661590got me too

Damn, reporter just got like 10x cuter.

>>137661588>Science bitch!

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>>137661594Given where we ended up going, that's not a bad thing.

this bitch is being too dramaticshe should have been like "lmao thx"

Horned girl has nice tits. Just saying.

>>137661515>"Everybody's so mean to me"

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What would your "tool of the trade" be?The one thing (like her camera) that you'd want back after losing it so long ago

Attached: 1641021952208.png (384x383, 145.23K)

Gordon Gekko was a really cool guy, you guys, honest

How would you have her pay you back for making her a camera?

Attached: 1672832772748754.jpg (400x244, 43.18K)

cant tell if i like the journalist or not

>>137661602Sunglasses don't help with vision problems, they're an accessory, not a tool


Attached: Godzilla News.gif (179x135, 497.28K)

>>137661609She gets a brief moment later but yeah.

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Ryusei feels like Poochi. Y/n?

How is the process suppose to go?light projection .> Mirror image > film > film copying > some power and turn dial with flash light and water?

>Freddie mercury Senku

>>137661626My balls...

omg le based capitalist man is so selfless! he accumulates capital for the sake of all of humanity! im glad he's so rich!

Attached: einstein_sticks_his_tongue_1951.jpg (1262x1600, 312.21K)

>>137661409Maybe it didn't. hell maybe it didn't even elsewhere in Japan.How the fuck would they know?

Is he going to do the fucking Einstein tounge-out meme image?

>>137661626>The one thing (like her camera) that you'd want back after losing it so long agoMy hopes and dreams.

>>137661617starting from being a gift from her dad probably made it more precious to be fair

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Behold, a Senku.

Attached: einstein.png (646x750, 479.12K)

>world's most famous scientistdid he stick his tongue out?

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>>137661617probably should have at least waited to see if it actually worked before jizzing her panties

>>137661626a computer


>>137661631He reinvented the news, and revived a gender nutjob. That guy who looked like Kars who I forget the name of was right!

>>137661630>they're an accessory, not a toolSo? They've been making more than tools long before.

She's shit as a journalist. You're supposed to get candid shots, not ask people to pose for you.

Attached: Hiro and Zero Two Annoyed.png (1920x1090, 1.68M)

i love when they do this shape

Attached: 109AM.png (617x432, 173.6K)

Attached: [SubsPlease] Dr. Stone S3 - 02 (1080p) [9743E8EE].mkv_snapshot_22.09.jpg (1920x1080, 1001.6K)

Attached: einstein writes.jpg (500x375, 106.66K)

>>137661626I'd be like the Mangaka. My only skill is drawing and making art.

einstein is cute

>>137661628Daily mating sessions until pregnant

>>137661653That's been memed so much I forgot what the original poster looked like

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So why did Senku invent soul stealers?

>>137661658They've been making things that have a purpose


>>137661646Weren't they all like Stone'd in a metropolis city. There should be ruins around them if that was the case.

>>137661409>that EVERYTHING around the wouldYou get they haven't even left Japan yet right?Japan, a country that regularly has earthquakes and tsunamis, and where fire is a serious threat because of how much stuff is still made of wood.

>>137661645saw it comingheard he stole relativity

>>137661645It's ironic because Einstein was a huge pervertSenkuu won't even take the first next gen dick pic

>>137661609Yeah she stays behind when they go on their journey. I mean it does make sense since she would be more useful staying home to identify petrified people.


That was adorable.

>>137661663Where they're plump? Me too. Nice pic user.

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>>137661677And they've made things for fun too.

>>137661626Make me some real sturdy gloves and I will be down to clown.

Oh yea, that image

Attached: Iggy and The Fool.jpg (759x569, 33.44K)

>>137661651HOLY SHIT. How am I JUST realizing that's a reference to that Einstein photo. I feel so stupid.

>>137661555idk, I've never had a girlfriend but most women have a certain charm, even the ugly ones.

>>137661689That guy!

Sheesh, just spoil the most important scene.

they could've picked a worse spot to cut the ED, but I still hate that they did at all

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>>137661626A typewriter or pen. It's not really my tool of the trade, but I just really value printed communications.

