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Most recent thread died but I want to discuss something.Apparently the concept is the warriors were resurrected too early in teenage bodies and this is causing problems. I say apparently because I don't think I would have picked up on this, although in episode 6 Merlin is shocked the warriors are "children".I don't think this idea is sold very well. Emma is introduced about the be married, definitionally the beginning of adulthood. Dmitri has youthful looks, but he's also travelled from Russia to London to perform on the street as a magician so he's taking a lot of responsibility for his own life. Sure he could be a teenager, but he doesn't seem like one more than not. Alfie is tiny so that fits, but he was also playing a soccer game with Winston who's the same age as Emma, so that's a bit confused.Alfie is also the only one who seems to be consistently having problems controlling his unicorn powers. Emma is having a lot of trouble but there's no apparent connection to her age, and poor Dmitri seems to have been subsumed entirely; Edred's only problems are that Emma doesn't want his elf dick.This whole irony of them being young and inexperianced (while also being thousands of years old and having done this many times before) doesn't seem to land wtf

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I wish there was more gay sex

Melinda and Seng's intended incarnations showed up at the police station in that one episode. They were both definitely adults and they knew they were meant to take on the roles and trained for it. Edred is still something of a mystery, which I suspect they'll delve into if the show gets more episodes.

>>137651012The show has a pretty consistent problem with conveying information clearly. All sorts of crucial things are either understated or outright unstated and just silently presumed. And they constantly pass up opportunities for exposition.

>>137651124>Melinda and Seng's intended incarnationsIt's not clear that's the case. It's also possible they're just weirdo cultists who think they're important but they're not.

>>137651012There is absolutely no advantage to being male in the developed world in this day and age. By making shows like this with female protagonists, they are mocking us for not being women

>>137651168>>137651159>>137651124>>137651045>>137651012Could any of them reincarnate as an imposter from among us?

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>>137651168That's the problem. Nothing's clear besides that there's something wrong with this cycle. There's maintaining a sense of mystery and then there's just dancing around the issue at length.

>>137651159The very first opening montage of the show with Copernicus turning various people into Unicorn throughout time was completely incomprehensible to me

>>137651307What confused you about it?

>>137651124>Melinda and Seng's intended incarnations showed up at the police station in that one episode. They were both definitely adults and they knew they were meant to take on the roles and trained for it.There's been nothing to suggest that they were the right ones. I understand that a lot of things are vague right now but I think these threads are a little guilty of just not putting in some critical thinking.

>>137651124>>137651168>>137651340The police inspector pointed out tha they weren't chosen and they seem embaressed about it. Definitely implies they just had faulty assumptions about how it works.

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>>137651350Yeah, frankly who am I supposed to trust more, the robot who has done this dozens of times before or two randos? Any ancestors they have connecting them to past incarnations would've been born before or after awakenings anyway. It's not like Edred and Melinda were having kids in other people's bodies.

>>137651012>teenage bodiesEmma a grown woman about to be married. Body is the same shape as emma.

>>137651475I said that, user. It's one of the problems I see with the concept.

>>137651475>>137651489Emma's 18 which isn't actually the peak of mental and emotional maturity, it's just the age she's legally considered an adult.

>>137651391>It's not like Edred and Melinda were having kids in other people's bodiesWhat happened to each incarnation afterward wasn't terribly clear until they suddenly started talking about Coppernicus taking their souls back once the evil was defeated in the most recent episode. Felt like a pretty important detail that got left out until now.

>>137651350To be fair, there's also a strong implication that this cycle is messed up for some reason.

>>137651609>Felt like a pretty important detail that got left out until now.Yeah, that was intentional. Viewers were supposed to wonder what happens to the host's souls if their bodies aren't killed in action. But now that we have that addressed, a new problem has taken its place: what happens if they don't have their original bodies to go back to? What's going to happen to Edred now if they ever permanently defeat the Evil?

