Insomniac Spider-Man

Probably my favorite non-comic take on Spidey material. Popular rumor is that EVERY costume for Peter will have a symbiote variant, supported by the shader feature being introduced. What might black suit versions of previous comic suits look like?

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It's just a low budget movie interpretation of everything, zero creativity or imagination

>>137659032Don't care. Not playing a game that forces you to play as a character as boring as Miles.

only the ditko Spider-man was good

Miles fucking SUUUUUUUCKS in the game. He sounds so fucking annoying and I hate the way he looks.

>>137659074>>137659123Nobody was asking for your opinion, Miguel.

>>137659062Imagine lying this bad when evidence says otherwise

>>137659123Miles' design in spiderverse does look better.Game miles has a really small head and goofy lips.

>>137659123>>137659388Game Miles is the only good Miles in my opinion

Oh I forgot, Holla Forums is only interested in Spider-Man threads if it involves complaining or shitposts

>>137659032The suits look bad

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>>137659600That's because they're not comic suits and optional DLC shit. Insomniac has been pretty based in the past, so I think all the previous suits from the first game are already in. There's still a few variant cover and other comic suits they haven't done yet. The Arachknight suit for example is preorder by default

>>137659600Those 10 are made by guest artists like Kris Anka, and are purely optional, since the only way to get them is through the Digital Deluxe or Collectors Editions. Arachknight is from the comics though, and it’s pretty faithful.

>>137659600that toku one kinda looks like if Kamen Rider Black Sun and DragonRanger had a head on collision

>>137659706Yeah I'm actually shocked they added that one and Miles's Shadow Spider suit given the cape physics. But with the new gliding feature I guess it kinda levels out>>137659727Kinda annoyed Miles gets a toku suit and not Peter, the guy who had Supaidaman

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>>137659600Question after seeing the Stone Monkey suit. Is Insomniac taking previously designed spider suits and altering them juuuuust enough so that they wouldn't have to pay any royalties to that artist or are those designs solely the property of Marvel Comics? Mostly for pete's suits all of Miles' designs look like shit so they're clearly original.

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>>137659032The story was pretty good but the gameplay was mid with forced stealth sections, too much control taken away and the god awful side-kick moments that are boring and add nothing.Also despite just complimenting the story just now it has what is probably the most unlikable MJ

>>137659779No I think it's just a coincidence here what with the white collar. Stone Monkey looks like its invoking a Sun Wukong China thing, whereas what you posted from the comics is clearly 1602 Victorian

I've been hype for this game ever since finishing the first one. Will probably no-life this too and beat it in 2/3 days. I just hate that they made Peter look like Holland, I really wish they would revert that decision.

>>137659812>it has what is probably the most unlikable MJMy god, she was just awful. Just simply awful.Also the stealth section with Miles and The Rhino was at least tense.

>>137659812>>137659960Five bucks she's Venom. I'm calling it

Post suits you want

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>>137660240I'm sorry but this is just stupid.

>>137659032I picked up a ps4 for the first one, I won’t be buying a ps5 for this one, though I would’ve if it wasn’t for miles

>>137660310Miles is much more fun to play than Peter

>>137660277Why? Kind of wish it was a brief story we got while Matt was in prison>>137660348Unironically Miles had better combat.

>>137660348Yeah but I don’t like giving bendis royalties and I’ve never liked miles and I feel he detracts from the story taking screen time from peters supporting cast

>>137660348>>137660398Because they had the first game to build off of. Miles unironically being the tick that Pete just can't get off his ass.

>>137660240I only really need the mandatory one

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>>137660479But he was in the ps4 game too...>>137660506Miles is the upgrade

>>137660662I don't know why, the Raimi suits in general suck

>>137660693Miles is the new coke of spider-people.

>>137660693I didn’t know that when I bought it, and no I never bought the other game.

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>>137660240Give him to me you fucking BASTARDS!

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>>137660749Eyes are wrong and 3D webbing sucks, movie dick rider.

>>137659771>Kinda annoyed Miles gets a toku suit and not Peter, the guy who had SupaidamanPeter already has a Toku suit, the Arachnid Rider Suit. There's no way they don't bring back some, if not all, of the suits from 1 and MM. I also sincerely doubt he won't have Takuya's suit purely because 1 already had the Spider Drone saying the "Emissary of Hell" rolecall if you played in JP and if you used Quip he jokes about wanting Leopardon.

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>>137660815Oh you mean this one? Not sure if it looks Kamen Rider to me

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>>137660722Meaning...?>>137660738It's a pretty silly reason

>>137660852Why me not wanting to support a creator I dislike not a good reason to buy something?

>>137660873The first game probably had creators you didn't like

>>137660850The Arachnid Rider is a mix of Rider, Guyver and Evangelion. Obviously it would make more sense with a belt but those were the inspirations according to the

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You just know they're going to end it with Miles becoming the only Spider-Man

>>137661042Fuck off doomer

>>137660240trans gwen is canon, so one of them should get the skin!

>>137660884Slott wasn’t listed as writer, just consultant and I don’t mind gage, he isn’t my favorite but I’ve enjoyed his books before. Besides bendis gets ROYALTIES each time miles is used hence why I’ve never seen the spiderverse movies legally, I dislike the lack of story they’ve added and I dislike Jewish writers using racism for personal and professional profit

>>137660971I would murder someone for a Guyver videogame. Might even play it when I get out of prison.

>>137661112is it? I thought that dumbass poster only appears in the US trailer because studios are know international markets don't like that shit.

>>137661886He's fucking with you, user. It's the spammed shitposts he and others are running with lately

>>137660873>a creator I don't likehundreds of people you probably don't like are involved in all media you consume

>>137662148Exactly. Whatever happened to separating the author from their work?

>>137662219>>137662148But if I don’t like the character OR the writer, why would I spend money to support them?

>>137662358to show how heckin not racist you are, obviously!

>>137662358It seems you aren't interested in playing the game, but disliking it because of the original author. It's got everything the first game had, but on a much better level

>>137662468and a character he doesn't want anything to do with

>>137662468But if I don’t like the character then why would I want to support it? Besides if the web swinging is the same then I don’t care, Spider-Man 2 is the only time I really liked the swinging, the ps4 game was alright but it held your hand to much out of a need for fluidity

>>137662219you do this by torrenting the game :)

>>137660850This gives me a local hero vibe.

>>137659388Bendis' Miles is so fucking lame compared to the Spiderverse version. Bendis imagined him as just a generic BLACKED actor that could bang ever white female character whereas Sony portrayed him as an actual person.

>>137660240I want every one of these suits plus Sensational

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>>137659032>could play as any other character in Spider-Man>force you to play annoying sidekick with same powersWhy the fuck? Is it budgetary issues? After MJ sections I can't blame them for just giving Pete a colour swap I guess... It's just witching characters is already a weird and uncomfortable experience in single player games and it will be extra bad here as it's pointless. Why not give Miles a cool DLC that people would pay $60 for, let me play venom or something cool.

But will SHOOOOOOOOCKEEEEEEEEER be in the game?

>>137659600Hope Insomniac brings back Miles’ 2020 suit. The effects looked really great in-game.