Anybody remember this? Peak example of female cartoon autism right here...

Anybody remember this? Peak example of female cartoon autism right here.Did she have have an awakening moment seeing musclebound SpongeBob and Patrick wrestle eachother in the fry cook games like how some boys did when they see a female character that is way to voluptuous to be in a kids show?I guess that this thread is one dedicated to cartoon autism of the female variety. I am talking early 2000s Invader Zim fangirl levels of autism. Share any stories or fan art you have related to the subject.

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>>137650909Also for anyone curious I found her DA and yes it's filled with mostly art of SpongeBob and her self insert spongesona, and yes there is art of them fucking

>>137650978Ah fuck, im


>skipping leg day

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>>137651001This is hilarious though

>>137651001>Women want to be cucked out of their Husbandos by furry womenThis truly is a bizarre timeline

>>137650992Oh you didn't tell me she draws her OC fucking him

>>137650992>>>137650909OMG I love her art! THANK YOU!

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>>137650909getting over the fucking swole spongebob, what the hell is her persona supposed to be? she looks like a pink sponge but what the fuck is that on her head?

>>137651088Yeah, and its honestly more insane then I originally expected. There is this whole thing with SpongeBob being infected by a demon or something and it's a love triangle between her OC, SpongeBob, and Demonbob.I guess the female desire to fuck insane killer men requires making even fucking SpongeBob a demonic incubus

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>>137650909i wanna know moreautism doesnt gender-discriminate, the only reason we think it does is because all the examples of it we see in media is retroactive "girl autism" where a girl is just #different and quirkybut actual autistic women are as much of a gift as the men that aside, do you think this is 100% genuine? im not at all questioning the possibility of someone out there having a crush on buffBob, but it seems like a potentially ironic choice of character, like Garfield or Shrek or something... like i could see this all being a 'haha so randumb' meme

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>>137650909>early 2000s Invader Zim fangirl you say? this artist is pretty obscure, you might not have heard of her

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>>137651172It's SO good though!

>>137651120No prob, honestly even though its autistic its also kinda based. Like the art of her and musclebob is pretty well done. I guess we just kinda forget that girls can have cartoon crushes/husbandos like how we have our cartoon waifus.

>>137651172You're just jealous she can draw better than you

>>137650992this is genuinely greatthe art is legitimately good, its skilled and technically impressive and it doesnt have that itentionally silly feel to it, but its still fucking..... OC x muscled spongebongenow this is a meal, my friend

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>>137651146Its an actual sea sponge in the shape of a mohawk

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>>137651202Like she's the best type of artist. Left alone to hone their skill and draw what they're passionate about. It's silly as fuck, but they certainly didn't expect weirdos on 4chan to give them a hard time about it.

>>137650992What the FUCK.

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>>137651202Yeah right, we never have husbando threads and there are definitely no girls on Holla Forums

>>137651220fucking geniusi love this woman, thank you OP

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>>137651183My friend there are like 11 NSFW pieces of buffbob and her DA and most of them are him and her spongesona fucking. Spongebob wasn't just her childhood, he is her adulthood to

Reminds me of Treasure planet and the girl who shipped herself with Long John Silver.


>>137651172>>137650909It feels like had spent her talents on literally anything else, she could've gotten her own cartoon, or a moderately popular webcomicBut instead she does this

>>137651215I never implied I was jealous or had any ill will towards her, I just find her dedication to SpongeBob fascinating.But you are right I cant draw at all. Good for her for using her talents to make her dream come true

>>137651238alright thats fair but you underestimate how far some people will carry a gag to be fair tho, i suppose that only goes back to the classic paradox"she may not be autistic for doing this legitimately, but it takes an autist to consider doing this ironically"

>>137651247what makes you think she WANTS a cartoon or a webcomic? maybe she wants to be drawing ripped Spongebobits not a waste if shes loving it

>>137651247Yeah, the industry would do this to her.They'd do to her what Squidward did to Spongebob in art school. They SUCK so they have to tell her to get shittier so they don't feel insecure about themselves anymore. I think she's better off being indie.

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>>137651247>y u no monetize your talent? :(kys jew

I am glad my silly post is getting traction. You all seem to be as fascinated by her and Buffbob as I am.Her cinematic universe isn't just exclusive to SpongeBob. She also has shipped Patrick with Mindy and gave them a daughter.

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>>137651223>It's silly as fuck, but they certainly didn't expect weirdos on 4chan to give them a hard time about itTons of weirdos and losers like finding people even stranger than they are in order to feel normal. Her art is good and she doesn't seem dead inside so more power to her

>>137651247>>137651280im on laptop, someone edit her sona's face into pic rel pls

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It's million times more interesting when weird autist art is drawn so well.I never got into sonichu or other similar comics

>>137651172Fucking based.>>137651247You think talent alone can get you there? The desire to get BRED by Spongebob Hunkpants has her drawing like a possessed maniac and polishing her skills to draw her mental illness.Skill doesn't come cheap fucker.

It isn't SpongeBob exclusive, there is also sexy demon Mario that looks something outta JojoDoes this girl have a crush on every significant male fictional character from her childhood? Do you think she was jealous of Peach?

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>>137651247that's autism for you

>>137651384youre fucking rightnever underestimate how far insanity can take you when it comes to artthe best artists were always at least a lil odd

as much as i wanna believe this is genuine, it just feels a taaaaad too memeyim gonna need to be convinced

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>>137651195does anyone have any more of Becky's old fanart, other than this and the EEnE stuff? it seems to have been lost to timeactually, she seems to have almost completely stopped making fanart nowadays, all the art she makes now is either her own characters or ones of her industry friends in various cutesy outfit or gay somber posesfanart is veeeery rare and most of her current art feels a bit soulless, like she just accepted that she has to give up on her weirdness if she wants to stay alive in the industry

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>>137651392Why go out of your way to make sexy demon versions of these milktoast characters instead of crushing on someone who's bad to begin with?