>>137651640Didn't really feel intentional. The way they talked about it made it seem like we somehow should've already known the souls leave the body once the evil is defeated. Rather, the revelation was that it's supposed to happen automatically, rather than Coppernicus actively removing the souls once the fight's over.>what happens if they don't have their original bodies to go back to?Maybe I missed a line, but are they actually supposed to go back to their original bodies? I just assumed they'd pass on if/when the evil was permanently defeated.

>>137651798NTA, but I think you're autistic. They're implying things rather than outright stating them. They did intentionally keep that information from that, because mostly we are following Emma's limited POV and she didn't know that. It would have also been an annoying infodump if they told us all the lore at once.They also did imply they go back to their old bodies when they evil is fully defeated-- since they talk about how Edred has lost his original one and can't go back anymore.

>>137651798>The way they talked about it made it seem like we somehow should've already known the souls leave the body once the evil is defeated.No, the fate of the hosts' bodies was never touched on before this episode.>Maybe I missed a line, but are they actually supposed to go back to their original bodies?No offense but this is what I meant by people just not doing some thinking of their own and instead wanting the show to blatantly spell everything out. Merlin saying he was watching over their empty bodies before Edred's brother captured him strongly implies that yes, they're supposed to go back to them after the Evil is defeated for good.

>>137651012>Emma is introduced about the be married, definitionally the beginning of adulthood.If this is the 19th century though then she was probably like 14.

>>137652005Genndy confirmed she's 18, 14 year olds weren't getting married in the late Victorian era in England.

>>137651871They don't need to do one big exposition dump and it's not exactly difficult to follow what's going on. It's just that it feels like I'm watching an abridged version of the story at times. I guess I'm complaining about pacing in a sense.

>>137651012Watching the new episode now. Hoping Dimitri gets a mention in it.

>>137651180No but that's an interesting thoughtSince we've seen Copernicus can soul succ pretty much any person, who knows if he's got more than just the Unicorn hidden awayWhat if he had the soul some psycho they fought centuries ago locked up in there and accidentally shot him into a new body

This new UWE ep is giving so many funny reaction images

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>>137652261Yeah, wouldn't that be something

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>>137651997Some things do need to be flatly explained, not just mentioned and left for the audience to come to the obvious conclusion. It's not necessarily for the sake of the audience understanding, but for the sake of narrative framing and communicating what the characters know and don't know. This is one of those things in writing that makes for difficult discussions because it's hard to differentiate between someone saying "They need to say it clearer because I don't get it" and "They need to say it clearer because it's important".

Fellas I've gotta say this is some fucked up shit.

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>>137652356Wow Merlin is a damn giant. I mean I don't think Emma is tall herself but he's still huge in comparison.

>>137652379To be fair, the show has nearly Steven Universe levels of scene to scene inconsistency.

>Well you see, my bloodline is inherently good and my family deserves to rule by right of birth God I hate monarchists. And elf bullshit.

>>137652416>nearlyI'd argue it's equal to SU at this point. Genndy has clearly embraced "if you can recognize the character, it's on-model."

>>137652356>>137652379I can buy Merlin being a tall ass mfSomeone would have to go back and comb for scenes of Emma and him together in a scene to compare with this

>>137651124I thought that they were meant to be descendants of the past host bodies and deluding themselves into thinking they were next when it’s more or less random chance and a lot of world hopping for Copernicus to reactivate the souls into the prime candidates.

>>137652490When standing his chin about comes to the top of her head.When kneeling his chin looks barely lower.It's jank.

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Good things in the show:CopernicusSengThe FoxThe setting

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>>137651159I think you nailed my main problem with the show right on the head. With a story like this the little details really do matter. Someone else described it best where the series kind of operates on dream logic- technically everything on the surface makes sense but looking closer makes it reveals how some things don’t add up.

Is Seng truly the most moral of the Unicorns now? He's allowing Alfie to have some free will within his body. Meanwhile, Dimitri and recently Emma have been locked out of Edred and Melinda respectively.

