She is a straight woman. Why are people saying otherwise?

She is a straight woman. Why are people saying otherwise?

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>>137654479Honestly Kevin Feigi casting Dreamybullxxx as miles and Ella Hollywood as Gwen could’ve saved the MCU

>>137654479She's a cis girl. People are screaming she's trans because the people who hate transpeople are OBSESSED with transpeople.

>>137654479>She is a straight womanThese aren't mutually exclusive to being trans

>>137654479Gwen buying condoms for her night with Miles:

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Yes and if we ignore backstories Peter B is Catholic

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>>137654479Because she has a dick

Did she have any feet shots?

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>>137654479>Alphabet people longing for low effort crumbs of representation>Anti-alphabet people who want something to get mad at>Porn addicts>Shitposters LARPing as all of the above>Gullible retards that believe all of the above Pick your poison.

>>137654479ok bigot

why should I care that the LGTVs want a character to be gay? they're not shitposting in my image boards.

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>hHy, Miles! I brought Pizza...

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>>137654479Because some freak animator put in an easter egg and changed the character forever.

>>137654479She's a straight woman and trans. BOOM goes the dynamite.

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Some retard on Twitter started posting their delusions and it got widespread enough to be validated by other trannies, and get a news article and a Tv Tropes entry about it


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>>137654479Yea, trans women are women and it’s straight for her to buck break miles, what of it?

>>137655125The plan is working. Soon futa Gwen will be a canon event

>>137655443He actually did stole that guy's Pizza

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>>137655125AFTER the film showed its support of the movement using gwen and her story, if you’re gonna like propaganda user you gotta like ALL it propagates

>>137654479Twitter people and Holla Forums tourists falseflagging as twitter people because they're upset the movie wasn't a flop like they wanted.

>>137654479America's mental health care system is severely lacking. Hence why you see a lot of mentally ill people in the streets and on social media.

>>137654616no sadly, mary jane is the only woman whose feet are shown so far

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It’s a psyop we’ve been working on for a few weeks. The producers wanted to push their cuck fetish. If Gwen is a tranny, that will naturally gross out everyone. Marvel will then either push forward with it, and leave everyone to disgusted to watch. Or deny the rumor and get attacked by the faggot lobby demanding black boys suck white tranny dick.

>>137654479because it is hilarious.

>>137654508The only straight woman that's trans is a gay trans man

>>137655125A big problem with tranny posts on social media is they actively look for that stuff to boost it and make it seem bigger than it is, not to mention boting. Perks of having nothing going on in your life and being terminally online.

>>137654479Miles was definitely hard during that scene of them hanging out upside down

>>137655778That doesn't make any sense.

If Spider-Gwen is a biological woman, why are you so bothered about it? Shouldn't you just be ignoring this, with the certainty it doesn't matter? Curious.

>>137656142A woman pretending to be a gay man is just a straight woman with more steps.

The whole trans stuff is just shit flinging and not something the director or someone confirmed right? Been out of the loop.

>>137656318Timeline is basically:>tranny virtue signalling flag in her room>her general colors in the film are also tranny colors>reports of her dad having also wore tranny colors (come to find out this was just the movie putting a filter, her fatheris not actually sporting the tranny flag)>journos and LGBT fags claim that Spider-Gwen's entire story is a trans allegory>some are going as far as to point out that Gwen's more masculine shoulders are more proofNo director confirmed it, and yes there is an element of shitposting about it on Holla Forums in an attempt to make fun of Spider-Verse for the pandering in the first plac ein opening this pandora's box.This is why you don't virtue signal like this, now Gwen will never be rid of this.

>>137656764Ah so it's just head canon shit. Most people don't give a shit so this'll blow over after a while and only twitter groups will still believe it.

>>137654580Peter Parker is Irish Protestant, not Catholic. Daredevil's the one that's Catholic

>>137656318Miles used to be a Twitter meme, now he's a real character headlining a movie trilogy, and is in every piece of Spider-Man media, and that was when Twitter was a cultural speck. Since Twitter decided Spider-Gwen is trans in the movies, it might as well be real already.

>>137656764any secret identity story is a coming out allegory. only the shitposters are making lurking insufferable.

