There's not been one in a while and I figured there should be editionDon't know where to buy? Try these:[YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP]>International storesamazon.com (damaged books)ebay.comhttps://www.alibris.com>US/Canada-oriented stores:instocktrades.comhttps://cheapgraphicnovels.comhttps://organicpricedbooks.comhttps://www.dcbservice.comhttps://www.mycomicshop.comhttps://www.tfaw.com>Europe-oriented stores:books-etc.comhttps://blackwells.co.ukhttps://www.reedcomics.comhttps://forbiddenplanet.comhttps://www.speedyhen.comhttps://www.cheap-comics.comhttps://waltscomicshop.comhttps://www.comicsbugle.com>Australia/NZ-oriented stores:booktopia.com.auhttps://australia.kinokuniya.comhttps://www.thenile.com.au>Upcoming releases:comicreleases.com/2021/12/all-upcoming-collected-editions/https://blog.gocollect.com/category/comiclist/next-week/>Try before you buy:readcomiconline.lihttps://getcomics.info

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You ARE getting Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol 5 when it comes out this week, right anons?

Attached: STL254069.jpg (1400x2010, 905.42K)

>>137652440No, because there is a good chance it's going to be fucking censored; at which point, I might as fucking well just fucking buy the Marvel Masterworks and the X-Men/Avengers Premiere Edition HC to go with my Mutant Massacre/Inferno Prelude/Complete Inferno/Claremont-Lee v1-2 omnibuses.


Got a first edition Inferno Omnibus coming in the mail later this week. Never read these stories; are they any good or is this just a "fill in the gap" volume?

Just got this yesterday. Is it good? All ik about DC's Death is that she is a sweet goth girl.

Attached: PXL_20230609_222842510.jpg (2345x3394, 1.61M)

>>137652514Wtf I can't believe Marvel censored this post

>>137652549You should probably read Sandman first but it's a good mini from what I remember

Where can i but floppies and sibgle issue comics? In europe without paying 50€ postage. What sites you use and are you in europe? And by europe i sont mean uk.What do good sites have? Discounts or other bonus programs.?

>>137652521The X-Men issues are good (but they don't include the two retcon-filled X-Men Classics back-up features that explains what the fuck happens in the Evolutionary War Annual), X-Factor is pure filler, and the New Mutants block is a clusterfuck of really really bad filler, subplots that don't go anywhere because Inferno basically blows up the status quo for the New Mutants, the introduction of a character who is even WORSE than Bird Boy, and a funeral issue for Doug Ramsey that loses all sentiment when you consider how many innocent people Doug allowed to be murdered by Nature Girl and her crew in X-Men Green.

>>137653246in person at a bookshop or comic store or order them online from a comic store in your country which hopefully shouldn't have assrape shipping

>>137652549It actually fucking sucks. Neil retardedly has the plot point that Death, when she becomes a mortal, loses her memories so you basically have amnesiac Death acting utterly out of character being led around by a simp having adventures before she gets her memory back and fucks off.

>>137653269>the two retcon-filled X-Men Classics back-up features that explains what the fuck happens in the Evolutionary War AnnualSpeaking of, when the FUCK are they gonna reprint the X-Men Classic omni?

Attached: 91HDoIVwSSL._AC_UF894,1000_QL80_.jpg (698x1000, 198.5K)

>>137653286There are 0 shops in my country that sell floppies other than donald duck. I just need the best internetshop europeans use

>>137653343I'd settle for the reprinting of the two volume softcover. I was out of work when they came out and missed them and now they go for big bucks.


Attached: 20230520_121435.jpg (1800x1682, 1.59M)

>>137653160Thankfully I already own Sandman (unless your talking about a different run)>>137653299Ignoring the spoilers.... Now I'm confused one person says it's good and another says its bad.

Attached: PXL_20230610_211224457.jpg (4080x3072, 2.01M)

Has anyone said anything about if the current bullshit censoring is going to carry over to the Epic and Masterwork line? The Fantastic Four Masterwork line will be reprinting the Hate Monger arc next year plus we have one volume left of the New Mutant Epic trade after Asgardian Wars comes out and it will have the censored New Mutants issue and if Marvel keeps doing chronological X-Men reprints, then God Loves Man Kills will be out next year too.