>>137651409Go on her deviantart and take a good look at the NSFW folder. Look at how sensually her and SpongeBob are fucking and tell me if it is just for the meme.


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I mean, fair play, it's a cute OC.

>>137651298>She also has shipped Patrick with Mindy and gave them a daughter.On one hand that's actually kind of cute. On the other hand the daughter just being Patrick with hair, boobs and a mermaid tail is just a hilarious visual. >>137651409Anon, she's been at this for nearly 6 years. And much of the art has a LOT of writing attached to it.She's clearly into this. And Godspeed to her, I wish I had something I was even half as passionate about.

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>>137651501>On the other hand the daughter just being Patrick with hair, boobs and a mermaid tail is just a hilarious visual.Also Patrick literally wears the same pants even though he's king now. Though I expect that of Patrick.

>>137651472Despite popular belief many women do love cute pure hearted innocent good guys who would treat them right, they just also like seeing those good guys break and give into their inner desires and mating press them.

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>>137651001i never knew female autism and female shitposting are such a ripe yet unappreciated marketmoar plox

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>>137651485Yeah no doubt, the non-sexified version of her spongesona looks like a character that Stephen could've actually made and included into the show. Oh also she has a demonbob shirt that she is was selling as merch lol

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>>137651290Lulz. By any chance, what was the Calarts before the Calarts?

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hell some of the stuff that isnt sexy-spongebob related is pretty kino as welli think this is the part that really sells it, usually people who are just shitposting are way too dedicated to the bit, with everything they make being this out-therebut no, she actually draws other spongebob stuff tooand look at these skills, that framing, its all fucking sweetnevermind autism thread, this is just straight up good fucking stuff im not even laffin

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>>137651172I'm genuinely impressed.

>>137651606best kind of autism

>no draws having opinions are art and what artists should and should not do

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>>137651634yeah, it's pretty normal

>>137651247It's not about the money It's about sending a message

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>>137651601>user cant into definitions and language changingif you say 'calarts style' now everyone knows what you mean, sure it may not be 100% accurate, but at least its functionaldo you also get mad when people refer to the british and white americans as "caucasians" even tho theyre not from the caucasus? or when people call flan "pudding" even tho its not boiled inside a casing?

>>137651392Rivals into incubus gymbros

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>>137651666Guy, put your name back on.

>>137651656ESG in a Nutshell

>>137651601the before and after art school is literally shown in the examples.I really want a follow up to Rory. Where are they now? Did they ever get an industry job?

>>137651677not everyone who disagrees with you is one (heh) guy... sometimes its just truethat aside, calarts is a schoolif people 10-20 years ago observed that a certain artstyle is commonly coming out of said school, they'd call it "the calarts style"if we now observe that a different style is coming out of said school, we'd call THAT "calarts style"words can mean different things, why do we even argue, why not start saying things like "90s calarts" and "modern calarts" as opposed to arguing whether or not it even is calarts at all. both are true for different eras, lets just specify what we meanif anything its more like saying that youre cooking a meal "american style" by using canola oil, and an 80 year old man gets mad because "when i was young, 'american style' meant using lard because we didnt have oil yet!" like, youre both right, just specify if you mean old or modern

>>137651712me too, but idk how to find emi think the problem with rory is that theyre very self absorbed, they believe theyre the best and only take inspiration from 1. themselves and 2. veeeery rare and vetted sources being an artist means learning both from other artists, and real life, but rory did the art equivalent of repeating a word a dozen times till it starts sounding funny and youre not sure how to say it anymore- they look back at their own art, over and over and over again, and it became incestious, with the only genetic variation coming from superficially copying industry artists they wanted to be like

my god can you not stay on topic for one fucking thread

>>137651298I respect that she even gave squidward a good ending, dunno who the mother is (probably that one squid woman from that one episode)

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>>137651348Here it is

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>>137651712>>137651746the only thing i could find is her linkdin profile, which is a website thats a fucking pain to sign up for, even with fake not missing on much if you cant be bothered tho because its all blank, she just likes other people's projects and her profile pic is pic relif that profile pic is anything to go by tho, her art is in a sad, sad state sure it may just be a dumb doodle and not indicative of their actual work, but nontheless if thats how you present yourself to potential employers, you must be really relying on a... certain type... of quirky e-clout getting you through

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>>137651810OP here, this is Phenomenal.Honestly she is based as hell and I have big respect despite how bizarre it all is. Mephiles101 if you ever stumble upon this thread your art is great. Keep doing what you love and making SpongeBob a musclebound hunk

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>>137651348this is so incredibly basedsame vibes as just drawing porn for your very particular niche fetish, not explaining shit, then leaving the internet landscape foreverI'm convinced the world would be a better place if not everyone would instantly jump to "but how can I money milk this"

>>137651843well hold on now, I was saying she has talent and I like she is doing her own thing, but don't turn her cringe into being "inspiring">>137651874 see >>137651567

>>137651889It's not about "inspiring" or some woke shitIt's simply about not selling yourself outAdditionally the confusion of people encountering those people in normie spaces is funny af

>>137651832>>137651746>>137651712the most recent piece of animation i found by Rory (who now goes by the last name Dise as opposed to Cummings or Cummings-Dise. i believe she has two lesbian moms which explains the duel name, but shes either sick of being recognized by her old tumblr shenanigans, or she just got too many funnyfellas at Calarts taking the piss out of being called 'Cummings') of her animations are in this compilation one 7 minute cartoon at 01:05:36 called Tchoupitoulas Streetand one short animation in 01:12:39 called Eat A Bananaitsnot greatyou can reeeeeally see the attempt to emulate her idols and the very base level understanding of shape theory while having a complete lack of knowladge on how to utilize itnormally id say this is kinda brave and ambitious, sure it fails at what it tries to do, but at least what it tries to do isnt entirely safe... but when you look closer you realize its more generic than it looks, sure its stylized, but its actually quite a safe and by-the-numbers form of stylization that falls flatand every part she didnt stylize in this way has a sort of fallback-style look to it, as if when shes not actively trying, her brain still defaults to this almost calarts mockery look

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>>137651172One of Demonbob's character traits is that he is always naked btw.