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>>137654479She's a straight woman with a penis and balls

>>137656967>so this'll blow over after a whileI can garuntee the directors will confirm Gwen is trans so long as there is enough positive feedback to the Trans Gwen discussion. She will never be rid of this.

>>137654503Nice copium

>>137654580As an atheist I don't wanna be that guy but 616 Peter is Christian probably Protestant and for all we know MJ is Jewish and that's why it's a Jewish wedding. I mean who do you think planned their wedding, honestly? Peter or his high fashion actress/ model wife.

>>137656764>>reports of her dad having also wore tranny colors (come to find out this was just the movie putting a filter, her fatheris not actually sporting the tranny flag)Cope

>>137654503Maybe the directors of the film shouldn't have shoved their retarded political views of Trannies in a superhero movie. This shit wouldn't even be a discussion if not for them. Put your blame on the right people.

>>137655453It’s straight for her to what with Miles?

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>>137654479look at that facenot a biological woman

>>137657196>"look what they made me do"

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>>137657196I indeed hate the fucking animators or directors or whoever made the movie for putting that stupid flag on that scene. All of this wouldn't have happened if they wouldn't do that. That doesn't mean I won't hate the false flaggers who act as trannies forcing their "gwen is a tranny" spam.

>>137657218>Why are you being so political?-t. man that first brought up politics

Gwen is cute and I want to make out with him

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>>137657218This nigga lookin' ZESTY, this nigga lookin' MOIST, he's got sugar in his tank, he's light on his feet, he's a Ill bit fruity, he plays for the other team, he dances at the other end of the ballroom, this nigga theatrical, this nigga good with colors, this nigga gonna coordinate yo curtains wit you cushions and that shit gonna look good! This nigga lifts shirts, this nigga on the down low, this nigga be a tollet trader, this nigga gardens uphill, this nigga packs fudge, he's a friend of Dorothy, he feels the love that dare not speak Its name, he loves to dance, he's of the Uranian brotherhood, he indulges in the French vice, he has an antipathic sexual Instinct, he's fluent in Polari, he's a refugee from Sodom, he's on the wrong bus, he bats for the other team, he's temperamental, he's 'one of if you catch my drift.

>>137654503the same racist faggots who post buck breaking talk about her being trans, and before you say it

>Thinking this isn't transKek

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>>137654479To punish Miles.

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>>137654503That's probably true on 4chan.

>>137654503Gwen is a man now. Deal with it. Niggerman is gay. We didn't animate the movie with trans colors. Don't act like the mentally ill fucks who made this shit didn't know what they were doing.

>>137657787ok this is epic xD

You fags discuss this more than twitter users.


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>>137657787wheres the amogus

>>137656999I think Peter's gone to a catholic church and confessional before, but I chalk that up to 'that church looks good and the writer only knows about Christianity through cultural osmosis">>137657175616 MJ's not Jewish either.

>>137657776No, just a ally, and probably regretting it now.

>>137657776Very cute tranny I suppose.

>>137654479Yes, a straight Trans women

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>>1376578692nd panel window pane, upside down.

>>137657776That's to support her dead friend, the tranny paker

>>137654479The color palete, & the trans flag showingGwen is actually a trans ally, but people took it the wrong way. But this could open the idea of a spider-trans character in Marvel

>>137657796>Niggerman is gaySo is Crackerman.

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>twitter trannies are pushing trans gwen for obvious reasons>Holla Forums and Holla Forums push trans gwen for the buck meme>others push trans gwen for shitposting/trollingPerfect cancerous storm

>>137657952The only people not laughing are black boys who like Miles

>>137657175Peter is actually Jewish in the 616. The Raimi version is Catholic, MCU version is athiest, & likely the 2017 cartoon version is Christian. So it's a mix. Different versions of Peter follow different religion

>>137657949>>137657796>retards don't know it's only gay for the person taking dick

Gwen is trans. Stop being transphobes

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>>137657974I don't like Miles and this shit is still annoying

>>137657949They never slept together, so we'll never know what Pete would have replied when she said "This is me"

>>137658039With a hard-on

>>137657949>he thinks Peter killed Gwen by accident

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>>137658039Someone didn't read Spider-Man: Blue.

>>137657949616 comic Gwen isn't trans. Spider-Verse Gwen is definitely trans though.

>>137658152It's a Canon Event.