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>>137652658>He's allowing Alfie to have some free will within his body.Bro it's all Seng. Genndy calls him Seng. The characters call him Seng. He responds to people calling him Seng.

>>137652534They are definitely a pack of larpers that have convinced themselves they're destined hosts

>>137652685But Seng never acted like that before. I'd argue that with the others there's separation between the host and the possessing spirit. In Seng's case I'm pretty sure they're merged into one entity now.



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>>137652740Alfie ceased to exist, but so did Classic Seng. They're a gestalt now.

>>137652860>Original Edreds body will potentially have children with another woman Hm.

>>137652965That's what I'm saying!

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>>137652870But Classic Seng flew away somewhere and hasn't come back.

can someone make a screen cap of Merlin staring angrily through the prison door opening pls

Elves are jerks.

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>>137651124>Melinda and Seng's intended incarnationsI don't think they had any chance of Copernicus choosing them. They're independent groups that got started because roping normies into bullshit is what Unicorn Warriors Eternal is all about, and,people being people, they wanted to help. I think Emma, Alfie, and Dimitri were all destined to be hosts. It's just June Way (fox lady) waking Copernicus early ensured everyone was going to be unripe.

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>>137653997I ate venison, like, yesterday.

>>137653936Do you not have the file? Why can't you do it yourself?

>>137653997/k/ would have saved her

>>137654062as you said, I don't have the file. I watched it at a friends house

>>137654048Those masks were definitely inspired by Primal. Genndy must love the design.

>>137653029Classic Seng went to live on a farm where he can meditate with bunnies all he likes.

>>137654054Aye, but I bet you didn't do it while claiming to be one with nature and better than barbaric humans.

>>137653936Do you have a point of reference for when it happens in the episode? Just skimmed through his parts and didn't see anything like you described.

Where are people getting that the fox's name is "June Way"?

>>137651012I don't see it either. The older characters seem to be more childish than the current hosts. The biggest sources of drama have so far been Edred running off from his own wedding, Merlin being a typical amoral wizard, and Melinda being Melinda. Emma had to be the grown-up and talk sense to the latter two.>>137651159>>137651249Yeah, a lot of stuff about the show feels kinda slippery and fuzzy to me. There was that part where Emma visited the past and saw Melinda as a kid. After the episode, anons were unsure whether she truly did travel in time, or if she just got implanted inside a memory even if she hadn't originally taken part in the events. It was confirmed to be time-travel in the previous episode since Merlin recognized Emma. But was Emma supposed to know it was time-travel, or did she think it was only a modified memory? Merlin had told her she was "not here, but still in the future". And after the incident, Melinda only accused Emma of "looking into [her] mind"; not of being the catalyst to the downfall of Morgan.Why didn't Melinda go like "you!!!" when she saw Emma during the seance? It can be easy enough to forget faces over a long period of time, but Emma's wedding dress and the situation should've made her pretty memorable. Emma even told the child version of Melinda that she's from "later" and they'll eventually meet again, and Melinda was excited about it.The last episode had some odd editing, too. I was confused when they cut to Edred standing, and his brother explained "here is our father". Took me a moment to figure out what was going on.It's a bit difficult to talk about the show. Every time I'm focusing to look at some specific aspect of it, I keep wondering if I'm even understanding it correctly.

>>137654213credits of I think eps 5 or 6

>>137654136Well, I'll be a sweetheart but I'm not sure what you mean. There's only two shots of Merlin looking through the door and he's not angry in either of them.

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How did Merlin get captured by the elves, and how long has he been here?

>>137654256he literally said shortly after they talked to him in Egypt from eps 1

>>137654256>How did Merlin get captured by the elvesThey have anti-magic stuff so they probably used that>and how long has he been here?At least one-thousand years.

>>137654272Which makes the timeline a little screwy. "Ancient Egpyt" has to be about 3000 years ago at least. Did this Elfland stuff take that long? I guess it could because they're elves....but didn't they say something about the "unbroken line" being 2000 years? And this obviously includes the deceased ancestors shown in the scene with Edred's father.

