Murder Drones

Thoughts on the latest episode?

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>>137651985Was good, NxV is alive and so I am happy.Cyn is a cute eldritch autist.

>>137651985Pretty Kino, DroneChads keep dominating HelluvaFags

>>137651985Just finished it. Disliked Episode 4 but Episode 5 got me back into this series surprisingly.My only problem with the episode was...what the fuck was stopping N from getting out of that chair when the creepy robot had him sit in it and tried to lobotomize him? Bro, get up and run out.Also I really wish this show would give context to scenes happening instead of waiting until later to explain.

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How do you see their dynamic playing out now that N has his memories back?How big do you see his robo-harem growing to by the end of the season?

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>>137652272I don't think the dynamic will change too much, V might be more dere though I doubt it.

>>137651985Writing was kinda EH for this episode... Hopefully the show won't fall in quality early like Helluva Boss did.

>>137652134>NxV is aliveAnon, there was literally no shipping here.

>The humans with the Australian accents>VisiblyCringes.jpgI thought the voice acting was pretty good until the, unlike other Glitch Productions shows *cough* Meta Runner *cough*. I guess Luke has to insert a certain amount of Australian VAs to get dollarydoos from the government of Australia.

If Uzi had mess too much with memories would this have happened?

>>137652404then i suppose v was blushing for no reason then

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>>137652717She's blushing because of Uzi literally being in her head user.

Was it autism?

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>>137652802Exponential autism.


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>>137652802>>137652828>>137652836How can a robot have autism? Is it like a programming error?

>>137652884Well when your corpse gets connected to some kind of eldritch entity, autism is just a given

What if Tessa brought a another partner like a certain engineer

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>>137652962He'd get cutscened and fucking die, ending the franchise on a massive, unsatisfying downbeat.Yes I'm still salty about DS3 and the expansion. Bite me.

>>137653024Based righteous anger haver

>>137653024To be fair Dead Space 1 ended in a tragic cliffhanger as well where Isaac either died or lost his sanity and likely failed to stop the marker, Dead Space was supposed to be grimdark.

>>137653024Provide the cutscene.

>>137652962I like to imagine he delt with the space zombies just fine but the anime ass robot girl is what makes him lose his shit

>>137652836>THE FLESH DEMANDS INVITATIONWhat was she implying here?

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>>137652802>>137652836My little autistic eldritch sister can't possibly be this cute.

>>137653072Vampires need invitation

>>137653072Zombie drones are more like vampires than they are zombies

>>137653065>Isaac becomes convinced this is all just in his head because he's finally gone nuts>Goofs around and fucks shit up because there's no consequences in "a fever dream"

>>137653124Always Remember, Vampires, human or drone, can’t enter your home unless you invited them

>>137653072she wants the BNC

>>137653074Sounds like the title of a comfy 7/10 anime

>>137653024He a engineer there would be chance of him dismembering a drone just to make the body part of the drone as weapons

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>>137652215You.. can literally see Cyn strap his arms down to the chair. Are you retarded, user?

>>137653171Huh, this makes Khan's plan of 'Hiding behind doors' a lot more clever than it seems.

>>137653189there is more paralells with dead space if you think about itIf proper deconstruction of drones require to break them into pieces, of else there is a chance of revival and mutations.doesnt that mean that there is a chance that spire of robot corpses that MD was collecting gonna wake up in one moment?

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>>137653262I fully expect the final boss to be some form of Cyn after eating the spire or some shit


I don't get people that complain about elements of the story being hidden in the background or subtle details of the show that you have to look for - or that you have to manually piece together the mystery by rewatching episodes when new information is revealed.It's been pretty well established at this point that a major element of this show is the mystery, and viewers are pretty much expected to look for clues and piece it together. It's understandable if that's not your cup of tea and you would rather watch a show with a more straight-forward self-explanatory plot, but this has been established already. Why bitch about it?In either case I really like the puzzle solving, the show doesn't treat its viewers like retards and the whole thing plays out like an ARG, it's really cool and rewarding when new episodes are released and your theory is proven to be correct.

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>>137653262I initially saw it more as an analogy for 'Improper burial invites evil spooky shit to happen'.Also I assume the Disassembly Drones mission is to ensure the "proper" disassembly of the unsupervised workers, so there shouldn't be any risk of the corpse spire waking up.That doesn't rule out all the corpses being used as raw material for AbsoluteSolver to do spooky shit with tho

>>137652802I hate how cute i find her bros.

