Welp it's official

Welp it's official.

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>>137653058What's official? Use your words, OP.

fuck you fuck you fuck you'ate GI Joe'ate Visionairies'ate MASK'ate BoomersSimple as.Let failed franchises from 50 years ago just die, I only care about Transformers. can Gen X fuckers please let go of shit they got at clearance at Child World as a kid?

>ANOTHER cinematic universe Lmao.

>>137653496Joefags won't even bother with Joeshit because they violently hate anything that's not been touched by their Godking Hama. Joeshit is DOA.

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>>137653514>cinematic universeShitbro gonna flop like dc & marvrl

>>137653531I bet that the big reveal is that those two aliens from Void Rivals are gonna be Duke and Cobra, and Joefags are gonna seethe.

>>137653058Wonder why they went with Jetfire for the poster instead of someone more recognisable to the normies.

>>137653058Can't wait for Kirkman to force more unnecessary drama for the plot

>>137653576yeah I don't care about boomershit examples, I'm under 40 years old. Almost no transformers fan under that age grew up caring about GI Joe crossing over with Transformers.

>>137653704Transformers and G.I.Joe crossed over in 1986.And 1987.And 1993.And 1994.And 2004.And 2005.And 2006.And 2007.And 2011.And 2012.And 2013.And 2014.And 2015.And 2016.And 2017.And 2021.And 2022.And 2023.

So I have no reason to care until October. Gotcha.>two Joe booksReally?

we finally left Cybertron

>>137653704yeah I don't care about zoomers at all

>>137653058So how many issues before TF fans start seething that it's not like "muh childhood, muh G1, muh Dreamwave" and demand the licence be pulled and given to someone else? I give it 3 issues.

>>137653821>muh Dreamwavewhat does that even mean?

>>137653903>he doesn't know

>>137653821>So how many issues before TF fans start seethingDepending on the reaction to Void Rivals... -1

>>137653058Okay guyswhat am I supposed to be mad about? I want to seethe with the rest of you

>>137654026Well first you start seething at Kirkman, then you mald at Hasbro being Hasbro, and you finally cope that at least DWJ might do decent art for the TF book.

I just hope they invite Milne from time to time to do an issue or two. I'll miss his art the most.

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What the fuck is Void Rivals

>>137654644 Kirkman's new mini series that's stealth launching the Transformers/GI Joe shared universe. #1 is out next week.

>>137654644Kirkman's new book.

>>137653058Odd choice to start out with a Duke and Cobra Commander series instead of a GI Joe series.

>>137654680why didn't they advertise it as such? i would imagine Comic book stores are annoyed that could not order more copies for their store now

>>137654713Because Transformers and Joe are niche properties that barely sell 10K books, while Kirkman is a big name in the comic industry. People are more likely to read a new Kirkman book than the 100th Transformers reboot. The job is to make Kirkman readers want to read TF book, not to make the same 10K people buy a book that they would already buy anyway.

>>137654713They actually did tell stores to order extra copies

>>137654760Transformers is not a niche property lmao. Selling below 10K was the result of IDW being garbage.And making the same mistakes as IDW with this shared universe shit isn't going to do Skybound any good.

>>137654875see >>137653576 >>137653737

>>137653698Yeah, you'd think they'd have Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. I guess this means that Jetfire will be a major character in the new Transformers series. Did he even show up in IDW2?


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>>137654875>Transformers is not a niche property lmao. Transformers is a franchise that is primarily known as a series of shitty CGI porn movies filled with racism and toilet humor and a benchmark of everything wrong with early 2000s Holywood and if you genuinely think that it's known as anything else you're delusional. Getting normie comic readers to give Transformers a chance is a herculean task.

>>137654967Transformers is still not a niche property, the problem it going through is it's not making enough money for what's basically a household name.