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>>137650992I want to see her draw the rest of the cast, and build out this world, I think it'd be interesting

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>>137651924>I’m absorbing his blows like I’m made up of some spongy material

>>137650909>cartoon autism of the female varietyMost cases I'm aware of involve shippers shipping stuff, or making up their own headcanons. Another somewhat widespread type are fan artists who want to make out with some fictional character and create a self-insert so that they can do so. There's this one deviantArt furry who drew Care Bears and ponies and nazis over ten years ago. At the time, I had trouble figuring out if she was serious or making a very long and elaborate joke.Then there's the MEPs and crossovers on Youtube. I think they're kinda interesting. Video editing takes a lot of work, and some of those edits are pretty impressively done. Anons in some previous thread talked about how those videos are a distinctly female brand of autism. The editors of these projects are using the characters like dolls and puppets, and then play out their own scenarios with them.

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>>137651912>shape theoryShape Theory has been a huge meme in the animation scene recently, with it seeming like artists think its the only skill they need, other than draw pretty, in order to be a good "character designer", a job which in and of itself is turning into an adult babysitting job as it no longer requires skill in knowing how to design functional characters that fit the clients demands, but instead of 'draw pretty and make some people round and some people square, bam, done'every artist is struggling with it now, and Rory is no different

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>>137651982The rest of the cast seems mostly normal, its one of those scenarios where everything is the same except her spongesona and SpongeBob are childhood friends turned lovers

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>>137652003yeah this whole, shipping two completely random characters from two completely separate pieces of media, is a big trend it seemsmost of it is just shitposting tho and isnt genuine

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>>137651172>The description on deviantart just keeps going

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>>137651924Damn she has a nice spongecake


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>>137652003>The one where John Smith and Nala get shipped and they blue ball you outta them actually fuckingNow that was peak

>>137652021Yeah every single character in this sheet is like "thing with boobs and hips" and so long as they have different skin tones, it's diversity.The issue of Shape Theory is nuanced for sure, but often times drawing from life is what you need before just simply drawing by shape. >>137651912>>137651832This is useful information, but I guess I'm lacking the closure of what they think about their artwork being used as an example of "don't go to school, it ruins you".I couldn't get very far into their animation before I started to jump around. Voice work was hard to hear, pacing was too slow, and just looked ugly as fuck. I couldn't get into what they were trying to sell.

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>Male autism>Cringe and weird>Female autism>Cute, quirky and endearingWhy does it have to be like this, bros? I guarantee if Chris-Chan was born a biological girl, she wouldn't have gotten as much trolling as the male Chris-Chan got and said trolls would probably try to fuck her.

>>137651912i feel sorry for this person. usually if you get turned into an internet lolcow, you can at least make some coin out of it. but it doesn't look like they even got that.>>137652142>what they think about their artwork being used as an example of "don't go to school, it ruins you".yeah what a mystery amirte

>>137652175its not the case, its just what society tries to sell you because its scared of masculinity ever notice how the only time when male autism is portrayed as a positive, is when its a cute nonthreatening little boy whos into something simple like flowers or trainsif he was a quiet, socially awkward big hairy 30 year old man who likes guns, vidya and facts about historical knifes, hed be seen as a terrifying oppressive lunatic whos gonna kill and eat youwomen are also just socialized more gently and have lower rates of high functioning autism all of that goes out the window when you get to the lower functioning levels tho, and i assure you if Chris was a woman, the only thing she could get away with is rocking clams with her momthe rest would be just as bad

>>137651924Wow. She's the female equivalent of Tamers12345.

>>137652259you cant compare them, user, Tamers is fully ironic and at this point his stuff is getting old

>>137652142>The issue of Shape Theory is nuanced for sure, but often times drawing from life is what you need before just simply drawing by shape.>>137652021part 2The thing about the shape theory issue is that it was proposed to artists to help them SEE the world in more simplistic ways. If trying to draw realism takes too much time and effort to get done, try drawing with shapes instead. Make the art flatter so that you're not over complicating it with details. What rich stupid kids who can't draw or shouldn't be drawing interpreter that as "SHaPeS ArE ThE ART! I can Draw a ShApE! Me GOoD At ShaPE DRWLING!" and somehow get a all expenses paid trip to Art School and an industry job.

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>>137652296god user, everyone who ever misunderstands or purposefully acts disingenuous about the modern calarts style "not being a real thing" needs to see your pic rel, its perfectit has none of the hooks, no protruding cheek, no big eyes, no beanmouth.... its so simplistic, and yet how come you can look at it and recognize the pattern? you can lie to others, but you can like to yourselfif you see the modern calarts style in this pic, it should finally click in your headyou understand now

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>>137652192wiith female autists, it's generally more subtle that they're jerking off to it. half these spongebob pictures are classy enough to be romance novel covers.

>>137652192>Chris-Chan was born a biological girl,If chris could've been allowed to be an openly gay or trans person growing up, they would've never have developed their issues by being terminally online and scared into being homophobic. (among other social issues that they had). I say that because Girl Chris has so much Boomer woman energy to her, I've seen PLENTY of cis het women behave and repeat what she does. HOWEVER, I'm not stupid enough to not call out that the transition she made was simply to flirt with cute girls and not appear threatening to them.