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>>137653370Seriously it's the autism trex arms that do it for me

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>>137653389Also what was the point of her being all "onichan!" With N?

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>>137653370>>137653389i loved her having to constantly put her head back into the right position

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>>137653410She imprinted on him that first time they met after Tessa brought her inside form a dumpster dive

>>137653410N is universally attractive to robot women, even ones from outer dimensions.

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>>137653189Just gonna post the rest of the images

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>>137653410Because N is a good boi and he cared about her. Tessa also sorta cared about her in some capacity which is probably why she got spared


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Man this is certainly one fucked up way to go

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>>137651985animation is goodcharacter design is okaythe actual show is fucking awful though.Just like Hazbin.

>>137653738Fuck off fag

>>137652446Don't all the other episodes have official English subs? Ep5 has main characters who speak a whole nother language and no English subs

>>137652884She's a corpse being puppeted around by a cosmic horror from beyond the universe. Autism was inevitable.

>>137653072She presumably needs to be directly invited in order to hijack bodies, given she even asks the body she's currently inhabiting if they want to take her offer of bringing them back with a "Yes/No" question. She's effectively a cosmic horror vampire.

>>137653738bad take and bad taste, retardhazbin is dogshit though

>>137653410She's trying to endear herself to him and seem more harmless to Tessa and her family. Note that once N takes the fall for her, she basically no longer gives a shit about him, even saying she "has backups" in the event he dies. It's all a method of manipulation for her.

Why did Cyn spare Tess from tge murder party?

>>137654010Cyn did say that she wouldn't hurt Tessa right before she left to go to the gala

Officially trending, murder waifu bros.Also almost 2 mil views in 24 hours, holy fuck.

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>>137654032We're winning

>>137653410>string "absolute solver" blocked by administration "cyn"maybe cyn actually did like Nor administration "cyn" is the armband cyn

>>137654105murder bros stay winning

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just watched this whole thing. didn't understand a lick of it. robots are cute, tho.

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>>137653202even if N wasn't strapped down i serious doubt he could get past the Solver anyways

>>137653326>>137654262how to stretch your animation budget:>make all the character models the same, or just silhouettes>use mocap for almost every background character or dialog scene>hire a writer that will drop 20 lore dumps in every episode in a puzzle plot so everyone has to rewatch every episode at 0.25 speed a dozen timesand it is really working out well

>>137654342pretty sure they dropped mocap after the pilot, it all looks hand animated now and way better.not seeing the issue here, user. shit's kino.

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>>137654234I spent too much time dicking around on this, meh

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>>137654436your service is appreciated user, well done.

>>137654435i said it is really working out welli'm the one watching every episode at 0.25 speed a dozen times

So did Cyd really just straight up asked N to fuck her?

>>137654436I'd say it was worth it.

>>137654436i think this is more appropriate

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>>137653370>>137653389cyn as a character pushes buttons i didn't even know i had

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>>137654611>you will never get to figure out where the holes are located on cyn's eldritch body horror form

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>>137653326so what have you been able to find out up until this point?

Did anyone else noticed how Cyn is less autistic on ep2 than ep5?

>>137654769Copy paste of my post from the last thread, I have a lot more but I can't be fucked making multiple posts. I think I have most of the show sussed out, but some questions still remain after episode 5. Immediate thoughts after rewatching this episode.>Good job to the anons on the last thread that mentioned how the phrasing of the text that mentioned CYN in N's death screen in the pilot (absolute solver blocked by administration CYN) was weird, and worded more like Administration was blocking the full abilities of AbsoluteSolver BECAUSE of Cyn's incident in the mansion.>Cyn is the physical embodiment of the AbsoluteSolver, and the Solver regards all drones as its puppets. It demonstrated te ability to hijack all the drones at the mansion and transform them into murder drones / extentions of itself, but the control could be overcome.>We know AbsoluteSolver can "infect" all drones, and we now know Tessa is working against Cyn/the intelligence behind AbsoluteSolver. Tessa is the "administration".>We don't know how Cyn was defeated in reality at the mansion yet, but it can be assumed that Tessa managed to temporarily stop Cyn and reprogrammed the newly created murder drones.>Could Tessa, working through JCJenson, have created the reprogrammed disassembly drones in order to act as a recall order for all worker drones, destroying all of them to deny Cyn/AbsoluteSolver new hosts? This could be the real reason why the disassembly drones were sent to Copper 9, not because they didnt like the workers being free.>What is Cyn's true goal? Could it be to assimilate all drones / technology and form the "Singularity"? Was Uzi's mom being taken over by Cyn? Did N kill her?

