Is he right? Was the first season of Steven Universe much better than people give it...

Is he right? Was the first season of Steven Universe much better than people give it? Is it better than most of the later seasons?

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>>137652240It peaked in season 1 (1B, to be exact). Took me a while to realize it, but yeah

>>137652240Yes. Seasons while flawed drew you into the world and the reveals. The later seasons made me bored of the universe. And the constant redemption of the villains got annoying.


The first season is fantastic then they axed every angle anybody didn't like and dragged the remaining 25% of the show out for ten years.

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>>137652240He's a literal cuck, so his opinions should be disregarded.

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>>137652240E;R: Stevens Universe is shit

lsmark ruined daftpinas career i can never forgive him

>>137652240Everything after season 1 could be treated as a different kind of show entirely. It's more episodic and you only got drip fed lore instead of having the plot be in your face, and the focus on relationships was kept at a minimumAlso the aesthetic and music were fantastic

>>137652240>whotuber making an almost hour long video ranting about a kids show #1774632332

>>137652240Like the majority of toons that get popular enough to have rolling generals on this board, it's because coomers only want to jerk it to the girl characters of the show and thus disregard literally anything other factors.

>>137652495parasocial relations. They think if they agree with someone they view as "superior" to them in some way, they are on par with them.

>>137652240Most people agreed it peaked with Lapis's introduction. The first season had a good balance of adventures that gave bread crumbs to lore and a larger world filled with mystery. The introduction of Lapis, other Gems, Garnet being a Fusion, Homeworld and so on was the most excitement the show ever had because after about 40 episodes of build-up the finally unvieled the curtain.Then it went to shit slowly but surely because it never really managed to keep up the pace. By this point the pacing of the show should have been faster and grander but instead despite so many revelations it went back to problems of the week and townie episodes as if the reveals meant nothing. It was like if after the very first arc in Dragon Ball Z after the reveal of Saiyens, fighting Vegeta, the concept of a whole galaxy of aliens and an evil alien empire ; Instead of following up with Frieza arc Goku went back training for local tournaments. That's basically SU.


>>137652240I liked the first season. It had a cutesy style but you could tell there was something dark under the surface, but whatever that was stayed a mystery. As the series progressed into later seasons it took different directions, created disappointing filler episodes and unfinished stories, and frankly I was glad when it finally came to an end.

>>137652569>Most people agreed it peaked with Jailbreakftfy/co/ fucking adored this show at the end of season one. Watching that enthusiasm gradually leak away was borderline tragic.

>>137652569>Instead of following up with Frieza arc Goku went back training for local tournamentsHonestly you could make an interesting AU with that premise, just have Piccolo suvive but so barely that nobody realizes it until after Vegeta leaves Earth, they tell the Namekians of the upcoming invasion and to revive their fallen friends, and Goku goes to back to Local Tournaments and he deliberately handicaps himself for a "go back to basics" approach, then The Androids attack and everyone dies, the End.

>>137652240I disagree on a fundamental level because I don't think Steven Universe ever became bad.

>>137652750I actually forgot Jailbreak and Lapis's introduction wasn't back-to-back. My bad. But yeah, that's what I meant and my point still very much stands. The whole "Giant Cluster in the Earth core is going to destroy the whole world" was treated with a disconcerning amount of casualness which would be the sign's of the direction the whole show would remain. And honestly the fact I forgot everything between Mirror Gem and Jailbreak is a poetic showcase of just how much nothing the show would be flooded with and how much it tries so hard to be defined by this. Sugar was 100% convinced on making the whole show this soft, nice vibes, wholesome, slice of life fantasy setting which is baffling when she simultaneously introduces higher and higher stakes.

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>>137652289>What really? How?I don't know who that video essayist but I couldn't be bothered to watch 50 minutes of's his opinions condensed by an AI.

>>137652843I believe that slice of life with intermittent DBZ episodes could have worked well, in fact did work well in season one. The problem as you point out is that it lost direction, failed to maintain appropriate tension and drama, failed to adequately develop the gem and offworld shit and other mysteries, etc and just fell into a comfy but uncompelling rut.