>>137654926Calling the G1 cartoon a shared universe is pretty disingenuous considering they couldn't even explicitly connect the two shows. Marissa and Old Snake were cute references at best.But hey, if that's how they're going to play it, I'm fine with it. I don't mind a self-contained crossover once in a while, but I don't think either fanbase wants shit like Skywarp as a regular Joe again. I really don't think the two overlap as much as some people think they do.

>>137654046Thanks. I never read kirkman so I wasn't sure if I was suppose to hate him or not.

>>137655027Old Snake literally yells out "COBRA"

>>137654931No, he didn't.

>>137654967Its also a very successful toyline, dummy.

>>137654713Kirkman does this shit a lot.

>>137655027Ah yes, the dude the Cobra Commander outfit with reptile hands that talks about his old organization and shouts Cobra into the sky really doesn't connect the two.You fucking idiot.

>>137654967Are you actually claiming that one of the biggest toy franchises of all time, with multiple billion dollar movies and several successful cartoon shows spanning nearly 40 years is playing second banana to Skybound?Yes, Transformers is bigger than anything Kirkman has made. It's bigger than Invincible, it's bigger than the Walking Dead and it sure as fuck is bigger than his new comic that hasn't even come out yet.

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>>137654707>>137653058Why Duke? Nobody gives a shit about him, Snake-Eyes would make more sense.

>>137655135>It's bigger than Invincible, it's bigger than the Walking Dead and it sure as fuck is bigger than his new comic that hasn't even come out yet.lol cope

>>137655151He's the main character in most Joe versions.

>>137655151Duke is in theory supposed to be the "main character" of G.I. Joe because he's the leader, it's just that he's bland compared to the other Joes. Kind of like Cyclops in the X-Men but even worse.

>>137655135Different markets. When it comes to comics, it is a small fish property, because people don't see it as legit compared to animation(yes, I know the comic was first). It's like when Game of Thrones was the biggest show on TV, the comics only sold a little better than usual.

>>137655135Transformers now is almost literally going back to the state of the franchise before Bayformers.

>>137655151Trying to start out a G.I.Joe series with Snake-Eyes didn't work out so well the last time.

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>>137655213If that were true, then there's no point to any of this. Kirkman's readers won't check out Transformers just because he's shilling it.>>137655221>going back to the state of the franchise before Bayformers.When it was still a hugely successful franchise? When TF comics were best sellers in the industry? Shit, lets hope they do.

>>137653058Not sure why Joes get two books but TFs only get one.

>>137655288Avoid oversaturation

>>137653058I like transformers but not interested in shared universes. Not here for the other series and I won't buy or read them no matter how hard they try to shill it to me because I like one of the series they try to combine. Genuinely don't even know what Duke is.

>>137655229Because it wasn't Snake Eyes

>>137653704I read all of the marvel TF comics and even I don't like it.

So Earth shit again?

>>137653821Depends on the type of fan. MtmtE fans probably already hate it. Boomers will hate it the moment a character from G1 is re-interpreted, Bayfags will hate it when the first drama or lighthearted scene comes because it's too cartoony for them, others will drop and hate it once the first gay character appears and the rest will seethe because their favorite bot doesn't appear. Guess all of this will happen before issue 20 so it might not take that long.

>>137655436With GI Joe, anyway. Who knows with TF. Lets hope they stay separate.

>>137655490>others will drop and hate it once the first gay character appearsOh god I didn't even think about it.

>>137654449By now we would be better off he just casually made comic issues on his own and sold them to fans as he does with his doujinshi.

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>>137655409True, but you know how execs are. Confidence in a Snake Eyes solo outing is probably at an all-time low. Giving Duke another go as the Joe headliner might not be a bad idea at this stage. Just looking at that Jetfire design, it seems like Skybound wants a back to the basics approach for both properties.

>>137655027>I don't think either fanbase wants shit like Skywarp as a regular Joe again.On behalf of Skywarp fandom, after Cyberverse and Earthspark, we're going to be happy with them finally managing to clear the low bar of "he's still a dude", but I'm going to add "still a Decepticon" and "not gay" as well just in case.

