The great debate

The great debate.

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Jessica is the best lantern.


>>137654277Who the fuck is Jessica?

Hal Jordan for spaceGuy Gardner for earth

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>>137654277This, except its Hal. >>137654416Also this.>>137654463And this.

>>137654112Not a debate, love all lanterns, human, aliens and even from other corps.

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>>137654277>>137654517I like Jo and Jess because they have fat asses.

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>>137654112Miles is a lantern too now?

>>137654112Haven't we gone over this?Hal is the worst by far, but they're all extremely pathetic.

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>>137654463Why did they get rid of Guy's bowl cut?

>>137654112im gay btw if you cant tell

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>>137654785early/mid 2000s didnt think it was cool

>>137654112Why does Earth have so many?

>>137654820because humans cause danger, its explained many times but thats the gist of it

>>137654112I like Hal, John, and Guy. I don't care for Kyle.

>>137654820earth is the universe's ghetto

>>137654277Best for me

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>>137654112when the fuck did guy look like that

>>137654785It's fucking dorky

>>137654998yeah but he fucking owned it, you wouldnt mention it to him and he knew thatthats why i love guy


>>137654112I like Kyle the best because he was the first character whose comics I ever read.

>>137654785He's not THAT much of a jerk.

>>137654112John is the best. Guy is boring and Hal is always a fucking retard.

>>137655088>Johnfag talking about other characters being boringlel

>>137655088>John is the best. Guy is boring

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>>137654112Hal should've stayed dead.

>>137654910Same. I have no idea why he's so popular.

>>137655088>Guy is boringsurely you jestin

>>137655153The series would have died then.

>>137654112John > Halnever cared for the ginger.

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All of John's fans have only ever watched Timm's crummy cartoon. >>137655293Saving this for shitposting purposes

>>137654112>The great debate.4 GLs for sector 2814 is enough due Earth being the center of the multiverseHalGuyJohnKyleJessica and rest can go fuck off or become some other Lantern or Darkstar

There's too much lore to make one GL show.

>>137655621Ideally you boil it down to the basics & focus on each major lantern just going through episodic adventures. Building up their history little by little.

>>137654112John is literally the worst lantern. Whats his personality? What good runs has he had?

>>137655621You would need to have time jumps of some kind or flashbacks. Some way to divide the major timeline plotpoints from the cool adventures.

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>>137655088I think you switched Guy with Hal.

Always Hal

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>>137654112Hardly a debate. Guy is easily the best. The rest are just fighting for second place.

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>>137654112Hardly a debate. Hal is easily the best. The rest are just fighting for second place.

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I am biased to Guy, but that's mainly cause I love redheads and his attitude.

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>>137654785losers who got bullied for having bowl cuts as kids got jobs at dc and changed guy's hair because it gave them ptsd

>>137657583i miss the grey in his hair

>>137654277This and checked.

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>bad guy is so likeable that even him doing evil shit is fun

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>>137654112>A bunch of fake copies to fill as many demographics as possibleMy favorite Lantern is the true and only Green Lantern.


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>>137657749>only personality is that he likes sucking cockAlan is the worst by a fucking mile.

>Michael Bendis really wanted to do Green LanternIs GL one of those comics that are popular with writers?

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>>137657625God, that pic is so gay

>>137657794Hal is a canonical otome husband.

The Parallax retcon is shit and makes Hal less interesting.

>>137654112This is a Guy Lantern Corps, the rest of you shitters are just living in it.

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>>137657928Getting invested in a romance in the big 2 is hell.

>>137657829The Parallax retcon make Hal more based knowing he held Parallax back for that long with his own will.

>>137654112Volthoom. Fuck life.

>>137657749>The one that fought for zogNo thanks

>>137657928Breaking these two up was a crime.

>>137654277Agree Strongly

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Green Lantern/Captain Marvel crossover when?

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>>137657735>A bunch of fake copies to fill as many demographics as possibleIf whittling the human GLs down to a single one, which GL would be able to appeal to the most demographics possible?


>>137658589Isn't it just cause she died and lazy writers forgot they were together?

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>>137657683A cute!

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>>137657683>>137659888Not even a RWBYfag but Jessica was so cute in that movie. I support her having this design or something similar in the comics.

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>>137657683>>137659888>>137660046That looks like Ben 10

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>>137654277I really liked her dynamic with Guy when he was mentoring her. It's a shame we probably won't see much that duo ever again

>>137654112Keep Guy and the black one. Get rid of the rest.

>>137657928I just want them back together bros...

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