Holla Forums twinks and femboys thread

Its still not gay, so long as hes wearing a dress

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Princess Marco always gets me hard for some reason.

>>137653796Need more marco and shezow art

rule /63/ is fine too

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op it's fucking gay, you love men and sucking down dicks

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>>137653796Those eyes freak me out

>>137653796dude there's still a dick under the dressyou have to say 'no homo', then it's not gay.

>>137653796>"Dude, you had a full plate of burritos.">"I know, but I'm still hungry!">"That's not what I'm worried about right now..."


>>137653854tell me something i don't know, mr clown man

>>137653854I DO. I want cute femboy gay dick. I want YOUR cute femboy gay dick, user.

>>137653854There’s nothing gay about sucking dicks. You focus too much on the sexual part of homosexual.

>>137653906This. Biologically, a penis is just an enlarged clitoris. Sucking on dick in a vacuum is not gay. Being attracted to men is gay.

>>137653884Shezow is gonna be on top tonight

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>>137653854It's only gay if you're wearing the dress

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>>137653946I was referring to the fact that Marco potentially has a loaded weapon right next to his face in OP's pic

>>137653906>There is nothing Homosexual in a sexual act between two people of the same sexAre you stupid?

Its important to learn to curtsy

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>>137654036But don't curtsy too high; we can't show off how you plan on avoiding the awkwardness of entering the girls' bathroom (at least, not yet).

kyle always gets forgotten in these threads

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>>137653842Is not gay if they used to be girls.

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>>137653796200% not gay.

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>>137654111>OH DEMONIOS

>>137654079>Kyle>not the manliest man aroundDude is going balls deep in lizardman cloaca every night and he makes Scorpia watch.

>>137653884I love the idea of marco and guy talking to each other in dudebro language. They arent trans after all, they dont identify as women, theyre bisexual femboys, they do this recreationally

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Marco got them hips

>>137654577He inherited them from his mom

>>137654704No homo but I just wanna kiss every part of his body

That perfect boy is gone

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r63 always makes the flipped version sluttier, whether male or female.

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>>137654916Now gender flip the crust cousins too, trying to prove how 'homo' jeffrey is by grinding bulges on him

>>137654969They are flipped. Notice the changed hairstyles on Tiff and Brit.

We ignore trolls and post twinks >>137655003its pretty minor then, especially with tiffs big hips

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>>137655104Twinks != TransFemboys != Trans

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>>137654740No homo but same

>>137655592KO cosplaying two characters: one is gay, the other one is his mom.

>>137655104That's nice, but that has nothing to do with twinks and femboys.

>>137655250>>137655250WORDS CAN NEVER EXPRESS how cute he is

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>>137655715CBT traps are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Guess it has to do with the feminization aspect.


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>>137655705We all need an adrian in our lives>>137655715whos the girl?>>137655816cock and ball torture, aka ballbusting

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>>137655715I love the idea of femme fatale seeing right through guys shezow form and has huge disdain for him dressing like chick but also trying really hard to hide her disgust by trying not comment on it and failing.

>>137656049>cock and ball torture, aka ballbustingMakes sense.>whos the girl?An old Powerpuff girl villian. Forgot her name.

>>137654133Need more Wirt.

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>>137656049>whos the girl?Femme Fatale

>>137656158>I love the idea of femme fatale seeing right through guys shezow form and has huge disdain for him dressing like chick but also trying really hard to hide her disgust by trying not comment on it and failing.It's great!

>>137656202Need Wirt.

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>>137654111deviantart.com/plastic-star-virus/art/Marco-Y-Starboy-896615697Give me the full pic, I'm not going to make a deviantard account just to see this.

>>137656382It's honestly not that nsfw

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>>137654362Theres such a thing as dominant femboys

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>>137654916Random thought but if Jenny was a guy and the crust cousins were still chicks I could unironically see them trying to get in Male XJ9's pants. Reverse is true too.

>>137653854I hate gays but love traps so it cancel it each other out thus making me straight.

There was a zelda cartoon, therefore link is Holla Forums material

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>>137653854femboy joker whenit'll make it easier for gordon

>>137653796What if they just wear their normal everyday clothes?

Finn is cute.

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>>137656397Maybe is not, but I got banned once for posting it.

>>137653854What's it to you? You're gayer than gay for Batman. You think you can look down on me when you are consumed by lust for some faggot furry?

>>137656937He would still be cute

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Nothing wrong with having a strong feminine side

I know Dexter isn't femboy material but whatever

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Do male characters that act feminine count?