>>137652424>plan to buy the SM 2099 Omni>it costs 130€ in my cunt>can't import it cheaper from anywhere else>also have to buy the UXM5 and Mozz's NXM Omnis this month, both at 100€>also have a backlog>also spent about 2K thus far this year in Omnis alone>can't decide whether I like the book enough, or I just like Miggy's costume>also autistic so whatever Omni I buy I have to pair with an expensive 1/6th figure or statue, so that's another 300-800€ for any character/IP/series I buy an Omni for>don't even care for Spider-Man as a series anymore and just plan to finish the Ultimate OmnisI just don't know. I want it for nostalgic reasons but I revisited it a while back and found it rather underwhelming as a run. I buy about an Omni per week and I'm being selective, but it feels too much. I'm thinking if maybe I should focus on specific lines like X-Men and FF that I'm more or less up to date with (some X gaps I have, but I got The Twelve in the mail the other week, so I'm slowly filling them), some solo characters like Dr. Strange and the such, plus the odd one-off story. Have you guys gone through this? I'm sitting at... dunno, 60, 70 Omnis/Absolutes now and I have about 20 to buy this year alone. Should I cut down and curate more? Focus on absolute faves? I got into it to get my favourite runs, then started being a completionist on certain characters/teams, and now I'm starting to go off the rails. I spent half a K per month on Omnis/action figures. It feels a bit too much as it's basically all my extra cash after groceries and bills and so on.

Attached: 64C63729-DDC5-4656-9FCF-7B1DBDBDDC59.jpg (512x512, 43.98K)

>>137653246fellow yuropoor hereI just go on ebay for floppies. Sort by lowest price + shipping. You'll still end up paying more than what the Burgers do, but there's not much you can do there. There are some UK or sometimes German based retailers who have pretty nice shipping (meaning less than 10 euros lmao. But really, 6-8 euro range). Make sure if they combine shipping if you're doing a bigger order from a single store, otherwise it won't be worth it.

>>137653619>>also autistic so whatever Omni I buy I have to pair with an expensive 1/6th figure or statue, so that's another 300-800€ for any character/IP/series I buy an Omni for>>don't even care for Spider-Man as a series anymore and just plan to finish the Ultimate Omnis>I buy about an Omni per weekThese are the major points I'd say you need to work at eliminating

>>137652504Omar said it wasn't censored in his overview

>>137652440I don't read X-shit.

Been wanting to pick up the Justice League International Omnibuses. Need some BWA-HA-HA in my life.

Attached: jli.jpg (1157x1654, 968.86K)

>>137652440Probably not this week but in the next couple.

>>137653541Is Dragonball still using the ancient translation by Gerard Jones or did they ever redo it?

>>137653741But what? I'm filling in existing stuff, not buying anything new. This year I got>2 HickVengers Omnis>2 Byrne FF Omnis and Millar FF Omni (already had the Kirby and Hickman ones)>Ult X-Men and Ult SM 2, basically getting everything Ultimate related>War Of Kings to continue my DnA collection>Deadpool/Cable, House Of M, X-Treme X-Men, The Twelve, Onslaught, Captain Britain to continue building my X-CollectionThe only one-offs were>Busiek Avengers 1 (not collecting Avengers, bought it for the Destiny War as I'm a Kangfag)>Invisibles>Absolute Multiversity>Heroes Reborn (big Ironfag and FFfag and I'm nostalgic for those series, sue me)So I'm trying to keep up with specific lines only. For the time being my 2023 backlog is>New Republic and Rebellion Legends Star Wars Omnis>Warlock by Starlin>Surfer by Slott>MK Marc SpectorMy problem is stuff like Spider-Man and Batman Omnis that are classics, but I don't care for as I stopped liking those characters ages ago. SM2099 is in a weird spot because it costs so much, I'm not sure if I like him enough, and don't want to get suckered into buying things like X-Men 2099 later. Doom 2099 I'd buy in a heartbeat, but I'm a major Doomfag, so it'd be a one-off and fit with my FF stuff and Book Of Doom Omni. I just don't know...

>>137653860Do it, they'll probably be close to being OOP now if they aren't alreadyPlus they're good shit. Even if they'll probably never end up doing a Vol 3 due to the pedo

>>137653621Lily white. Though if they're into the same shit I am, I should start hanging out in the hood>>137653908He didn't translate it, but they're still using his English adaptation, yeah. At least for the VizBig volumes.

>>137654098Is there a more cursed franchise that DB for translated media?>Translations are bad, most editions omit important pages.>Color edition only covers the first third of Z>Funimation can't do a good home release to save their lives.

>>137654098Man, I always feel like Viz is missing out on money, seems like a redone adaptation/translation would sell pretty well.

>>137652440I wonder if they are gonna rename the mutant massacre, fall of the mutants, road to inferno, and inferno omnis to continue the numbering from the uncanny omnis. Also, am I just dumb or are the first 8 issues of X-Factor not collected in any of the omnis? Will they fix that in the future?

