Left or right?

Left or right?

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>>137650835Me in the middle of both of them

Raven for freaky tantric sex, Starlite for a stable loving marriage and four children.


>>137650835Just any physical affection at all from a female please.


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>>137650845>t. Beast Boy

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>>137650835Normally I’d choose left but I’m aware that she only likes Robin. Raven’s free game so I’ll choose her.

>>137650835Starfire is wife material. Raven has suffered the same fate as Velma where internet fap fantasies have completely overshadowed her actual character and nobody that likes her actually knows anything about her.

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>>137650835This looks like the start of a lesbian porn

>>137650835Raven would be happy staying at home reading booksStarfire would want to go out and do activities together.As an introvert, Raven is the superior choice. Being alone together.

>>137650835I choose left ON right.


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>>137650835They belong together

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>>137651778Terra is for old men

Starfire is for dominating womanlets like Raven.

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>>137650835We must fuse them together!

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>>137650835Which one is more mentally stable?

>>137650835Both. >Bu-ACK!Both.

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>>137654198lol gay

>>137650835>>137651778all three

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>>137655740I fucking love Kairuhentai's art style but man I wish he focused on stuff other than feet more often. He has but like, more often.


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Right has the bigger rack

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always right

>>137650835Beast Boy


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>>137655150Very gay.

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>>137650835>>137650911>>137651806>>137656400man this show had good goth girls

>>137653162And green boys

>>137657364*green dogsftfy

>>137657441*green hogsftfy


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>>137650835Being a child meant thirsting for starfireIt wasn't until I hit puberty where I found raven to be the uttermost baddest bitch on the show.

>>137650835at first rightyears later leftcurrently either or both.

>>137650835It’s an interesting question, because objectively both are good choices. This isn’t a Rei/Asuka situation - regardless of who you are both are going to be appealing, it’s just a matter of which strikes more of your personal tastes. So you can’t look at someone choosing either of them and say that they made a “bad” decision

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Consider Starfire's green glowing toenails

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>>137651347I know something about Raven, she is enjoys spending time along, usually reading or meditating. Enjoys horror films and her favourite pizza topping is garlic. Also according to her original comic origins, she is technically a by-product of rape after her mother joined a satanic cult and participated in a ritual to summon an interdimensional demon named Trigon who disguised himself as a handsome young man in which she ended up marrying. Hence why Raven would not be as sexually promiscuous as coomers would make her out to be! Starfire on the other hand, well that's a different story!

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Right, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with picking left

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>>137657567Funny enough it was the opposite for me. Was into Raven at first but over time I started to find Starfire far more appealing.

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>>137659449Same. The goth girl aesthetic is hot but women with cold and cynical personalities are off putting.

>Stay out of my head!

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>>137659967That's true but at the same time she has to keep her emotions in check, because otherwise bad things happen!

>>137650835Left because I watched it for her as a child, in secret because I didn’t want no one to know about my crush

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>>137650835If Raven vs. Starfire is the American version of Rei vs. AsukaWho is the American version of Misato?

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>>137660773It isn’t that tho.

Orange boobs

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Raven should have been with Robin

Why does DC hate BB x Raven so much?

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