Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #135

Previous Thread: >>137638836Pastebin: zCXhuqLwAvSonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: mobiuscomics.comUnofficial Ride Website: the-ride.neocities.orgWe have a lot of interesting comics today so let’s start with the newest one that has gone on a little hiatus. It’s another take on early Archie/SatAM with some other stuff thrown in as well. Let’s take a look at the start of Sonic Odyssey! Your favorite character has access to a time machine. What do they do with it?Also, last thread had an update for Hopeless Future, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Re_Boot. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

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>>137655105Not a completely barren robotic dystopia but more of a cyberpunk setting.

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>>137655139So we got some Sonic Underground as well. I wonder how that will play out in the future.

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>>137655175We find a familiar hedgehog doing a familiar thing.

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>>137655191Poor Sonic. Fighting alone. If only he found a team that was all about fighting... for freedom.

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>>137655105>QuestionShadow would visit Maria


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>>137655105>Question: Your favorite character has access to a time machine. What do they do with it?Sonic Wachowski immediately uses it to go back and try to undo Longclaw's death - at least, assuming it doesn't retcon him and his new family from existence, at which point he probably stops. The other Wachowski brothers might attempt similar, before deciding not to chance it. And Modern Tails, Mighty, and Ray would use it to do some bullshit. Anyways LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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>>137655139Claiming every twink on this page.

>>137655238Now isn't that the reactor from Sonic OVA? This artist knows their stuff!>>137655227>some bullshitI find that more concerning than Sonic pulling a Flashpoint.

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>>137655268[REDACTED] does have some nice eyes. Also, I don't think we've really gotten a snail mobian before.>>137655244Ah, ordering in bulk.

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>>137655175Manic chilling and Sonia enjoying the high-life founded on the backs of the countless poor and dead. >>137655191BLUE STREAK

>>137655284And of course Tails is sporting his Boom stuff.

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>>137655209He might even try to prevent her death.

>>137655303Sally being the overprotective mommy. Let the boy genius work, Sally!>>137655287>Manic chilling and Sonia enjoying the high-life founded on the backs of the countless poor and dead.Every panel has something fun in it. Can't wait for TRIPLETS BORN shenanigans.

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>>137655205Some sort of Freedom.....Fighters? Nah, it'll never work. What's the next suggestion, a chaotic group of individuals who pal around some asshole with a giant rock?

>>137655328>i'm saved!Shut up, soon-to-be-claimed snail twink!

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>>137655268Cowardly Antoine rather than his Archie self pains me.And yeah - this artist seems to be incorporating a lot of stuff from the franchise into this.>>137655284>snail mobianNot claiming this one.

>>137655105>Question: Your favorite character has access to a time machine. What do they do with it?With Rouge there are three possibilities. 1) Steal priceless jewels that were lost to history. 2) Try to prevent whatever tragic thing happened in her inevitably angsty backstory. 3) Offer to help Shadow save Maria.

>>137655347HACKERMAN>>137655321>silver: shadow stop you'll destabilize time!>shadow: don't care, saving sister, and you're a hypocrite!

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>>137655368You'd think Robotnik, a fat man himself, would have tubes made for plus sized individuals.>>137655363>Cowardly Antoine rather than his Archie self pains me.Then you're definitely not going to like the story after this.

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>>137655328Sally being incredibly overprotective and Tails having no sense of self preservation. Name a better duo.

>>137655389Into the tubes!

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>>137655368Hackerman Tails to the rescue!>>137655389Sally, this is a bad plan. You should have trusted Tails.

>>137655238>>137655268First, I actually kinda like this artstyle. It's cute. Second, Sally has a full squirrel tail. That is also cute.

>>137655408And we end things for now on this cliffhanger. A noble sacrifice as [REDACTED] keeps his friends from getting deleted on this board. Now for the next story. A much older one I randomly found.

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>>137655408>>137655428Sally fucked up horrendously badly here.