>>137654835>Also, am I just dumb or are the first 8 issues of X-Factor not collected in any of the omnis? Will they fix that in the future?They recently announced an X-Factor Classic omnibus that'll collect those first 8 issues and the next 20-30 or whatever the number isMarvel just wants to make you double dip. I think they've should've put those 8 issues in this Vol 5 but personally, I'm fine just reading them online for free. It's only X-factor

>>137654098>>137654279After making big song and dance about bringing it Westward after ~30 years, they dropped pic-related after only five volumes out of twenty five. Fuck Viz!

Attached: 1686355559989283.jpg (600x863, 183.3K)

>>137654937What a stupid decision by Marvel, everything else from the Claremont era is collected seamlessly. I bet it's because those issues are the first appearance of Apocalypse and they want to market it to people who don't want to go all in on the other omnis, but those issues are already in Epic Collections for the casual fans.

Hey guys, I'm moving soon and I still have two of those huge Marvel Marvels Platinum boxes lying around (sealed in the cardboard thing), I got them cheap when a local store cleared their inventory a couple years ago. Anyone want one? 90 Eurobucks + shipping, or trade for a nice omnibus, absolute or library edition or something. Fair warning, they're very neat books but about the size of a baby dolphin and they dont fit in any regular shelf. I was going to put them on ebay but it's a pain in the ass. If anyone's interested I'll leave my protonmail.

Attached: IMG_20230526_195032_kindlephoto-708152472.jpg (1703x1534, 336.74K)

I've been really busy with IRL shit in the last ~9 months, so I've kind of dropped off following and buying comics since. Has pic-related been reissued yet?

Attached: 61h0BCQ4rvL.jpg (325x500, 72.03K)

>>137654098>Lily whiteare we not allowed to say nigger here

>>137652549>All ik about DC's Death is that she is a sweet goth girl.user, I...

Attached: AAAAQa_o8WKqXVf02ZUr2WuHw6bfhk1nUZ3lPcAWz5NXaoytiAEzxTfsOWoWVd-b_KtO1CVFw_0kL3KZGtq-sxBouZjuANCXYKDQoDANKP2ppnGqv7i2aPGaUxQSwNm766252-qQaq1ueyuyCLcDks0EUO0qGwM.jpg (1422x750, 221.59K)

>>137655166They haven't even put out a new Epic Collection for the main series in nearly two years. There's a reprint of the Circle of Blood epic coming in a few days, and that's it for upcoming Punisher collections aside from the second half of Aaron's run that nobody with any sense would purchase.

Attached: punisher.jpg (977x1507, 401.39K)

>>137655245...am constipated?

>>137655258Bizarre. Is there some kind of issue behind the scenes with Dixon or JRJR? That shit hasn't been reprinted in twenty years, which is odd since it's a popular run and a few of the movies borrowed bits and pieces from it.

>>137655258>I know what you must be thinking... "Is that guy really going to punish me? His name is The Punisher!" Well, I'm gonna let you in on a secret -- YES.

>>137655325I put half the blame on the new line of "modern epics" and the licensed books like Star Wars and Conan taking priority over actual Marvel originals causing more Epic lines than just Frank's to languish, and half on Marvel's half hearted attempt to reboot/retire the character with Aaron's run that's likely to be be rescinded shortly after the character is featured in next year's Daredevil TV series.

You shouldn't be buying omniboo of series unless you have nostalgia for the issues.Omniboo are the best way to collect large chunks of issues, but they're not the best way to read a series for the first time (unless they're the only way as no other reprints exist).I rather hunt down a run on ebay and fill in the gaps with comiccollectorlive for $50 than purchase an $80-120 block of smelly see-through IMAK paper. Create your own nostalgia - you're certainly not getting any heartfelt emotions out of an omnibus. You're just reading for completion so you can move on to the next one.

>>137652440Yes.Picrel: Stuff I got for my birthday. >>137656767It begins.

Attached: 0232FB16-0E60-4478-8A92-01F992CDDA25.jpg (3264x2448, 1.5M)

my latest pickups. down to only a handful of books/issues to complete my disney comics collection

Attached: new.jpg (3120x4160, 3.16M)

>>137657287also rearranged my comics shelf a bit

Attached: new shelf.jpg (1968x3256, 3.99M)

>>137657304and finally put all my manga together on one bookcase. now I just need to rearrange my bd/dvd bookcase and my actual novel/book ones and I can rest.