>make girl a camera>immediately take it and leave her behindlol

>>137661673Aerial photos

Would it be better or worse if they got my manservant Claude?Wait, have these people seriously never seen reflections before?>His greed goes beyond thatSo is this gonna be like in Fullmetal Alchemist?>>137661711So what's new?

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is this the last Food Wars? either way, post your favorite Food Wars girl

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>>137661706What an... odd image.

Someone seriously needs to invent a bra for Minami.

need more ruri

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>>137661721Second to last, no?

>>137661711They need a dramatic draw, and every other scene is just a funny thing happening

>>137661685He also fell down a mineshaft and died.

>the gang liberates sagara

>>137661650does this make senku her dad

Francois should have explicitly been a woman because female butlers are super hot and basically nonexistent.

Attached: 1627780174008.jpg (850x1275, 199.54K)

Einstein was actually a pervert then?

>>137661702No, everything has been made for some kind of use in advancing their tech tree

>>137661706God I miss this show. Did it play on CN or AS back in the day? It's been so long

Did he just say "oil field"?

Attached: 35862417_l.jpg (1701x1134, 543.99K)

>>137661666How'd he know what Powerpoint was decades before it was invented?

>>137661626A stethoscope I guess.

>>137661707It’s okay, fren. You were probably just caught in the moment of seeing this dude after he has been working in the background for like a decade.

Attached: [SubsPlease] Dr. Stone S3 - 02 (1080p) [9743E8EE].mkv_snapshot_17.26.jpg (1920x1080, 271.84K)

>>137661721not ready to say good bye

Attached: General Meat-Meat.png (1920x1080, 2.19M)

>Azami is Sōma's look alike >Ryusui is Senku's look alikeI'm sensing a theme here.

Attached: 1681136917057878.png (1024x1556, 311.26K)

>>137661740no, but he she calls him that anyways during sex

What the hell is that goatee?

Well, that was a long, fun night of asskicking (and laughs), but now the last good show is... over. Two isn't terrible, I guess. Well, time to go to bed. Remember that every true warrior craves not more war, but peace and a chance to rest. There are no treasures greater than those close to you, like you, my good toonami general friends.

Attached: jk goku's in space.jpg (1000x1300, 867.73K)

>>137661681Yeah but it's a temperate area surrounded by nature. Meanwhile places that are in deserts or super cold areas might be better?

>>137661743>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


>>137661730Shut the fuck up

>I can't believe they made her a camera!>I'll say! Maybe they can film a better show with it!DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Attached: 1379442.gif (320x240, 1.45M)

>>137661748CNlast few episode of the 4th seasons ended up online only It also on Netflix now

So, I expect Senku's group will, eventually, cover the four basic food groups?Meat, Plants, Grains, & Dairy?

>>137661750Send in Freedomzilla

Attached: usa.jpg (942x722, 263.63K)

He needs to shave that off.

>>137661731>stated to be sickly>was thick af

>>137661721Next week is the last one.

>>137661626Screwdriver and Pliers.

Attached: BriefPlumpCur-max-1mb.gif (240x134, 715.75K)

>>137661748Maguzi (forgot how to spell it) on CN

Debating whether I should stick around for the rest of the block now that Dr. Stone is over

>>137661755>How do you feel about making the first JAV of the stone world?

>>137661755lmao those hands look like they were drawn by AI

>>137661742>tfw no small butler gf

Attached: mad.gif (480x360, 1.91M)

Post Food War crimes.

Attached: 1379651767972.jpg (500x374, 44.48K)

>>137661778Her sickness was the thickness

sanji could beat soma and all his friends and don't you fucking forget it

>>137661772With shit resolution because Netflix can't seem to upload any old show without fucking up the aspect ratio

Attached: Food.jpg (1400x1877, 1.7M)


Attached: 1679201845182[1].gif (236x240, 153.98K)


>>137661721im going to miss her

Attached: 94370952_p0.jpg (1048x2000, 1.15M)

Last ti—oh, who cares, we all know who wins.