How do you deal with your natural predator

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Bullying boy luz and clapping his little Latinx bootycheeks

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>>137657154Not short or fat enough

>>137657245Do what makes you happy.

>>137656262But user, it's not healthy to be so obsessed over a single character. No matter how cute he is.

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>>137657672You want me to draw him as a chubby shortstack, then?

>>137657594that's a child

>>137657815Indeed it is

>>137657803UHM ACKCHUALLYthe male version of a 'shortstack' is referred to as a 'teapot'

>>137657756Too badI want more of that nerd ass in a dress

>>137657833Thanks user, not being sarcastic. I didn't know there was a male term for shortstack? Well do you want me to draw him as a teapot instead?


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>>137654007>Shezow's ass is a weaponNever saw more than the first episode, what do you mean?


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>>137657918He's talking about fartingIt was a brap joke

>>137656049wouldn't a R63 Jessica be a hyper-masculine caricature?

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>>137657941How about Spider(fem)boy?

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>>137657943Ah, thought there was something deeper.Still hot.

>>137657594Me too, latinx boys make good girls.

>>137657875That’s pedophilia user

>>137657868no, i cant draw

>>137654133>>137656202>>137656262we need a drawfag to make art of femboy Wirt seducing his regular nerd self

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>>137658104Not if you pair them with other boys their age.

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>>137658093They do

>>137657971Well if we're going for a complete character inversion then an R63 Jessica Rabbit is literally just Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. If we're just swapping the gender he's gonna be suave and sleek with a badboy appeal just like how Jessica herself has femme fatale energy. "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way" as a quote wouldn't work if they're some heroic looking super hunk. But that sultry line is perfect coming out of a pouty twunk with impeccable fashion sense.


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>>137657042>>137656937Regular Guy is cute and extremely underrated.

>>137657594Boy Luz honestly would have been more interesting and the potential for lewd stuff with Eda would be way higher.

>>137656792the cartoon link was the least gay version of him

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>>137654916>>137654111>>137657594>>137657875Why if girls became twinks by eating twinkies?

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>>137658699>>137658715Where are you getting this? and why does it says Milfverse when is clearly a femboy?

>>137658729Now that sounds like a fetish object

>>137658729I feel like that’s a fetish somewhere


>>137658386I love guy very much!

>>137657594I want Luze to date Princess Marco.

>>137658759>>137658754Surprised nobody had thought of this before to be honest, its quite easy to make a fetish out of it, you have this soft, long object with cream inside, the fucking name says it all. Ad some TF and bang, instant fetish.

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>>137658134Would you fuck your trapself?

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>>137658887This is good, drawfriend!

Hey draw friend is your not too busy can you draw boy Luz ?

>>137658887How did his ass get better?

>>137654133Who made this? Cant read the name.

>>137658729Turn into a twink or femboy/trap?


>>137659033>>137658729 turns you into a twink.Pic related turns you into a femboy.

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>>137656924Has no one done one yet? Feels like it could have been something HenshinTiger would have done.

>>137658887I mean by the end of it I'd probably ending up becoming a trap to, let's be honest.


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>>137659095The strawberry (and berry) ones are super good not gonna lie.

>>137659095Seems like a Corruption of Champions item


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>>137658887uwu whats this?

>>137654564Same. I think the contrast of them looking like that but still talking like dudes is great. Especially if they're doing girly things like dressing up, doing their nails, working their hair.

>>137654079And Riley as well even though he was walking around in a skirt and tight top and was even carrying a purse with him. Some boys just get ignored some times.

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>>137658984Yes. Mine is not too busy.

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>>137656869He really was cute. Shame no one seems to want to draw him.

>>137656869what character is this? Is this official art?

>>137658887I mean, if I ended up that cute and lewd the I'd have to. Also darn user, that's some good work there. This is an out there idea and it's cool to see it in action.

>>137659568Clearly noticeable bulge? Oh user, you are playing it a little risky there. But he's very cute. If his way of showing that unhinged excitement Luz usually has happens to involve him popping many fierce boners then I'm really on board.

>>137659095Remember girls, don't accept weird twinkies from strangers, unless you want to attract the wrong crowd on the internet. >>137659368>Smooth skin>+ but size>can't grow breasts>instant cock. >Can't grow or shrink it beyond certain point.

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>>137659611Once I'm more confident in my own skills, I'm definitely going to take a crack at one of his alternate concepts.>>137659628It's Michael from Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. He's dressed as Pocahontas for a princess pageant.