Attached: manga shelf.jpg (2945x3833, 3.63M)

>>137657080Nice, the Skypiea-Water 7 box set had been out of print and hard to find for a while

>>137653860Buy the paperback collected editions if they ever get reprinted. The Omnis look like shit cause they fucked up the coloring and printing so barely any of the linework shows and the colors being too bright.

>>137652424Added DD vol.2, ASM vol.1, JMS ASM vol.1&2, Miles Spider-man vol.1, Venomnibus vol.1(damaged discount)My Spider-Gwen and Spider-man Beyond orders got delayed. Also Targets going to have a buy 2 get 1 free sale starting tomorrow apparently

Attached: slf2.jpg (1664x2218, 1.5M)

/shelf/, why haven't you told me that this is way more fun than it has any right to be?

Attached: injustice one_.jpg (645x1000, 145.54K)

I am very excited to get the Michelinie & Bagley Omnibus. Spider slayers was actually some of the first spidey I got into.

Attached: 371.jpg (966x1500, 1.86M)

>>137655325I don't think there's any issues with JRJR since he's currently working for Marvel on that godawful ASM run.

>>137658090What's that Spidey box on the bottom right?

>>137659113Just a JSC short box

Attached: sb1.jpg (908x1210, 477.92K)

>>137658325Say what? What is in it and will it gave Demattirs spectacular Spidey run included?

>>137660019It was just announced but, copying from wikipedia, it includes Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #351-375, Annual (1964) #25-26 material from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual (1979) #11-12 Web of Spider-Man Annual (1985) #7-8 New Warriors Annual (1991) #2

Attached: 368.jpg (1280x1968, 3.11M)

>>137658090>JMS ASM vol.1&2Damn lucky, shits expensive now.

>>137657765Not in this case. The most recent SC reprint of JLI are garbage with the art and dialogue faded as fuck to the point multiple pages are unreadable, combined with missing the crossover text pieces recapping Millennium and Invasion from the 2000s reprints and the detailed story of how JLI came to be that was only available in the original late 80s trade of the first volume

>>137660095Fuck. They need to include the Demattirs issues since they take place in this period of amazing and are critical for the payoff to the plot about peters parents coming back....

>>137652440No, I am still made they did include the 10 issues that would have brought back, Jean, X-Force, and perfectly connected this omnibus to the other X-Omnibuses.

>>137660380I can only imagine/hope that one may follow. There's a lot of spidey comics to omnify. Even before getting to OMD there's still some pretty big gaps

>>137657340its fucking crazy viz let that shit be oop for so long. they must sell like hotcakes.

Can someone tell me the reason for getting absolute editions? It just looks like a much more expensive version of what you could get for cheaper, they're real big, that's nice and all.

>>137662937>It just looks like a much more expensive versionBingo

>>137653755Link?>>137653908Yes. Dragon Ball's in a weird position where the three-in-one version is the only one on the market right now and it's a huge regression as it uses the original censored artwork from the late 90s trades for the OG Dragon Ball volumes (meaning all of the nudity is censored and all of the sex jokes cut). Jones, IIRC did the translation from the uncut 00s Red/White trade dress and that remains the only real uncut version of the series but those volumes are all out of print right now sadly.>>137654835The crossover omnibus have become evergreen HCs for Marvel. So they aren't going anywhere. Omar said in a previous stream, that the plan right now is that the Uncanny Omnibus line is just going to be a super streamline version of the crossover omnibuses that uses the X-Men Masterworks as the framework for what will be in the X-Men Omnibuses. Meaning that future X-Men omnibuses will NOT have the New Mutants and X-Factor issues outside of X-Factor #37-39 and that you'll still be screwed down the line in that you'll have to buy the X-Men omnibus line to get Days of Future Present and Xtinction Agenda, barring Marvel getting off their asses and doing an omnibus for those two stories. >>137655166It's OOP and IIRC, only the Romita issues were collected in the first place.>>137655258>>137655325Marvel is currently trying to bury the Punisher combined with the fact that War Zone was a zombie book and only got it's first couple of issues reprinted because Romita's art got a huge amount of praise at the time. As it stands, it's been explicitly stated that Marvel doesn't want to reprint the "Punisher becomes a black man" arc ever again (the issues are MIA from their digital releases even). So right now who knows when the next Epic will be released or if the War Journal/War Zone trades with Jim Lee and Romita's artwork gets reissued. >>137662937The bonus material. Absolute HCs tend to have INSANE amounts of bonus material

>>137658274It's not fun. It's just dogshit.

>>137658325>>137660019>>137660402Yeah I'm really hoping this one leads to a Spider-Man by DeMatteis omnibus

>>137658325Now here's some kino content. I was going to start getting this stuff in the Epics but an omni will do just fine.