Muertitos: Storytime Thread

A storytime thread for the 2004-2008 Webcomic 'Muertitos: A Comedy About Dead Kids"Please, feel free to comment and reply to any posts you have something to say about, whether commenting on the comic or making jokes. It helps keep the thread bumped. Not to mention keeps poor OP from going stir crazy.No images though, those are just for OP.

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Muertitos: A Comedy About Dead Kids(Yes, I tried to do this yesterday, but due to bad timing I was competing with 4 other Storytime threads. 3 of them are over and one is finishing up so hopefully it's more active this time)

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Chapter 1: Candy Stripers

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These are our two main characters...for now, anyway. Say hi to Honeo Death

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(How fast are lichen anyway)

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And here comes the rest of the cast

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(Now your thinking with portals)

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>>137652092Dead kids sound funny

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Is the one guy who got turned into Zombie first UNLUCKY, or extremely LUCKY?

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you can see the fetishes a mile away, also Lafcadio is best character

End of Chapter 1.Gonna take a short break, in order to try to finish this today I took Monster Energy for the first time and I seem to be losing function in my left leg

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Chapter 2: Revenge of the School

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Remember these hicks

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Chapter 3: A Boring Educational Week

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Chapter 4: Octopus Rex

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>>137653616Huh, why did it stop saying OP? Oh well it's fixed

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Taking my caffiene break, in the meantime take a moment to read up on Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle. Sad stuff

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>>137652124Kids these days, just want lay on bed like if they were dead

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Steph isn't lying here, there's text under the post saying they were intended to be in a scene and she forgot about them

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Chapter 5: The Mukade Family(You can see one of them on Page 4 crawling around)

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Caught up to where the first attempt died. Short break

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Got something for me, op?

>>137652092I'll bump with ya, sweetie.

Chapter 6: Kimberly KumquatAlso. people reading! Huzzah

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Forgot to say it at the time, but one of the posts in Chapter 5 mentioned the author's birthday was April 8th and they turned 25 in 2005.So Steph is 43 now..huh

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>>137655646A bimbo broom. Now I've seen everything.

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Given that this isn't the last time Steph does a parody of this sort of thing(combined with the fact that her artstyle was specifically based on the Ranma 1/2 style) I'm starting to suspect this is based on something that actually happened to her.

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4chan stop messing with my trip

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Break time

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>>137655292Damn that's old

Chapter 7: Death Brews a Pale Ale

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Damn, just checked the timing. This predates both Potter Puppet Pals and The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Neil was just 'The AniMutations Guy' then....time huh

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>>137657048Didn't this artist produce fetish art for the PG13 site which was essentially the first pregnancy fetish forum? That was like 2001.

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Chapter 8: Introspective Interlude

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Muertitos was actually one of the most popular webcomics online at it's peak in 2006

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Chapter 9: A Timely Spoof

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There's a reason I skipped this one last year. It's long, and it gets kinda lonely in these threads after a couple hours

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Trying to spread an artists work that you enjoy, Storytiming ain't easy. You got to dedicate most of a day, two days, 3 days, just posting and waiting and posting and waiting, maybe occasionally you get a lovely comment that wakes you up from the stupor, you start out strong, but you get slower and slower as it all blurs together

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And then you ask yourself 'why' 'why' 'why'

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But you say maybe, just maybe people are silently reading out there, and enjoying a comic they've never read, and you can't bring yourself to let them down...Oh uh, what's the messageboard in question? I wasn't there I'm not sure

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The day before this post(and the day after the previous one) Stephanie began her next webcomic, Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy. We will storytime that next month

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Chapter 10: PETA

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>>137652092>Webcomic's name is in Spanish>The comic's dialogues aren'tYeah. I can tell it's una basura, desu.

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(Reference is kind of weird since Zim is a character in the Stephverse, he and Lum both attend Tsugumi's school)

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Page 200! Yahoo help me

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In the day I remember not liking muertitos as much as GPCB, but this is still pretty good. It feels a little all over the place sometimes, but fun nonetheless.

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Chapter 11: Thanksgiving Hell House

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Again, getting vibes this Christian shit is based on something that happened to Steph IRL(especially since the white girl in this scene looks suspiciously similar to Cheesecake, who is based on how Steph looked as a teenager)

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Taking a break, may or may not do one more chapter for the night. Please, keep the thread bumped overnight. I had to do the first 100 pages over again, if the thread dies again that'll be it.

>>137652092I read some of this beforeIt has that early 2000s charm were the writer didn't give too much of a shit about the setting and just wanted to have fun with the charactersNowadays everyone is obsessed with world building in some way, we can't have cute/funny characters just being forced into set up situations anymore because things have to make sensePretty good read, a bit too long

>>137658092Encuentra alta muro, salta y car de cabeza

Chapter 12: Tykes to Watch Out For(Yeah I'm gonna go a lil longer)

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People keep arguing about this, I've seen debates on the archive as far back as 2020. I did some digging, and while I can't be 100% certain since crucial facts are lost and wittnesses aren't perfect, here's what I got.Stephanie isn't trans. Stephanie Cherrywell is a biological woman(several people who claim to have met her IRL confirmed this). What apparently happened is that from the late 90s until 2004, she went by a false male identity of Stephen because the fetish community at the time was heavily male oriented and she was afraid of being judged. She pulled a Reverse-Chihiro, she isn't trans. I could go over all the details(like how the supposed date the people saying she was trans gave for her coming out didn't make sense because she had been using female pronouns online for 5 years prior, or how that would contradict Cheesecake being based on how she looked in her youth, and all the blatant discussion about lesbian discrimination and nothing about trans rights which would make sense if she was a lesbian growing up in a christian household as seems to be implied and as even OP has noticed) but that's what I've found.

Maybe I'll go to 300, I'll have to make a new thread anyway so no need to worry about sinking...or, well I guess I'd still prefer it up til then.We'll see

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>>137661213That's kind of what I figured, but yeah there are so many contradictory statements. I came to the party too late to know.

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As a fellow dead girl once said, "I've been embalmed!". Vampires should really know better

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>>137662599Bampin and bumpin

Chapter 13: A Very Special Mukade Family

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Well...this isn't where I expected to end. What an interesting point.Ideally keep the thread going over night for discussion, but whatever happens, we resume tomorrow

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>>137662907thanks for the storytime OP.