>>137652192Autism has nothing to do with it, men view women more favorably just because they want to bone, even if they're into freaky shit

>>137652355go back to the spider verse threads. i'd tell you to fuck off but you're not worth that

>>137652355Chris is very confused and i genuinely think he was always a lil gay, he just has a habit of being what is expected of him, sometimes even by himselfhe cant fully comprehend what he is organically, so he has to 'decide' what he is, and then operate under that notion which is very hard for him to disconnect fromhes not just straight because hes attracted to women and not men, hes straight because he decided hes straighthe doesnt love MLP and legos because he enjoys them, he likes them because he decided to like themhe doesnt hate the hexbox because it has features that he dislikes, he hates it because he decided to hate itand now, hes not transgender because he truly feels like a woman, hes transgender because he decided to be oneits all very simpleminded, and its why hes so attached to cartoon characters- they have traits set in stone, character sheets, lists of 'likes' and 'dislikes', theyre easy to define and then write them acting accordingly, theyre not malleable and random like real peopleits what he wishes he was, not a man, not a woman, not gay or straight- but a cartoon

>>137652355Wasn't him trooning out caused by being mindbroken by trolls and the general desperation on never getting a gf.Get this tranny acceptance bullshit outta here, 99% of them are dont even have actual dysphonia and are just degenerates weirdos that want to get a girl by being a "lesbian"

what has greater power, female autism or male autism?

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>>137652439In the grand scheme of things, proper male autism wins out. The kinda shit men have done outta autistic dedication and reasoning is impressive.

>>137652330CalArts Style isn't so much a "STYLE" as it is a culture. JohnK's initial complaint about CalArts Style was directed at Brad Bird, and he picked on the STYLE of instead of the cult of artists that the industry creates. Smooth things out, make them rounder and more sellable. Don't make things with any bite or edge to them. Say anything like "ANYONE can be an artist" all the while still gate keeping the industry to just friends and family and non offensive subject matter. ALSO make sure that you toe the line. Your bosses piss you off but ultimately, the system isn't broken. The boomers who still work there are there because they've been ground to nubs and are work horses who never rock the boat. I could use any picture in question, but going through my files, I was reminded how the gators from the original release of Lion King were too "ugly" looking and so they reanimated them to be more "friendly". That's the CarArts style I hate.

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>>137650992Girl has an autistic obsession and got good drawing self-insert porn. You have to respect that.

>>137652438anon he doesnt actually care about transgender people, he is falseflagging to get a rise out of the sort of retard who uses 'tranny' every other sentence

What about that girl that likes inflation, and made a video of her in a blue berry costume going around, someone has the source?

>>137652438>Wasn't him trooning out caused by being mindbroken by trolls and the general desperation on never getting a gfPossibly the latter, but trolls had nothing to do with it since they've been fucking with him for decades>99% of them are dont even have actual dysphonia and are just degenerates weirdos that want to get a girl by being a "lesbian">Source: my ass

>>1376521921. women are nonthreatening and nothing they do gives people the, how you say, "ick"2. their autistic interests and behaviors are more socially acceptable. everyone likes the quiet or quirky autist, nobody likes the loud speaker, the shrieker, the guy who punches or makes inappropriate jokes. women are usually the reserved autist, not the loud one, and even when theyre the latter theyre quickly socialized to make it the 'cute' kinda loud as opposed to the obnoxious kind3. female behavior is allowed to be more childish. childish men are ridiculed and called manchildren, but women can sit around all day playing with phone apps and going "theehee im sooo quirky i guess my seggetarius is just in gatorade right now uwu". i mean ffs, have you ever been in an (adult) school or work enviornment? the men usually just say 'im going to the bathroom' or 'im stepping out for a moment', but the amount of times ive heard fully grown women yell at eachother from across the office that "IM GOING PEEPEE" or "IM GONNA GO TINKLE HEHE WANNA COME WITH ME?" is astounding. childishness is just allowed for them

>>137651634they do not understand what the power to create does to one's mind. The limitless possibilities

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>>137652460so if it wasnt originally an artstyle... then theres no issue is naming the new style an artstyle, is there? problem solved

>>137652460frankly the term has no present meaning. just means popular style i do not like.

good god can we not turn this thread as well into tranny discussion central? this topic has been the one think that breaks minds and threads alike on Holla Forums recently, and im really liking this thread, i dont want it derailed

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>>137652515>but the amount of times ive heard fully grown women yell at eachother from across the office that "IM GOING PEEPEE" or "IM GONNA GO TINKLE HEHE WANNA COME WITH ME?"you work in a pee fetish comic?

>>137652529t. industry shilanyway, reminder, inb4 anyone posts pic rel, that neither it, nor "bigcheek beanmouth", isnt an actual indication of calarts style and is actually a psyop perpetuated by industry shills to make actual criticism of the style seem ridiculous

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>>137652541you really havent men many women, have you? they talk like thisi swear society talks to much about manchildren, but at least you can recognize one from a mile awaywomen are just eternally little girls

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>>137652589>havent met* many women

At least it's not a Holla Forums thread I guess

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>>137652520>>137652529He was mostly talking about "disney style" which has a very ridged and polished way of looking. I think his take on this is full of shit, and I also feel that he's the reason we have the Bean Mouth problem. People learned to reject the Disney factors of appeal and design because of John. he made it acceptable for cartoons to never stay on model or be based around shapes and flat design principle. Everything we hate about Modern cartoons is because people were educated by John K and he was terrible at making his point. The point being that he had a beef with Brad Bird and that was it.

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>>137652629so again, which problem isnt solved by distinguishing "calarts style"/"classic calarts style" and "modern calarts artstyle"both have well understood meanings and both terms are already functional and commonplaceits like "evolution" vs" Darwin's theory of evolution"

>>137651172I'm envious that she's clearly a very, very skilled artist.

>>137652537>>137652621Yeah I don't want to do that either, but it came up. I don't want to get deep into the "calarts" arguments either.

>>137651172why doesnt she just make a webcomic already?