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>>137652240Everything went down hill after pic related

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>>137653023Anyone who links a youtube video on a subject which could have been covered with a text article should have their fingers broken and the maker of the video should be shot, but >>137652909 has you covered.

>>137652240LS mark deserves to be cucked

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>>137653070Also how much you want to bet it was Mark or one of his friends that created this thread? A lot of times when these fucking YouTube threads get made it’s obviously being made by a fucking YouTuber. Fuck, I remember one time someone made a fucking YouTube thread based on a video made by a very obscure channel, and the OP was hilariously trying to keep the thread on focused on the video, while the anons saw through him and began shitposting the thread with Sopranos roleplaying

>>137652240Steven Universe, much like other series from that era, had a surprisingly good grasp of what they wanted to do in the first season, with subsequent seasons slowly whittling away at most of their redeeming qualities. Had we essentially gotten S1 with the pilot's animation style/budget and then nothing else, the series would undoubtedly have a much better reputation nowadays.Also yeah Mark's a cuck, Veronica's a whore, and I'm glad they blew the lid off it.

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>>137652414No it was DaftPina that ruined his own careerThe idiot was too chickenshit to make a video about Mark, so he got his retarded 18 year old flunky, JustStop, but he didn’t foresee that JustStop would get a lot of hate for making a video based on someone’s personal love life (lol). So JustStop fucking flipped and snitched on DaftPina, and basically said much of the video was his idea and was done with much of his help.Then Veronica made her own video with it also going after DaftPina. DaftPina then foolishly tried to make his own video, where he doesn’t the merits of the video’s content, instead like an idiot he basically just admits unintentionally that video was revenge for Mark befriending Sonny, a fat moron who has talked shit about Daft. Daft fucked himself up, I’m just happy he also decided to take others down with him

>>137653053I agree, a return to normal after such a question opening event felt too forced.

No, I'd argue early season Steven Universe was the worst part of the show besides the entirety of Future

>>137653320Why would Mark even bother with Holla Forums?There are 31 IPs on the thread, that's fucking nothing for a channel of his size. And he probably thinks this is the "hate machine" or something like that.

>>137653421Shit, I had no idea it all developed this way. Where is Just Stop's video about Daftpina?

>>137653538Not him but JustStop deleted it after a day when everyone called him a dumb faggot for spilling his friends personal life.Then when he explained LS Mark wasn't actually his friend and he lied about actually knowing him (met the guy twice via a friend of a friend meet up and barely spoke to one another) he got shat on even more for obsessing over the personal life of some random acquaintance he barely knows.

>>137652240This show has alot of hiatuses

I would pay money to see lsmark and daftpina fist fight in the mud

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>>137652414>>137653421Daftpina spent years trying to make himself appear smart when in reality, he's a pompous bore with no talent for both creating or critiquing. Whenever someone called him out for his crap, he would try discrediting them like what he tried to do with Quinn Curio and Odd1sOut or get his ass-kissers to do his dirty work for him like That Creepy Reading with Just a Robot. What happened with him and Mark was the final nail in the coffin after years of feeding his own ego and people starting to realize he's a soulless drama whore who never learns and has nothing of value to add and I mean nothing. Daftpina stopped making drama content and now his newer videos are literally his least viewed because his insight into art is shallow at best.

>>137653504>thinks this is the "hate machine" or something like that.To be fair this place is one of the final stages of the alt-right pipeline kids get groomed into before finally being radicalized.There's already a few breadtube videos regarding this phenomenon but that's beyond the scope of our discussion.If I were a YouTuber I'd avoid this place for rampant ecchi/coom bait threads, not the hate.

>>137654366just another day on Holla Forumsmblr

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>>137654366>'d avoid this place for rampant ecchi/coom bait threadsThat's literally the only good thing Holla Forums has at this point.

>>137654366it's impressive how even anons don't understand the culture of this place

>>137652240Yes. Season 1 was 50 episodes and had the most filler.

>>137653320Like the other user said why would someone with 1000s of views care about like 50 people from Holla Forums? Are you really that surprised that board that can't stop posting Twitter screenshots from Literally Whos also can't stop posting YouTube screenshots?