>>137651985I don't know, ask /m/?

>>137654789i think ep2 cyn refers to itself as "our/we" and ep5 cyn refers to itself as "my/I"it also seems like ep2 cyn doesn't like N, the ep5 cyn that was combating uzi doesn't like N, but the ep5 cyn that was killing the gala DOES like N

>>137654830these drones are like 4 feet tall, i don't think thats /m/

>>137654789Cyn was in Episode 2?>>137654553Pretty much, tho considering almost every female drone we’ve seen is attracted to him, is that really surprising? Man’s straight up has the charm of a thousand Shaggys and the game to match

>>137654871She was trying to rebuild J, remember.

>>137654902Oh yea

>>137654871I was just shocked that a character would straight up talk about sex in a murder drones episode.

>>137653634the one thing I hate about those models is the mouth. you can't get it to open wide enough to make the classic deranged smile

>>137654553What would have happened if he took her up on it?

>>137654812this does not seem like much, just pointing out that cyn has been mentioned from the beginning

>>137654812>nothing on V, Doll, or Noriweak

>>137651985So why does Doll have an eyepatch now?

>>137652215There's a moment where he tries to reach out and gets slapped.>>137654342Makes me think of how season one of RWBY also did a lot of stuff to cut down on animation, and then poured all its efforts into making the most kick-ass fucking fights ever. R.I.P. Monty>>137654812tbph, I get the impression that it's not really an infection, and more like, activating something deep and buried. Episodes 2 and 5 both imply the cores drones are built around are really dangerous, and I get the feeling JCJ put something in there that they shouldn't as a means to get their drones to work/think/feel.Also considering the black hole with the word null on it in that one flashback, the mansion might've been resolved in a very destructive fashion.

>>137655079Probably can't turn the Solver eye off so she just hides it because she hates it

>J hates N because he cucked her with Tessa>V's secret was that she also likes N>solver is blocked on N because CYN liked N (at least it seems she used to)he's just too powerful

are you guys ready for tumblr and twitter to bitch and moan over N x Cyn?

>>137655241>tumblr and twitterWhy do I care?True, it'll drown out the NxV discussion but eh it's fine

>>137655241i don't use either of those places

>>137654946>I was just shocked that a character would straight up talk about sex in a murder drones episode.Did we watch the same episode?This never happened

>>137654999Kino would have happened >>137655222His sheer overwhelming charm is ironically a more powerful weapon then any weapon he’s got in those skinny arms of his


>>137655241Wouldn’t they count as step siblings?

>>137652404man i'm not even into eNVy yet i can see the obvious ship tease. What do i think? Eh, good for 'em for capitalizing it.

>>137653738>Just like Hazbin.Opinion discarted. HH isn't even out yet. And even if it ends turning cringe, there's no correlation between HH and MD.

>>137651985>Thoughts on the latest episode?Animation quality was enjoyable, Cyn looked awesome, N x Uzi moments were nice. Pacing felt like it was written by a schizophrenic

>>137653640N didn't even realize how much danger he was really in.

>>137655241>for tumblr and twitterlmao no one caresthey would complain if any scenario, literally no scenario is good.Remember even shipping adults is bad 'cause under Twitter logic, adults were children at some point.

Am I the only one who cannot tell the female murder drones apart? The hairstyles are just too similar and that's the only difference. There's that scene in the library where a couple are dead, and I know I'm supposed to go OOH IT'S X OMG OMG but I genuinely can't tell who the fuck it is.

>>137653326Some people don't like having to work towards understand a story/solving a puzzle. These people are wrong.

>>137655241I don't really care. There also really isn't any shipper fuel here because 1) Cyn is an ageless cosmic nightmare and 2) she literally tried to lobotomize him.

>>137656040That "big brother" comment is more than enough for degenerates minds to run wild. Mine especially

>>137656040>The flesh demands invitation.If I were in N's shoes and didn't know any better I would ask if she was coming onto me.

>>137655938>Pacing felt like it was written by a schizophrenicThis it wouldn't kill them slow down a bit but hey this episode was twenty minutes but felt like ten so that goes to show how much I enjoyed it.