>>137655428Another comic based on early Archie but we're going back to the mid 2000s for this one! It says preview but it's really just a bunch of random stuff and there's no intention for anymore. This is Sonic Legacy!

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>>137655464Hey, this art is actually pretty decen->Grounder with a human-looking handEugh.

>>137655450>>137655428This is why missions should be approved first!!

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>>137655464What an unfortunate filename.>>137655364>uses time travel too much and shatters the universe>rouge prime>>137655390>>137655450Sally's concern for Tails is definitely messing her up.

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>>137655500We have your typical setup with Robotnik menacing Sonic, Sally, Knuckles, and... Leo.

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>>137655500>Page CPDefinitely unfortunate.

>>137655526Oh, that Antoine! Also, I think it'd be Sonic that would want to leave Antoine behind and Sally telling him that they can't.>>137655415The plan didn't include minors! Never mind that they're all minors.

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>>137655526Claiming Leo.

>>137655558How exactly did Sonic have a random grenade anyway?

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>>137655558>Incoming furryReminder that furry is an ACTUAL insult Overlanders use for Mobians. And damn it, Sonic. You've killed everyone.

>>137655584Antoinebros... our boy is a idiot...

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>>137655500>>rouge primeYou joke, as if I wouldn't commit several crimes for Rouge to replace Sonic as the eponymous main character of the franchise. Like, Rouge being the one who accidentally shatters reality is by default more interesting.

>>137655597>tentacleWe don't need to go there on this blue board.

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>>137655597Antoine, you useless dumbass.

>>137655616Our heroes!

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>>137655636>sonic's ex-girlfriendLIES! That story was never written!

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>>137655616>Japanese schoolgirl optionThis is definitely a mid-2000s comic. Ugh.

>>137655616Eggman was about to get the Conductor a vacation!>>137655636Cute Knuckles.

>>137655657>scratch, grounder, and coconuts are actually roboticized mobiansGenuinely nice twist>hamlinTRAITOR

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>>137655657In this continuity, it obviously happened!>there's one word to describe Antoine...CowardOuch. True, but ouch.

>>137655676>salnexI don't remember this faction.

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>>137655321Maria surviving might be the best timeline. Shadow gets to live as a scientist with a good relationship with humanity and there's the possibility that Eggman is raised to not be fucking evil

>>137655676>Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are roboticized mobiansI think this is the first comic to ever run with this idea.>Hamlin is a traitorI knew we should have roasted the pig!

>>137655696Xion is a pedophile and it sounds like Maria was Shadow's wife.

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>>137655721And now some WORDS from our writer/artist.

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>>137655696They look like bootleg Metarex.


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>>137655721>Robo-Ninja Xion>wants to "keep" TailsYou KNOW it's bad when Shadow marrying his sister isn't the weirdest thing about this page.

>>137655746I like the idea of Shadow having a cloak but I'm not liking that one.>>137655685>In this continuity, it obviously happened!NOOOOOOOOOO!>>137655711I have a hankering for some bacon!

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>>137655774Sonic hits Shadow as he retaliates with his sharp yaoi hands!>>137655736I feel like Dark Robotnik was inspired by Robo-Robotnik.

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>>137655774He looks like a cheap vampire.

>>137655774>I like the idea of Shadow having a cloak but I'm not liking that one.Needs to be more Bass.EXE, not a ripped up old towel.

>>137655805Sonic just got the Viltrumite handshake!>>137655756The fact there's no specific reason is the worst thing about it.

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>>137655839You wanted Sonadow? Well here you go!

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>>137655839OH NO>>137655855What motherfuckery is this.


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>>137655886HUH?!>>137655834Vampire Shadow pops up quite a bit actually.>>137655837That must be what I was thinking seeing this cloak but not recalling it exactly.

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>>137655919That's a fusion alright. And it's not too late! You can still contact this artist, even on DA, to request more of this comic because they're still making art! Please don't actually contact them about this.