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>>137659567>>137659580Im a latino boy who doesnt have a red sweater. am I in the wrong?

>>137659628The fruity boy from the Proud Family series (the new one)

>>137659568God he is a walking target for a couger like Eda to exploit. You just know his underwear gets sold to Amity or the male equivalent of her for a steep profit.

>>137659542that was just one episode though, kyle was a femboy for like 5 seasons>>137659684surprised disney allowed this, the times really do be a changin >>137659496I love the idea of marco and guy doing their makeup together whilst still referring to each other as bro and dude and making no effort to sound femininegreatest couple Holla Forums ever came up with

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>>137659714Eda makes him dress like a gigalo in her house and never wear a shirt


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>>137659735Sure, maybe it was only one episode but people have gotten a lot of content from brief appearances before so it's not like Riley getting some notice should be too out of the question.

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>>137654916Need more boy Brit.

>>137654916Ne amount of NSFW male Jenny there is out there is staggering.

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>>137658324Whats this from?

>>137659684It's cringe when it's crossdressing for diversity & not for a joke. Especially being directed at kids.

>>137660054I drew it for an user in a Dexter's Lab thread.

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>>137660146Do you have more Dexters?

>>137660139It is a joke, the joke is that he's hotter than the girls.

>>137660182Damn. Gottem.

>>137660174Yep. Here's this drawing I did a while back. I'm planning on making more of him.

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>>137659095>Girl eats the twink-ies and turns into a trap of her former self.>the universe conspires to reveal him as a boy.

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>>137660215You have a social media or you just lurk around in any supposed dexter thread?

>>137658324>>137658699>>137658715>>137660146>>137660215This feels so wrong. Continue.

>>137660265Both lol. It's deviantart.com/egregeousyuYou're welcome to request Dexter art since you're from Holla Forums

>>137660347Have him sit on some ones face, probably Mandarks. That's all I have atm.

>>137660347Good stuff,

>>137659760Implying Eda wouldn't convince him to go completely naked or at least down to his tighty whities while in the house and claim that it's part of this training.>Eda, are you sure that it's necessary for me to be almost naked at all time while in the house.>Oh course [boyLuz Name], bare skin is critical for a witch-in-training. It, uh, allows for the magic from a witch to transfer to her student, yeah, that's it. So you gotta wear as little as possible while in the house for the best results.>Well I guess your the expert, I'm just excited to learn some real magic. Can't wait.

>>137660139Look on the bright side: it's not gay to say you want to pound him like skin drum, it's a respectful compliment of his diversity.

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>>137660555>boyLuz NameLouis

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>>137660631Eh Oscure or Sombra also could work.

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>>137660325Will do, user>>137660391Ok>>137660470Thanks, user!

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>>137660555Eda would have do chores to make him build up a sweat and make his body glisten>Do I really have to plow this field while only wearing short shorts? Like I get how it can help with my witch training, but these fields are kind of dry and barren.>Way to ruin the fantasy kid>What?>I said, I'm sure you'll find a way to moisten that field up and plow it real good>Well I do know a thing or two about hoeing>I bet you do>What?>You heard me

I remember in one of the old threads that spoke about how each She-Zow is representative of their era. What would Guy's updated look be like? We can either go with early 2010's hero/fashion aesthetics or just sliding timescale things forward to the 2020's>Extreme Sports Gear>Gymthot Athletic Wear>Straight Up Slutwear>Something Futuristic


>>137659684>Once I'm more confident in my own skills, I'm definitely going to take a crack at one of his alternate concepts.Sounds good there user. Can't wait to see what you'd have in mind for him. Speaking of which, do you have any works of yours you'd feel comfortable sharing right now?

I need more boy Pacifica.

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>>137660783Futuristic slutwear?

>>137660867So basically just a thong and nothing else

>>137660912That's not futuristic at all!

>>137660956You're rightHologram thong

>>137661052edible underwear that actually tastes very good and is surprisingly comfortable to wear with at all times

>>137661052I think you just want Guy naked!

>>137661192I want him partially naked

>>137661209A holo-thong only is more than just partial!

>>137660912>>137660956>>137661052>>137661124>>137661192>>137661209>>137661241Anon is being silly but he's actually got something. A futuristic Shezow with a holograhpic/digital style similar to Cortana would be cool.