>>137652651Guess I'm on the defense, not many people get the nuance of the complaint of modern animation style...

we need more varied exampled of autistic art, this thread could use a diverse dieti love the kind where they actually edit live action video of themselves in, its so clunky and jarring, like vid rel here >>137651001

>>137652726fair, the argument around it is very broken and its hard to tell whos genuinely not getting it, and who just has an agenda to push because theyre an industry fag


Attached: IMG_0786.jpg (473x437, 56.6K)

>>137652439Male autism is the kind of thing that changes the world and propels humanity into a vastly different path.

>>137651912watched Tchoupitoulas Street i can already imagine a change that would improve the beginning>briar, crying on the steps of a building>other guy, comforts him. then ends with the surprise line about how he's the best shot.>brian wipes off his tears, pulls out a gun, "thanks, i needed that man">turns out they were on the steps of the bank you don't need the line from the bunny.i actually like the weird dream aspect of it, but that's most of what it has going for it.

>>137652798shit youre right, that wouldve been a good setup, and also real funny

>>137652629lol john k's pissy little blog is not that important. possibly ren and stimpy contributed to an overall trend. there are many factors, i'd cite the death of the layout department as a big one

>>137650978>and yes there is art of them fuckingDamn son you weren't kidding.

Attached: dfvmx6s-7d8bbd9a-e018-4b61-9dce-75c628ed7449.png (1280x800, 1.04M)

>>137652895not even muscle spongebobhmhrmm

>>137650909Her art is legitimately good by the way.

>>137652895>I'm ready to get it on

The world would be a better place if we had more artists like her

>>137651172Hello, excuse me...I would just like to point out his nipples are made out of hole. They are anti-nipples.

Attached: 1655117213717049.jpg (382x501, 24.65K)

>>137653079kek thank you for pointing our attention to that anoni love it

Attached: 98658.png (512x512, 288.26K)

>>137651217Expand your vocabulary beyond adverbs, user.

>>137653079>tags:extreme inverted nipples

>>137653079that's pretty clever

>>137652003>Video editing takes a lot of work, and some of those edits are pretty impressively done.We're in for a real treat when AI gets fully incorporated into video editing software.

>>137653121sucky my cocky very grande biggus homo


>>137651912Honestly, that doesn't look half bad. Not great, but definitely a huge improvement over the weird fetish shit she was on before essentially getting laughed out of public eye.

>>137651924>always be hydrating>underwaterIt's funny in a cosmic sort of way

>>137653221youre not wrong in that its better than some of what she made beforebut "better than pic rel" isnt a high bar to set for yourself

Attached: tumblr_inline_ohy0nknbpk1r3jabh_1280.png (1280x1637, 345.42K)


>>137652439Define "power".Autism affects men more, both in frequency and in severity.So female autism is on average more refined and coherent and far more "digestible" for lack of a better term.Male autism on the other hand is much more of a derailed freight train.So in terms of "holy shit" male autism is in a completely different league, but in terms of likelihood of it being the sort of autism that's odd but gives interesting, non-destructive results I'd say it balances out.

So THIS is the best Spongebob fan content out there, not the fan animation with the shark supremacists.

Attached: 1669977934646442.png (458x439, 165.01K)

>>137650992Fucking respect. So angsty, so authentic, so pure, too based.Fuck, I wish to one day be able to be this self-indulgent.

Attached: the accident where she lost the child.png (1278x748, 1.01M)

those descriptions aren't playing either

Attached: COMPREHEND.png (1276x758, 1.8M)

>>137650909This shit reminds me of that one Japanese artist who draws the super specific eye popping and exaggerated expression porn

Attached: 1597370838084.jpg (1280x853, 520.01K)

>>137653439while its very fun and exaggerated, i dont think theyre very good at delivering the emotion being experiencedthe eyes popping out, tongue out, almost smile mouth. it looks more like lust than the angered/disappointed shock that the situation would entail and that the emoticons are delivering

>>137651516> that marioLegit kek

What have I stumbled upon?

Attached: tommy hat.jpg (206x206, 21.75K)

>>137651912I know this 19 year old kid who went from doodling comics for fun to doing little animation projects and experimenting with different styles and techniques in about 2 years. He has a better grasp on art an animation that this grown-ass adult who has been doing art and studying animation for what... 10 times as long at that kid? Longer?Clearly there's a focus on stylization and simplification, but the animation is still just stiff and lazy, meaning nothing is being gained from those overly broad and blocky character designs. Backgrounds are fine, but it's an ANIMATION and she's relying on sound effects and obnoxiously exaggerated proportions to carry what is really not a very well done animation. This is the kind of shit you expect from someone in their first semester of art school, not someone who has been pounding her chest and smugly declaring what a good artist she is for TEN FUCKING YEARS OR MORE

>>137653482>looks more like lust than theAnon did say its porn

>>137652895>>137652903Shows that she truly loves SpongeBob and not just a sexy beefcake version of him.

>>137653482I think you're trying to apply more nuance to fetish art than it rightly deserves. As long as a piece is drawn well and depicts the subject of fixation, it serves its purpose.

>>137653570>nothing is being gained from those overly broad and blocky character designs>she's relying on sound effects and obnoxiously exaggerated proportions to carry what is really not a very well done animationthats just what i was thinking its not stylized this way for a purpose, nor does it look good to be this way. it feels like its done like this because its "supposed to be"shes copying good animators superficially without knowing why they do what they do

>>137653608>>137653600wait, its actually pornography? as in, someone is masturbating to it being comical cartoony overreactions? i thought when user said "exaggerated expression porn" they just meant "look how much the artists loved exaggerated expressions"

>>137651172>>137651247OH my fucking god. I can't believe you guys are actually falling for this. You people realize that this lady has another persona on the internet, but she uses this DA account to post Buff SpongeBob art with her self insert for fun/as a hobby? She secretly has another internet persona where she posts her actual professional work. Countless of artists with kinks and quirks do this and have been for years. I can't believe I have to fucking say this on modern day fucking 4chan.So no, this isn't "wasted talent".