>>137658056I just vaguely remember the "Pete and MJ waited for marriage" line with regards to their sex life because I thought "goddamn, how lame" in reaction.

>>137657952Makes you wonder why mods let them run amuck in the first place.


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>>137658269it's like poerty, it rhymes

>>137658269This applies to like 99% of super heroes. Why am I even attempting. You'll be reposting this shit for years you sad sack of shit.

>>137658269That's called being a teenager. Double if you're a superhero.You're supposed to hate yourself.It doesn't mean you have to chop off your bits.


>>137655453>plot is literally about how Miles is a downright PECULIAR spider-man

>>137658407What dick?

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>>137654479anon trans girls can be straight. no one is debating if she is a girl. the people who think trannies are just agp men think she is a real girl or whatever.

>>137657876Implying that "ally" girls are actually trans women and watching them shrivel up and get offended is the funniest thingThey support trannies because they are supposed to, but imply that they are one and they get offended

>>137658403>you're supposed to hate yourself

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>>137654616>>137655662Would Miles huff her soles like that one pic of him sniffing her seat?

>>137654479Retards latch onto fake shit becasue they have nothing tangible to grasp onto.

>>137655520Who says I like the propaganda?

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>>137657876>just a allyAllies tend to support all of the LGBTs, not just trannies alone. The exception being if the troons are their family members or friends.

i'd fuck trans gwen.


>>137654831>I'm not paying for those

>>137654503they care enough to put trans flag and leftist agenda in the movie, think twice before calling people obsessed, more importantly go back to discord

>>137657201Buck break him user, I know it’s redundant since miles is CLEARLY a buck BORN broken but it’s a canon event, miles suck the feminine penis or the universe collapses

>Can't have Simpson's threads without sneed>Can't have Rick and Mortgy threads without pickle rick>Can't have Spiderverse threads without Buck Breaking/Culture warI hate Holla Forums so much it's unreal

>>137660113All they had to do was make a straightforward Spider-Man movie

>>137657992616 Peter is not jewish. Peter B is the only explicitly jewish Peter.


>>1376601132/3 of those did not come from Holla Forums

>>137659173Because you like the movie and supported it

>>137659173You like the propaganda.

>>137658055He found Captain Winky. Had to be done.

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>>137656967>this'll blow over after a whileDon't underestimate the power of autism when it comes to surprising.

>>137660335>Did I?~

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>>137654479>another female character with this kind of hairstyleHence Peni is better

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>>137660156But user that wouldn’t have confronted the fact that you’re racist for not liking a character

>>137654479Why do trannies remind themselves of being trans? Branding yourself a tranny means you acknowledge your “past self” is incompatible with your “current self” and you know you’re truly not born a woman. You know you’re living a lie, but try to prop up being trans as proud and stunning so you can forget that it reminds you that no amount of hormones in the world can stop biology.

>>137654479/pol/tards invaded this board at some point in the last 2 years, i can’t remember which cartoon it was, but it made them come here and they still haven’t left

>>137655815If trannies didn't go out of their way to act like annoying faggots I wouldn't hate them. I feel like this is only a recentish thing too. I remember like 10-15 years ago I was online friends with a few trannies from posting on the same forums and honestly they were pretty cool, not really doing the whole HECKIN' VALID thing or trying to make it their whole identity or whatever. It feels like it's only in the last few years that the whole thing with annoying trannies having to be loud about it and insisting that every female character is a troon really started, or at least became widespread.If they just behaved like normal people instead of retards I wouldn't give a shit.

This thing exploded. Everyone is saying Gwen is trans now.


>>137663016Twitter bubbles and shitposters on this board are not "everyone".

>>137654503Trans erasure. And yet you try to imply you're not "the people who hate trans people". We see you. We will not be erased by you.

>>137657992>Peter is actually Jewish in the 616No

>>137657787holy shit

>>137657787This is accurate

>>137660002Wait I just watched it where the fuck was any of that?


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>>137654503Cope bigot. She's trans. And no one's obsessed. Trans people are attention whores

>>137654479Because “OMG TRANS COLORS” and some LGBT stuff in her room.

>>137663338Trans women are women.

