Spider-Man Storytime #111 SSM 83, ASM 246, Avengers, 236-237, MTU 135

Yesterday we said good-bye to ESU and the cast that belongs there, and said hello to the returning characters Punisher and Mary-JaneToday Spider-Man is looking to join the Avengers>previous threadspastebin.com/03Qvnmsz

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Woah, Spider-Man actually working with the police

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Hoh-hoh, captainSo scandalous

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Difficult is probably putting it mildly

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How and when did Bucky die?

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>>137654149That pose hurts.

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Is his name not Frank Castle yet?You'd think they'd say it once on either of these pages

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I don't think Robbie has made a comment like that since Captain Stacy was alive

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Strange to be seeing a trial play out and for Matt Murdock to be no where in sight

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>>137654188You were able to make fake credit cards in the 80's?Huh, well, I guess I don't know the history of them too well. I always assumed that cards were more of a 90's thing.

>>137654225Okay, I might not know all of spider-lore, but I can't see this going anywhere. "that time a cop fell in love with Spider-man" is just too stupid of a story line for me not to hear about. Then again, I hadn't heard of "that time Peter abused his love interest and then took advantage of her schizophrenia" before this ride.

>>137654301As much as this one?

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>>137654267>I sword to go straightWell, she sure isn't straight anymore! Jokes about he bi nature aside, I wonder how long it will take for her to go back to crime.

Looks like this issue might be a bootleg What If?

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What the fuck, Spidey

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>>137654313I guess this is before that time they retconned Frank into being a catholic priest or something.

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>>137654398youtube.com/watch?v=UxnvGDK0WGMBut really, does anyone know how accurate of a trial this is?

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>>137654276In the same explosion that got Cap frozen in ice at the end of World War II. Or so we thought until the whole Winter Soldier thing.

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>>137654700What the fuck?

>>137654714Okay, I knew Bucky was more of an Atlas comics thing but I didn't know he was near non-existent in Marvel (to this point)

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>>137654771Don't worry, it took me til >>137654661 to remember this was an issue about daydreams

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>>137654819Man, I wish I had the skill to edit this. That 3rd panel would make a perfect promotional image for the weekend of pain if the headline was changed.

>>137654851>just like a bad habitI wonder what issue the final cigar JJJ smokes will be.

>>137654861I'm sure you could pester the drawfag thread or somewhere similar if your pitch is good enough

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Sister? Not a chance this character still exists

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>>137654965Oh no, the Hobgoblin;s back, and now he's got an extra head!In hindsight this could be seen as foreshadowing, but sadly it is not.

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Is there a schedule to these?I'm trying to do my Muertitos Storytime, but I seem to keep bumping up against other Storytimes. After weeks of none of them what are the odds I go on the weekend all of them are up?I'm over here >>137652092

>>137655004>Is there a schedule to these?Not to my knowledge. I'm not in a committee of storytimers that plans everything, if such a thing really exists

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>>137654554get that menace J.J.!

Pete can't even catch a break in his own imagination

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>>137655004From my experience, yes and no. The Sonic and Spider storytimes are consistently around the same time every day. Everything else is more or less whenever someone feels like it. There's never really a good or bad time for a storytime since you just never know if anyone else is doing something or if the people who are online even care to read. The only truly bad time is when the new comics for the week are being dumped. I could be wrong and there's really a Holla Forums storytime Illuminati run by The Unofficial Conductor, Magister, and a few other people, but I doubt it.

>>137654547He didn’t abuser her, he simply neglected her emotionally with both a combination of spider shenanigans and just being a prick

So I wasn't the only one that noticed Spider-Man's costume got darkerAnd the guesses for Hobgoblin's identity keep coming

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Now time for a story that been built up a bit for the last couple daysShulkie, what the heck is that costume?

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>>137655036Oh boy, this is the start of A VS FFHuh, now that I think about it, I don't think we've had AvFF yet.

>>137655036That Spider-Man thinks he's so big. He's not so big! Add some silverware and he's nothing but the width of a bishop's hat!

