Bruce Timm should not be allowed on TV

Why was this monster allowed to make children TV shows for so long? How did he go under the radar?

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>>137654382What's the issue?

Are you retarded

>sexually mature female character>drawn to be attractiveOh the horror.

It's nice being able to know I could always be worse. That in the end, I still have more rizz than OP.

>>137654382Women are for sex

>>137654409Beautiful women are illegal.

>>137654409>>137654426Stop playing stupid, you know exactly what the matter is. It just got progressively more blatant as it went on.

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>>137654382Cute Kara.

>>137654382Shut up zoomer

>>137654457>Stop playing stupid, you know exactly what the matter is.I'm not seeing it, so please explain.

>>137654457damn diana was so fucking cool.Is this your problem user? women being presented as strong free and cheerfull? are you a cavemen?

>>137654474OP has Aerophobia.

Honestly, the fact that Holla Forums is trying to defend this freak strengthens my point. It's just sad that there was really a time in children's TV when people used to care about profits more than decency.

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>>137654382Goddam, we’re never getting this quality again

>>137654409The goddamn geeseTotal geenocide NOW

>>137654563>>137654382Grow up, Christin-indoctrinated retard. Stop trying to enforce your narrow, dull worldview on everyone lese.Oh no, a tiny patch of her thigh is visible! Time to be judgemental! You're the worst type of idiot

>>137654563>>137654645I hate the fact that you are doing a such a poor job of feigning outrage. Your mom will die after you read this.

Who let twitter fems into this board?

>>137654645It barely is about skin showing, it's the constant innuendos.

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>>137654382Made for big hispanic cock.

>>137654777And? What is wrong with innuendo?

>>137654786>Made for big brainiac cock.FTFY

>>137654382>tfwno Karagf

>>137654777>Ollie and Dinah>horny for each otherYou don't say

The funniest part of this kind of shit is that it's genuinely hard to tell if someone is the traditional moron that hates this because "think of the children" or the modern moron that hates this because beautiful young women (except black women, black women are OK) is some sort "impossible standards" and muh male gaze.

>>137655000Yes.Thank you.V8RDD

>>137654457My mom saw this scene and didn't let me watch the show at all after this

>>137655000Aren't they the same? Modern feminism is just old bigotry coated with moralism

>>137654382People like OP should be allowed around cartoons>>137654409OP is a massive faggot

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>>137654409Degenerate Xer.

>>137654865I wish she had her own animated show

>>137654382My only issue with Timm's designs is that other than hairstyles and clothing, almost everyone looks the same. There are a small number of exceptions for characters that are supposed to be fat, old or ugly, but for everyone else it's like he's got one body/face for all women and another body/face for all men.Sure it's attractive, but it's also extremely boring.

>>137654814Just like with getting girls OP doesn’t get them.

>>137654382His only crime is that his characters look the same

>ITT: Nobody knows that this is a troll thread trying to solicit Bruce Timm lewds

>>137655370Or maybe everyone knows and refuses to indulge OP

>>137654409Boring same face and same body characters


>>137654382THIS IS KARANot the TV one, not who ever the fuck is playing Supergirl in the Flash movie. THIS is her. Or Smallville

outrageous, give me more example to be angry at some Vixen if possible


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>>137654777>>137654563They got away with as much as they could and finally got to be adult in the Batman and Harley Quinn movie

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>>137654457>>137654382>>137654563>>137654777Cartoons used to be so based.>Sexy women>Naturalistic art style instead of Teen Titans GO>Pretty colors>Beautiful animation>Zero or minimal left wing politics>Feminism wasn't a thing>Twitter wasn't a thing>Dykes had no say in a show writing>No one gave a shit about shippingI miss those days anons, should I just move on from cartoons?They don't make them like they used to. Everything is about lesbians nowadays.