>>137654272So he's been sitting in this cell for 3000 years? Jesus that's lame.

>>137654226>>137654206My apologies for being vague, it was actually pic related, but thank you for trying to help me and my retardedness

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Kinda silly to treat a Merlin that can time travel as a Gandalf-esque guest star who only appears when he's necessary for the plot.

>>137654226This one he's angry and framed by bars.

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>>137654311It's an odd choice. Wasn't Merlin sealed into a tree or a rock or something by Nimue? Isn't Nimue easily folded into Morgan? Isn't Morgan almost certainly the Evil?

>>137654336Wall wizard is watching you masturbate.

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>>137654297Elves are bullshit, don't worry about whatever nonsense is going on in their neck of the woods.Genndy wanted a story about ancient "great warrior" archetypes collaborating to fight an evil in a Steampunk time. He wanted the elves to be some Tolkeinesque/D&D/Moorcock's Elric nonsense. It would be nice if this was the sort of show that sat down to work out exactly how their timeline merges works with events in the real bloody world... but it's clear it's not that kind of show.

>>137654383hehehe yiss

>>137654379>Wasn't Merlin sealed into a tree or a rock or something by Nimue?Maybe that was the initial plan for him, but they scrapped it and put Edred's dad into a tree instead.

I feel the same way watching this as I did watching Fena two years ago. Why can't Toonami get good shows?

Winstonsisters wya?

>>137654555Waiting for him to derail a train next episode

>>137654343I'm not too familiar with the Arthurian legend. Is there some reason why he shouldn't be coming and going as he pleases?

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>>137654619Your picrel is based on TH White's Merlin, which is an excellent interpretation in an excellent book but can't time travel. He experiences his life backwards in time which has influenced subsequent works. Historical Merlin is often prophetic depending on the interpretation but never time travels.

Where is the mega please? I lost it after episode 3.

>>137655071Everything thus far is torrented.

>>137655071>>137655155(Not being a dick, I don't have the mega on hand.)

>>137655155>>137655206Don't worry, it's ok, thanks.

>>137655215look for it in desuarchive

>>137651391The robot's just a robot. It has been stated that this time he chose his targets oddly, and it resulted in amnesia and other problems. Since the people who got arrested are aware of the existence of the Warriors even though it doesn't seem to be public information, maybe they're not some randos. They might have actually been given some kind of ancient secret knowledge about the whole thing, and maybe they were supposed to end up chosen. But the robot fucked up for whatever reason.I don't know whether those guys were for real and Copernicus chose poorly, or if they're just a fan club who's entirely misunderstood how the awakening works. It's unclear, and both interpretations are possible at this point. I'm inclined to assume they've misunderstood the whole thing and they were never supposed to get chosen. But I'm not absolutely certain that's the case.>It's not like Edred and Melinda were having kids in other people's bodies.What makes you sure of that?

>>137655411Clarice's French fingers wrote this post

>>137655411>What makes you sure of that?I have to ask is this a fetish thing? Regardless, contraception has been a thing for a long time.

>>137655411>What makes you sure of that?Just this last episode they said that when the evil is beaten for the given cycle, their spirits depart the bodies and Copernicus collects them. It was indicated that the souls do this automatically

>>137655751Alas for silphium

>>137655411>What makes you sure of that?It's a kids' show. The heroes we're supposed to root for are already seeping into grey morality because they hijack people's bodies to drag them into some secret war and two of them regularly make out with each other on the side. If you add in Melinda and Edred having sex and popping out kids into it they pretty much become villains. And then there's the question of when would they have the time? They show up when the Evil does and seperate from their hosts when it's defeated. I don't even think each cycle lasts all that long.

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>>137655990I;m thinking this wasn't meant to be a cycle at all. The Evil wasn't really defeat because it wasn't really back. The Evil is still mostly in tatters from last time, and The Fox's been getting power from bits of it she gathered.