>>137655102Ah ok.Could I uh, borrow one or two readers here, maybe someone open a second tab? I'll kinda sink without people making the occasional comment, I can't bump myself

I don't know who Starfox is.>>137655199Protip; OPs can bump their own threads. It's on a hidden 5 minute timer

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>>137654348I wonder if Robbie figured it out before anyone else.

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He's a real class act

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>>137654547Wait, what? QRD?

Member limit?I guess for writers' sake I can understand wanting to keep the numbers down

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>>137655223He's an eternal. And the brother of Thanos.


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I think I already know how this is going to pan outThe Avengers just have too many rules and regulations to be a good fit for the wallcrawler

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We're we just at Project Pegasus the other day? With the big snake cult?

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>>137655286I mean, they get free room and board, so there has to be a limit.

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>>137655286Yeah, Henry Peter Gyrich famously made the Avengers limit to 7.

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>>137655521Call me crazy, but I think this guy's Irish.

I had to check, but I could have sworn Spider-Man had fought lave men before

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Oh no, not... him

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This lady I remember kinda

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>>137655223He fucks

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Who wouldn't trust that face?

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A reminder that this is Backout's second ever appearance, and after a 5 year hiatus too

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Starfox has got secrets that I don't know about

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>>137656138>"The FLOOR? Like a PEASANT?!"

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>>137656159Being upside down all the time is honestly probably a big part of why people don't like hanging out with him

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>>137656228thats was funny.

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Wanda, that's terrifying

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>>137656311I'm starting to see where the "unhinged reality warper" aspect of her character originated from.

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You're a loose cannon, Spider-Man!

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Last one for today and this one is a little hard to read

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>>137656470But he gets results, dammit!

>>137655286You know, Spiderman has had a team-up with just about everyone on the team. They all know how good he is.

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Well wellAnother group of freaks that's new to me

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>>137656644They're a bunch of sewer-dwelling extra-freaky-looking mutants.


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>>137656685Yeah, she went through a bunch of codenames before they finally came up with Shadowcat. She was also called Sprite at one point.

I've never heard "Golly, this is just like our game but in real life!" in referene to a board game beforeSave for that one episode of Spongebob>>137656754I do recall Sprite

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So these guys aren't even mutants, they're just a cannibal cult living in the vast underground caverns of New York

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>>137656809>bickering in the editor's notesThat's the old Marvel humor.

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I don't know if I'd be a cool enough kid to crack open someone's skull

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>>137656917You'll never rescue the president with that attitude.

Benn a minute since Spidey's come that close to a murder charge

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Now Spider-Man and Kitty have briefly met, back during Dazzler's debut, but it makes sense he wouldn't recognize her.

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And then all the cannibals died

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Which puts a nice bow on this story

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The End!I'll say now that storytime might not be happening tomorrow. But stop by anyway to check at the regular time!It'll be more about tracking down the Hobgoblin and trying to keep Felicia on a leash

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>>137657232>and trying to keep Felicia on a leashShe wishes. Thanks for storytiming, Magister!

>>137656185Thanks MagisterWe're getting pretty close to one of the best single issues of ASM too

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>>137657298Yes indeed

>>137654232I do like pete using the adjective of the book in each book, in amazing he thinks he amazing, in spectacular he’s spectacular, in team up he’s teaming with excitement

>>137658391What does he say in Web

Oh hey thanks, I'm still doing my thread, so if anyone wants to hop over for a while or maybe keep it bumped overnight when I go to sleep, that would be great>>137652092

>>137654723I honestly completely forgot she still doesn’t even KNOW yet

>>137654886You’re still two decades off from that

>>137655559Does the suit come with a built in flask?

>>137655578I want to say there were lava men in the first team up he had with me fantastic

>>137659516NooooopeThose were Moloids, a totally different subterranean race

>>137659835Team up is the only book I can think of that would have pete dealing with lava men so I’m not sure

>>137659486It should

>>137657232Thanks OP

>>137655232I like the idea.

>>137663312I always had the idea that Robbie reacts to pete trying to reveal his identity to him in the same way Keith David’s character reacts in “they live”. >listen pete, before you finish I get it, and I’m happy for you. But I don’t need this in my life