>>137661747And that was glass and eyeglasses. Sunglasses is just a byproduct of that. Just like the outfits they made in the OVA was a byproduct of the cloth they made or the cotton candy. They make byproducts all the time.

Attached: food-wars-shokugeki-no-soma-chapter-312-one-s-own-taste-3.jpg (918x1300, 540.54K)

>I put Mayonnaise on a Egg.>I CALL IT MAYONEGG

Time for Food Wars: El Hermano Arc...

Attached: This is no longer Flavortown.jpg (240x255, 22.76K)

>>137661626A gun with a single bullet.

Attached: 1664003568405825.gif (320x240, 827.27K)

Don't bother putting an apron on.

Attached: ramsey_fa_.jpg (683x1024, 69.86K)

>>137661796>No resee's pieces

Well, that's enough Toonami for me this week. See you all next week!

Attached: tenor.gif (220x123, 190.79K)

>>137661798she just had the coof of death


>>137661811Sunglasses are not the same thing as regular glasses

why arent her clothes coming off

Attached: megumi.jpg (457x522, 41.64K)

>the big final dishes are just all of the ingredients slapped in a bowl with either rice or pie crust on top

Attached: DH.jpg (130x148, 4.96K)


Attached: 106512524_p1.jpg (3541x2508, 2.78M)

Attached: food-wars-shokugeki-no-soma-chapter-312-one-s-own-taste-5.jpg (1600x1142, 757.81K)


Attached: Megumi9.jpg (722x707, 135.4K)

>>137661742They exist they're called maids

>Meat meat underwear

Attached: 1657178940296.gif (212x225, 90.49K)

>>137661626A computer.I think I'm out of luck. The best Senku could do at their current tech level is probably some giant monstrosity that is basically a calculator.

>>137661833She's not married.

>El Hermano lost because he couldn't copy the shitty "skill" of a dead woman

Attached: Laughing Girl.gif (320x384, 2.23M)


>lanterby wearing stripes

Attached: sexx.jpg (768x960, 35.4K)

>>137661392Jap grammar makes it much easier to avoid addressing gender

>making food so good you make the popular kids' colons implode with rainbow power as they blow their voices out in pure ecstasy greater than even black tar heroin

>>137661799And Komatsu would solo them all.

They're actually explaining the clothes shredding gag!?

Bruh just stop...

>>137661773They already did this ep

>foodgasm lore


Attached: IMG_2511.jpg (182x277, 9.03K)

>>137661742Well technically that would be a maid, but yea, women wear butler outfits nicely

Attached: Hedyeh presenting.jpg (1920x1080, 169.6K)

>They're explaining the FoodgasmsHoly fucking shit this is dumb. I love it.

Attached: Food Wars Meat Meat Confused.png (450x450, 369.76K)

>wear nice clothes to an event>they get fucking destroyed

>>137661742>female butlers are super hot and basically nonexistent.check out the suspicious maid manga/anime by Jahy's author

Attached: 1664655432460757.jpg (1920x1679, 1.48M)

Soma made food so good it permanently destroyed everyone's clothes.


>>137661858SURPRISE! IT'S NEN!

Attached: Laughing Spanish Guy Lean.gif (220x182, 315.86K)

>Megumin gets naked

Attached: 1679348438466130.gif (255x163, 935.93K)


Attached: dr stone author.jpg (613x809, 140.5K)

Did Soma just go Super Chef?


how did francoise revive wearing lipstick?


Attached: 1622956459930.jpg (1920x1080, 129.97K)

So basically she's saying he has no personality

>You lack flavor.

All he can do is steal, he can't create shit.

>>137661823Resee's Pieces compliment M&M's, so the dish would be 2/3s good, rather than halves that completely clash.

Twitter in a nutshell


Attached: white bra.jpg (579x708, 118.91K)

Absolutely shat on.

Attached: Gordon-Ramsay.jpg (1000x667, 149.85K)

El Hermano bros... it's over.

Did they even say what was in Soma's Dish or is it just "magic bullshit"?

>>137661834In fairness to both of them, it was a stupid prompt.