Peaked at jailbreak and was all downhill from there but that doesn't mean there weren't good parts here and there. That's also when they started to ruin garnet's character.

>>137654366>If I were a YouTuber I'd avoid this place for rampant ecchi/coom bait threads, not the hate.this but unironically

>>137652240It was fairly interesting at the start when none of the lore was revealed but was being hinted at. As the lore began unraveling, people realized what a hack Sugar was.

>>137652240By fucking miles. Season 1 was when the show was a great mix of comedy, drama, and action. The slice of life stuff actually crossed over with the fantasy stuff, and there was bigger plot creeping in. The status quo was actually changing. Later season the townie episodes and the plot episodes were totally separate, the "bigger plot" progressed at a snails pace, the status quo stalled. Also the action disappeared and most of the jokes sucked.


I just came from the start of Michaela Dietz's instagram livestreamSomeone tricked her into saying nigger by having her shout out someone named Nick Gurr

>>137656343I hear you, user. You got it exactly right but /tg/ cares more about e-celebrities. Like, why do they know so much about people they hate? I'll never understand it.

>>137652386That video of him reviewing SU was terrible tbdesu.

>>137653504>"why would Mark bother with these threads" because anyone who works in the industry or has a youtube dedicated to cartoons browses here. That one time an industry user revealed Mark was blacklisted, a few people took it offensively and couldn't hide their obvious powerlevels. Sonny browses here and he's undoubtedly told Mark about Holla Forums. Same with Daft warning Mark about his cartoon pilot leaking. They browse these boards and whenever Mark is shat on, he runs here to defend himself with his wife and their bull. Them, or Veronica's simp twitch mod who's in his 50s

>>137653421Ironically Quinn Curio is Dafts best friend. She even came out of her retirement to suck his dick. He’s so lucky she’s on his side.

>>137654339>>137656544Meant to respond to this Quinn’s such a cute blondie. Would bang desu.

>>137652569>Most people agreed it peaked with Lapis's introduction.I remember thinking I was going to like her because at the end she was happy and smiling even if a little aloof (just saying bye and leaving Steven to fall, because she didn't get the situation with him) then Rebecca proceeded to suffocate everyone especially Lapis in her braindead relationship and trauma angst and I never liked Lapis again.

I wanted to try and watch this shit so no one else has to, but mark is so unfunny and annoying that I had to stop at the "The First Half" mark where he speaks about the first half of season one. Here's what I got though. >Mark says season 1 was the weakest season>says the pilot art style was awful and the one they ended up with for the series was way better>his first experience of this show or getting into it was watching reaction videos >claims the one of the biggest criticisms of the show was that it was episodic in most of the first season and when steven is annoying>complains how he hates "stupid" being a character trait and that their should be more depth to it for some reason >doesn't care for garnet, complains about estelle's delivery being awkward>hates Amethyst and says her actions were never addressed (being a slob I guess and the one scene where she morphed into Rose)>He likes Pearl because he's boring as fuck like him and reminds him of the cube head guy from clarence. Says pearl is neurotic but he likes her for it. Basically likes pearl for the same reasons he dislikes Amethyst for. Forgiving for her bad personality in the first season

>>137656544>She even came out of her retirement to suck his dickproof?

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>>137652240Seasons 1+2 were kino mainly because the ideas were still fresh and un-commercialized.>>137652260>while flawed it drew you into the world and revealsThere was a lot of open ended sections of the series that drew theorists into the show, when finally answered people were disappointed as basement dwellers made a better story than the 'crewniverse'.>>137652569>My theory on why Lapis and the cluster were peak SUThere's a surprisingly good amount of nightmare fuel within the concepts, everything from living beings which were corrupted into monsters, fused into abominations, grafted into objects. All of which conveyed to the audience uncontrollable power and unfathomable evil.Reveals like Garnet's third eye or Malachite's dream really drew audiences in because we wanted to see more of that and less slice of life anime.

>>137656684Sad, lapiz's happiest episode and she only smiles like 3 other times in the series.

>>137656993After her 2 year hiatus lmao

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>>137656427is there a recording?