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>>137655886That first panel is cursed.

>>137655943And here's another look at this abomination.>>137655883>What motherfuckery is this.An unholy union.

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>>137655980>bloody foxTails should clean his nose! And that's it! But like I said, the artist is still active on DA! In fact, the reason I found this was because of a recent Sonic comic they did. But before I post that, there's another old Sonic page.

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>>137655943>I'm not going to be any hero.That makes no sense. Like, is this fusion a neutral player? Like, yeah okay, Sonic and Shadow fused. I question not the premise, but the result.

>>137655943Uh, Zone Cops?!

>>137656010Have fun reading that!

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>>137655105>QuestionGoes back in time and kicks the shit out of Tikal's dad, preventing the extinction of his people>>137655139>more than two different citizensWell that's a departure from Prime!>>137655175Look everyone, it's Sonic's lover, Bartleby Montclair or Dresden!>>137655227He totally would>>137655238>Sally has Elias' tailPic related!>>137655244Noooo!>>137655268>Now isn't that the reactor from Sonic OVA?It is!>>137655363>Not claiming this one.Me neither. It's an interesting look though>>137655428I hope we get more

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>>137655943Somebody call that one police lady fighting shitty Sonic doppelgangers!>>137656010Sonic being jealous of his little bro is admittedly hilarious, though.

>>137656042Last thing from this artist. Let's fast forward a decade and a half to this comic. That's an interesting look for Tails. I don't know why but this artist's current style screams "fursuit" to me and I mean no disrespect if that isn't their thing.

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>>137656042>Knuckles killed himself and accidentally framed Sonic>Mega is in jail for nicking a Mars bar>Robotnik is in prison for being a creepy pedophile and fucking Tails, who he thought was a girlSummed it up for you guys.

>>137656086Last story today. And it's a sad one. Based off of a Sonic X episode. This is Sonic X Saga: Sonamy Death!

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A head canon that I have is that all of Mobius/Earth's humans live in Robotropolis and Robtnik/Eggamn is just the leader. Whenever the Freedom Fighters blow up a building, they actually unwittingly destroy a random person's house.

>>137656123Oh boy.

>>137656123Sonic and Amy go... INTO THE BLUE!

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>>137656147Good thing we have dialogue from the glorious nipon version of Sonic X.

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>>137656042Oh my, Mega Dweeb in jail! I knew that no good Thomas Light was a hack!! And that is Rodent is a criminal like the papers said he is!

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>>137656086There need to be laws preventing games being being overpriced. Sadly, because most lawmakers are ancient corrupt mummies who don't understand what video games are, we're stuck with this shitpile of an industry, >spoilerI mean, this IS the Sonic fandom. It's gonna happen eventually. Honestly, the damn things just don't seem worth the bother. I hear they're a nightmare to actually wear.

>>137656147The colors of those text boxes are unpleasant.>>137656177They look like they're in a blue screensaver.

>>137656177>shitI don't care if you and Amy are dying, there's no need for cursing!>>137656057>Goes back in time and kicks the shit out of Tikal's dad, preventing the extinction of his people>now the planet is ruled by echidnas

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>>137656208>now the planet is ruled by echidnas>Locke: As it should be

>>137656208Drawing over screenshots from a show is the easy way to fill up space and serve as flashbacks.

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>>137656236>writer's note: if you have a bunch of empty space then it's perfectly fine to make your text larger so that it's more readable

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>>137655657>Large BoobaLies, those are clearly mediocre at best in size.

>>137656236Sonic, you're literally drowning. Now is not the time!

>>137656258Fools! You're wasting precious oxygen!>>137656121Thank you! My eyes thank you!>>137656186>There need to be laws preventing games being being overpriced. Sadly, because most lawmakers are ancient corrupt mummies who don't understand what video games are, we're stuck with this shitpile of an industry,It's all about supply and demand. If Sega can sell enough copies at that price then they'll do it. They manage to do well with sales regardless of the quality and reception of a game.