>>137661885Soul vs Souless food edition

>>137661831Sunglasses are just eyeglasses that are tinted.

>>137661896Rice soaked in egg or something

And another mass naked student event.A lot of people said that season four was where this show went off the rails, but I have to disagree—this is worse.

>>137661905They can't correct bad vision

>his way of mixing other peoples' style good>your style of mixing other peoples' style bad

>>137661896Eggs and magic.

>Alice holding her fingers that way

>>137661896It was Mayonnaise on an egg. Or his "soul"

Does that mean even Megumi can even beat him?

The secret is god tongue pussy.

Attached: 1680447031174119.jpg (993x1800, 424.92K)


Attached: 15236424573286.jpg (1920x1080, 264.25K)

>>137661866>That picLady v Butlers got me many good faps in my teenages

Attached: rest.jpg (500x675, 115.39K)

>>137661914You can get prescription tinted lenses.

so what.. no peanut butter grilled squid winning?


Attached: IMG_3862.jpg (1314x723, 121.25K)

Is the rest of the series just as weird as this episode?


Attached: determination.gif (500x649, 1.22M)

>>137661918In this case, it's just rote copying of instructions versus understanding the concepts behind mixing dishes. It makes sense, but it's hamfisted in the show

>>137661914>They can't correct bad visionI have a pair of prescription sunglasses user

>>137661923No, the mayonnaise covered the rice.

>>137661918He isn't mixing styles, he is stealing styles and meshing them together. Souma is actually using knowledge from others to use in his own style.

>>137661925Albino pussy is Superior.

Attached: Alice.png (804x486, 337.64K)

>>137661918Soulless photocopying vs Soul experimentation

Nigga he fucking offered to have you join his family

Her god tongue would make me cum buckets.

and just like that, the big final villain accepts defeat and leaves


>>137661931See, that would have been hilarious.

>>137661884>>137661932Oh whoops, wrong girl. I’m too drunk

>When I was in elementary school I made a comic about a werewolf brother and sisterI wish I still had that dream and ambition. I want to write stories, and draw cool shit. Like Food Wars

Attached: stumped meryl.png (636x649, 406.13K)

>>137661924She tried and lost.

>>137661924It should, but the series is ending so just go with it.

>>137661845>>137661866"Maid" basically mandates the classic maid outfit, though.Also I think the demeanors are a bit different.

Are they saying... he has no style?

So Asahi has no personality and Soma has a terrible personality. Pick your poison.Soma wins? I am shocked, shocked, SHOCKED by this outcome!

Man, this does not feel like they just beat the endgame boss. Even the miniboss squad they created was taken out with no fanfare.

Why do people want her god tongue?

Attached: 1672839342222257.jpg (643x1000, 121.26K)

>>137661931They did that last season, when it should have ended. But I guess everyone wanted just a bit more money. Also technically in that event it was Erina that won the day and there's no way a shounen would have the female lead win the last battle.

El Hermano gets to fuck Esdeath?

why turn down Esdeath pussy? he's as gay as Tatsumi was

lmao, get fucked, dumb orphan.

Attached: 1653686071983.jpg (604x604, 39.75K)

Asahi kinda looks like Erina’s dad

They really didn't wanna pay those other two guys' voice actors.

>>137661953as long as your heart still burns with inspiration, your work is realeven if it is only in your heart


Attached: 1622352372936.jpg (236x483, 24.69K)

>>137661931Erina did that last season.This season we get the callback to Souma and Erina's first match with the eggs

I find nothing righteous about a boy who tears people’s clothes off.Congratulations, wonder boy wins.And the final round of this tournament is officially an anticlimax.

Megumi in her cute white bra and panties. Such a pure and wonderful girl.

Attached: IMG_3479.jpg (937x750, 115.48K)

>>137661961Jokes on you, Erina is still about to take the fucking ending.

>These nerds who he beat up still want to follow himStockholm?

Attached: Confused Wide Eye.jpg (1024x950, 176.11K)

cant wait for the west coast feed of megumi fanservice again

Attached: megumi's heart.png (564x640, 518.57K)

>>137661755>that alien pinky on the reporter

I want more blue esdeth.

didn't they already have this revelation when the giganigga was copying people?