>>137656514and what proof do you have for this

>>137652240Daily reminder that he's blacklisted according to an industry user

>>137658645Good fuck him

>>137654607I don't know how they fumble the bag with a three in one character package by somehow doing so little and yet not enough at the same time.I actually watched through this video of his and I'm gonna be baffled if he doesn't realize how much of his criticism is going to seem extremely ironic if he goes through with making videos on the rest of the series.>Notes the Pearl favoritism even as a Pearlfag>Thinks Garnet does little as is>Hates Amethyst right now when she's not even had some of her better episodes of growth.


>>>this is what Holla Forumstards believe to be actual industry leaks

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>>137658845Probably from Katz Cafe

>>137658845>>137658645>mark surrounds himself with people who gossip and criticize people in the industry>industry people see that he acts like this>no one wants to work with someone like thatLittle nigga is blacklisted. It doesn't matter if he actually decides to get good at art/animation/writing he has no fucking chance.Let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to get into the industry. If you act up people talk.

>>137659174I'd agree if you showed me actual proof of it

>>137658792Besides this >>137659174 another big cultprint was making a video on the all inclusive FOP reboot who leaked here

>>137652240Definitely, in particular I really liked the more esoteric magical take on Gem stuff instead of going down the more generic sci-fi empire route. desu I'd say everything up til Gem Drill was basically consistently good or okay. Gem Drill itself was disappointing, and then the show just shat the bed immediately afterward and never properly recovered.

it wasn't always bad, it was never good.

>>137652240I liked the whole show overall, though the last season was pretty messy and should have probably been extended to another season.

>>137656684Funny how pretty much all fan content and the Mom Swap stuff used to depict Lapis as the carefree, spacey goofball and Peridot as the dreary, no fun allowed autismo, and then when the two became part of the regular cast, their personalities were essentially the exact opposite. And I would more specifically blame Zuke for a lot of the bullshit in regard to dragging Lapis and Peridot through the mud, though ultimately it is Sucrose's fault for failing to corral her underlings.

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>>137659834is this schizophrenia or autism?

>>137659834This arc unironically killed everything that was being built for Lapis and Peridot. Peridot somewhat recovered. Lapis did not. Sugar was too nice to her crew and needed to crack the whip far more often. She let the animators go too far off model as well which is why half the cast turned into goblins over time.

>>137659834Zuke is a tragedy and lesson on why you shouldn't let fans write what they're fans of, as backwards as that sounds. Once upon a time everyone loved Zuke.

>>137652240The series went downhill when they confronted the cluster. Ending that arc in such a massive anti-climax was the canary in the coalmine for things to come. Not putting Peridot in the main cast and sticking her in the cuck barn was also a mistake and showed the crewneverse’s weird slave-like devotion to the status quo.

>>137652240I don't care, I still wanna fuck Amethyst

>>137659834Lapis has got to be the biggest bitch I've seen in recent memory and no woman came close.

>>137659274>>137658845>mark or sonny itt on full defense

>>137660892I wish I had a channel giving me that much money

>>137652240>LS Markthis dude's takes are wack, he has an entire channel for Sonic and manages to be wrong every time. wouldn't trust his thoughts on cartoons to be well researched either.putting him aside, I think it's hard to dispute that Steven Universe season 1 is pretty good. the real problems with the show started to crop up in the later seasons where they wanted to have these anime level story arcs but had absolutely no direction with which to take you'd get a lot of people running around and chasing eachother or spend episodes building up to a supposed big threat like the cluster which ends up being a wet fart as it gets resolved in an episode. that stuff is arguably the real filler/episode waster, unlike the beach city episodes which never pretended to be progressing the story.

>>137660285I didn't realize how bad it was until the Diamonds were finally introduced and then no one cared. The big bads of the series are hot on your tail, but let's have more townie episodes

>thread quickly devolves into dramashitkekanyway, I think season 1 is probably the show at it's peak, but season 2 and 3 weren't bad either. Season 4 is total dogshit, with it basically wasting the majority of it's time on townie episodes, and ones that weren't even good at that. And that ended up making season 5 feel rushed in comparsion, leaving it being good, but not great, in comparison with season 2-3 and especially season 1.