Attached: Listen, faggot.png (600x463, 320.85K)

>>137653659No user, there is entire community of people that masturbate to women with eye popping cartoon expressions.Brood upon this knowledge and despair oh yeh of little faith

Attached: hello_nurse_wildtake_by_dunbykitsunee_dalal51-pre.jpg (1065x750, 85.94K)

>>137651001Was it autism?

>>137653765its not that i dont believe in the old adage of "if it exists, someone will jack off to it"i just wanna clarify since the most common assumption people make about art they dont understand is "someone is literally aroused by, and is masturbating to, this" and thats a very simpleminded view of things that could be far more complex

>>137653807this woman has a whole channel of skits like thiseither it is, or it isnt which means it is

>>137653362spongebro skipped leg day?

>>137653765this is why i think animators should just draw whatever they want without worrying they are giving someone a fetish. nothing is safe.

>>137651001this is genuinely high art.

Does anyone remember some black girl on TikTok who greenscreened herself in SpongeBob's house?

>>137654068>rememberthat would impl/y any of us use tiktokgot a video link?

>>137654068nvm, I found her>>137651001

>>137653330is this l-

>>137651247>>137651556>>137651901This SpongeBob self-shipper put her edgy SpongeBob art on official Hot Topic merch. She monetized her hornyness, she made it>>137652439With austitic people just as with normal people, men have higher highs and lower lows. Women tend to have fewer weirdos, degenerates, and geniuses, for better and for worse.

Attached: Fanlore Wiki is a treasure trove of female autism.png (1439x2913, 608.3K)

>>137651202girls just call it "self-ship" instead of referring to it as husbandoism. it's all over instagram and deviantart under the selfship and oc x canon tags

>>137651776Good. Squidy deserves happiness.

What’s worse Male self insert x Cannon or Female self insert x Cannon?

>>137653765There is a community for every single fetish there's nothing shocking anymore. There's a community for shocking fetishes.

>>137652192>>137652355Oh shut the fuck up. Chris is a tranny rapist and perpetual sex pest who has wrought nothing but misery everywhere he goes.>captcha is AGP WJ

>>137651172Shit if I could draw this good I would draw myself dating/fucking my favorite characters too

>>137650909Why did she make him skip leg day?

>>137651172I like how Spongebob Is more of a Pillarman now.


Attached: tumblr_dc923c1b6f1f6e38fcea9beda25a9960_82270412_540.gif (540x304, 2.71M)

I also have that kind of passion ~~obsession~~But I primarily draw it with my OC's rather than canon characters.

>>137654583Gives you a chance to monetize it some day, like one that SCP immortal guy did

>>137654467it depends on how cleverly the self insertion is hidden

>>137652895>aand pelvic thrust, woooooo

>>137653316The what? user you can't drop a sentence like that and not share with the rest of the thread

Honestly, I kneel. I have a autistic obsession with Charlie from smiling friends.

Just another thread that makes me want to go back to 2008.

>>137651172Autism shit like this always feel so strange when its actually drawn well

>>137652192women are inherantly valuable its hardwired into our brains. men on the other hand must create value to be valued by default.

>>137654489so... who is it?

>>137650992Would you be her buff spongebob, Holla Forums?

Attached: facing_the_hate_by_mephiles101_df5u2ko-fullview.jpg (556x887, 33.32K)

>>137654486you sound like you dont even read peoples posts, just skip for a keyword that activates your kahonas and then sperg about whatever tangentially related thing upsets you at the moment which you headcanoned the poster you replied to as having talked about

>>137654843Honestly, she's pretty cute.

>>137652192have you considered being attractive

>>137653670Link to her professional persona?

>>137654843I could never be her buffbob. My legs are too thick and meaty.

Attached: sad_manga_shitposters.png (283x190, 55.42K)

>>137652192Don't forget about actual art skills

>>137653670I doubt it, she has a bunch of art that isn't buff spongebob on that account. Not to mention the pictures of herself on there, that would be very weird if this was a secret account of an active artist.

>>137655065usually, something about that level of unfiltered autism makes you incapable of learning art. impressive this girl broke the curse

>>137655163Well guess for some autism can be blessings and for someone be a curse

>>137655179I'm autistic myself and have okay skills but holy fucking shit that's Impressive how gurl gone far

>>137652621All the Holla Forumsfags are shitting up Holla Forums since there was a few new big game showcase over the last couple days

>>137654583Me too. Originally it was with an existing character. I got jealous with others waifuing the girl, so I created my own character to have for myself.

>>137654843I know I could never satisfy a woman.

>>137654843I can't even compete with regular spongebob.

>>137651671Please tell me that is Luigi

>>137655400 it's Mario

>>137652192We keep men to higher standards. A woman can still be a hole while being autistic. It's a lot more tought being a man and autism can really get in the way

>>137651001>the live action boob shot BBW (based black woman)

do DO make content for your autistic fetish, right?

Attached: glenwick.png (821x874, 727.8K)

>>137654583I now think should i really post my autism...

>>137656184Do it user

>>137655179Its really a roll of the die. Like with autistic hyperfixation, you could end up being the guy who cant get enough of doing a hard task most people dislike, like solving math problems or programming, or you can get fixated on some worthless subject like thomas the tank engine and sonic.

>>137650909>>137650992I love autistic female coomers.They make some of the best fanfic smut out there.

>>137652021shape language is mostly legit but its grossly misunderstood some shapes are just not right on certain charactersand its not something that solely means characters need to be made so graphically its a scaffold, not a template

>>137656090Duh. If you can draw and got one, nothing to lose by making content for it.

>>137652629so old cal arts bashing created new cal arts.

>>137656231>>137654583>>137656184Nothing special just a simple sketch Spoiler cause I'm just embarrassed at this point lol

Attached: Aeugh.png (1081x821, 651.63K)


>>137656707good taste user.