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>>137655347this reminds me so much of the first time you see the Beetledrones coming out of Aku's lair in Samurai Jack. cause Sally and Antoine haven't got a magic sword yet.

>>137655464>This is Sonic LegacyAnd now you know why I add the post date to the comics on the website!>>137655571Nooo!>>137655584>How exactly did Sonic have a random grenade anyway?Clearly borrowed from Tails>>137655636Knuckles!>>137655676>Genuinely nice twistI'm surprised we haven't had that happen before>>137655721>Xion is a pedophileSo that's why the first page had that unfortunate name!>>137655943Still would!>>137656123>Sonamy DeathBest name for a Sonic comic!>>137656186>I hear they're a nightmare to actually wear.Apparently lots of them have built-in fans. Still would a guy dressed as a Mobian twink though!>>137656208>now the planet is ruled by echidnasThat's our Locke! Technically, I never specified I was talking about Knuckles

>>137656298I'll let you in on a dirty secret. I used to make Sonic and Knuckles comics by tracing characters from the comics. It looked janky as fuck but my "art" looked better because of it. I feel a Sonic X comic would be possible for someone that can't draw but doing the same thing.

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>>137655238man it is actually impossible for Sally not to be the cutest girl around.


>>137656336I can't believe Sonic and Amy are fucking dead. The End! Tomorrow at 7pm EST we'll do more comics. But as you know it's that one day of the week again!

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>>137655105>Question: Your favorite character has access to a time machine. What do they do with it?Mordred Hood is either gonna do some Genghis Khan level of genetic siring in the past or he's gonna try to change history so reptiles get more equality in a mammal dominated society.

>>137656365That was certainly a comic.

>>137656336There's nothing wrong with tracing to learn (or using it as a reference). its when you pull shit like pic related is when it becomes a problem.

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>>137655105Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 3 Page 16mobiuscomics.comThe fun part is putting a new spin on iconic scenes. Mashing together all continuities and using whatever I want wherever I want. Sonic has his work cut out for him but it’ll be cooler watching him deal with this.

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>>137656387well guess it's time to get the hue hue hue's ready.

>>137656336Tracing to learn how to draw is something I've done a bit myself when I was younger. There's nothing inherently wrong with it as a learning tool. It's when you use it to "make" shit for a for profit work that people have issues - much like AI art.

>>137656387>You can trust me!>trusting EggmanLmao.I like that Metal is fully capable of speech here too. Adds some much needed character to him.

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>>137656336>I used to make Sonic and Knuckles comicsUnfathomably based!>>137656365Wasn't expecting them to actually die>>137656369Well you either end up everyone's ancestor or no ones!>>137656386lmao. Fun fact: The rest of the old lady holding a brick is actually traced from another image>>137656387Banting Metal best Metal!>>137656437>much like AI artAI art should be strictly used for making shitposts


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>>137656505>AI art should be strictly used for making shitpostsIt's also VERY good for horror

>>137656502I love the idea that not only are the pirate versions of the cast reckless dumbasses, but they swear constantly - even a kid as young as Sails. It's just natural for them.

>>137656502Deepest lore!>>137656568It really does work surprisingly well!

Attached: They're very cheesy.jpg (2096x1432, 465.74K) Barry is one of the taller Sonic characters

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>>137657021Cute and canon!>>137657022>Apparently Barry is one of the taller Sonic charactersI guess it tracks, considering quokkas are about cat-sized and Big's the largest of Sonic's friends

>>137657021Cute gay dorks.

>>137657021Replace "smell" with "taste" and it gets lewder.

>>137655139>COPE>>137655205For a good time, call Fiona.>>137655284I mean, there's Cream the Slug.

>>137655660>Ugh.I think you mean SOVL.

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>>137657802Amy's expression and the YIPPEE in the last panel just made me realize that they're all based on the fucking Autism Creature in these.