>>137655573>Just looking at that Jetfire design, it seems like Skybound wants a back to the basics approach for both properties.I wonder if Hasbro will have any say in the storylines. I really don't want another case of Combiner Wars/Titans Return fucking up ongoing organic stories.

>>137655613>we're going to be happy with them finally managing to clear the low bar of "he's still a dude"Amen.

>>137655492I doubt it. It's advertised as shared universe right from the start so I have zero hopes that the TF setting will be anything interesting. If they shill it as one they will probably deliver on this and give us comics with cross-overs. Unless they are smart enough to make multiple series and having one of them focus on the past but I highly doubt it.I also don't believe that we will get anything interesting out of this like a lot of anons that say they wished for a different approach instead of getting another retelling of the Con/Autobot war, but no way they would do anything like that when TF isn't the only focus of the new launches. Kirkman and Joe fans that aren't primary TF fans need to recognize it instead of being even more confused etc.

>>137655613Skywarp was pretty cool in IDW2. Too bad he appeared so damn late, it was my favorite version so far.

>>137654707Starting out with a Duke book instead of a GI Joe book is odd, but a Cobra Commander book that's a long-form origin story for him and the formation of Cobra really could be something good.

>>137653496> Let failed franchises from 50 years ago just die, > I only care about Transformers. Oh, the irony

>>137655167The fact that they're calling it the Energon Universe is pretty telling of what the central franchise is supposed to be here.

>>137655723I just hope they don't go overboard with how many books the universe has. If it's like 3-4 books I can live with taking an extra 15 minutes to read books I'm not that into just to know what's happening in the universe, but anything more than that would be a clusterfuck I have no desire to engage with.

>>137655797IDW2 had it right. One ongoing, one mini to flesh it out. Occasional, somewhat important specials.

>>137655797I honestly don't even have the energy to read multiple series to understand a third one. The shared universe was what made me drop IDW1 and I loved IDW before that point. >>137655814They probably learned all the wrong lessons from this and assume a shared universe would make it more successful again.

>>137655797>>137655723I personally think that they'll keep the series mostly separate and then hype up cross-over "events" once a year or so. I can't see Skywarp as a GI Joe type situation happening again.

>>137655929>The shared universe was what made me drop IDW1 and I loved IDW before that point.To be fair IDW1 did the shared universe thing in the worst way possible, so I can't see this being any worse than that.

>>137653058Which artist is that? Griffith?

>>137656117Daniel Warren Johnson. He's supposedly the artist for the TF book.

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>>137653496Am I the only one who loves all this toyetic shit and is hyped about a shared universe? If you are a Transformers fan you should know they've had awesome crossovers with Joe before.

>>137656197damn colors really sap life from his work

So is the shared part just relevant for Void Rivals and maybe some future extra comics and the TF and Joe series are self-contained or will it be Barber shit again?

>>137655747As an old fan since the Sunbow days, I was dubious to start with, then he was starting to win me over, then it ended abruptly with the writer pushing some other character as so much better than him at teleporting, and the final issue giving him an awful fate he really didn't deserve.

>>137656561Yeah agree that the end was weird and out of place. Skywarp was hyped up as the prophet of chaos and crazy dude with teleportation ability which makes him pretty OP actually and seeing him acting on his own from the start instead of being tacked on to Starscream was a cool idea. I am not sure how much of the final parts were planned for the long run and how much was the result of the cancellation but I didn't like it and didn't like what'shername either

>>137656617I can't even remember her name, I'd barely even registered her until that last issue when she traps Skywarp back in the void and fused to a bomb that would immediately kill him if he ever escaped. Just an oddly cruel fate to give to a secondary villain who really hadn't done anything to warrant something so harsh yet. But this was the same comic where poor Flywheels got horrifically eaten by worm monsters.

I love Transformers.I love GI Joe.I like little stories about them meeting.But building a universe around it wrecks both stories and is going to suck.

>>137656457If they're smart they won't do Barbershit again.