According to twitter there's a synopsis for the finale on some TV guides but I haven't been able to find it yet. Apparently: Emma gets separated from Melinda somehow and has to find her way back

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>>137656530The way Merlin set it up definitely is a cycle, but them being unaware of some important part of the Evil and that's why they can't beat it for good makes sense

How many more eps?


>>137656567What I mean to say is that this is a cycle where the heroes defeat and destroy The Evil, then it pulls itself together and they awaken again to destroy it again. This time they got woken up, and they woke up WRONG because The Evil wasn't properly back itself. This is a glitch in the cycle.

>>137655411I think it’s apparent the club of previous host descendants was just delusional. If Merlin doesn’t know how/why people get picked, then there is no system or plan in place, and there’s no reason to assume being related to pawn #443 will make you more capable or more likely to be picked for Unicorn jacking in the future.

>>137656834Perhaps, perhaps not. I think you're putting more thought into this than Genndy did. He threw in a couple "rough draft" designs and said they were dudes that thought they'd be hosts and weren't, and were part of an old society that tries to help. I doubt he put much thought into whether they were nuts or not to think they'd get picked.

>>137656834>Unicorn jacking in the futureI've read that book.

Why did Edred leave with that N'Wah whore? Is that how he honors the sixth house and the tribe unmourned?

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>>137657357it was the autism

>>137657357Undiagnosed elf autism

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They need to post longer episode previews so we'd have more to talk about

>>137657357Edred's entire race have less magicka than a baked ash yam.

Actually one of my favorite episodes. A fun adventure with a fun solution. Still really confused about the timeline of everything, especially with the timeline and feasibility of Merlin's capture, or why the stone is necessary to power a robot.

>>137658490>why the stone is necessary to power a robot.It's magic. It gives him life.

>>137658490The crystal has the vaguely defined ability to give life in some way, though it can't seem to bring dead humanoids back to life (otherwise the king would've tried to use it on Aelwulf). It needs, again, a vaguely defined blood pact with a preserved line to keep it going, and probably every thousand years it need to be renewed with a new link. Since Aelwulf couldn't step in after Edred left, I'm guessing one of the terms is that it has to be the blood of the first born. Anyway the crystal has hand-wavey life powers and this episode I guess explicitly confirmed that Copernicus is at least half-magic and isn't all technology, though I thought before this that it was obvious.

I was disappointed that The Necromancer didn't turn out to be Edred's jilted fiance.

>>137659929I thought it was gonna be Morgan for some reason until she started talking more. Also made me realize Grey plays nearly every other female character besides Emma.

Will the blood to remake continue to flow for all time next episode?

>>137660025Yes I think the blood to remake will flow for all time

>>137660090I dunno I mean the elf thing was called the Unbroken Line but it broke...then just went back to being called the Unbroken Line after despite having been broken. Maybe the blood to remake might not flow for all time until it does again?

>>137660133I think the blood to remake flowing for all time will come to have a bigger meaning than its relationship with the elves. After all, Merlin seemed to find it interesting.

>>137660254Didn't he just recognize it was a reference to the magic crystal?

>>137660458Oh maybe. I can't remember. He might've been more interested in how Seng heard about it.

>>137660001Kath Soucie also has a couple of roles, I think. I know she’s Emma mother.

The timescales and lifespans make no sense. How the fuck is Merlin trapped for thousands of years. If elves live for so long why does Edred even need to be reincarnated? How fucking old are elves when they get married? The war seems like something that's been going on for a few years not millenia. How the fuck have elves stayed hidden from humanity for so long, did they all just agree to cast an invisibility spell over their civil war?

got the webm of her trying her magic in the dungeon

later in the series nearly all time periods will be destroyed and in order to restore it someone would need to sacrifice themselves meaning the blood used to remake all of time would then flow for all time

>>137662941That makes a weirdly large amount of sense.

>>137651012episode 7 is the first episode i thought it was very good

>>137663203And that's exactly why it won't happen

>>137654383looks like your regular channer looking trough a window

>>137651370Little yeti babies