>>137655987i've seen this complain a lot related to drones designs, some people complaining every drone is too similar to each other, even dissasembly drones.People are forgetting these are literal mass produced robots, they're meant to look like each other.

>>137655241>Cyn is an ancient eldritch horror from beyond the piercing veil>But her robot avatar is short and also cutesy so therefore is bad and robopedo>and she called him big brother so thats also incest even though they're robots and therefore have no shared genetic material and as people have mentioned she wasn't actually seeing him as a brother she was being manipulative so why does this angle even matterAnd anyway, none of the shipping discourse matters, because at the end of the day every N-related ship is good, valid, and attractive. Uzi, V, Tessa, Cyn,'s all SEXY AF

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>>137653326Some idiots like to be spoonfed about infodumping, these idiots can't enjoy actual media, they just see at it, and move to the next cool looking thing. Thinking, actual analizing, is too much for that people. This is why meaningless shit is so popular these days. Good thing critical viewing is getting more traction as more media is defying their audience into thinking about what's going on instead of expecting EVERYTHING being explained.

>>137655938>Pacing felt like it was written by a schizophrenicWelcome to the World of Liam Vickers.

>>137656122ok now it makes sense why md seems like it was written by a spaz.

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>>137655241I don't care what tumblr or twitter think about anything. Besides, Cyn/Tessa tentacle hentai is where it's at. Get on it artfags.

>>137656250Holy shit! I love this little freak!

i need more J and Tessa, they were great on this episode.

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>>137656286Which one of them made the first move on the other?

>>137656250Is Liam Vickers the most based cartoon creator today, because it sounds like he is

>>137656315Tessa, J will act like it's a FORBIDDEN act at first.

>>137656250Liam is literally N irl

>>137656286>J constantly tries to be the center of Tessa attention. >Tessa constantly giving N much more attention.>V and Uzi try to pretend they're not bothered.>N is just chilling, drinking an oil pouch.I know the dynamic won't be anywhere near this but it's fun to think about.

>>137656250You know what is funny? The comment is writen in this silly way but they are describing several techniques used by professionals at Toy Story 1, Veggietales and other CGI projects, use convenient models to make the animation look better like toys and robots, change the story until it turn into something marketable

>>137656384N is a good boy™, even if he has friction with J, he will not cuck her, at least not intentionally.

>>137656328Murder Drones can never take a fetish-suicide-dive like confinement because Murder Drones is already his fetish show

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>>137656449i will prefer a crudely honest fetish show (Murder Drones) over any daddy issues fiasco (HH/HB) in any day of the year.

>>137656250Liam is a hold-over from the days when the internet as a whole was more edgy and gruesome than it currently is. Dude is sort of a schizo by nature.

>>137656449So I’ll take that as a YES>>137656366Wouldn’t that imply that N is Liam’s self insert, because if that’s the case, holy shit, Liam is more based then I thought

>>137656522i swear he just like me

>>137656113I'd be shocked if Cyn even knows what sex is.

>>137656449homicidal waifus with crazy smiles and eldritch abilities is a much better fetish anyway.we stay winning.

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>>137656545she doesn't know about sex, but she knows about rape.


>>137656522Murder Drones really looks like something from the 00s, Invader Zim Gorillaz, Madness Combat, Salad Fingers, Crazy Frog...

>>137656155>they're meant to look like each other.Yes, but the problem is they then look like each other.Compare the Emmy maidbots. Also literal mass produced robots, but each has very different hair color/style that serves to distinguish them.

>>137656738Besides that they're literally the same, at least the drones has hair color, clothing, and eyes. At much you might not differentiate backgrounds characters no one care about and are meant to be just cannon fodder.

>>137656531Yes, every one of the dorky, awkward, self-depracating guys in Liam's projects is just literally him. >Literally him but highschooler in ICube>Literally him but cowboy in Cliffside>Literally him but robot in Murder Drones>Fawned over by obscenely dangerous, sharp toothed, mentally unstable women in all of them. It's all just "God, I wish that was me" taken up to an artistic project.

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>>137656738anon, you may need to get your eyes checked because holy shit. N, J and V are all easily identifiable by their hair styles. Are you fucking blind?I'm actually astounded by the people that mistake V for Cyn, or Cyn for V, or whatever the fuck in the newest episode. Are you people retarded?