>tfw when have autism but lack the autistic ability to focus on things Unironically jealous of people who make this sort of stuff


>>137656756>>137656783Thank you glad you liked it non ironically

>>137652281>at this point his stuff is getting oldFuck off

>>137656281They make some of the best but also some of the worse given the kind shit I have seen on AO3

I draw sometimes but what this woman does is pure art. Unfiltered, raw kino in a world where everyone draws generic shit for likes and the algorithm. I fucking kneel

Attached: 1607208198706.png (335x506, 324.01K)

>>137655163>usually, something about that level of unfiltered autism makes you incapable of learning art.Why does this happen?

>>137650909She even posts fanfics in the posts' descriptions. lmao

>>137656890Me too man. Got the fucking short end of the stick.

Attached: ataru.gif (480x360, 1.3M)

I wish drawing didn't make me want to pull my hair out. I'd make so much autistic self-insert stuff.

>>137651001she's not autistic it's just a skit

Attached: AE11E54E-E2F8-439C-B293-AF374D88E81F.jpg (1195x1195, 247.07K)

>>137652355>we should just have induced the mentally ill freak into being an even more mentally ill freak earlier in his life, then FOR SURE, he would be normalWhatever makes you sleep. Just don't look at the mirror in the morning.

>>137652281>Tamers is fully ironic Incorrect, the man loves Sonic Underground, there is no irony there>and at this point his stuff is getting oldHe's had a few recent episodes that weren't good, but it was simply because none of the jokes were landing, not because his stuff's getting old.

>>137651195god that shit is like fucking strawberry nectar to me. I want to peer into the parallel universe where she never got successful and just kept making that bizarre but sincere nonsense, like she legitimately is relatively talented, and to see that bend to such ends is so rare. Like Vee, I just want to see all the content Vee can possibly produce because she is so fascinatingly broken, like Chris-Chan, yet actually talented as an artist! I want that so bad. I would watch hours on hours of poorly-voice-acted amateur fanart by a talented artist. That kind of cringe is like vitamins for your soul. It tastes bad at first but then you start to feel it enriching you. Or like uranium, I guess. Because it also causes brain cancer.

>>137652439>>137652459>>137652786most of humanity's greatest geniuses were autistic, people who barely had any life and spent all their time obsessing over things no one cared, great portion of them were treated like shit all their life and died alone, only to their autistic ramblings be discovered later and people realize how "genial" and original they were, but yeah, this is definitely the exception and not the rule

>>137654230>Women tend to have fewer weirdos, degenerates, and geniuses, for better and for worse.Women keep their weirdness and degeneracy inside and shame other women who are open about it. Most women are into fetishes like rape, choking, bondage, and lolis.

>>137653670oh yeah im sure she only spends hours of the day drawing her sona fucking buff spongebob just as a hilarious joke and is completely well-adjusted otherwise

Attached: 555 come on now.png (598x369, 387.2K)

>>137650992She's unironically skilled. I can't even be upset.

>>137654676not him, it's "spongebob beyond" iirc

>>137650909Female artists always do this, it isn't surprising, I follow quite a few japanese artists and they always self-insert with their favorite husbando of choice.

>>137653670Link it

>>137654482I would say this is one of the less shocking fetishes. The eyes popping out of the head was always associated with someone being horny in a cartoon. Of course that would cross a few kid's wires.

>>137659865For me the vacuum of space one was the most shocking to discover

>>137650909Why is he grimacing? Nightmare? Charlie horse?

>>137650909I found a 20 year old woman who is making a webcomic with a sexy Moe Syzlak.

Attached: Tumblr_l_904440290393106.jpg (2048x2048, 1.86M)

>>137660313Why is this art so good AAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE

>>137652895funny edit job

>>137660313>gonna go fuck?i love everything about his image>captcha: ART 2M


Attached: IMG_1886.jpg (1280x720, 452.46K)


>>137660313Honestly it makes sense why zoomer women would find Moe hot, I can see him being a sexyman

>>137652021Its true the character designs have lost a lot of meaning and function in the last 10 years, but I need bottom row, second from the right to fuck the shit of me

>>137654843>not even weebs are this autistic

Attached: 1686380874460955.webm (270x480, 1.08M)

>>137651634There's a lot of entitlement I'm noticing

>>137652355>I've seen PLENTY of cis het women behave and repeat what she does.this they can just get away with it like remember when the creator of the show "girls" just openly said nigger in college or like the entire career of yoko ono

Leave them be, they harm nobody.

>>137658277Nice dubsI think it's simply because in the most extreme cases they lack the capacity to addapt or change their mindset or way of making art. Being an artist It's not only something you're born with or a learnt skill, it's also a desire, it's like going to the gym, you do the proper range of motion, the right exercises, create routine, the proper form and simply keep progressing till you achive your dream body. What I mean is that you need to be flexible and become adaptable to achive what you want, it's a state of mind, dudes like Chris-chan never achive that state because it's impossible for them to do it, the brains aren't wired properly, it's all about neuroplasticity, they were born with the short end of the stick. They can't think outside of the box or even see the box they're in at all... It's depressing If you think about it

>>137652895I don't see the uncensored stuff posted anywhere else except one piece on paheal. But if you send her a note she'll send you the uncensored stuff.

Attached: binoculars guy.jpg (833x925, 157.26K)

>>137656707damn now i'm tempted to mention my autism. i've been drawing self-insert with my husbando for nearly a year and a half, which isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but it feels near tulpa-level how much i think about him and how much joy and comfort he brings me. i genuinely look forward to coming home so i can snuggle my pillow that i pretend is him.

>>137660313People think outsider art is some fat retard humping a can of spaghetti-os while reciting feminist slam poetry, but it's not. It's this shit right here. Hyper-refined autism producing a dangerously highly effort comic about a cute self-insert Simpsons OC trying to get Moe some therapy and emotional support, presented with genuine sincerity and passion.Beautiful stuff, really.