>>137659834Lapis's personality makes perfect sense given she was stuck in a mirror for thousands of years. It's true they could have given her more development but the idea that she should have been a "carefree spacey goofball" is dumb.

>>137661028lol maybe mark shouldn't post a thread about his shit and not expect people to point and laugh at him for being a cuck and taking back his cheater wife who obviously sucked off sergio from sergio show recently

I mostly really enjoyed the show, but one part that pissed me off in the last season is when Steven leaves Lars on the gem planet, then Connie steals Lion, then everyone forgets about Lars. They go multiple slice of life episodes without even acknowledging that Lars is trapped. Steven didn't even treat it like a priority. It made me so mad.Steven didn't even make it clear to Connie that he needed Lion to get to Lars, so they were both at fault.

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>>137661032the issue is the fact that she wasn't like that in the first place. it just makes it bizzare for her to be the same one fucking with steven within the mirror to being some depressed sad sack with nothing interesting about her. which, in itself, made the course correction with her personality in future really odd, since she went from being a cunt to being a "carefree spacey goofball" again.

>>137653421I lost all respect for Daft when he deleted his Jaiden video. There was something about him before that that I greatly admired, how he rightfully was calling out a bunch of pretentious faggots for being emotionally manipulative faggots to internet points, and he didn't seem to give a shit what other people thought about him for it. Somehow I knew once he took down that video that he had given in, and had become part of the problem he was once fighting against. Everything in that vid is 100% correct to this date by the way, Jaiden is a fake emotionally manipulative cunt who just wants

>>137661272>the same one fucking with steven within the mirrorShe was trying to get him to free her the whole time. It was a trick. As soon as she was freed she immediately switched gears.>made the course correction with her personality in future really oddIt takes place years later, after the empire is defeated and she's safe and surrounded by friends, of course she changed to be less abrasive.I swear some of you are legit autistic and don't understand basic characterization. Again, you can complain that she didn't get enough screentime or what have you, but the idea that she should have been happy and bubbly after being trapped for thousands of years is dumb.

>>137652386>E;RThat faggot still making cringy youtube vids

>>137659991>Once upon a time everyone loved ZukeStrange days indeed. After Catch & Release everybody was too busy being a Perifag to see the writing on the wall.

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>>137661069/co/tards really think this dying imageboard is the center of the universe?

>>137662872>too busy being a Perifag to see the writing on the wall.Funny irony.The hidden blog all the info that outed Lauren as a schizo and crazy ass who pretty much was a psycho who had too much writing control over Peridot and Lapis was store from got posted once before on the threads but no one batted an eye until we were neck deep into the shit.I doubt it would have changed much if it got out earlier given how far in advance the show might have been written and grudged up, but I still think about how apparently the blog was posted to the general a couple of times before it actually got pursued and caused that whole outpour in the first place.

Reposting my favorite Steven Universe Poop because i feel like it and it's awesome.

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Did Lapis even get any episodes where she interacts with anyone besides Steven and meme dorito? Genuinely crazy to reintroduce a super hyped up character into the show and shove her into barn purgatory and off screen all development, never seen anything like it.

>>137663548Bare minimum interactions within a group, nothing major.Although, cutely high fives CG Ruby.I can't at all even fathom to imagine why there's not episodes to show her interacting with Pearl or Garnet. That shit would have been an interesting bloodbath of arguments, because Lapis never really confronts those two for knowingly leaving a cracked gem in the mirror.And Garnet for all the times she's used by the show as a metaphor to make fusions seem like wonderful relationships representations (even though this metaphor can be questionable) should have really had a lot to say to Lapis more personally for the Malachite situation. Not just to be used to sweep that whole situation under the rug by showing even the fusion guru understands Lapis was in a wack situation.And Pearl of all people definitely needed a reality check for just leaving a gem trapped and unable to be free, given Pearl's own lack of freedom to speak on a particular topic for most of the show, it's insanely hypocritical she'd do something like that to any gem just because she perceives them as beyond help.Fucking god awful wastes of potential.

>>137662879hey mark, this same dying imageboard is what lives in your head rent free. so what does that say about you?

>>137656477>>137661457You have no taste