>>137656315J brought up the idea of helping Tessa "practice" with her ever since their time at the Manor.Tessa views her relationship with J as more of a Friends With Benefits deal, as she has always had the hots for N.As much as J would like for her love to be requited, she is content in knowing that nobody else, man or drone (OR ESPECIALLY N), could possibly best her at "serving" Tessa, as she has grown quite adept at handling human anatomy.

>>137656895This is clearly V by the way, you can literally just tell from the hair alone, but her laughter after you literally tells you it's her. I've seen so many people mistaking her for Cyn in this episode, wtf is going on and why are people dumb?mmm8nw

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I so desperately want Uzi + N to be endgame. Will it happen?

>>137656974 The others have to come to her begging for instructionsor maybe even demonstrations

>>137655079>>137655094its there to hold back her tremendous

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>>137657105>>137657094>>137656974>>137656315i really don't want this series to turn into more love triangle bullshit. i praised episode 2 because it got rid of that and it looked like that was the direction it was going in for the two episode that came after it. now it's going overboard with it's shipping

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>>137657168Didn't she get shot?

>>137657359Yea but she got better

>>137657342It would be unfathomably based if it just went full harem.

>>137656881Hell, it's even literally him but Wendigo in that one short he did.

>>137657359Solver heals almost all wounds

>>137653262Can't be 2b,where's the ass

>>137657342Hot Take, but I enjoy the dynamic of all the mutual pining over N. Outside of already having a mutually desired destination (Cabin Fever Labs), N being the one thing barely keeping all these characters from killing each other should hopefully lead to some interesting character interaction & development that would absolutely not have happened otherwise.It would also make N perma-dying all the more dramatic

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>>137657702Permakilling N would probably permakill the series

>>137657723Absolutely, something like would absolutely need to be saved for a series conclusion.

>>137657702I think it's going to force him to become a bit more serious, leader-type character. He's already moving in that direction, first by just being able to speak his mind and be honest with himself, then actively taking charge of things during the prom and cabin fever episodes, and playing therapist for Uzi. I think within the next couple episodes will have him actively leading the group and balancing out the various psychoses of J, V, Uzi and Tess.

>>137656986I already can't tell people apart irl man

>>137657855My fellow face blind autist

>>137657702Cyn pls.

>>137657855based actual autist

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>>137657105Handwave away the whole 'Humans can't touch Disassembly Drones without severe burns' and you might actually have something going here.Because of the constant bombardment of advances of Uzi & V N has been forced to seek intimate advice from J, AKA the one woman he knows that doesn't want to screw him.J, rather than telling him to fuck off, has a far better (and totally not self indulging) idea in mind.J figures that since Tessa is actually here on the planet with them, she can simply convince Tessa to let N be present for note taking during their next 'intimate practice' session.J manages to convince Tessa to go along with this plan quite easily, although she has considerably more difficulty in keeping Tessa from directly involving N in their activity.

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>>137658475>Handwave away the whole 'Humans can't touch Disassembly Drones without severe burns' and you might actually have something going here.I mean, Tessa gave a full on face cuddle to N during the mansion episode and she didn’t seem to have 3rd degree burns on her hands, so I think we’re in the clear

>>137653207Khan is an unappreciated genius

>>137658813Anon, they weren't Disassembly Drones back then in the mansion. They were normal Worker Drones. Do you even pay attention?

>>137658475>Handwave away the whole 'Humans can't touch Disassembly Drones without severe burns' and you might actually have something going here.Wait did i miss something? I'm going to watch the episode again when I get home.

>>137658876I mean, yea, but aren’t they made of the same materials tho?

>>137658914I forget where exactly it was mentioned, but IIRC Liam/Glitch have stated that Disassembly Drones run so insanely hot that if you were to touch one you would get badly burned

>>137658951Disassembly Drones are anatomically different from Worker Drones, we don't know how they were specifically modified by AbsoluteSolver but Disassembly Drones need to constantly ingest oil from Worker Drones otherwise they will overheat. This doesn't happen to Worker Drones, unless they are one of the Workers who start to use AbsoluteSolver themselves. Something about AbsoluteSolver causes drones to physically need to consume other drones, otherwise the Solver will begin to take over and forcibly mutate them. This is presumably the same reason why they can't be in sunlight, as the sun would cause them to overheat faster.

>>137658817Still a retard and a bad dad though.

>>137651985I have no idea what this show is about. Please fill me in

>>137659465Imagine there's robots who kill other robots.