Food Wars ending feels like the end of an era. Same feel as when HxH and Black Clover ended. There’s not many shows we’ve had for multiple years still running, is there? Just AoT, MHA and Stone left?

>Slowed down OP starts playing

Attached: 152675568453985368.jpg (1920x1080, 268.69K)

I am irreparably, inoperably horny. It's like regret. But for my penis.

>>137661853>lanterbycould someone post the screenshot please

>>137661758I'm going to miss her meaty meat-buns~!!!

Yo she fucking left him hanging

>>137661971Why do you think we keep calling him El Hermano?

>>137661930>>137661938And yet those weren't prescription styled lensesCheckmate


Erina is a fucking bitch. Why won't Soma just get with Megumi?

Attached: 1684041466188948.jpg (412x812, 38.46K)

>>137661968he wants that God Tongue on his dicknothing else can compare

>>137661990More or less.

Attached: 1532643685868.jpg (1920x1080, 233.75K)

>>137661990Giganigga only copied one person at a time. This one copied many.

>>137661990Giga nigga had soul in his food, he actually studied and copied his opponents while still adding something new to it.

Did they just have all those robes on hand?

fuck im missing the episode, be honest Holla Forums how much tit action am I missing

Attached: mandy.jpg (242x200, 25.04K)

owned lmao

>>137661980But what color of panties does Megumi black wear?

Attached: 1680412196176704.jpg (1920x1080, 245.7K)

>>137661995Have you considered masturbation?

>>137661968yeah theyre huge fags

Attached: 91384546s_p0.jpg (1955x3275, 3.61M)

>>137661971More like he looks like Soma.

There’s your message, ladies. If there’s a man in your life who’s causing you emotional stress, wait for another man to take care of him for you.Because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a penis is a good guy with a penis.

>>137662020pink leopard print

>>137662004And? Non-prescription sunglasses do have a point to them user. It's in the name.


>>137662028That just sounds like cukcoldry with extra steps.

>>137662028>Because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a penis is a good guy with a penis.BASED and TRUTH

>>137661893I honestly thought this was something that already aired in an older season and I just forgot when. I'm glad to actually see it air. Lovely Megumi fanservice right at the end of the road.

Attached: megumi's dress.jpg (610x919, 105.21K)

>>137662018Did you watch last weeks where they actually competed? Then nothing. This is just the wrap up of that match.

>>137661928Shame we'll probably never get anything like it again any time soon>>137661956Eh, maids and butlers can be similar personality wise, not like butlers are the only ones who can be all stoic

Attached: Selenia ass.gif (800x450, 2.07M)

>>137662028This is exactly how I solve my tax problems.


>ywn give a big boobied stone journalist her first stone camera

Attached: f52a3d69e2a4119a60f6ad276fe71503b940874e[1].jpg (1920x2310, 270.9K)

>>137661990Giganigga had to put in the work and build on it. Hermano just had bullshit hax that just worked and he didnt do anything further but mix and match his fancy utensils

>>137662049she needs to be bred

Are they seriously making another indiana jones?The man was dead on his feet eight years ago in star wars, I CANNOT imagine him headlining an entire action movie

>>137662018Not much

>>137662034Yes, PRESCRIPTION, those weren't the case here

>>137662018If you miss Dr. Stone, a lot.

Holy shit, I feel old.

Attached: JD.png (2224x1251, 3.23M)

>>137662031>>137662035truly an evil succubus, we must resist the temptations of such alluring semen demons

Attached: 1682545297288935.png (600x378, 85.08K)

>>137662039Does that include a woman with a penis?

>>137662055Hollywood is desperate so they keep making reboots until something sticks and it ain't working anymore.

>>137661866>>137662044Too bad that doesn't do anything for me anymore.

>>137661991How many eps did it have total? First season was 24, while each other was 12 or 13. So over 70 eps? Damn, it really has been a long time.