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>>137657943Wtf is brap joke, why is everyone on this site so fucking autistic

>>137661311Brap is onomatopoeia for a fart It's used in comics and people refer to it as a brap due to farts having it's own fetishists

>>137661309That's closer to what I was cooking up in my head. A pulpy space bodysuit essentially.

>>137661434So a futuristic catsuit?

>>137660762Amity will buy those pants at a premium price.

>>137658729>>137659095Wasn’t expecting tg and tf in my femboy thread but you won’t hear me complaining

>>137661494Amity will give him a towel to clean himself off with and then wring the towel off into her mouth

>>137658837Goddamn, I love femboy pacifica

>>137661460Essentially. But for space. Like something out of Gundam but emphasizing the sexual curves & body.

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>>137659842I love dunnhier1’s art

>>137660555>boyLuz: Eda why are you putting cameras in the bathroom>Eda: Well [boyLuz Name] a witch must always be careful, especially with her apprentice, if someone were to happen to you it's important for me to know immediately. That's also why I'm going to put some in your room as well.

>>137661460>>137661434>>137661550So something between a plugsuit and a retro futuristic pulpy space suit?

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>>137661604Pretty much.

Found a more X-TREME 90's Style Shezow from the archives.

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>>137661775This is great stuff.

>>137660391Here's the sketch. I'll draw it on the computer right now.>>137660799Indeed.

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Shezow Drip

Attached: 1650148821318.png (873x1205, 394.75K)

>>137661910What made you wanna draw such a curvy dexter anyways?

Dunnhier did draw a Mecha Shezow before.

Attached: 1651435589882.png (1000x1345, 225.26K)

>>137662095Love this guy’s stuff

>>137662059At first I thought it'd be funny if Dexter were to take after his mother instead of a lanky or buff nerd but then I slowly got into it as my love for femboys grew.

>>137660347Can ya do one of him making his ass clap? Any other cartoon boys you can femboy ify?

>>137661534Not unless she pays up, Eda would make sure to charge for anything related to boyLuz.

>>137662320Sure, I'll try. And Tommy Turnbull comes to mind.

>>137662365Amity is breaking into her family treasury just to own all of male Luz's clothes

Need wide hipped Twink Guy and built Musclegirl Gal

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>>137662708The Dynamic DuoDickgirl and Cuntboy

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Attached: Screenshot 2023-06-10 7.23.48 PM.png (1363x620, 450.58K)

>>137662861please some one expand on this.

>>137662861I'm gonna need some context my dude

>>137662861say what

>>137662861Anon, there something you want to share with the rest of us? Please? Because damn, Princess Ben is so right up my alley you have no idea and I really need to see the rest of that.

>>137662861I found the original pic: baraag.net/@DeadInside97/110516764331553674Bonus: pixiv.net/en/artworks/107351219

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>>137662095I like to think mecha-shezow fights kaiju and does johnny bravo-esque flirting towards men.

>>137663528That's a hell of a tea party.Thanks for digging that up user.

Huh, Pixiv has more sissy Ben pics than I though:pixiv.net/en/artworks/101496142https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/106382737https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/103165155https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/106112455https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/106256965https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/77705250https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/47817051https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83997409https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/51739506https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/63197818https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/82609837https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/75396510

Attached: 106112455_p0.png (661x935, 296.94K)

Plus a double trap Pines set: pixiv.net/en/artworks/108504017

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cartoon boy feet

sorry i thought that was my search bar



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Forgetting the best and actual canon femboy

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>>137664100Despite not liking game shit, Riley never had any interest in women unless it was related to money or fame


>>137664100I think his brother is cuter.

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>>137664166Huey doesn't have time for looking prettyHe needs weapons a troops to fight the oppressors so that he can become them

>>137664140lowkey boy was a little sussy lol>>137664166in a concept buck breaking a bratty black activist like huey is hotter but riley already got his hair braided for you

>>137653854>you love men and sucking clown dicksfixed that for you

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>>137664225I mean it's been proven that Huey also has enough hair to grab onto

>>137664263true, i meant more braided hair is also a female hairstyle but yeah i mean hair pulling isn't a problem for either kek

>>137653796>Its still not gayYou guys are one cock away from turning into a fag and YOU know that. All of you.

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>>137664336I cook one bowel of spaghetti, that doesn't make me a chefI put a band aid on someone's wound, that doesn't make me a nurseBut If I suck one dick, suddenly I have a label

>>137664336Damn, just one cock?I wonder whose it will be...

>>137664359Better make it a good one anonDon't wanna make it a bad dick to turn you gay