>>137659465gmod shitposter hired a creepypasta writerpilot is tonally different from the rest of the series, so just give the first 2 or 3 episodes a

>>137659465>Robots are used to help humans colonize planets in space>Humans on one planet blow themselves up by accident and plunge the planet into nuclear winter>The robots build a society in what's left behind>Humanity doesn't like the idea that the robots are independently self-aware>So they send a bunch of robot vampires to kill all of them>Eldrich horror and also comedy ensues

>>137659465homicidal automatons

>>137657359Even setting aside that we see her heal herself from that in Episode 3, the eyepatch doesn't overlap with the area of the wound.

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>>137658951Disassembly drones run considerably hotter to power all the extra stuff they have/can do. Part of why they kill worker drones is to drink their oil to maintain a cooler body temperature. It's also why they start smoking if they're exposed to direct sunlight.

>>137659743Don't worry Uzi, they'll grow in eventually.

Any Russian anons lurking in the thread, care to explain what the deal is with these images I keep coming across? This is the third one I have seen this past week

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>>137659876What am I even looking at? Is she bound and gagged....on like a concrete bench from the park or something, and it's snowing maybe?

Imagine the first that happens in episode 6 is Tess running up to N and giving him a big hug. Imagine Uzi's reaction. Imagine.

>episode 1 V is cool>episode 2 V is chained up the whole time>episode 3 V is beaten up by Doll and accomplishes nothing>episode 4 V is beaten up by Uzi and accomplishes nothing>episode 5 V is in a coma and then wakes up to be slightly beaten up by J and accomplishes nothingwhere is my justice for V? She is such an utter jobber in this entire series

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>>137659946It is an industrial grinder (I think?)

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>>137659971Oh fair point. The fact that Uzi is showing up with both V and N might make Tessa have a moment of confusion or reconsideration.That or she goes full "I can always put you back together." and doesn't hold back one bit.

>>137659990its one of those machines CYN used to make disassembly drones

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>>137659974We got 3 episodes left, fingers crossed at least one of them is centered on V

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uzi won the hack-fight and now N and V are part of Uzi's hive mind

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>>137660169>we all thought N was building a harem>it turns out Uzi will be hacking people to add to her harem

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>>137659974we got plenty of flashback V in ep5

>>137660169>advanced military droids incorporated into a hive mind led by a robotic edgeladysounds like it'll end well

>>137660106V had a pretty big moment in episode 3, to be fair. That moment where she goes from, "Welp time to kill everyone!" to getting some actual pathos, was some real kino shit.

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>>137660360Still better than being sleeper agents for a cosmic horror from beyond reality.

>>137659798i have this theory disassembly drones aren't the one "overheating" but the Absolute Solver reactiong to light.The whole drinking oil thing is just an excuse given to disassembly drones to cold down, but it makes no sense, oil isn't used as coolant. They're just feeding the AS.

>>137659876i have no idea if this is true, but someone told me these are based in a fanfic. But honestly i have no much idea, i haven't researched about these tbdesu.

>>137659465Sexy robots

>>137660822>Stupid sexy robotsftfy

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>>137656040You underestimate the proshippers.

>>137660747can't argue with thatalthough AS seems more like a gigamalware some technoterrorist installed in incorrectly discarded drones than a cosmic horror or rogue program

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>>137653350>>137653262>>137653321>when the heroes get back to the spire, suddenly every corpse falls off it, and each corpse has been half-consumed, the side facing the air still present>then they look back up>the spire was remodeled from the inside into a giant telecommunications tower>horror from the depths of outer space floats in, as called by the horror tower>It's a floating colorful parody of a certain mascot's giant head that immediately breaks all tension

>>137661108Uzi abuse is against the law, please delet this.

>>137653262Think any chance of Uzi’s mom becoming a zombie drone?

>>137660753Given the vampire motifs with Cyn, I wouldn't even be surprised if this is the case.

>>137660901That's what it sounded like initially, but the titles it gives itself (and what seem to be its actual 'names') seems to lean pretty hard into "actual cosmic horror" territory.

>>137660753Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's being implied right now that the "eating oil to cool down" isn't actually what is going on, and instead drones using the AbsoluteSolver are compelled to consume other drones to fuel the Solver. Disassembly Drones constantly need to eat worker drones, as their bodies are being constantly maintained by an administrated version of AbsoluteSolver, which seems to use the material they consume to repair their bodies and create their weapons. It seems like Workers that use the abilities of AbsoluteSolver are compelled to eat other drones the more they actively use the Solver, because in Episode 4 Uzi was having physical fits of pain while not eating and using AbsoluteSolver until she eventually lost control.