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>>137657824>Sonic & Tails: Shocked>Knuckles: Angry>Rouge: Utterly incredulous>Blaze: Murderous>Silver: Either shocked or guffawing>Amy: Transcendent RagePerfection.

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>>137657880Was it autism.

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>>137655175>Tassle Boy on the posterStill one of the darkest things Eggman ever did.


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>>137655175I like the more rotund and Egg pawnish designs for the Swat Bots here.

>>137657911Extremely Dan

>>137657964Actually pretty apt. Just so hilariously needlessly evil for no reason, just to make a point.

>>137658301Todd Hanson would be a great Eggman.

>>137658373I'd watch that AU. But shit, how long until Tassle Boy just had total ego/brain death in that closet Eggman stuffed him in.

>>137658229Nice! Trick question, my favorite's Mordred

>>137657824This whole squad has down syndrome

Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 1.jpg (1536x2048, 388.46K)


Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 2.jpg (1536x2048, 258.76K)


Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 3.jpg (1536x2048, 273.74K)


Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 4.jpg (1536x2048, 304.71K)


Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 5.jpg (1536x2048, 234.94K)


Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 6.jpg (1536x2048, 179.81K)


Attached: idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 18 page 7.jpg (1536x2048, 256.45K)

>>137659558>>137659571wtf is wrong with my psychotic paragon?

>>137659558>>137659571Idol Amy AU Sonic? You alright bud?

>>137659475What a dick.

>>137659489>might as well dropou-I mean, you'd have to get used to itHe is so fucking passive aggressive, holy shit.

>>137659558>tfw when your psychotic paragon will never look at you like thisIt's not fair!

Attached: you should really be careful next time.jpg (1080x720, 55.56K)

>>137659598No, Amy. He's pretty obviously pissed at you.

>>137659694It's such a major case of whiplash coming back to Idol AU Sonic after YaseNek0 Sonic, who is the ultimate Amy simp.

>>137659860>Sonic the Hedgehog: Across the Sonicverse

>>137659860That's what's great about The Ride, there's so many different interpretations to choose from!

>>137655105>>137659475Idol Amy AU Volume 2 Page

Attached: sonic with a dog with chili.jpg (1280x1280, 102.99K)

>>137659993Also, not sure if these were posted but here are some extras. This one is pretty relevant to the newest pages.

Attached: you promised 1.jpg (1536x2048, 169.16K)

>>137660081Things change.

Attached: you promised 2.jpg (1536x2048, 239.66K)

>>137655105>Your favorite character has access to a time machine. What do they do with it?Bunnie would probably ask Tails o r Rotor to take a look on it.>gone on a little hiatus.>Sonic Odyssey!So, not waiting for the first chapter to be complete, then?

>>137660102>when the guy you wanted to vandalize is mad at you for vandalizing the world with your music

Attached: you promised 3.jpg (1536x2048, 191.89K)

>>137655175Love the swatbot design, in this.

>>137660122Kinky. There are a couple others I'm not posting here because you know how it is. You'll find them over there.

Attached: later that night.jpg (1280x2560, 437.73K)

>>137655238>NON PARTIALLY ROBOTICIZED BUNNIEAught to be interesting...

>>137655238Wonder if Elias will be a chipmunk.>>137655244I think that's cheating.

>>137655334Bunnie was always bare-foot. You just never noticed before.

>>137660081>>137660102>>137660122I-Is he really fucking seething that she never stuck by him as relentlessly as she used to after losing something deeply important to her? The fuck, Sonic?

>>137655363>Cowardly Antoine rather than his Archie self pains me.He was not that different at the start of Archie Too.

>>137655415>Sally, this is a bad plan. You should have trusted Tails.Yeah, why doesn't Sally trust a baby fox with Zero field experience who hasn't proven himself yet. Big oversight.

>>137655347>That second panel>>137655428Whoops.