>>137654777Big fucking deal. Stop being such a pussy. Kids will not go evil or something for seeing some tits and thighs. I'd argue there's more cultural entropy created thanks to dumb fucks like you that start a big fuss if as much as a butterfly touches you than by kids being exposed to innuendo

>>137657604I'm sure Timm while being forced to work on shit like the Harley Quinn show in exchange for a bit of freedom to make other DC projects is in a John Cleese situation where he wonders when everything went so wrong in the animation industry and where that polite society he poked at disappeared to. Where the moms against cleavage lines went as he now has to deal with trannies and faggots turning Harley Quinn into a "queer icon" through headcanon DC has let other writers slop into your actual OC. Simple fact is he and his paved the way for the nonsense we see today through those 90's coca cola commercial equality future concessions. Making JL and JLU with John instead of Hal Jordan, forcing Static shock to be Batmans best friend, etc. etc. is why we have to deal with mile morales as thugshaker spiderman today. Everything they did back in the day that was "good" for "good thing" only minorly harmed the shows but those "good" intentions paved the way for the ideological conquest of their medium.

>>137654457This one is just funny with how blatant it was, like it ain't even an innuendo how did this get past

>>137654382Almost thought this was the webm I made.

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>>137654382She looks like a Disney princess in this sequence also has Disney ever made a space alien princess?

>>137654645> Christian-indoctrinatedNow I say, I say I say I say just hol' on there a moment there, sonny boy.It ain't the Christians who are telling ya'll not to enjoy healthy natural sexual attraction. They ain't, I say they ain't, they ain't been in any position of influence in the media for 20 years now.Ya'll can't seriously blame them, unless ya'll some kind of special stuipd, son. Ya'll ain't that now, are ya?

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>>137654645Faggot retard, your blue haired cunts are the screeching pansies not Christians, I wish I could slit your faggot throat

>>137660949based Foghornposter speaks the truth.

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>>137654382>Blonde Bimbo>Blonde Bimbo, Cornfield

>>137657604Just do like me and only watch cartoons that were made before 2010

>>137657000His was def on purpose but how and why did they ot do it again since they like showing her off? There’s worse than skirt shots like like >>137654563And Roxy rocket coming

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>>137654444Cannot argue with those digits

>>137654409OP is a foot fetish and is not trying to hide it

>>137659747Lesbian undertones were always there in the Ivy/Harley episodes of BTAS.

>>137654502she was really great on that show, easily the best representation of her ever

>>137662723Some think this means they showered together or at least saw each other without clothes

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>>137654382A geese rights activist made this post


He has been laying lo since the whole #metoo thing started since he was known for molesting his teenage assistants.

>>137654409She doesn't look like Lizzo so of course Holla Forums has a problem with it.

>>137657604>no one cared about shipping Even back then people were clingy onto wonderbats and seething over katara and aang

>>137663420They look the same

>>137663825Wonderbat is so much better than Batman being a groomer.

>>137655024My mom thought it was funny.I bet your mom has small tits.

>>137654382The same reason your college professors defended Pol Pot and Mao Zedong during protests

>>137657604>>Zero or minimal left wing politicsWut? The whole Lex Luthor subplot was an obvious Bush allegory. Also Superman and Green Arrow were portrayed as very positive examples of democrat morality whereas the only right wing characters were deranged psychopaths.

>>137654409Hes (was) an epstein frequent flier

I mostly like Timm's fanservice but near the end a lot of the females had a terrible case of sameface.

>>137654382>>137660784pure sexo

>>137654382Stupid political rage bait aside, I am inclined to think he's a bit of a hack who doesn't actually get the characters he writes and adapts. I feel like he was one of the originators of the "Bruce Wayne is Batman's secret identity" meme, and he honestly takes it to an absurd degree in some places like here. being said, Terry MacGuiness is the best thing to happen to Batman period, so you win some, you lose some.

>>137663950He's an obvious pedophile who should have been driven out of the industry decades ago.

>>137663943Like >>137663420but they went full on fanservice with Batman and Harley Quinn. They should do a show or something that really stands out again that’s more adult with the dcau look

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>>137664070The view thouh that’s probably what supergirls looks like