The most annoying thing about all this bullshit is troons trying to claim Gwen is trans because she has pink in her design and parts of it look kinda purple under the right lighting and filter. It's not even the same shade as the retarded pastel flag they just claim any girl wearing pink to be secretly trans because their whole retarded movement is about stealing feminine things from actual women.

Movie was fine but I just REALLY liked her and the art of her dimension, is this any good or at least as pretty

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>>137654479>It ain't gonna suck itself, Pete

>>137656764>some are going as far as to point out that Gwen's more masculine shoulders are more proofThey kinda are masculine tho.

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>>137663698First run is terrible and tries to do a bunch of twist look how different our universe is stuff with a black woman Captain America and Daredevil being the Kingpin. All you really need to know about it is She loses her powers but gets an artificial symbiote instead, she gets outed as Spider and spends 2 years in juvie so she's aged up to university and out of the teen kiddie crowd with Miles, and all the universe hopping stuff used to be scifi watched but she gets it inherent after some shenanigans after that you can skip right to the 2 "Ghost Spider" minis written by Seanan Mcguire since he did some interesting stuff but the second 12 issue mini got cancelled at 10 thanks to the coof forcing an industrywide pencils down. After Mcguire her stuff has been totally unrelated to her universe/previous arcs and are mostly multiverse shenanigans where she fights different versions of herself.

>>137654479Culture war faggotry has completely ruined media.


>>137658269Huh. They're right.

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>I will never see a genuine discourse of Gwen's wholesome arc with her dealing with Peter's death, the beautifully choreographed scenes with father, and etc.>Literally several scenes throughout the movies implies her as she, even Miguel utters "I knew SHE was a liability">Americans take this movie and revolves it around race, gender, and sexuality in the most narcissistic ways possible Not only am I irked by this but I genuinely feel sorry for this generation if movies are only going to be looked at for narcissistic pleasure these days. Media literacy is nonexistent except when retards use it as a cudgel to piss off their opponents and enforce whatever propaganda they wanna spew at media. Every metaphor or allegory has to be interpreted by the 3 things I've said before. Film forever tainted by miserable retards.This >>137663853

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>>137663784>women aren't allowed to have broad shouldersI guess amazons aren't a thing anymore. Poor wonder woman...

>>137657787So he prefers BMWF couples to trans representation? Interesting.

>>137663919>he doesn't know

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>>137656764>>tranny virtue signalling flag in her roomI didn't see that at all.

>>137654479>Leftoids headcanon about a character being gay/trans/whatever >rightoids overreact and get livid about the opinions of terminally online teenagers>leftoids see this reaction and double down/get more obnoxious about it >rightoids fall for the bait and get madder>rinse and repeat the last two stepsThis is the "discourse" of literally every piece of popular media these days. It's all so tiresome.

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>>137664019Wut? "Rightoids" are the one promoting the trans narrative because they are mad about the BMWF Bendis shit.

Just finished watching this crap, this scene is incredibly damning with the coming out as gay overtones for Miles being laid awful thick too. If you haven't watched it and you're coping about your fapping target, you got an excuse, but if you did, you're actually less media literate than the twitter crowd. How hilarious and dismaying is that?

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>>137664028It's a mix of that and leftoids on twitter headcanoning about her being trans.

It’s 2023 we do not need side shave haircuts on female characters. The trend died back in the 2010’s. If your movie/game has this haircut on a female character I refuse to consoom it. The only people who still shave the side of their head is trannies trying to emulate women they saw in media in the 2010s.

>>137657992What the fuck are you talking about? Also if Raimi's is Catholic so is the MCU's version retard

This is the mentally ill attempting to gaslight themselves into believing that everything is secretly a part of the Alphabet community.

>Holla Forums is so stupid they still don't get why "le rightoids" meme him as a trannylmao

>>137664036Please keep posting the same 3 images ad nauseum it really helps with the narrative, keep up the good fight brother

>>137664019You do realise we are falseflagging because we hate Spider-Gwen and want normies to hate her too?

>>137664349Yeah just ignore backstories >>137654580 and then tell me why you don't think trans women are valid and why Gwen being canonically trans in this universe ruins the movie for you. Who really cares if she is trans user?

>>137664350I'm not, I watched the movie. The twitter trannies actually read this correctly.

>>137664363Trying too hard

>>137664367Fuck you this isn't funny anymore.

>>137664373I'm serious, they were right.

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