>>137651606shes unironically better at composing images than most professional artists

>>137660313>no cutie autist gf to cuddle up with and watch seasons 2-8, then give her my Mr. Plow

Attached: 5qwz.gif (480x270, 606.83K)

>>137651172>I guess the female desire to fuck insane killer men requires making even fucking SpongeBob a demonic incubusI mean the entire basis of human existence was neanderthal raping homosapiens and crogmanon raping neanderthals and homo sapients, is a cicle of rape by a bigger monstruous ripped psicopath that just ingrained in the female genetic memory.

>>137652439unironically male autism. the weaponized autism meme is more real than you could possibly fathom. the thing is we often laugh at the sideshow autists lolcows so much that we forget all about the turbo autists toiling away in their neet dungeons on nikola tesla tier insanity. trainfags, gunfags, militaryfags, they're all extensions of male autism but they're seen as harmless and innocent because they're generally more respectable than being obsessed with my little pony or FNAF.

>>137652519what cringe did you bring into this world user? I unironically spent so much time drawing superheroes, transformers, and sonic the hedgehog in school that I taught myself decent anatomy and an basic bitch understanding of draftmanship

>>137650909Many years ago I knew a girl online who was sexually attracted to SpongeBob's deep "HALL MONITOR!" voice and would never shut the fuck up about it. Like, she wore it on her sleeve, thinking others had to know about it. Later on she developed an obsession with Toonami Tom lore and began harassing important figures in the lost media community to find a stupid lost Toonami flash game. Last time I talked to her a few years ago she was making a Sonic fan animated series and I had to inform her that one of her crew members was a known pedophile. Painfully awkward moment in an acquaintanceship full of them.

>>137653057not enough amatuers have yet realized that they should relize their passions as a hobby instead of a day job

>>137653570i found someone like that on youtube recently. his work is incredibly impressive. im tempted to share but I fear pontentially exposing him to a bad crowd..

>>137662541Yeah, I'd never namedrop anyone I liked on 4chan.

>>137662541besides tamers12345 I think every cool thing Ive seen posted here gets a following that starts out fantastic and then decomposes brutally

>>137662003this, nobody in this thread could be any more spot on if they tried. that's why I love autist webcomics so much.

>>137662558>>137662628all the more reason not to share him then

>>137651247This is called INTEGRITY and SOVL, user.

>>137650909>>137650992>>137651172>>137651567I need a story summary. There's so much to read on the DA pages.

Female autism thread? Female autism thread.Allow me to share this glorious dip. Femcel Frollo husbando thirst

Has THAT webm been lost to anals of time?

>>137650978She can't be any weirder than that one deviantart woman with an obsession with Bart/Sideshow Bob shipping.

>>137663061>analsanon its anus's of time

>>137662364You give Neanderthals to much credit, we did most of the raping of the other hominids

>>137663100I mean one woman is shipping an adult character with her adult self-insert and the other is shipping a an adult criminal with a with a boy thats like 12 or something. One is way weirder and more degen than the other

>>137663104tometo tomata I've gone far up yours and found it at last

Attached: 1538278920346.webm (711x400, 2.71M)

>>137663171I feel like there should be an epic orchestral score playing over this

>>137663171I cant believe all that fit in my anus

>>137660313what the fuckthis actually looks greatis this how true cringekino looks like?moe-sama... I kneel...

>>137650992Based beyond beliefThis is what being an artist is all about

>>137650909It's been a while since I've seen hyper fixation of certain characters. Optimus, Peach, Lisa there has to be more out there.

>>137656090I have but not recently, don't have the motivation.

>>137653157All we really need is AI maskingLike Rotobrush but it doesn’t disappear after 15 frames

>>137650909This reminds me of this one girl who was madly obsessed with Fatman from metal gear solid 2 and she had uploaded multiple videos of him onto her channel

Attached: 10CA2069-FC08-417B-84FF-7E82D71F7B97.jpg (2550x3300, 443.73K)

>>137656281>>137650992It’s true they do, there’s an pone fanfic by a DA Girl where the author ships her blatant self insert with fucking spike the dragon (the underage sidekick character lmao) and Its weirdly well written at times and even has some sex scenes

I fucking WISH Spongebob went in this direction instead of diet Ren & StimpyGive me Neon Genesis Evangelion, give me One Coarse Meal but without Mr Krabs winning at the end, give me the weird dream sequence of Squidward in Clarinetland, fix Spongebob himself so he’s not a maniac stalker, give me Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue

Attached: 1648249412487.png (1280x800, 1.63M)

>>137663858Lmao what the fuck

Attached: 8185EE4F-7012-4322-AD5C-9A298592C87A.png (750x1334, 1.22M)

>>137661828Who is he?


Does any oldfag remember that tumblr artist that was obsessed with O'Hare and Crocker from FOP because they were ugly men that no one else desired so she can have them for herself?She also was really into drawing puking

Attached: ohare.jpg (480x360, 15.34K)

>>137664094Heres a google drive of her

>>137664183Based, thank you!!

>>137656090>autistic fetishesmy fetishes are so vanilla and bland I have disappointed people with them. and yet I still make my own shit even if theres millions of examples of it already out there. I can make that shit so vanilla its still a bean.

>>137664183>>137664212That's the good stuff

Attached: fop 1.jpg (538x1620, 220.31K)

>>137656090 I made my husbando pee himself 300 times in front of me on AI chat apps

>>137650992What the fuck, this is really good.

>>137652056Holy shit, it really does

Attached: squidward.jpg (500x431, 46.61K)

>>137651247Inspiration comes from unlikely places. I could have made original shit too but when I came across a piece of media that tickled my muse I had to celebrate it somehow. Whatever motivates me to pick up that stylus.