>>137660364Manipulative little shit.

>>137655464>>137655105>two SatAM/archie stories at onceYou are spoiling us, Conductor.

>>137660364He's mad she left the group and did her own thing. Meanwhile Eggman reforms and he stops having adventures. His life of action and danger is over and he doesn't know what to do with himself. So it's jealousy but he's not willing to let her know that's what's bothering because Sonic always hides his true feelings.

>>137660412That baby fox is more useful than fucking Antoine and you know it.

>>137655584>How exactly did Sonic have a random grenade anyway?You mean you don't? You would make a poor Freedom Fighter.

>>137655657>Amy>ex-girlfriendWith an early 00's Amy? How is sonic still alive?

>>137660432It's definitely manipulative as fuck. He pretends he doesn't care about her for years on end, then the instant she's the one leaving for four years or so, he starts passive-aggressively shitting himself in rage as though he actually gave enough of a shit about her to care about her leaving. The friend group dissolving and Eggman reitiring because of Amy ghosting may have something to do with it, but he's directing all of that raw seethe at Amy as though it's unthinkable she could ever leave his side.What's even more funny is that he ostensibly likes Shadow in this comic, yet all his actual obsessive energy is being directed to seething over Amy instead. >>137660478It's still deeply narcissistic, is the thing. A real friend wouldn't be pissed at their friends for succeeding and doing stuff they truly enjoy, they'd be right there with them all the way. That's the difference between Rouge and Knuckles vs Sonic himself in this - the former were supportive of Amy from the moment she came back and chose her new calling. Meanwhile, the latter has been stuck in this vicious depressive rut that's turned him into a total asshole who nobody seems to really care about. Hell, it's implied that even Tails isn't on good terms with him as is.

>>137655657>Antoine>CowardMaybe the artist would be advised to not depict him attacking a whole Robotnik squad all on his own, then?

>>137660626Very true.

>>137655839The teaser wasn't lying.

>>137655943That's one way to make an OC.

>>137656298>I don't know how people look drownedIn a way, this should reassure me, but somehow, it doesn't.

>>137656365Thanks, Conductor.>>137656387Name of the spice:Big Pig Fart!

>>137657880>Rouge and Rouge's Booba: disappointed

>>137657923Perfection is also the name of this comic.

>>137660364>>137660478>He's mad she left the group and did her own thing>>137660609>He pretends he doesn't care about her for years on end, then the instant she's the one leaving for four years or so, he starts passive-aggressively shitting himself in rage as though he actually gave enough of a shit about her to care about her leaving.That's how you are seeing it? Curious. So far, the way I read the character is that Sonic is fully aware that he didn't manage well at all the situation with Amy and his basically blaming himself for her leaving the group. And the way he act is mostly due to him thinking he doesn't deserve her proposing her friendship again, acting mostly out of guilt.The way I have seen him in the comic so far, at no point I am seeing like he resents or is pissed at Amy for anything. Not saying he is handling the situation well, but I don't see it as a narcissistic either. The way he has already helped Amy several time out of a pickle while acting like she doesn't owe him anything for that is what I consider is indicative of that.

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>>137661911Sonic is definitely jealous of Amy. He's mad and depressed. Everything he says and does radiates silent seething.

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>>137661911No, he very much is pissed at her - not himself. Even his first meeting with her has him basically glaring at her behind his usual 'chill' smile.The only time the dude ever talks about her in the AU without coming across as quietly seething is when he's with Shadow, and that's because of Shadow himself, not because he's secretly kad that he's pushing Amy away.

>>137659475This Sonic is really giving me Sans Undertale vibes, with his jacket and fuck-it-all attitude

>>137662521Sans was at least a mostly good person behind the apathy and cynicism. He was simply broken by the resets.This Sonic is only acting like this because he defined himself solely by being the hero of Mobius, and now that Eggman is retired and there's no more world-ending threats to deal with, he's completely purposeless. And since Amy leaving is what dissolved their friend group and ultimately led to Eggman retiring, he's seething at her because she found a new purpose and drive instead of following him as support on his adventures for the rest of her life. Sans was broken, but this Sonic has pretty much driven himself insane out of barely-contained resentment.