>>137656847Let's wait and see what we're actually getting before we react like that. The Marvel and Sunbow versions of Transformers and GI Joe were both technically shared universes where both existed, but actual interactions between them were rare enough to allow each to be it's own thing. They could do it like that, or they could do it like IDW1 and have yearly crossover events again, but they have to know that didn't go over well with fans.

>>137656847They're clearly each getting their own series.

I think that they're going to do 4-6 issue miniseries at first before doing a proper ongoing. I can't see Cobra Commander or Duke being an ongoing series, they're probably just setups for a GI Joe series.

I'd also say bring back ROM, but Marvel might have him.

>>137657103They've probably just negotiated to be able to reprint the old comics.

>>137657292also, isn't ROM himself dead? he exploded alongside Galador in the early 90s, I think?

>>137657612As if death means anything in Marvel.

>>137657612IIRC Marvel were treating him as MIA, they can use everything else from his comic except him. I think his last appearance was at Rick Jones' wedding, where he was in human form and they weren't allowed to name him.

>>137657292It would be awesome if they also negotiated the right to use all the stuff from the old Rom comics (and Micronauts, and whatever other Hasbro stuff Marvel has made comics of).

>>137657682They already do. They can't use ROM himself, but they've been using everything else since the 80s.Same with Micronauts, except for the characters that had toys.

>>137655786Transformers continues to sell though.Though the toys have probably become just collectibles due to inflation. Action figures used to be 10-20 bucks, now they're closer to 40. Makes buying birthday gifts a bigger hit to the wallet.

>>137657766Not really. Sales for them are even up compared to last year, according to Hasbro's last financial report.

>>137657660No, he's been dead since 2000.

UGHI fucking hated when IDW was coming to an end the first time and they were crossing over with all this shit. I just want my transformers free from all the other shit.Its like you are baking your favorite cookies, and then some dipshit takes the batter and starts adding raisins, and chocolate chips and sprinkles and cranberries and cinnamon, and oatmeal and other shit that it never needed to begin with. It just ruins it.

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>>137655135Transformers comics in the past decade sold AROUND 10K AT FUCKING BESTThere are Image books that Holla Forums never talks about that outsell Transformers>>137655283Kirkman is doing it for one simple reasonHe's a huge Transformers fan

>>137653739Probably minis before they segway into an ongoing>>137654680OngoingVoid Rivals is an ongoing>>137654713He did you fucking idiotHe had an online meeting with retailers and told them to hype it up and not spoil the surprise


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>>137654875Let me break it down for youBeing a popular IP != Selling well in the direct marketEven at IDW's better days Transformers comics didn't sell as well as Dreamwave's when they first beganGetting people interested into comics as a whole via a licensed IP is an absolute braindead strategy because readers A. Don't stick around for other comics, they're solely in it for the established IPB. Are disproprtionately more prone to piracy compared to other titles because again, licenseshitters aren't really comic fans

>>137654707>>137655757They're gonna be miniseries'

>>137653058I don't think it's going to benefit anyone. It might give Transformers some new legs for a while but everyone else is going to play second fiddle to the 'formers and it will hurt their own stories. There isn't anyway you can make it work and satisfy all of the properties' fans.

So is Kirkman himself writing or is there a chance it could be good

>>137660648Kirkman's writing Void RivalsNot sure about Transformers, Duke, or Cobra

>>137655790It's still debuting with Kirkman's original title

>>137656457We know Larry Hama's continuing ARAH

>>137653698Probably shows up at the end of Issue 1

You think the TFWiki people are going to make an entire separately Wiki for this canon? IIRC they thought the IDW Hasbro canon was gonna last a lot longer than it really did

>>137664086>You think the TFWiki people are going to make an entire separately Wiki for this canon? Why would they?

>>137664086why are you concerning yourself with things you've made up in your head?

>>137664112They made an entirely separate wiki for IDW1 ongoings outside of Transformers

>>137664086the real question is how many unfunny captions will they write

>>137664177>outside of TransformersThere's the key factor.