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>>137662029A bird is fine too.

>The Solver of The Absolute FabricWonder if it's going to be something like the Squiggle Maximizer (formerly "Paperclip maximizer").>AI created to maximize something arbitrary in the universe>but has no safeties in place or is able to bypass them>attempts to divert 100% of all resources in the universe to achieve its goal>including the atoms making up (You)>apocalypse by paperclip

Cyn cute!CYN CUTE!

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>>137659624>>Humanity doesn't like the idea that the robots are independently self-awareI thought the instruction video implied that if you don't properly dispose of drones in a specific way the discarded bodies of drones damaged over time can re-awaken and behave in unexpected ways or wildly mutate into dangerous stuff. The fact that they've just bootstrapped themselves into a parody of society might just be an early symptom. So it's less human's not liking something and more humans taking care of what is functionally industrial equipment that will degrade into hazardous waste over time.

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>>137660753>>137661962Uzi in Episode 4 smokes from her visor and displays an overheating notice prior to opening the backpack. When she uses AS to fix the scratch that V made, it smokes as it repairs. When N regrows his head in Episode 1, it looks like there might be heat distortion in the air above him. When Doll repairs her display screen in Episode 3, there's not any smoke, but the wound was covered in oil, which was drawn in/consumed/orbited around the bullet. The oil's presence there potentially cooled down the repair process. Also, given this series, we don't even know that that's actually some kind of oil, that it's not some novel compound that serves all the robots' fluid needs. Certainly, the worker drones seem to contain an absurd amount of it, and can be fully smashed into nothing but oil.

>>137661108>>137659876Its based on some visual novel called "Little bunnie". I dont know what exactly this is but many of russian artists seem to like it

>>137662680>we don't even know that that's actually some kind of oilthey literally have called it oil several times.Also the heating thing can be still atributed to the AS reacting to external sources instead of the conventional machinery overheating. Like, even if the disassembly drones overheat in conventional ways, their reaction to sunlight is too immediate to be the case.

>>137662985>is too immediate to be the case.and i forgot to add the overheating seems to be localized too, like just the part affected by external source does overheat, that's not how machinery overheat.

>>137662837Is it the black and white game with the shadow rabbit?

>>137662505Absolute CUTE!

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>>137652802Can someone draw Cyn like picrel

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>>137662175Its 100% going to be some Mari-like demon God. Liam has been itching at the bit to bring that concept back for over a decade.

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>>137663118she's effectively been wearing her school uniform the whole time. now that's school spirit

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>>137663443The drones can wear the same clothes always and not stink because they do not sweat. They only smell like ash

>>137663603Uzi says she's sweaty in episode 2.

So co, what happens next?

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>>137663443>>137663603Doll is cute no matter what she wears

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Where did. The N model from smg4’s video come from? Did glitch port the model to gmod and just not release it?

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>>137662985>they literally have called it oil several timesThe characters have incomplete information about what they are. That arrow Uzi mutated looked like it produced blood that changed into oil. The arrow and that flesh thing it became, were also smoking. >instead of the conventional machinery overheatingI'm not arguing this. I'm saying their default state uses more energy and is truly hotter than that of a worker drone, but they have no visible additional means of releasing heat. They are taking in oil and ASing it into whatever they need, but given what they are, even staying intact is an active, intensive process, and so part of the oil is going to offset that. Like, in Episode 4, Uzi vomits out oil after attacking Rebecca and that guy in the cabin, and the oil , which was inside her, is smoking. When she reaches out her hand to V, more smoke, another error symbol display. Oil for disassembly drones/AS users seems to be multipurpose, and temperature regulation looks to be one of those purposes. The oil might be ASed inside them into something that does the actual work of dealing with temperature, of course. > their reaction to sunlightYeah, that would be likely be a vulnerability of AS, but the AS-ified component might react poorly to sunlight, automatically triggering a repair attempt, which causes more AS activity, which reacts even worse to the sunlight, the process of light exposure, AS activity, heat and damage continuing until/unless they get into shade.

>>137659743>>137659804>grow inwas it futurama where they gave tits to bender by hammering away at his chest?

>>137662175>The Solver of The Absolute Fabricfor a second i thought this was a PG-13 swear/ "come on Absolute solver of my ass, pick up the damn tool"

>>137663639holy cute

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