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>>137662705>And since Amy leaving is what dissolved their friend group and ultimately led to Eggman retiring, he's seething at her because she found a new purpose and driveSonic blaming Amy for dissolving the group is really the one aspect I don't see so far. Maybe I need the story to spell it out for me?

>>137662439>>137662905Especially as we see in the flashback that what dissolved the group was defeating Eggman and each person keeping for themselves a Chaos emerald...

>>137662905>>137662918Amy leaving for like, four years is what ultimately kept the group from properly getting back together. She held them together even without Eggman being there, and they probably kept in contact for a little while prior to her apparently fucking off. Logically, Sonic wouldn't be seething THIS much if he didn't at least blame the current situation with everyone so distant from each other on her head.Note that apparently, Tails isn't on speaking terms with the rest of the group and seemingly hasn't been mentioned by anyone outside of Amy as well. This doesn't really make sense if the group still kept in contact with each other after she was gone.

>>137662865my god... He's LITERALLY sans

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>>137663303He's lived through one hundred thousand too many AUs

Those middle two make me irrationally mad. And the bottom is just a crime against creation.

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>>137663364So only Tails and Amy are normal in this goblin mode AU.

>>137662865>>137663303Seems to be a pretty popular crossover>>137663364Imagine not having a "keeps forgetting to buy milk so just stares at the cereal box while eating toast" option. We're people too!

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>>137663387Tails still carries lethal ordinance >>137657824. Really, the only normal one is Amy.

>>137655105World Traveler Page don't Sonic's robot girlfriend too much.

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>>137663458I'm sure Not!Decade will do a good job and won't make things massively worse.

>>137663405Can please you post the link of the image ?

>>137663458Furry OC with a DecaDriver to the rescue(?)

Based on quazart's Tails & Knuckles swap AU, that Knuckles encounters one of the major villains in BOSTH - Qiznolvilno'raeach. Some additional stuff too:>Qiznolvilno'raeach speaks incredibly informally for a being of its supposed station - but only around non-Viralborgians who mostly don't know of its true nature. Speaks completely seriously and closer in tone to some sort of high priest or major adherent to God otherwise. This is mostly done to endear itself to victims>if it chooses to manifest itself in a lower form within a given reality, will almost exclusively target individuals who will either provide the most long-term damage to their plane of existence via their corruption/fall/death/enslavement, or those who are too young or naive to know any better and so are most susceptible to being slowly subverted to the cause of Viralborgia and may eventually subvert their entire reality over time>can and will eat babies

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>>137663577Totally not a Pandora vibe, there.

>>137663625Really, you should just instantly distrust anything that looks as though it's constantly maliciously smiling for no real reason at all and won't explain its actual motives.

New issue and a flashback. If Alicia used to be an evil sorceress, she has to look the part.

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>>137663791>I understand, mother, but you still haven't tell me where you stash your purple lipstick>Over my dead body, daughter dear. Over my dead body...

>>137663791She looks like she's going to start cackling and ranting about unlimited power at any moment.

>>137663791Honestly, I think she has a tender look toward her daughter and has fondness sharing something she enjoy and consider part of her heritage with her daughter.

>>137663364I'm so glad I eat cereal the same way my favorite character does

>>137663364>how Big eat his cereals.

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>>137664035>Froggy putting the cereal and milk in

>>137663550Looks like their twitter's gone now (it was ETomorrow_) but the other accounts are thankfully active. I've uploaded what I have of their Twitter to the mega. Their other accounts can be found>>137663577Poor Knuckles ;_;>>137663791I still maintain Amy and Eggman are about to slam dunk that Phantom Ruby!