>>137662055They not only released a new one that ignores Young Indy from the previous movie, but they take a moment to have some black girl give him a lecture about how he stole from indigenous peoples.

>>137662021It no longer calms the monkey upon my back.

>>137662045>>137662038>>137662039You lot do realize he's filching this from that one Twitter dipshit with the hashtags, right? He just stopped including them because of the filters.

>>137662060SUNglasses user. SUN.

Attached: 1WFAauhsJ4kkbKLC3hhcuk4zbUL_nXcVts60_p8_o4Y.jpg (600x450, 105.8K)

>poopy pants

>>137662071NEW THREAD>>137662071

god she's so fucking hot.

>>137661410His mannerisms are super repetitive

>>137662065I guess its a good penis defeats a evil penis whether its on a man or woman.

>>137662028It's refreshing to post in a thread with fujos for once.Like taking a cold shower. Nothing gives a sense of clarity like knowing some weirdo is imagining Edred and Erina's dad fucking.

>Pasty poopy pants Whoa. can they say that on tv

>>137661991It's always a strange feeling when we lose a long runner. It's almost hard to believe we finally made it to the end

>>137662018The reporter girl in Dr. Stone had huge bazongas.

>>137662067What, fell down the fetish hole?

Attached: Hedyeh ass shake.gif (980x550, 863.71K)

Why didn't the mom breastfeed Erina herself?

>breast feedinglmao that was actually funny.

>>137662077Them being sunglasses literally means nothing when they aren't useful or advance the kingdom of science

>>137662102Typical nip fanservice just makes me want to watch actual hentai. Gotta be like Interspecies Reviewers level to be enough on its own.

Attached: interspec-rev-770x433.jpg (770x433, 48.82K)

>>137662157I've already said they made byproducts before this point that don't serve the purpose of advancing the kingdom of science, just for their intended purpose. You're complaining about something they've been doing from the start.

>>137662171But Ladies vs Butlers wasn't that far off from what Interspecies Reviewers had content wise, hell, the specials were pretty much hentai with the girls making orgasmic moans while stripping

Attached: Hedyeh's booty.jpg (1917x2678, 221.38K)


>>137662245>girls making orgasmic moans while strippingYeah but not actual sex with all the jiggling and clapping and fluids to go with it.

>>137662266Cotton Candy, ramen, fancy clothes, swimsuits, manga, all from before this point.

>>137662461And those were made as part of advancing OTHER THINGSCheck and mate


Attached: 1644123847470.jpg (2421x3100, 466.13K)

>>137662544Ramen, fancy clothes, and manga were not made to advance things. They were things made from stuff that was made to advance things. Cotton candy was just a byproduct of the machine they made to make gold thread. They still continue to cotton candy still because its fucking cotton candy, not because it serves a purpose. Cope.

>>137662645And those "byproducts" still served a purpose in making other things, dingusYOU cope, since that's clearly all you seem to be doing over fucking pointless sunglasses

>>137662674>And those "byproducts" still served a purpose in making other things, dingusThey did not. Ramen and cotton candy are jut food. Fancy clothes serve no purpose beyond looking good. Manga is fucking manga. You can't even construct a valid argument beyond "Nuh-uh!". Cope harder.

>>137662706The processes used to make those helped in furthering other areas of sciene/researchYou're the only one coping, and the one going "nuh uh", kiddo

toonameh stunkeh


Still got new Robins to share, though, so here they go till it falls off. Not that there's many left.

Attached: f71ab120e3f42143be9ac1bede4105f9.jpg (1448x2048, 389.45K)

Actually, that might have been it. Still, it was quite a lot tonight so that makes me happy. This is technically SFW, but kind of spicy so it's hidden just to be safe.

Attached: robinviewnsfwHD.jpg (1125x1500, 447.47K)

Spoke too soon! Found a couple more.

Attached: FeGASU-XwAE6xck.jpg (1500x1500, 211K)

Attached: 2d4cc6acb2c999eaac592a1412ccb9bc.png (827x1181, 852.23K)

Since some anons mentioned Kenshin

Attached: Kaoru butt.png (729x1032, 712.17K)